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Enchanted Rock, from a Distance - Blogmas Day 10-12 I'm combining some days because this little family trip took three days. The point was to hike Enchanted Rock all day one Saturday. This is the Texas Hill country, which is as close as I can get to mountains without driving through to west Texas. Driving to For reference, it would be like driving across Iceland three times.

Knitworthy 5 round-up Today I released all 8 patterns in the Knitworthy 5 collection for individual purchase. Of course, if you like more than a couple of them, purchasing the complete collection represents the best value for money.

Dear 2018, We Need To Talk. We need to talk about the year you have been. It's been a memorable year full of highs and lows, full of challenges and successes. I will not forget you in a hurry. I first met you in a small, local pub surrounded by friends singing. I remember the cold walk home and the sore throat the day after.

May I Show You My Blocking Mats? Gosh, you are a lovely lot. Would you like an update on Mary's blanket? If you search deep amongst the comments on the last post, you'll notice a long and heart-warming response by one Mary Megarry. Phew. I just hope it brings her a little comfort as she goes through the long process of recuperation.

Phoenix Sweater - Blogmas Day 9 So this is that sweater I posted about for Day 8. It's Phoenix, by Libby Jonson and it's my new Christmas sweater. I had to really rush to knit it by the deadline, but can you blame me for trying? It's so cute! And it's worsted. Worsted is the new bulky.

Test Knitting Rationale - Blogmas Day 8 It always works like this: I say, "I am so swamped right now. I cannot catch up. I'm exhausted. I cannot take on one more thing," each phrase said in a progressively whinier voice. Then, literally seconds later, I see a call for testers on instagram and have secured a spot as one before my brain can even process what I just did.

Free Pattern! Crocheted Headband in Drops Nepal Save 30% on Drops Nepal until the end of December 2018 in our Drops Alpaca Party Sale! This headband in Drops Nepal crochets up in no time - the perfect 'quick make' to help keep a loved one warm in the chilly weather! You'll need the following materials for this pattern:.

Christmas Roundup from Loop! - Part II Welcome back to our holiday gift roundup! With Christmas drawing ever closer, this week we've chosen some beautiful treasures that make wonderful stocking stuffers as well as the dreamiest gifts for any knitter or textile lover. Enjoy!

Moonlit Poppies - Blogmas Day 7 Several weeks ago I was lucky enough to win an instagram giveaway for this watercolor of moonlit poppies from anisantrees. Dreamy, right? I love Anisa's style. Take a look at her instagram feed for an idea of what that is. Watercolor trees…sigh.

Can you help me show my sweater patterns more inclusively? I've always been committed to offering size inclusive garment patterns, but it can be very hard to visualise how a new pattern will look on your body. I'd love your help with that!

Sunset Highway - Blogmas Day 6 I finished Sunset Highway, by Caitlin Hunter, like a month or two ago. I know you've seen a thousand million of them so why read further? Because I said so. You must read further. This was originally one of a slew of sweaters I cast on this year with the hopes of getting the perfect oversized fit.

Podcast 59 - Christmas Special Cherry Heart Crochet Podcast Episode 59 - Christmas Special: In which you can come and join me as we sit around the tree for a festive feel and show off my new crocheted sweater and share tales of my makes of Christmas future!

Let's Cast On Together! From being good for mental health, to overcoming a sense of isolation, the joy of the KAL really is just all about doing something together and helping each other out. I'm really excited about our POLKAMANIA! cowl and glad to be preparing to knit dots together through the festive season.

Episode 22 - So Many Mods, Also Blogmas Day 5 This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast. I'm on my blog : on instagram as @mysoc…

December P & P Do you find that the start of December is all about planning and preparation? It certainly feels that way here and although we don't have a huge Christmas celebration, we do like a quiet, cosy family day with good food, a roaring fire, some fun and a glass or two of something to warm and cheer.

Quick tip: joining in the round One of the questions the Yarn Doctors are asked more than anything else is: "How do I start knitting in the round?" While some people might say "Well, you just start knitting", what this is really about is starting neatly in the round without ending up with a ladder or stretched stitch at the beginning.

With Apologies To WH Auden There isn't much in knitting that scares me. I can k3togtbl, I can cut a steek whilst stone-cold sober, and I laugh in the face of complex colourwork. But today, I'm anxious. You see, I've finished the book-blanket that I designed and made for my dear friend Mary, and yesterday I wrapped it up and took it to the Post Office.

Little Ways-Blogmas Day 4 I have tiny celebrations in December. Not the biggies, like a big turkey dinner with the family on Christmas Day. I mean little things that only I know about that commemorate the change of season. They help me indulge in the coming cold and the new life that follows.

On Designing Knitting Patterns The other week I gave a talk to the Kirkmichael’s Women’s Group about my life in knitting. The talk went well and I received some excellent questions. I’d like to share one of them with you.

Needle size is immaterial Yes, this is a post in which I reiterate a frequently made point: that while gauge is really important when you are knitting a pattern, needle size is completely immaterial.

Blogmas 2018 :: my everyday carry I recently bought a wallet insert for my traveler's notebook and I love it! It's from ThreadNPrints on Etsy. Now I have everything that I need to help me stay organized at my fingertips: wallet, bullet journal, scratchpad, planner supplies and knitting notions pouch.

A useful knit - the Tank Top Boy - oh Boy, I have made a lot of items this year. The very scant number of blog posts means that most of those projects I have not been able to share with you yet. Life in 2018, has been busy. I am not complaining, my work has been hectic and I have done much more designing than I imagined at the beginning of the year.

Runaway Socks A daring escape, a villainess, a sadistic torturer, a heroic rescuer and a happy ending. Who knew sock knitting could be so dramatic? I will share the unedited details with you and you can decide who is who in this Hollywood worthy story, featuring my "Flying Monkey Socks"….

December Sunday Hi, Knitters, I hope you are all doing well. I have a couple of fun things to share with you on this cold December Sunday. I thought…

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