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Day 10: Starflake Snowflake I finished my Snowflake Starflake already some time ago, but I did not want to show you the pictures because I think it deserves a good set of pictures.

Thank you for all the hats A huge, huge thank you to everyone who donated hats to this year's Commit To Knit appeal for hats for homelessness charities to distribute. Whether you are an individual who made us one hat or a knitting group that delivered massive bagfuls of hats to us at a show, we really appreciate each and every one.

Christmas Presents - 10th December 🎄 Cherry Heart's Christmas Presents 🎄Palm Leaf BagSpecial Christmas Offer✨ Half Price!

Knitting into the spine Sometimes I find knitting a bit of a slog. I know as spinners and knitters, we laugh at time, but really sometimes knitting just feels arduous and interminable. It can take a long time to get any where useful. But when I knit lace, something curious happens.

Episode 41: An Explosive Sequel This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast. On my blog: On Ravelry as mamatronic:…

Day 9: Blanket and baking Here I am sitting in front of the laptop; I glanced at the clock and could not believe that it is already seven in the evening. I don't have a clue where this day has gone. Maybe because the days are so short now, they are gone so quickly. I was in town and since I came home, I have been pottering in the kitchen, but I have not accomplished much.

Let's talk poop…. ShiraPrincessoftheWorldDogYoung. Let's talk poop. That's OK isn't it? I understand that was a topic of conversation my predecessor talked about quite a bit. And I totally get it. Now, I understand not all canines think that excrement is one of life's delicacies, but let me assure you it is.

Some things just simply don't need to change…. I've spent a lot of time with my camera and with photoshop and with my computer these past few months. For some strange reason, I was under the impression that all those hours would have made me more adept at messing around and changing the appearance of my blog.

Day 7: Christmas decorations Today I have been busy making little helmet with paper mache for a little theater play the cats have been busy rehearsing. They decided to make a Christmas play and have involved me in the making of the costumes. Even though the costumes are quite tiny, it is taking a lot of time, way more than I anticipated.

Want To Win Some Loveliness? Lately I've been thinking, there's not enough yarn in your life… or yarn-related paraphernalia for that matter. Please forgive me for pointing this out so bluntly but you really need more yarn. I mentioned this fact to the marvellous Suzie at It's A Stitch Up, because she knows a thing or two about yarn if anyone does, and she was horrified.

The 12 days of Christmas… My Christmas making is often done right in the middle of summer. This causes absolute hilarity if I am caught designing by my friends. The simple fact is that in order to be photographed for magazines I need to finish the actual items in about July. Over the years I have made stockings, angels and mug cozies…all in the warmest weather.

Day 6: Happy Independece Day Finland! In the middle of the darkest time of the year, we celebrate our independence. There are a few traditions, but one of them is that all over Finland, from 1800-1900 candles are being lit on the windowsills. And of course, my silly little creatures, follow this tradition and have candles lit.

Christmas Presents 6th December 🎄 Cherry Heart's Christmas Presents 🎄Picture Perfect FramesSpecial Christmas Offer✨ Free download! ✨ You don't need to rush for this one, it's going to stay completely free!

Christmas gifts for darning, embroidery and haberdashery lovers Well, December is upon us! This gift giving season we want to help you pick out thoughtful and beautiful gifts for your loved ones, so over the next few weeks we'll be posting some great gift round-ups.

Episode 40: The Sweater Experience If you were ever interested in my older knitting projects, this is the episode for you. Your hunger for details will now be satiated to the point of turning into gluttonous nausea. 117 sweaters / upper body garments may be overkill. This is my sweater knitting history.

Day 5: my Advent Calendar Early already, drove off to town and spent most of the day there. I had a list of things to do and it took longer than I anticipated, but most of it got done. What a joy to return home, meet the furry ones, put up feet, drink good tea, enjoy the twinkle of the fairy lights in this otherwise dark night.

Hello, my name is Shira I think you met me earlier in the week. My mom is indisposed at the moment, so I thought I'd jump in here and really introduce myself. Getting here today wasn't easy. Our password went kafluzzy. Our blog site is all messed up. And I don't really know what I'm doing.

Last Minute Knitted Gifts Little Hen sent me a copy of her Nordic Christmas Mice knitting pattern to try out. They are deceptively easy and quick to knit, perfect for last minute gifts. The pattern gives detailed instructions for three mice, each has a different Nordic inspired jumper.

Granny Blanket This Granny Blanket, a free pattern by Purl Soho, is my first ever crochet project. I found the instructions to be beginner friendly. While the colors and materials of the original blanket are gorgeous, the over $140 USD in yarn for my first crochet project didn't seem right at first.

Day 4: Crochet and cross stitch Thank you for being here for the day 4 th. Little more about the blankets… I love Sandra of the Cherry Heart blog and podcast….

Day 3: old blankets Last December and January for a while I was at a loss what to do… Lots of yarns and fabrics and pens and paper, and really all kinds of stuff to do, to make something, and not a clue just what to make.

It's all OK. It's been more than a while. Weeks? Months? Long enough, I'm sure, to find that there is no longer anyone in this space but me. That's OK. I talk to myself a lot. For anyone who trips into this space by mistake, let me fill you in. It used to be a knitting blog.

Christmas Presents - 3rd December If you are having trouble, you can leave your comment here instead. Labels: #cherryheartschristmaspresents Baby Cherry Heart's Christmas Presents Crochet Patterns Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment! I read and appreciate every single one and if you leave your details, I'll try to reply too!

Day 2: blanket I tried to prepare myself well for December and for the days leading up to the celebration… but when I looked at the date in the morning, 2nd of December, I felt choked for a bit. November seems such a long month, it drags along and never seems to end, and once December begins to roll, it seems to fly by.

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