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Don't be tripped up by pattern instructions - part 3 You have told us about another pattern instruction that you find difficult or confusing, so we are adding another part to this series of posts. This time we will take a look at the phrase "complete to match first side, reversing all shaping". This is something that you are most likely to come across when shaping the neck of a garment.

The Mystery Knit-along and Thoughts on Walking My Block How often do you walk your city block? I walk daily, multiple times, either blissfully in my own little world or looking harried while being dragged behind the hounds. It's a commitment that is a constant challenge in my neighborhood.

Podcast Episode 51 Join the Cherry Heart Ravelry Group to enter giveaways, chat yarn and share projects!Ravelry Thread for this Episode Square Pattern Solid Granny Square - I'm just working three rounds though. Modular Join, JAYG Crochet Seams - Right Handed / Left Handed Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment!

Kinds of blue I've recently been enjoying designing blue things. This is my new shawl - Traigh - which works so well with Tarbet, one of our new shades of Milarrochy Tweed. Tarbet is a glorious mid blue with lots of colourful tweed neps, which make it really interesting.

Year of Project 8 - Week 3 I did finally finish my June Paper Bag Project - a very simple ribbed vanilla sock loosely based on the pattern Vanilla is the New Black in Nordlys by Viking Yarn in a blue gradient. They are lovely finished socks but oh man, knitting that yarn was painful.

Mystery Cushion Club blog: post 2, July And as we prepare this week for the inevitable here in the UK - - it's time to take some time out to catch up with this month's "Mystery" news… THE SECOND SET OF PATTERNS WERE EMAILED TO ALL THE MEMBERS ON 15TH JULY, so hopefully you all received them ok.

TWiP: Little knits and little flowers I went a little crazy near the end of this week, thinking I could knit a baby sweater in 2 days without losing my mind. Spoiler alert: the sweater is unfinished, and my mind is as intact as it was before I started.

Long hot summer If you asked me when it last rained here I honestly wouldn't be able to come up with an answer and certainly it's been hot and dry for weeks.

What's the difference between an alpaca and a llama? At first glance you'll be able to tell the difference between the two: llamas have tall banana shaped ears, and the alpaca's are smaller and spear shaped. Look at those long ears - a perfect portrait of a llama! Llamas are twice the size of alpacas - and yet they don't produce as much fibre for yarn.

Free Pattern! 'Cuddly Friends' Crocheted or Knitted Baby Snuggle Blankets 'Cuddly Friends' Knitted or Crocheted Baby Snuggle Blankets. in Drops Muskat. Save an amazing 40% on Drops Muskat until the end of July 2018 in our Drops Cotton Super Sale! This week, we have two patterns for you - one knitted, and one crocheted! You'll need the following materials for the knitted snuggle blanket pattern:.

Commit to Knit returns for 2018 This year's Commit To Knit Month 2018, our campaign that encourages knitters and crocheters to make one item for charity, will take place in September. Last year crafters all over the country got involved and this time we are particularly calling on knitting groups across the UK to get involved.

Sad summer sweater…. I can't believe it, either. Especially since it's knit with probably the worst fiber I've ever knit with. The end result….a sweater that I swore I was going to rip out at least two dozen times. Let's talk fiber first. Many years ago a friend called me and asked if I wanted to go to a moving sale that one of our lowertown artists was having.

Simple Watchman's Cap I am rarely asked to knit for other people. It is even rarer that I know the recipient will actually use what I knit for them. And rarer than that I agree to do it. There've just been too many unused, donated, trashed, or ripped out gifts for me to waste my time on that.

New pattern release :: Loro wrap!! My new pattern, Loro wrap, is now available on Ravelry and!! Be sure to use coupon code LORO at checkout to receive a 15% discount through Sunday, July 15, 2018 at midnight CT!! Explore color with stripes and chevrons!

KNIT : Wool and the Gang Throw Back in summer of 2017, I got my hands on a 50% off coupon for Wool and the Gang's website so I decided to try out their Crazy Sexy Wool. I bought a Koselig blanket kit but the herringbone stitch was frustrating so I opted for a simple garter stitch blanket instead.

The Golden Hour // A New Pattern The day is finally here!! I shared a sneak peek of this pretty new shawl over a month ago in my weekly DRK Newsletter! I am so excited to finally release The Golden Hour Shawl so that you can all knit your own!

A good idea….gone bad…. This is the BEST napping place in the whole wide world and it just happens to be in my very own living room. I can see my mom when she is at her computer….or, tilt my head, and I can see her in another room when she knits. You might think that this is a sunny 'seasonal' perfect spot, but it's not.

Year of Projects 8 - Week 2 I fell behind so I'm still finishing up my June project and have yet to select a project for July.My June Paper Bag contained a skein of Nordlys by Viking Yarn in a blue gradient.

Pondlife May I show you something? It's not yarn-related, but I do plan to spend a lot of time beside it knitting and crocheting. You see, I'm making progress on the wildlife pond. It's nowhere near done, but I've finished digging, and it does at least now contain WATER.

Oh, the humiliation…. I just can't look at you all this morning. The worst humiliation the next to the worst humiliation has happened. The pee pee pad has appeared. Now, I suppose I might be less embarrassed if it was in the bedroom or the laundry room, but of course, that's where I sleep and eat, so I wouldn't dream of doing my business in those places.

Free Pattern! 'Blue Breeze' Knitted Poncho in Drops Paris 'Blue Breeze' Knitted Poncho. in Drops Paris. Save an amazing 40% on Drops Paris until the end of July 2018 in our Drops Cotton Super Sale! This lovely light poncho knitted in Drops Paris is perfect for when the sun goes down! The pattern covers sizes S/M to XXL/XXXL.

Summertime and the Knitting is Easy Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Honk if you like knitting. What's the deal with all the walk-knitting talk? It stems from a recent commitment I made to move more, combined with Cassondra Rizzardi's Mystery Knit-along called Walk The Block MKAL. That KAL began at just the right time to add motivation to my movement endeavor.

Just a pair of socks Not much has happened in my little knitting world as of late. Temperatures here in central Texas are in the high nineties to low one hundreds and it's just been too warm to comfortably knit any larger garments. My Opteka has been pushed to the side for now…at least until I can knit on it without serious thigh sweating.

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