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Finding and keeping the Kingdom of Heaven is as exciting as finding treasure The usual inhabitants of the field are sheep. Today there were no sheep, just a digger. What, I wondered, would happen next? Nothing for a while, the digger was waiting for a truck. When both were in place the job began.

On location: six walking trails made famous in TV and film From Fair Isle and Jimmy Perez to Requiem’s Snowdonia: Shetland creator Ann Cleeves opens our pick of magical walks as seen on screen.

Metro Exodus Diary Locations Chapter 5 Yamantau - Where to Find Notes So, we've put together our Metro Exodus Diary Locations Chapter 5 Yamantau - Where to Find Notes guide to hopefully help you out. To find all the note, or diary, locations in Metro Exodus, all you have to do is follow through the linear level and keep your peepers open.

Lost Engagement Ring Gurley, AL…Found! I had my first search as a Ring Finder today, and I'm happy to report that it was a success!!! I received a call from Ginger this morning. She told me that she had lost her gold engagement ring on Wednesday and that she's had that ring for 34 years. I'm 32, so she's had that ring 2 years longer than I've been alive!

Did Knights of the Golden Circle bury a treasure trove in the South? I know people who travel all over Pensacola to collect virtual treasure for their mobile phone game apps. I also know people who geocache, where they go to locations using coordinates and a GPS to find a "cache." They retrieve a small treasure, leave one of their own and sign a log book to verify their visit.

Anglo Saxon pendant from 6th century found by Whitstable metal detectorists near Marshside between Herne Bay and Canterbury A metal detectorist who unearthed what looked like a chocolate coin in a field was stunned to discover it could be a gold pendant dating back to the 6th century. Rachel Carter, 41, and her partner Ricky Schubert headed out to look for treasure after her friend, who owns a farm near Marshside, said they could scour her land.

Rutus Alter 71 2.0 Review Rutus announced their new software update, 2.0 recently and I had to wonder how they could make this detector any better. I'm not going to go into much detail here on the Rutus Alter 71 since I have already done a review but there are a few quick things I want to point out before I discuss the latest version.

Guess What? It's Throwback Thursday! Not a lot going on but hey it's Valentine's Day and it's Thursday so here's a "Throwback" from November 2015… Throwback Photo! Big Tony from Bayonne recently commented "This is a simple sport - there is definitely no need to complicate it.

'Treasure' hunters are searching California beaches for new and unique items unearthed by recent storms Treasure hunters, some armed with metal detectors and others using just their keen eyes, have been scouring the sand between storms, hoping to unearth unique keepsakes while spending a day at the beach. Jackson started walking the beach regularly for rehabilitation after a skateboard injury broke his femur bone.

XP ORX teardown. In pictures Here's a pictorial review of the XP ORX teardown. Let me remind: it's a new product 2018. Want to see what's inside the unique device? An interesting survey and a must-see for everybody who wants to buy this detector. All about the XP ORX is collected here.

Can You Spare a Few Minutes? I want to share a recent blog post from Peter Tompa's "Cultural Property Observer". It concerns potential changes to the UK's Treasure Act and Portable Antiquities Scheme. Detectorists need to be very concerned about the permit idea and the possibility of declaring all finds the property of the crown.

Viking arm ring fragment is declared treasure A FRAGMENT of a silver arm band could have once been worn by a Viking settler has been declared treasure by the Pembrokeshire coroner. The silver fragment is approximately 20mm in length and is believed to be part of a circular band which would have been worn as jewellery around the upper arm.

'Man in water' alert over metal detectorist searching for treasure A MAN who was believed to have been risking his life by entering the water, turned out to be a metal detectorist in a dry suit searching for treasure. Dorset Police were called just after 1pm yesterday to reports of concern for welfare after a man was seen in the water near the Esplanade in Weymouth.

ORX metal detector your questions answered A: Coin fast is almost exactly the same as Deus Fast, it uses an active silencer depending on your reactivity settings. Coin Deep replicates the Deus deep program 6, it uses no silencer regardless of your reactivity settings.

4 Major MD Industry Trends for 2019 Multi-frequency, waterproof design, wireless technology - everyone knows about these modern features, their usefulness is clear and acknowledged by all. The more new products of this kind will be made by manufacturers, the better it will be for us… But there is also one more trend few are aware of today.

Comparing the 15 kHz & 30 kHz on gold. Why is high frequency necessary? The so called "not diggable" signal can be given by anything - by both a rusty nail and a gold coin, everything depends on your machine and your experience.

Minelab WM-08 Teardown + signal problem solution Sometimes users impose inefficiency - because of the sound latency - as a charge upon the Minelab WM-08 wireless module. First, have you seen the electronics inside? The WM-08 circuitry is more complicated than that of the XP Deus. Second, the problem lies not in latency but in signal loss.

How a local family turned a rotting barn into reclaimed memories No two pieces are the same. Benches, beds, kitchen islands, bathtub surrounds and shelves tie the house together and continue to remind us of that old barn. Would I do it again? Absolutely. It was exhausting work and I've probably lifted each piece of wood at least 50 times during the process.

Anglo-Saxon sword engraved with a SWASTIKA to sell for up to £3,000 The gilt silver sword pommel was dug up by treasure hunters last March on the Isle of Wight. The find has been described as 'extremely rare' as there are only half a dozen examples in existence on Anglo-Saxon weapons. A swastika is now widely associated with the Nazi regime and Adolf Hitler but was originally a sign of peace, luck and prosperity.

What a Beautiful February Spring! When I asked him why he picked Avon out of all the beaches at the Jersey Shore, he said it was the nicest ride for him and the most direct while avoiding driving through the city of Philadelphia. He brought his metal detector and was hoping to find hidden and lost treasures :).

South Orange County's beaches are rapidly disappearing City planners, coastal engineers and residents who live by the coast are carefully watching the beaches in South Orange County - especially at Dana Point and San Clemente - trying to safeguard stretches of sand from disappearing for good.

The Curse of Oak Island recap: Is right-angled object in Money Pit the treasure-filled Chappell vault? Could it be the Chappell Vault? The episode starts with Marty Lagina and Craig Tester on the island, where in a bold-declaration, Marty proclaims, "I've always thought H8 is the Money Pit," an assertion that Craig Tester seconds. But when they arrive to the H8 site, mud and granite are all that's been found so far that day.

The Spanish job by team XP Romania E heard Alex ''TheBirdman'' screaming, and we immediately knew that it had to be something special.

Treasure Hunters How many hours must be spent before you unearth an artefact deserving of the velvet cushion, behind the glass cabinets of the museum? Back in December of last year, Douglas Courthouse held a hearing of the auspicious kind, something known as a Treasure Trove inquest - a legal proceeding which dates back to the 16th century.

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