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Treasure hunting: Hundreds of beer can hobbyists coming to Albuquerque for CANvention One person's trash, another person's treasure.

Pensioner discovers ring found buried in field is medieval artefact worth up to £10,000 A metal detectorist dug up a rare gold ring and kept it in his garage for 40 years only to discover it was medieval treasure worth up to £10,000. Tom Clark, 81, first found the piece of jewellery in 1979 while searching a plot of farmland just outside his home town of Aylesbury, in Buckinghamshire.

Metal Detecting Tips from a Five Year Old: Episode 2 Here's another detecting tip from from the mouth and mind of a five year old, my granddaughter Jordan, a.k.a. "Marshmello-J". Her detector, is still a bit big for her to handle-she's tiny for her age, but her personality is big.

An Offer You Can't Refuse! Someone asked about the various detectors I owned and used over the years and whether or not I thought they would still find stuff today. The answer is of course they would. What they won't do I'm sure is go as deep as the models currently on the market.

Coins. Did You Know? Victorian silver sixpences have always been very popular coins and it appears that this coin has been gilded in a gold colour - presumably to make it look like a half sovereign. The Black Death started in 1348 during the reign of Edward III, and swept across Europe killing a third of the population.

Metal detectorist finds £10,000 gold ring in garage 40 years after discarding it as worthless A metal detectorist who discarded a gold ring in his garage for 40 years after a museum told him it was worthless has discovered its real value is £10,000. Tom Clark, 81, dug up the buried treasure while scanning an area of farmland near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, in 1979, then put it inside a metal tin and forgot about it.

Got nothing on this weekend? Clear out your garage as you could be sitting on a fortune - like this man "A few months ago, I was sorting through some stuff in my own garage that had come from my mother's house and there it was - the tin with the rings in it. "I've learned a lot over the last 50 years spent metal detecting - and I know a lot more now than I did when I found the ring in the late 70s or early 80s.

Ring found on farmland in 1968 dates to 1350 AD and is worth £10,000 Tom Clark, 81, dug up the item of jewellery after finding it with a metal detector while searching an area of farmland in 1979. He placed the ring inside a metal tin and tucked it away in a garage for several decades but recently found it again by chance.

600-year-old medieval silver brooch unearthed in Wychbold by metal detectorist Stephen Grey was out in Wychbold with the Bromsgrove-based metal detecting club, The Clodhoppers, when he discovered the rare find in a field near Webbs Garden Centre.

XP metal detectors visit the Estonian battlefield Our metal detecting trip to Estona was very successful, I met up with my detecting team mates Virgillio Garcia from Spain and our host Ivan Krause from Estonia. We had 2 days to search the dense Estonian forest with our XP metal detectors. Day 1 was to try and locate a hidden bunker, and search the area.

Loveland treasure hunter detects with club for gold, history Not all that glitters is gold - but if it beeps, there's always a chance. Rick Mattingly, co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Prospectors and Treasure Hunters Club, knows this perhaps better than anyone in Northern Colorado, given his estimated 50 years of metal detecting and treasure hunting.

Rare medieval brooch unearthed in field near Bromsgrove AN extremely rare silver medieval brooch has been unearthed in a field near Bromsgrove. Stephen Grey, part of the Bromsgrove based metal detecting club The Clodhoppers, was enjoying his hobby when he discovered the rare find - even though the area had been walked over by several other metal detectorists.

Wedding Charm Sails Away from Wedding Bouquet: Barnstable, MA Katelyn's day was going perfectly, family, friends, food, beverages, weather, entertainment, you name it it was all perfect, well almost. It seems a bit of wind had untied the knotted string holding a family heirloom, a gold sailboat, close to the bouquet.

Double Ring Return at West Dennis Beach: Dennis, MA - PART 2 OF 2 While looking for a lost platinum wedding band I had been told about another lost ring. The first ring was found in about 20 minutes. Now the pre-teen's father and mother were standing on the beach hoping to "see the Ring". That was not likely to happen.

Double Ring Return at West Dennis Beach: Dennis, MA - PART 1 OF 2 Dave had called, left a message and sent an e-mail alerting me to his lost ring at a local beach about 22 hours past. It was near Lifeguard chair 2. I was ready and headed out for what I hope to be a quick search, recovery and return. Aha, the dreaded seaweed had invaded my area of search.

Go Ahead, You Knock Yourself Out… Try as I might to keep up with all the latest technology I can't talk much about the latest and greatest when it comes to the newer machines. Can't afford them and don't need them. As a result I'm not the guy to send "how do I" questions to and lest you forget, I'm the old wino who has trouble getting down and up and who loves knobs and switches.

Sandow the Chocolate Strongman Detectorist Phil Bennett sent me a picture of a 29mm diameter aluminium token that his friend, Alfie Beardsley, had dug up, which he thought might be interesting. Indeed it is! We can glean a lot of information from the words and picture.

Why This Man Wants to Find Mystery Couple in Wedding Photos Michael Trollman was scanning a California beach with his metal detector when he came across a different type of treasure.

Man Finds SD Card Containing Pictures of Mystery Couple's Wedding Day When Michael Trollman was scanning a California beach with his metal detector, he had no clue what type of treasure he'd find. This particular beep led him to dig 8 inches into the sand and pull up an SD card. "My son had to go in the directory on the card, find the photos for me.

Neil Waugh Outdoors: Long Hair Jim's silvery treasure Long before James Gadsby cowboyed for a spell on the famous Bar U when the legendary George Lane was cow boss, freighted on the old Buffalo Lake Trail east of Lacombe, or settled on his little homestead at Spotted Lake with his plains Cree wife Mary from Maskwacis, he rode with the James Gang.

UK metal detector find, Roman gold solidus in London auction Dix Noonan Webb will offer the coin at auction Sept. 17. It is estimated to realize £10,000 to £12,000. The long-time metal detectorist's best ever find, a Roman gold solidus of the Emperor Constantine I in About Uncirculated condition, was dug up June 7.

Blackthorne Resorts Lost Treasure Weekend 2019 Blackthorne Resorts Lost Treasure Weekend 2019. Once again, Blackthorne Resort in the Catskills hosted its annual Lost Treasure Weekend June 15th-17th, 2019, and once again, it was a great time. And… there are only so many articles that I can write about the same hunt year after year.

Metal detecting events 2019 Lithuania and Bulgaria The metal detecting festival included a number of events, such as rally, competitions, free search and a test comparisons of metal detectors. This is believed to have been the biggest event in Lithuania and the Baltic countries. Hobby lovers from the center and west of the country gathered to enjoy the entertainment and exchange experiences.

No Need To Dig Far For These 3 Buried REIT Treasures In general, small-cap REITs get less press than large-cap REITs because, in general, small-cap anything gets less press. The little guy usually has more work to do to get the kind of attention that non-little guys take for granted.

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