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The Wyvern Die Stamp Those ‘markings’ on the larger panel shows a wyvern, which is a legendary creature with a dragon’s head and wings. In its various forms the creature is important to heraldry frequently appearing on family crests and buttons.

Q & A with Dan Hughes… Not sure how many of you remember Dan Hughes but his radio podcasts provided me and many other detectorists great listening over the years. Dan stopped doing them about three years ago but fortunately for us he left them out there in cyberspace. Click on the following for the complete list….

5G Meets 50,000 Fans at Super Bowl 2025 Recently, I was basking in my comfy command chair relishing the adverts on television. They're really the only thing worth watching since the Gilmore Girls ended and while one is waiting for the next season of Doctor Who starring Jodie Whittaker to launch in 2020.

Global Portable Metal Detector Market 2019 - 2025 : Minelab, Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Garrett The Global Portable Metal Detector Market report covers details of market size, growth spectrum, and the competitive scenario of Portable Metal Detector market in the forecast timeline.

Global Metal Detector Market 2019 - 2025 : Minelab, Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Garrett, Teknetics, Whites, Titan The Global Metal Detector Market report covers details of market size, growth spectrum, and the competitive scenario of Metal Detector market in the forecast timeline.

Diamond Ring found in Corn Box at the Goebberts Farm & Garden Center in South Barrington, IL So this is my Second call out to a corn pit this year. This was at the Goebberts Farm in South Barrington, Illinois. The owner could not have been more accommodating. A woman had been playing with her child and fell. The ring came off as she was trying to get up.

2 rings found in corn pit in Tinley Park, Illinois. Received a call from a man who had lost his 14K wedding band while playing in a corn pit. He had me come out to look for it. Corn pits, for those who don’t know, is a structure, that is fille…

Metal Detecting Tips from a Five Year Old: Episode 3 Hope this adds a smile to your Sunday-Happy Hunting!

Second Callout Today, Second Ring Found, Brighton Beach, Perth, Western Australia. I'd only been home for an hour from my first recovery for the day when I recieved a call from Henry who was still on the beach where he had just lost his platinum wedding ring. here we go again I thought.

Lost Wedding Ring Found In The Ocean, Warnbro Dog Beach, Perth, Western Australia. Paul had been at the beach with a group of friends when he decided on going for a swim, unfortunately on his return he discovered that his gold wedding band hadn't! After a quick chat on the phone I asked him to go back to the beach and landmark the sandcastle the kids had built which he said he had swum in front of.

An Emblem of Innocence I’m never surprised by what detectorists find in fields. Of course, if I was an archaeologist, taught to use his/her imagination to state what an article was, who it belonged to, and its function, it wouldn’t pose such a problem.

20 Reasons to Read This Blog… Because the last post was kind of "crappy" and because it's "Throwback Thursday" here's a repeat…. Throwback Photos. 4 Comments. Filed under Metal Detecting. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. Follow.

Sentimental Ring Found, City Beach, Perth, Western Australia. Cambell called about 10 am to ask if I could find a tungsten carbide ring he had lost about 5 pm yesterday, at City Beach. He explained he'd wrapped his sunnies, wallet, watch and a tungsten carbide ring his girlfriend had given him about a year ago, in a towel before going for a swim.

A Chuffing Good Hoard THE WENDOVER HOARD In May 2012 I published the story of a hoard that has never appeared in my blog – unless it was one of those lost – and is worthy of a place. You’ll find out why… Wendover is a picturesque village in Buckinghamshire and often described as the gateway to…

Four Thousand-Year-Old Necklace Worth £11,000 Found By Metal Detectorist A metal detectorist literally struck gold when he discovered a 4,000-year-old necklace worth thousands of pounds near his home in Cumbria. 54-year-old Billy Vaughan unearthed the rare find in a remote field near his hometown of Whitehaven.

Metal detectorists 'covered up find' £3million of rare coins and jewellery' I said 'yes that's fine'. "I did not think there was anything wrong about it. I saw his car there on a number of other occasions. "When he came with the coins he was on his own. He said he had found something and he gave me three coins. "I never saw the other man until a long time after.

Tips for Treasure Hunting with Nat Geo's Tim Saylor: Discover the Truth "Don't be intimidated. Do what you want and you'll get alot out of the sport," he said. While Garrett has a range of products that vary from nearly "plug and play" models that make it easy for novices to get started in the sport, veteran detectors find more as they become more acquainted with the features and technology.

Treasure hunter strikes gold after finding 4,000 year old Bronze age neck-ring worth up to £100,000 TREASURE hunter Billy Vaughan has struck gold after digging up a Bronze Age bracelet worth up to £100,000. Care worker Billy only took up metal detecting as a hobby six months ago but has already scooped the find of a lifetime. The solid arm torc is 22-carat gold, weighs 11 ounces and is thought to be up to 4,000 years old.

Four-thousand-year-old Bronze Age gold necklace that's worth at least £11k found in Cumbria Billy Vaughan, 54, was stunned when he unearthed the gleaming 22 carat gold band in a remote field near his home town of Whitehaven, Cumbria. The Bronze Age piece of twisted jewellery was nestled 5ins below the surface.

Metal detectorist 'finds £3 million treasure hoard, gives landowner three coins and hides most of it' A metal detectorist who dug up £3m worth of ancient buried treasure only handed over three "not particularly valuable" coins to the owner of the land where it was found, a court heard. George Powell, 38, and Layton Davies, 51, are accused of failing to declare an invaluable hoard of Anglo-Saxon coins and jewellery they discovered in June 2015.

Ring Found Wapato Washington I was called for a lost ring in the yard. Somehow this ring sprouted wings and sailed over the yard. Landing next to a clump of tall grass. It did not take long to reunite the ring with its owner. Smiles all around! Your email address will not be published.

Ring found Gorge Amphitheatre Washington I received a call to search for a ring lost at a concert. It was lost in the parking area in a field with pasture grass. The owners of the ring had reached out to me for the search and we set plans to meet. On the morning of the search we met in the general area of the search.

'Lord of the Rings' style ring found in mid Wales declared treasure A 'LORD of the Rings' style gold ring is among the items found in Powys which have been declared treasure. Eight metal detector finds, ranging in date from the 8th century to the early 18th century AD, have been declared treasure by Assistant Coroner for South Wales Central, Rachel Knight.

Metal detectorists 'stole Anglo Saxon coins worth £3million and ancient jewellery they dug up in field' A GROUP of metal detectorists stole Anglo Saxon coins worth £3 million as well as "invaluable" ancient jewellery they dug up in a field before selling them on the black market, a court heard.

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