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Five historic artefacts declared treasure at Oxford Coroners Court A GROUP of treasure hunters could be in for a payday after five historic artefacts were declared treasure. One of the lots was a 332-year-old mourning ring, inscribed with the initials of a dead loved one. The head coroner for Oxfordshire Darren Salter gave the rulings at an inquest on Thursday.

15 Ring's Lost… 16 Ring's Found! Cloverdale, Perth, Western Australia. Whilst sitting in her living room recently, Phillipa's bedroom roof decided to collapse and fill the room with a foot or so of blow-in insulation with bits of ceiling, plaster, and other junk not to mention shoes in the mix.

Eureka Machines: The Survival Value of Metal Detectors What is a metal detector exactly? How does it work? And more importantly, how can it help the average prepper? Besides being a fascinating hobby that gets you out of the house, there are potential possibilities where having and knowing how to use a good metal detector might come in quite handy.

This medieval ring was found in a North Staffordshire field - and now it's been declared as treasure! A 600-year-old silver ring found in a farmer's field has been declared as treasure - and it is set to go on display at Stoke-on-Trent's biggest museum. The engraved jewellery was discovered in long grass on a Loggerheads farm by metal detector enthusiast James Knight.

Discover the Truth: Finding the Right Metal Detector For Beach and Land Detecting YouTube creator Michele "Gypsy" Maher educates on which detectors work best for different terrain, and why it's key.

How ‘most important find of century’ exposed 3,000-year-old space revolution ARCHAEOLOGISTS uncovered an "extraordinary find" that exposed a 3,000-year-old breakthrough in the understanding of space, which was dubbed "the most important find of the century".

Discover the Truth: Gold Prospecting and Dump Hunting with Metal Detectors On this episode of Discover the Truth, a Garrett Metal Detectors podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sits down with the Arizona detectorist to discuss the treasures she's found and what others, including her husband, have a knack for finding.

Amateur metal detectorist unearths an 18-carat gold ring from 1834 The emotive ring was found by hobbyist Geoff Smith, 51, in the shingle of Lancing beach who was scouring the area at night with his headlamp. Scroll down for video. Mr Smith has been using his metal detector as a hobby since 2015 and says he found the ring during darkness several weeks ago.

Irish treasure discoveries From the incredible early Bronze Age gold hoard discovered in a ditch by a Donegal farmer to the medieval coins found on a wedding ring hunt. For many years England has been a place where ancient gold relics were quite often found. However, things are completely different in Ireland: this kind of findings usually become a nation-wide sensation.

Perish the Thought… One of the perks of writing Stout Standards has been getting to know other writers / bloggers. One in particular stands out - John Winter.

Wedding Ring Rescued From Indian Ocean, Trigg Beach, Perth, Western Australia. Ben was about twenty meters out from the beach having a swim when he felt his precious wedding ring slip from his finger into the ocean. He had stood up and searched frantically around him for it whilst calling out to his wife on the beach what had happened.

Red Dead Online Roles: How does the Moonshiner role work, and what are the best specialist roles Each of the Red Dead Online roles has 20 role ranks to progress through by earning role XP, which you get by completing activities specific to that role. You'll receive a role token for every role rank you unlock, which you can save up and use to purchase unique items for that particular role.

Twin Rescues Part 2, Coogee Beach, Fremantle, Western Australia. Just 15 minutes after recovering Jeff's sentimental gold bracelet from under his boat in Coogee Marina I noticed a missed call on my phone.

Twin Rescues Part 1, Coogee Beach, Fremantle, Western Australia. Jeff had called me to ask if I could dive under his boat in Coogee Marina and recover a sentimental gold bracelet he'd lost after he'd caught it on a cleat on the side of his boat as he was getting off.

Lost Wedding Ring Waikiki Found This recovery started when i got the text from Melissa about her lost diamond wedding rings in Ala Moana Waikiki area. She lost them the daybefore and so i gathered my gear and I was able to head out and look the very next morning on a very well known and hunted beach.

The Curse of Oak Island: The team discovers an artifact that could be linked to Templar Knights On this week's episode of Oak Island Gary finds an ancient artifact he thinks might be silver. The guys anxiously await the results of testing in the War Room.

The Curse of Oak Island preview: It's time to find the secrets at the bottom of the swamp The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 10 preview: The guys move in on the swamp, determined to uncover it's secret. Gary scores a hit with a silver find.

National Monuments Service seeks to clarify metal detecting laws The National Monuments Service has sought to clarify the legal state of play on the use of metal detectors, saying that the same law applies on public land or private land, including farmland.

3 Hr Dash To Rescue Wedding Ring From Indian Ocean, Eagle Bay, Dunsborough, South Western Australia. Luke and his wife Genna had been taking a break from life in Perth, with a visit to Eagle Bay in Dunsborough, 3 hrs south of Perth. While there Luke was having a dip in chest deep water when he had felt his cherished white gold wedding ring slip from his finger.

Mans Platinum wedding ring lost in North Spokane WA, Found!!!! This morning I woke up with a lost ring call from a man named Sebastian. His story was short and sweet. Sebastian was walking with his wife along a path behind his apartment. With the snow falling he couldn't resist a small snowball toss at his wife. Promptly the wedding ring he wore, also couldn't resist flying off his cold finger.

It would be a desperate shame to lose the history of Old Bedhampton - Verity Lush My daughter received a metal detector for Christmas and we all set off last weekendon a seven-mile walk in order to find buried treasure and retire off the proceeds.

Destrehan alum unearths history through his hobby For Robert Stringer, what began as a curiosity grew into a passion. The Destrehan High School alumnus recalls his wife asking him last year what he'd like for Father's Day. "A metal detector," Stringer said.

Red Dead Online's bugs are making me bug out I'm not the most dedicated cowboy in Red Dead Online-Buffalo Bill supposedly killed over 4,000 bison and I've personally killed, what, three?

These Amateur Archaeologists Dig Up the Buzz Bombs That Fell on England in WW2 Two brothers scour the English countryside for remnants of Hitler’s vengeance weapons.

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