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Minecraft Dungeons Release Date, Gameplay, And More Minecraft fans will see a new type of game next year. Minecraft Dungeons is currently under development, and it will be launched as an RPG. The game will be available on PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch. There is no official release date for the game as of yet, but it is expected to be released in mid-2020.

New Minecraft Mod Allows Players To Ride A Bumble Bee Using A Flower On A Stick Minecraft mods are as popular as the game's regular updates from Mojang. The creativity of these modders is what makes the game exciting since its original release in 2011. Recently, the Minecraft: Java Edition added an update. Now, players can see bumble bees buzzing around while gathering honey for their nest.

Twitch chat fools Minecraft streamer into falling for the oldest trick in the book Popular Twitch streamer 'ItsSlikeR' was in the middle of a Minecraft stream on August 24 when his audience baited him into falling for the oldest trick in the book.

Minecraft Snapshot 19w34a Adds Bees Usually, when a new snapshot or full version release of Minecraft creeps around, the aim is to have all the bugs removed. But not this time! This time a new bug has been purposefully added to Minecraft. The humble bumble, the honey hoarder, the pollination professor: The bee.

Minecraft: Ray Tracing Finally Impelemented, As It Happened! Imagine yourself playing your classic games with the latest technology and you're drooling over it. Mario and many more classic games got their upgraded versions in terms of graphics and textures but what about games which are not considered for worth upgrading.

Minecraft Earth opens up its beta service for supported Android devices The first beta rollout of Minecraft Earth was exclusive to supported iOS devices only.

Streamer gets rejected after trying to 'make a move' in Minecraft HAchubby wasn't having any of NymN's 'moves'.

Minecraft viewership up on Twitch amid Fortnite's BRUTE Mech controversy Minecraft is soaring while Fortnite sinks on Twitch.

This Minecraft mod lets you ride bees We've already got Bee Movie and Adventure Time mods, but somehow hours passed before we could attach saddles to bees and ride them around. Luckily, this dark period has come to a close. A new mod, courtesy of SethBling, lets you drop a saddle on those abnormally large bees and take to the skies on your insect companion.

Minecraft Heart of the Sea - Explanation, location, and Conduit building guide This guide will take a look at the Heart of the Sea item and will give you a proper explanation of its use, help you find its location, and explain how to build the related Conduit. ALSO: Minecraft Iron Double Doors 1.14 - How to build with Redstone.

Android Folks Can Now Sign-Up to Get In on the 'Minecraft Earth' Closed Beta During Microsoft's //Build Conference back in May, their subsidiary Mojang began teasing some sort of Minecraft augmented reality experience for smartphones.

Consider this: Consider this: odric-master-swagtician: “petewave: “ bee-biome: “ bees follow/sit on mooblooms and pollinate their flowers ” her… ” @circlesmadeofglass ”.

Minecraft Java update adds bees, honey farming, harmony, hope They're in Minecraft now, part of the 1.15 Java Edition update. A new neutral mob, bees are pretty chill, as chill as they are in real life. Check out the full patch notes to see exactly how they behave, but the notes essentially read like a description of what bees already do in the real world.

Minecraft Update Adds Adorable Bees Minecraft's latest update adds Bees, Bee Hives, and Honey to the open-world adventure game, expanding the game without making it more complicated.

Minecraft Is Getting Official Ray Tracing Support In the wake of the Super Duper Graphics Pack being cancelled for Minecraft, it has been announced that the title will be receiving ray tracing support.

Cool Minecraft houses: ideas for your next build If you're after some inspiration, then we've dug a little deeper into Minecraft house designs to set you on your way to creating your dream home. You should put aside some time, some resources and some love, as building a house in Minecraft is no easy task.

Minecraft Iron Double Doors 1.14 - How to build with Redstone Do you want to build Minecraft iron double doors? Iron doors require a switch, and making use of a single door is easy enough: A button, lever, or pressure plate on either side of the door will let you activate it. Trying to do the same with iron double doors doesn't work the same, but it's a problem that can be fixed with Redstone.

Why Minecraft and Mixer are the perfect streaming combo I felt that streaming directly to a live audience would offer the perfect level of personal interaction that I was looking for and with Minecraft popularity on the rise, it felt like the right time to learn how to stream. Next came the task of figuring out what platform to stream on.

Minecraft Twitch viewership grew over 60 percent in the last 30 days Part of this might not be a coincidence, though, since some Fortnite streamers have started playing Minecraft regularly or are flirting with the game from time to time. Minecraft's viewership grew 66 percent in both hours watched and average viewers over the last 30 days, according to Twitch statistics website Sullygnome.

Join me on a journey to the blocky world of Minecraft Join me, as I discuss getting started in Minecraft, what Minecraft is, and why it is a great game to play.

Bees added to Minecraft, finally My “bee”-obsessed young son will not be delighted to see the addition of bees to Minecraft, as he is still too young to have played Minecraft or, indeed, to have become cognizant of the…

Minecraft bees already have Adventure Time and Bee Movie mods Two creators have now made bee texture packs inspired by Adventure Time and The Bee Movie. First up, user Decthe64th has posted an image of a Minecraft bee on Reddit which bears the unmistakable appearance of Barry B.

The buzz about town is that Minecraft just added bees We no longer have bees in the real-world, the last one having left to fly to its home planet of HV-1 last Tuesday, so Minecraft has memorialised our buzzy buds by adding them as a new mob. The fuzzy little dancers are a neutral mob who'll happily fill your game with honey for you to enjoy, and have just set up a hive in the 19W34A snapshot.

Minecraft's latest Java update adds bees, hives and honey The latest Minecraft Java edition update is chock full of bugs - bees! Bees are a brand new neutral mob that will quite happily bumble around, gathering pollen from their favourite flowers and flying back home to their nests to make honey.

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