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A selection of the latest Minecraft news and blog posts.

Minecraft Update Version 1.83 Patch Notes For PS4 4J Studios has released Minecraft update version 1.83 for PS4 today. Here are the full patch notes that are available for this update. Minecraft on PS4 usually lags behind the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch version. It still gets strong post-launch support from the developer 4J Studios.

Minecraft Pocket Edition can be Downloaded on Android via Aptoide If you are a Minecraft fan, you must be looking for the best ways to enjoy your favourite game. Now, the community found out some news about the Mobile version of this game. It looks like the Google Play store is not the only way you can get Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your Android device.

Architecture game 'might be the hipster Minecraft' A new computer game where players build their own art galleries using architecture from Will Alsop and Charles Rennie Mackintosh among others has been dubbed ‘the hipster Minecraft’.

These Minecraft Lego Sets Are Perfect For Brick-Loving Kids Kids love Legos and kids love Minecraft, so imagine how much they'll love Minecraft-inspired Lego sets. We looked through the available sets and found eight that we think are the best for kids at different ages and skill levels.

Hytale Is Essentially Minecraft 2, Beta Signups Open Now Each zone features its own unique wildlife, with dangerous creatures standing guard over the most powerful gear in the game." To sign up for the Hytale beta, you just need to head here to the Hytale beta sign up page.

Minecraft 4K Super Duper Graphics Pack Now with More Features Amazing graphics have always been Minecraft's main advantage and a reason why so many players love this game. Even if it wasn't too complicated and had aesthetic standards from the past, the Minecraft community were very found on their graphics.

New Minecraft Bedrock Update Adds Pandas and Bamboo Initially released in 2011 Minecraft quickly rose to popularity due to the interactive gameplay that encourages users to be creative and imaginative. The sandbox game allows users to build whatever they want as long as they are able to gather and craft the required materials.

Spotlight on Minecrafter Author Danica Davidson! Welcome to a very special post featuring a guest article from middle grade and YA author - and literacy advocate - Danica Davidson! You may have kids or teens who have read one of Danica's sixteen middle grade and young adult novels, including the twelve popular Minecrafter books.

Forget Fortnite—my son is still obsessed with Minecraft Haven't we reached Peak Minecraft? Not in my house.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Find The Best Mods For Your Game Minecraft Pocket Edition is one of the most beloved video games because it allows its players to express themselves creatively. While updates are released constantly, some players take it one step further. Mods are a great way of adding a plus of excitement to the game.

Popular Minecraft Server Creators Announce a New Game Hypixel Studios rose to fame after they created one of the most popular Minecraft servers. The studios have recently announced a collaboration with Riot Games that will result in the publishing of a new game called Hytale.

Minecraft 4K and the Super Duper Graphics Pack One of the most appealing aspects of Minecraft was its graphics: it wasn't anything fancy but you still loved it anyway. In a world that was getting increasingly high tech, there was still this game that stuck with aesthetic standards of the past.

Let's look at cool Minecraft cities and judge their realism Check out the best Minecraft maps if you're looking for more cool creations - whether those be cities, castles, adventure maps, or horror excursions. Be prepared to lose your weekend amid this reminders that Minecraft is very cool.

Minecraft Minute to Lets Get WET Sometimes you feel like a nut…. Yes it is more than a song right here. I feel like the Almond Joy bar just not as tasty! In my last video I made mention that I couldnt get a wall pattern for the Sawmill in Mariculture Mod. Well…. I had never had pause to make a wall so I had no idea what Minecraft meant by "right click on a wall".

New Minecraft initiative aims to raise money for The World Wildlife Fund Microsoft has announced a new costume pack for hugely-successful build 'em up title Minecraft, with aims of raising cash for animal-friendly charity The World Wildlife Fund. The "Paws and Claws" pack will be the first of the WWF-themed charitable initiatives to feature in Minecraft, containing a selection of cat and panda-themed skins.

25 Things Most Minecraft Players Don't Realize They're Doing Wrong Here are 25 things Minecraft players do wrong! Minecraft has seemingly endless possibilities, and yet, if you play it for a while, you might start feeling like you've done everything interesting there is to do.

Assist the Wildlife World Fund by Placing Bamboo Blocks in Minecraft In celebration of the release of "cats and pandas" on the Minecraft Bedrock servers, developers are challenging players to place a million bamboo blocks to trigger a donation to the World Wildlife Fund in the amount of $100,000. "We're confident this donation isn't a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when"," developers wrote.

Hypixel Studios Announces Hytale, A Minecraft Inspired RPG Simon Collins-Laflamme and Philippe Touchette, co-founders behind the immensely popular Hypixel Minecraft servers, have banded together to create Hypixel Studios and with it, a new game. This Minecraft-inspired RPG is titled Hytale and you can see the game's announcement trailer down below: eval;.

Minecraft launches Paws and Claws costume pack to raise money for World Wildlife Fund Microsoft has announced a new initiative to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund through Minecraft, starting with the launch of the new Paws and Claws costume pack. Paws and Claws' release follows the recent arrival Minecraft's latest update, which adds bamboo blocks, scaffolding, and, more importantly, pandas and redesigned cats.

Minecraft Players Can Build Fake Bamboo to Help Real Pandas The cats and pandas update is available now in the popular sandbox building game. What's better than new stuff to play with in Minecraft? How about new stuff to play with in Minecraft for a good cause? Minecraft's developer, Mojang, partnered with the nonprofit organization World Wildlife Fund to help with its work with pandas.

Creators of Popular 'Minecraft' Server Announce New Game 'Hytale' Hypixel Studios is creating a new game called "Hytale" with some help from "League of Legends" developer Riot Games, it announced in a blog post on Thursday. "Hytale" is a sandbox RPG with procedurally generated environments and a "Minecraft"-inspired art style.

Beware, Minecraft and Roblox. Here comes the blocky world of Hytale Hypixel Studios is unveiling Hytale, a new game that delivers a sandbox world and a blocky 8-bit art style. The game comes from the creators of Hypixel, the world's largest mod server. Hypixel Studios is building the game, with funding support from Riot Games and an advisory group of industry veterans.

Hytale is a brand new game from giants of the Minecraft community, backed by Riot If you're into your Minecraft you may have heard of Hypixel - it's one of the biggest Minecraft servers in the world and home to some seriously dedicated creators.

Minecraft Bedrock edition welcomes the pandas Minecraft lovers will be glad to know there are pandas and more characters in Minecraft Bedrock. The update is now ready on Android, iOS, Windows 10 Edition, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. This December update is unusual but we're not complaining. We're just happy that avid Minecraft fans will have something new to be excited about.

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