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Minecraft Earth Early Access kicks off with cute safety PSA Taking Minecraft Earth to the real world brings countless new challenges, both from technicalities of its global scale and gameplay alterations. And given popularity both among young and old, Minecraft Earth is also designed to account for safety and privacy.

Early access 'Minecraft Earth' for iOS opens in Iceland and New Zealand 'Minecraft Earth,' the iOS game bringing the popular block-based open-world building title to the real world, is now available to play in early access, with the rollout of the game starting in New Zealand and Iceland.

Minecraft - Why can't I trade with Villagers? Why Can't I Trade With Villagers in Minecraft? In our guide, we tell you what can prevent a Villager from trading with you and how you can fix it.

Seattle's MoPOP builds large Minecraft exhibit, marking the hit video game's 10th anniversary The exhibit is the first long-term Minecraft celebration. Co-created with Minecraft parent company Mojang, it marks Minecraft's first decade and opens Saturday, Oct. 19. Its 6,000 square feet are crammed full of both experiential and educational elements.

Minecraft anvil recipe: how to use an anvil in Minecraft Looking for a Minecraft anvil recipe? Or how to use this handy Minecraft block? An anvil in Minecraft is a great tool to have, you can use it to repair and rename items, as well as combine enchanted items. The anvil is similar to a grindstone, however, any items used on the Minecraft anvil will keep its enchantments.

Welsh Government to set up five Minecraft Learning Centres The Welsh Government plans to set up five centres to help schools and colleges in the country teach science, history and coding using the video game Minecraft. This follows the government's initiative earlier this year to give schools free access to Microsoft 365.

Minecraft Dungeons aiming for cross-play between all platforms Minecraft Dungeons wants cross-play between all its available platforms, Mojang has told Stevivor as PAX AUS. "So we're starting to talk about cross-play," Mojang's Nathan Rose began.

Inside MoPOP's 'Minecraft': Fans of hit video game will dig the creepers, crafting and more in exhibition In the world of "Minecraft" - the best-selling video game in history - players know that they're never supposed to dig straight down as they explore and create new worlds. What they should dig is a new exhibition celebrating the runaway hit at Seattle's Museum of Pop Culture.

10 Best Minecraft Seeds To Start A World In To see 10 of the best seeds to start a new world in. If you're looking to start a world somewhere icy and cold, this seed is definitely one to load up. It features a huge cluster of frozen, icy islands near your spawn point. In the center of them, there's a sunken island of sand and grass.

Gaming on the NVIDIA 2070 Super GPU: RTX Minecraft and Borderlands 3 A few months ago, the phrase "ray tracing" alone was enough to start some sort of heated discussion on social media, and it was the primary topic on many PC gamers' minds at E3 when Nvidia and AMD opened their mouths to say… pretty much anything.

You can now play perfect replicas of CSGO maps in Minecraft Fans have created incredible replicas of CSGO maps in Minecraft.

Pokimane gets emotional as Minecraft pet is killed right in front of her Twitch and YouTube star Pokimane can't believe her eyes as her in-game pet met its end.

These Switch Lite bundles with Minecraft, Link's Awakening or Astral Chain start at just 」199.99 Now that we're about a month past launch, we're starting to see more retailers get competitive with their Switch Lite bundles, with Currys PC World and Amazon leading the way. Prices start at 」199.99 for a Switch Lite with a choice of one game, including the likes of Minecraft, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and Astral Chain.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Is a Minecraft-Michael Bay Mashup Nightmare That is way too horrific. If you wanted to play a stupid looking horror game, Five Nights at Freddy's has you covered. Worst of all, Epic Games fails to deliver on one of the only Chapter 2 features gamers actually want. According to Epic, the new Fortnite will have "less grind" than the previous version.

Check Out This Exclusive Preview of the Minecraft Anthology Comic In addition to everything else going on today, Dark Horse Comics has released a new Minecraft anthology comic hardcover called Minecraft: Stories From the Overworld. There's a whole slew of talented folks that have contributed to the book, including Hope Larson, Meredith Gran, and more.

Minecraft players are already finding creative uses for honey blocks While Minecraft's upcoming and very exciting "Nether Update" is adding multiple new features to expand mechanics nether soon, we'll receive at least one feature update before then. In addition to they the new bee mob coming, we'll also see a new building material-the honey block-that is as sticky and viscous as it is sweet.

"Compare it to Rubik's cube solving" - the world of Minecraft speedruns Improvement mostly comes from luck plus better on-the-fly routing and execution." I'd compare it to Rubik's cube speedsolving - most only care about average. Kye 'Illumina' Riddell.

Twitch streamer Annemunition left stunned after Minecraft screw-up She did have a little quip about the command system at the end though, saying that maybe making the commands more clear, or having a confirmation system, could stop players from accidentally deleting their whole inventories in the future. "Why would it be /clear," she asked.

I played Minecraft with ray tracing and now I want to die and be reincarnated inside Minecraft I've heard at least half-dozen people say stuff along the lines of: "You wouldn't believe it, but Minecraft with ray tracing is truly a sight to behold".

Minecraft's new honey blocks are somehow perfect for parkour Players have discovered the ability to wall run with honey blocks and are making even wilder challenge runs than before.

Minecraft Honey Block Guide: Ideas for builds, redstone contraptions, and more We've come up with some great ideas to take advantage of the upcoming honey block in Minecraft.

Can you summon Herobrine in Minecraft? While this never came to fruition, there are mentions of Herobrine in some of Minecraft's early changelogs. Herobrine was even featured on one of the splash screens for the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft.

PewDiePie might have accidentally killed his Minecraft dog Sven PewDiePie fans are worried.

Players are doing sweet parkour in Minecraft thanks to the new honey blocks Not really, but the game has it now anyway thanks to the new honey block - which players have discovered possesses some pretty cool wall-riding properties. Some very creative players are using the newly-introduced block to make all kinds of parkour courses - Minecraft's Edge, if you will.

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