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Why construction needs the Minecraft generation Computer games may not sound like a big part of the future for construction design, but they could be. Through Minecraft, and games like it, kids are already learning the skills they will need to excel at virtual design.

Dark Horse to Publish MINECRAFT Graphic Novels Also, while this marks the first officially-licensed original Minecraft graphic novel, the franchise itself has seen its share of success via screen-captured Minecraft comics put out by Sky Pony Press.

Dark Horse to Publish Minecraft OGN by Sfé R. Monster, Sarah Grayley, John J. Hill As the licensing wars continue to heat up, Dark Horse has announced a new partnership with Mojang AB and Microsoft to produce the first officially licensed Minecraft OGN. We can't think of a better way to target young readers with comics than by teaming up with Minecraft.

Netflix Stock Up, Minecraft Deal Intact As Partner Folds - Investor's Business Daily Netflix climbs above the mid-point in a developing base as its interactive series Minecraft: Story Mode shows the innovator expanding its boundaries.

"Minecraft" Makes the Jump to Graphic Novels "We are very excited at the prospect of bringing Minecraft to comics," Dark Horse president and founder Mike Richardson said in the Newsweek announcement. "The world of Minecraft is vast with countless stories to tell." "Minecraft Volume One" centers on Tyler, an "everyday kid" whose life is changed when his family moves to a new town.

5 Best Minecraft 1.13 Mansion Seeds You Should Try First up on our list of the best Minecraft 1.13 mansion seeds is this Flower Forest Mansion. In the mood for a mansion that you'll see directly after spawning, and surrounded by a wide range of foliage?

Telltale to close its doors In one of the more surprising pieces of news in recent memory, Telltale Games, the developer of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us series amongst other things, is to close its doors after nearly 15 years.

Netflix Will Still Release Minecraft Series Despite Telltale Closure Video game studio Telltale Games responsible for titles like The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy and the popular Minecraft Story mode has shut but Netflix has assured that the upcoming Minecraft series is still on the way.

Report: Only Minecraft And The Walking Dead Season 1 Were Profitable For Telltale, Batman Was A Huge Flop In case you missed it, yesterday, out of nowhere, Telltale Games. the team behind The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, Batman, and more. announced its closure. Details around the shuttering are still quite scarce. and much of what we do know is unofficial.

City's science museum creates Minecraft maps of Bristol A museum is encouraging people to digitally rebuild Bristol by offering free Minecraft maps of the city. We The Curious created the maps for its Minecraft workshops as part of its Festival of What If over the summer.

My PS3 Minecraft Modern Mansion Hello everyone and this will be my first Minecraft related post in literally many MONTHS. I decided to take a break from Minecraft and do some other things for a while. Anyway, a few months ago I took on the challenge of building a very modern mansion in Minecraft.

Netflix Updates Future of 'Stranger Things' and 'Minecraft: Story Mode' Following Telltale Closure Such as its projects with Netflix, which includes a Stranger Things game. wasn't made clear. That said, since news of the closing broke, Netflix has provided a statement to Variety, who reached out to the company for a comment about its partnership with the developer.

'Minecraft for Moms': How AR/VR can help decorate your home Decorating used to be a hassle. Now, new augmented and virtual reality programs are allowing you to revamp your space with the touch of a button. Marxent founder and CEO Beck Besecker shares how AR and VR are taking the legwork out of decorating.

1st Expedition: Day 7 - Arrival to Destination The location - 10578:17425 lies near the border of a jungle, a roofed forest, and a birch forest. Getting here I had to cross a large mesa, and stump through some pretty think jungle. I investigated a couple mines in the mesa, but there wasn't anything of value there, that I could find.

Latest Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks - Minecraft Steve in Roster? The latest Smash Bros Ultimate leaks suggest we'll see a lot of Minecraft content in the game. In addition to rumors of a Minecraft stage and Assist Trophy, Minecraft Steve could be in the Smash Bros Ultimate roster. Multiple leakers have suggested Minecraft Steve will be in the game.

Meath twins take home €5m for Minecraft videos on YouTube Ryan and Scott Fitzsimons hit YouTube jackpot with hugely popular channel.

Minecraft's millionaire Meath twins take home €5m YouTube Minecraft millionaires Ryan and Scott Fitzsimons have paid themselves a whopping €5 million over the past three years. The bumper payout the 27-year-old Co Meath brothers have awarded themselves comes via their enormously popular channel.

Top 5 Best Minecraft 1.13 Village Seeds Find out the hottest village seeds in Minecraft 1.13, and reap the rewards of awesome loot and thrilling exploration. Forests, deserts and oceans await.

The Minecraft New Nintendo 2DS XL Is Coming To Europe After All, Available Next Month Nintendo has officially revealed the Minecraft New Nintendo 2DS XL 'Creeper Edition' for Europe. Back in July, this luminous green beauty was confirmed for Japanese buyers alongside new Animal Crossing and Mario Kart bundles, but it was unclear whether or not the system would make it to western shores.

Minecraft is still bigger than Fortnite on YouTube "Fortnite has certainly been a massive contributor to the growth on gaming," gaming content director Ryan Wyatt says, but adds that "Minecraft is still our biggest game globally.

1st Expedition: Day 6 - Spiders… Why Couldn't it be Butterflies Day 6 was a short one because of all the work involved this time. I didn't get as close to my destination of - 10578:17425 as I thought I would today. This is because first the ruins needed to be checked. Mostly only found golden helmuts but nothing really useful, except maybe a treasure map.

Best Minecraft 1.13.1 shaders to download and install with OptiFine So of course, you're going to want the best version of Minecraft yet to also look its best. That's where shaders come in! If you want to use shaders in Minecraft, look no further than OptiFine.

Buy a Minecraft, Fortnite or Jack Black-themed Xbox and support Make-A-Wish Game developers and celebrities are coming together to help raise money for the kids' charity.

Amazing one-of-a-kind Xboxes from Ninja, Liverpool aces, Minecraft, Usain Bolt and more up for grabs Charity auction from Xbox and Make-A-Wish gives you the chance to own one-off customised machines, and help sick kids.

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