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Go big! Dress up your wall bookcase with a mural It's ideal for a wall bookcase I can fill again, now that we're here to stay. We originally selected FINNY over BILLY because it's much cheaper. That ended up being fortuitous as BILLY would have been wider than the mural panels come shipped and this idea would've been prohibitively difficult for me to execute.

I Am Thankful for My Past. I'm Just Not Moving That Direction. But the possessions we keep should represent the person we are trying to become, not the person we were. Sometimes we think we're honoring our departed loved ones by keeping their stuff, but let's ask ourselves if they would want us to be burdened by their belongings.

A Classic is Back: Eriba Touring GT is Lightweight and Affordable Anyone familiar with the classic camping trailer, the ERIBA Puck, will be happy to know that the lightweight, poptop campers are back in a big way. Photos by ERIBA and Erwin Hymer Group. Manufactured by the Erwin Hymer Group of Germany, these lightweight travel trailers are not new to the European market.

An Easter staycation This Easter, I've taken a whole week off work and it has been a real joy. It's been several months since we have been 'away, away' but I enjoy pottering around at home and taking things slowly. I would call this 'staycation' a 'slow-cation'. It's not that I haven't done anything, mind you.

Spring Minimizing Spring sprung a month ago, yet most of us are still procrastinating with the clutter that has mounted since last summer. The unopened boxes in the basement, garage, and attic. The unused clothes in the closets, dressers, and bins. The unwanted junk in the cabinets, drawers, and storage.

ESCAPE ONE XL Tiny House w/ New White Interior This is the ESCAPE ONE XL Tiny House on Wheels with the new white interior that everybody seems to love. What do you think? It totally changes things, doesn't it? As much as I love the wood look and feel I have to say I really love this white interior.

The problem with preservation: How do we save beautiful but obsolete buildings? In Baltimore and Toronto and many other cities, little gems are being lost. New housing is something that most cities are desperate for, and this project sounds like it probably fills a need:. Cities need housing and they don't need bank branches in these days when you can do almost all your banking in a phone app.

Fly Fisherman's DIY Tiny House Built with Recycled Materials Seasoned fly fisherman, Alan Peak built a simple yet very clever tiny house on wheels using recycled and reclaimed materials. He parked it on his own land, a beautiful wooded lot. It’s located in a rural neighborhood just outside a Colorado mountain town.

Hanging wall lamp from whimsy paper pendant light This hack is for the folks who don't like reading the IKEA instructions and don't need to read instructions. We made a pair of bedside hanging wall lamp from the KRUSNING paper pendant light. They took a while to do, but worth it. You'll need some tools to do this!

Affordable 213-square-foot tiny house for sale in Vermont… $35,000 This is a custom and affordable 213-square-foot tiny house on wheels for sale in Vermont for $35,000. It's built on a 16-foot tandem-axle trailer with 7.5-foot wide and 16.5-foot long interior dimensions. It could be used for living simply, running your own Airbnb, a backyard office or hobby room, or a travel trailer.

A Minimalist Easter My six year old wondered aloud what kind of gift he would get for Valentine's Day this year. I guess his friends in Kindergarten told him they get gifts from their parent's on Valentine's Day. I had to break the news that we don't celebrate Valentine's Day with big gifts.

This could be the biggest advance in toilet design in over a hundred years The Orca Helix moves up and down so that it is easy to get on and off when high, easy on the body when low. Many things have changed in the last hundred years, but one thing that has hardly changed at all is the toilet. And as we have been saying on TreeHugger for what feels like a hundred years, it's all wrong.

Off-grid 'micro-refuge' re-interprets the classic A-frame cabin Built in a way that respectfully references the iconic A-frame form, this minimalist cabin also manages to forge ahead to assert its own particular character to create a welcoming, well-lit space. perfect for enjoying the great outdoors. To see more, visit Atelier L'abri.

Australian study finds gas stoves increase rate of childhood asthma Perhaps having kids cooking with gas is not such a good idea after all. TreeHugger has noted before that there are piles of peer reviewed research showing how bad cooking with gas is for your health. Here is yet another study that looked at damp housing, gas stoves, and the burden of childhood asthma in Australia.

This BILLY celebrates with one-of-a-kind cane doors Cane furniture is definitely here to stay. I first saw Kathryn's BILLY hack with cane webbing doors on Instagram. When I reposted it, I captioned it saying we should petition IKEA to make this style of doors. Quite a few hands shot up. I'm not alone in wanting cane cabinet doors.

Easy Tofu Pad Thai Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! Need help? Check out this tutorial! Rate this recipe :. Comment:. Name. Email. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

803 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home on 2 Acres in Ashland City, Tennessee for $139,000 OBO This is an 803-square-foot small/tiny home on 2 flat acres in Ashland City, Tennessee. Asking price is $139,000 or best offer. You may recognize it as Jason's 803-square-foot barn tiny home that we featured in the past. Yes, Jason is moving on to another location so his famous little cabin is now available!

Family of three builds their own off-grid tiny house in Hawaii This family's self-built tiny house is part of a small off-grid homestead out in Maui.

The Essential Practice of Doing Nothing We all have different words for doing nothing. Some of us putter, potter or tinker. And then there is the Italian, "Dolce Far Niente" - the sweetness of doing nothing. I recently became a proud member of the Do Nothing Club. Of course, this isn't an actual club.

From old duvets to corn stalks, a look at bio-based insulations Blaine Brownell of Architect finds finds some new and interesting all-natural insulating ideas. This TreeHugger has often written about how we should be building out of sunshine, using natural materials with low upfront carbon emissions in their manufacture.

Glass buildings are killing hundreds of millions of birds every year Here is another reason to hate the Hudson Yards in New York City. It is de rigueur to be critical of the Hudson Yards project in New York City. Oliver Wainwright calls it the Horror on the Hudson, and Kriston Capps complains about its financing in Another reason to hate Hudson Yards.

Democratizing design: Hire design professionals for small apartments online with Prêt à vivre How do you make good design accessible to people with small spaces and small budgets? Le Corbusier wrote that Creation is a patient search. But many people aren't patient, and many are not creative. Many are also moving into small apartments these days, which can be hard to furnish.

Compact seaside apartment renovation is inspired by boat design Located on the second floor of an existing building that's close to the beach, La Barca Minori apartment has been redone for a family that often entertains and has family sleepovers, resulting in a design that can accommodate up to eight people.

Vintage metal cabinet created from simple IKEA chest I had the desire to create a unique product in steel. My product of choice was the MALM chest of 2 drawers. I wanted to make it look like a vintage metal cabinet, with a hint of old New York style. The project is not an easy one - the bending and cutting of the iron plates requires some practice.

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