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Sad PAX to beautiful built in wardrobe I'm in the slow process of remodeling my house and once I had all the walls and ceiling done in the main bedroom I decided to make my new PAX wardrobe look built in. As I said to a friend, it was only like 20-30€ in materials and couple days of work.

Should you ask permission to live tiny? Podcast with Sarah Hastings Instead of keeping under the reader, Sarah went public about her tiny and in the end, things did not go as she had hoped. Sarah's story is very instructive and you can learn a lot fro this discussion if you want to live legally. Ethan met Sarah Hastings at the Big Mass Tiny House Festival.

Montreal duplex is simple and elegant This is the kind of gentle density we need. It seems like only yesterday I was asking why do we make everything so complicated, and called for simplicity. Then today I see La Duette, a new home for two families in Montreal.

Stuff: A Slow-Living Deep Dive Running through this entire deep dive is also a more general discussion of how we've moved away from a 'traditional minimalist' mindset to a more 'lower waste living' philosophy, as well as some thoughts on why we don't really associate with a minimalist approach to life anymore.

Marsha's Sonoma Shanty Here are some photos of my 'tiny house' built from your Sonoma Shanty plans in the summer of 2010 just a quarter-mile from Lake Superior in Wisconsin. While my 10 acres do not have a lake, I am near enough to hear the waves on a windy day, and a mile from the local beach.

Reacting to Minimalism That's the question we will attempt to answer in our upcoming Netflix "docuspecial," Less Is Now, the follow-up to our popular documentary, Minimalism.

7 Different & Surprising Ways to Use Lime Plaster in Your Tiny House Have you ever heard of lime plaster? It dates back to the sixth century when it was used as a building and decorative material. In fact, archaeologists digging in Ain Ghazal city found statues made with lime plaster dating back to 7000 BC. That shows how durable it is.

How Connected To Nature Are You? - Episode 047 Fundamentally, humankind and nature are connected. We've built infrastructure and technologies to co-exist with nature. However, we routinely disrupt nature to exist and evolve. With such advancements, it's easy to draw a rift between yourself and our natural environment.

Decluttering Tips: 3 Teeny-Tiny Steps To Help You Get Started If you want to declutter your space but it feels overwhelming, make big change small. Here are 3 teeny-tiny decluttering tips you can use to begin to create momentum for even more decluttering. After a few weeks of practicing these teeny-tiny decluttering tips, you may feel more excited about getting rid of stuff that doesn't really matter to you.

How to turn the corner with a thin PAX wardrobe After a search on IKEA, I found out that the corner module only exists for the 50cm depth. PAX Corner wardrobe with Tyssedal doors - So, I scratched my head and read this Hackers Help Question but I did not find the answer I was looking for.

Why do we make everything so complicated? We need radical simplicity right now. The KISS principle applies to everything, including building design. On Tuesday afternoons in winter I teach sustainable design at Ryerson School of Interior Design at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Downsizing Your Home? Don't Make These 11 Mistakes Whether you've decided to eliminate debt from your life, or finally convert that school bus to be free to live that nomadic lifestyle on the road, you're now ready to downsize your home. But before you start downsizing the family home, it's important to understand that there are many potential missteps along the way.

Canyon Hideout Bungalow 1958 Airstream This is the Canyon Hideout Bungalow. It's a refurbished 1958 Airstream trailer that's been turned into a one-of-a-kind Airbnb cabin on an 80 acre property in Cortez, Colorado. It's magnificent! Take a look for yourself. Not to mention, it's resting under a 900+ year old Juniper tree, according to the Airbnb listing.

He Built his First Van Conversion with Zero Experience This is Luke's Van Conversion. He's over @Lukes_Van_Life on Instagram and started this project with zero building experience about 2 years ago by just working on his van in the evenings. After he finished the van conversion, he traveled around Europe for 3 weeks before heading home.

320-sq.-ft. Shipping Container Cottage This is the Last Stand TX Liebesnest. It's a shipping container to tiny house conversion out of Stonewall, Texas that's available on Airbnb. It's a 320-sq.-ft. shipping container turned tiny home with a sliding glass door, kitchen, bathroom, and a queen bed.

Creek Walk Tiny Home Community Near Greenville I'm sure as soon as this post goes live, the park model homes at the Creek Walk tiny home community will quickly be getting snapped up. No worries. Just keep your eyes on this new South Carolina development to have new homes and rental options in the future.

Busyness is Laziness A busy life is an unexamined life. And an unexamined life is rarely worth living. I learned this lesson many years ago when I was forced to slow down in college because of a unique course assignment. We were required to spend 1 hour per week, alone in a room with our thoughts.

FULLEN Sink Vanity Unit gets extra countertop & shelves The FULLEN + TÄLLEVIKEN sink vanity unit has no counter space and storage is rather limited inside. The goal of this hack was to provide surfaces to set items and increase storage. FULLEN sink cabinet + TÄLLEVIKEN sink combination - before. After! The extra storage looks nice and functions well.

Getting ahead with food prep Are you a "last-minute-Lucy" or someone who likes to get started with tasks early? I've typically fallen into the latter camp. When issued with an assignment at university, I'd be the first to head for the library as soon as the question was issued.

But Plants Have Feelings Too, Don't They? As you process these questions, you probably have a natural assumption that plants do or do not feel pain. Whatever your stance, it may seem pretty straightforward. As it turns out, the answer to this question can be complex. If you're vegan, you probably cringe every time someone tells you, "but, plants have feelings too".

Coming to a backyard near you: Plant Prefab accessory dwelling units With aging baby boomers and young people who can't afford housing, there's going to be a huge market for these. Before I came to TreeHugger I was in the prefab biz, and met Steve Glenn and a few other prefab pioneers at a conference in Texas.

8 rooms that love an IKEA wall mounted shoe cabinet If there's a competition for one of the most versatile storage units in IKEA, the TRONES wall mounted shoe cabinet would definitely be in the Top 3. TRONES shoe cabinet - Measuring only 20 1/2″ x 15 3/8″ with a depth of 7 1/8″, this little shoe box can literally fit in everywhere.

5 Easy Storage Ideas for Your Tiny House It’s no secret that storage and living space is limited in a tiny house. And that’s ok! You knew that going into your downsizing adventure. Some people think that owning a tiny house means you won’t have any use for storage. But you still have stuff.

Tiny House Couple Rehab A Small Home! This is the story of Brian and Sky and the small house rehab they have been working on. You may remember them from their Wandering On Wheels Tiny House. You can see how they've taken what they learned with their tiny house project, and turned it into this 1950s small house rehab.

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