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Thick Italian Vegan Hot Chocolate I love the addition of the coconut cream as it melts into the hot chocolate to give it something cooler, even creamier and refreshing. You can instead add a dollop of coconut ice cream! Oh, I'm drooling just thinking about that. If you try this recipe, let me know!

Should green homes have gas stoves and wood fireplaces? One Passive House architect gives his clients what they want. But Ingui is speaking at the Passive House Canada conference in Toronto, and says his clients would not have considered doing a Passive House design without them. But as we have noted many times on TreeHugger, there are serious problems of interior air quality when you burn gas.

Genius tiny house has a full bath and sauna With this tiny home on wheels, living with less doesn't mean abandoning pampering. A hallmark of many of the best tiny houses is ingenuity - there is a certain type of creativity and resourcefulness required to create a home of several hundred square feet that is both practical and a pleasure to live in.

Tiny House-Friendly Lots Near Hague, New York This is a listing for tiny house-friendly lots near Hague, New York which is about 4 hours away from New York City. There are currently two lots available. One for $31,000 with 1.030 acres and another for $45,000 with beautiful stream and forest views and 1+ acre.

Containing Luxury Goes to Movable Roots Tiny Home Builders This is the story of Containing Luxury heading over to visit the Movable Roots custom tiny home manufacturing center in Melbourne, Florida. In this video tour, you'll get to learn how this builder designs and builds tiny homes for their customers from the ground up.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves The stories we tell ourselves matter. And the stories we allow others to tell us about ourselves matter as well. Too often, as adults we miss this fact. Or we get so used to the same stories over and over again, we forget that we get to write our own.

IKEA desk transformed into beauty vanity with storage By installing a mirror in the background and adding some lateral lights we turned a boring writing desk into a ready-to-party big beauty vanity, full of storage. Related: Good morning makeup vanity. First, the desk. Lightly sand the surfaces of the desk you want to paint and wipe off the dust.

Happily Ewer After Tiny House Tour This is the Happily Ewer After Tiny House. It's a barn-style tiny house on wheels built on a gooseneck trailer. In this tour, you'll get to see what it's like for a family to live tiny and what a tiny house might look like while it's fully lived in by a family.

Double-Decker Bus Converted Into 3 Bedroom Cabin This is the story of a double-decker bus converted into a 3 bedroom home via the Family Freedom YouTube Channel. Don't miss other super awesome tours like this - join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! Family Freedom YouTube Channel - Double-Decker Bus Converted into 3 Bedroom Home Tour.

PodCast - Organizing A Tiny House Festival Miranda Aisling has been on the podcast before but is here to update us on an event this is upcoming. The Big Massachusetts Tiny House Festival. She explains her plans to turn an unused public building in Beverly, MA into a new community art hotel.

Modern DIY yurt has a dreamy garden bedroom An Oregon couple built this spectacular houseplant-filled yurt, and are offering a detailed online guide for free. Yurts have come a long way since their beginnings in the steppes of Central Asia. Growing up in California I saw my fair share of hippie yurts dotting the hills and meadows, but more recently, yurts seem to be growing up, style-wise.

Bring On The Tinies - Tiny House Magazine Issue 82 Not everyone is a tiny house newbie. Some of the people in this month's issue have been living their tiny lifestyles for quite some time. Our cover features Kat and Erlend's restored 30-foot Colin Archer named Glimt. The couple has been living on the water for the past four years and their journey to Berlin is quite the story.

The Powerful Practice of Living Without Living without sounds scary. It sounds like saying goodbye, like sacrifice and pain. Or at least that's what we think.

FREITAG introduces S.W.A.P - a sort of Tinder for bags I am not convinced this can work but I will give it a try. TreeHugger has long been a fan of FREITAG. Their bags are made from recycled truck tarps and seat belts and last forever. What's not to love?

Neuron EV Micro Truck with MODULAR Design This is the Neuron EV Micro Truck Concept electric vehicle. It's a multifunctional modular truck that can have a variety of purposes including the potential for motorhome and travel trailer use. I wonder what the range and efficiency of something like this would be.

Keep plants happy with this DIY self-watering planter IKEA BITTERGURKA gets subterranean irrigation tanks. I modified this planter to make it self-watering and therefore needing only occasional filling. Firstly, I lined my planter using damp-proof plastic membrane. This is maybe not essential as the steel is galvanized and powder coated.

Why You're Procrastinating To Declutter - Episode 035 Physical clutter can be incredibly overwhelming. Clutter on bench tops prevents you from getting full functionality out of your furniture. Clutter in your wardrobe creates too many decisions for you to make about what you're going to wear. And clutter in your spare room represents a long list of to-dos you need to deal with.

Turn IKEA doll beds into an adorable cat bunk bed I looked around for an explicit "how to make a cat bunk bed" post but couldn't find one, so I thought I'd make one myself. You don't have to be handy or have any special tools to do this project, just a screwdriver or drill, 2 x pre-assembled IKEA DUKTIG doll beds, 16 x wood screws, and 2 x 4″x7/8″ mending plates.

The future of food: Imaginary brands cooked up in ghost kitchens We will all be poor, fat and buried in plastic. We previously asked Will the kitchen get Ubered out of existence? We noted before that the way we eat is changing, and the design of kitchens is changing too.

Horse Trailer Turned Micro Camper by Capable Carpenter This is the story of Chris Strathy's horse trailer tiny house project brought to you thanks to Deek over at and his YouTube Channel. You can also find Chris over at The Capable Carpenter. Anyway, he bought this trailer for only $1,000 and spent approximately $10 on materials to turn it into a micro cabin on wheels.

A Tiny House Bedroom with Three Beds This is a tiny house bedroom with three beds from the NestPod Tiny House on Wheels by Jonathan Avery of Tiny Houses Scotland. What do you think? It's a pretty interesting design, isn't it? What do you think of it? Let's talk about it in the comments! You may also want to check out their other famous tiny house design called The NestHouse.

Tiny Houses Now Allowed in San Diego Backyards The high cost of living in San Diego has increased the affordable housing and homelessness crisis in the city, but a little help is on the way. The San Diego City Council's Land Use and Housing committee recently voted unanimously to allow tiny houses on wheels to be placed on properties that adhere to a list of requirements.

To Change Your Financial Circumstances, Choose Focus Remember, one small step down the right path is all you need to start heading in the right direction. This truth applies to every positive life change we desire to embrace with our lives. The journey anywhere almost always starts with one small step. As I look back over the past years of my life, I see this theme recurring over and over again:.

Custom 24-ft Tiny House w/ Amazing Interior For Sale Tiny house with an amazing interior that's available via Elkbert over at the Tiny House Marketplace out of Chattaroy, Washington for $84,000. The listing says that it's lightly used and almost brand new.

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