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Good bones are a good place to start for net zero carbon MacKimmie Complex in Calgary Ethics and environmental consciousness drove this project by DIALOG at the University of Calgary. So often when we see a new "green" building, it is on the site of some old building that got demolished. The new concrete gets poured and it takes decades for the new green building to pay back the carbon debt from making the cement.

The free Eat More Plants! cookbook A couple months ago, one of my favorite cookbook authors / bloggers came to me and asked in her Australian accent, "G'day Leo, how would you like to collaborate on a free vegan cookbook?

13ft Rustic Tiny Cabin on Wheels This is a 13ft Rustic Tiny Cabin on Wheels for sale in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was built on an old camping trailer frame that's 7′ x 13′. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks! Photos via Tiny Home Builders. Photos via Tiny Home Builders.

Custom 26ft Tiny House on Wheels For Sale in Woodstock, New York This is a custom 26ft tiny house on wheels for sale in Woodstock, New York. Step inside to find your kitchen, dining nook, living area, bathroom, and loft space. The living area features a couch that converts into a comfortable bed so you can sleep on the main floor which is really nice if you don't like confined spaces and ladders.

Multifunctional 172 sq. ft. live-work space uses nano-tech materials This small and versatile apartment in the heart of Paris uses innovative modern materials for its furniture and cabinetry. Smaller living spaces are becoming a trend over here in North America, but over in Asia and Europe, they're quite common, especially in older cities with dense, historic centres.

In this time of global warming, we now have a Global Cooling Prize Big bucks go to the teams that come up with an air conditioner that's five times as good. We have noted that as poverty decreases, air conditioning increases. In an earlier post we quoted a study that predicted that 700 million air conditioners would be added by 2030.

Acquiring Land for Your Tiny Home: What to Look for, and What to Avoid Tiny homes give people a chance to reconnect with the things that matter rather than the trappings of everyday life. Plus, it's one of the most economical decisions a person can make in the face of rising inflation and increasing home prices.

25 things on the "IKEA bring back" wish list. What's on yours? But wait, those are not the only discontinued IKEA products we wish the yellow and blue mothership will bring back. When I posted the question to readers some time ago, I received a slew of responses. I'm sure you have one or two items you hope IKEA will reissue.

Why Tiny Houses are Better for Your Health A tiny house is both a dwelling place and a tangible statement of your values. Many of those building a tiny house are doing so in order to embrace the minimalist lifestyle and construct a house that's free of chemicals. But tiny homes also have unexpected benefits, some of which stem from minimalism and sustainable building practices.

Podcast 158 - Selfcare In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua and Ryan chat with Randi Kay about self-care, and they answer the following questions:. Apple Podcasts · Spotify · Google Play · Soundcloud · MP3. Joshua and Ryan's pithy, shareable, less-than-140-character responses.

London parents crowd-fund to install living wall at school playground to suck up pollution But really, they should be dealing with the source of the problem. When Alex Johnson tipped me off about an Independent article, 'Living walls' should be installed to help most polluted schools, campaigners say I rolled my eyes.

Why It's a Terrible Idea to Put your Resolutions on Hold Here's why I stopped waiting and why it's a terrible idea to put your resolutions on hold. The future is uncertain. None of us can predict the future. Who knows what are lives are going to look like in a few months.

Triple POÄNG - The astonishing cat resistant sofa The missing link in IKEA's range. Why? Upon the success of the chairs and re-visiting IKEA, we were dismayed to find that no matching sofas were available and that led me to this IKEA hacking site where I saw the previously modified, 2-seater.

Florida development is a trifecta of solar power, size and efficiency Finally, Net Zero done right, and in a speculative development even. Net Zero energy buildings feed power into the grid when the sun is shining and draw power when it isn't. But it doesn't work when the grid gets knocked out by hurricanes, as often happens in Florida.

The Simple and Useful Beauty of the Raised Platform Several years ago I wrote a Tiny House Blog post about American River guides who live for the river season out of their tents or various vehicles. Most of the tents are located on the ground, but to literally elevate your status as a river guide, you can pitch your tent on a raised wooden platform.

Roasted Squash Arugula Salad - Minimalist Baker Recipes An incredibly flavorful fall roasted squash salad with macadamia nut cheese, crispy shallot, and balsamic reduction! A hearty side or main!

The Minimalist Home It was an exciting, motivating process to decide what to keep and what to let go. It was also confusing, exhausting, and at times incredibly frustrating. I wish I'd had this book to guide me back then.

Weight Calculations In a Tiny House: Digital Workshop ;var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict;.

How to Go Clothes Shopping The average American tosses 88 pounds of clothes each year. Yet we keep buying more when we actually need less. Pull any article of clothing from the back of your closet, the bottom of your dresser, the bin in your basement. When's the last time you wore it?

The Psychology of Appealing Brands In this article we look at the psychology of appealing brands and how they influence consumer behaviour. We also look for ways to introduce ethical brands.

Jay Shafer's Designs and Builds a $5,000 Tiny House This is Jay Shafer's latest tiny house that he built for only $5,000 in material cost. Jay Shafer is the author of The Small House Book. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks! Images Living Big In A Tiny House / YouTube. Images Living Big In A Tiny House / YouTube.

This luxurious tiny house is powered by coffee grounds Compact but comfortable, this small home features clever small space design ideas and uses coffee grounds as fuel. For many people, waking up with a good cup of coffee is a well-entrenched early morning habit. But what might not be as widespread is reusing those coffee grounds.

All about eaves: Giant wood overhanging roof keeps glass wall from overheating This is a beautiful house, but it raises a lot of questions about what "respect for the environment" means. Architect Elrond Burrell once wrote a tongue-in-cheek article, 10 things I hate about Passivhaus, in which Number One was I see Thermal Bridges Everywhere.

Easiest fish tank stand ever and DIY room separator I was wondering how to better separate the entrance from the other areas. Related: There's something fishy about this EXPEDIT. I found out from surfing on the Internet that doubling the KALLAX 2×2 shelving unit would support my aquarium.

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