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The Best Ballasting Tool For N Gauge Model Railways When using ballast spreaders the trick is to do long runs of track in one go so you run out of track before you run out of ballast - otherwise you'll have to lift the unit off the track with the scatter material still in the hopper where it falls out and goes everywhere.

Pride of Gwent: Orange or red… Well, that didn't take quite as long as I hoped, my distraction project is nearly complete but it has been good fun and something a little m…

Finishing Line In Sight The remaining construction tasks now are to fit some steps, the electrical connections at the corridor end and fit some channels under the ceiling to help hold the glazing in. After that I will deliver it to Himself - without breaching social distancing - and he can have the dubious pleasure of painting and lining it.

My Splendid Isolation: Iestyn Davies - 'I'm putting up a daily reading as the voice of Alan Bennett on Twitter' I'm also putting up a daily reading as the voice of Alan Bennett on Twitter - suggestions for readings welcome at #dailybennett. Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan's The Trip To Greece on Sky, which I've just binge-watched.

Hand clamps Stupid curved locomotive body. Those panels need to be held very firmly in place, even after many hours bathing in water to make them a little flexible. Holding the things is a nightmare. In the end, I put the PVA glue on and just sat holding the panel in place for half an hour while watching the TV.

Let there be water……part 2 One of my pet hates on model railways are buildings that float a fraction above the ground because they have been plonked in situ, not bedded in. For me, it completely destroys the illusion and I can get quite wound up about it when I see it.

Hornby Water Tower Although it seems like yesterday, it's a good 15years since I built a simple trainset for my niece, which then passed to my nephew, whose interests have only just moved onto guitars and other teenage stuff. Rather than bin the whole thing, I salvaged as much from the trainset as possible, thinking much of it could be re-used in future.

Paul's Fantastic Workbench! This paperback book is simply a celebration of the Simplex, being a collection of photos of these small yet characterful locos working around the globe.

Bashing Buildings When it comes to building I admit i tend to just get on and scratchbuld them. Part of this is due to ignorance of whats actually out there but recently I picked up a couple of Wills kits and have had a go at these instead. First up is the kit for a lamp store.

Wiring looms Time to add some wires to Polar Bear. The basic circuit is pretty simple - batteries wired to the motor via a DPDT switch which will handle direction and on/off duties. There is an added complication that a pair of giant LEDs will be fitted in the ends.

Waybills, Part 68: Eric Hiser’s excellent articles In this post, I want to call attention to a truly excellent series of articles about how railroads managed the movement of freight. They are by Eric L. Hiser, an attorney and expert on Santa Fe history.

Mollington Road: Ground work… I've made a concerted effort to stay focussed for once, and rather than head off down another layout plan, I'm going to finish Mollington R…

Little people A good friend, and a fellow Tredethy Wharf operator, offered to paint a few figures for my Gricer Train. I gratefully posted half a dozen…

Jones Tank bogie rebuild. At the February Running Day on the CDOGG layout in Carlisle my Jones Tank, which was built some time ago did not run at all well, in fact she failed to negotiate the circuit at all.

Craig's Shed So yesterday and today were probably the first of many modelling days in the shed when I am not working from home or from work over the next short period. Both my kids are now home, Uni is online and school will also be after the school holidays.

The Virtual Model Railway show A few weeks ago, I pondered what the model railway world would be like without exhibitions. Well, we are now in that world so we'll see what happens. One event that appeared very quickly was the Virtual Model Railway Show on Facebook. For 48 hours, people posted photos of their layouts to the group and others wandered around liking and commenting.

The Making of Wynyard Lane Right, let's get back to this Blogging lark. It's been a tough six months for the Heath family, what with family problems, family health issues and the passing of my dear Mother. Blogging has been the last thing on my mind. I have however, been building the odd Scalescenes model when I've had the chance.

And to buy one would be greedy… Looking in my loco bits box I saw a bell from a Minitrains F&C and it looked just right for a tram, on the roof would have been too tall so in the front window seemed a good idea. I've also given the loco some crew which along with the bell help to conceal the inevitable Minitrains flywheel.

More vehicles In the absence of Scalefour North I have finished off a few vehicles that have been lurking near my workbench for a while now. Starting with a couple for New Street. A Ford Fiesta and Range Rover from Oxford Diecast.

This is the best thing you will read about Newcastle United today Eval; This is a brilliant Newcastle United read. Here at The Mag we love to hear tales of how people got into supporting NUFC.

Saturday Film Club: A history of Lego trains After yesterday's collectables, let's have some more bricks from Denmark. This film is mesmerising if you were a Lego building child. I remember some of the sets shown in the middle of this. Mostly remembering that I wished my parents could afford to buy me some of them.

Still 'ere I recently noticed I haven't posted for a while, mainly because I haven't had the time to get some new work done. Other things have got in the way at the moment.Thanks to Chinas recent gift to the world' we all seem to be laying low. I just hope we all come out of this OK.

Chasing Rainbows Well what an extraordinary couple of weeks it has been. We joked before the Lincoln Newark exhibition that it might be the last one we went to in a while… and making the decision to miss Narrow Gauge North it turned out to be so.

Pride of Gwent in OO… Gwent Coal in Newport had an ex BR Class 03, number D2181 as their internal shunter for many years. It's distinctive red livery came to my a…

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