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Five Frugal Things - Vintage fashion modification, for one She had a green silk long-sleeved top that had a lot of irreparable damage in the armhole area, along with several previous repairs. I suggested that we just give up on the sleeves and make it a sleeveless shirt instead. It was a pretty wide shirt, so I made it a little skinnier and hemmed the sleeve openings.

The financial difficulties I face being self employed This is a paid collaboration with Fidelity. I am really blessed to be able to call blogging my full time job, but being self employed is a dream for some people. Choosing your hours, following your passion, controlling your life, it sounds great! The nature of living that vision isn't always as plain sailing as the dream itself.

Emotional Childhood Because many people feel like victims as if they are at the mercy of other people in their lives. Emotional adulthood behaviors occur when we take responsibility for how we feel and make choices for how we want to feel.

Ten budget family meals for the week before payday…. Today I'm sharing ten budget family-friendly meals which are perfect for the week before payday! I've lost count of the number of times over the years when that last week before payday has felt like it would never end!

Two small meals in one… Welcome to several new followers via here and Bloglovin. I am sorry I can't greet you by name from here as blogger no longer shows them. DB and I can no longer eat large plates of food so we eat the amount that suits us. To others, this may only be a snack.

The Weekend Edition #89 Have you had a good week? It's been a lovely weekend so far I spent the day with Alfie yesterday, just the two of us and it was so nice. I rarely get the chance to spend the day with him by myself and it was good. We did lots! Gymnastics, happy meal and then a bouncy castle place all afternoon.

Super Chilled Saturday in the Garden Today, I spent most of my time in our small city garden. I mentioned a few posts back how we're trying to give it a big overhaul this autumn. Many of the shrubs and trees had got overgrown and some were just too big for the space they occupied, mainly because I failed to prune or cut them back properly last year.

Homemade Nandos spicy rice recipe…. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Review: Eco Thrifty Living Book…. It's not often I do a book review on here but then again, it's not often that a blogger friend writes a book that could have literally been written for me. Eco Thrifty Living is written by Zoe Morrison, who writes a popular blog by the same name.

A new hobby…. I think I have been a little below par in myself for the past year or so and couldn't be bothered with much at all. Now I feel better and willing to tackle something new. My DDiL said I should look around for something to do, look into it and if its for me, to just go for it.

80's party costume ideas If you are thinking of attending a costume party that is decade specific, I have the ultimate list of 80's party costume ideas.

Three Basic Sources of Income Today I have a guest post by Maria Nedeva, who is the creator of The Money Principle where she teaches people in financial trouble how to build sustainable wealth. You can follow Maria's work on Facebook and Twitter. You have already heard about sources of income, right?

WIS, WWA - I did not blow my budget at Costco. A week's worth of meals for a family of 5 on a $150/week budget.

Frugal Friday - Five I have tried and failed to food shop only once a week. I think twice a week could be something to settle on, I always need more than one lot of greens for the bun and most of the time some extra salad.

A Buyer's Guide To Laminate Flooring If you've been reading my blog recently - or not so recently - then you'll know that we have recently had an extension done, which including making a big kitchen diner for our family it's finally finished and it is already becoming my favourite room in the house!

Essential Oil Mermaid Bath Bombs…. I'm loving sharing my little DIY projects with you lately and I've been dying to share the essential oil mermaid bath bombs with you since Miss Frugal made them a few weeks ago. Miss Frugal went through a bit of a phase where she'd spend most of her pocket money in Lush on those expensive bath bombs that they sell for anywhere between £3 and £5!

How to make Chicken and Biscuits Sonia in particular was quite enamored with this casserole, so Mr. FG and I made a pan when we got home. But I felt like the proportions weren't quite like what I remember my mom using. So I gave it a second try with some tweaks. The result was most excellent.

8 Solutions to Stress Free Party Planning This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Food Lion for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine. It seems like every month there is a big "to-do" that we have to plan for. Whether it is Easter in the Spring, the summer family holidays, or the back to back onslaught of end of the year parties, there is always a need for party prepping.

Get £17 of Free School Uniform after cashback with Matalan Back to school is approaching fast!! Get £17 of school uniform from Matalan for free after cashback with this exclusive Skint Dad reader offer. While your thoughts may have been on entertaining the kids over the summer or keeping their forever hungry tummies in check, it'll all be over before you know it.

Zoe's freshly painted gray bedroom Four out of six of my painting projects are all done. Thanks for following along with my progress. Knowing I can share my before and afters with you helps keep me motivated! Here's a whole step by step post about my method for painting a room. Comment.

Review: 9/11 Museum, New York… Visiting the 9/11 museum in New York was one of the most sobering experiences of my life and it took me a while to process the things I saw and heard in there.

Thinking Time You take care of your body. But what about your mind? Do you have a daily practice where you spend time thinking? You have over 60,000 thoughts per day. Like your house, after a few days, it gets messy and even dirty. You have to take time to clean it up.

How To Start An Emergency Fund There are so many reasons why your finances can take a hit - job loss, sickness, house repairs, car maintenance, the list is endless - and it can be difficult to know where to start if that happens. Are you prepared if something rocks your financial ship?

Old housewife trick I found this dress today in a local charity shop. I think it should be the right size for DD2 but so far she's not in the mood to try it. It was laying on top of a rummage bin of 50p clothes. I thought it might have been accidently put in there as surely it should be on a hanger somewhere with a bigger price tag.

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