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Five Frugal Things - my jeans ripped again Remember my pair of jeans that I ripped by pulling on the belt loop? Well, that repair is holding up fine, but the jeans developed a split by the bottom of the zipper. I repaired this basically the same way that I repaired the belt loop. Basically I sewed a spare piece of denim fabric underneath the rip, and then sewed up the rip.

How to effortlessly put money into your savings If you're not monitoring where your money is going regularly, you'll find your bank account running dry each month. When you actually take the time to assess your expenses, you will find it much easier to find areas and ways to put money aside, which will add up over time.

Tuesday Tip - Make a no-sew rice sock If you have some random orphan socks at your house, use them to make a microwaveable rice sock. These are so great to put on a sore muscle, and they work especially well around your neck. And you can freeze them to use for calming down an inflamed muscle.

Easy Ways to Save Money on Holiday Gifts Let's be honest: Even the best kids go a little crazy at Christmas. Frugality and giving are both learned behaviors, so if you have kiddos, consider reigning in the "me me me's!" by using the 5 Gift Christmas Challenge. Every year, your kiddos get one of the following:.

Helping our food bank this Christmas - the update…. Remember my post about the Christmas parcels we're making up for our local food bank? Well today, I thought I'd give you a bit of an update… In case you missed that post, we're basically making some Christmas hampers for local families which we hope to include everything they'll need to cook their Christmas Dinner other than the turkey.

Another mushroom based meal If you like mushrooms, this is a relatively cheap meal to make. If not, you could substitute for Quorn or other vegetables.

Life Update #21 The last time I did a Life Update post, it was the beginning of the summer holidays and lots of family time planned. That seems like a lifetime ago! Things seem to change a lot around here, though I suppose with two young children that's bound to be the case.

Money Fears Hello Family Today I am talking Money Fears right here on The Cheap Cheetah Money Show. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Awesome Inc. theme. Theme images by molotovcoketail. Powered by Blogger.

Q&A - Homeschool books, chicken broth, and high-priced drugstores Today we have one question from the mailbag and two questions from the comments on recent posts. I know not everyone reads the comments, so I thought it might be worth answering the questions here too! The two main sites I use are Amazon and eBay. Amazon is definitely a simpler place to list a book.

Why We Talked to The World About Our Crippling Debt Bottling up our money worries left us in worse debt. Having a conversation about money set us on the path to being debt free.

How Only Wearing Neutrals Makes My Life Simpler And Better I used to have this problem where I was spending so much time and energy picking out what to wear. The thing is, I reallllly like to look nice. I like clothes. I like feeling put together. I think how you dress reflects how you show up in the world. I always want to give my best.

Homemade Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce…. Today I'm sharing my version of homemade slow cooker cranberry sauce and I guarantee you're going to LOVE it. I've never been a fan of cranberry sauce really but that's not really surprising when you consider that until last December, I'd only ever tried shop bought versions of cranberry sauce!

Exam results and credit reports The second half was more subjective. I had flashbacks to exam trickery, with multiple choice questions that seemed to have three correct answers, when I'd only normally expect to choose one. The hideous prospect of getting loads wrong loomed embarrassingly large.

A new coat We have bought Ruby her first coat although not the one we initially wanted. Not for going out in, she is after all a dog and her hair will keep the worst of the weather off.

Thanksgiving Life Hacks I've answered some common questions about this food holiday, including "Where can I get a free turkey for Thanksgiving?" I hope that you find these frugal ideas helpful for saving some Thanksgiving money. I believe that the best way to get a free turkey for Thanksgiving is to use your supermarket points to do so.

Super Easy Instant Pot Apple Butter Homemade Apple Butter in just a little over an hour? Yes please! Thanks to the Instant Pot, apple butter has never been easier!:. Last week my sister-in-law came over with her two boys and while our kids played, we worked at turning two bushels of apples into homemade applesauce.

How to save money on your energy bills this Autumn / Winter plus WIN an Amazon Echo Dot! This post is an advertisement feature in collaboration with EDF Energy. As always though, all thoughts and opinions are my own! You might remember from one of my recent weekly 'five frugal things I've done this week' posts that one thing we're really trying to focus on at the moment is saving some money on our energy bills.

Think About This… Hello Family Which is easier for you making the…

12 Easy Ideas For A Sustainable Christmas Christmas - "It's the most wonderful wasteful time of the year" I've already freaked the bejaysus out of you with my 12 Not so Fun Festive Facts, so to re-dress the balance I'm countering each of those slightly scary stats with a sustainable solution.

The Beginner's Guide To A Crap Free Christmas This post could essentially be just three words long: BUY. Because it's not rocket science is it? If we want less crap in our Christmas, and in our lives, we simply need to buy less crap right? Well…yes and no. If it really was as simple as that we wouldn't need posts like this, and I've have no-one signed up to my Crap-free Christmas course.

10 thrifty ways to beat colds and flu Having a cold or the flu can actually cost you quite a bit of money, especially when it comes to dosing up on painkillers, decongestants and tissues. Here are 10 thrifty ways to beat colds and flus. When you are ill it is really important to let your body rest.

What I Spent, What We Ate - $65.50 I started out with a $25 Hungry Harvest box. Next, I made a $22 Aldi trip, a $6.11 stop at Food Lion, and a $12.50 trip to Costco. So, I'm only at $65.50 for the week. Yay for mostly eating things from the fridge / freezer! We had kind of a fend for yourself night, and then we roasted marshmallows over the fire.

The Reverse Food Advent Challenge 2018 Last year, the UK money bloggers grouped together and decided to do a challenge called the reverse food advent challenge. The idea behind this is so straight forward. A normal advent calendar gives you something every morning. Normally chocolate, though there are so adult ones now containing fancy body stuff, or even gin!

12 reasons why a spending diary will change your life My number one tip for managing your money? Keep a spending diary. If money is super tight, or you're just not sure where you cash disappears - write it all down. Every quick coffee, sandwich, magazine, tiny treat, pester present or donation. Big bills, small purchases - bung it down.

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