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20 Fantastic Blimps, Balloons, And Dirigibles In Movies For viewers like that, perhaps a blimp, balloon, or dirigible is more their speed. Though they don't receive as much love from film-makers as their cousin the plane, blimps, balloons, and dirigibles do deserve love for their appearances in movies…

10 Worst Fox Marvel Movies It wasn't until 20th Century Fox took a chance on the original X-Men that the tide really turned, ushering in a comic book movie boom that has brought us to where we are today.

Hanks calls Toy Story 4 'one of the best movies ever'. Is he right? In this round-up, our reviewers look at a handful of movies released this week, from Hollywood blockbusters to foreign, local and sometimes obscure films that deserve some of the spotlight. Which ones are worth the cost of a ticket?

What's on TV Wednesday: 'Yellowstone' and an Obscure Claire Denis Film Yellowstone” returns for a second season on Paramount Network. And a rare Claire Denis movie streams on the free site Le Cinéma Club.

The Best War/Military Movies On Netflix Right Now Related: The Best Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix Right Now. Run Time: 121 min - IMDb: 7/10. Chris Pine goes full-on Braveheart in this historical action epic about Scottish nobleman Robert the Bruce, who led a rebellion against England.

Max Landis Accusations True, Says ’Chronicle’ Director Josh Trank On Tuesday, The Daily Beast published an article in which eight separate women accused Max Landis, the screenwriter of American Ultra and Bright, of abusive behavior, including rape.

A towering achievement of a film, full of horrific secrets Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's Never Look Away is an exceptional German war film and a worthy follow-up to The Lives of Others.

Kathleen Turner movies: 15 greatest films ranked from worst to best She would receive her second Tony nomination in 2005 for her take on the classic role of Martha on a revival of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf." Tour our photo gallery above featuring Turner's 15 greatest film performances, ranked from worst to best. Your email address will not be published.

Ep. 522 - Men In Black: International Devindra explains the difference between Hotel Mumbai and The Wedding Guest. Jeff praises Fleabag season 2 as a work of genius. The cast plus Lindsey Romain, staff writer at Nerdist, to review Men In Black: International. Check out Jeff Cannata's new D&D show Dungeon Run.

Dwayne Johnson Says Black Adam Is As Strong As Superman It's been nearly five full years since Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was confirmed to be playing Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe, but following the success of Shazam!, it looks like the Black Adam movie is finally taking some significant steps forward.

Superhero Bits: Arrowverse Return Dates, MTV Movie & TV Awards Love Marvel & More When do all the Arrowverse shows return this fall? Which superhero movies won MTV Movie and TV Awards? How did Adam Savage build an Iron Man suit that actually flies? What Spider-Man related thing is Marvel Comics counting down to? Which Marvel hero would Ray Fisher like to play in the MCU?

Rodney Dangerfield's 'Back to School' is Getting Turned into a Reality TV Show Instead of remaking the classic 1986 comedy starring Rodney Dangerfield, MGM is working on a Back to School reality series that sounds pretty lame.

Beats Review Beats is an entertaining watch that is most effective in sharing its message about how poisonous fear can be - but it's also scattered in the execution of its vision. On the empty streets of Chicago's South Side, two teens walk home. A gun fires.

Mrs. Maisel’ Meets ‘Goodfellas’: How Steadicams and Dance Moves Bring Dialogue to Life We were really left alone and we got to really sort of hone in and develop our style of storytelling and rhythm, but we never had a dime." Subscribe via Apple Podcasts to the Filmmaker Toolkit Podcast. With "The Marvelous Mrs.

Black Panther's Vibranium Vs. Wolverine's Adamantium: Which Is The Strongest Material? Adamantium, which is the more power metal? Which is more indestructible? What would happen if the two most powerful metals in the universe were used by their heroes against each other? There are some slight differences between the comic universe and the MCU, so we'll highlight that a little bit as well.

Adam Sandler's Murder Mystery is Netflix's biggest weekend film ever The Sandler - and Jennifer Aniston-starring comedy has been a big success, Netflix tells us.

Cheesy 80s Movies We Love: Club Paradise Any movie in which you see the pilot jumping out of the plane once it's landed and being so grateful that he kisses the ground is bound to be a hilarious good time or a depressing tragedy that's bound to make you glad that it's just a movie.

There Was Almost a 'Spider-Man' Horror Movie in the 1980s Because back in the 1980s, there was almost a Spider-Man horror movie directed by none other than Texas Chain Saw Massacre filmmaker Tobe Hooper. Would you be up for a Spider-Man horror movie? I certainly would, but then again, I'm a weirdo. Alas, I'll have to daydream about what could've been.

Andy lays the blame on Chucky in new clip from the Child's play reboot Andy lays the blame on Chucky in a new clip from the upcoming Child's Play reboot.

5 Lord Of The Rings Movie Facts You Probably Don't Know The Lord Of The Rings trilogy is one of the greatest franchises ever, largely in part to their attention to detail while creating the fictional world of Middle-Earth. These are 5 behind-the-scenes facts you probably didn't know about the film.

Here's Your Weekly Roundup of New Movies The Dead Don't Die is, on the surface, a zombie movie with the type of cast-Murray, Driver, Swinton, Sevigny, Waits, Buscemi, RZA-only a director with Jim Jarmusch's cache of indie cool could even dream of rounding up.

Joker Director Tells Angry Fan To Skip The Film Joker director Todd Phillips had some unconventional advice for a fan who was unhappy about the upcoming film's R-rating.

Time For Yet Another 'Amityville Horror' Movie, Because People Love Stories About Long Island There's a new Amityville Horror movie headed our way - Amityville 1974, which will serve as a kind of prequel for the original Amityville Horror. Of course, 1982's Amityville II: The Possession was also a prequel, but I guess we can just pretend that didn't happen.

Boy George Wants Sophie Turner To Play Him In A Biopic, And She's Down The Game of Thrones actress is ready to camouflage into this '80s pop star.

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