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Kevin Durant, New York City 'match made not in heaven,' Michael Wilbon says "I think Kevin Durant and New York City are a match made not in heaven," Wilbon said on First Take on Friday morning. "It's OK, Kevin is a fairly thin-skinned guy. You can be that. But do you function best in New York? Look, Kyrie grew up in metropolitan New York, he understands the mood, the tenor, the volume.

David Stern weighs in on whether James Dolan's antics will impact Knicks in NBA free agency Instead, the neophyte was in the team's practice facility taking jumpers around midnight before he became legal for his first drink. He was preparing for his birthday game against the Bulls at The Garden, where he posted a double-double with 14 points and 10 rebounds.

New York Knicks: Being 'hated' is on David Fizdale's mind The Knicks have remained in the spotlight for some basketball and non-basketball situations that received the limelight and drew reactions, but if they sign someone of Durant or Irving's caliber in free agency, they can receive that "hated" sense for a legitimate basketball situation that helps them thrive.

Disastrous Phil Jackson trade could lead to Frank Ntilikina draft night deal However, that 31st pick was traded a long time ago - at the end of Jackson's first training camp as Knicks president. In a deal made nearly five years ago that now stings, Jackson traded away Travis Outlaw's contract to the Sixers for the contract of Arnett Moultrie's.

Knicks president adds fuel to fire surrounding Kevin Durant's free agency Durant will undoubtedly be the big fish the Knicks chase this offseason if given the chance, but with Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler and Kemba Walker also hitting the market, the Knicks will potentially have the ability to pair Durant with another superstar, most likely Irving if everything goes their way.

The case for keeping Frank Ntilikina They might also downplay his defensive acumen and note the Knicks are reportedly planning to shop Frank. On that first point, they aren't wrong. In season two, Ntilikina was essentially the same player, statistically, as he was in season one, only he played in 35 less games due to a combination of injuries and DNPs.

The 76ers Dash the Evolving Nets' Dream Sometime in the third quarter, as the Philadelphia 76ers rained down 3-pointers like mortar shots and Ben Simmons, a giant point guard possessed of preternatural passing ability and a bricklayer's touch, carved through the Nets, a thought occurred:. This was not the playoff homecoming of the Nets' dreams.

New York Knicks: 2020 free agents to wait for if 2019 offseason fails The New York Knicks have approximately $70 million in cap space to spend in 2019 free agency, and this arrived after the January Kristaps Porzingis trade cleared the future salaries of Tim Hardaway Junior and Courtney Lee. Waiving and stretching Joakim Noah in October helped the cause.

New York Knicks free agency: Don't say boo to signing Kemba Walker Kemba Walker is a great fit in New York. If the Knicks can convince him to leave Charlotte, it would be a bigger win than it seems.

New York Knicks: Top 2019 NBA Draft target at each position as of April 19 As the New York Knicks continue the process for the 2019 NBA Draft, who are the best players at each position? The NBA has mostly trended away from positio…

What might Steve Mills and the confident Knicks know about… The Knicks are hinting at big plans this summer despite their usual dysfunction as a franchise.

Knicks Fans Dream of Durant and Irving. Will Dolan Be the Nightmare? And so it must be asked: Will Dolan, the unpredictable and imperious owner of the team, find a way to mess it all up? Based on his two-decade history as owner, there is reason to wonder. For the second time in five years, the Knicks won only 17 games, a franchise low.

Lakers News: Kevin Durant, LeBron James' Reps Sat at Warriors, Clippers Game 3 Maverick Carter and Rich Kleiman sat at the Game 3 NBA Playoffs game between the Warriors and Clippers. Heavy's Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson reports.

Warriors' Kevin Durant, Knicks Future Depends on Zion Williamson Says Forbes Is that going to help me do my job better? Naw, man. I didn't feel like talking." Durant concluded his presser by stating: "I just don't trust none of y'all. Every time I say something, it gets twisted up and thrown out. So many different publications try to tear me down with my words that I say.

Carmelo Anthony Rebukes NBA Never Stops Instagram Page for Dissing Him "I don't know if they remember how good of a player he was and still is," Blake Griffin told Basketball Society Online during the regular season. "Sometimes it's the situation. It sucks to see as a basketball player to see people act he is something he is not." "He's a great player," New York Knicks captain, Lance Thomas told me in December.

New York Knicks: Jay Williams questions Zion Williamson's fit due to owner From one Duke star to another, Jay Williams does not want the New York Knicks to land Zion Williamson in the 2019 NBA Draft. The idea of Zion Williamson to…

New York Knicks: Interview with former VP Jonathan Supranowitz In a front office in New York City. Jonathan Supranowitz, the Vice President of Public Relations for the New York Knicks, prepares for another packed day full of interviews and constant media attention. After a long flight back to NYC from a road game, Jonathan is getting ready for a home game later in the day.

David Fizdale wants to crank the Knicks hatred this summer Once we get this thing right, everyone's going to hate us because it's New York. They already hate us anyway. When we get our talent pool together it will be very nice to get booed again.'' While Mills, Perry and owner James Dolan will take the blame if things don't work out, Fizdale is their best asset as far as salesmanship.

Zion Williamson helps with Duke-related gender reveal Zion Williamson can do it all. The presumptive first pick in the NBA draft helped out a friend with a Duke-related gender reveal.

David Fizdale 'Can't Wait' To Be Hated However, for the most part, no one hates the Knicks because they've been irrelevant for so long. If the summer goes according to plan, the Knicks will be hated. Team president Steve Mills and general manager Scott Perry have their sights set on major free agents.

Carmelo Anthony Helped Knicks Teammate Become 'Better Defender' A long forward, Anthony is the epitome of today's game, honestly. He can score. "I don't know if they remember how good of a player he was and still is," Blake Griffin told Basketball Society Online during the regular season. "Sometimes it's the situation.

Kevin Durant Leaving Warriors? Knicks, Clippers Among Free Agent Suitors Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant could be heading out of town in NBA free agency and we broke down top potential landing spots.

New York Knicks are comfortable with all 2019 NBA Draft scenarios The New York Knicks front office expressed confidence with any draft position they garner in the 2019 selection show. The draft will soon arrive and provid…

Why former Duke star Jay Williams doesn't want to see Zion Williamson with Knicks But not everyone wants to see Zion in Madison Square Garden. Former Duke star and current ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Williams is one of them, and he gave his reasoning to TMZ. "I live in New York City, so obviously everybody wants the answer to be New York," Williams said.

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