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Famitsu review scores This week's Famitsu review scores are as follows:. Doraemon Story of Seasons - 8/9/8/9. Gato Roboto - 8/8/8/9. Home Sweet Home - 7/7/8/8. La-Mulana 2 - 7/8/8/7. Radirgy Swag - 7/7/7/7. Samurai Shodown - 8/8/8/7. To All of Mankind - 6/6/6/6.

The Sonic Anniversary Nintendo eShop Sale Is Now Live NBA 2K19 Is On Sale For $3 On The North American Switch eShop. 95 percent off the retail price can't be bad, right? Review: Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda - A Beat-Based Wonder. Striking a chord. Bethesda Might Have More Surprises For Nintendo Switch Owners In The Future.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page E3 2019 footage IGN has shared some footage from Lost Words: Beyond the Page, which was recorded at E3 2019. Get a look at the gameplay below.

Apex Legends Dragons Spotted: Can you Shoot The Dragons? Game Life: 'Apex Legends is getting ready for Season 2 and we cannot wait to see what they have for us. But players are already reporting flying Dragons in the sky. The question is, can you shoot them dragons? Let's take a closer look at what is going on.'

'Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy Of The Duelist: Link Evolution' Hands-On Impressions - Electric Bento Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution recaptures the magic of not just the anime, but also the TCG battles that the series is known for.

The Perfect Echo Fighters for Piranha Plant, Joker & The Hero From Link-Cable writes: 'Now since we started that series what exactly is an Echo Fighter has been more fleshed out and we don’t really think our choices make that much sense anymore. Still though, this was a fun series to run and you guys seemed to enjoy it so we’ll be bringing it back for the DLC characters that are being added to the game!

Smash Bros. Ultimate's Cape-Themed Spirit Board Event Starts Later This Week This week's spirit board event is all about caped-themed spirits. Expect to see Wario's alter-ego, Ghirahim from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and many other classic video game characters who wear capes. This event starts on Friday and runs for the entire weekend.

May 2019 NPD: Mortal Kombat Reigns as King, Days Gone, Total War and Rage 2 Follow The May 2019 NPD results are in, with Mortal Kombat 11 and Days Gone keeping the #1 and #2 spots respectively. Mortal Kombat 11 is now the bestselling game of the year. The Nintendo Switch was the bestselling console of the month and is the bestselling console of the year so far.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Has Some Fantastic Co-Op - Hands-On - GLITCHED GLITCHED writes: 'We went hands-on with Wolfenstein Youngblood and loved every moment of its co-op, action-filled gameplay mixed with its great gunplay.'

Citizens of Space makes first contact with Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC Neil writes: 'Earth is missing, split into numerous pieces and scattered across the galaxy, and in order to save the planet as we know it, it has to be put back together, piece by piece. Are you ready for the task? Are you ready to recruit the Citizens of Space?'

5 Things Little Friends: Dogs & Cats gets right about, well, dogs and cats When playing through a pet simulation, people might wonder exactly how accurate the experience is. Does the game show off the downsides and messy parts of pet ownership? Does it have moments where someone who has owned a dog or cat will realize it rings true?

Sonic Anniversary Sale Now Live On Nintendo Switch, 3DS And Wii U It’s almost Sonic the Hedgehog’s birthday, which happens to fall on June 23, and Sega is celebrating with another sale featuring the world’s most popular blue hedgehog. Until June 24, numerou…

Pre-orders discounted for Super Mario Maker 2 and Dragon Quest Builders 2 on Switch Amazon has discounted the physical Switch versions of Super Mario Maker 2 and Dragon Quest Builders 2 to $51.99 each for Prime members.

Smash Bros. Ultimate hosting "Talk to the Cape!" Spirit Board event this week Nintendo has announced the latest Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board event. This week, the theme is "Talk to the Cape!" in which characters donning capes will be appearing. Players who defeat them will receive more gold than usual. The latest Smash Bros.

Japanese Man Arrested With Wario Drugs A 27 year-old man has been arrested in Tokushima having been found with 50 MDMA/ecstacy tablets in his possession, most of them shaped like Wario. As Asahi report, it's the third time this year the man, Satoshi Kishimoto, has been caught with narcotics, the other two being for dried cannabis and LSD.

Retro Studios Is Seeking An Art Director For Metroid Prime 4 Texas-based developer Retro Studios has tweeted a job listing for Metroid Prime 4. This minor update on the project follows on from April when the company posted multiple job listings on its official Nintendo careers webpage.

Rumor: Chinese accessories maker says it has Switch Mini products in the pipeline HonSon Group currently offers accessories for Switch as well as numerous other platforms. Interestingly, the Chinese company now appears to be claiming that it has products on the way for a Switch Mini.

Rumor: A Chinese Gaming Company Says That They're Releasing Switch Mini Accessories E3 2019, as Nintendo promised, came and went without any hardware announcements. However, the Nintendo Switch Mini rumor mill is still going strongly. A gaming company that is in China informed a Twitter user that they will be releasing accessories for the Switch Mini, including carry bags, screen protectors and more.

I played Ultimate Alliance 3 solo and it's a lot better than co-op Surprisingly, this was a more enjoyable experience! Here's our initial reaction to our hands-on time with the game. For more videos like this, go subscribe to the Nintendo Enthusiast YouTube channel. Let's jump in!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Takes A Closer Look At The Mechanics In New Videos With the advent of new information on Fire Emblem: Three Houses during E3, the official site was also updated with new videos that show off many of the game's new mechanics in action. Check them out below:. Gambits. Empire Cavalry Knights.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Dragon Quest Hero Reveal Trailer Analysis Ultimate - Dragon Quest Hero Reveal Trailer Analysis.

Giant Bomb Quick Look - Cadence of Hyrule Giant Bomb Quick Look - Cadence of Hyrule.

Modder Builds The Only Smash Controller You'll Ever Need There's a lot of buttons in Smash, but really, there's an argument that you only need one. Especially if you main with the spam-tastic Ness or Simon. Insert Controller Here built this controller to feature only two things: an input for a nunchuk, so you can actually move around, and a single giant button.

How many Nintendo mobile games have you actually played? That's what got us at Nintendo Enthusiast wondering something about our audience: How many of the Nintendo mobile games have you actually played? The truth is that even we don't play a ton of these mobile games. I personally have only played Miitomo and Super Mario Run to date.

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