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This Dutch Shop Uses Origami to Make Room-Stopping Statement Lamps Despite the unfortunate name, Etsy isn't all popsicle-stick sculptures and kitten sweaters. Enter: Debunking Etsy, a column profiling all the wonderfully talented craftsmen and women who use the site to peddle well-built, hard-wearing and handsome goods for your home and person.

Modular 6 Pointed Origami Star Box by Robin Glynn Designer: Robin Glynn Video Tutorial by Sara Adams Folder and Photo: @OrigamiKids Complexity: Intermediate. Time to fold 40 min. 15 steps by module. To build this box you'll need 12 sheets of paper. You can use multiple colors to make a beautiful box.

Origami in the Garden Origami in the Garden tells the story of this art form through a traveling collection of metal sculptures displayed outdoors in public gardens and museums. Each sculpture is inspired by a blank piece of paper that has been transformed into museum quality metal and tells the story of creativity and the art of making something out of nothing.

Jumbo Korean patterned paper review Another paper review from Nick.

Origami Sitting Cat by Taichiro Hasegawa Origami Sitting Cat by Taichiro Hasegawa Photographer and Folder: Origami Kids Difficulty level: Easy. Time to fold 15 min. Two square origami Black and White piece of paper about 20cm x 20cm. Diagrams in Double-Sided Origami By Taichiro Hasegawa Pages 47-48.

Cat Fever Origami Cat Pendant Follow Tampa and his crew on Instagram @tampa.bay.pup.report while Melissa can always be found working on the next issue of Catster and Dogster magazines at caster.com and dogster.com. Editor's note: This article originally appeared in Catster magazine.

DIY Origami Paper Fish This weekend we've been making fish… deliciously curvy and fluid origami paper fish to be precise, that seem to leap and spin in the air, especially when hung in colourful shoals… Then I got more adventurous and made a larger sculptural koi from wafer-thin marbled paper ;.

Origami Butterfly It takes a while, but it is really worthy. First of all, I want to thank all the people who are following the blog. Designed by Yoshio Tsuda Folded by Mariela Recinos TUTORIAL:… This is another challenge for you my dear Origami Makers. I hope you are patient enough to do it.

MGP Scooter - MGP VX6 Origami Limited Edition Not used a huge amount, super smooth movement. A bit of scratching from grinds etc. Dialed and ready to ride/take to the skatepark and do tricks.

Washi Congratulations to Selena Dixon from Dallas for winning last week's giveaway. Thanks to everyone else for participating! Happy Father's Day! Both of my kiddos are traveling home this weekend, and I reminded them to bring home a little something for their pop.

A play exploring human relationships as complex as the art of origami Playwright Rajiv Joseph's Animals Out of Paper, about three sensitive, lonely people and their anxious efforts to relate to each other, is a discerning, fine-spun drama. The play takes you on a dramatic expedition into the lives of three characters as complex as the Japanese art of origami-in these lives, emotions explode one fold at a time.

Happy Dragon Boat Festival! Duanwu Jie, or Dragon Boat Festival as it's commonly called in English, is a traditional holiday that originated in China and falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar. There are many traditions and legends associated with the holiday which I have come to better understand.

The Icebook. Origami Animation Video "The IceBook" is the story of a princess who lures a boy into the forest in order to warm her heart of ice. Paper, light and shadows are combined to form a theater production called 'The Icebook,' which takes audiences through fantastical visual stories.

Review: Hybrid form of performance art unfolds in 'Origami' at Three Rivers Arts Festival Hence this bright red container that housed but a single human, in this instance a fearless woman who embraced the slowly moving parts beneath her. You might call it a hybrid form of performing art.

Origami Rectangular Box Divider Tutorial - 3 Kinds Learn how to fold 3 types of dividers for a rectangular box or tray. Make a divider with 4, 6 or 14 sections! No glue required. This divider is designed to fit inside the Long Origami Tray that I previously posted. Click here to make that first. I've been away, sorry it's been such a long time since I posted a video.

Archdemon, Belial, & Dessert Demon Here's another origami Dragon Quest monster. Nearly all of Dragon Quest's monsters are designed by Akira Toriyama, the guy who did Dragonball. I thought now would be a good time for another DQ monster, Archdemon, with the E3 having DQXI on Switch and the Hero from DQ games coming to smash.

Framed Origami - Art - Gumtree Australia Brisbane South West - Corinda - 1220899506 Handmade origami cranes, 3D frame under glass 34 x 34 x 35cm Pick up only, 1220899506.

Origami Lotus ADVERTISE OUR ADVERTISERS CONTACT US ABOUT US Newsletter Sign-up « Guided Eco-Cruise Through the "Jewel of the Meadowlands" The Lotus flower is regarded as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. Make your own lotus and enjoy the beauty it will bring into your life.

Father's Day origami shirt-and-tie card "It is possible, Lollo, that we can't find a nice card for Father's Day?" Instead, on the shelves we found the most colourful and decorated cards for… Mother's Day! "Huh??" Then we realized… We found out that in the UK Mother's Day is in March, not in May as in Italy, and that Father's Day is in June, not in March as in Italy!!!

We Let Honu Rest I developed this project in response to a continuing problem in Hawaii: visitors touching and harassing Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, a threatened species. I wanted to create something that airlines could give their passengers en route to Hawaii.

How I Set The Guinness World Record How I Set The Guinness World Record Most people do not think they can set a world record. I know. I used to think that way, too. I started making paper airplanes just for the fun of it when I was about seven years old. Over the years, I improved my planes and eventually landed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

How this man learned to make origami with his mouth A man in China with cerebral palsy who has learned to support his family by folding origami with his mouth became an online sensation. Now he's revealed more about his struggle to acquire the skill. Watch the video above. This story originally appeared on Inkstone, a daily multimedia digest of China-focused news and features.

Origami Millennium Falcon by Shu Sugamata This Video Tutorial will shou you how to fold the Origami Millennium Falcon designed by Shu Sugamata Video by: Tadashi Mori Difficult: Intermediate. Paper: Tissue Foil or Foil Paper.

Art Therapy Monday Summer Double Decker Infusion Extravaganza Session 2: Art Journal in Teeny Tiny Books-I am Thankful Today we are combining sessions 46: Art Journal-I am Thankful, and 134: Teeny Tiny Books. We are making a pocket size book of things we are thankful for, so you can take it wherever you go to write in, or to read and remind you of the lovely little things that are good in your life.

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