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Easy Origami Baby Elephant. Easyphant by Enrique Martinez Easy Origami Baby Elephant. Easyphant by Enrique Martinez Easyphant Designer: Enrique Martinez Folder and Photo: @Origami_Kids. Learn how to make an Easy Origami Baby Elephant. This simple origami Elephant is very easy to fold. One distinctive feature of this model is that you can learn easily what the folding technique of outside reverse-fold is.

Girl Punched In Paper Airplane Flap Police arrested a 16-year-old female Southington High School student after she allegedly punched a 15-year-old girl on a school bus. At around 2:51 p.m. Friday, police got a call reporting that someone was assaulted while riding the bus on Mill Street.

Watermarks at Penland Congratulations to the winner of the Giveaway. Susie Hettleman is the lucky recipient of a mould and deckle set from Share Studios! I spent this past week at The Penland School in North Carolina. It is a magical place I first visited in 1993.

Origami Cat by Akira Yoshizawa Origami Cat by Akira Yoshizawa Designer: Akira Yoshizawa Folder and Photo: @OrigamiKids Complexity: Intermediate. Time to fold 30 min. 21 steps: 10 step for the head and 11 steps or the body Folded from two classic Uncut square origami black and white paper for head and black paper for the body, about 30 cm x 30 cm.

Library hosts origami masters teaching craft Both LaFosse and Alexander spoke about how international origami has become, with LaFosse talking about how he used to send people origami animals for other folders to reverse-engineer, and Alexander speaking on the influence Japan's Akira Yoshizawa had on the art.

YWP: Origami City "Oh, wouldn't it be pretty, down in Origami City…" writes Monkton-based Maddie Donaldson, this week's featured poet. It's within only three or four lines that a distinctly soothing, lilting quality is felt in the work and begins to delineate a lullaby dreamscape.

Cat by Jun Maekawa Cat by Jun Maekawa Designer: Jun Maekawa Folder and Photo: @Origami_Kids Difficulty level: Intermediate Time to fold 60 min. 29 steps. Folded from a one classic Single Uncut square origami paper, about 15cm x 15 cm. Diagrams on Fun Origami World By Makoto Yamaguchi pages 123-125.

Tenafly Chabad Academy Students Create Origami Shofars First through fourth students in Morah Batya’s art elective created Origami shofars in preparation for Rosh Hashanah. Each week students will continue to learn more about Origami, the Japanese art of paperfolding….

Throwing Your Paper Airplane Everyone wants to test their paper airplane at some point. After all, the reason we build them is to fly them. And every airplane that has ever been built has had some testing done on it to make sure that it flies properly. But have you ever put any thought into how your throw your airplanes?

KitKat's new paper wrapper turns waste into origami The new paper packaging, which can be folded into a crane, is part of Nestle’s campaign to reduce plastic waste.

Bus driver uses origami to help students build relationships on the road David Busse knows the name of every student who rides his bus. "Hi, Cameron! How are you today?" he asked as students climbed aboard for the ride home from Heritage Elementary on Sept. 26. He also knows something about each of them. "Joe there loves to write books," Busse said, as Joe proudly held up one of his recent stories.

Kitty Cat by Martha Mitchen How to Make the Origami Kitty Cat by Martha Mitchen. Designer: Martha Mitchen Folder and Photo: Origami-Kids. Diagrams in Friend of the Origami Center of America. Convention book 1991 Folded from a square of origami paper black and white. How to make: Diagram here.

Shape-Shifting Origami Surface Yields Dynamically Tunable RF Filter Typically, these FSS structures are fabricated on a thin substrate sheet with an arrangement that can provide bandpass or band-reject characteristics, but with fixed tuning.). This may seem an obvious idea based on a simple concept, but creative thinking and innovation is needed to implement it.

HKFP Lens: Human chain, origami and 'Lennon Wall' post-its at Hong Kong solidarity demo in New York Around 200 people gathered at New York's Washington Square Park on Sunday in solidarity with the Hong Kong protest movement. The crowd sang protest songs, created a colourful post-it "Lennon Wall" message board, folded origami "freenix" birds and formed a human chain.

Origami Risk Taps Bennett, Bentley to Lead New Operating Units in Chicago Chicago-based Origami Risk, a risk and insurance Software as a Service technology firm, has formed two new operating divisions - Risk Solutions and Core Solutions - and appointed Earne Bentley and Christopher Bennett to lead the divisions.

Fearless Outdoor Flying The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor flying is the weather. Obviously rain and darkness are enemies of the outdoor paper airplane pilot. But wind can be a good friend. It can carry your plane a long distance and keep it in the air for a long time.

Good Paper Airplane - The Blackbird The Blackbird plane is a simple and good to fold paper airplane. It uses basic folding techniques employed throughout the rest of this origami-blog. To be successful, follow the steps shown on the video carefully and precisely.

The Paper Year is Here! I'm delighted to introduce you to Stephanie Hare of Share Studios in Philadelphia on Paper Talk! Stephanie has generously donated one of her cool magnetic moulds and deckles for a GIVEAWAY! Click here to read more about this slick mould and deckle and to put your name in the hat!

Origami Paper Christmas Gift Set - 100 Sheets, 15cm Square - Collection One Ten unique patterns inspired by Christmas. 100 sheets with a patterned front and white reverse. 150mm precision square, 80gsm weight. Environmentally friendly vegetable inks, FSC certified paper. Beautiful and innovative hand-folded spiral Origami gift box.

Origami Housing / Waechter Architecture A multi-family development in Northeast Portland, Origami builds on Waechter Architecture's previous single-family work, while introducing a new dilemma of scale. Taking up the street front of one full city block, the project required Waechter Architecture to find balance between the individual and the whole.

Bat Winged Heart by Riki Saito Bat Winged Heart by Riki Saito Happy Halloween everybody! Another Origami Halloween Model. This Bat Winged Heart is a great gift for Halloween, also it will make great Halloween decorations! Designer: Riki Saito Folder and Photo: @Origami_Kids Complexity: Intermediate.

Genital origami at The Swan PUPPETRY of the Penis is billed as "a non-sexual show" that does contain "full frontal male nudity". And the performers and the audience will both be tied in knots at The Swan Theatre, Worcester, to celebrate the show's 20th Anniversary and its "Greatest Bits Tour".

Baked Origami This is my first attempt at a Haiku poem. The idea came to me in the early morning when working a bakery shift, where I was folding bread bags for the organic bread. They…

Four-bar Origami vertex This thick origami vertex uses 4-Bar linkages, called “Designed-Offset Linkages”, to allow thick materials to be folded like origami.

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