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Experiencer Claims Multiple Brief Pregnancies Alien abduction, alien hybrids, non-terrestrial impregnation, alien DNA, eyewitness account, experiencers, alien technology, mind control,.

My Foray Into Film Industry Life takes the strangest twists and turns. And then you survey the paths and realize that they branch from the same tree. In fact, there is a saying that there are no obstacles in your path, the obstacles ARE the path. So very true!

5 Things You Didn't Know About America's Haunted Plantations This is a guest contribution from Vanessa Bermudez. Learn more about her in the About the Contributor section below. There are plenty of haunted hot spots throughout the United States, but some locations have a deeper history that expands beyond their paranormal instances.

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Watch: Eerie Figure Spotted by Security Camera A creepy piece of security camera footage from a home in upstate New York shows some kind of figure running outside a house and then seemingly vanishing into thin air.

A Casket 300 Feet Long The bills were reported to be called the Moore Purple Cross bill or the Wolcott Purple Cross bill and entitled "A bill to render possible the return of the bodies of our soldier dead to their home burial grounds in a sanitary and recognizable condition.".

Project Blue Beam pt3 I'm only posting predictions coming true to prove my point.

Graveyard VS Cemetery I know that I generally use the word 'Cemetery' when it comes to the place we put people to rest. We often however hear the phrase Graveyard and attribute it to the same thing. Apparently they are slightly different. So what is the difference?

Giant Space Vegetables In 2006, the Chinese sent thousands of seeds into space by satellite. After they germinated, they chose the best seeds to breed.

The Hollywood/CA Fire They Think Covering Up Thier Crimes. They're Wrong. Something doesn't feel right now does it? I named most these people too. In all these posts. You thought I was nuts. I think Hollywood is trying to cover their tracks. They're trying to cover up their sins. They think they can burn it all down but they don't realize it's already too late.

Bigfoot Harassed Me For 15 Days Bigfoot, eyewitness account, hiking, oregon, Cascades, sasquatch, strange activity, unexplained encounter, unknown creature.

Review "Krampus Origins" I admit, I adore the concept of Krampus and the legendary figure. I was stoked to hear about the release of "Krampus Origins." I was even more pleased to be asked to attend the cast and crew viewing at Sun Studios of Arizona. : Krampus Origins released by Uncork'd Entertainment.

Mysterious Unidentified Creature Injures 12 in Indian Village Those "sea monsters" were clearly just giant squid, or Greenland sharks, or blue whales, or any number of impossibly large, impossibly strange, and impossibly intelligent animals that live in the water. The difference between a monster and an animal is actually pretty simple.

NASA Shares Photo of Crashed 'Flying Saucer From Outer Space' A NASA website devoted to sharing exceptional space pictures recently posted an amazing image of what they called "a flying saucer from outer space" that had crash-landed on Earth. Unfortunately for UFO enthusiasts, the photo was not an official declaration of an ET reality and, instead, was more of a clever turn of phrase by the space agency.

Conversations with a Paranormal Investigator… Rick from Australian Paranormal Society Hello there, my name is Rick Krab. I'm a psychic medium who works with the Australian Paranormal Society in varied ways, helping to run public and private Investigations, house cleansings, world wide education and advising on spiritual and paranormal matters.

Men in Black: Are They Really The Good Guys? Having read all of my various books on the Men in Black phenomenon, her question went roughly like this: "Is it possible that the Men in Black are really the good guys, protecting us from the UFO phenomenon?" It's a thought-provoking scenario and one that does, admittedly, pop up occasionally.

Deo, Non Fortuna - Dion Fortune, Psychic Warfare and the Magical Battle of Britain The 21st century for all of its scientific propensity rivals past civilizations in the widespread and popular acceptance of what is commonly called occultism.

Ancient Curses and the Lost City of the Monkey God One such place is a legendary lost city entombed within one of the wildest places left on earth, and which holds both ancient mysteries, a mysterious history, and ancient curses. Carpeting roughly 20,000 square miles of the Central American countries of Honduras and Nicaragua is a vast sea of green called the rain forest of La Mosquitia.

'Ghost moons' discovered in orbit around Earth Astronomers in Hungary say they've detected a pair of what some call "ghost moons" orbiting our planet not far from the moon we all know. The hazy clouds of dust - tens of thousands of miles across but too faint to be seen with the naked eye - were first detected almost 60 years ago by a Polish astronomer, Kazimierz Kordylewski.

A Different Perspective Just when you thought there would be no more to say about the symbol that Lonnie Zamora saw on the landed UFO near Socorro, New Mexico, a…

Mysterious Out Of Place, Anamolous, and Just Plain Weird Historical Objects From out of place artifacts that should not exist, to strange objects that defy understanding, to just plain weird discoveries, here is a selection of strange historical oddities that have been found over the years. Many such strange discoveries take the form of ancient artifacts that have turned up in places where they have no business being.

Blog Entry Saturday: Photographing Winter Cemeteries Cemeteries are thoughtful, respectful, and solemn memorials to all the lovely lives that have inhabited this planet at various points in time. There is no better time to photograph such a quiet and still location as the cold and barren wintertime. Here's some tips - SNOW: This is a great setting for the stillness of a cemetery.

Camouflaged Creatures Theoretical Morphology and Physiology of the Sasquatch Eye by Karl Sup: My Favorite Arizona book about ghosts, outlaws, weird things and more!

Possible Skinwalker Encounter Skinwalker, Diné Navajo, reservation, eyewitness account, unknown creature, unexplained activity, bizarre encounter, witchcraft, shapeshifter,.

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