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Paranormal Investigator Lorraine Warren Dead at 92 She was a respected paranormal investigator, along with her late husband Edward Warren Miney. Together, they were quite the team. Their life experiences, were the inspiration for a number of paranormal films as well, including The Conjuring, The Nun and Annabelle.

Conjuring Sasquatch: When Lorraine Warren Met Bigfoot Famed ghost-chasers Ed and Lorraine Warren are best-known for their terrifying cases involving demonic dolls named Annabelle and assisting in the Enfield Poltergeist case, but there's one strange tale you won't ever see in The Conjuring films: the time Lorraine met Bigfoot.

Mysterious "Bermuda Triangle of Britain" is Killing Motor Vehicles A car park in England is being called "The Bermuda Triangle of Britain" after dozens of motorists found their electronic key fobs no longer worked and they were locked out of their vehicles.

The Most Credible UFO Sightings and Encounters in Modern History, According to Research Over the years hundreds of witnesses have come forward claiming to have some connection with the Roswell UFO sighting. Roswell Daily Record. Location: Roswell, New Mexico July 1947. Hundreds of witnesses have come forward claiming to have some connection with the Roswell UFO sighting.

Mysterious Demon Gators and Crocodilian Cryptids of North America Among these mystery monsters are the various strange creatures that seem to be very much crocodilian in nature, and which may be undiscovered species or even something more mysterious altogether. One of the most enduring and well-known cases of mysterious alligator cryptids are the stories of alligators roaming New York City's sewer systems.

Grand Canyon Mummies: The Story of the Momia de la Cueva Researcher Dennis Guern and I have worked on this series about the Grand Canyon mummies with the hopes of weeding out the details of the 1909 newspaper article about the find and seeing if any of the components are feasible.

Woman Snaps Photograph Of Hellhound In The Shadows While visiting a frequent haunt of hers, a woman named Stephanie Smith was out taking photos of different 19th century architecture in the Roundhay Park area, located in Yorkshire. Little did she soon realize, that she captured something rather unusual with her camera.

Visiting the GHOSTS OF THE GRAND CANYON with Author Brian-James Martinez on After Hours AM/America's Most Haunted Radio - America's Most Haunted On After Hours AM/America's Most Haunted Radio we investigate paranormal activity with Ghosts of the Grand Canyon author Brian-James Martinez.

Reuniting Ghost Hunters for a New Show "Ghost Nation" Travel Channel has done some fun things like reviving Josh Gates and the new "Expedition Unknown" and the prior "Destination Truth" series that are so beloved. Then, they think about rehashing something that died a natural death - ghost hunters shows and their hosts.

Texas woman shocked by strange lights in the sky: Video A woman wants answers after recording a triangle of lights that formed and then disappeared over San Antonio. SAN ANTONIO, Texas - A woman wants answers after recording some strange lights over San Antonio. New video into the ABC13 newsroom shows three lights forming a triangle in the sky.

Neolithic dog reveals tales behind Orkney's monuments It was reconstructed by a forensic artist - using techniques similar to those by crime scene investigators - from one of 24 dog skulls that were excavated by archaeologists in Cuween Hill, a delicate passage tomb on Orkney's Mainland, and which have been radiocarbon-dated to 2,500BC.

Of bunyips and other beasts: Living memories of long-extinct creatures in art and stories On many continents during the last ice age, typically from about 50,000 to 12,000 years ago, species of megafauna that had lived there for hundreds of thousands of years became extinct. Comparatively abruptly, it appears, in most instances. Either climate change and/or humans caused these megafaunal extinctions.

Apparent Bigfoot Episode on the Tippecanoe River in Indiana Bigfoot, eyewitness account, indiana, multiple witnesses, sasquatch, unexplained activity, unknown creature.

One Foot in Both Worlds: A Real-Life Case If you ever wonder about people who walk both worlds simultaneously, one world wins. Near-Death experiencers come back to tell the tales.But some remain tied to the other side so strongly that it gives them signs their fait accompli involves returning to the eternal realm permanently.

ALIEN WEAPONRY - The Band Every New Zealander Should Support They deserve New Zealands full support. What an incredibly inspiring band these babies are. I'm so proud of them. Kai Tangata: Alien Weaponry.

Pick a Pin Contest Winners and the Case of the Mysterious Boo Bucket Well, using the green screen was easy. It was editing the background that held me up. I used to do it every week when I made the Haunted Headlines videos, but that's been a minute. There was a learning curve to navigate again. I wasn't expecting to have already forgotten so much.

Inspecting Killer Cop Gerard Schaefer with Dr. Clarissa Cole on After Hours AM/The Criminal Code - America's Most Haunted The elder Schaefers stayed in Wisconsin until 1960 when they moved the entire family to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was at around this time, when Gerard Schaefer, Junior was an early adolescent, that the troubles began.

Unidentified Humanoid Creature Crawls Underneath Ukraine Bridge Whatever it may well be, it isn't human. The video seems to show a humanoid type creature scaling along the bridge. One man decided to film this quite bizarre encounter. What is seen is something extraordinary. After the camera pans over towards a bridge, something appears to be climbing across the bottom using four different limbs.

From AAWSAP to AATIP - Alejandro Rojas on Patreon Image: Luis Elizondo at the SCU AAPC conference March 15, 2019. On Dec. 2017, the New York Times published a story about a secretive UFO program ran out of the Pentagon. The project the NYT referred to was the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

The Mysterious Moon Children of Panama Here is a postcard picture perfect island paradise of sunny skies, pristine wilderness, crystal clear waters, and white sand beaches, which has become a haven for ecotourism.

'Glimmer Man' Chases Deer in Kentucky Cloaking, eyewitness accounts, glimmer man, predator, strange encounter, unexplained manifestations, unknown being, weird experience.

Residual VS Intelligent Haunting How do you tell the difference? Intelligent hauntings are the kind that most investigators want to be dealing with. When we say intelligent, it is not referring to the IQ of the spirit you are communicating with. I am sure that they were smart in their life but this is a different kind of intelligent haunting.

Ghost Investigating 101: Isolation Sessions I'm honored to work with intelligent, skeptical, organized, and open-minded researchers. Our team, Arizona Paranormal Research, is efficient, critical, inventive, and responsive. Our focus is understanding the how's and why's of ghosts.

May the Fourth Be With…Bigfoot? May the Fourth is Star Wars Day, and it appears the Force - er, FOURTH - is strong with Bigfoot. Here are two Bigfoot events happening on May 4th.

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