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"Manifest" NBC's New Scifi Drama Premieres Tonight! NBC's newest drama "Manifest," after a turbulent, but routine flight from Jamaica to NYC, the passengers and crew discover the world has aged five years, yet no time has passed for them, and soon a deeper mystery unfolds.

Loch Ness Monster An interesting image from Loch Ness was published by the Sun newspaper today purporting to show the Loch Ness Monster in its single hump aspect taken by a Dipak Ram from Manchester last week.

"To the Stars" Downgrades Debris from "Extraterrestrial Metamaterials" to "Potential UFO Material," Warns Investigation Could Go "Nowhere" This week, To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science posted a new YouTube video teasing their investigation of debris that they used to claim had alien origins but are now much less sure about….

My Japan Prophecy Coming True This is huge for mankind. Or should I say personal pronoun kind.

Ghost Hunting Theories - 10 Year Anniversary and Winner Announcement! Ten years ago I started Ghost Hunting Theories and I named it this because my idea at the time was to share all mysteries or "ghosts" of the universe and all kinds of new ways of looking at them, to make people curious, to question, to participate in finding answers.

Back From the Grave I'd like to share my favorite prop shop - Back From the Grave!Back From the Grave also just started a new YouTube channel - LINK TO CHANNEL Be sure to subscribe and then click on the bell shape so you get notifications by email when they post new items.

The Paranerd Show Session 5 Debunking Videos and Cleansing Energy Watch me teach my students Nicki and Riya how to cleanse houses and energy using a bell and pendulum and also watch me debunk some famous YouTube videos including African Boy Attacked By Ghost and Baby in Crib. I have a screen share thing going on so you see what my students see as I teach them.

Don Monroe Case Files: Massey Man Hand? Don Monroe let me access some casts recently and one cast caught my eye right away. It was taken from the same cave as the Massey Man sighting / photo. It is a second take of a casting, so some definition is lost. Below is a photo of the first casting which captured it quite nicely and the unusual proportions.

The ghost frequency The Ghost Frequency was born. Any sort of paranormal experience had by a person while this frequency is emitting would need to be thrown out. In fact there are quite a lot of studies that have been done testing the effects of this and other frequencies on the human body.

The Baader-Meinhof phenonmenon All of a sudden everywhere I looked, I saw the same car. It was like they suddenly came out of hiding. Is it that there was a sudden influx of Clio's driving around or was it that I was just starting to notice it. This is the basic idea of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.

Dozen of Birds Rain Down from the Sky in Canada A bizarre incident in British Columbia, Canada saw dozens of birds inexplicably fall from the sky in an unsettling scene which left onlookers horrified. The strangeness reportedly took place in the town of Tsawwassen late last week near a ferry terminal.

Here's What A Sinister Looking Giant Black Pyramid Is Doing At An Abandoned Military Base It is a burial site of sorts, but you won't find mummies of dead pharaohs and their treasures there.

When Sailors from Ancient Egypt Discovered the World is Not Flat, No One Listened The first ship to sail around Africa left from Egypt sometime around 600 BC. Their only goal was to find another way to the straits of Gibraltar. But by watching the sky overhead, they discovered something they'd never expected: the first hints that the world is not flat, but round.

Unconscious bias and the paranormal Arm yourself with knowledge. Education is the key. Inform yourself of ALL of the possibilities. Look at things from a natural perspective, from a spiritual perspective, from a religious perspective, from a scientific perspective and everything else in-between.

Blog Post Saturday: Autumnforest In 2008, the year I started Ghost Hunting Theories blog, I got a tattoo. A symbol. My one and only symbol - an autumn leaf. Online I was known as Autumnforest. There is much about the season that is my heart and soul.The leaf: Chosen because I come from a strong family with viking and highlander blood.

I Did See You Coming I Just Didn't Know It Was You Your such a dishonourable person Patrick even Spirit don't like you. They gave me plenty of warning. I just didn't know who was gonna be the deception. They even went to my loved ones in dreams to warn them someone dishonest or deceptive was gonna fuck me over.

How Hurt My Heart: If you can live with yourself then good luck with that. You and I both know the truth. I'll fight you every step of the way my friend. But I'm gonna fight you with nothing but love and light.

Haunted Headlines: September 17-19, 2018 A cursed Post Malone and buzz about "The Hunt for the Skinwalker" are the biggest stories making Haunted Headlines for Septemnber 17-19, 2018.

The Paranerd Show Training Session 5 22nd September 2018 Tune in tomorrow where I'll be showing the girls how to do a cleansing with their Pendulums. And debunking some Paranormal videos on YouTube. Last week's so was taken down because the broadcast was unwatchable due to a bad connection. I'm sorry to anyone who wanted to see the readings but we will try again next time.

Win 10,000 Euros by Demonstrating a Super-Power The prize is offered by The Society for the Scientific Investigation of Para-Sciences, a group of German physicists, biologists and psychologists at the University of Würzburg, in Würzburg, Germany, who have a standing offer of 10,000 Euros to anyone who can demonstrate any such abilities under their controlled laboratory conditions.

Watch: 'Bigfoot' Stars in Political Ad In an amusing combination of the paranormal and politics, a Congressional candidate in Minnesota has released a rather clever commercial that stars Bigfoot. Produced by the campaign of Democrat Dean Phillips, the odd ad takes aim at his opponent, GOP incumbent Erik Paulsen, in the race for Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District seat.

Mysterious Russian UFO Crater May Be Solved It was first thought to be a meteorite crater… but it acts mysteriously like a UFO crater… and it's in Siberia where locals fear it and some believe it could be the result of a neutron star drilling completely through the planet. So, what IS it?

The Big Seances Patrick Keller Just Stole My Brand Name Patrick Keller it has come to my attention that having been a follower of mine for many years and being a guest on my first show you decided to help yourself to my Paranerd logo. I've used that word for over 4yrs and now I have to get legal advice.

'They' Use Me Through My Dreams Alien abduction, dreams, experiencers, unknown entities, unexplained events, eyewitness account, alien technology, hybrids,.

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