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Paris In Flames As Predicted. BUT!!!!! How does it spread to London? Because what I saw starts in Paris and ends in London. We shall see I guess.

Outdoor Thrills and Chills This Summer! Sometimes, the biggest scares outdoors involve chills and thrills of the daredevil variety.There are some pretty inventive ways to get your scare on. Let's look at some places with insane challenges.

They Are Real Crypto Conference: Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum Sometimes, I get so frustrated where I am at this point that I can't free myself up to go to every event that I desire. This is one event, I will try to move heaven and earth to attend.They Are Real Conference, Oct. 1-2, 2018 The Mt. Blanco Museum is one you really need to check out, deep in the heart of Texas!

Strange Things Below London? The U.K.'s famous London Underground serves commuters traveling throughout Greater London, as well as select parts of Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and Essex. It can also claim the title of the world's oldest underground system of its type, given that it opened up for business on January 10, 1863.

'Ghost Stories' the Movie Warns "Be Careful What You Believe In" Ghost Stories is a British horror movie that premiered in the U.K. in 2017. It was limited released in the U.S. in Spring 2018. It's set for streaming and DVD consumption on September 4, 2018. I learned about it after I saw an article on that the Ghost Stories trailer had been released.

Spooky Ozarks The Ozark Mountains are some of the most beautiful locations in America, but they are also much like the Appalachian Chain - subject to the comings and goings of people for hundreds of years, leaving often times urban legends and abandoned places.

Welcome to the NEW 'Arcane Radio' You understand that all Content posted on, transmitted through, or linked from the Phantoms and Monsters Site, are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such Content originated. You are responsible for all Content that you post, email or otherwise make available via the Phantoms and Monsters Site.

Haunted Headlines: June 28-July 13, 2018 Welcome back to a regularly scheduled weekly edition of Haunted Headlines. Well, somewhat regularly scheduled. I normally like to try and date them from Friday to Friday. I had intended to make this one from July 6 to July 13. Or at the very least an abbreviated version from July 9 to July 13.

The Spirit of Mary Surratt Mary Surratt innocent or guilty? She owned the boarding house where Booth and the other conspirators met. It was said that President Johnson refused clemency because she "kept the nest that hatched the egg." Mrs. Surratt's son, John H.

Forbidden Histories: Why Everything You Knew About the History of Science and Magic Might Be Wrong If you've found those topics of interest, then I encourage you to check out Forbidden Histories, a website created by Doctor Andreas Sommer, a historian working on the interrelations of the sciences and magic.

Spooky Millennials: Crystal Grids Are Pretty. Is That's It? My name is Hayley, and I am a Millennial. I was born in 1987, I grew up a 90's child, and like a large majority of my Millennial peers, I am a godless heathen.

Emotional Connections You ask them what is wrong? They cant explain it. They feel sadness grief and may even shed physically tears. All they can tell you is that it is not their grief. It is like they are picking it up from someone else. Same goes where someone suddenly feels intense anger.

Ghost of a Chance! is Launched! I'm pleased to announce my new book Ghost of a Chance is now up for sale by NewLink Publishing. You can also find it at online stores. This first in a paranormal romance series. In Ghost of a Chance, psychic Isabeau "Beau" Fraser is thrilled when herbillionaire client hires her and her friends to investigate the unexplained.

20.02 - MU Podcast Joshua Cutchin joins us this week to discuss his new research from 'Thieves in the Night', exploring the folklore connections to the phenomena of alien abductions and mysterious disappearances. In our Plus+ extension we look at the occult concept of Egregores, the powerful thoughtform entities that influence human destiny.

Just how meaningful is coincidence, beyond the statistics? – Cody Delistraty - Aeon Essays Bernard Beitman, a psychiatrist in Virginia and the author of the bestselling Connecting with Coincidence: The New Science for Using Synchronicity and Serendipity in Your Life, believes that meaningful coincidences both exist and can be proven. One story he likes to tell about coincidence is extremely personal.

The Greatest 'Unusual Articles' From Wikipedia I should warn you, you're about to waste a lot of time learning useless trivia. Wikipedia contributors have compiled a list of "unusual articles"-really just articles about unusual things-and the list alone is over 27,000 words long. We've collected over eighty of our favorites.

Scooby Doo Has Evolved But Has Never Been As Good As… We don't send newsletters often. They're reserved for special events and occasions. But if you want in on subscriber-only giveaways, bonus entries, book release news, etc., here's where you can join our mailing list. Writers wanted. Click here for more info.

Blog Entry Saturday: UFO Watching Tips As I live in a state that has a LOT of UFO sightings and I myself have seen many unexplained flying objects in the sky, I thought I'd share some tips on doing a summertime UFO watch.I like to think that watching the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" could get a group ready for the evening.

Montalegre: The Spookiest Place to Spend Friday the 13th? Well, turns out Montalegre is located in northern Portugal, near the border with Spain, and it is the place to celebrate Friday the 13th. Or Sexta 13 as they call it. Celebrate? Say what? Yes. They throw a big ol' party.

Whatever Happened to The Thirteen Club? So what was the Thirteen Club? It started in the 1880s as a social supper club with only 13 members. HJ's own contributing writer, Lesia Schnur, wrote about the Thirteenth Club on her site, The Haunted Librarian, for the first Friday the 13th of 2018.

"Fear ye, oh fear ye" - A Look at Some Friday the 13th Trivia I found a great post on People about Friday the 13th trivia. It started off with the line: "Fear ye, oh fear ye, it's Friday the 13th.". Anyway, it shared nine pieces of Friday the 13th trivia. None of which completely cleared up the mystery of why there's so much superstition surrounding the date.

Julian Assange: "If Trump Doesn't Stop Clinton We Will" I know exactly what he's going to do. Trump while I trust him, still has me with one raised eyebrow. But I have said before the decision to expose the elites to the masses won't be Trump's decision. Someone else makes the decision for him.

Don Monroe Case Files: Bigfoot Braiding Obsession? From the files of one of my favorite researchers, Don Monroe, another interesting find to discuss - Bigfoots' obsession with braiding. For decades, Don Monroe has tracked and documented horse mane braiding on the full moon at ranches all over the west.

10 Of The Most Baffling Historical Finds Ever Discovered Behind every historical artifact at a museum, there's a perfectly normal and rational explanation as to how and why it came to be. Yet, every so often, something is discovered that leaves scientists and historians utterly baffled, to the point of dedicating years of their lives trying to shed light on its origins.

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