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You don't have to fake it till you make it! In fact don't! Deliberate acts of deception have been around for centuries and are not going anywhere. So where does this leave those of us who take pride in what we do?

The Empire State Building's Dark History "He is much better off without me… I wouldn't make a good wife for anybody". : The Empire State Building is personally my favorite building in America, the most beloved to me; more so than the White House, Washington Monument or any other significantly recognizable structure.

Poltergeist Terrorizes Man Among His Pets The video dates back to Jan 16, 2008 and has been seen 2.3 million times. Using his camera, a man wanders around his home in search of a strange disturbance. Notably, his pet dog "Feebie" seems to be really scared, the dog can be seen crawling under the bed clearly shaken up over something there with them.

What Would Happen if Someone Ever Really Did Find Sasquatch Remains? - Mysterious Universe What should a person do in the unlikely event that they stumbled across the remains of a "beast" that was officially unknown to science, but which was more human than any other animal?

No E.T. Life Yet? It barely got a mention in the media, but in June the U.S. Navy briefed members of Congress on UFOs.

The Texanist: Are the Marfa Lights Overrated? Q: During a recent trip to West Texas I was invited to a private ranch that was advertised to me as "the best place to watch the Marfa Lights." I went, and we definitely saw something. The host told us that we were really lucky to see such a great display of the lights, but I'll admit I was kind of underwhelmed.

"What IS that?!"-Notes on perceiving the anomalous Sequoyah Kennedy over at Mysterious Universe brings to our attention a sighting of a "dancing fireball" over Northhampton, England. Aside from the startling strangeness of the sighting itself, the reaction of one witness, Luke Pawsey, 20, is no less thought-provoking:.

Storm Area 51 T-Shirts Going to the Storm Area 51 event? Got your T-shirt yet? Whether you're going or not, here's some fun shirts to celebrate the spirit of the event.

Bigfoot Along The Shenango River Bigfoot, sasquatch, Pennsylvania, Shenango River, eyewitness account, unexplained activity, unknown creature, cryptid,.

The Ghost Hunters Who Started It All are Returning to Their Roots in "Ghost Nation" Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango return in a new show called "Ghost Nation," which premieres Friday, October 11 on Travel Channel.

How To Make A Variety of Halloween Ghosts It's that time of year again when you start thinking of the spooky season. My birthday is in mid September and my gift to myself is to decorate for Halloween. There is plenty of time for planning and for crafts, construction, and plotting out your designs.

Are Secret Alien Locations Being Hidden On Google Earth? Some wonder whether or not the wall or in this case pixels, are being pulled over our eyes. A conspiracy about Google Earth is, everything controversial is being removed or blocked out. Whether or not this is actually true, is mere hearsay. However, it does make you wonder.

Wendigo Attack in the Utah Mountains Wendigo, Utah, physical attack, injury, eyewitness account, unknown creature, unexplained encounter, bizarre entity, fleshgait, scary encounter, PTSD.

The Men in Black are really bad at their jobs A new approach to UFOlogy. Serious when it's warranted; tongue-in-cheek when seriousness fails.

A Poltergeist in Sanyati, Zimbabwe Ground central for anyone looking for current active poltergeist cases has to be Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe media is awash with reports of the supernatural; ghosts, hauntings, witchcraft and spiritual possession. In 2017 as part of a trip to Zimbabwe, I contacted Dr Sophia Chirongoma of Midlands University, Gweru.

Something Big and Mysterious Just Went Down at Area 51 As the hype surrounding the controversial and misguided "Storm Area 51" event continues to grow, the off-limits and extremely classified Air Force testing ground appears to have held a massive test of some kind this past weekend.

On Our Relentless Quest for Bigfoot The rocks started to fall as the last tinges of sunset disappeared from the horizon. Or what sounded like rocks. We didn't see the several objects that landed in succession with a clean but heavy ker-plunk into the small lake right beside us.

Tiny Horrors Told by Cole is Instagram at its creepiest Case in point: Tiny Horrors Told by Cole. Or how I refer to the account now, "Why the hell can't I do that… huh @talesbycole, why?" Here's the thing though, don't go in expecting massive explosions and huge effects. Because this isn't that. Tales by Coles is deft.

Seven Scariest Things While Staying Aboard the Queen Mary The Queen Mary is famous for its alleged paranormal activity, but did you know there are things perhaps even scarier than the ghosts? At least to me. Here's the seven things I found scariest while spending the night aboard the Queen Mary. Actually the price isn't that bad.

About 10% Of People Have Had An Out-Of-Body Experience It seems like a high number but 1 out of every 10 people have reported having an out of body experience. Another statistic reports 25% of everyone had some kind of out of body type experience. Either way, that is a lot of experiences. People who have undergone this type of moment, often tell tales of leaving their actual body.

5 Zombie novels that are different and unique August 14, 2019, 3:32 pm. Reply Retweet Like. August 13, 2019, 2:42 pm. Reply Retweet Like. August 12, 2019, 5:34 pm. Reply Retweet Like. August 14, 2019, 3:32 pm. Reply Retweet Like. Username or Email Address. Password.

Jeffrey Epstein and When to Take Conspiracies Seriously Most conspiracy theories are false. But often some of the things they're trying to explain are real.

Kary Mullis, Inventor of the PCR Technique, Dies Simpson's legal defense, and formed a company that sold jewelry embedded with celebrities' DNA. Mullis was born in North Carolina in 1944 and earned a chemistry degree from Georgia Tech and a PhD in biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.

Strange Cases of People Who Vanished Into Thin Air in the Wilderness At times there have been those people who have stepped off into these wilds to never come back, seemingly simply erased from existence and often leaving strange clues in their wake. Is there something mysterious lurking within the forests and wild places of our world looking to claim those who would dare to venture into them?

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