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Thunderbird / Pterodactyl Sightings: Colorado, Texas & Mississippi 3 different sighting reports involving huge Thunderbird and Pterodactyl / Pterosaur creatures in Colorado, Texas and Mississippi “In 2008,…

The Russian Politician UFO Abductee Who Thinks Aliens Invented Chess One of these is the chess-playing Russian Federation president who not only claims to have been abducted by aliens, but that they invented the game he loves most. Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov is not a name many people will probably be familiar with, but he has had a rather impressive and colorful career.

Melting Swiss Glacier Reveals Link Between the Killing of Thomas Becket and Lead Pollution Well, yes… if you're referring to blaming King Henry II for the severe lead poisoning cases of his reign and afterward. This new correlation of king-to-lead also occurred in 1193, the year Richard the Lionheart was jailed in Germany by Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI and lead mining increased to pay his ransom.

ABANDONED ISLANDS WEEK: St. Kilda, Scotland Today, let's visit an island that belongs to a beautiful country and a beautiful people - Hirta, St. Kilda, ScotlandThis isolated island was always inhabited, by no more than 180 people usually, and in 1930, it was emptied out. Today, the only people to go there are researchers and scientists.

Internet Radio Show The Midnight Society Debuts Check back for my updates. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Follow.

'Marjorie Johnson, Shaman of Suburbia' by Simon Young The story of Marjorie Johnson is fascinating. Her primary legacy is the book Seeing Fairies, but, as recounted here, her interactions with the faeries took many paths and she may legitimately be seen as a mystic, and perhaps even a modern shaman, albeit a very unusual one.

Recent 'Bigfoot Sightings' Turn Out to Be Social Distancing PSA Some Bigfoot evidence is just too good to be true. A seemingly great batch appeared in Oklahoma on March 30, 2020, when the Tulsa River Parks Authority shared a group of images on their Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area Facebook page. "Over the weekend, we received dozens of calls and messages reporting a 'sighting' at Turkey," they wrote.

ABANDONED ISLANDS WEEK: Adak, Alaska Today launches the abandoned island-themed week on GHT! Enjoy these creepy sites left for the ocean and seagulls to claim.

We Should Message Extraterrestrial Civilizations, Not Just Listen for Them The collaboration means that Breakthrough Listen will now have specific directions in which to listen and look both for extraterrestrial signals, signs of intelligent life and technosignatures-signs of advanced technology.

Why physicists still don't know what reality is Quantum mechanics accurately predicts the outcomes of measurements, but we don't know what to say about particles when we're not looking at them; all we know for sure is that our common sense gets it wrong. So, the interpretation of quantum mechanics remains a topic of speculation, controversy, equivocation, or indifference.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research Recently, the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science filed updated documents with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. As well as providing financial information and an update on the activities of its entertainment division, there was news about other company divisions.

Student From London Shares Photograph Of Strange Looking Humanoid While a 20-year-old college student was outdoors for a nature hike, they managed to capture a bizarre looking figure. Oscar C. said he and his friend weren't alone. Something was with them that day while in the woods. You never know what you might come across, while out in a remote location.

Emotional investment Sometimes we become emotionally attached to an experience, evidence, history and even a location. How can this impact us during an investigation? How can we use this to our advantage? When you first start investigating the paranormal, it feels like a bit of a drug.

ABANDONED ISLANDS WEEK: Hashima Island, Japan In this week's series of abandoned islands, we will see places from around the world. Here's our island for today - : Hashima Island, JapanFrom 1887 until 1974, the island of Hashima Island in Japan was used for mining coal.

Abandoned Islands Week! Starting tomorrow, seven days of abandoned islands here on GHT blog! Creepy locations from around the world will be covered! Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Sharon Day is a researcher, author, working in oil and gas industry equipment sales, equity investing and promoting of disruptive technologies.

Indian Woman Arrested for Using 'Sorcery' to Cure Covid-19 She was arrested by the local police on Thursday after being caught performing "sorcery" in an attempt to cure Covid-19, otherwise known as coronavirus. A report in The Hindu says the native of Cheranalloor was arrested from her residence following a complaint.

James Forrestal: Murder or Suicide? A Long-Lasting Mystery Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, died. Specifically at 1:50 a.m. As will quickly become apparent, the circumstances surrounding Forrestal's final hours are swamped in controversy.

Mystery Creature Sparks Panic in India Residents of several villages in India are on edge following a series of strange incidents that are being blamed on a mystery creature. The weirdness has reportedly been unfolding in approximately five neighboring communities in the district of Thrissur.

5 Ft Tall 'Amphibian' Biped Encountered in Mystic Caverns, Arkansas A masonry contractor encounters a 5 ft tall bipedal 'amphibian' while working in the Mystic Caverns in Arkansas Hello - I want to thank yo…

LLIFS: Online Zener card testing & community forum I am very excited to launch an online Zener card testing platform. This is my inspiration and motivation behind it as well as the grand plans for the large database I hope to build.

A Gothic Unboxing with the Horror Hostess of HorrorAddicts.net Talking HorrorAddicts.net's new season with its Horror Hostess Emerian Rich while she unboxes a Ghoulish Goodies mystery box.

Tall Alien Confronts Witness Walking to Work An experiencer retells his encounter with a tall alien entity while walking to work "Hi Lon: I was on my way to work when I heard some rus…

Chaddesden barman tells of seeing UFO known as 'The Black Knight' A Chaddesden barman has opened up publicly about his UFO experience - describing the time he believes he witnessed a phenomenon dubbed "The Black Knight". Zayell Gillespie was with two friends when he saw a dark prism shape emerge from the night sky and move towards them.

When Bigfoot Gets Artistic - Or Doesn't Other scenarios are more intriguing: it has been speculated that, perhaps, the teepees represent territorial markers, created by Bigfoot creatures to alert others of their kind that they are present in the area.

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