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Rolling Panda: Not a successful parenting strategy, but my reality anyway. I think I would be better likened to an animal that has to hold back tears following any slight directed toward my kids. Whatever animal needs some added time to process the event over and over while sitting on a couch, that's me! Or the one that periodically returns to the memory while driving and then bursts into tears.

The weekend with a 14-year-old: A dramedy in three parts / moods There's nothing that brings people closer than a road trip. I'm glad we had this weekend together, though it did not start off well. You seem to have three moods: angry, goofy and asleep. The first was fully on display on the way down to Savannah so you could finally get your braces off.

On The Subtle Art Form of Not Fucking Getting It Before I begin, I want to warn you: this gets into rather prickly territory-namely, abuse-and this may be a bit much for some. So if you think you can't handle it, then don't go past the jump. You have been warned. With that being said, let's get started.

10 Coping Skills For Small Children Helping our children manage big emotions is no small tasks. Especially when most of us aren't pros at managing our own emotions. It can be so hard for us as parents to know what to do when our little one is screaming because they wanted the blue cup. Do you feel me?

Grocery Ad Flash Cards I'm a big fan of flash cards as a resource to teach little ones. I started using them with Jack at 6 months old! He loved them and his vocabulary expanded in a very short amount of time. We were also spending fun, quality time together that was educational for him.

Education Mafia - Wastage Click here to read the previous article:. Apart from this, the new education system demands that children submit assignments and projects in schools. A lot of times, these projects are made by parents and in some cases even outsourced to certain professionals.

New parenting trend sees dads 'dry-nursing' to help soothe their newborns when their mums aren't there "Do other dads do this? Any tips for getting her to latch on if she doesn't want a pacifier?" Responses to his query have been mixed, with some people saying they've tried it, while others are against it. One person commented: "My husband was curious about it and let our 2-week-old latch onto his nipple, and immediately yelped in pain hahaha.

New Baby Plan As I write this post, I'm 13 weeks into my second pregnancy, and while I'm super excited about having a new little one join our family, I'm also working on a plan for making sure that my son doesn't feel like his Mama's abandoned him for another baby.

Around the World in 80 Days at Leeds City Playhouse Review We were provided press tickets for this production. In a world of expensive special effects and ever more realistic CGI, it's fantastic to be reminded that a good story only needs good storytellers. The cast of four from Around the World in 80 Days at Leeds City Playhouse take on the ambitious tale of a race around the globe.

Competition - win a case of low alcohol wine + six Tough Mudder tickets Advertisement feature in association with Black Tower. In case you're thinking 'low alcohol wine - what even IS that and also WHY?' then stay with me for a second.

"Long-Distance Dad" - Book Preface We sat in the warm morning sun of a Johannesburg sidewalk cafe. I looked across the table at this kid, a young man really, who was a complete stranger not so long ago. I'd been looking forward to this trip for weeks. We both had been. But now something felt off.

Circled with Love Over this past weekend, with a new month beckoning, a large stack of new magazines arrived. Last night, I had the opportunity to settle in and start reading one, in particular - Family Circle. As a voracious reader, I tend to read magazines and books of all genre, even those that may contain some content not particularly relevant to me.

The Mustard Seed Mum: Milestones It's hard to believe I have an 18 month old. I haven't written much about motherhood for a while, but I am hoping to write a bit more on this part of life. The topic that has been on my heart and mind recently is milestones.

A little glamping break in the Forest of Dean with Penhein A Bristol based mummy blog about a bristol mum of two Fritha Quinn. Featuring outfit posts, interior design, family travel and parenting.

15 Steps to a Resilient Child A part of our job as parents, and grown ups as a whole, is to prepare our young ones as best as possible for the life and times in the big wide world. Instinctively we want to protect our kids from discomfort, hurt, hardship and anything else we perceive as less than awesome.

Kate Middleton: The simple parenting trick the Duchess uses to help inspire her kids KATE MIDDLETON, 37, and Prince William, 36, are the parents of three children. While raising a family and completing royal duties may be a struggle, Kate has a trick to ensure she gets the best for her kids.

What I ate in a week - Slimming World Style…. I thought I'd do a bit of a 'What I ate in a week' post today but with a Slimming World twist as I'm at the stage where I need a bit of extra motivation to keep at it and I feel like this could do the trick! I haven't included everything I've eaten though, you're just going to get my evening meals.

I Don't Need This! The following article was written for our monthly PSP newsletter. With permission from our principal, we are sharing this with you; praying you are blessed by the heart of his message. Enjoy! "I Don't Need This!" How many times have I uttered those words?

Smile "Smile!" It's what I say to my kids about a thousand times a day on any of our trips. At least it feels that way. Be it for a picture or just to indicate to me that they are enjoying themselves. Asking them to smile is my way to get verification that they are enjoying our forced fun together.

How Business Storage Can Boost Your Efficiency A business storage solution provider can offer your company a great deal of benefit not merely because you can purchase essential storage items from them but because it will make your business run more efficiently.

Explore Space in Summer: Children's Space Reading List Summer is a time for simple pleasures, sleeping in late, singing in the shower, swinging in the park, sipping cool lemonade, sitting at the beach and watching the sun set as the sky goes from blushing red to bold blue and black.

Peanut Butter Cookies Peanut butter cookies are a classic family favourite. This dairy-free version is super easy to make and they're great for taking out on microadventures!

Boobies! The naps were dragged out just like the first day and bedtime took a lot longer than the day before. He fought until he passed out basically. Third day on and he is back to his happy self. Getting him down for naptime is a bit of a fuss and he pulls on my shirt to try to get to the boobies.

Making a Complete Emotional Escape from a Sexless Marriage. I've never sailed before. I've never watched a sailing race from the shore or on a TV. A sexless marriage forced me to rethink my life and I suddenly bought a yacht so I could get out of my prison and do something that freed me.

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