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India Lost Her Son, My Baby Lost Her Father A young fauji widow pours out her grief through a soul-stirring poem.

Your're much bigger than my friend…” The moment I realised parenting is one huge contest. "You're much bigger than my friend. She's six months pregnant too and she's TINY." "When did YOUR baby start kicking?" "I wouldn't touch anything from a take-away store when I was pregnant with MY baby. I wouldn't want to take that chance." "How are YOU planning to give birth?".

Benefits of Sensory Play It's no secret that sensory play is one of my most favourite things to do with children. I LOVE to watch their faces light up and listen to their giggles while they explore a sensory activity. Sensory activities are not only loads of fun, but they are also crucial for brain development in a young child.

'My daughter, her step-mother and I: How I truly feel about the other mother.' The other mother: A mum whose daughter has 'another mum' gives her co-parenting tips on how they manage what can sometimes be a frail dynamic.

Sunday Sayings - Children and Parenting Have we become slaves to the potential to our children? Do we wish them to succeed so much that we bend over backwards in providing the best opportunities for them? In doing so, have we prevented them from experiencing opportunities that might assist them to become more self-reliant and independent?

A Poem: Little Thing Gets the Flu Haiku On top of a poo-on-a-stick week, we won the flu lottery! And by we, I mean Little Thing. Poor sweet Little Thing is puny. I hate it. Here's a synopsis of today's events. The thermometerbeeps at one hundred and two.No wonder she's chilled.

"But, Mo-om, I don't know what to do!" It's been the winter of never-ending snow days here in Kansas City. We've hardly had any snow for the past several winters and Mother Nature is trying to make up for all of that right now. Between regularly scheduled days off from school and unexpected snow days, I don't even remember the last time my children had a full week of school.

Life lately We are already in the middle February and I swear yesterday it was the beginning of summer 2018 - Where has the time gone?! Since I haven't kept up to date here much, this week I wanted to update you on my life lately; and the rollercoaster it has been.

Are You Ready to Announce Your Pregnancy? - a collaborative post This is a collaborative post. You will probably have had an idea you might be pregnant before taking a test. Now it has been confirmed you will probably be full of different emotions from excitement to apprehension.

He Is NOT A Monster Things have been going much better at our home this week! We have celebrated being back at school for THREE successful mornings. We had a streak of EIGHT days with no violent attacks occurring.

I hate being the "mean" parent. She knows she only has to deal with me for a little while before she returns to the haven of a father. I hate my role very much. I am always dismissed in this dynamic because that's the way it has been since being with her dad. So, homeschooling…I wanted to homeschool her because I felt it would allow me to spend time with her.

Our Town: Act 3, Mark Duplass & Perspective on Kids I was playing at the playground yesterday with my son, who is currently two years and nine months old. I was playing at a playground where I used to take my middle son, now five. I was looking at my little one - in my middle son's old clothes - standing in the exact place where my middle son stood three years ago and thinking how time flies.

There I am in the paper #81 Here is my day after Valentine's Day column from the Irish Examiner. How was it for you? Welcome to February 15th, a day where couples everywhere are either madly in love after a romantic Valentine's Day yesterday, or in serious trouble after one or other got it very wrong.

The miracle of all things. Music plays gently from my phone as I write this in the early morning stillness. My coffee is nearby and warms me as I watch the drizzle of rain and the gray sky outside. Stillness is somewhat relative. A certain 4 year old has been chattering to whomever would listen since 6 am.

Parenting 101 part 2 I felt really compelled to write another post because I saw this quote yesterday on Facebook that really said something to me I'll share it right now. "Parenting is the easiest thing to have an opinion on but the hardest thing to do-unknown." I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

5 Fun Crafts for Kids to Make this Craft Term with This Craft Term try out some easy and fun crafts for kids with including a paper plate llama, unicorn pencil holder and a movable paper plate fish.

Anniversaries and Life's Lessons February is a month of anniversaries for me. 18 years ago I gave birth to my son Brennan, 16 years ago I launched First Weekend Club and three years ago I started my journey with Rodan+Fields. I believe anniversaries are not only a great reason to celebrate, but they are also a great time of reflection.

Ciara Says She And Russell Wilson Share The Same Approach To Parenting Ciara is grateful for a husband, Russell Wilson, who shares her approach to parenting. The celebrity mom tells Yahoo! Lifestyle about her rearing style that is heavily dependent on the divine.

Cultural tour Spain: The best places for families #ad #SpainforFamilies Do you like culture in the mix on your family holidays, making exploration and learning part of the fun? Spain has cultural delights in spades for families with babies, children and teens. Catherine Boardman blogs at Catherine's Cultural Wednesdays and loves to truffle out cultural gems where ever she travels with her now teenage twins.

The exhaustion that comes with parenting is crippling at times, writes Jane Lundon As I passed the frozen food section I caught a glimpse of a pale faced, shook looking mother and suddenly felt a pang of guilt that I didn't make it to the gym as I was too tired, yet I was happily going to have a glass of wine in the hope it would spruce me up.

February #TBCSmiles… 54 Months It's February and Spring is beginning to join us once again. The Crocus are beginning to peep out and the woolly jumpers are beginning their trip to the back of the wardrobe. The sun comes out and so do the smiles…. I've written loads of personal stuff this past week already, so I'll keep this post short and sweet.

First-Child vs Second-Child vs Third-Child First, Middle and Third child.. Each child plays a different role in your walk through Motherhood. By now we have all heard the phrase, "My well-behaved first born gave me the confidence to be a good mom. My wild-child second kid taught me not to judge other mothers." Boy, did this hit the nail on the head for me.

Open Letter to Faculty of Color Parenting While On The Tenure-Track We are compelled to write this open letter to our fellow faculty of color colleagues who are navigating tenure-track while raising little humans. As graduate students, we were warned that pursuing a tenure-track position would be both challenging and draining.

Best Weekend Trips from Sydney Sydney is an amazing city and has so much to offer everyone visiting it. However, Australia is a massive country with so much fun to explore in its entirety. Thanks to this, there are plenty of amazing day and weekend trips that can be taken near Sydney.

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