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8 Must Do's the Week Before Delivery Let's be real, there are so many blog posts out there with this similar topic, but I figure we all put our own little spin on it. This appealed to me to write about because I am literally living it as we speak. I am 4 days shy of being induced, so it is major crunch time.

Hello 2020 Good evening and happy Saturday world. I know I went off the grid yet again. It wasn't exactly my plan and then shortly after my last post the universe decided to throw our household into a whirlwind.

This thing on? I apparently did a 158% terrible job of keeping up to date with everything pre and post pregnancy. I had this huge vision in my head and apparently I set the bar waaaaay too high because I only did 3 posts after delivering. So much for keeping up with that.

When Sleep is the Rarest Commodity I have never been a very good sleeper, and survive quite happily on a solid 4 hours or so a night, something which has come in very handy since becoming a parent and going through the various stages of sleep deprivation from the normal baby stuff to the anxiety induced sleep problems suffered by my daughter, Aimee.

My Experience with Ectopic Pregnancy Loss One day I'll tell my daughter about my ectopic pregnancy loss before she was born. Maybe I'll tell her that she was a surprise, born in December, right before Christmas. She brought a glow to us after losing the pregnancy that would've given us a Fall baby.

Birthday Central Our Weekly Photos – Week 4 Birthday Central Our Weekly Photos.

Dear Husband Sometimes I get so consumed by being a mother that I start to feel like I have more on my plate than you. I get frustrated when I feel like you don't understand. But then, after all the hurtful words come out that I don't mean, I sit and remember. When I'm changing her diaper, you're switching the laundry around that I forgot about.

Old Wives Tales Remember when your mother told you to be nice to your brother? It's because a gypsy once came to the house, offering to buy you, but your brother wouldn't let her sell you. That one came from a friend, but I can certainly remember a lot of stuff my mom told me and my brother and my cousins to either scare us or simply manipulate our behavior.

Choosing Cancer We had a sweet little Christmas with our family. Not crazy or rushing around or overwhelming. It was the 6 of us throughly enjoying opening and playing with each gift. We had made the sweetest memories. Then the phone call came. The one where I knew it wasn't going to be good.

Housework Saturday I woke up at 6 this morning, but laid in bed for a while afraid to wake the birds. I opened the curtains for them slightly before 8. Here is a glimpse of them in the pink nightlight. Good morning, Birds. I fed the cats, the birds, made coffee, put in laundry and hung wash before making a giant hot pocket for breakfast.

Parenting blogger criticises Wetherspoons 'two pints per parent' policy A parenting blogger has criticised Wetherspoons 'two pints per parent' policy but a parenting blogger doesn't think it's the right approach. Wetherspoons pubs are limiting parents to two alcoholic drinks each if they have their children with them.

7 Best Tips for Selecting Good Quality Childcare Pre-mom me thought childcare would be easy. Actually, I thought it would be so easy that I never really considered it at all. Surely finding a place that worked for me and met my child's need to feel safe and loved would be abundant. I mean, come on. Look at their little faces.

Project 366 2020 Week 4 - Over 40 and a Mum to One Project 366 2020 Week 4 Day 19 - 25. Sunday 19th January - Day 19. The sun shone and we headed to Wiltshire for the day to visit Stourhead for the first time. We fell in love with the place, and all wished we lived nearer. Got another stamp for my son's NT passport.

Mercena's Aesthetic of Liberation So a few days ago my child Mercena sat down at the dinner table as I cooked for her and said she needed to draw a castle. When her muse strikes, everything else stops, and she works until she's finished. This drawing came quickly, and she was done before dinner was ready.

A not very brave new world As I held the little man that I had a very small part in creating for the first time, I knew that life would never be the same again. All I wanted was to get Robbie home and show him around his new house, hoping he would enjoy it more than his last one… But life is never simple.

Project 366 week 4 A grandparenting blog covering knitting, crochet, dog walking, #walk1000miles, photography, twins, fun days out.

Happy Birthday to my funny 14-year-old middle daughter Oh my, where do I begin?! This year truly feels like a transformational year for you. You're not only a year older, but you've grown so much, and not just in inches, although you never fail to miss a moment to point out how much taller you are than me.

Keeping the kids occupied Being a mom means always being prepared. I have to have snacks on hand, wet wipes, a whole list of activities to keep them occupied so I too, do not lose my sanity. Being on a plane scares me the most as I do not want my kids to end up whining on the flight and disrupting the peace of other passengers.

Hi God, nice to meet you? As a child I often pondered as to whether or not God was real. I always felt like there was something bigger in this world, but never liked the thought of religion. Let me explain. My parents are atheist, yet they have always encouraged me to believe in what I find to be my truth.

6 Fun Date Ideas for Parents of More that One Child, Under $50 Listen, my husband and I know how it feels to have a date night drought. We've gone months at a time without a single date or adult time and it has not been pretty. Go to work, take care of the kids, go to sleep, rinse and repeat; the cycle can put a damper on any relationship.

Week 4 of 2020 This week has been a quieter and less exciting week in many ways. I had more work to do for one and last week was a bit unusual in terms of the number of things I had arranged. The weekend though was busier as went for a walk with a friend on Saturday and I had the family round for lunch on Sunday.

Fabulous places to celebrate Mother's Day - 2020 Date: March 22 - March 22. Served 12pm - 3pm. Minimum 2 courses. Starters Chefs spring vegetable soup with heart croutons. The all-time favourite, Atlantic prawn cocktail with Marie rose sauce. Deep fried baby Camembert rounds on a bed of pesto dressed leaves.

Not So Body Positive I came across an Instagram image of an obese cat recently. The accompanying caption referred to the cat as a 'body positive icon'. And it made me stop and think about whether a cat can, or even should be, an icon of body positivity. I have never felt qualified to comment on the body positivity movement.

Complete Guide to Visiting Havasupai with Kids Are you planning a trip to Havasu with your kids or wondering whether or not to bring them along on this adventure? If you've never visited the land of blue-green water and endless waterfalls, then you are in for a treat!

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