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Seeing My Family For The First Time After LockdownIt was a really emotional day visiting my family after so many weeks of being apart during lockdown!

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The Organic Pharmacy Lip and Eye CreamLooking for a new eye cream? The Organic Pharmacy Lip and Eye Cream is a multi-purpose product worth giving a try, and here's why.

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AD 3 Tips For A Successful Family Road TripShare the post "AD 3 Tips For A Successful Family Road Trip" This is advertorial content We're pleased to be working with the team over at MG today, as we share with you 3 tips for a successful family road trip.

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Exploring the Phoenix TrailWe recently spent an afternoon exploring the Phoenix Trail, disused railway line, which runs between Thame and Princes Risborough.

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Roundabout Roundup: iPhone SE, what_about_bunny, and Lenox HillOn this week's Roundabout Roundup: Terri's enjoying her new iPhone SE. Nicole found another adorable dog on Instagram, what_about_bunny, and this one can talk using a tool called Fluent Pet.

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Mum's 'real' parenting post cops backlashAn Aussie mum who has two children with autism has defended a post in which she said she "hates" the condition after it copped backlash.

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PAP 095: Improving Self-Confidence in Teens, with Melanie McNally, PsyDTatsu-row >. >.tatsu-column-inner >. >.tatsu-column-inner >. >.tatsu-column-inner >. >.tatsu-column-inner >. >.tatsu-column-inner >. 9999;}@media only screen and @media only screen and and @media only screen and .tatsu-row.

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Parenting and Pregnancy: Taking medicine during pregnancyIn this week's Parenting and Pregnancy, we take a look at what medications are safe and which ones to avoid.

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A citizen journalist on the rise and fall of Seattle's autonomous zone."For the last week of CHOP as a physical space, there wasn't that sense of optimism anymore."

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The Supreme Court can still expedite the Mueller grand jury case.If the court doesn't expedite, it will in effect grant Trump a de facto win by delaying resolution of this case until after it's too late.

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Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell was hiding in Bradford, New Hampshire, and here's how locals feel about it.Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on Thursday morning at a remote property in central New Hampshire.

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Democrats are picking the right fight over unemployment benefits: automatic stabilizers.They can't trust the GOP not to sabotage efforts to help Americans, so they're trying to do something about it.

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Women Are Being Written Out of Abortion JurisprudenceThe six opinions filed in June Medical were all authored by men.

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Will 2020 change American tech?The pandemic has us more dependent on large tech companies like Amazon; contact tracing apps could play an important role in helping contain the spread of the coronavirus; a major switch to telework has potentially changed the way many of our jobs function in the long term.

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What is coordinated inauthentic behavior on social media?The TikTok Teen Tulsa Tomfoolery is a good kind of coordinated inauthentic behavior that is totally distinguishable from these other bad kinds, right?

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The Martian"Mark is dead." MUTE 4 sec. After stitching self, Mark leans back, closes eyes then staring at ceiling MUTE 8 sec.

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The Supreme Court's abortion decision, reopening schools, and Russia's bounties for U.S. troops.We need some creativity and a whole lot of money.

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Parenting Rules I Had For Myself That Have Completely Gone Out The Window After My Second ChildI had some pretty strict rules for children before I had them. Now with two kids, I'm allowing a bit.

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2 Thoughts On ""fiction In A Flash Challenge" Week #6"Join in, have fun, and let the creative muse loose @pursoot. My thanks to Suzanne Burke for this week's photo prompt challenge.


Hamilton movie ending: The moment fans who managed to see the show have been debating for years.No matter how well you know the album, the movie's final moment will take you by surprise.

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The fight to stop William Barr's federal executions isn't over.The ACLU sues William Barr to stop one of four upcoming scheduled executions on the basis of a religious liberty claim and the impacts of COVID-19.

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"Parenting for Life" Sermon Series by Rich Harasick, Part IBy Sheila Green PART 1: Lessons 1-3 of 9 Rich Harasick is the children's minister at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, under lead pastor John MacArthur.

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Breaking the habit…So here's to breaking the habit of staying home when the clouds turned grey or rushing home just because we knew it would rain in a while and neither of us had our rain jackets / coats...

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Homeschool STEM: Kiwi Crate's The ArcadeHomeschool STEM creative fun with the Kiwi Crate Arcade box The wonderful thing about homeschooling is the flexibility that it provides for exploring learning through fun, hands-on projects that let you cater for child's individual learning needs.

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Risen MotherhoodI have a lot of love for this book. And the podcast. And the blog.

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Quarantine Fatigue… is REALAs I write this, I find it hard not to feel a bit envious of those planning their holiday weekend getaways.

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DAD NEWSWelcome to DAD NEWS! I have culled the interwebs to find relevant content in the world of parenting, fatherhood, working dads, and all around #daddylessons in order to deliver it all directly to you.

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Crying in BaseballAfter three months of my boys' impatient waiting, baseball season finally has begun. Quarantine closed all of our town's fields, and weeds took up residence all over the warning track and in the bullpens and dugouts.


"You Can Have a Kid or Job" Perfectly Explains Parenting Right NowIn Ray Bradbury's non-fiction book Zen and the Art of Writing, he reveals how he once tried to write in his garage during the summer but quickly became distracted by his kids wanting to play with him all the time.

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Jo Fixes a Broken FamilyRyan and his mom haven't enjoyed each other's company for a long time. Watch Supernanny guide them on the right path to restore their relationship ️ ► Catch up with Supernanny's UK full episodes on HBO Max.

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Asking A Teen If They Want Advice Is Just A FormalityI do not accept the philosophy of "You can be anything you want to be" that we all heard growing up.

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Jump-Starting A Love For LearningJust recently, a few people on social media asked me how to help their children develop their learning skills.

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Food and Mood: What's the connection?Positive mental health is our ability to feel, think, and act in ways that allow us to enjoy life and deal with life's challenges.

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Washington v. Davis: The Supreme Court precedent that enshrined racism in the law.Overturning this little-known Supreme Court decision could help end institutional racism.

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David Abrams' lawsuit against the New Israel Fund could make it easier to target nonprofits.This latest gambit could "bankrupt non-profits for their work defending the ground rules of democracy."

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How to Win the Fight Over Confederate Statues and BasesThe polls are on Trump's side. But they show how voters can be persuaded.

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Makey Makey Operation GameUse a Makey Makey to make a DIY operation game, then make a giant version!

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A change is as good as a restAnd out of the ashes, I rose like a phoenix to find a job which I would never have anticipated - in a secondary school, a place where 22 years ago, I refused to set foot in and opted for primary instead.

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Slate's parenting podcast: Reprogramming an impulsive pee-er.Plus: How to best support a pre-teen who recently came out to his parents as trans.

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I Wanted To Thank You For Going To The PubI hope you had at least four Miller Lites, and traded numbers with someone cute.

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A conversation with Dr. Akua Boateng about Black trauma, and how to start healing.A licensed psychotherapist offers a blueprint for healing from racial trauma.

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The Parenting Myth Revealed by LockdownWhile lockdown was difficult for everyone, it highlighted how much we rely on schools and early childhood education to enable work in the paid economy.

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Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set, now on sale.Champion Sports' model is now almost 25 percent off.

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10 Memes That Nail What Parenting During A PandemicSocial media has been full of snarky COVID-inspired memes that perfectly represent all of the frustration and #momfails that we have experienced along.

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Resolve CBD ReviewFor those of you who have been reading my blog for the last couple of years, you know my summers are typically pretty chill.

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Baby Mac is 6 Months Old!I cannot believe she has been here for over half a year now, it just seems crazy.

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Unschooling is not child-led learningThere are aspects of unschooling in which children lead. There are moments when a child is entirely in charge of their activity and adults are by standers, observers or fellow travellers in their children's learning.

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The monster jobs report is nothing to get excited about.Especially you-know-who.

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Last To Leave Pool Floaty Wins!LAST TO LEAVE THE POOL WINS A Nintendo State of Mind OFFICIAL Music LAST : This video was made for entertainment and archival purposes.

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Some thoughts about forgiving our mothers and ourselvesFor me personally, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. My biggest regret so far in my daughter's short life has been calling her shy in front of another adult when she was about two or three years old.

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Jehovah-JirehI didn't want hominy again. In fact I felt like if I had to eat one more bite I would vomit.

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These viral news clips make me thank God none of my parenting is televisedTwo reactions to kids interrupting their mums say much about work during the pandemic.

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Small Stories for Our Second: Brain Swabs and Hand-Me-DownsHello, kiddo! We are halfway through week 29 and I feel updates are needed, my little love.

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Family Olympics Challenge! !Find pictures, updates, and more about Family Fun Pack Facebook: : : Instagram: Twitter:. Instagram: Instagram: ' Instagram: Instagram: Instagram: Pets: guys, I'm Kristine and I began documenting my journey through motherhood here on YouTube in 2011.

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Trump's Political NDAs Are an Abomination to the First AmendmentOf course, though, Trump's penchant for NDAs goes well beyond his own family. More troubling still is his practice of requiring campaign staffers and White House employees to sign sweeping NDAs that bar them from criticizing Trump, his family members, or any Trump organizations for the rest of the signers' lives.

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When I Grow UpWhat do you want to be when you grow up? This question has haunted me for decades.

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College communities should sue to keep campuses closed during COVID-19.Universities do not and cannot operate in a bubble. Students, faculty, and staff live off campus, use public transportation to get to and from campus, go grocery shopping, have families with children who go to school and spouses who work at area businesses.

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How to Talk to Your Children About Your LayoffEmployment change is just that; change. Not failure. According to statistical reports, in January 2020 the unemployment rate in Utah was 2.5%.

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Throwback Thursday: I'm The BestThis post was originally published Sept. 27, 2006 on my old blog, Looking for George, which is now private.

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An Imagination Of Fathers' Day On 21st June, 2050Every time I tell my story and mention my Papa, so many prominent people across the continent Africa come around to tell me how Papa nurtured them selflessly in all walks of life from the time he was a young man at the university to date.


I Slapped My Child in the Face to Teach Him How Not to be Violent.I read this article and immediately got convicted. I AM this "toxic black mother". True story: my youngest daughter and oldest son were working on their summer workbooks.

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20 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need To KnowYou're 20 weeks pregnant - already at the half way mark - how amazing is that?

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3 Delicious Summer Smoothies To Make At Home3 Delicious Summer Smoothies To Make At Home.

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How to Help Prevent Pregnancy Stretch MarksPregnancy stretch marks or striae gravidarum if you want to get technical, form during pregnancy and are beautiful.

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Tips for good parenting during Covid-19: Praise, make family time funPartnering our kids in the day to day schedule and making them aware of the current situation goes a long way in improving a parent-child relationship.

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Who Would Be The Ideal Teacher?"This is a collaborative post It's that time of year. We should soon be finding out the kids' teachers for the next school year."

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Health for the BattleIn my not so distant past, there was a day that I gazed longingly at a locally grown, non-organic, fresh peach on my kitchen counter.

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Kate Middleton's personal parenting struggles: 5 times the Duchess was candid on motherhoodThe Duchess of Cambridge often speaks of her parenting struggles with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis - here are 5 times she inspired us.

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Zoom: Black Influencers in the UKWho are your favourite Black bloggers and influencers in the UK? #BlackLivesMatter has highlighted the need for more visibility, support and amplification of Black and minority influencers across a range of niches and it has prompted conversations about how white influencers can and should support their colleagues.

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Zoom: How brands are working with influencers nowThe last few months have seen major changes: COVID-19, lockdown and Black Lives Matter have made us think differently about our world and how we move through it.

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A Night With EvanHaving a teenager has been interesting because I still want to spend time with him, but I also don't want to force him to.

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Motherhood: The First Step in TarbiyyahThis article took a lot of courage from me, after 2 years of running from the truth I am finally embracing it.

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How To Make Good DecisionsAs we raise our children, we grow ourselves. Authentic Parenting is a weekly podcast where I explore how you can find more calm, connection and joy in parenting through the process of self-discovery and inner growth with a trauma-informed lens.

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When the Obvious Truth is IgnoredMother changed her clothing immediately. She half tied her head tie, half tied her wrapper that she knotted above her abdomen and told me to go to the police station with her.

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City of Richmond, Virginia, removes Stonewall Jackson statue, will remove a dozen Confederate monuments.A dozen Jim Crow-era monuments looking to rehabilitate the Confederacy's history will be removed.

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Kids and the new normal: How to facilitate the transition from lockdown to schoolHow to prepare your child to return to school post-lockdown and amidst COVID-19.

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Shane the Chef Cookbook Giveaway #AdSizzling saucepans! Fans of smash hit animated series Shane the Chef can get busy in the kitchen with his first ever cookbook, Shane the Chef: Let's Get Cooking, from Candy Jar Books.

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Netflix's 365 Days made us clutch our pearls and our eyes!Movies like Troy and The Legend of Tarzan teach us the limits of our viewing pleasure.

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Dear Prudence: My wife threatens to "end it all" whenever I ask her to get a job.She has $100,000 in loans from a master's program that kicked her out.

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How to teach kids to be responsible.I know there must be a better way to manage this.

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The Case for Kamala Harris for Vice PresidentThe obvious choice is fine.

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In US, paediatricians recommend that children return to schoolsThe policies should include standard protocols of handwashing, disinfecting, use of outdoor space when possible, and the formation of small student groups, also known as 'cohorting', the AAP stated.

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The Surge: If Donald Trump loses, this will be why.From white women to seniors to the all-important "honesty" metric, everything's coming up Biden.

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Millie Mackintosh reveals £18 parenting hack to protect baby Sienna while she sleepsMillie Mackintosh shared a clever parenting trick for baby Sienna on Wednesday. See the £18 clothing that protects her daughter from injuring herself while she sleeps...

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Funding to support Welsh-language advice line for parentsA PARENTING and family advice charity has been awarded funding to extend its helpline service to Welsh speakers as part of the Welsh Government's commitment to support parents during coronavirus to stay safe and stay positive.

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4 Powerful Ways to Love Your Teens and Help Them Like You BackConflict isn't the problem; knowing how to resolve it peaceably is. In our home, we call healthy conflict resolution "fighting fair." The goal is to reach a compromise or truce with a greater understanding of each other, rather than wounding each other with dagger-like words or cold indifference.

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How the modern culture poses a threat to our moral standards: A word of caution to parentsIt is surprising to see how the world has changed over the years. With technological advances and the age of digital communication, things were never easier than they are now.

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Caswell, life time of memoriesFalling back in time, sat in the same spot watching the Original Star Trek, in glorious colour on our new white Triniton TV....

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Parenting on Air: Two Viral BBC Interviews Where Kids Videobomb Working Mom and Dad on Live TVDr Clare Wenham recently went live on BBC to discuss the lockdown situation in England when her daughter Scarlett interrupted it.

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Getting My Feet Measured #MyHotterFit #AdI think I'd suspected it for a while. There was a time when I could get in the odd pair of 5 and a half sized shoes, but I can't remember the last time that happened.

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DogThis week, Little Proclaims has opted for a lighter more playful tone and, in many ways, a direct contrast to 'Cat' but just as one cannot have the light without the dark, so too we cannot have 'Cat' without 'Dog'.

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DIY Phone SpeakerI can't promise great sound quality, but this DIY phone speaker will make your phone sound louder and a bit less tinny!

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How I Make Money with Cashback SitesI use cashback sites for everything, and have managed to make enough money to treat myself.

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July 2,2020Day 3 Anisha, I am surprised at the amount of thought I am putting into it.

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What I would like to be in the next worldDid you miss the previous parts? Get them here. I want to be a bird I my next world "Come here my baby." Her mother said to her holding her hand and together they sat in a couch.

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Our favourite books to read in lockdownRecommendations of books to read in lockdown, as well as some really important reads about Black Lives Matter.

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Breastfeeding 101: Are You Savvy?6 years of medical school and 3 months of internship in paediatrics did not prepare me for the real life of a new mom.

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The Flat Share by Beth O'LearyA Sunday Times bestseller, is The Flat Share all it's hyped up to be?

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Motherhood and Mental HealthI would like to preface this post with a couple important announcements. First, if you are having any thoughts of hurting yourself or others, please call the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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Finding Safe Spaces as a Third Culture KidI, in naiveté, thought I could raise them just as my parents raised me. I remembered that my female South Asian personhood makes me a stereotype for repressed yet still excelling, downtrodden and not a problem.

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Shared parenting: fathers being forced to go down 'adversarial route'Unmarried fathers in Ireland do not have automatic guardianship rights.

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Let Him Have It1 PETER 5:7 "casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you." This verse is quoted a lot.

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Podcast: Zoey and Kelly Allen On Life As A Transgender FamilyOn this episode I'm joined by Zoey and Kelly Allen who are, along with their two kids and dog, an LGBTQ+ family.

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Six Ways To Keep Children Healthy While You're Sick6 CARA JAGA KESEHATAN SI KECIL KALA BUNDA SAKIT Ketika terserang flu, pasti Bunda merasa sedih sekali.


Love So DeepHow is it possible to love someone so deeply? My body has been called home to 4 little lives.

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Parenting 101An introduction to simple and universal do's-and-don'ts while parenting children. Input and information from a Neuropshycologist simplified and presented to you!

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Recipe: Three-Ingredient Coconut and Pecan Ice CreamAn easy recipe for a 3-ingredient home made ice cream with no refined sugar.

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Supporting Stressed-Out KidsWe sure try to help our kids when they feel stressed, but sometimes the result is more stress - for everyone.

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How to encourage your child to studyThe child's first school is his home and his first guru are his parents. An infant learns all actions from his parents in the early stages of life and thus, acquires knowledge.

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Life on Jonesview DriveIt was one of the toughest years of my chidhood. I had a lot of big ideas how I wanted to live my life as a 6th grader.

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2020 with GodHalf the year is gone, just like that! The current pandemic definitely changed many things about how we do life.

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Quarantine Day 110-The Mykka and James Stauffer problemNote: I don't know the Stauffers personally, nor do I or was I EVER a subscriber to any of their channels.

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The Gist: Changing the definition of racism.Which definition belongs in the dictionary?

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Mothers May Emit Odors That Teach Their Infants What To Be Afraid OfA study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that mothers may emit odors that teach their infants what to be afraid of, even if the fearful experience is one that the baby has never been exposed to.

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Working While Parenting Is a Reality of Covid-19. One University Tried to Forbid It.But next month, Florida State University staff members were told, they could lose their right to work from home if they're simultaneously caring for children.

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Adjusting to the New NormalThis particular day was my husband's first long day back at work after a brief but much-appreciated stint of paternity leave, and my first time solo-tackling the baby and the newly-diagnosed two year old.

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George Flyod police protesters talk thinning crowds, the movement's future, and what they already won.After a "gaslighting" vote to cut the NYPD's budget, the City Hall protesters in New York talked thinning crowds, the movement, and what now.

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Sophie CharlotteJune 2020 came and went quickly. With it, Sophie turned two months old. Our little bouncing baby girl has now almost doubled her birth weight, weighing in at a hefty 7.13kg , and measuring 60cm long.

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What I Will Teach My DaughterOne of the first things I'm going to teach my little girl is how to live without fear.

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Modeling and Acting Go sees and AuditionsWhether or not you have an agent, you must go to some sort of audition before you book a job.

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Advice for the rest of America, from a New Yorker, on what the coronavirus can do.What I am starting to realize now is that life felt like being stuck in a little box of trauma for those weeks.

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Sailing through Crisis as New ParentsA dear cousin of mine is going through a rather rocky beginning for his parenting journey.


The search for Melania's intelligence: Trumpcast.And the special savvy she brings to team Trump.

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My 'Up's' and My 'Downs'I've still been in this ‘funk' since Quarantine ‘ended'. For the most part, I still have the same routine as I did 3.5 months ago, when quarantine first started.

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Let's be honest…The last thing anyone needs is another mommy blog. This isn't what that is. This is a growth and development blog.

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Ep. 361: Can Kids Predict The Future? Plus, Author Chanda AustinBiz is joined by guest co-host Rebecca Blum this week to talk about how our children see the future.

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The 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Creator Is Over Critics Of Midge's ParentingAmy Sherman-Palladino has no patience for mom-shamers. The creator of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel shut down criticisms about Midge Maisel's parenting during a virtual comedy showrunner roundtable for The Hollywood Reporter on June 29....

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HEALTH UPDATEI've had a lot of people ask about Kylan's health and how he's been doing since his hospitalization last year.

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"What do you do when… " Love and Resilience in the Era of Climate ChangeWhat do you do when your autistic adult son calls, not your husband, but you, to ask if he can come to live with you, because his mom is kicking him out?

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36 Week Pregnancy Update and HomebirthToday I am thirty-six weeks pregnant! I am feeling good overall, but experiencing some sciatica and other discomforts that come along with growing a big ol' baby inside of my body.

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The Roberts Court protects non-union workers, but not nonreligious taxpayers."To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves is sinful and tyrannical."

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Dating in person during the coronavirus reopening: An accidental first kiss, mask negotiations, car sex, and more tales.An accidental kiss, mask negotiations, car sex-meeting up again is off to an awkward start.

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Parenting Without a NetMusic therapist, doctoral student of Counseling Psychology, and a mom figuring out surviving wholehearted parenting as she goesI'd finally caught up. He was going back to a mindfulness exercise I had taught him when he was in preschool, and was still a fairly new mom trying to figure out how the hell one teaches small children about handling their emotions.

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911: The Emergency is I've Been Peed OnHow are all of you doing out there? Stressed? Your best? Your worst? Really into crafting right now?

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The Medical Case for Reopening SchoolsWe need to reopen our schools—not in spite of the pandemic, because of the pandemic.

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What Do Braxton Hicks Contractions Feel Like?I know what you're thinking: how will I know when I'm having Braxton Hicks? It can be scary to think you're going into premature labor at 20 weeks!

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Is It Easier Living With In-laws When You Have Kids?Cracks me up, but this is the most frequently asked question I get weekly. Who am I kidding?

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Father's DaySo, this is late and he'll never see this anyway, but my dad is legitimately the coolest there is.

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The Queen's top 5 parenting tips: how she raised Charles, Anne, Andrew and EdwardThe Queen is a mother of four with husband Prince Phillip - discover her top five parenting techniques she used with Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

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Oklahoma proves that voters love Medicaid and the Democrats should expand it.They're even voting for it in Oklahoma.

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Update: I Think My Mother Is Trying To Poison MeA woman made a post here about sometime prior to the circumstance with her mother.

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5 Home Schooling Lessons Learned as a ParentA couple days ago my boys enthusiastically let know that the school term is done and they are officially on summer break.

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How to Make No Mean NoA frustrated parent writes that her almost 7-year-old will not accept no for an answer.

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Pandemic journal: Day 40I tried a different way of balancing my time with my kid, and my time as myself. - Lisa Hsia Shared .

Mothers are gift to humanity: the joy of motherhood.I could remember when my mom would be like " don't worry you'll also give birth and know how it feels like training your own child, I did what I did because I love you and would in anyway correct you if you go wrong."

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Creativity during QuarantineFrom my background in school studying Childhood Education and Early Childhood Development. I know she was learning lots of things, but it is totally different to see your child connecting these dots, than just reading about and watching other people's kids do this.

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Criticizing a Trump supporting co-parent: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.Parenting advice on criticizing co-parents, teenage know-it-alls, and pandemic weddings.

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How to Raise LionsWhen I found out I was having a little boy, I was terrified. I come from a family of girls.

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Owning 11It's some time early in the morning, the room is dark, and all I can hear is the ceiling fan slowly spinning.

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Parenting: Should the kids share a bedroom?Joanna Fortune, Psychotherapist specialising in Child and Adult Psychotherapy, joined Sean for her weekly Parenting slot.

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What is the Plan B for toddler's during COVID19Yes i am ready with my Plan B and that is none other than myself taking the role of a teacher for my kid - A well planned homeschooling is the only solution and the need of the hour - I am sure you agree with my Plan B.

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Moms On The Frontline: Doctors Fighting The Covid WarDoctors - The selfless, unsung heroes of the moment who are out there, everyday, battling the worst pandemic we have ever seen.

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Criticizing a Trump supporting co-parent: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.Parenting advice on criticizing co-parents, teenage know-it-alls, and pandemic weddings.

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I Said What I Said. MOMThese exact words were said to me from the back seat of our SUV not even 1 week ago.

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My Top Five Baby DedicationI've bought a few new baby / dedication / christening presents in my time, as well as having received several on behalf of my children, so I thought I'd share my top five present ideas here:.

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We Can't Just Replace Cops With Social WorkersMany proposing this have good intentions, but actual social workers ought to know better.

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Husband's weight is a turn-off: How can we fix our sex life?He won't do anything about his body. Is there any hope for us?

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Christine Lampard reveals shocking parenting struggle with baby daughter during lockdownJuly 01, 2020-16:17 BST Sharnaz Shahid Loose Women panellist Christine Lampard has opened up about the effect life in lockdown has had on her 21-month-old daughter Patricia....

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After DHS v. Thuraissigiam, Congress should fix the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act.Last week's Supreme Court decision supercharges one of the most damaging laws to come out of the 1990s.

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parenting during COVID-19 is an ultimate sportParenting stretches you at the best of times, but the ‘new normal' asks parents to do the splits, adapt and maintain routine - all at the same time.

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Okay. That's it. We can't do this working from homeThe creche reopening, even for the few weeks until my daughter starts school, is life-changing.

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What Twenty-Plus Years of Parenting Can Do To YouI remember it like yesterday. It was more than twenty years ago. It was so cute and so much fun. Shared .

So Sand DIY Satisfying Sand Ball Kit Review Sent for review.My boys love sensory sand, and they've really enjoyed playing with So Magic indoor sand toys before, so they were keen to take a look a...

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Worried about your nursery-going child's education in lockdown? Here's what experts have to say'When the pandemic started, and schools had to shift to online teaching, many of them misunderstood and tried to turn the physical school into a virtual school.'

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What does prison abolition mean? In Atlanta, it starts with closing the city jail.In Atlanta, racial justice activists are close to shutting down the city jail.

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Amawrap Baby Sling ReviewAs a mum of three, I've definitely had and tried my fair share of baby wraps, with varying levels of success.

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Losing The Lockdown WeightBlog post at Nine to Three Thirty : If you are anything like me, the weight has slowly crept on over the weeks and months of lockdown.

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Can you still get life protection during the coronavirus pandemic?Recent times have been so strange, haven't they, and so tough. For many people who are juggling work, childcare, homeschooling, less income and possibly ill health, it has been a time of worry and confusion too.

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Deployment DiariesI am a UK based blogger who blogs and vlogs about all things pregnancy, parenting, lifestyle, beauty and fashion related!

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Should I say something about my neighbor's racist statue: Dear Prudence podcast.They must know it's offensive, right?

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Trump Rule Shutting Out Central American Asylum-SeekersA federal judge struck down late Tuesday night the Trump administration immigration policy that disallowed Central American migrants from applying for asylum upon arrival at the U.S. Southern border, ruling the government did not provide sufficient justification for the change in policy last July.

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True Talk: How parenting helps us know God better"Mmma-mmma! " I can't tell you how much joy it brought me to hear my now 7-month-old baby say "mama" for the first time.

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UK Self-Catering Accommodation RecommendationsWith the demand for self-catering accommodation in the UK on the rise this summer, I wanted to share some of our favourites with you!

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The case for Keisha Lance Bottoms for veep.If one good thing is to come of this tacky, tokenizing quest to give a woman second billing, it might be a lowering of the barrier to entry.

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Action Park book excerpt: The Bailey Ball, a very dangerous amusement park idea.But not before my father—who ran the infamous amusement park for 20 years—tested it on his employees.

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Season 2 Episode 4 Watch PartySUPERNANNY MOMENTS WE LOVE THE MOST: is here to tackle tantrums, fights and naughty kids all over the world!

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The best movies, TV coming to Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu in July 2020.Poltergeist, My Cousin Vinny, and The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete are just a few of the great movies coming to streaming this month.

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Slow Burn: David Duke was confronted by a 12-year-old Black girl who found his phone number.Her gutsy conversation with the white supremacist helps explain our decision to not interview him for Slow Burn.

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Honey Garlic ChickenThis recipe for Honey Garlic Chicken is cooked in the slow cooker with just 5 minutes preparation needed.

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Judge temporarily halts publication of Mary Trump's tell-all book.A New York judge halted the publication of a tell-all book by President Donald Trump's niece, Mary Trump, granting a temporary injunction Tuesday after a court filing claimed the book violates a decades-old nondisclosure agreement signed by Mary Trump as part of an inheritance settlement.

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July 2020 Goals….I can't believe we're halfway through 2020 already and I've achieved pretty much none of the goals I set myself at the start of the year.

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Jo-Anna Burnett and David Duke: The 12-year-old who grilled the white nationalist."You should learn and listen to both sides of an argument. But should I really be letting David Duke tell me this?"

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The Secret To Happiness with Yale's Dr. Laurie SantosAfter witnessing depression take hold of her students at Yale, Professor of Psychology and Head of Silliman College at Yale University, Mom Brain's official Facebook Group.

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Parenting In Focus: Preparing the whole family for a new babyLife really changes for everyone when a new baby arrives. It especially changes for a child when a new sibling arrives.

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Visiting Family, Strawberry Picking and A Beautiful WeekAutismfamily #weekly # had a wonderful week of fun. It still feels odd to be getting back to normal and slightly scary but it was nice!

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29 ways to celebrate your child's achievementsAt the a recent Twitter Chat we asked parents how they celebrate children's achievements, big and small.

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Ed Center: Parenting in the PandemicParenting during the extended pandemic is tough, and sometimes Ed Center isn't at best.

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Small Changes: We have a milkman nowWe're trying to make small but manageable changes to make our family and home more eco-friendly.

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Book ReadalongShare the post "Book Readalong" This post contains affiliate links This month's #BringBackPaper activity is something I've not tried before.

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25 DIY/Low-Budget Kids' Birthday Party IdeasWhen you are in lockdown, or low on budget or just want to use your creative side for your kid's birthday party, then go hand-made with everything you can and try these 25 simple and fun options.

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What I Eat In A Day , Family MealsPizza Dough Calculator - give it a thumbs up if you liked it and I can know to make more of them.

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Well Hello….So its been awhile hasn't it, so much has happened since the last time I posted and of course I didn't read my last post before deciding to start writing this one.

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Poundland Haul Summer 2020!Hello! I'm Em an award winning U.K based creator. I live in Birmingham with my two lovely children, my husband Stephen and our Westie.

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The small things that make a house a homeAdvertisement feature I've lived in a lot of houses in my life. pause while I count* I think it's 25?

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Working from homeThe opening of the creche, even just for the seven weeks before my daughter starts school, is nothing short of life-changing.

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July photo challenge 2020 #MummyPhotoADayThe new keywords for July Photo challenge 2020 - from Winter the start of Spring.

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Mama's Mission of the Month July 2020Time to try this again, folks. I crashed and burned phenominally last month. I had the sails up, and then hit a dead calm stretch.

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Day 106: Worm is missing.I am sorry to report that Worm is a Missing Buddy. We've been searching for her for days, the preschooler and I.

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The Work-Life SeesawWe're finding that the he always uneasy "balance" between work and life changes as kids grow.

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Mommy Makeovers: All We Want is ConfidencePlastic surgery is a term which often comes with a stigma. Dr Deon Weyers - the plastic surgeon who gives back - chats to us to clear all of our misconceptions about plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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Wrapped in Love and Chick-fil-AI love eating chicken. And, when that chicken comes to my doorstep from someone who simply wants to say, "I see you and I care," the chicken just tastes better - like it has been heaven-kissed.

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Mothering with GraceTHE KINGDOM KEEPERS The story itself may seem unfinished, but I believe that was done on purpose.

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A How To Guides on Rock Pooling this Summer with KidsAlthough this year we won't be going very far, we will certainly make our way to the shore and do one of our favourite activities rock pooling or tide pooling as our American family call it.

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Oak's Birth Part 1*I found out I was pregnant with Oak in the bathroom of a TJMaxx store after I bought the test at the Price Chopper, next door.

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10 Ways for Grandparents to Hold onto Hope During CrisisRead about 10 Ways for Grandparents to Hold onto Hope During Crisis and get Christian grandparenting advice and tips with Biblical guidance. Shared .

A very strange prideSo, blogging. Blogging for real. Stretching those writing muscles. Really and truly making a commitment to write, like, all the time.

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HospitalBack in ED with the old man. The sperm donor, who I am genetically linked to.

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Moving ForwardWhen I started this blog, I had every intention of writing weekly. I knew that to drive traffic, I needed to be consistent with my posts and content.

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Republican leadership does an about-face on wearing masks.And maybe an unrestricted convention isn't the best idea, either?

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Where Is The Safe Haven For The Black Millennial Mother?After the calm soothed over my raging anger and sadness, I realized that I was not upset that my husband's brother was concerned about my depression.

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The Gist: Trump's inability to comprehend.Trump is too busy covering his eyes and ears to know anything.

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Return to the Pool!Our City opened outdoor public pools this week and T and I leapt into its refreshing water this afternoon like reuniting with an old friend.

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Inconsequential CharacterIts definitely getting worse. I don't think the clinic's idea of "treatment" is of any use at all.

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3 Soul Lessons for First Time MamasTo all of my first-time parents, these are three important soul lessons that I learned "the hard way", and that I want to help you avoid.

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Blackface TV episodes: The list of shows, plus whether the network has removed the scenes.Here's a depressingly long list—nearly 20 shows in the past 20 years—plus whether they've been pulled.

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June. Or is it July?I'm tired, y'all. Freakin' TIRED! Being a SAHM isn't just relaxing time with your little ones - like some might think.

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June photo challenge 2020: my favourite photosFavourites from #mummyphotoaday June Photo challenge 2020 - some fabulous photo a day entries from great accounts on Instagram.

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Preparing for Baby During a PandemicPreparing to have a baby can be a daunting task, whether it's a first baby or a 4th, there's just so much to do.

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How pro-abortion activists are reacting to the Supreme Court's June Medical decision."I don't think this nullifies the conservative legal movement. But it significantly weakens it."

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IntroductionWelcome, friends near and far! For a long time I have wanted to start a blog and I figure that now is a good a time as ever.

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How divorce affects childrenThere is a huge emotional impact on young children, they can blame themselves about the situation, or they may think that the parents are not loving them.


A former Bachelor producer says a quarantined season could revive the franchise, but it's hard to make it truly safe.A former Bachelor producer says lockdown might help the contestants focus on love, but doubts the franchise has their best interests at heart.

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COVID-19 symptoms: what it's like to feel fatigue, shivers, and chest pain for months.Maybe one day you feel better and think you're recovering. Then the next day, agony.

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ROOTSI am a Life Coach and my mission is to cultivate and motivate single mothers and women in transition to overcome the obstacles in their lives in order to live the life they envision for themselves and their families.

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Woodrow Wilson's racism: How the president became an anti-colonial icon in spite of himself.Wilson was no less a racist in his foreign policy views than he was at home.

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The Curse of the Parenting LabelsIf you're a parent in this generation of social media, bombarded with an influx of scientific and parenting research and the dos and don'ts, you'll likely be familiar with parenting ‘labels'.

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Could we really have another pandemic at the same time as COVID?Obviously scientists should keep an eye on a new virus pigs are transmitted to humans.

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Imagine.Just imagine being almost 2. Imagine someone you don't know arriving in your house. Imagine your parents being angry.

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TransitionCan you believe the school year is over? On one hand, it feels as though the extended March break + the unexpected Covid19 break were both just announced, but on the other hand, it feels as though we've been attempting to help our kids learn from home for a year.

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5 Reasons Why Holidays in Devon make the Perfect GetawayIn collaboration with, but all views are my own. I don't know about you, but I've got really itchy feet at the moment.

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Those Big Parenting MomentsThere are a too many opportunities to count when it comes to parenting moments. You know, the ones where you teach your child something, and when try after try after try finally yields a result, you can't help but be happy.

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10 Reasons Why I Loved My Summer PregnancySummer is often perceived as the worst season to be pregnant, yet there are so many reasons to love your summer pregnancy and indulge in everything the warm season has to offer.

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Russian bounties: Every version of this story looks terrible for TrumpWhatever the president knew, and whenever he knew it, it's still inexcusable.

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Zara Tindall's royal parenting guide: 7 tips the Queen's granddaughter swears byJune 30, 2020-17:20 BST Nichola Murphy Zara Tindall and her husband Mike have seven key parenting rules when it comes to raising their two daughters Mia and Lena.

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A Childs MindToday I think I'll play with fireman Sam But whats for breakfast? Oh look some carpet ham I'm sure mummy will try to make me eat toast Hang on, did you hear that it must be the post Wait a minute there's Ryder with chase and the crew Quick everybody move i need the loo I hope mummies got more of that ham that I crave Hey daddy tonight in the...

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Whether or Not to Send Kids to Preschool During Covid-19Parenting is a challenging season, and parenting during a pandemic is even more challenging. I have learned more about myself and how I parent in the past 4 months than ever before.

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Biden tells his donors he plans to jack up their taxes.And so too, it seems, has his language with donors. During a digital fundraiser Monday that raised $2 million, Biden avoided his old obsequiousness and said flatly that, no malarkey, he planned to jack up his backers' taxes.

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What was Trump doing on the day people tried to brief him about the Russian bounties?For the most part, he was complaining to the press that the press wasn't giving him enough credit for stopping the coronavirus.

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The beginning of our breastfeeding journey.These are women who have been trained in helping others breastfeed and giving them support if they need it.

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A married man is pursuing me, and I'm not sure I believe he's in an open marriage.I'll admit I want to.

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I'll Be Gone in the Dark review: HBO's Michelle McNamara documentary series does for true-crime series what In Cold Blood did for books.In the third episode of Liz Garbus' miniseries I'll Be Gone in the Dark, based on the life and work of the late crime writer Michelle McNamara, McNamara's editor at HarperCollins, Jennifer Barth, makes that inevitable comparison book people resort to when citing true-crime writing that "transcends the genre": Truman Capote's In Cold Blood.

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More Is Caught Than TaughtMore Is Caught Than Taught - Dr. Stephen R. Graves — Read on / Leadership.

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Not evenYou've probably heard this one: "Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part." It's a great saying.

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The Supreme Court bulldozed the First Amendment's separation of church and state in Espinoza v. Montana.His stunning 5-4 decision forces states to fund religious schools—and augurs even more radical rulings down the road.

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How much water do I really need?My daughter turned 13 two weeks ago. Last week at the breakfast table, she held my large measuring cup filled with water and a red drinking straw.

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Did you know?Did you know during pregnancy your body's demands for iron increases? From early in the pregnancy, an additional demand for iron is placed on the body to support the production of extra blood to carry oxygen.

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Relationship Challenges During Lockdown 5: Adjusting your boundaries part 1Creating boundaries that cater to your needs and wellbeing is an ever evolving process that takes work.

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Migraines and Motherhood: How to Parent When You Have a MigraineMigraines disproportionally affect women during their prime parenting years. Here's how to make it through when a migraine strikes and your kids are home.

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Tips to be an active familyBeing active helps us build strong bones and muscles, it makes us feel better physically and emotionally and it's good for our heart.

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How to live inside, from the author of The Great Indoors.Emily Anthes didn't set out to write a book relevant to the pandemic. The timing just aligned.

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