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Why Biden still hasn't reversed Trump's sanctions on the International Criminal Court.He may, partially, agree with it.

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Neera Tanden confirmation: Biden's nominee for OMB director has become the most bipartisan issue in the Senate.It's probably not what he had in mind.

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Day Fifty-One in Lockdown #3.008:34 Sergeant Major Lindsay starts the daily roll call. “Abigail, wake up. You have Form.” “I don’t today.” “Oh.

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Don't count your chickens.Its been a while since I wrote anything and it appears that lockdown 54 has not inspired the creative side in me very much.

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The Father review: Anthony Hopkins stars in a dementia movie unlike any other.And not just because it reveals a whole new side of Anthony Hopkins.

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Emergency C-Section: Emersyn's Birth StoryHey! In the very end of my Pregnancy Story I talked about how Emersyn was going to come early.

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A Georgia pastor on why his church risked expulsion from the Southern Baptist Convention.About one-third of the Towne View Baptist Church in Kennesaw, Georgia, left the church in protest.

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Big ReasonsHe’s a good provider”, “He’s a good dad”, “He’s nice some of the time”, “I’ve been with him a long time”.

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Parents' emotional handlingEmpathy was talked about in the last three articles. It is easy to write, but it is actually quite difficult to do.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 24thThe UK added 9,985 cases today.

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The E-BIKES Act—a bill to create a federal tax credit for electric bikes—is a good idea. E-bikes for everyone!Why shouldn't the government help Americans get electric bicycles?

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Mask and aerosol research: The CDC's secret star research subject is a disembodied rubber head.Sometimes they have lightbulbs for eyes.

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Ultrean Air Fryer sale: Get it for under $60.The Ultrean Air Fryer is now $59, or 38 percent off the regular price.

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Water Is the Ultimate Parenting HackWe've been talking this week about the best parenting advice you've ever received , and out of those discussions came a shining gem that I could not, in good conscience, keep to myself.

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Wedding! !Find pictures, updates, and more about Family Fun Pack Facebook: : : Instagram: Twitter:. Instagram: Instagram: ' Instagram: Instagram: Instagram: Pets: guys, I'm Kristine and I began documenting my journey through motherhood here on YouTube in 2011.

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Accept the UnexpectedMy prediction was that I would fail at blogging. Other things get in the way!

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Fact Pattern Similarities Between Lawyering And ParentingPrecedent is EVERYTHING to a little kid. Allow something once, in any degree, for anyone remotely similarly situated, you better be ready to argue precedent and distinguishing facts FOreVEr.

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Biden's impossible choice on Afghanistan.He probably doesn't want to pull all the troops out of Afghanistan. He definitely doesn't want to send more in.

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Teens, Phones and Internet: Taking Control BackSUPERNANNY MOMENTS WE LOVE THE MOST: is here to tackle tantrums, fights and naughty kids all over the world!

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My Biggest Fears of Being a Stay at Home DadWhen I got laid off last April the first thing I thought was, What now?

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5 bits of advice for my son who is living through more than a pandemic!It has been a tough year for everyone and some more than others. For the youth of today& it has been exceptionally tough.

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What a Page from my Book on the Jack of All Trades Looks LikeI cant remember if youve seen what an actual double page looks like in my coffee table-suited book, published back in April, called You Dont Know Jack!

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Trying to stay positive!Like a lot of people it’s been hard to feel and think positively what with everything going on in the world.

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Why Humble Mama?Photo by Ann Nekr on So, I started this blog last summer and have yet to make it public because I wasnt ready.

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Who is Paula?Paula is& A mother of two children. One five year old energetic daughter and an inquisitive 18 month old baby boy.

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Parenting and Teaching During a PandemicBreathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Taking three deep breaths has been part of my daily routine since the pandemic began in 2020.

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Cheerios Sensory BinFor Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do something special for Theo, since he basically does the same things every day: play with cars, play with balls, play with the dogs, eat, nap, watch Songs for Littles.

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Lucy Mecklenburgh likens parenting to a 'military operation' after dash to doctorsLucy Mecklenburgh called on fans for advice about how to manage childcare as well as work commitments after she dubbed juggling the two a 'military operation'

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StepparentIve had five different stepparents. Two I liked and three I didnt. One of those that I didnt like, was married and divorced to my mother twice.

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U.S. Ranks Fifth in Best Places to Raise a Child, New Global Parenting Index FindsNestlé today announced the results of The Parenting Index, a first-of-its-kind study examining global parenting experiences.

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Browning of days"A valiant effort." A Princely concept once common. Seemingly gone with the knight. A simple response after an unsuccessful attempt - in sports, in academics, even with basement hobby crashes and burns.

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15 of the Best Shows to Watch on Disney+ StarDisney+ Star brings 75 new TV shows to the streaming platform from this month.

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Biden Reverses Trump Effort to Block Legal Immigration, Lifts Green Card FreezeBiden Reverses Trump Effort to Block Legal Immigration, Lifts Green Card Freeze.

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A Letter to the Pandemic MommasTo the new moms, Im thinking of you. My first baby was born in different a move away from family and our community, before we had our people in that new place.

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Mombie nounA sleep deprived super mom who runs off of caffeine, leggings, sticky kisses, and messy smiles.

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I've Got ThisToday, I write for my friend. My friend has something new coming up in her life.

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Lyrics Post: "Get Back Up Again"So good, this message. Sung to millions of millions upon millions more children. Through a fun, full-length feature film called Trolls. Oh so SO GOOD.

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Dubai: 9 Fun things to do with the kids this weekendFrom space-themed adventures to sweet nostalgia, there's so much to do.

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Life In ArmpitI think I have made enough snarky references about the small town we live in for it to be clear I am very unhappy here.

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Beware Of Predators That Hunt Children!Show love to your children. Tell them you love them. It wont be new to them when the wolves pretending to be a sheep try to deceive them with love.


Post-Pandemic Separation AnxietyDr. Corinne Masur More people are getting vaccinated, spring is coming, and little by little we may be able to get out more than we have been.

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Mid-week apologetics boosterGood morning friends, Here is a random quote from Nuggets:There are thousands in the present day just as blind in their way as the Jews.

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Goldie Hawn talks children Oliver and Kate Hudson's parenting in rare interview about famous familyThe First Wives Club star is a doting mum to Oliver and Kate Hudson, and Wyatt Russell.

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Brand new for 2021  blissful bebe in nature!The last year has been incredibly challenging for everyone, especially new parents. The isolation, the trauma, the change in birth plans and scans , the anxiety, the lack of baby groups and social interaction have made maternity / paternity leave tough for so many.

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A Word… With Jason Johnson premieres Friday.The show will feature tough, smart, and surprising conversations about race in American politics and society.

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You're Still Teaching MeWhen I was younger, I would think I don’t learn neat things from you like my friends from their dads.

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The Neverending PrickDoes cocaine make you a manipulative prick or were you one to begin with, without any added stimulative effort”, asks Co-Op Board Member Number One with stone cold detachment, a 50 something well dressed CFO who never met a Brooks Brothers striped shirt he didn't like.

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About MeI’m B, a twenty-something new mum living in the UK, just trying to navigate this whole new crazy life.

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Ayda Field shares hilarious video of Robbie Williams feeling 'frustrated' with repetitive parenting routineLoose Women star Ayda Field shares hilarious video of Robbie Williams getting 'annoyed' with repetitive parenting routine.

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25th February 2021I’m not so much fed up of seeing the constant advertisements popping up on my phone with suggestions of unnecessary purchases, but fed up with me being suckered in and feeling life as I know it is incomplete without the said item.

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The Flashbacks Kept Me Gripped  Gripped 4: Smoke and MirrorsMichael Farinacci By Michael Farinacci, University of Notre Dame In Gripped 4: Smoke and Mirrors by Stacy Padula, I loved the multiple, intertwining storylines.

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Morning Moms: Newtown, Bucks County mother shares parenting hacks for pandemic livingIn today "Morning Moms," a mother from Newtown, Bucks County has become somewhat of a pro at juggling her young children while working from home during the pandemic.

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Whole-Brain and No-Drama Podcast PlaylistAs we close out The Whole-Brain Approach, we wanted to give you some recent podcast episodes with authors Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson.

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Dear Prudence: My husband blames me for his chocolate addiction.He certainly is defensive, if he wants to say the problem lies with you for wanting to have chocolate in your home without him swiping it when you're not looking.

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Teacher butting into custody arrangements: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.How can I get her teacher to stop making these comments?

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11 Top Tips If You're Heading To Deer Shed FestivalI'll share with you throughout this post things we loved but I'll focus on some tips to help you get the most out of the weekend if you're planning on heading to Deer Shed Festival 2021.

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The Mexican elites who are traveling to the U.S. for COVID-19 vaccines.So it is not surprising that with their own federal government failing to contain the virus or provide vaccines in a timely manner, even as the country has one of the highest COVID-19 fatality rates in the world and ranks third in total number of deaths, Mexican elites are once again looking north for their safety net.

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100DaysOfHomeEd  Day 17Socialization  breaking myths about isolation and #homeed.

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Easy DIY Mars Perseverance Rover Craft for Kids to MakeA fun and easy craft for kids to make a simple Mars Rover inspired by Perseverance and the images coming back from Mars.

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Speaking the Truth in Love to TeensYour words can strengthen your long-term relationship with your teen or push them away. John and Danny offer advice on correcting teens in love.

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Free Shamrock TemplateDownload our free Shamrock template PDF that's perfect for kids crafts and activities this St Patricks Day plus easy ideas on how to use it!

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Mothering Our Varied LivesIndeed, to relocate the heart of existence in the home and in motherhood is an inherently subversive artistic act.

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Practical Parenting: All in good timeOur children help us to continue to grow and learn about ourselves too. The medical and psychological professions have worked hard to help us with developmental milestones.

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Child's Play Toys: Ensuring Materials are SafeBefore becoming a mom, little did I know about toys safety. Every time I needed to buy a gift for the children of my relatives, I would opt for the most appealing toy without even looking at the back of the label.

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The Gift of Presence with Caroline WelchAs we raise our children, we grow ourselves. Authentic Parenting is a weekly podcast where I explore how you can find more calm, connection and joy in parenting through the process of self-discovery and inner growth with a trauma-informed lens.

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In the NestAlmost three years ago we became empty nesters. Bushboy graduated and moved out to begin the next chapter of his life story, which we totally support.

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How to teach kids financial literacyThough there are several programmes and courses available for kids to learn about money and business, typically these are not included in the regular curriculum of schools.

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Mistakes you make as a parent, based on your zodiac signAs you become a parent, you try your best to excel in the art of parenting.

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In conversation with Jess McLishWelcome to Coeur et Maman, thank you for joining us today. If you had an opportunity to write your own bio, how would it read?

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5 habits to help you be a happy mom.The first couple of years as a mother is the toughest. Especially if you are a mom for the first time.

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My heart is fullApart from all the caps I wear, MOTHERHOOD is definitely and undoubtedly what I was called for to do on this Earth.

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Post-Pandemic PlansIn a careful, knock-on-wood way, we are starting to think about post-pandemic plans, from big things to little ones.

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Black Women's Health Imperative President and CEO Linda Goler Blount on the Black maternal mortality crisisBlack Women's Health Imperative President and CEO, Linda Goler Blount, talks to Liz about her accomplished career, why the health of black women is at a crisis-point, how her grandchild motivates her, and why scientific data matters when it comes to improving maternal mortality outcomes and other health disparities for black women.

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The DilemmaOkay, you guys. I have this serious dilemma and I need your help. Except I dont need your help so much as I need you to NOT JUDGE ME!

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SporesSoftly blown about by infinite entropic breezes.

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Where is the Instruction Manual?My main goal in life for over 20 years has been to be the best mom I can be for my kids.

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One Year AgoThanks to Facebook, I was reminded that this was a snapshot of our new normal as a family of 5 exactly one year ago today.

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I Made an AdultA Review of Tracy Crisps I Made an Adult. You Will Love This! The bodice of her house dress matches the tablecloth.

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The Problem with Modern EntertainmentThat's supposed to be funny. Well, to me it's offensive! When I was young, audiences would be stunned and offended at that sort of thing.

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Pink Shirt Day 2021This post may contain affiliate links. As an affiliate partner I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

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Tiger Woods Will Survive For His ChildrenHowever as a human being who, like Tiger, has had many ups and downs, I want to send this positivity out into the Universe in the hopes that it helps Tiger to keep things in perspective - the only thing that matters is that he is alive to be a father to his children.

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Milestones Make for Bittersweet MomentsEvery parent knows the feeling of watching your child hit the milestones for their age group.

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Do Not Hit Children. Or Anyone.How one could ever spank / smack a child or animal in todays world is beyond me.

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Great and Powerful Oz, Make Me a Good MotherI've been listening to L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with Bub.. It is much less scary and more four-year-old appropriate than the movie, I promise.

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In StepIve joked that I only do things for three years at a time. Teach 3rd grade?

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From one mom of a Kindergartener to anotherDear mom of a Kindergartener, Today felt extra hard. Going back to virtual school was anything but easy.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's marriage and divorce, as seen in Kim's 5,425 Instagram posts.In 2012, Kardashian began two of her most important relationships: with Kanye West, and with Instagram.

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DŸ”† Fears of parent divorcingI told T about how husband and I had lots of mini fall-outs in 24 hours and how last night youngest son said he really worried we would divorce and live in separate houses like some of his school mates.

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FrustrationIt looks like Yorkshire. It feels like Yorkshire. Its moody, dark, windy and cold. It is Yorkshire.

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1992 Parenting1992 was an awesome year. Not awesome for everyone obviously because many terrible events happened, but it was awesome for 7-8 year old me.

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Gold Dust Doula: Combining Fine Craft and Birth WorkAmy first learned of midwifery while working as a nanny and felt drawn to the career....

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NBA Top Shot bubble: Highlights available free online are selling for thousands at auction.This is bizarre—but it fits a pattern we've seen again and again in 2021.

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Well, It's Like ThisHi Quirky followers! An announcement and a request – I’m making a change and would love for you to join me.

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Congress might actually expand the lower courts.Court expansion may be a political football today, but that's a recent development: For most of American history, Democrats and Republicans routinely worked together to expand the size of federal courts.

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COVID relief bill: Republicans try to fight against what everyone wants.It's hard to rally the American people against sending the American people checks.

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Great ExpectationsIn the dark of predawn I lay in bed, tucked snugly beneath my downy comforter, sleet pinging against the windowpanes in soft yet fitful waves.

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Episode 393: The Lovers, the Dreamers, and You, with Angela JoyWhat do you do when your kids ask difficult questions about race, crayons, and culture?

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NightlifeWhat actually happened: I brushed my teeth on my way to bed last night and heard noises from the kiddies’ room, so froze.

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Relationship anarchy: Does my girlfriend's reason for cheating on me actually make sense?Did she really not do anything wrong?

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Sparkle Momm Marketing Named Top Phoenix Women To Watch 2021 By Phoenix Entrepreneurs MagazineTOP ENTREPRENEUR TO WATCH 2021 #BOSSBABE Proof: Mompreneur Pivoting and Leveraging the Growth of Small Businesses!


Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro, reviewed.Klara and the Sun sounds like a follow-up to Never Let Me Go but might actually be a sly riposte to The Remains of the Day.

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HED Daft Punk breakup: anime Interstella 5555 might be their most interesting and influential work.It's not the duo's best-known work, but it might be their most interesting and—for me—influential.

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RebirthI arrive early and sit in the teeny waiting area. I feel anxious so I pop a strong mint into my mouth; I find it helps keeps my mind busy.

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Being A MotherOn a lighter note, from a child’s perspective, a mother is very confusing to understand at times I must say!

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Report: An Arizona software system is keeping incarcerated people from early release.Whistleblowers say this is just another example of a software system creating problems in the Arizona Department of Corrections.

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Tomorrow You Are SixA family lifestyle blog about the adventures of parenting four under fives - family travel, kids fashion and our day to day adventures.

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Thank you to my 100+ followers! !Hello, how are you doing? I hope you are well and keeping safe, I am!

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18  My Favourite StoryDear Grandchild, Heres one of my favourite stories, as told to me by your great-grandmother: There was once a woman who became engaged, and she brought her fiancà home to meet her parents.

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Prenting Rule no. 1Prenting or dealing with kids, rule no. 1 is dont think of kids as kids.

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Rep. Chip Roy, gerrymandering, and Texas blackouts: Republican politicians made the Texas freeze fallout worse for Austin residents like me.The crisis proved that our representatives feel no obligation to their constituents.

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Hey you!Every homeschool is different, just like every school is different. As I age and my children age, I face my conviction that my educational instinct does not graduate with my children.

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The secret of getting your kids to sleep, according to a child psychologistFirst scientific study into the parenting issue recommends seven ways to help children aged two-to-eight drift off at night. Shared .

Keeping Busy As A Stay-At-Home MomThinking outside the box is a must when you are a stay-at-home mom!

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Chess grandmasters on the best tools to improve your game.These tools can make all the difference in your play.

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Farewell to GhilaniA dad kills his inexperienced family in a homebrew campaign for fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons.

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BagongNanayQOTW: Anong hack mo to manage both work and family?I remember having a home-based job right after I quit my full-time work. Namiss ko kaagad yung daily grind, kaya nag-apply ako sa as a communications manager for a Canada-based health company.

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UK Briefing Education Special with Gav 24th Feb 2021Losses of life: 121,747. In hospital: 16,803.

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EATWe provide our videos for entertainment and promotional purposes only. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, or usefulness of the content, instructions and advice contained in our videos.

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Christian Parenting, Ten Commandments, and Les MiserablesChristian Parenting, Ten Commandments, and Les Miserables Written, Not with Ink Teaching about the Atonement Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace.

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Week 21-Let It OutBe angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger.” Ephesians 4:26.

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7 Things the Pandemic is Challenging for UsThis week we recognized the 500,000th death in the United States to Covid-19. It would be shame if we did not at least acquire some new insights.

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A Long Hair IdentityIve been thinking a lot about hair lately. The pandemic has put a halt to getting regular cuts.

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Apology Line podcast review: Wondery's latest true crime hit has one big problem.The Apology Line squanders an irresistible hook and a trove of tape.

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Paul Rusesabagina's trial in Rwanda and how digital technology helps governments target critics abroad.Spyware can make entire networks or communities vulnerable to surveillance, threats, and even physical attacks.

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Why Even Stay-At-Home Parents Need Life Insurance!Most parents who are employed usually have a Life Insurance plan for themselves and their loved ones as part of their benefits packages—but what if you are a stay-at-home parent and do not have access to an employer-led policy?

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Lockdown parentingMany parents, especially those with babies born in lockdown are feeling increasing loneliness - one single mum describes the challenges of having twins in this season and how connecting with a Church toddler group and parenting group online has helped her.

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Designer Look Homewares on a BudgetDesigner Look Homewares on a Budget - get a high-end look at a rock bottom price with this deceptively pricey-looking supermarket range.

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I still haven't seen the second Avengers yetAnd as I'm sitting here drinking coffee out of my batman mug I think I've come to the conclusion that the three best superheros hands down would definitely have to be : Batman The Punisher Spiderman or Ironman - I can go either way here Deadpool gets honorable mention at # 4 but I think&.

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7 Ways To Help Your Child Know The BibleOne of the more memorable parts of my wife’s and my day is the bedtime routine with our elementary-aged children.

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UAE: What's the best age for children to start school?The UAE has delayed the age at which kids start school - but how much does age matter?

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The Semifit Dad Blog  Operation School Drop-OffAfter walking the dog this morning, I took time to make my youngest daughter a breakfast sandwich before clocking into work.

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Write down your taskI was never the one to be organized, more like a scatter brain lol. However once I started my businesses, I realized there were more task that needed to be done than my brain could keep up with it....

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Aggravation Level:Sky HighThe cats are pissing me off today. First they kept coming in the bathroom while I was trying to clean and of course, the door will not shut properly cos nothing works right in this place&I got frustrated and tired and only half assed the bathroom.

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Top tips for cleaning your family sofaPinterest Facebook Twitter Buffer YummlyOur family sofas have to put up with a lot. Ours are used for playing video games, making forts, reading, snuggling and watching moves, sport and TV.

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Kate Middleton's special parenting trick to discipline George, Charlotte, and LouisAll our kids are stuck at home during the pandemic. Any help we can get to help discipline them is needed and Kate Middleton has her own special way of doing it. Shared .

What Is the Best Parenting Advice You Ever Received?A lot of parenting advice is bad advice. It's not just that standards and societal norms change over time, it's also that when something works for one parent and one child, that one parent tends to see their method as the "right" way or the best way—or even the only way.

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Childcare author Sarah Ockwell-Smith tackles tweens in latest parenting guideThe Herts and Essex High School alumna offers advice on how to manage the stresses of bringing up eight - to 13-year-olds in her new book, Between.

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Andrew J. Ciszewski 1982-2020. Our friend, A letter to your sonsAndrew J. Ciszewski was a friend of ours from the poorest neighborhood in Buffalo, NY.

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The TableLets liken diversity to a family potluck. We are each there because we belong and we each bring something to the table.

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Slay Like a MotherSlay Like a Mother Katherine Wintsch Non-Fiction When this book first became available, I thought to myself, my kids are in their twenties this book isn’t for me.

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ReviewHoming Instincts:  Early Motherhood on a Midwestern Farm by Sarah Menkedick Sarah Menkedick spent her twenties consumed by wanderlust, trekking across the globe from one adventure to another and sitting still long enough to wax poetic about her travels.

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Parenting? Whats The Big Deal?When I began conducting parenting and family life classes and workshops years ago, I promoted them from a base at Coastal Carolina University.

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Grief: Infant LossWhen you lose your child, you are always wondering what you did wrong. At least, I do.

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Lost camera forums: the pleasures of looking at pictures strangers have misplaced.How misplacing my own Euro trip snapshots ignited a love of other people's pictures.

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Win a Mason Cash mixing bowl and a supply of raisins from South Africa #SARaisinsWe've partnered up with Raisins South Africa to give away a gorgeous 26 cm stoneware mixing bowl from Mason Cash, with its traditional, distinctive pattern.

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Kivotos Hotels and Villas a€“ A beautiful family-friendly hotel for luxury Santorini holidaysNow, visiting a heart-stopping Greek island like Santorini is a reward on its own. Paired with a luxury stay that provides every single thing you will ever need for stress-free vacations is like hitting the jackpot.

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Grand jury returns no charges against Rochester police after deadly arrest of Daniel Prude.The city's response reeked of a coverup.

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Thought BoxNot sure where this idea originated, but its one Ive used with the kids since they seemed open to it.

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Best Jokes for Primary Aged ChildrenI asked yesterday on my twitter and Facebook pages if people could tell me their best jokes for primary aged children.

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Even) If you work hard, you may get what you wantPernah nggak sih Momijen tiba-tiba merenung, kenapa jaman sekarang ini ribet banget ya jadi orang tua?

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The horrorDay 45 I guess it was inevitable but it’s still a shock; the schools will reopen in two weeks.

The Sarcastic Witch Shared .

CrashI was super high functioning yesterday. Feeling optimistic. Did not wake up that way today.

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Lent Lessons for Your Children&.In The Year and Our Children, Mary Reed Newland talks about teaching our children valuable lessons during the grace-filled time of Lent.

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Has your child been groomed? Know the signs of grooming and how to helpA guide for parents on how to spot the signs of grooming, and how to support their teenagers.

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Why Women Should Be Financially IndependentLately, I have been seeing an interesting post about women and their views about being financially independent.


100DaysOfHomeEd  Day 16Whats the autism diagnosis process like for home educators? Is it worth it?

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Stop A.S.SU.M.I.N.GIm sure by now we both know what the word assume means! If not, stop reading and come back tomorrowthis post might not be for you!

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A Light At The End Of The TunnelUK family lifestyle and parenting blog written by Alex Gladwin. Based in Buckinghamshire.

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Groundhog DayArapahoe Basin, Gully #4. Dude, Ive been dropping steeps since I was nine& I love asking questions.

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First BirthLANGUAGE WARNING** During my pregnancy I drowned myself in information about what to expect. I am a bit of a planner, so I need to know how everything is going to pan out and like everyone to know where they need to be.

Alison Lloyd Shared .

The Favourite Way To Do Date Night a€“ reviewed January 2019Our tastes tend to diverge, so when a film comes along that fits in our Venn diagram of things we like, my husband will usually be keen to point this out so that we might actually get to go to the cinema.

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When Your Child Has An Upset Tummy a€“ thoughts from January 2019My eldest child has experienced various minor health issues growing up, the most dramatic of which was glue ear which required the insertion of grommets.

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Travis Scott shares how parenting Stormi changed outlook on lifeTravis Scott and Kylie Jenner welcomed their daughter Stormi Webster on February 1, 2018.

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Dairy free sconesEnjoy perfectly light and soft dairy free scones. They're completely vegan and they're made with plant based butter and milk!

A Mummy Too Shared .

It's Hard Work Not Messing Up These KidsI do it for the world and I do it for them. Messing these kids up just isn’t an option.

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Free books for kids: Dolly Parton's Imagination Library ProgramFor as long as I can remember, I knew books were magical. Now, as a parent, receiving a free book for my child every month makes making magic even easier.

Abby The Sociologist Doula Shared .

Anti-vaxxer family and newborns: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.Parenting advice on anti-vaxxer family, "spoiling" kids, and house guest anxiety.

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Plan AheadUK family lifestyle and parenting blog written by Alex Gladwin. Based in Buckinghamshire.

Bump to Baby Shared .

HypothyroidismSo I finally got a kind of diagnosis, its been a long time coming. So my diagnosis so far is hypothyroidism and prediabetes.

Hibiscus_Flower Shared .

Winter Pasture by Li Juan, reviewed.Memoirist Li Juan spent minus-20-degree nights with nomadic herders in the Chinese steppes. You'll want to join her.

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Germans have coined 1,2000 incredible words to describe every part of COVID life.During the otherwise Nietzschean abyss of the early pandemic, one of the few bright lights was a new German word: Hamsterkauf, which began circulating in German media last March.

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Biden wants to "reinvigorate" funding for the COPS office.He wants to give yet more money to a federal office that has helped facilitate abuses in policing.

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Stuffed Paper Bag Bunny CraftThis is such cute Easter craft for kids, you'll want to make a whole bunny rabbit family!

Kids Craft Room Shared .

Laced Paper Plate Cherry Blossom Tree CraftA fun spring craft to introduce kids to sewing and develop fine motor skills. An educational paper plate craft kids will love.

Kids Craft Room Shared .

Cupboard, Fridge and Freezer Inventory &.This Free Printable Cupboard, Fridge and Freezer Inventory is exactly what you need in your life to help you with your meal planning.

The Diary of a Frugal Family Shared .

What people forget about the FarrowIn 1992, a Vanity Fair writer called Maureen Orth wrote what is still considered to be the most succinct account of the legal facts of the prosecution of Woody Allen by the state of Connecticut.

Sophie's Voice Shared .

Parenting In Focus: Teen brains really are differentThe first years of a child's life are certainly critical because of the major brain development.

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Teaching Children Self Care RoutinesA lot of learning happens in the first few years of a child’s life. From rolling over, walking and running to counting and writing their name, your child is learning a lot!

Mr Mizrahi's Blog Shared .

We Had Snow All WeekI love snow so much and our recent snowy week was a very welcome distraction from grief.

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Here's what new parents need to know about 'catnapping'The short sleep-wake cycle where the little one wakes up in 30-45 minutes after being put to sleep is called 'catnapping'.

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Everyone Has a Therapist But MeMy sons therapist asked me to stay behind today, and I cringed feeling as if I was being asked to stay after class.

How Did I Become A Housewife? Shared .

Your three best thingsThere are many helpful and interesting articles, watches, and inspiring reminders. I say reminders because often we already know what’s recommended to keep our mental well being on track, but sometimes we either forget, are too worn down to do them, or are just lethargic from the struggle and cannot face it.

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Book Readalong March 2021Come and read with us this month. Check out this month's book club read and feel free to chat with us about it.

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David Gandy on the highs and lows of parenting in a connected world love Fatherhood World Technology MatildaThe supermodel talks to Prudence Wade about fatherhood, technology and his love of CBeebies show Hey Duggee.

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Signs that you are parenting right, according to expertParents are often worried if they are doing things right. Though it's easy to get caught in the comparison trap with other parents, here are seven signs which indicate that you are an awesome parent and you don't need to worry.readmore.

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Worried, Wearied, and WeepingWhen you wake up in the morning, what is your first thought? Some of my go-tos are, How is it morning already?

Mama Pep Talk Shared .

Heads Up: You May Have Second ChildMy son returns to watching Netflix. He knows its no-screen time. However, he saw that I am back to accounting and he snuck away to turn it on.

The Unconventional Child Shared .

One-Star Reviews of Parenting ExperiencesInspired by a New Yorker article.

Parenting Roundabout Shared .

Nine Months of Elimination CommunicationWhen I was pregnant I thought, Why can I train a puppy to pee outside on command but not get a baby to do it till theyre three years old?

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How to Hold Boundaries as a ParentYou become a parent and suddenly people feel free to spout a never-ending-flood of advice and opinions on your body, baby, and parenting style&.

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Special Broadcast: Sexual Health and Intimacy after having a BabyThe meaning of sexual health changes as we grow from adolescence to adulthood, and even more when we become parents.

Baby Brunch - The Parenting Series Shared .

First and ForemostBeing a parent is the best thing that has ever happened in my life and the most rewarding.

Being A Parent Is… Shared .

They're Your ArrowsI’m often astounded at the general public’s perception toward mine and my wife’s lifestyle choices.

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It's okActuallyIt’s so totally okThat I’m tiredIt’s a massive jobBeing a humanIt’s a massive job Being a parentTo small humans The world is in utter turmoilSo much doesn’t make senseOur innately, exquisitely intelligent children can see this so clearly And they knowThey know how to pull us back to the truth of our reality They...

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Children are mean, even when they do nothing dŸ¤£So, I had a sad sad realization today. I was walking the halls of my sons school to get to the gym wear he was having an Archery meet.

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Can Democrats raise the minimum wage through reconciliation? We'll find out this week.It all comes down to the subjective linguistic judgment of an unelected congressional functionary.

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Get Control Over Your Child!Photo by Kelly Sikkema from Unsplash Recently, someone I care about told me, “You need to get control over your child or...” basically he’ll become horrible in the future.

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Media Mentor Month 2021We are now in our 4th iteration of Media Mentor Month  surely the perfect time to mix it up!

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Only in TexasIf youve forgotten or havent clicked around on the news lately, Ill remind you that we had a literal, honest-to-God blizzard last week.

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February BluesI'm tired, y'all. Not the "" tired. I'm exhausted deep down... in my bones and my soul.

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Axe Me About ItMy friend Ber and I enjoy each other’s company. We have for about a decade and a half.

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That bloody flyI see this on Facebook, and I had to share it, as its so true.

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The little hatchback that couldn't& and embracing imperfection.As I was shifting into first gear, I missed the sweet spot again and ended up peeling out of the private school parking lot.

Justahopefulmom Shared .

Crime Scene Cecil Hotel: Netflix's Elisa Lam documentary brings true crime back to its disreputable roots.Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, Making a Murderer.

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Family Affairs Network: A Community For Parents and Intending ParentsWe focus on positive and effective approach to parenting, education, relationship, healthy living and fam...


Can you get the vaccine in your butt?Could you get the benefits of a COVID vaccine by having it injected into your butt instead of your arm, if for some reason you wanted to do that and were capable of finding a medical professional who would do it?

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Remembering the poet, publisher, and free-speech crusader behind the rise of the Beats.He was poetry's rock star.

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The National Guard, Capitol riot, and congressional hearings: Who is telling the truth?Law enforcement officials can't seem to agree on the Capitol riot timeline.

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Parenting one year inAnniversaries are usually met with celebration and introspection. As the anniversary of our new normal approaches, I am reminded of a song that goes "life is a roller coaster and we just have to learn to ride it." As parents of school-age children, we have been riding quite the roller coaster since mid-March 2020.

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10 Questionable Parenting Choices In The CrownThe royal family portrayed on The Crown has raging family issues. What were the most questionable parenting decisions the characters made?

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Learning To Appreciate The Smaller ThingsMoney is a funny thing. You can’t take it with you. But can’t go anywhere without it.”“Rich or poor, it pays to have money.”.

Lifesvoyager Shared .

In The GardenYou dont have to earn Gods love. He loves us so incredibly much. Come to him with everything you have and let him heal and restore you to his glory.

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Germany you should  a seriesWhen you’re expecting or raising kids, being in Germany is fantastic. Why? In the Netherlands*, the conditions to become parents are pretty grim.

Robin Heinen - Ecologist - Entomologist - Traveler - Shared .

Ron Johnson Gets Conspiratorial at Senate Hearing Over Capitol RiotThe Wisconsin senator seeks to pin blame on anyone but Trump supporters.

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Sweet Momma.Sweet momma, did you know the sun rises when you rise? Tiny hands will touch your face and a tiny voice will say hello; tiny eyes, full of wonder, will smile at you and beg to start the day.

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How screwed is the Trump Hotel D.C.?The former president is stuck with a money-losing monument to his administration's graft, and so is Washington.

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Kids and The Hardest Job I Have EVER Had PART 1: HYPOCRISYDo you ever have those moments where you remember something embarrassing you did and in that moment you just want to crawl in a hole and never come out?

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My Birth Story: Child Born with Hypoplastic Left Heart SyndromeLess than 2 years after my first child was born, I was pregnant with my second child.

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What does Salesforce actually sell?Behind the flashy events and quasi-spiritual jargon is a software service that wants to swallow the whole business world.

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Day Forty-Nine in Lockdown #3.0It’s a Georgian lido! ” Lindsay hunts for her glasses then realises they’re on her face.

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Dog DaysSince I have understood her love of animals from this early age, when she would ask me if we can get a dog, I would tell her that she can get a dog when she moves out of my house.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 22ndThe UK added 8,489 cases today and now has reported a total of 4,13...

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BubblesDid you know bubbles work better in colder weather? I dont know the science behind it, but we have observed bubbles lasting longer when the weather is cold.

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Why Student Loan Forgiveness Is a Racial Justice IssueThe argument over how much debt to cancel—and how to cancel it—needs to focus on the causes of the racial wealth gap.

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Nicola Alpe: Five parenting hacks to get you through the early yearsParenting preschoolers can be hectic - here are a few shortcuts to make life easier.

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My Secret Fling Just Invited Me to His Cabin—With His WifeIf she doesn’t know, I strongly encourage you to speak with Mark beforehand and work out the best way to clue his wife in.

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Adrenarche and Neuroscience Backed Gentle ParentingThere’s been some interesting new challenges occurring with our Awesome Austin recently, lockdown has a lot to answer for, but also his developmental stage.

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How much are we really spending on World Book Day?A recent survey from nursery chain, Kiddi Caru, delved into the topic of World Book Day, and the thoughts and feelings it conjures up for a selected number of parents.

Family Budgeting Shared .

Cadbury Creme Egg cakesThese Cadbury Creme Egg cakes are totally over the top and that's what makes them so much fun!

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Jon Richardson's lockdown parenting story is so relatableThe comedian appeared on the The Chris Moyles Show this week and talked about the return of his podcast, while sharing his parenting tale of woe.

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The Best Peanut Butter on Toast RecipesThese peanut butter on toast recipes are perfect for a nutritious snack and they taste delicious.

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The benefits of franchising for parentsThe benefits of franchising for parents, after all if you can parent you understand flexibility and patience at its core.

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Great Rapper Parenting Moments That Will Make You SmileHere are great rapper parenting moments including Cardi B, Young Thug, Lil' Kim, Rick Ross and more.

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Yes, Biden Can Take On China and Climate Change at the Same TimeCritics suggest that these two goals are at odds with each other. “A Biden administration can productively fight climate change or it can edge toward another Cold War, but probably not both, ” the environmental journalist Kate Aronoff wrote recently in the New Republic.

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Hypomanic BurstWeirdest fucking thing. I took 2 Xanax to take the edge of my irritation and anxiety and and got a hypomanic burst.

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9 Questionable Parenting Choices In OutlanderFans of Outlander would probably admit that they wouldn't be taking parenting tips from the characters any time soon.

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The Love of a Father: What Strong Mothers Know About the Importance of a DaddyIn today’s society, single mothers are strong, tenacious, able women who can juggle the pressures of family and work without skipping a beat.

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Why isn't banking technology Senior friendly?Or for that matter, all technology? Why isn’t there Amazon Senior? Lloyd’s Senior? Anything that technologically savvy people have, should have an app specifically tailored to Senior users.

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Emergency Evacuation! !Find pictures, updates, and more about Family Fun Pack Facebook: : : Instagram: Twitter:. Instagram: Instagram: ' Instagram: Instagram: Instagram: Pets: guys, I'm Kristine and I began documenting my journey through motherhood here on YouTube in 2011.

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Good FeelsI’m addicted to Undercover Boss. I told my dental hygienist that she had to watch the one with Darius Rucker, former lead singer of “Hootie and The Blowfish, ” who wears an elaborate disguise to find new talent in Texas bars and on street corners.

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Kristen Wiig's lockdown parenting confession about her twins is so relatable!February 23, 2021-16:50 GMT Jenni McKnight Kristen Wiig joked about how she takes a breather from her twins on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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Busting the myths on Cognitive Behavioural TherapyThis is the second of two posts taking a closer look at Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

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Baby Friendly Activities to Help You Feel Sane While Stuck at HomeSo you had a baby or are going to have a baby during COVID-19&. now what?

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Four Powerful Ways to Raise a Conscious Child in a Culture of ExcessWe live in a society of excess - excess food, excess goods, excess information and the mindless consumption of these are giving rise to a generation of over-indulgent, self-centered and entitled kids.

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60>27And I always wanted to say, PLEASE START LYING ON YOUR FATHER! But nope only moms are in their big plan book.

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6 Tips for Your Kid's Bedtime RoutineKids need a consistent bedtime routine whether they are newborns or teenagers. Bedtime routines consist of all of the things that you and your kid do to get them ready for bed.

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New Illinois criminal justice reform law eliminates cash bail.New Illinois Law Makes It the First State to Eliminate Cash Bail.

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How Do You Know When to Throw Away Your Old MattressPinterest Facebook Twitter Buffer YummlyTake a moment and think about the things around your house that you use for hours every day of the week.

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Pandemic Parenting Is Causing A Talent Exodus: This CRE Group Wants To HelpA new group for working parents in commercial real estate wants to help stem the pandemic parenting talent exodus.

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2 Months with RyanAlready two whole months with my sweetest little bug eyed girl! The kids are still obsessed with her and we can’t even remember life before her! Shared .