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15 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors Herbs are easy to grow and have many great health benefits, we can use them in the kitchen, for making refreshing teas, or as natural remedies to make us feel better. Herbs can be grown in all spaces, from the smallest balcony to the biggest garden. There are herbs suitable for growing in dry areas, wet areas, shade or sun.

Wilding the land We want to wild the land. And that means trees. Lots of them. Woodland Trust are taking applications now for grants for the November 2019 to March 2020 planting season. It's pretty amazing to me that they will help with up to 60% of the cost of planting mixed, deciduous woodland, as well as providing advice and tree protection.

Creating a Forest Garden For years I've been fascinated by the concept of forest gardening. Elderberries grow in our woods, along with nut trees. But we've had little luck seeding logs with mushroom spores, getting ginseng to grow, or fostering the growth of berry bushes in partial shade.

Presenting at the Orlando Permaculture Meeting I had the pleasure of recently giving a presentation on the history of the solid waste industry at the Orlando Permaculture meeting Tuesday night. It wasn't easy following #GreenCelebrity Rob Greenfield's presentation, in which he spoke about his current project of only eating food that he's grown or foraged.

Permaculture Advice For Beginners Trying something for the first time can be intimidating, especially when it's something as big as learning how to live off your land. But like with any new adventure you shouldn't bite off too much at once. Instead, it's better to take the time to properly plan and educate yourself on what it will take to begin living a permaculture lifestyle.

Growing Turmeric in the Ground in Temperate Climates In the previous article Growing Turmeric in Containers in Temperate Climates, I mentioned that I had also discovered a temperate climate technique for growing turmeric in the ground.

New Vegetable Bed My Nematode issue in my primary vegetable bed means I can't plant tomatoes and peppers there this year. But skip them entirely? Blasphemy. Far better to convert more yard to garden. Here's the before picture of an ugly corner of my yard, where the shed meets the awful metal / chain link fence.

Down to Earth Permaculture is also a way of creating systems and designs that emulate nature and is tightly spun around its 12 design principles, which can be applied to everyday living. The underpinnings of this design are firmly hinged on the non-negotiable rules: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

6th Annual Fruit Tree Scion Exchange: The LoCO Lowdown Humboldt County's homepage.

If You Love It, Let It Go. I've said repeatedly that the Florida climate can be cruel. At the same time, it can be a haven for anything with the fortitude and constitution. There are always points where I can't keep up with things as I should or where I just step back a pace to observe and see what might happen.

Reading Lists for the Weekend It's a blustery, wet February evening here in London. We're tucked up and relaxing after a heavy week, winding down and recalibrating for the weekend. A weekend isn't down time without something in the form of a book in my world, and on my reading list this weekend are three things that I'm looking forward to:.

Over Winter For most people, weather is the stuff of idle chitchat: a thing you mindlessly comment about to fill the uncomfortable silence among coworkers or vague acquaintances. For gardeners, weather can mean life or death. Last winter was awful by Austin standards.

Permaculture or Spermaculture? Together, the Canadian women collaborated with Cuban permaculturalists to design and transform a peri-urban farm into a permaculture system, integrating ethics of transforming waste into wealth and maximizing biodiversity. "The Cubans were surprised that our group was made up of women only," recalls Seiferling.

The Decline of the West and How it Will Affect Your Life My website and all its posts have always been permaculture-focused, but from time to time I like to explore what's happening with society as a whole. It's hard to ignore the intensely geopolitical world we live in, and, for a permaculture farm owner, it's potentially detrimental to do so.

Bringing Permaculture to Gardening Community Permaculture is definitely reaching the mainstream gardening world, and that's great news! I'm now the permaculture writer for Good Organic Gardening Australia magazine, where I started mid last year with my first article 'Permaculture Explained' appearing in the May/June 2018 edition pictured above.

Yurt Life & Permaculture In High Sierra… In this weeks episode we travel into the High Sierra region of California to visit a dynamic young family who are living big in a yurt home on their 30 acre homestead / permaculture property.

Bulk Vanilla Latte Recipe I have never liked to keep milk at work. I never use it enough to finish it within the used by date, so I switched to latte sachets for convenience. Unfortunately, there is quite a lot of packaging when each serving is individually wrapped. So I have been experimenting with how to get the vanilla flavour I like using ingredients I can buy in bulk.

Our Pet Rabbits After many months of asking and negotiating, Frida Maria convinced us to welcome two female rabbits into our home. The things us parents do. Rabbits have reeked havoc on the Australian landscape.

Traditional solutions for a broken food system Doe-eyed and affectionate. Permaculture garden. Even late in the year, the garden is colourful with signs of life and growth. Kate described it as "a sustainable rural business", which grows organic fruit and vegetables on a seasonal basis. Now in its third year of operating the farm supplies two local shops within the wider community.

Lillie House Permaculture Permaculture, regenerative agriculture, forest gardening, sustainable home restoration, community organizing, edible landscaping: Pathways to plenty.

Bringing it All Together in Just. One. Diagram. The below diagram summarises coming up to three years of publicly poking around into how permaculture design is usually defined, discussed, and practiced. I am aware you might find it a little abstract or confusing at first. But before you head back out to the garden to harvest those spuds, I would ask you a question.

A Story of "Used to Be's" I "used to be" a photographer. A writer. I used to be a Corpsman and a Surgical Technician in the Navy. I used to be so much more than I am now - but a simple, tragic event changed everything that I am. I'm slowly coming back from that, but I've changed completely.

Crisis, Hope, And Permaculture 3 minutes - Join Geoff Lawton as he explores some of the most pressing issues of our time, soil erosion, climate change, pollution and food security. Learn how we can apply permaculture's ethical design…

UNH Professional Development and Training hosts online community development workshop Professional Development and Training at the University of New Hampshire is hosting a new online workshop to teach students how to apply permaculture principles to social settings.

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