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True North - Lackan Cottage Farm - Permaculture off grid smallholding Back in 2019 we spent a few days filming with Jon Thompson and he made this excellent short film for the BBC True North series.

Brendan and Gerry Our wind turbine is like a family member - we've got used to its various noises, from a gentle thrum of a light breeze to the light aircraft sound it makes in a high wind, and a variety of rumbles in between. So at first, I wasn't sure whether I could hear a new noise, an unfamiliar noise.

A basket of pastoral goodness, off the grid You can tell a lot about a country café by the size of its slice and what’s on the side.

Becoming an Auburn organization He has also been the president of the Auburn University Student Chapter of the American Society for Landscape Architects and the vice president of the Auburn University Student Planning Association. "Permaculture is a holistic, ethical design approach to create beneficial relationships between humans and living systems," Nisbett said.

Planter Box Compost Worm Tower I love a garden that's user friendly and any idea that makes gardening a little easier and more efficient gets an A+ in my book. My mum first heard about an in-built worm tower from a colleague at work and we thought it would be a great practice to implement in her newly built raised planter boxes.

These Young Colorado Farmers Are Changing the Future of Agriculture That humans must change their current agricultural methods to prevent the most dramatic consequences of climate change-like extreme heat waves and subsequent mass migrations from areas implicated by rising seas and desertification-if the planet continues to warm to 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.

Home Harvest: Host Callout! We're happy to announce we're working with Eat Well Tasmania and Sustainable Living Tasmania to hold the inaugural "Home Harvest" garden tour in the Hobart municipality! Special thanks to the City of Hobart for funding this great initiative.

Wanted: Changemakers who want to teach permaculture for a living & the planet. Join the Permaculture Educators Program in January & save $500. What a start to the year we've had! It's going to take some time to come to grips with such a disaster and loss. The planet and our communities desperately need care, repair and regeneration. We need more permaculture teachers in the world - practical activists, educators and designers.

Applying Food Forest Growing to Farms: Beyond Garden Scale A new food forest was designed and installed within one of the small pastures near the homestead gardens. Next to one of the farms' high-tunnels, this garden has become an experimental station, where a diverse array of edible and multi-functional plants are grown.

Using Kunekune Pigs in Land Management Editor's Note: This appeared in the Whanganui Chronicle on the 13th of January, 2020. But this month I mean it literally - some animals are more equal than others. In the eyes of the law certain animals are provided many rights and protections while others provided few.

Why You Should Do A Permaculture Course This Year This is why you need to do a permaculture course this year. It is a hands on way for everyone to learn about and practice imaginative sustainable solutions.

Choosing a Disposable Dust Mask Respirator for Air Pollution and Smoke Protection Disposable dust masks or respirators offer protection from fine particulate matter in the air such as dusts, aerosols and smoke. At the time of writing, respiratory protection has been in high demand in Australia due to the extensive bushfires sweeping through the country and the degradation in air quality to hazardous levels.

3 million Brazilian real in 18 days! Economic miracle or the value of the commons? Fruit of corruption, or just one of those ads using 'false news' to promise riches without having to work? Not one or the other. This story is simple and real, and it involve intelligence and community spirit, the nature of people.

Second Auburn meeting on living willow project set for Monday The second of two public meetings on a project to install a living willow structure at an Auburn park is set for Monday.

Marie-Josee Laforest: Harvesting the rewards of organic permaculture From five holy basil seeds, an oregano plant, a few stems of orange mint, six fig tree cuttings and a handful of butterfly pea seeds, her sprouts have grown to become a 200-hectare organic permaculture farm in the mountains of Asono, Oita Prefecture, a tiny hamlet near Aso-Kuju National Park.

Plum Rising Or it might have been just a pet. Or a cup. Or someone you didn't even know that well. Why do these losses sometimes crack us open so deeply? If Leonard Cohen, Canadian poet and songwriter, had heard the crack of the plum tree's trunk as the wind took her down, he may have said this:.

Episode-2577 - Nick Ferguson on Fodder Trees, Rare Plants, Permaculture and More Send me a written message.

DIY climate stabilisation - Make your own Biochar Concerned about carbon in the atmosphere? Dubious about governments' willingness or ability to do anything about it? Looking for some small scale, low cost, low risk direct actions that, on their own are tiny but that can, perhaps, combined with the efforts of others, make a useful contribution.

Community Garden Workshop Focus on Permaculture Healthy Franklin County and Wilson College are hosting a free community garden workshop Feb. 1 in Allen Auditorium, Warfield Hall at Wilson College. The workshop's theme is permaculture, a design system for ecological and sustainable living, integrating plants, animals, buildings, people and community.

Growing Herbs with Kat Lavers at Green Space 11 Jan 10:00 am - 11:30 am AEDT. Add to Calendar. Food Is Free Inc. Green Space. 212 Ripon Street South. Ballarat Central, VIC 3350. Australia. View Map View Map. Growing herbs is a great place to start gardening and most grow well in pots.

Designing cities for silence As an academic, I crave silence. In fact, without silence, I can't think. And since thinking is my job, in our current media blitz steal-your-attention economy, I'm often miserable.

Off grid, resilience and permaculture courses at Lackan In increasingly uncertain times, people are increasingly asking how they can do more for themselves. We've become so reliant on external sources of food, fuel, light, heat, and, to a great degree, knowledge, that it is really empowering to do more within our own homes and communities.

Introduction to permaculture course 2020 Skills for gardening, skills for life. Learn to design, inspired by nature. You'll learn tools to help you live a positive life, the way you want to. The day will open many doors for discovery and help demystify permaculture. Plus, we will go on a site tour of an allotment plot designed with permaculture.

A Taste of Permaculture This in-depth tour and workshop is for anyone interested in permaculture design, regenerative agriculture, backyard gardening, market gardening, urban agriculture, local food systems, sustainable and ethical animal management, fairness for agricultural workers, recycling organic waste, or the role of native restoration in agricultural landscapes.

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