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Wife's Sudden SURGERY Husband's Regret Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Wife's quick and unexpected surgery helps husband remember the shortness of life, and TWO things he regrets and has taken for granted. I've taught over tens of thousands of people to grow their own food.

Why play? Why connect with nature? Skyforest Yoga Playscape is proud to remind hearts on Earth that we are a valuable member of the Earth Family, each of us with forgiveable quirks and infinite possibility.

SAVE THE DATE: Parents Summit at The Playscape The first annual Parents Summit is scheduled to take place at Skyforest Yoga Playscape on Saturday, September 1st 2018. This is an all-day virtual event as well as an in-studio workshop and community celebration.

How To Rodent-Proof Your Compost Bin If you've got unwanted rodents living in your compost bin a simple and effective way of keeping them out is by adding vermin mesh onto the bottom of it. Vermin mesh is made from thick wire and has small squares that baby rodents can't squeeze through.

Thought it was CRAMPS Much WORSE : Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Sudden and unexpected cramping pain gets gradually worse and becomes unbearable. Rebekah checked herself into the hospital and found out she had something much worse than cramps. Here's what happened.

The magical Mournes We went off up the coast to Killough to a plant swap event this weekend, an on the way home discovered one of our favourite views ever of the Mournes.

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Making Friends with Trees A practice called How to Befriend a Tree was offered in the first edition of Emergence Magazine. I was drawn in by the article, having cultivated admiration, familiarity and friendship with the trees surrounding me in our forested home in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Rooting Edible Plant Cuttings in Water Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Curing Bacon and Ham without Nitrates There are two ways of curing meat - a salty brine, or just plain salt. I will share recipes for both. Brine-cured meats are preserved for a shorter time, and also are ready to eat sooner.

Why my Farm ISN'T a Permaculture EDEN Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! ext book permaculture isn't always real life, and implementing a great design is going to take A LOT of work and A LOT of maintenance. This weekly farm updates looks at the good, bad and ugly of our permaculture farm.

Sagging Chicken Fence GONE Forever :) Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! A Chicken is dead After getting out of this Saggy electric Fence. Today, I'm breaking out the BIG tricks to fix the problem once and for ALL. I've taught over tens of thousands of people to grow their own food.

The New Moon Experiment As we bring our attention to the moon, its phases begin to have meaning in our lives. The New Moon is an opportunity to set intention and connect with desires. When we share our goals with others, write them down and take time to envision them manifesting, we increase the likelihood of achieving those goals.

Better DIY Soil Block Trays in Minutes Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! We're going back to the walled DIY soil block trays. We just experimented with Wall less trays but they FAILED as they dried out too easily and seeds didn't germinate. Back to the tried and true ↓↓↓↓↓↓ CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR RESOURCES↓↓↓↓↓↓.

Welcoming the Unknown Decades ago, when I was a scout leader in Venezuela, we used to go to a mountain's cave. I am both scared and excited, I have chosen a path with undefined borders and depths. I have no plan and carry a lot of burden with me that I will have to deal with or choose to let go.

Taking on Permaculture On the 29thJune myself and many EVS volunteers went on a trip to a community space that practises permaculture. This trip stuck in my head for some reason and was actually why I wanted to start writing a blog.

Chickens + PIGS = SUPER Garden Prep Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Putting the Chickens and Pigs together to prepare a future garden area. Implementing ONE simple trick to keep the chickens from getting eaten by the PIGS. Stress free solution offers major cut in chores.

Garden Update ~ Life in Death and Flowers Galore It's so amazing how nature sorts itself. I've mentioned the weeping birch in front of our house, which according to neighbors, has struggled for five years. I kept trying and trying to keep this tree alive, but it turns out a dead tree really does support more life than a living one.

Ordering Bare-root Trees Online? My Experience Early march, I put in an order from the Tree Store for :. Trees arrive as dormant rooted cuttings. So, they look like a dead stick with roots on. It can be pretty startling if it's the first time you've ordered trees like this before.

Zucchini! Zucchini is one of my all time favorite vegetables. I like it almost any way you can prepare it. I have always had a hard time growing zucchini in the past. Jeff has also had a hard time… mainly with squash bugs getting his plants in the past. Apparently the team effort was what we needed because our plants went crazy this year!

Is my Family Cow SICK or PREGNANT? Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Drawing blood to figure out if my family cow is pregnant or just ill. ALSO in the vlog: Moving meat chickens, checking on the blended flock, and training chicks to the new coop. I've taught over tens of thousands of people to grow their own food.

How To Make Goat's Feta We're lucky enough to have a milking goat on our property - a splendid toggenburg called Gerty and her daughter Jilly Love Face. You can read about our urban goat system over here. When you have milking animals, thoughts rapidly move to….what do I do with all this milk.

Getting familiar with permaculture AAA organises awareness programme for farmers.

Citrus Nutrient Deficiency Yellow Leaf with Green Veins One of the most common nutrient deficiencies seen on citrus is the yellowing of the leaf with dark green veins. Citrus are heavy feeders and are prone to nutrient deficiencies in autumn when they're fruiting heavily and maturing their fruit, and magnesium deficiency is a common occurrence with citrus during this period.

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