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Home Compost Booklet We are pleased to finally be able to share this little bit of news with you. This year we were lucky to work with the City of Hobart and local illustrator Rachel Tribout to create this free booklet all about Home Composting!

Winter Water NIGHTMARE Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Too much chore time spent on these empty, frozen and dirty waterers. The quest for a winter water solution continues. ALSO, last call. No worries, grab it for keeps, here:…

Extinction Rebellion - Rebellion Day in London There is still a chance to be a part of what Marco Lambertini, the Director General of the WWF calls a 'truly historic transformation.' At the moment, we still have the opportunity to change things. But it has to be soon. According to Lambertini, the window for action is 'rapidly closing' and we need to act now.

Groundings 1 - growing the soil This year I have been going to ground. I have been paying attention to soil. I ask for a lot from my garden, and I can't keep taking, taking, taking. I have to give back. So this year's focus has been compost. Over the year, I've developed a closed system - using everything in the immediate vicinity that I can use to bulk up and nourish the soil.

Forests are F cking Important I look around me and I see the gifts of autumn: vibrant hues of orange, yellow and redAs the leaf factories take a break from chlorophyll production to rest for a while, instead.In addition to physical attraction, our connection to trees is profound, They are quite miraculous beings to be around!

Romania, a land of contrasts We entered Romania 12 days ago, through the border town of Drobeta-Turnu Severin, on the Danube River. Pretty much EVERYTHING we had heard from friends and other bloggers centred on how incredible Romania is to cycle and travel - so, of course we had to go!

Hawkesbury Veggie Barter community gets new permaculture garden Grow and swap community for organic produce.

GIANT PIG Vs tiny pig ~ Which one's Best? Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! We're looking into two kinds of pigs. One is a HUGE traditional breed, the Herford. The other is a heritage breed, the American Guinea Hog. ONE grows to be 800 POUNDS! The other grows to be 500 pounds.

Passive House and permaculture are a perfect mix Graham Whiting of Whiting Design has been working on a Passive House design for a family of permaculture farmers south of Guelph, Ontario.

Stanley sustainable farm Black Barn Farm hosts opens day STANLEY sustainable farm Black Barn Farm is throwing open its gates on Saturday. Visitors are invited to see a commercial scale permaculture orchard and nursery in its infancy.

Permaculture funraising for food gardens - 26 days to go - would love your help. Only 26 days left for our permaculture funraiser and to get ready to leave for Africa! Yellow fever jabs done, Naturopath's first aid kit made, visas in process, oops - passports need updating! This morning I had a great chat with Annie Gaffney, morning show host of ABC Radio, about our forthcoming journey to Uganda and Kenya.

How collaborative urban farming allowed a French winemaker to rethink its business model Country of origin labelling. Sustainability. Dual Quality Food. Food prices. Natural and clean label. Sugar, salt and fat reduction. All Events. Shows and Conferences. Editorial Webinars. Online Events.

Farmer Attempts to Move His Cows to New Pasture Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Tricky move for the cows today. Up and over. PLUS, nerf gun wars, LIFE routines AND Who I voted for. I've taught tens of thousands of people to grow their own food. INVEST in Your Food Growing SELF:.

Starting in the middle In order to write up my various projects for my Permaculture Diploma I have been going back through my books to remind myself of the structures and principles. And something has struck me. Although it is not explicit, there is an assumption that the site is essentially bare.

Kale - Pentland Brigg Despite the current unseasonably mild weather in the UK, we have had our first frosts. And that means it is time to harvest the kale. This year, I've tried Pentland Brigg which is a short-lived perennial kale. I got the seed from Pennard Plants, and germination was excellent.

Autumn wines - Lackan Cottage Farm - Permaculture off grid smallholding So far this year we've made wine from elderflowers, gorse, blackcurrants, redcurrants, raspberries, and rhubarb. Now that autumn is here, we have a new selection of crops from which to conjure wines. Although most of our peaches were made into jam, enough were saved to make a couple of gallons of wine.

More Goaty Goodness Just a quick post to let you all know that for this week I will be officially answering goat questions over on the Permies forums. Here is the link. If you have any questions about goats at all, feel free to ask over there. I would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to my Kickstarter campaign so far.

Designing a more ethical food system for ourselves The process looks like this:. Survey - What food do we buy, particularly from supermarkets? Analyse - What did the survey tell, how can I use that information in the design phase? Processing data to turn it into information. Design - How's best to proceed?

Kaitiaki Farm Weekend 2019: 23rd-24th March We open the farm to tours twice a year: March and September. Kaitiaki is an exemplar permaculture farm where we engage whole systems design and management in food production, land restoration and water management. The internationally recognised 'learning farm' draws students from over 20 nations to enrol in the eight-week PDC internship programme.

Syntropic Permaculture in Temperate Climates Or Syntropic Agriculture and Temperate Climate Permaculture Design Syntropic Farming is a farming revolution grown out of Brazil and made famous by Ernst Gotsch and the Life in Syntropy short documentary. Syntropic Farming seeks to cultivate resilient ecosystems that are abundant, financially viable and heal abused land.

RetroSuburbia Rollout Retrosuburbia is more than just a book - it is a wholehearted celebration of empowered do-it-yourself and do-it-ourselves culture. With the book now into its second print run, the retrosuburbia team is focusing on complementary ways of getting the ideas out there: we are calling this the 'Retrosuburbia Rollout'.

The Right to Roam: tips for first-time foragers The food is all around us. It's under our feet, along the path edges and next to the highway. It's in the sand dunes, all over our favourite park and down nearly every back lane. There's food out the back of the doctor's surgery, hanging over the fence.

Apocaloptimist What do you, as a permaculturally minded person, do when you hear really big, bad news on the global level ? I guess most people look around and see that things aren't that bad right now and place the information on the "doesn't concern me" shelf in their brain.

Our Compost Station The stuff of dreams this is. We've been talking about it for quite some time and we finally finished it. Introducing our dream Compost Station. FYI - that rogue chook shouldn't be there. We've got humanure bays, a compost bin, worm farm, chickens and goat systems all clustered into one compact, pretty spot and it's awesome.

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