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GrowGuide: Cherry Tomatoes If you live in hardiness zone 6, then now is the time to start your tomato seeds indoors. Tomatoes are one of my favorite things to grow, because I never liked tomatoes before I started growing them myself. They are one of the most rewarding plants because they produce so much and are so versatile.

Hotel Waste Streams and Permaculture Principles We decided that 2020 was high time for Playa Viva to revisit our own waste streams inside the hotel.

Research and Education at Anantgram Farms: Building on Solid Ground "The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts," said C.S. Lewis ingenuously. This truth about education and the role it plays, comes alive at Anantgram Farms even in the literal way. It gives a clear indication of the core of the farm and one of the fundamental pillars it is built upon.

Australian Native and Exotic Fire Resistant Trees and Plants for Fireproof Landscapes Fire protection is especially important in Australia, the driest continent in the world, which is plagued by periodic bushfires.

Home Sweet Home Last week, my mom broke the news to her co-worker that her daughter had dropped out of college to go live in a tarp in the woods. Yikes. But what fun! Welcome to my tarp house. Me and my partner, R…

PERMACULTURE BLITZ! - Ecological Regeneration Workshops To Be Held At New Paradigm College LUCERNE, CALIFORNIA: Earth Activist Training and New Paradigm College announced today a PERMACULTURE BLITZ - a series of regenerative land workshops led by Starhawk, Lindsay Dailey, and Regenerative Land Management advanced permaculture students.

Heather Jo Flores on the permaculture patriarchy and finding joy in the garden Heather Jo Flores is a jack of many trades: writer, activist, instructor, permaculture lover. From an unstable childhood spent in urban areas on the West Coast of the US, she went on to join environmental activist communities, campaigning for the protection of forests and serving food to people in need with the global collective Food Not Bombs.

Introduction To Permaculture Permaculture is a relatively new term, purportedly coined less than 50 years ago. But, it is only the word that is new as the concept is much older. People have been harnessing and mimicking the processes of the natural world in beneficial ways for a long time.

Bushfire Resilient Land and Climate Care Here is the Executive Summary to give you a taster:. Fire is an intrinsic part of the Australian landscape. It has become more destructive since European colonisation, and over recent decades, we have experienced even greater destruction due to accelerating climate change and changes in land use.

Restoring Community Foundation for Intentional Community. Film Review. Planet Community is a series of five ten-minute documentaries about creating "intentional communities" - situations where people choose to live cooperatively with non-relatives.

Gharge, Pumpkin Poori We recently had a bumper harvest of 50 kgs of pumpkins. Pumpkins can be stored for as long as six months after harvest. If you notice the local vegetable shops, the usually keep full pumpkins in shelves and cut them open only when people ask for it.

August 2020 Permaculture Design Course Northey Street City Farm. 16 Victoria Street. Windsor, QLD 4030. Australia. View Map View Map. Visions of an Ancient Wisdom. Northey Street City Farm Permaculture Design Course.

52 Climate Solutions Drought, fires, floods… we are many to blame climate change. There remain some who deny its existence. The Earth is flat. Putting this aside, I cannot help but witness what we do every day that contributes to the deterioration of our environment and climate.

Pick fresh produce at new Permaculture Garden A new garden at the Botanic Gardens is giving visitors the chance to pick some fresh produce while learning all about permaculture. Bundaberg Regional Council's nursery operator Diane Southwell said the new Permaculture Garden was created from a vacant block of grass.

Permaculture for Health and Wellbeing - free event A free event exploring permaculture for health, wellbeing, medicinal food forests and a visit around Tapeley Park food forest.

A Climate of Emergence A combination of forces has now brought the 'climate emergency' to mass public attention. Banks, corporations and governments are climbing on board daily as I write, lining up to fight the War on Carbon.

Green Architecture Day 2020 Green Architecture Day is back in Brighton with talks ranging from climate emergency designing and carbon neutral solutions, to circular economies and green roofs.

The Circus in the Sunshine State Circus of Purpose has been very busy since returning to Florida. Events, gatherings, shows, and more events-the caravan and its various units and characters have been involved in a multitude of projects. November kicked off with Unicorns Unite, where FAM-Jam kitchen did its first full setup, and Unity Rising performed on stage.

Organic Farm & Garden Bus Tour 8:15 - Arrive at meeting point. 8:30 - Bus leaves to Margaret's house. 9:00-10:00 Guided tour of Margaret's Moss's permaculture garden. For Margaret the road to good health starts in the garden. A productive garden is a great source of food and components needed for home-made natural cosmetics and herbal remedies.

Permaculture Skills Retreat Jalan Raya Sibang Kaja, Banjar Saren. Abiansemal. Badung, Bali, Indonesia 80352. Indonesia. View Map View Map. Join us this July and August to experience farm living and learn hands on skills in permaculture on our abundant farm in Bali.

How to design a water system for your permaculture garden Water is an essential ingredient for plant growth and abundance, and as such, it should be the first element to integrate in a garden design. In permaculture, water is to be collected and reused, and earthworks should be designed to optimise the use of this precious resource.

Integrated Pest Management in your garden Northey Street City Farm. 16 Victoria Street. Windsor. Brisbane, QLD 4030. Australia. View Map View Map. Are you tired of growing beautiful pesticide-free vegetables only to find the grasshoppers and possums get to them before you do? Are you spending too much time dealing with weeds?

Citizens' Assemblies for the Climate Crisis - Free Events in Melbourne Australia, February 2020 I've been asked to share the details of a series of community events being run by Coalition of Everyone which will be held over the month of February, 2020 in Melbourne Australia. 4 February 2020, 6.30-8.30pm, venue tbc. The first mock Citizens' Assembly in the Sustainable Living Festival is on the issue of fashion.

Microclimate of the Crystal Palace When I quit my job after more than a decade as a trial attorney to move my family to rural Maine and focus on a life of reduced cost, reduced consumption, and more focused living, I had the same conversation on loop for about three months.

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