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Eagles NFL Draft Options at No. 25: Jerry Tillery Eagles history at DT in draft: The Eagles have taken four defensive tackles in the first round since 2000 - Corey Simon, Mike Patterson, Brodrick Bunkley and Cox. All but Patterson were among the first 14 picks. Only the Rams and Jaguars have also taken four tackles since 2000.

Kate Smith ‘God Bless America’ Purge Continues, As Hockey’s Philadelphia Flyers Ban Her Music, Cover Statue UPDATE: The Kate Smith purge continued today, as hockey's Philadelphia Flyers also said they would no longer play the singer's version of "God Bless America" at their games. Smith's legacy has been under fire after a report surfaced that she performed songs with racist themes in the 1930s.

Flyers To Stop Using Kate Smith's Recording Of 'God Bless America,' Cover Statue After Alleged History Of Racism "As we continue to look into this serious matter, we are removing Kate Smith's recording of 'God Bless America' from our library and covering up the statue that stands outside of our arena." Smith's legacy is now under the microscope with new attention of racist songs and advertisements that was part of her career.

The Songbird of the South Or should we evaluate Abraham Lincoln in the context of his whole life and conclude that, whatever disagreements we may have with him, the country is better off overall because he lived? And what of Kate Smith, the "songbird of the South"?

"God Bless Kate Smith - Happy Easter!" As expected, the response to the Flyers' decision to cover the Kate Smith statue at the sports complex is all over the place. Here's a guy slipping two signs underneath the ropes currently holding whatever fabric this is in place:. I have no opinion on the matter.

Philadelphia Flyers and New York Yankees to cut all ties with Kate Smith She first sang "God Bless America" on Dec. 11, 1969. Smith would later sing it in person numerous times, including right before Game 6 of the 1974 Stanley Cup Final. Her last live performance was during the 1985 Stanley Cup Final.

Philadelphia Flyers Remain or Remove: Radko Gudas If I told you Radko Gudas would have been the Philadelphia Flyers most consistent defenseman in his own zone before the 2018-19 campaign, I definitely would've been called crazy, and yet here we are a full six months later.

Revisiting our pre-season over/under predictions Unless the power play struggles out of the gate and he gets moved up, it'll be quite the challenge for him to get to 30." - Brad. Hey, what do you know: the top power play did struggle out the gate and he did get moved up and he'd probably have hit 30 had he not got hurt.

Flyers cover Kate Smith statue, pull rendition of 'God Bless America' The Philadelphia Flyers have followed the lead of the New York Yankees and cut ties with late singer Kate Smith, citing a history of potential racism in her music. A statue of Smith, whose music career peaked before and during World War II, was covered with a black tarp near the Wells Fargo Center on Friday morning.

The Flyers Officially Cut Ties With Kate Smith Yesterday, the New York Daily News reported that the Yankees were replacing a 1939 recording of "God Bless America" by Kate Smith. I outlined the overtly racist lyrics and pointed out the issues they presented to the Flyers' long-standing affiliation with Smith.

Flyers Turn to Vigneault to Snap Stanley Cup Drought Eval; After a year out of coaching, Vigneault takes over a fallen Philadelphia Flyers franchise. He seems to expect a similar quick fix. "I was looking for was an opportunity to win; an opportunity in the short term to win a Stanley Cup," Vigneault said Thursday.

Flyers To Stop Using Kate Smith's Recording Of 'God Bless America,' Covering Statue After Alleged History Of Racism Before playoff games, the Flyers have long paired video of Smith performing "God Bless America" with Lauren Hart for a duet. The team, however, has not used the rendition since the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

So The Yankees Apparently Dropped Kate Smith Because She Sang Blatantly Racist Songs If you've attended or even watched a Flyers game over the past few years, you've heard the #1 Anthemist in NHL Lauren Hart bridge a time warp in a duet of "God Bless America" with Kate Smith. To my recollection, that duet didn't happen at all this season.

NAC's Jim Worthington, National Fitness Foundation look to get America's youth in shape You don't need to be reminded that, in general, Americans need to get in better shape. No one has to tell you that more than a third of our population is overweight and two-thirds aren't fit enough to pass minimal training standards.

Yankees Reportedly Stop Using Kate Smith's Recording Of 'God Bless America' After Learning About Alleged History Of Racism PHILADELPHIA - The Yankees stopped using Kate Smith's rendition of "God Bless America" after learning about her alleged history of racism, per the New York Daily News. Smith's 1939 recording was played during the seventh inning for 18 years. Smith is well known for singing the song before Flyers games in the 1970's.

Vigneault Vows to Bring New Mindset, Consistency to Flyers Early in Vigneault's introductory press conference on Thursday, it became apparent why Fletcher felt he had found the right person for the job. Vigneault talked at length about the approach he will bring to the Flyers, one that involves approaching the game with the right mindset.

Despite 'reputation,' Vigneault insists Flyers' youth will be served VOORHEES - Once a less-than-flattering reputation gets started in professional sports, it's a hard thing to stop. And so it seems to be the case with new Flyers head coach Alain Vigneault, who somehow may have been perceived to be someone who really hasn't shown an interest in developing young players.

Confident Vigneault believes he can win a Stanley Cup with Flyers VOORHEES - After a year off, Alain Vigneault said he wanted to get back into coaching again but only if the right circumstances presented themselves. He chose the Flyers because he believes they can give him the only glaring thing missing on a glowing resume: A Stanley Cup.

BSH wants a do-over Your bracket has to be submitted in just under an hour and you've finally got a moment to sit down and fill it out. You look at the East. This is the easy part. Tampa Bay had 62 wins in the regular season. Surely they're the favorite to win the Cup. Bank it.

Philadelphia Flyers: Thoughts on the Alain Vigneault Press Conference After hiring the 16-year NHL Head Coach on Monday, the Philadelphia Flyers officially presented Alain Vigneault to the Philadelphia community on Thursday morning.

NHL Ultimate Playoffs: Metropolitan Division Please refer back to my previous post here to see the format for this ultimate playoff and check out the results for the Atlantic Division here.

Takeaways from New Philadelphia Flyers Coach Alain Vigneault's Introductory Press Conference Today was the first day new Flyers coach Alain Vigneault got to meet with the assembled media. With general manager Chuck Fletcher by his side, Vigneault acquitted himself quite well. Fletcher noted that AV represents a caliber of coach that doesn't just become available often.

New Flyers head coach Alain Vigneault came to Philly to 'win now' For Flyers fans desperate for the team to free itself from the seemingly endless cycle of mediocrity, hearing Alain Vigneault speak for the first time as the team's head coach was a sure breath of fresh air.

3 reasons why Alain Vigneault joined the Flyers Alain Vigneault gives three reasons why he accepted the Flyers' head coach job and No. 1 was to win a Stanley Cup in the short term.

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