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The Big Shot photography competition Congratulations to Stephen Smith, whose shot of his daughter and dog in St Ives is this week's winner of our competition in association with the tailor-made trip specialist Audley Travel. He receives a £250 photographic voucher and makes the shortlist for the main prizes, which include an 11-day holiday for two to Botswana.

Maine Photography Show awards announced The Maine Photography Show awards have been announced today, Saturday, April 4! All first place awards appear here. The juror of the 2020 MPS show was Greg Rec.

White House photographer Pete Souza shows off what gear is in his bag Souza breaks down the gear he uses and shows off images he captured with nearly every piece of equipment he highlights.

Should you still be visiting and photographing clients? There's not really that much to say about this video from Ryan at Small Moments Studios. It pretty much speaks for itself. He's been stuck in his house now for 23 days and his business is on hiatus, Why? Well, there's kind of a global pandemic going on.

Weekly Wrap-Up: March 29-April 4, 2020 Bob Coates kicked off the week with a great look at the FotoPro Eagle E-6H tripod for nature photographers, and then Mykii Liu gave us an in-depth look at different hard drives to consider in celebration of World Backup Day.

A Look Into White House Photographer Pete Souza's Camera Bag Former White House photographer Pete Souza often gets asked about the camera gear he uses, so he posted this 11-minute video to Instagram this week to show what's in his camera bag. Before he starts discussing gear, however, Souza offers some words of wisdom.

Tips for Making a Successful Photography Project - Daniel Milnor Before and during a photography project, there are many key points that will make your project much more successful. These tips will help you nail these points.

TikTok Star Draws Heat for Crashing Wedding Photographer's Shoot A photographer and TikTok star is catching criticism after posting a video of himself crashing a wedding photographer's photo shoot with a bride and.

I Shot Military Survival Training with a Holga Toy Camera My name is Corban Lundborg, and I just completed a series of rare military survival courses at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington, during February 2020. I was authorized to bring a film camera to the field portion of SERE School.

Blaenavon photography competition deadline extended BLAENAVON Town Council's photography competition has been extended indefinitely. Entries for the competition had been set to close on March 31, but due to the coronavirus outbreak the Town Council has pushed back the deadline for the foreseeable future.

Retouching images, 10 years later We can't get out and photograph as easily as we used to. So what are we to do? Serge Ramelli takes us through a fun exercise of retouching some of his best photos from over 10 years ago. Retouching old photographs makes you see how you've grown as a photographer, and also lets you apply new techniques to some of your favorite images.

Doortraits – the corona lockdown answer to the portrait In an unprecedented time of Covid-19 self-isolation photographer Jim Barker has set out to create a new style of photography.

Best western: Photographer Jane Hilton explores the American West Photographer Jane Hilton has a penchant for the American West. She tells Peter Dench about her travels.

Edit gold tones in lightroom, part two In my second part about how to achieve gold tones in Lightroom, I dive into the color adjustment and split toning panels. If you haven't checked out part one yet, click here. Let's jump in!

India by Andreas H Bitesnich - Book review India must surely be a candidate for the most photogenic country in the world. Nigel Atherton takes a trip via this luscious visual feast of a book.

Justin Bieber Shows Off Photography Skills With A Glam Photo Of Hailey Bieber In A Bathtub Justin Bieber shows off photography skills on social media with a glam photo of Hailey Bieber in a bathtub. Read on to know more details.

Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN Art sample gallery When will you finally admit that showing R/Z/X and M43 mount with an E/F/EF and K mount without correction is just arbitrary bias. Yes I know Adobe doesn't allow you to disable lens correction on the other mounts. But there are ways around that, or you use the better option and show all lenses with lens correction.

DPReview TV: Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN Art review We put it to the test and came out impressed. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get new episodes of DPReview TV every week. We are retrieving offers for your location, please refresh the page to see the prices. Looks a lot better than the mediocre DSLR version which was disappointing after the excellent 24-105 F4 ART.

20 photographs of the week Physical distancing, self-isolation and lockdown – the most striking photographs on coronavirus from around the world.

Camera Club: photography competition winner revealed WHILE many excellent photographs entertained the Oxford Mail reporters this week, one image stuck out with its inventiveness and skill. The theme for this week's camera club was 'self-isolation' and rising star Sarah Wade tackled the difficult brief courageously.

3 Simple Photography Composition Rules for Using Depth of Field In this video, Pye shares three photography composition rules for controlling depth of field, specifically in relation to when we should shoot wide open vs closed down apertures. I'm a huge fan of creating guides and simple frameworks to help photographers understand the thoughts and techniques that go into capturing great images.

Food Photography With Cheap Equipment It can be very easy to get sucked into thinking that you always need the latest and best gear out there to produce professional shots, but you might be surprised by just how much you can accomplish with entry-level gear. This excellent video will show you the sort of food photography you can do even with basic equipment.

Update on the rankings from our recent 'Microphone pre-amp shootout' Following our recent microphone pre-amp shootout there was a lot of controversy surrounding the results from the Sony a7 III, so our team went to work. Alex, our audio engineer, repeated his tests on a second Sony a7 III body. Using the same Zaxcom URX100 receiver he repeated his original test and got the same result as the first time.

Look for the Helpers: teen tutors, drive-by photography As our area is faced with ongoing changes due to a growing pandemic, we are bringing stories of people doing good in the community during a time of uncertainty. Online Tutoring. A Dos Pueblos High School student spent her entire spring break working on an online tutoring site to help her peers.

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