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Pre-teen Angst in Papua New Guinea I have been listening, on the advice of my friend Cliff Baise, to this deep trance meditation music. It’s amazing! There are.

Ebb and flow: Britain's tidal coastline – in pictures Photographers David Levene and Christopher Thomond picked spots around Britain’s coastline at high and low tide.

'I went loopy': the photographer who walked 12,000 miles from Wales to Poland Michal Iwanowski came across some graffiti in Cardiff that said: ‘Go home, Polish.’ So he did. The 105-day slog almost broke him – but it restored his faith in a volatile, fractured Europe.

The Photography World Has Changed Forever, but Does It Matter? Nikon and Canon recently released their much-awaited mirrorless cameras, and the Internet has been abuzz ever since with reviews and what seem to be everyone's opinions. There is no doubt some things have changed in the photography industry, but does it matter?

Sunday Comics: Eat pie! Adobe Stock - The marketplace where videographers and photographers make money with their video footage and still photographs. Become a contributor today! Illuminati Instruments - Maker of the Illuminati meter that measures flash and ambient, color temperature and chromaticity in a compact case that links to a smartphone.

Get some perspective: Hong Kong high-rises – in pictures I like to create images that often lack a single point of interest, ’ says photographer Patrick Stewart.

On Photography: Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1898-1995 "I have to be as much diplomat as a photographer." - Alfred Eisenstaedt. The Associated Press hired Alfred Eisenstaedt in 1929 to work for them as a professional photographer out of their office in Germany. Before World War II, he photographed notables including fascists Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Joseph Goebbels.

Photography 101: The difference between fixed and variable aperture When I purchased my first DSLR - a Nikon D5100 - it came with a kit lens. It was 18-55mm and had a variable aperture of f/3.5-5.6. While the focal range was fairly common and a great starter, the limits of variable aperture soon became noticeable. So what is the difference between a fixed and a variable aperture in a zoom lens?

From F to Z: we tour Nikon's Sendai factory Covering almost 27,000 square meters of floor space, Nikon's Sendai factory in the Tōhoku region North of Japan has been churning out cameras and lenses since 1971. I had the opportunity recently to visit Sendai during events to mark the launch of Nikon's new Z mount.

Black-and-white photography: ultimate tips for the perfect shot Here are six pictures from the Black and White category of Digital Camera magazine's 2019 Young Photographer of the Year and Photographer of the Year competitions so far. Make sure you enter your shots now to be in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes!

Detailing the Jules Verne Museum Shot Another 50+ Hours Wow this was quite an epic mission! I recently sold all three prints of the Jules Verne museum photo to three collectors. All intere.

Your pictures: share your photos on the theme of 'circle' Wherever you are in the world, this week we’d like to see your pictures on the theme ‘circle’.

The big picture: communal keep-fit in Soviet Russia Young Russians get in the limber, comradely spirit in Vladislav Mikosha’s 1937 image.

Learn How to Edit like Mark Singerman Instagram Photographer in Photoshop Time to explore some cool options to develop our photographs! This time we'll study the craft of Mark Singerman in Adobe Photoshop.

Why every photographer should watch Pupparazzi Watching the show was entertaining and educational. Here's why every photographer should watch Pupparazzi. The show starts out with Kaylee and her fiance driving to a shoot for an ad campaign. On the way, they stop to visit an animal shelter filled with rescue dogs from puppy mills.

Finding Beauty in the Mundane as a Photographer As many of you know, learning to see, or learning to see in a deeper way, is the journey that every photographer should be on. But that can feel like an overwhelming task. This challenge will help. Mundane is defined in the dictionary as the everyday, ordinary, or banal.

Observer archive - anti-Nazis in Nuremberg, 24 September 1969 While the Observer reported the 1969 West German elections with dry analysis and a colour piece from East Berlin, photographer Bryn Campbell covered a rally of the far-right National Democratic Party. He came back with this award-winning, page one, photograph.

Polarr Deep Crop Uses AI to Auto-Crop Your Photos 'Like a Pro' The photo editing software company Polarr has launched a new iOS app called Deep Crop that uses AI to crop your photos " like a professional photographer." "Over the last 3 years, we've been exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and human-computer interactions," the company says.

A celebration of red architecture – in pictures A new book edited by art historian Stella Paul and published by Phaidon celebrates architecture in red.

Get Inspired by Color Grading Using Stock Photos and Video Sometimes you wake up in the morning, and it's hard to find inspiration. Other times it's just easy to fall into the same old ruts and continue to go the same way time after time. But looking at the work of others, especially if it's work that sells well, is a great way to learn new techniques.

Nikon Coolpix P1000 sample gallery It's a conspicuous-looking superzoom with one main job: getting you really close to far away subjects. We've put together a gallery showing the kind of results you can expect from it.

Instagram leak claims post re-sharing feature is in testing A new report from The Verge claims Instagram is currently testing a feature that allows users to re-share posts to their own account feeds.

Autumn in Kyoto From the Archives How about a blast from the past? Here is a Very Old Video from Japan. I made this on one of my first trips there. Obviously, I was s.

Sigma To Announce 5 New Lenses at Photokina 2018 Sigma will introduce 5 new lenses at Photokina 2018, according to a leak on Japanese site Nokishita.

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