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Huawei P30 Pro video teardown lets us peek inside the 5x periscope-style tele lens Looking at the video it is quite impressive how Huawei has managed to squeeze this much technology into the P30 Pro's thin smartphone body, particularly considering that the huge 4200 mAh is taking up a large proportion of the available space.

Photos: Mourning and Anguish After the Devastating Attacks in Sri Lanka After the horrific Easter Sunday bombings, loved ones mourn in Sri Lanka, and supporters offer prayers from around the world.

How I Helped Put McWay Falls on the Map for Nightscape Photos During the spring of 2012, Steven brought a few people there, and although Steven didn't try to keep the place to himself, McWay Falls remained off everyone's radar as a nightscape destination. Fast-forward exactly one year, to 2013.

Amazing Winners of the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards Announced For his moving series that investigates the rising suicide rates of farmers in India, Italian photographer Federico Borella was named the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards' Photographer of the Year. Borella's series Five Degrees is just one of many incredible sets of imagery recently celebrated at the contest's London awards ceremony.

Alex Maclean's aerial photography is devestating It is often said that whenever one needs to assess a task at hand, the proper step is to look as far back as one can see. This is the philosophy among certain aerial photographers, whose task has been making sense of the build environment after the Industrial Revolution.

Aenne Biermann's 60 Fotos The Weimar Republic coincided with one of photography's few major inflection points. As a consequence, no other location propelled photography forward quite as much as Germany during its ill-fated attempt to establish a democratic society.

"The Origin of Photography: Great Britain" at The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum is hosting "The Origin of Photography: Great Britain," one the first exhibitions in Japan to focus on early British photographs. The exhibition is on view through May 6, 2019.

Video: COOPH shares 5 inexpensive ideas for macro photography Cooperative of Photography has published a video on its YouTube channel that offers viewers five macro photography ideas. The video aims to demonstrate ways to capture striking images without investing in expensive equipment; one idea, for example, includes instructions on transforming an empty chips canister into a flash diffuser.

The Cameras That Shot the Winning Photos of World Press Photo 2019 While Sony has made huge strides in the camera market over the past year - it became #1 in full-frame cameras in the US last year - its use by the photojournalists in World Press Photo hasn't changed. Only a single finalist photographer was confirmed to have used a Sony camera for their work.

How Rhinos Changed the Trajectory of Ami Vitale's Career For a long time, Ami Vitale's dream was to be a war correspondent. After graduating with an International Relations degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, she worked as an Editor at the Associated Press and then moved abroad to pursue journalism, eventually becoming a war correspondent during the War in Kosovo.

Event photographers: Here's a backup plan for printing Being responsible for photographing an event is stressful by itself. Adding on-site printing can make it more stressful, especially if something goes wrong. Here's a simple solution that that can be used by itself or as a backup plan for printing.

RawTherapee 5.6 adds new Pseudo-HiDPI mode, 'unclipped' processing and more RawTherapee is free to download for Linux, macOS and Windows computers. The developers behind RawTherapee have created a helpful Wiki to explain the tools as well as a 'Getting Started' article to help kickstart anew users.

How to Bring Something New to Film Photography However this is not the entire truth: as with analog film, many of the factors involved in exposing, developing, and printing are subjective when compared to certain digital manipulation techniques, including most Photoshop uses.

Tokina Unveils the FiRIN 100mm f/2.8 1:1 Macro Lens for Sony Mirrorless Tokina has unveiled the new FiRIN 100mm f/2.8, a 1:1 macro lens designed for Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras. The lens, which is "great for portraits and landscapes too," features a minimum focusing distance of 11.8 inches, and captures a life-sized 1:1 reproduction with subjects at that distance from the sensor plane.

'Photographer' Named One of the 25 Worst Jobs in the US Many hobbyist photographers dream of one day becoming professional, but here's something that may give you pause: "photographer" has been named one of the 25 worst jobs in the USA.24/7 Wall Saint used data from CareerCast's 2018 Jobs Rated Report as well as the U.S.

Interview: Commander Terry Virts, space photographer Moonrise and moonsets were awesome. Those pictures are just amazing. In a good sunset or sunrise, you can see so many details in the clouds. The chip doesn't capture it like the eye does, but it's pretty close. I love those pictures.

5 Macro Photo Ideas to Shoot at Home "Shooting some everyday items and without leaving the comfort of your own home, you too can have a great time with this style of photography that changes the way you see the world." In addition to buying a specialized macro photography lens, you can also reverse your lens, make a DIY extension tube, or even remove the front element of a lens.

The Daily Promo - Darrin Haddad Who printed it?: Bestype Imaging. Who designed it?: Joe Haddad. Tell me about the images?: I began this project with the conceptual focus on "Rocks, Paper, Scissors". The game's title has an obvious material parallel to stone, paper, and metal, subjects which align with my practice as a still life photographer.

Photography Marketing: The number one thing you need to check on your website In my line of work, I visit a lot of photographers' websites. Whether it be for inspiration, to find wedding referrals or just browsing the 'net, I undoubtedly visit photographers' websites on a pretty regular basis. If I like their work, I usually want to check out their social media feeds, specifically with Facebook and Instagram.

Interview: Frans Lanting - 'I speak to a lot of younger people, and that's the generation we need to cultivate' Is it happening fast enough? No. Have we lost a lot? Yes. And are we going to get there in time? I don't know. The latest reports indicate that we have maybe 11 years to turn things around, and when you look at how stuck we are politically, I don't know.

Earth Day: Photographers Have Become Advocates Many photographers have abandoned neutral documentary photography in favor of advocating for environmental causes that are important to them.

Into rock photography? Then you'll want to attend this special event. Filtering what’s happening in music to save you time, money and effort.

Camera Club Profile - Akhlaq Ahmed: My passion for photography was sparked by social media How did you get into photography? It was through seeing other photographers work on social media and magazines. I always had a passion for photography, but finally purchased my new camera seven years ago when I started to take photos.

Photography Award 2019 Aaron Siskind IPF Grant - Applications Currently Open! The Aaron Siskind Foundation launches its call for submissions for the 2019 individual photographer's fellowship grant. Deadline: May 31, 2019 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time. Awards given: Up to $15,000. Who is eligible: Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

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