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From Chickpea Spinach Stew to Pumpkin Oatmeal Lentil Cups: 10 Recipes that Went Viral This Week Source: Chickpea Spinach Stew. A comforting and delish bowl of hearty and nutritious, this Chickpea Spinach Stew by Molly Patrick is exactly what you need on the dinner table tonight! Make sure to make enough for leftovers - trust us, you'll want them!

15 Dairy-Free Eggless Chocolate Cupcake Recipes! Check out these 15 vegan chocolate cupcake recipes from the Food Monster App! Source: Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes. These vegan Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes by Melanie Kröpfl are exceptional garnished with a pretty, light raspberry cream. Just right for the summer!

From French Toast Overnight Oats to Strawberry Crumble Cookies: Our Top 10 Recipes of the Day! Source: Irish Colcannon Soup. A play off the traditional Irish dish of Colcannon mashed potatoes, this Vegan rish Colcannon Soup by Kat Condon combines the flavors of the traditional dish with a slight twist! The traditional soup combines potatoes, cabbage or kale, and butter or cream.

Last Day to Register for Fasting and Cancer Webinar Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the final webinar in my 3-webinar series on fasting, that will take place on October 25 at 2pm ET ! In this session, Fasting and Cancer, I will focus on fasting for cancer as both an adjunct to chemotherapy and as a potential treatment in and of itself.

15 Dairy-Free Frosting Recipes for Vegan Treats! If you loved these dairy-free frosting recipes, make sure to check out 5 Ways to Make Rich, Decadent Dairy-Free Frosting, 10 Eggless Sponge Cakes For A Beautiful Dessert!, and 15 Vegan Cakes That Are Almost Too Pretty to Eat!

Tips for Baking the Best Fall Treats – No Gluten Required Instead of using dough, I use a combination of oatmeal and almonds for a crisp and crunchy topping. The pear and apple filling is soft and sweet with warm spices that are comforting and delicious. It's the perfect autumn dessert for a romantic evening in front of the fireplace, snuggling with someone you love.

Celebrate #NationalPastaDay with These 15 Amazing Pasta Dishes For Fall! We'll take any excuse to whip up any of these gorgeous and delicious pasta recipes from our Food Monster App that showcase this wonderful staple food that goes well with virtually every topping. Need some examples? We've got you covered! Source: Pumpkin Cannelloni With Almond Sauce.

The Best Smoky Vegan Brussels Sprouts Recipe Today's smoky vegan Brussels sprouts recipe makes a fantastic plant based side dish for Thanksgiving dinner or a simple weeknight meal. These roasted vegan Brussels sprouts are gluten free and soy free, and can be ready in under 20 minutes. Even if you've always avoided eating Brussels sprouts, you'll be reaching for seconds!

Documentary 'The Game Changers' Makes Compelling Case for Plant-Based Nutrition for Athletes And in the repair phase, nutrition plays a critical part, especially protein. But what protein package is going to help the body overcome inflammation and recover better?

From Butternut Squash Soup to Dark Chocolate Quinoa Crispies: Our Top 10 Recipes of the Day! Source: Dark Chocolate Quinoa Crispies. Healthy vegan rice crispy treats? Yes, you heard that right. These Dark Chocolate Quinoa Crispies by Marie Reginato are come together in about ten minutes. Then pop them in the freezer and take them out whenever you're in need of some chocolate.

15 Soothing Ginger-y Plant-Based Recipes Check out these amazing recipes with ginger! If you've been wanting to eat ginger but don't know how, these ginger recipes are a great place to start!

15 Hot and Spicy International Recipes Made Vegan From all over the world, Asia to the Middle East to South America, these dishes are so yummy, and provide the perfect spice that really put a meal over the top. You can also find them along with other hot and spicy dishes on the Food Monster App! Source: Vegan Mushroom Butter Masala.

5 Ways to Make Rich, Decadent Dairy-Free Frosting Frosting is sweet, creamy, silky, and delicious. Making vegan frosting is easy and healthier than getting it at a store––homemade is always the way to go!

From Roasted Garlic Sourdough Knots to Indian Cauliflower Rice: Our Top 10 Recipes of the Day! It's not difficult to make, and the few extra steps are well worth your time. These homemade garlic knots are a bit different than normal sourdough bread knots: only mildly sour, with a comforting bold flavor and a chewy, crusty texture comparable to the best bakery.

How Not to Die from High Blood Pressure High blood pressure is the number-one risk factor for death in the world. In the United States, it affects nearly 78 million people, one in three adults. As we age, our blood pressures get higher and higher, such that by age 60, high blood pressure strikes more than half of us.

15 Hearty and Filling Plant-Based Mushroom Recipes! If you love mushrooms or if you think you don't, you must try these 15 delicious vegan mushroom recipes from the Food Monster App! Source: Shiitake Mushroom Soft Tacos. These Shiitake Mushroom Soft Tacos by Shanna Laychuk are the perfect dinner choice when you're looking for something that is going to be satiating, but not leave you feeling heavy.

10 Zazzy Vegan Recipes Cooked with Red Wine! Stop and smell the rosé, then head home to make one of these delicious vegan recipes with red wine! They're perfect for a date night or a self-care evening! Pour yourself a glass because we've found 10 vegan recipes with red wine from our Food Monster App!

15 Natural Antibiotic-Filled Healthy Plant-Based Recipes What are antibiotics anyways? Technically, antibiotic is a term that refers to any "substance that inhibits the growth and replication of a bacterium or kills it outright." These chemical agents are antimicrobials, referring to "anything that inhibits or kills microbial cells," which are used to destroy and eradicate bacterial infections.

It’s Apple Picking Season: Here’s What To Do With Fall’s Favorite Fruit It’s apple picking season! Here's what to do with autumn's favorite fruit.

5 Key Nutrients Found in Fall Fruits and Veggies Here are five of those nutrients, along with information on the fall foods that contain them, and tasty recipes to give you some inspiration. Pixabay. Vitamin A, best known for its role in preserving sharp eyesight, comes in two types: retinoids, which are found in animal products, and carotenoids, found in fruits and vegetables.

10 Filling Fall Breakfast Recipes Well, after you try these delicious fall breakfast recipes, you won't be able to get enough breakfast, we promise you! From sweet to savory, you can find all your fall breakfast needs right here, courtesy of the Food Monster App! Give them a go! Source: Saag Alu.

Tamarind Chutney Premium PD Recipe 1 people rated this recipe. Username or Email. Password. Remember Me.

The Best Diet for Cancer Patients There's a lot of mixed information out there about whether or not these foods increase cancer risk, make existing cancers worse and even negatively interact with cancer treatments. I know these questions might be weighing on you, so let's unpack them together.

From Veggie-Stuffed Squash to Raw Apple Bars: Our Top 10 Recipes of the Day! Source: French Onion Pretzels. If you love effortless snacks after a long day or need a quick option while entertaining, you're going to love these new vegan French Onion Pretzels by Gabrielle Saint Claire! What's fab about these pretzels, is everything.

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