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The Life-Changing Power of a Plant-Based Diet: A Case Study When I think of Matt Tullman, a partner at No Meat Athlete and the co-founder of Complement, "unhealthy" is not the word that comes to mind. The dude drinks an entire Vitamix of smoothie every morning, and literally does a kettlebell workout during many of our phone calls.

15 Eggless Summer Meringue Recipes! A traditional meringue is made with whipped egg whites, but that doesn't mean that you can't make a delicious vegan version. Check out these 15 meringue recipes on our Food Monster App to find out how! Image Source: Baked Alaska. Baked Alaska is an old-school fancy dessert.

15 Absolutely Scrumptious Apple Recipes for Summertime! While we can't promise that making these vegan apple recipes will keep the doctor away, we can promise that they're apple-solutely delicious! From salads to pies, apples are a great in all kinds of dishes. Try out these 15 vegan apple recipes we've found on our Food Monster App!

Blogger Spotlight: Yana Chistyakova from Vegspiration! This week the spotlight is shining on Yana Chistyakova of Vegspiration! Vegan food has always called Yana's attention because it is varied, colorful, and delicious. She has found that there are surprising combinations which create extraordinary and unexpected tastes.

From Roasted Red Pepper Pasta to Chickpea Cinnamon Rolls: 10 Vegan Recipes That Went Viral Last Week They're some of the best, and trust us when we say that you don't want to miss out on these incredible creations from our bloggers that you can find on our Food Monster App! Source: Roasted Red Pepper Pasta. If you love roasted red pepper and tomato soup you will LOVE this Roasted Red Pepper Pasta by Andrea Telatovich!

10 Amazing and Flavorful Vegan Cuban Recipes! If you're stuck in a recipe rut, there's no better way to get out of it than by exploring another culture's cuisine and learning about their incredible recipes and meals. Learning about other cultures is so important, and if you can do so while also getting to enjoy a delicious meal, then that's even better!

10 Eggless Sponge Cakes For A Beautiful Dessert! Check out these 10 incredible sponge cake recipes on our Food Monster App, and impress any guest with your stunning sponge cake creation! Image Source: Chocolate Sponge Cake.

Do DHA Supplements Improve Brain Function? The concept of vitamins was first described by none other than Doctor Funk. In his landmark paper in 1912, he discussed the notion that there were complex compounds our body couldn't make from scratch, so we had to get them from our diet.

From Black Bean Burgers to Crispy Protein Chickpea Nuggets: Our Top 12 Recipes of the Day! We have bites, cake, and nuggets, so if you're looking for something new and delicious, you are sure to find a new favorite! Here's a quick preview of the recipes in this post below! Source: Puffed Buckwheat Chocolate Bites.

10 Vegan Organic Pea Protein Products With food sensitivity and allergy testing at an all-time high, as well as environmentally conscious dieting skyrocketing, many of us are looking for healthy protein alternatives to animal-based products. Yet, many protein powders are filled with chemicals.

15 Plant-Based Recipes Using Sprouted Legumes! Turns out that by harvesting plant-based foods before they've sprouted, you're depriving them of becoming far more healthier than they could be.

From Peanut Butter Pretzel Ice Cream to Date and Berry Smoothie: Our Top 12 Recipes of the Day! Source: Peanut Butter Pretzel Ice Cream. Who says you can’t make ice cream out of bananas? Well, you can and you can add awesome flavor. This Peanut Butter Pretzel Ice Cream by Crissy Cavanaugh not only includes creamy peanut butter, but has crunchy pretzels in it to make it a satisfying dessert.

15 Indian Rice Recipes For A Hearty and Delicious Meal! It really shines when paired with the flavors in Indian recipes, like these 15 Indian rice recipes that you can find on our Food Monster App! Check them out for yourself and find your favorite! Image Source: Kitchari. This is very tasty and easy to digest dish, excellent food choice when recovering from illness, for strength and general health.

10 Ways to Use Chickpeas to Make Flavorful, Zesty Snacks and Dishes! Chickpeas are commonly eaten in the form of hummus, as a simple side dish or added to a salad for some additional protein. But really now… that's not the best way to showcase these amazing plant-based protein powerhouses; let's give them a flavorful spin such as in the 10 dishes below.

Ultimate Vegan Baking Guide! Resources, How-Tos, Ingredient Swaps, and More! Not sure how to get started baking without eggs or dairy? This ultimate vegan baking guide can help!

Why Did Doctors Keep Prescribing Cancer? We've known about the role of estrogen in breast cancer going back to the 1800s, when surgical removal of the ovaries seemed to help in some cases. Ovaries were said to send out "mysterious" influences to the rest of the body, which were identified as estrogen in 1923.

From Crockpot Quinoa Lentil Tacos to Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos: Our Top 12 Recipes of the Day! Source: Crockpot Quinoa Lentil Tacos. Tis the season to break out the crock pot, especially for these quinoa lentil tacos!!! These Crockpot Quinoa Lentil Tacos by Crissy Cavanaugh are great to make when you don't feel like pulling out all your pots and pans to make a meal.

10 Cruelty-Free and Tasty Vegan Bacon Recipes! This National Bacon Lovers Day, we've got you covered with 10 cruelty-free, tasty vegan bacon recipes from the Food Monster App! Source: Caramelized Onion Cheese Dip With Shiitake Bacon. Looking for an appetizer that'll blow everyone away?

Why You Should Go DIY With Junk Food, for the Health of It Home-cooking from scratch has so many advantages that it can actually make something considered junk a completely viable source of valuable nourishment. That's why we DIY this junk food thing and continue enjoying our favorite foods into ripe old ages.

Relive the Best Part of School Lunch With These Mouthwatering Tots Recipes Everyone knows that tater tots were the best part of school. Try these delicious veggie takes on the classic food!

Fermented Pizza Sauce Premium PD Recipe Probiotic-populated pizza sauce has a remarkable aroma and flavor, making healthy Protective Diet foodies cheer at pizza parties all around the world.

How to Get Motivated and Make Progress on Your Goals Reaching your wellness goals becomes a whole lot easier and more fun! While anyone can benefit from knowing their Archetype, I especially want to encourage you if you've been stuck or feeling like you're not making progress in your pursuit of a healthier life.

From Brownies with Toasted Meringue to Almond Butter Vanilla Bean Granola: Our Top 12 Vegan Recipes of the Day! We have cookies, brownies and granola, so if you're looking for something new and delicious, you are sure to find a new favorite! Here's a quick preview of the recipes in this post below! Source: Zucchini Lemon Cookies. You would not believe that these delicious Zucchini Lemon Cookies by Sara Oliveira have zucchini but they do!

Easy Vegan Cooking Tips: Grilled Recipes To Make Before Summer Ends! Fire up the grill while you still can, and try all of these amazing grilled recipes that you can find on our Food Monster App - we bet you'll find a new favorite recipe to bring to the end-of-summer barbecue. Image Source: Grilled Buffalo Tofu Po' Boy With Apple Slaw.

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