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Create Your Own Homemade Raw Energy Bars in 3 Steps! With just a few simple ingredients, a food processor, and a dose of creativity, here's a how-to guide on creating your own raw energy bites/bars/balls at home, no fancy equipment or special kitchen tools required. From cocoa powder to lemon extract to ground ginger, the mix-and-match flavor combinations are endless!

10 Iron-Rich Recipes For Increased Energy and Stamina! Basically, iron is very important, so check out these 10 Iron-Rich Foods For More Energy and Stamina! Also known as an immature soybean pod in its whole and unprocessed form, picked before it has had the chance to fully harden, edamame is a nutritious snack that has been consumed in Asia for hundreds of years.

Eat Vegan Like Ellen and Portia! Ellen DeGeneres is a true gem. She's an American treasure, a fearless comedian, the list could go on endlessly. Whether you know her as the voice of Dory or regularly watch Ellen on tv, the 60-year-old comedian has made a permanent mark on American culture, and she's here to stay.

Blogger Tips: How To Make Amazing Recipes in a Slow Cooker! If there's one thing that screams "convenience" it's a slow cooker. It's essential for the set-it-and-forget-it lifestyle. A slow cooker enables you to prepare things hours in advance, or even overnight if you want! The result is waking up to deliciously warm and flavorful food.

Starbucks Has Another Tasty, Plant-Based Summer Drink! Now, they've released a new Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte. The other option, which is a Salted Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew made a hint of caramel and topped with salted cream cold foam. While Starbucks has introduced plenty of beverages with non-dairy milks, most of them are not classified as totally vegan because of their syrups.

Hydrosol Releases Vegan Compound for Sausages with Sunflower and Pea Protein In response to this growing food trend, Hydrosol, a company specializing in food texture and stability, has released the Sundog. Sundog is an all-in-one compound that Hydrosol has been developing that is going to revolutionize the vegan sausage game.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Ate Our Favorite Vegan Foods! An unknown source told Page Six that the newly engaged, and very happy, couple went to the popular vegan restaurant, By Chloe, on 22nd Street in New York. The plant-based lovebirds said beside two guests, where they all shared gluten-free avocado toast and other tasty vegan dishes.

Vegan Beauty Brand E.L.F. Donates Profits To Help Animals Vegan cosmetic and beauty brand, e.l.f., has partnered with five beauty bloggers and influencers to help support animal rights organisations. Each influencer chooses their favourite product, and also a charity. From the 11th to the 31st of July, e.l.f.

10 Light, Chocolatey and Decadent Dairy-Free Summer Desserts! Who says chocolate is only meant to be warm and shared on a winter evening? Chocolate desserts, when light, can be enjoyed during the summer as well. Check out these 10 summer-ready chocolatey desserts from our Food Monster App! For a sweet little treat, enjoy these Strawberry Pistachio Chocolate Mousse Bars.

Enjoy Fresh Summer Produce With These 15 Veggie Ratatouille Recipes Ratatouille is the perfect way to get your family to eat some extra vegetables! We have some awesome classic ratatouille recipes on the Food Monster App for you to bring to your next family gathering!

Joseph Alexander, 100 lbs overweight to a Leadville finisher in less than 2 years "The Leadville Trail Heavy Half was the single most challenging thing I have ever taken on, and the hardest thing I have ever completed. I left fat Joseph on top of that mountain, permanently." In the fall of 2016 Joseph Alexander weighed close to 400 lbs.

12 Delicious Vegan and Healthier Versions of Your Fast Food Favorites Everyone loves ice cream especially when it's packed between two delicious cookies. These Almost Raw Ice Cream Sandwiches are gluten-free, dairy free and almost 100 percent raw. Enjoy them all year long, right out of your own freezer. Why pay a fortune for specialty coffee drinks when you can make them yourself at home?

Go Bananas For These 20 Ways to Make Plantains Curious about how to use this staple Caribbean food? Check out 20 of our favorite plantain-based recipes below, courtesy of the Food Monster App! Spicy Plantains With Rice and Peas pack a real punch and always taste so fresh. Scotch bonnets are key to this recipe, but if you can't find them, just use the hottest chili you can get your hands on.

Top London Chef: Vegan Dishes Are "Must-Have Option" Top London Chef, Kim Woodward, says that vegan dishes have become necessary options for London's leading restaurants. Woodward has just taken over at Soho's 100 Wardour Street, and has seen a huge rise in the demand for vegan food in some of the cities most elite restaurants.

St. Louis Announces Their First Ever Vegan Food Festival This August! On August 4th, 2018, Saint Louis will be having its first ever vegan food festival called Vegfest launching at the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park from 11 am to 8 pm! The event will be organized by the Saint Louis Animal Rights Team and everyone is pretty excited.

WeWork, $20 Billion Startup, Goes Meatless! WeWork, an office-space start-up with a mission to "create a world where people work to make a living, not just a living," has just made some sustainability changes by announcing the whole company has gone vegetarian.

Morrisons To Launch Vegan Parmesan Cheese Major British supermarket chain Morrisons has announced that they will begin stocking vegan parmesan cheese, following in the footsteps of other vegan-friendly stores such as Tesco and Sainsbury's. The cheese is created by 'Good Carma Foods', who specialise in environmentally friendly packaging.

Is Triclosan Antibacterial Toothpaste Safe? Why do dogs lick their wounds? They even lick our wounds. This leads to a question posed in the medical literature nearly a half century ago: Might there be some healing property of dog saliva? Well, it appears that there are a number of immune defense mechanisms in saliva, one of which involves nitric oxide.

Wu-Tang Rapper RZA Gives Keynote Address at the Atlantic City Vegan Food Festival This weekend at the Atlantic City Vegan Food Festival, Wu-Tang rapper and one of hip hop's greats, RZA, made a speech amongst many other speakers advocating for veganism. In an interview conducted by Vibe, RZA said that he has been vegan for over 20 years and feels amazing.

Whoa! Dominos Across Australia Have New Vegan Cheesy Garlic Bread! The continued rise of vegan and plant-based business stories that have occurred int he past year is just getting started. Now, Dominos Australia is joining the rankings with an announcement of new vegan cheesy garlic bread. Wait, what? That's right.

Physalis Has Developed a Vegan Online Pastry School Through their online learning program, lovers of pastries, amateur chefs, and professionals can hone their skills by receiving the highest pastry level possible. Physalis is currently offering two online classes. The first, called Pastry Evolution, will focus on vegan entremets, macarons, and individual cakes, and runs for 9 weeks.

Think Vegan Food Is Boring? These 15 Meaty Dishes Are 100% Plant-Based! We all have those nay-sayers in our lives. While you're on a plant-based quest to make better choices with your food, your health, and the planet, you have those that doubt you. People say that they can't give up meat, simply because of taste alone, and nothing compares.

The Picky Eater Solution: How to Turn Your Child into a Plant-Based Food Adventurer It seems every family has at least one kid who just won't try new foods. And there's nothing more frustrating than cooking a beautiful meal, only to have your kids call it yucky or spit it out. But that's kids… wearing every emotion and opinion right on their sleeve.

Manna Quinoa Breakfast Bowl Brighten up your morning routine with a vibrant smoothie breakfast bowl that takes just minutes to assemble. Kiwifruit is blended with wheatgrass and kale for bright green color and tangy-sweet flavor, then the mixture is topped with quinoa, fresh fruit, and seeds.

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