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NHS Wants Devs to Think of the Children as Loot Boxes Prep Kids for Gambling Addiction The loot box back-and-forth rumbles on, with British health organisation NHS urging game developers to think more carefully about so-called "surprise mechanics" which could lead children into gambling addictions.

CD Projekt expects Cyberpunk multiplayer to release after 2021 Company believes “triple-A” multiplayer offering is at least two years away.

Top 5 Indie Games of 2019 The PlayStation Brahs: “2019 is behind us and it’s time to look ahead towards the future. This time of year is all about those wishes, wants and needs. Let’s be honest, those needs fall under the wishes and wants.

Job Descriptions Drop Hints About New BioShock Game World However, job listings published by the newly-formed Cloud Chamber studio drop some hints about what we can expect from the upcoming BioShock's world.

Why Cyberpunk 2077 getting delayed is actually good news Just the game itself isnt for me I have made $13594 last month by working online from my home. I am a full time college student and by just doing this in my free time for few hours per week by using my laptop, I payed off my student loans. Is it really necessary to have one of these articles for every game that gets delayed?

Take-Two Reportedly Pushing Rockstar Games Toward Frequent Releases Trusted Rockstar Games insider and YouTuber SWEGTA has said that Take-Two Interactive is reportedly pushing the Grand Theft Auto developer to return to a more frequent release schedule.

New Sony Patent Discusses Potential DualShock 5 Adaptive Triggers Worth noting that Sony has previously hinted that the DualShock 5 will feature adaptive triggers and haptic feedback so this looks like a patent for the next-gen device rather than mere design ideas. The first, a climbing mechanic where the left and right triggers correspond to your character's hands.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting another Goku Ultimate getting an eighth Fire Emblem character is bad? Not to be outdone, Dragon Ball FighterZ is set to get another Goku. Goku is set to join the roster of playable characters in Arc System Works' wonderful fighting game as DLC soon, according to the latest issue of Japanese magazine V-Jump.

Report: Sony Plans Dreams PC Release Following Horizon Zero Dawn Sony reportedly has plans for Dreams PC release following Horizon Zero Dawn, according to a Eurogamer journalist.

It wasn't a question of 'if' Cyberpunk 2077 would be delayed, but rather a question of 'when' With Cyberpunk 2077 delayed, has CD Projekt RED given itself enough time to get this ambitious RPG right?

The Order 1886 Sequel Could Be Headed To PS5 - Rumor PS5 News: Cinematic PS4 launch title The Order 1886 is apparently set to get a sequel on PS5 according to brand new rumor. Get the latest here.

It turns out Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 mentioned the bombing of Piccadilly Circus One of the more controversial missions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sees the player respond to a terrorist attack on Piccadilly Circus. But it turns this is quite an old idea - like, Modern Warfare 2 old.

Mortal Kombat Animated Movie Releasing in 2020, Cast Revealed Animation has plans to release a Mortal Kombat animated movie in the first half of 2020, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Not to be confused with the reboot planned for 2021, Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge is being directed by Ethan Spaulding and is being written by Jeremy Adams.

There's Currently No Plan for Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 & Xbox SX Release CD Projekt RED has reiterated that its decision to delay Cyberpunk 2077 to September 2020 does not necessarily mean that the game is headed to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. At least for now, the studio only has plans for a current-gen release and those plans won't change for the foreseeable future.

PlayStation VR New Releases This Week - 19 January - January 25 PlayStation Universe digs into the new releases for PlayStation VR for the week of 19 January - January 25, 2020.

ICYMI: Overwatch Lunar New Year 2020 Is Now Live For more on Overwatch, check out our hub.

Talking Point: In a Week Full of PS4 Game Delays, Are You Disappointed? It's been a bit of a strange week in the world of video games, hasn't it? In amongst Sony's withdrawal from E3 2020 and all but confirmation of Horizon: Zero Dawn heading to PC with more PlayStation 4 exclusives set to follow, two of the year's biggest games were delayed.

My concerns for the Resident Evil 3 Remake I'm as excited as the next guy for the Resident Evil 3 remake, but I do have some concerns.

Even More Sony Bigwigs Spotted in San Francisco as PS5 Reveal Nears Update : In addition to the executives outlined in the original article, Naughty Dog staffers Arne Meyer and Scott Lowe have also been spotted at PlayStation HQ, as the Japanese giant is clearly holding a summit ahead of the PS5's reveal.

Ubisoft is trying to make its games more varied You know the joke: all Ubisoft games are the same. That's not entirely true, of course. But it is clear the French mega-publisher has followed a template for its big-budget open world games, established by the early success of Assassin's Creed on the last generation of consoles.

Can real-time strategy come back from the brink of death? "The legend returns". All that kinda stuff. And then once those became obvious big sellers you would see others resurface. A Command and Conquer reboot. Total Annihilation. Who knows where it could go from there. But it all needs to start with a classic coming back.

Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 307 After all of the delays this week, you may be looking for a little something to console yourself with. Fortunately, there's a huge new sale on the PlayStation Store and no doubt a bunch of software in your backlog. Here's everything we're playing this weekend.

NHS chief says loot boxes are "setting kids up for addiction" to gambling The NHS' mental health boss has said loot boxes are "setting kids up for addiction by teaching them to gamble". In a strongly-worded statement, NHS mental health director Claire Murdoch called for a crackdown on gambling addiction risks - and that would involve video game companies banning loot boxes from games children play.

Death Stranding Update 1.09 Released, Get The Details Here Death Stranding has received a brand new update 1.09 today just after the new year. The last update silently added new content so what about this one?

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