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Release dates: every game confirmed for 2018 March has been predictably busy in 2018, with lots of games to go around. The highlight is, of course, Far Cry 5, which came out at the end of the month. Well before Far Cry, other games like the Devil May Cry HD Collection, and Attack on Titan 2 kept us entertained.

Red Orbs, Fight Money and Capcom's continuing struggle with microtransactions As a fresh new wave of glowing Devil May Cry previews dropped, a controversy was brewing. Capcom confirmed the game included 'shortcut' microtransactions - and the internet, predictably, went nuts. As a games critic, it's always interesting when these events occur while you're out on the road at events.

A travel blogger compared Battlefield 5's Rotterdam map to real life Rotterdam and the results are incredible If you've stumbled across the Battlefield 5 subreddit in recent weeks, you'll have inevitably encountered the ongoing debate surrounding whether the upcoming game is "realistic" enough.

Fallout 76 beta, Steam, multiplayer, map, mods, gameplay, weapons - everything we know When is the Fallout 76 beta? What's the release date? How big is the map? Come with us as we answer all these questions and more. Bethesda's E3 showcase dropped more than a couple of bombs, but one of the biggest was the official announcement for Fallout 76, a shared world prequel set in a post-apocalyptic West Virginia.

When did we forget people - not brands - make games? The downfall of Telltale, maker of The Walking Dead episodic series of games, sent shockwaves rippling through the video game industry. Over 200 people lost their jobs in one fell swoop. That's shocking enough, but here's the kicker: Telltale let these people go without giving them severance pay.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood rated for PS4 It looks like we're getting a Castlevania collection soon that'll include two of the most beloved entries in the series. Update: Less than a week after the Korean game rating board rated the PS4 release of Castlevania Symphony of the Night, and Rondo of Blood, the ESRB has now followed suit with a rating of its own.

FIFA 19 review - EA's latest just manages to score off the cross bar Another year, another FIFA release. But has EA done enough with its new features, or is it just treading water in FIFA 19?

Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season Might Be Released With External Help, Says Telltale The Telltale Games saga continues. It's been a rollercoaster few days for fans of the studio's work, more so for those who are heavily invested in Telltale's The Walking Dead which is currently in its final season. However, with the studio in turmoil and just weeks away from shuttering things are looking bleak.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Around 200 Different Species, But Can You Kill 'Em All? Rockstar has started drip-feeding information about its upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 in the run up to the game's October release date. One such tidbit relates to the in-game wildlife.

Telltale's Stranger Things Game Footage Leaks With Telltale Games winding down operations ahead of its imminent closure, leaks are starting to happen. On one hand this is really exciting as we get to see something we shouldn't, but on the other hand it's sad as we'll probably never play the game - at least not in the way Telltale envisioned it.

Sony Announces Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro Bundles Good news and bad news ahoy: Sony has announced some Red Dead Redemption 2 bundles, but none of them come with fancily decorated consoles. The platform holder posted on the official PlayStation Blog that along with the release of Rockstar's long-awaited sequel there will be some bundles.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 - tips and tricks for winning the war Valkyria Chronicles 4 tips and tricks:. Kicking off with a nice simple one here, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to forget to spend your winnings on fun new murder toys when you're all swept up in the melodrama. Just unlocked a new skirmish or story battle?

Pure PlayStation Podcast: Episode 3 - Chris and Max Talk Crap for an Hour In the third Pure Podcast myself and Max really do just talk crap for about an hour. There’s a few interesting topics up for discussion this week, namely the announcement of Sony’s mini console, the PlayStation Classic. There’s lengthy talk of Assassin’s Creed, This Is The Police 2, and more.

Sigi - A Fart for Melusina GIVEAWAY The_nmac reviewed Sigi - A Fart for Melusina, a fun indie platformer on the Nintendo Switch, from We've even interviewed about their Sigi - A Fart for Melusina release! We gave it a 6 out of 10, and quoted it a "An okay platformer that would be fun for speedrunning"!

Telltale says it's "actively working towards" completing The Walking Dead's final season When mass layoffs at Telltale Games were confirmed last week, questions remained about the fate of its currently ongoing final season of The Walking Dead, and whether it would reach its conclusion. The developer now says that it's "actively working towards" finishing remaining episodes.

Netflix Still Plans on Producing a Stranger Things Game Despite the unfortunate cancellation, Netflix has released a statement, saying the streaming giant still intends to produce a Stranger Things game. According to Polygon, Netflix shared the following statement:. What Netflix's plans entail are unknown.

Telltale Games Says There's Still Hope for The Walking Dead Final Season The second episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season launches tomorrow on PlayStation 4, but following news of Telltale Games' demise, the season's third and fourth episodes were effectively cancelled.

UK Game Sales Are Showing Spider-Man is Still A Top-Seller The UK game sales data has shown that Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 has once again climbed his way to the very top, with the latest Tomb Raider game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, following closely behind.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition Arcade Port Announced Capcom has, funnily enough, announced a Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition arcade port, which is based on the PS4 and PC version.

Footage of Telltale's Cancelled Stranger Things Game Leaks It's now common knowledge that Telltale Games was working on an adaptation of Netflix's Stranger Things, but with the studio gutted and the aforementioned project binned, footage is beginning to leak. PCGamesN found a bunch of short videos of early concepts, and you can find them through the link.

Yakuza Character Popularity poll at TGS 2018 yields surprising result SEGA's TGS 2018 stage presentation for the Yakuza games ranked the most popular characters from the series.

Telltale Stranger Things Leak Includes Concept Art and Gameplay A Telltale Stranger Things leak has been spreading, which provides several pieces of the game's concept art, and even some gameplay clips.

Cyberpunk 2077 Dev: "We Want To Show The Game Industry How To Do Things" You just want some sort of drama to latch onto. 3rd person and 1st person serve different purposes. No one complained about Elder Scrolls character customization despite being first person but suddenly customization demands 3rd person now that CyberPunk is doing it.

Jackbox Party Pack 5 Release Date Annoucned by Jackbox Games Jackbox Games has announced the Jackbox Party Pack 5 release date, and it comes out within a matter of weeks.

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