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Hostile Pokemon GO Confrontation Ends With a Restraining Order In Pokemon GO's latest controversy, a man from Delafield, Wisconsin has been accused of harassing multiple people with regards to the successful mobile AR game.

Pokemon GO: How To Enter Drawing For GO Fest Tickets Pokemon GO players who want to attend GO Fest 2019 need to enter a drawing to be eligible to purchase tickets for the event. Here is how to get in on the lottery…

More Pokemon Sword and Shield information revealed? Since the initial reveal of Pokemon Sword and Shield, new information about the upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch has dried up. That's until now…

With State Fairgrounds shut down, where will you see Pokemon Go players flock to next? Here are some other popular locations.

Pokémon GO Fest 2019 Chicago ticket lottery begins Niantic is bringing Pokémon GO Fest to Chicago for the third year. One big difference this time around is ticket sales and distribution. In a bid to eliminate the secondhand ticket flipping market, a ticket lottery is being implemented.

Pokemon Go Players Reportedly Caught Shiny Lapras - Have You Found One Already? Fans of Pokemon Go, have you found your Shiny Lapras? With the celebration of the new Safari Zone event, Pokemon Go players from Sentosa, Singapore regions are out there catching as many shiny Shucles as possible. This event was celebrated on April 20 and has come with a new addition to the game.

355 TCG Rotation Before Pokémon Worlds The Pokémon Company has announced that there will be a full rotation of the current cards in the TCG format the day before Pokémon Worlds. Cards such as Ultra Ball, Guzma, and Tapu Lele will not be playable starting August 15th, 2019. There are Pokémon GO issues in Milwaukee, WI, so restraining orders are in line for some players.

How I Nearly Got Stomped Playing Pokemon Go In A National Park And I'm being hunted by three furious 20-somethings in a pitch-black National Forest. They're pretty pissed off right now. It's like I've lined up all of their mothers, gotten a good running start, and combo-slapped the bunch, Mexican wave style. All of the champagne swear words are coming out, too, folks.

Pokemon GO: All Safari Zone Research Tasks, New Backpacks A new batch of Pokemon GO intel reveals all current Safari Zone research tasks, a list of new moves coming to the game, and some awesome egg-inspired backpacks.

Why Do You Play Pokémon Go? Part 2 - Analyzing the Responses Want to know what most people enjoy about Pokémon Go? Here are the results of our survey which received over 4000 responses!

Pokémon Sword and Shield Switch News: New Spirit Amour and Legendary Pokemon Leaks? According to a post on Chinese networks and the subsequent…

Pokemon GO: May 2019 Community Day Guide, Details, and Dates Pokemon GO trainers can use this guide to learn all the details, dates, and strategies needed to prepare for the upcoming May 2019 Torchic Community Day event.

Shiny Meltan Returning To Pokemon GO On 24th April Shiny Meltan will be returning to the successful Pokemon mobile game Pokemon GO on 24th April and you will be able to evolve the Pokemon to Shiny Melmetal. To obtain the Pokemon you’ll need t…

Pokemon GO: Shiny Lapras Appearing Worldwide Pokemon GO players from around the world are sharing screenshots and reporting surprise encounters with a new shiny version of Lapras in the mobile AR game.

AR Combat Game 'Reality Clash', which is Like 'Pokemon GO' Meets 'Call of Duty', Launches in the UK For the past couple of GDCs I've attended, I've been shown a demo of a game called Reality Clash from developer Reality Gaming Group.

Pokemon Go Lucky Friend Update Pokemon Go luck friend update was added when the news of the Chicago PokeFest was first announced. There were quite a few additions but the big one is the inclusion of Lucky Friends. The system currently stops after you become Best Friends with someone, but now there is one more step.

Pokemon Go Shiny Rates Increased Analysis There have been many reports of increased Shiny encounters since the Bug Out event came to an end. Right at this moment, it is believed that the odds to get a Shiny are 1 in 450, which means it is 0.2%. This is very likely to be an accurate estimate because the data behind this is quite substantial.

Pokémon Go egg guide: Hatching Pokémon, Incubators, and baby Pokémon from every egg Drop your eggs in an Incubator and walk around to get them to hatch.

Pokémon GO news : Shiny Meltan / Shiny Lapras Today's Pokémon GO news: Shiny Meltan coming back for a limited time, Shiny Laparas @ Safari Zone in Sentosa, unannounced Latios Raid Battles, another special event announced, Pokémon GO Week in Korea, and more! Shiny Meltan.

Why Mr. Mime Was Almost Cut From Pokemon: Detective Pikachu - IGN First Most Pokemon resemble various pets, beasts, and creatures, but Mr. Mime is a tiny person missing just enough human-like qualities, like a nose, that technically make it a Pokemon. We always accepted this because of Pokemon's cartoony nature, but bringing it into the real world made us take a second, horrifying look at what it really is.

Pokemon GO: Shiny Meltan Coming to Mystery Box for Limited Time Niantic announces that Shiny Meltan returns for a limited time, with players able to encounter it and potentially catch it when opening Pokemon GO's Mystery Box.

Snapchat's Easter 'Egg Hunt' will make you walk around just like Pokemon Go - how to play today SNAPCHAT has an Easter Egg hunt where you have to track down virtual eggs in the real world - using the app. It's called the Great Snapchat Egg Hunt, and makes use of the location-tracking Snap Map feature.

Pokemon Go Shiny Meltan and Shiny Melmetal Limited Time Event Announced Trainers, Pokemon Go's official Japanese website announced the return of the Mythical Pokemon Meltan and its shiny form as part of a limited time event.

Shiny Meltan reappearing in Pokémon GO Pokémon GO and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee and Pikachu brought a new Pokémon into the franchise - Meltan. The adorable, metal-eating Pokémon's journey has led to a time-consuming task in "catching them all" for the completionist crowd.

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