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Pokemon Go New Limited Time Bonuses in June Trainers, we have successfully completed the first stage of the Global Challenge event and we have unlocked some pretty cool bonuses for a limited time. Players around the globe completed over 46 million research tasks in less than four days and unlocked Spark's Candy bonus for a limited time.

Niantic Extends GO Fest 2019 for Saturday Ticket Holders Following a thunderstorm that took place in Chicago and acting on the City of Chicago's Safety officials, Niantic evacuated Chicago GO Fest 2019 attendees yesterday, making participants lose two hours of gameplay.

Pokemon Go: Chicago Fest Evacuated Due to Weather Issues Officials briefly evacuated the Pokemon Go Fest event in Chicago on July 15. Trainers should check the weather before they leave to hunt Pokemon.

Pokemon Snap: Felicia Day and Ryan Day Take Pokemon Photos Pokemon Snap fans was released 20 years ago in the U.S. and trainers who are looking to relive some fun memories and have a few good laughs should watch so…

Niantic seeks an injunction against Pok駑on Go cheater app creators Pok駑on Go developer Niantic has reportedly filed an injunction against a hacker group that allegedly helps players to cheat.

Dragon Ball's Android 18 Joins Team Rocket in this Pokemon Crossover Cosplay Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power brought Android 18 back into the spotlight as she joined to fight alongside Krillin for Universe 7, and it was a good reminder to fans why the character was such a hit when she was first introduced during the Android saga of the series.

Pokemon Go Update What happened to the Mobile update? Well, Pokemon Go is back to being the only mobile game that I'm still playing so I figured I may as well go back to calling it the Pokemon Go update. It's actually been about 9 months since I've done an update so I figured it was about time I do a new one.

Pokemon Go Error 26: How to Fix it Pokemon Go Error 26 is a particularly frustrating glitch that causes Pokémon encountered out in the wild to despawn. Rare Pokémon can appear and disappear before the player can catch them. Fortunately for those players affected by the error, there is a fix.

This Pokemon Concept Art Crosses Over Lickitung With Machamp It's the amalgam that no one asked for but you're getting all the same! There are a number of Pokemon that can be a little bit disturbing, such as Lampent who has the ability to see when a person is going to die, then proceeds to usher their souls to the afterlife.

Niantic Labs Sues Creators of Hacked Pokémon Go, Ingress - Digital Trends Niantic Labs has filed a lawsuit against Global++, which was described as an association of hackers who are allegedly behind hacked versions of its mobile games Pokémon Go and Ingress. The legal action comes as the developer is preparing to launch Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, its next major project.

Mythical Pokemon Jirachi Makes Debut in Pokemon Go The mythical Pokemon Jirachi recently made its first appearance in Pokemon Go at this year's Go Fest, much to the delight of trainers.

Niantic is suing the developers of PokeGo++, Ingress++ and Potter++ Niantic has filed a lawsuit against Global++, a group of developers that creates hacked / tweaked versions of popular AR games like Pokemon GO and Ingress. Hacked apps like "PokeGo++" and "Ingress++" give users an unfair advantage, while simultaneously infringing on Niantic's intellectual property rights, Niantic says in the lawsuit.

This Year's Pokémon Go Fest Was A Blast Thanks to the pre-event registration, Niantic had the players' data plugged into the game, and as soon as one of these players stepped into the festival's grounds, they were given a new quest, and a sea of Pokéstops appeared on their screen.

Pokemon Go Global Challenge Score, Are we Going to Fail? Trainers, the results for the second day of the Global Challenge event are announced and it looks like we're far behind the goals. Pokemon Go announced the numbers of Spark's Research tasks and they don't look promising at all. The tasks and rewards for the stage of the Global Challenge are as follows:.

Pokemon Go Unown Increased Spawn Rate at GoFest 2019 Trainers, the GoFest 2019 event in Chicago is running smoothly, and attendees are reporting of seeing seven different Unown Pokemon spawning at Grant Park as part of the event. The seven different Unown Pokemon found at GoFest spell WAKE UP! I guess that you now know what Unown are spawning, but just in case I've made a list below.

Pokemon Go Team R Photobomb Trainers, the GoFest in Chicago is going wild, participants are reporting of seeing increased spawn rate of specific Pokemon and their shiny forms, new tasks, rewards, and Team R Photobombing. Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago started on June 13 and will end on June 16 and it looks like participants are having a lot of fun there.

Pokemon Go: Mudkip Would be Great for July Community Day I think Mudkip would be a good fit for the July Community Day. It's summer and Pokemon Go likes to drop extra water Pokemon to coincide with the rising temperatures. Part of me hopes July's Community Day Pokemon is Mudkip. My fondness for it began in the Pokemon anime when Brock owned a Mudkip, who later evolved into Marshtomp.

Dragon Quest Walk: Square Enix challenges Pokemon Go with new AR No mobile game has garnered an international player base as large as Niantic's smash-hit Pokemon Go which allows players to walk around the real world and catch pokemon with the swipe of a finger. But what franchise has been alive and kicking even longer than Pokemon?

Pokemon GO: All Jirachi Special Research Quests And Rewards At GO Fest Pokemon GO trainers who are lucky enough to be at GO Fest are currently tasked with all these Special Research objectives to help unlock Jirachi.

Pokemon GO Network Error 26 - What It Is And How To Fix It Pokemon GO users are being affected by error 26. This error is particularly annoying as it will cause Pokemon that you encounter in the wild to despawn. This is especially annoying if you run into a rare Pokemon, only to see it disappear on you before you can catch it.

Pokemon Go Fest 2019 Pokemon List Here's a list of Pokemon you can find at the fest based on our own observations live at the event. We will update the list with new Pokemon as we find them. You should keep your eyes peeled for Pachirisu in particular as that's a region-exclusive Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Adds and Then Removes Shiny Pokemon Pokemon Go added Shiny variants of several Pokemon species to the game, but then removed them from the game. Chicago is hosting the third ever Pokemon Go Fest, a live event held by Niantic that gives players a chance to catch rare Pokemon and participate in special in-game events.

Do you need Nintendo Switch Online for Pokemon Sword and Shield? Is a Nintendo Switch Online membership required for Pokemon Sword & Shield? We've got the answer.

Pokemon Sword & Shield's producer explains cutting the National Pokedex from the game As the Pokemon community works through its rage about a major change for Sword and Shield, the game's producer has explained why the anger-inducing adjustment is necessary. E3 held a nasty surprise for the most hardcore Pokemon fans.

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