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Pokemon Go: Last Chance To Catch Terrakion The second member of the Swords of Justice will be available in the game until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on Tuesday, December 17, which means you only have a few more days to add one to your collection before it's replaced by a new Legendary. Until then, you can still encounter Terrakion in five-star Raids.

How to nail an Excellent Throw in Pokémon Go Scoring that Excellent Throw is no small accomplishment, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier.

Pokemon Fan Goes Viral for Showing Just How Big the Snorlax Bean Bag is There are tons of different Pokemon that have been introduced over every iteration of the video game and anime franchise so far, and some are such huge favorites that they have managed to get an entirely different set of fans outside of their original appearances.

386 Answers for the VGC, Max Raids & Niantic Wayfarer We dive deep on how Niantic Wayfarer can improve Pokémon GO. We go over a ton of Max Raid information including rewards, strategy, and collecting watts. The 2020 Video Game Competition is around the corner and we prepare you with the updated rules. A new segment introduce on this show with a new voice!

Pokemon: The Series Introduces the Galar Region Pokemon: The Series has been a much different take on the Pokemon anime franchise than in previous years. Although Pokemon Sun and Moon shook up the series in a pretty significant way with its dramatic visual overhaul, the newest iteration of the series has shaken things up with its structure.

December Community Day Eggs Feature Pichu, Not Pikachu Niantic has shared an update for the December Community Day schedule. On Saturday, December 14, 2019, Pokémon available to hatch from Eggs will be Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pichu, Dratini, Totodile, Mareep, Swinub, Larvitar, Treecko, Torchic, Slakoth, and Bagon.

Kingdra Pokemon GO Counters, Location, and Evolution Kingdra in Pokemon GO can find a role in most team's compositions because of his half dragon-type. Remember the days when every Horsea's dream was just to grow big and strong enough to evolve into a Seadra? Eh, me either.

Pokemon GO Makes Big Change To Raid Rewards In addition to the introduction of a new Legendary and a Raid Rotation, the mobile AR game is also making some very exciting changes to the rewards that tier 4 and tier 5 Raids have to offer.

Pokemon GO: Evolution Event Raid Rotation - Every Boss A new festivity is here, which means Pokemon GO players have another lineup of Battle Raid bosses to challenge in the coming weeks during the Evolution Event.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom: How to get the appliance Pokemon and use the Rotom Catalog When you eventually find a Rotom in Pokemon Sword and Shield - and pick up the Rotom Catalog - you can transform the Electric-type into six different items you'd typically find around the house. Here's how to get a Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom, along with how to get the Rotom Catalog.

Pokemon Sword & Shield: All The Limited-Time Gigantamax Pokemon Available Right Now From now until early January, you'll have a greater chance of encountering Gigantamax Butterfree and the newly introduced Gigantamax Snorlax in Max Raids, regardless of which version you're playing.

Rick and Morty Ash Ketchum: fans find Pokemon trainer in new episode In the latest blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo, Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum - famed for his near-psychotic need to 'catch 'em all' - can be glimpsed; and things haven't turned out too well for him, it seems.

How to get special items in Pokémon Go So, what are special items in Pokémon Go? Well, as we mentioned, they are items that trainers can use to evolve their Pokémon. Special items are much rarer and harder to find than your typical potion or Ultra Ball.

Niantic Partners with Qualcomm to Build AR Glasses On December 5, Qualcomm and Niantic published two separate press announcements, both detailing various aspects of their newly formed partnership. Qualcomm has partnered with Niantic to develop a reference design for AR glasses, powered by Qualcomm's new 5G cross reality platform: Snapdragon XR2.

Actually augmented: Pokémon Go builds a real-world community About one Saturday or Sunday per month down by the Little Rock River Market, you will see any number of people milling around staring down at their phones. If you were curious enough to stop one of them and ask what was happening, they would say, "It's Community Day….

Phone Distraction Injuries Spiked at Pokemon Go Launch Head and neck injuries incurred while driving or walking with a cellphone are on the rise and correlated with the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and release of Pokémon Go in 2016, according to a new study. The study reviewed 2,501 emergency department patients who sustained head and neck injuries resulting from cellphone use between 1998 and 2017.

Venusaur PvP Spotlight: Great and Ultra League The OG Grass type, Venusaur, has always managed to impress. In the main series, Venusaur's peers have seen more preference. But most Pokémon trainers have time and again testified for Venusaur being the best of the trio. Pokémon Go joins the bandwagon and shows why this giant plant frog is indeed the best of the trio.

Galarian Regional Predictions in Pokemon Go It's been a while since I did a totally-Pokemon related post. Now that we're truly in the swing of Generation 8, I thought it'd be good to reflect back on our previous regional predictions post, and come up with some predictions for the Galar region when it launches in Pokemon Go.

New Pokemon Go Event Adds Shiny Burmy And Makes It Easier To Get Evolution Items Pokemon Go's first evolution event is now underway and gives players more chances to get the King's Rock, Sinnoh Stone, and other evolution-inducing items.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket Boss Giovanni can be Defeated with one Pokemon A lot of Pokemon Go players, including myself, are struggling to defeat Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni and catch the Shadow Legendary Pokemon. I've tried many different Pokemon lineups, moves, etc, and I guess I was wrong. It looks like we don't need a group of Pokemon to beat the Boss…we need only one specific Pokemon.

Onix Pokemon GO: How to Evolve Onix Onix in Pokemon GO is one of the handful of Pokemon that require a certain item to evolve. Onix is a hot topic amongst Pokemon Go players, largely because of the Evolution Event going on right now, offering players a unique way to do exactly what this guide's all about: EVOLVE AN ONIX!

Pokemon Sword and Shield update: Nintendo drops MAJOR new gameplay hint Pokemon Sword and Shield could be about to get a massive gameplay update on Nintendo Switch. Despite pre-release controversy, Pokemon Sword and Shield have sold millions of units in the space of just a few weeks. However, not all fans were happy with the way developer Game Freak removed hundreds of Pokemon from the Pokedex.

Evolution Raid Day Guide The special Evolution themed Raid day event takes place this Saturday, December 7th, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in your local time zone. During the Raid Day, all evolution levels have a chance of being Shiny from Raids. This guide will give you a quick but handy one-stop-shop for all your raiding needs.

Evolution Event Pokemon GO Research: How Does It Work? Evolution Event Pokemon GO research tasks have been unveiled for the event. Pokemon Go is great; it's fun and exciting in a way that almost makes you feel like your first Pokemon play-through all over again, which is a good thing.

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