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Pokemon Go news: Gen 4 release rumours, shiny Community Day surprise POKEMON GO news this week includes fresh Gen 4 release date rumours, as well as the latest on the next shiny Community Day event.

There's An Entirely New Mystery Pokemon With No Name In 'Pokemon Go' And Everyone Is Baffled A weird new mystery Pokemon with no name and no ability to be caught has appeared in Pokemon Go and everyone is freaking out.

Pokemon Go Fans React to Mysterious New "Nutto" Pokemon Pokemon Go fans are still in shock over the surprise appearance of a mysterious new Pokemon. Yesterday, players around the world met a mysterious Pokemon for the first time shortly after the end of Pokemon Go's monthly Community Day event.

Mysterious New Creature Appears in 'Pokémon GO' and We Know Very Little About It 891 on the Pokédex, this "nut-head" creature may be an intentional teaser to a gen 8 Pokémon or a 'Let's Go' exclusive.

Pokemon GO: Mewtwo Catch Rate Nerfed Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

In Which The Boy Reaches Peak Nerd The Boy has discovered Pokemon Go. Yes, I do realise he is rather late to the Pokemon Go party, but this is down to not having a mobile he could download it on. Or rather, Him Indoors didn't have a mobile phone he could download it on.

Pokemon Go Nests Get You New Pokemon When You Need Them! Pokemon Go nests are a single location where you can capture plenty of that one Pokemon you need.

Pokemon Go news: Kecleon in Ditto confusion, new Pokemon confirmed POKEMON GO news this weekend has been dominated by the appearance of a new Pokemon, Kecleon, who arrived during the Community Day and caused some Ditto confusion.

Mysterious New Creature Appears In Pokemon GO, Confuses Everyone A new creature has appeared in Pokemon GO, and no one seems quite sure what it is or what it is doing. Yesterday, IGN reported that a data miner had pulled a potential new pokemon from the files of Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Go's Mystery Pokemon Is Appearing in North and South America Pokemon Go's new mysterious Pokemon is now appearing in North and South America. Earlier today, players in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia reported seeing a mysterious Pokemon with a hexagonal nut-like head and a tiny amorphous body shortly after the game's Community Day event ended.

Pokemon GO: October Field Research Breakthrough Reward Revealed Pokemon GO developer Niantic announces that the October 2018 field research breakthrough reward is the second generation legendary water-type Pokemon Suicune.

Pokémon Go features a brand new pocket monster - and no one knows who it is A strange new Pokémon has appeared in Pokémon Go, and no one knows what it is. Titled only '???', this monster looks like a silver miniature Ditto, with a nut for a head and a 'floating' black eye. It appeared first in Japan and is now appearing at practically every PokéStop in multiple countries, including Europe.

A never-before-seen Pokémon appeared in Pokémon Go today Something very strange happened in Pokémon Go today at the conclusion of a scheduled community day event: A mysterious, never-before-seen Pokémon spawned in the game, leading to confusion and speculation about what it means for Niantic and The Pokémon Company's mobile title.

Completely New, Un-Catchable Pokemon Begins to Appear in Pokemon Go After Chikorita spawns concluded, many players saw the mysterious new Pokemon appear on the "nearby" radar, but after encountering the Pokemon and attempting to catch it, the Pokemon immediately transformed into Ditto or Chikorita and did not actually register to the Pokedex as seen or caught.

Pokemon GO: Brand New Pokemon Appearing Can't Be Caught Yesterday, a datamine by the well-known Chrales revealed a brand new Pokemon that would be coming to Pokemon GO. It was in the game files as the mysterious Pokemon #891 and Kecleon, but it certainly wasn't the green gen-3 Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Teases a New Pokemon on Community Day Something weird is going on in Pokemon Go and it could involve a brand new Pokemon. Shortly after the end of Europe and Asia's Community Day events, Pokemon Go players reported seeing a strange new Pokemon for a thirty minute window.

Pokemon Go Community Day time set for shiny Chikorita, but don't forget Mewtwo THE SEPTEMBER Pokemon Go Community Day time has been set for the UK with plenty of shiny Chikoritas expected; however, fans shouldn’t affect about those tough new Mewtwo raids either.

Pokémon Go Chikorita Community Day Guide for September 2018 Pokémon Go's ninth monthly Community Day kicks off on Saturday, September 22, 2018, at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET with… Chikorita!

Pokemon GO: Keep This in Mind for Chikorita Community Day Finally, the third objective that Pokemon GO players can easily complete during Chikorita Community Day is on the seventh page of objectives and it is to catch 40 psychic - or grass-type Pokemon.

Did Pokemon GO Just Leak a New Pokemon?! - IGN Daily Fix Pokemon GO may have leaked a new Pokemon, Destiny 2's Breakthrough mode is almost here, and Fallout 76 has a name for its world.

Pokemon Go Nerfs Mewtwo's Catch Rate Pokemon Go players might have a hard time capturing Mewtwo over the next month, thanks to a drastically lowered catch rate. The popular mobile game officially added Mewtwo as a regular Raid Boss yesterday, after over a year of the powerful Pokemon existing solely as an EX Raid Boss accessible to only a handful of players.

Pokemon GO May Have Leaked a Brand New Pokemon Unsurprisingly, the datamined files have sent the Pokemon community into a tailspin. While there are some who have their doubts, most fans seem to agree that this really is evidence of a new Pokemon and that it isn't just a fluke.

Analysis of the Mewtwo Box Sale: Ultra Savings v2 Mewtwo is out, and we have a month and 3 days to get that Genetic Pokémon before its gone. There's also a new sale that may be designed to help us get the most out of this event. Let's analyze each box and see if you are getting the most out of your hard earned PokéCoins.

'Pokemon Go' might have accidentally leaked a never-before-seen Pokemon Pokemon Go is a worldwide phenomenon, but it managed to reach that status without ever showing us anything we hadn't seen before.

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