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Xiana pays Glencore $25m for Chilean operation Altos De Punitaqui, also known as MAP, is a producing copper-gold operating company that currently holds three operating mines, additional exploration licenses, a concentrator, and associated infrastructure. All these elements are contained within the Punitaqui Mine, a property located north of Santiago and south of Ovalle in the Coquimbo region.

John Rubino: At Some Point The Whole Thing Blows Up John isn't sure if the dollar or some other fiat currency goes down first, but at some point, they're all going down. Here's what it means for gold and silver… John Rubino interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog.

Silver Slips On An Oil Slick And Takes A Fall To New Lows SD Midweek: Crude oil has dropped in price to the mid-$50s, and silver just hit fresh, new 52-week lows, just like clockwork. Here's an update… I have been saying, for months now, if the price of crude oil drops into the mid-$50s, then the metals, and especially silver, would be headed lower.

Wells Fargo turns positive on gold, here's how high bull sees it going Dollar index, which hit 52-week highs this week, is also a key element of his refreshed forecast. "The dollar is a little too high. It has to back off," he said. Typically, gold and the greenback move in opposite directions. So, as the dollar softens, it should provide a positive catalyst for the yellow metal.

Chris Vermeulen: 2018 Could End With A Dramatic Stock Market Price Rally Chris strongly believes the stock market bears and the stock market shorts are in for a wild ride throughout the rest of 2018. Here's why… by Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders.

Pan American Silver buys Tahoe Resources for $1.07B Canada's Pan American Silver is buying precious metal miner Tahoe Resources for $1.07 billion in cash and stock, creating one of the world's largest silver producers.

Simon Black: This Precious Metal Has Almost NEVER Been So Cheap If you want to get some wealth outside the US dollar, and to pick up an insane bargain at the same time, then Simon says to consider this metal… by Simon Black of Sovereign Man. Even after yesterday's 600-point plunge in the Dow, bargains are hard to find.

Rob Kirby: I'm Not Selling Any Silver Even If Price Drops Another $3 From Here - I'M BUYING MORE! Rob thinks gold and silver are going higher to finish out the 2018, but if they drop in price, well that's a buying opportunity to Rob. Here's more… Rob Kirby interviewed on Reluctant Preppers.

Bill Murphy: Don't Give Up - Gold Is Headed For A BIG MOVE HIGHER Bill Murphy believes that precious metals prices will explode, but not until this happens first. Here are the details… Bill Murphy of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee interviewed by Investing News.

Nikola Tesla's Wireless Energy Dream Is Going Mainstream Big things are happening in the world of wireless technology and power transmission. Here is TraderStef to break-down what it means for the future… by TraderStef via CrushTheStreet. Wireless power technology recently became popular with its application in charging wireless-capable devices, via a Powermat interface.

The Next Global Financial Crisis What drives a financial crisis? Three factors. What are the main factors that could trigger the next financial crisis? The fallacy of synchronized growth triggered the beginning of what could lead to the next recession.

Is The Fed's November Silence Good For Gold? What can we make of the November FOMC statement? Is it good for gold? Bad for gold? Irrelevant? Here is some insight… by Arkadiusz Sieron of Sunshine Profits. People say that speech is silver, silence is golden. Well, not always. The recent FOMC monetary policy statement is the best example.

Tasca acquires Selish Mountain property in historic gold zone in BC Historic exploration on the Selish Mountain property consists of geological mapping, soil sampling and induced polarization surveys for porphyry copper in the early 1970s. Historic exploration on the Selish Mountain property consists of geological mapping, soil sampling and induced polarization surveys for porphyry copper in the early 1970s.

Harvard Trained Economist: What The Dow Construction Index Tells Us About The Stock Market Harry Dent has some awesome data today on timing the next stock market and real estate crash. It could unfold in one of two ways. Here are the details… by Harry Dent of Economy and Markets. I was one of the few, along with Robert Shiller, predicting that the real estate bubble in the U.S.

Paul Craig Roberts: A "Civil War" Lesson For The Uneducated "Lincoln said that the South could have all the slavery that it wanted as long as the Southern states paid the tariff. The North…" by Paul Craig Roberts via A "Civil War" Lesson for the Uneducated. Paul Craig Roberts. Once again:.

Stewart Thomson: Market Tactics For Sporting A Golden Smile In this week's concise update, Stewart names four reasons why gold and silver investors should now be sporting a decent golden smile… by Stewart Thomson of Graceland Updates. November 13, 2018. Special Offer For Website Readers: Please send me an Email to and I'll promptly send you my free "Handling the Gold Stocks Pain!" report.

Own Gold Instead Of Gold Mining Stocks - Here's Why When will people wake up to the fact that investing in gold mining shares is not a good idea? For the life of me I just don't understand what the supposed experts are seeing and thinking when they talk about the "positive outlook for mining shares" and, as far as gold stocks outperforming gold, well, just forget about it.

Bix Weir: SILVER Is A Better Investment Than Gold ON EVERY METRIC Tags: Bix Weir, CFTC, Gold, JP Morgan silver, market manipulation, Precious Metals Price Suppression, silver, silver vs gold, spoofing, trader pleads guilty to spoofing.

This Wasn't Supposed To Happen To The Stock Market In November… We have definitely deviated from the script. The stock market wasn't supposed to keep plummeting in November. What's going on? Here's some insight… by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog. We have definitely deviated from the script.

Bunker Hill defaults on payments and terminates lease at flagship project Bunker Hill Mining terminated its lease and option agreement to acquire the Bunker Hill zinc-lead-silver mine in Idaho after missing $400,000 in property payments that were due at the end of September and on October. 1, 2018. In mid-August the company closed a nearly $1.4 million private placement.

2018 Block Island Quarters for Rhode Island Released Appearing as the last new quarter dollar from the United States Mint in 2018 is the coin honoring Block Island National Wildlife Refuge of Rhode Island. Block Island quarters launched today in 40-coin rolls and 100-coin bags with varied options available by production facility.

Clayton Bullion: As goes the campus, so goes the world Clayton Bullion has been the Baptist Student Ministry director at Tarleton State University in Stephenville since 2009 and is a contributing author on the Collegiate Collective. From deep in the heart of one Texan, he shares his background and thoughts on collegiate ministry.

Budget Deficit Risks & Deficit Spending Will Fuel Gold's Move Higher Investors are becoming more aware of the dangers of deficit spending and the U.S. fiscal situation. Here's what it could mean for gold… John Hathaway interviewed on Palisade Radio. John feels that gold should be getting more of a bid, but investors remain lukewarm.

Cabinet Shake Up Continues As Trump Plans To Fire DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen 'ASAP' Nielsen isn't the only person either as two other names in the Trump Administration may be on the "you're fired" list. Here are the details… from Zero Hedge.

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