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Is The US Government Cooperating With ISIS To Steal 40 Tons Of Iraqi & Syrian Gold? Has a deal been struck between Washington and ISIS to smuggle gold out of Iraq and Syria, in exchange for sparing hundreds of ISIS leaders? In a very short article form the Syrian Arab News Agency released over the weekend, well, this.

Simon Black: How 1984 Turned Into An Instruction Manual 1984 was supposed to be a warning. It has become an instruction manual. Here's are recent examples of how the manual has been put to use in the US… by Simon Black of Sovereign Man. "Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three.

Dave Janda: The Globalists And Deep State Win If The Trump Supporters Walk Away Dave says the globalists are petrified, and buying into the idea that the US is done is beyond unpatriotic, so walk away, and Dave says you do this… Dave Janda interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog. Doctor Dave Janda from the popular radio show "Operation Freedom" says, "The worst thing people can do is walk.

GOLDEN SLINGSHOT: Gold Is In The Early Stages Of A Parabolic Up-Trend Gold is likely to surprise a bunch of people with a break-out above $1400, and then gold is expected to accelerate dramatically. Here's why… by Clive Maund via Streetwise Reports.

John Rubino: Fed Tightening Is Over - Markets Now Expect Cuts In 2019 There's a problem with Fed policy going forward - the Fed is in a box. What does a boxed-in Fed mean for the economy and the markets? John explains… by John Rubino of Dollar Collapse. People who assumed the Fed, along with the rest of the government, would cave the minute the financial markets got a little choppy turned out to be right.

EXXONMOBILE Oil & Gas Financial Train-Wreck: Producing US Shale Is Destroying The Bottom Line If one of the largest oil companies can't make money producing shale, what does that say for the rest of the industry? SRSrocco explains what that says… by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report. The United States largest oil company, ExxonMobil, is facing a financial train-wreck in its domestic oil and gas sector.

Pulwama attack aftermath: Delhi bullion market remains shut on Monday The bullion market here remained closed Monday in the wake of the Pulwama terror attack. At least 40 CRPF personnel were killed and five critically injured last week as a result of the attack.

More Lipstick? Gold, Silver & The Insiders Know The Economy & The Markets Are Already Fried SD Outlook: We have deteriorating fundamentals, and gold and silver know this. In fact, gold and silver got dibs on the bacon. Here's why… I was dragged to the mall over the weekend. I actually don't mind going to the mall once every few months.

5 technologies that will disrupt fintech in the next 5 years Fintech - Financial Technology - has washed away the obsolete thought of how the future will work. Basically, fintech covers any technology that's involved in the finances, evolving this domain further on.

James Bond 25 to get re-write after news release date is pushed back two months Bond 25 has been delayed until Easter 2020 and is also set for a major re-write.

Tracks of the Week #58 They say: Filmed at Le Balajo - one of Paris' oldest Cabaret clubs, owned by a wrestling dynasty - the droll video for 70s piano ballad 'You and I' was directed by Armand's girlfriend, director and illustrator Victoria Lafaurie and also stars Ulysse's other half, Danish actor and model Klara Kristin.

Amazing Silver and Gold Coin Discoveries in S.S. Central America Purser’s Safe The well-preserved silver coins discovered in the purser's sealed iron box are being carefully examined, cataloged and certified by Professional Coin Grading Service. The purser's bag contained 8,873 U.S. dimes, 503 quarters, 345 half dollars, and a smaller bag inside the large one contained 55 gold dollars, 56 Quarter Eagles and 41 Half Eagles.

Gold-Stock Mega-Mergers Are BAD NEWS For Gold Miner Shareholders Here's a detailed look at why the gold-stock mega-mergers are bad news for everyone in the sector… by Adam Hamilton of Zeal LLC. The world's two biggest gold miners both announced mega-mergers over the past 5 months or so.

Delhi bullion market remains closed on Monday in the wake of Pulwama terror attack The bullion market in Delhi remained closed on Monday in the wake of the Pulwama terror attack.At least 40 CRPF personnel were killed and five critically injured last we.

Gold at two week high on trade deal hopes; palladium peaks Gold prices rose to their strongest level in more than two weeks on Monday as the dollar weakened on hopes the United States and China are nearing a trade deal, while palladium hit a record high. Spot gold had gained 0.3 percent to $1,324.80 per ounce by 0324 GMT, just below a 9-month peak of $1,326.30 an ounce marked on Jan.

High-Frequency Trading "Speed Bumps" Coming To ICE To Stop Gold, Silver Manipulation "…more interesting is where said delay will be implemented…the speed bump will be first used on exchange's gold and silver futures contracts…" from Zero Hedge.

GLD: A Gold Hedge Against A Coming Recession? Gold has been a popular hedge for decades; during the past two bear markets, gold surged. Signs of slowing economic growth amid Fed rate tightening and continued trade tensions have renewed interest in gold.

What Happens When The Fed's Stimulus Fails To Reverse The Recession? The smart money is liquidating assets, paying off debt and moving capital into collateral that isn't impaired by debt or speculative valuations… by Charles Hugh Smith via Of Two Minds. The smart money is liquidating assets, paying off debt and moving capital into collateral that isn't impaired by debt or speculative valuations.

Battlefields mine disaster death toll reaches 24 as families await grim news Mines minister finally visits Battlefields, pledges law reforms to create safer working conditions for artisanal miners.

Perth Mint joins gold class China club Chief executive Richard Hayes said membership gave the mint access to an extensive network of gold distributors trading directly on the SGE platform throughout China, joining an exclusive group of bullion banks, refiners, jewellers and trading houses.

Investor Inaction, Not Sinking Market, Is the Real Investment Risk Warnings always preface a market collapse, but many still fail to protect their $$ with gold investment. Is the market a problem? Or is it investors themselves?

Gold - A Test Of The 2016 High Next - David Brady "I preface the analysis I am about to share by saying that Gold is going to new highs later this year, but we are very likely to get a sizeable pullback first…" by David Brady via Sprott Money News.

Bush’s Home State Senators Push For US Treasury To Honor Late President And First Lady Bush and first lady Barbara Bush on limited edition currency in 2019 to honor their memory. Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn introduced the President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush Dollar Coin Act on Tuesday that would require the U.S. Department of the Treasury to honor George Bush on all $1 coins minted during 2019.

Many Of Today's Most Owned Stocks Are Ponzi Schemes Many of today's perpetually dividend-less companies traded on the public market are, by definition, operating as ponzi schemes. Here's how… Tan Liu interviewed by Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity. Stocks provide a return to today's investors via two mechanisms: dividends and capital gains.

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