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GATA Asks CFTC IF Market Rigging By US Govt Is Legal CFTC announced penalties on two traders for attempting to manipulate the gold market with spoofing, which prompted this inquiry by GATA to the CFTC… by Chris Powell of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:. The U.S.

Signals For The Coming Crash In Stocks And Rally In Gold - David Brady "This crash will launch a series of events that cause Gold to rally beyond its 2016 high and then some, in my opinion…" by David Brady via Sprott Money News. The U.S. imposed new tariffs on China this week that were close to the worst possible scenario, despite mainstream media comments to the contrary.

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NYC Home Sellers Are Slashing Prices "Like It's 2009" The New York City real estate market is now officially crumbling as sellers are slashing prices. Here are the details…:. from Zero Hedge.

Harvard Trained Economist: The US-China Trade War Could Last 20 Years Harry Dent says Trump has the near-term advantage in the trade war, but China is playing the long game. Here's an important update from Harry… by Harry Dent of Economy and Markets. I agree with him!

Beware The 10th Of October: One Of Two Possible Remaining Dates For The Global Reset Is this just a coincidence, or are the globalists planning the reset on October 10th? Here's a compelling argument that the reset is less than 20 days away… submitted by G. John Wenkman.

When Does This Travesty Of A Mockery Of A Sham Finally End? Credit bubbles aren't engines of sustainable employment, they're engines of malinvestment and wealth destruction. This will come to an end. Here's when…:. by Charles Hugh Smith via Of Two Minds. Credit bubbles are not engines of sustainable employment, they are only engines of malinvestment and wealth destruction on a grand scale.

The 800 Pound Gorilla In The Room Is The Bond Market The stock market is extremely expensive by any number of measures, but it's really the bond market that will be the real crisis. Here's why… Gordon Long interviewed by Jason Burack on Wall St For Main St.

About The Coming Fed Tightening And Gold: Is It Really Different This Time? Is this time really different with the Fed's tightening cycle? And what does the Fed hiking interest rates mean for gold? Here's some insight… by Arkadiusz Sieron of Sunshine Profits. This time is different. They always say so. But what if they are eventually right?

The 11th Hour Of A Failing Federal Reserve Experiment Matt from Silver Fortune explains why we are in the twilight stage of this central banking monetary experiment, and what it means going forward… by Matt from Silver Fortune via Silver Fortune. This is why I believe we're nearing the end of the Fed tightening cycle and global economic expansion.

The Middle Class Retirement Nightmare And The Retirement That May Never Happen Millions of Americans may have to delay retirement for years - if not permanently. The outlook is not good at all. Here's why… by Brian Maher of Daily Reckoning. Today we bear dire news… Millions of Americans may have to delay retirement for years - if not permanently.

SD Metals & Markets - Louis Cammarosano of Smaulgld Louis and James Anderson of SD Bullion discuss a wide range of topics including COMEX COT reports, physical gold and silver flows, and… Louis Cammarosano of Smaulgld interviewed by James Anderson for SD Bullion. On this week's SD Metals and Markets podcast we welcome back returning guest Louis Cammarosano from Smaulgld.

Warren Buffett: Greed, Jealousy Drive Stock Market Bubbles In the CNBC interview, Buffett effectively was saying human nature guarantees stock market bubbles. One way to think of it is that "human nature" includes two of the seven deadly sins: greed and envy. Buffett explained it this way:. "People start being interested in something because it's going up, not because they understand it or anything else.

Ted Butler: A Suggestion On Where The Focal Point Of The Silver Manipulation Should Be In an ongoing debate with Chris Powell about where the focus should be with regards to the silver manipulation, Ted Butler offers a suggestion… by Ted Butler of Butler Research.

Things Have Changed: The Fed May Be Tight With Money But The Government Is Getting Pretty Easy What has changed in America that has the US outperforming the rest of the world? Easy fiscal policy from the US government. Here are the details… by Kevin Muir of The Macro Tourist. Today's post is sure to anger a bunch of you.

Greg Hunter & Dave Janda: Criminals In Top Positions In The US Government Will Be Indicted Dave and Greg talk about all the important news of the week, including why Kavanaugh will be confirmed and what it means for the Deep State… Dave Janda And Greg Hunter give the Weekly News Wrap-Up for Friday, September 21st, 2018. Today, I am doing something different for the Wrap-Up.

Gold & Silver End The Week With A Swift Kick To The ______ SD Friday Wrap: Imagine that - gold and silver close the week in the green, but only after a swift kick to the ______. Here's a recap… I have attempted three times to come up with a theme for this week, but calling it "more of the same" seems so cliche.

Ron Paul: Will Rising Interest Rates Be The Pin That Pops The Everything Bubble? Headlines / World News / Ron Paul: Will Rising Interest Rates Be The Pin That Pops The Everything Bubble? President Trump now owns what he called a "big, fat, ugly bubble" as a candidate, but with interest rates rising, is the end of the bubble near?

Walmart Warns It Will Be Forced To Raise Prices Due To Trade War Walmart warns the IMMEDIATE impact will be to raise prices on consumers and tax American businesses and manufacturers. Here's more… from Zero Hedge.

Gold exodus to reverse Investors have pulled much capital out of gold in recent months in a major mass exodus. Their sentiment waxed very bearish as gold was pounded lower by extreme record gold-futures short selling. The latest record stock-market highs also suppressed the perceived need for diversifying portfolios with gold.

Egon von Greyerz: The Dollar Only Has To Lose 3% More In Value For The US To Follow Venezuela Egon says the dollar has already lost 97% of its purchasing power. Here's when Egon says the dollar is virtually guaranteed to lose the final 3%…. by Egon von Greyerz of Gold Switzerland. Will this be the Fall of Falls. 10 years after the Lehman collapse, will we again have an Autumn of Shocks in financial markets?

"Who's Kidding Who?" - Eric Sprott On The Weak US Dollar "So, you look at the gold market…It goes right to the line and bang! Right back down again. And viciously down." Eric Sprott interviewed by Craig Hemke on The Weekly Wrap-Up. The wild ride in gold continues. After what was shaping up to be a great week, the metal took a hit today just as Eric stopped by for a chat.

Harvey Organ: MASSIVE 6.4 Million Ounces Of Physical Silver Queue Jumping At The COMEX Harvey says we have some guys who are refusing to be morphed into the London based forwards. They want their physical silver! Here's an update… by Harvey Organ of Harvey Organ Blog. Silver: $14.29 UP 3 CENTS. Closing access prices:. Gold $1207.25. silver: $14.32.

Fractional Coin Set for 30th Anniversary of Platinum Maple Leaf In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Platinum Maple Leaf, the Royal Canadian Mint is offering a set of fractional coins that share a unique design of three maple leaves. Included in the fractional set are 99.95% platinum coins that range in denomination and weight from $30 at 16 grams to $300 at 1.16 grams.

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