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A selection of the latest precious metals news and blog posts.

Egon von Greyerz: Silver Set TO EXPLODE…$25 Price Coming Up VERY FAST! Just how long does Egon think it will take for silver to reach $25 per ounce, and where is the silver price ultimately headed? by Egon von Greyerz of Gold Switzerland. How far down the rabbit hole will the world go? It seems that just like in Alice in Wonderland, things are getting more strange by the day.

Lynette Zang: GOLD OR GARBAGE? Rating Agencies Emulating Crash Criteria There could be a ticking time-bomb in your portfolio… by Lynette Zang via ITM Trading. Today, rating agencies are still compensated by bond and derivative issuers, therefore, "every actor in the financial system has every incentive to group and slice assets in ways the maximize not their fundamental soundness but their rating".

The Real Reasons Why The Media Is Suddenly Admitting To The Recession Threat One thing that's important to understand about the MSM is that they do tell the truth on occasion…:. by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market. One thing that is important to understand about the mainstream media is that they do tell the truth on occasion.

ETF Investors Stock Up on Billions of Gold in Q3 As uncertainty piles up, investors have shifted over to gold-related ETFs in droves, with physical gold-back ETF holdings rising by 1,000 tons since bottoming out in early 2016.

Accidental Early Release of 2019-W San Antonio Quarters Surprises Lucky Collector and PCGS The reverse depicts elements of a Spanish Colonial Real with symbols of the early San Antonio missions: wheat symbolizes farming; arches and a bell to symbolize community; a lion representing Spanish cultural heritage; and a symbol of the San Antonio River representing irrigation methods and life-sustaining resources.

Ted Butler - +100 Million oz Silver Trade, JP Morgan Busted Again Money is pouring into silver, big time, and another JP Morgan trader pleads guilty to manipulation. Ted returns to break-it all down for us…Ted Butler of Butler Research interviewed by James Anderson of SD Bullion. Another longtime JP Morgan precious metals trader busted by the US Justice Department this week.

Legendary Asset Manager: Buy Gold - Augusta Precious Metals Mark Mobius sees a change coming in worldwide central banks’ monetary policy and digital currency – changes so significant he says everyone should own gold now.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Paralogues, Guide to Paralogue Rewards Most of the Paralogues focuses on specific characters, and if those characters aren't in your group, then the Paralogues won't become available to you. A lot of the Paralogues generally center on two characters. However, you would need only to have recruited one of these characters to unlock the Paralogues.

Ron Paul: Fake News! The Media Cannot "Cause" Recessions As Trump Claims The Media Cannot "Cause" Recessions As Trump Claims The President took to Twitter this morning to make a claim that doesn't hold any water about the economy, and the media…: The president took to Twitter this morning to make a claim that doesn't hold any water about the economy and the media.

Fund Manager: Get Ready For A HUGE RIDE HIGHER In Gold, Silver, And The Mining Stocks Dave Kranzler has an explanation for the relentless moves higher in the prices of gold and silver, and he explains what comes next… by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics. Bullion Star released a graph Tuesday that showed Switzerland exported 90 tonnes of gold to the London gold market in July, which dwarfed exports to India and China.

Mega-Tsunami Of Gold & Silver Buying Wipes-Out Cartel's Week-Long Build-Up To A Friday Smash SD Friday Wrap: Pressure was applied to gold and silver all week long, but the cartel is NO MATCH FOR gold and silvers' RAW POWER!!! Wow! What a week! What a week it has been! Silver withstood the pressure all week:. After spending a lot of time under $17 this week, that is, at $16 silver, we've really seen a nice move higher in price today!

Masterpieces of early Chinese gold and silver In the preface, Kempe explained his attraction to Chinese art: 'Somehow or other I found myself steeped in humble respect and admiration before this art so pure and yet stimulating for the imagination in its variety of aspects and forms.' Masterpieces of Early Chinese Gold and Silver will be on view at Christie's in New York 6-11 September,...

David Morgan: Currency Crisis Will Easily Increase Silver's Share Of Financial System By 50 Times David reminds us of how ridiculously undervalued silver is along with silver's tiny share of global financial wealth… by Patrick V. via SBTV with David Morgan. Returning SBTV guest, David Morgan of The Morgan Report, reminds us of how ridiculously undervalued silver is today.

Central Banks Are Purchasing Gold at Record Highs. Why? As reported by Dion Rabouin at Axios, an unprecedented shift toward gold has been led by the financial authorities of the world in what appears to be a move away from the US dollar. The World Gold Council reported that central banks bought a historic high of 374.1 tons of gold this year.

Gold Jumps Most in 3 Weeks as Powell, China and Trump Collide Gold Jumps Most in 3 Weeks as Powell, China and Trump Collide.

Is It Too Late For The Fed To Prevent Another Housing Market Crash? There is really only one cycle left to unfold at this point which is the "price revaluation cycle"… by Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders. In Part I of this research, we highlighted the Case-Shiller index of home affordability and how it relates to the US real estate market and consumer economic activity going forward.

Gold price dip tempts some buyers in Asia New Age, a Dhaka-based leading English language daily newspaper, is a major source of news of Bangladesh and international affairs.

Signs Of Tightness In The Silver Market Continue To Emerge Preliminary signs are emerging… by Rob Keyens via Gold Silver Pros with Chris Marcus. Are we nearing a break point in the silver market? It might be a bit early to say for sure, but there certainly are preliminary signs emerging. As I discussed in this interview with Robert Kientz of…

Gold Market Report - Gold Roars with Trade and FOMC Fears Gold Market Commentary for Friday, August 23, 2019. By Richard Schwary of California Numismatic Investments Inc…… Gold closed up $29.30 today at $1526.60 in a move that frankly surprised a lot of traders.

The Silver Price Surges Higher As Mine Supply Falls In Top Producing Countries As the silver price rally continues, mine supply from three of the top producing countries fell significantly this year. Peru, Chile, and Mexico all reported declines in silver mine supply in the first half of the year, with Peru suffering the largest dropoff.

Ted Butler: Will DOJ Shift Focus From Individual JP Morgan Traders To Root Of Silver Manipulation? The DOJ knows the guilty traders get their on-the-job training from the bank's more senior traders. Will the DOJ go after the root criminality now? by Ted Butler of Butler Research via Silver Seek.

"American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China": Trump President Trump just gave a direct order to American companies, also including ordering ALL mail carriers to search mail for Fentanyl… There is still a lot of day left to go in what is turning out to be a rather spectacular day for both Trump's unloading on the Fed and China.

Gold soars 2% after Powell speech, Trump tweets Gold surged 2% on Friday as investors interpreted U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's speech as leaning towards a dovish monetary policy stance and President Donald Trump's latest comments exacerbated trade tensions with China. Spot gold rose 1.9% at $1,527.20 an ounce, shaking off slight headwinds ahead of the Fed Chair's speech.

From Poor Man's Gold To Rich Man's Gold Over the past three months, the silver ETF has outperformed the gold ETF as demand for the precious metal rises. Gold/silver ratio has reached new peaks of 89.6, which suggests that a strong rally in silver prices is impending.

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