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If QE Is "Not-QE", Then Is A Blow off Top "Not A Blow Off Top"? The Fed's level of panic is noteworthy, as is the absurd transparency of its laughable attempt to conceal its panic… by Charles Hugh Smith via Of Two Minds. Can $300 billion, or $600 billion, or even $1 trillion continue to prop up an increasingly risk-riddled, fragile $330 trillion global bubble in overvalued assets?

Trump Says Discussed "Negative Rates" In Unscheduled Monday Meeting With Chair Powell Powell met with Trump and Mnuchin at the White House "to discuss the economy, growth, employment and inflation"… from Zero Hedge. Update : Following the report that Trump and Powell discussed negative rates, among other things, the dollar has slumped to session lows, with the Bloomberg dollar index dipping below 1,200.

Steve St. Angelo: Silver Primed For Big Move Higher In 2020 While silver may continue to consolidate lower over the next few months, it is primed for the next BIG MOVE higher. Here's why… by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report. The Day of Reckoning is coming, and it won't be pretty for the overall markets. While the Fed liquidity has pushed the major U.S.

Public To Select Sacagawea Dollar 20th Anniversary NGC Label Design Next year is the 20th anniversary of the groundbreaking Sacagawea Dollar, and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation will celebrate the occasion with a special NGC certification label.

Small Businesses Forced To Use GoFundMe To Stay Solvent Struggling businesses are now using the site, ranging from comic book stores to drive-in movie theaters… from Zero Hedge.

Globalists Are Openly Admitting To Their Population Control Agenda, And That's A Bad Sign… It is always the elites that end up in the position of deciding the fates of millions or billions…by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market. Eugenics and population control are long time hobbies of the financial elites. In the early 1900's, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Institute were deeply involved in promoting Eugenics laws in the US.

These are the 7 best food and drink events in Dallas this week This week we are indulging. Whether it's sampling vegan dishes to help get ideas for our seasonal hosting obligations, sipping on bubbles while tasting chocolate, or judging a pie contest, we are considering it all "research" for the holidays. I mean, it's only responsible, right?

Global Recession Risk Crisis Per ECB & BOE Elite - Craig Hemke Tags: Craig Hemke, Dunagun Kaiser, Fundamental Analysis, global elite, global financial crisis 2.0, next recession.

The Main Reasons Data Compliance is So Expensive Our world is becoming more digitized every year. The amount of data is growing, and it is regarded not only as just information but a precious commodity.

Technical Analyst: Gold & Silver Stocks Price Action Bullish, Many "Buy" Signals These charts are showing all sorts of break-outs and buy signals… submitted by Morris Hubbartt. Super Force Signals. A Leading Market Timing Service. We Take Every Trade Ourselves! Email:. Morris Hubbartt. Here are today's videos and charts. The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers.

First U.S. Gold-Backed ETF 'GLD' Celebrates 15 Years The biggest gold-backed exchange traded fund, SPDR Gold Shares, is celebrating its 15th anniversary. On November 18, 2004, GLD hit the scene, providing investors with a easy-to-use and relatively more liquid means to access physical gold price movements.

GOLD & SILVER UPDATE: Setting Up For The Next Leg Higher In 2020 Oil Producers To Slash Spending For Second Straight Year In 2020:. With many shale companies cutting CAPEX spending and staff, 2020 may turn out to be quite an interesting year. Although, industry analysts are still forecasting U.S. shale oil growth to slow next year between 400,000-780,000 bopd.

The RISE Of Gold! - Will We See Gold SKYROCKET As People Flee The Dollar? There's no doubt people are looking at history as a lesson when it comes to the historic support for gold and silver… by Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media.

Trump To Give US Farmers 3rd Round Of Cash Bail-Outs BEFORE Thanksgiving This is the 3rd bail-out of US farmers, in less than 2 years, in the greatest economy in American history. Something's not quite right here… Editor's Note: Today's live-stream is starting later than usual. There may be some scheduling issues moving through the holidays,.

Medicare-for-All "Socialism" Is Just Another Racket The entire system of health needs to be re-organized from the ground up, and funding the rackets will only speed the collapse of the system… by Charles Hugh Smith via Of Two Minds. The entire system of health needs to be re-organized from the ground up, and funding the rackets will only speed the collapse of the system.

Serbia joins gold buying spree with a 9-ton bullion purchase as it looks for safety China's gold reserves held steady at 62.64 million ounces in October, but since December, the central bank bought 105.8 tonnes worth of gold. Analysts have warned that central bank gold purchases could slow for the rest of the year, but the World Gold Council advises that it is the overall trend that's important to pay attention to.

Gold & Silver Stocks Holding Up Very Well, HUGE POTENTIAL Over Next 12 To 18 Months Gold / Gold News / Gold and Silver Stocks Holding Up Very Well, HUGE POTENTIAL Over Next 12 To 18 Months The precious metals sector remains in a correction, and Gold could test $1390…: The precious metals sector remains in a correction and Gold could test $1390.

Cooking with Chef Bryan - Back to Cooking Basics With the holidays coming, remembering some basic cooking skills is crucial. No need to make complicated foods that no one enjoy, stick with the basics. Cranberry Sauce: 1 pkg fresh cranberries. 1 cup water. 1 cup sugar. Roasted Vegetables: 8 cups assorted vegetables.

How To Avoid Being The Victim When Wall Street's Newer, Bigger Bubble Pops People and governments were blindsided by the subprime debacle, but they don't have to be caught blindsided again… by Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics. While most of Wall Street and the government agencies were caught blindsided by the subprime debacle, there were a group of financial experts who did see it in advance.

Trump Vs. The Deep State Vs. The Rest Of Us It should be easy to see, in the battle between the president and the deep state, which side is the most dangerous… by Ryan McMaken of Mises Institute. Listen to the Radio Rothbard version of this article.

How to Streamline Your eCommerce Business for Success There has never been a better time to start an eCommerce business. At present, 67% of millennials and 56% of Gen Xers prefer online shopping than visiting a brick-and-mortar store. Moreover, around 80% of digitally native shoppers make regular impulse purchases online.

Heavy Gold & Silver "Selling" As Economic, Market, Political & Social Conditions…Worsen?!? SD Outlook: It would appear everything around the globe is awesome again, although that appearance is dead wrong… Editor's Note: Mike and I will be streaming Silver Doctors Live at a later start time than normal today. We normally host the show at 12:00 p.m.

Viber Has Launched Its Davis Cup Official Community Viber, one of the world's leading messaging platforms connecting over 1 billion users internationally, has launched its Davis Cup Community. Telecommunications have fundamentally changed with the arrival of the internet. Simple messaging has now evolved into fully-fledged communications with VoIP and many other forms.

Bullion prices on Monday KARACHI: Following were the Bullion Prices in Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan and Lahore markets on Monday. Gold Tezabi 24 CT Rs. 73474.00. Silver Tezabi Rs. 857.34. Gold-Tezabi-24-ct Rs. 73130.00. Gold-Tezabi 22-ct Rs. 67035.00. Silver-Tezabi Rs. 845.00. Gold Tezabi-24 CT Rs.

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