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Gold Performance During Pandemic - Augusta Precious Metals Gold prices rise more in one week during pandemic since 2008 financial crisis. Buying physical gold – not paper gold – could be the best way to capitalize.

Wear a mask not just to protect against COVID-19, but to protect against government surveillance Indeed, wearing a mask is a revolutionary, grass-roots act! by JD Heyes via Natural News. During a remote appearance at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, Snowden claimed that the U.S.

Gold Prices down as Russia Halts Bullion Purchases Reports that Russia, the world's largest purchaser of bullion, decided to suspend gold purchases starting today were cited as a headwind for the yellow metal.

Rick Rule: Mines Shutting Down, COMEX To Settle In Cash? The coronavirus is not only ravaging our personal lives, but impacting businesses globally while financial crisis interventions motivate people to seek shelter in the safe havens… Rick Rule interviewed by Dunagun Kaiser on Reluctant Preppers.

It's Not a Recession-It's a Government-Imposed Shutdown of the Private Sector We are about to enter a production slowdown, a collapse really, not because businesses miscalculated their investments, but because government intervened… by Hunter Hastings via Mises Wire. Economists and Wall Street analysts are using the word recession to describe the looming plunge in output in the US economy.

Zero Hedge Duped, Falls For Deep State Psyop Of 'Overwhelmed NYC Hospitals' MSM News Report Here's how anybody can detect a psyop, so as not to fall victim to it, nor turn into a covidiot… This is getting pretty old, but here we go again. People just don't get it, so I'll say it again. Yet again. Now. Let me say it a little bit louder this time: THE U.S.

Keith Weiner: The 'Out' Has Not Yet Begun To 'Fall' Irrevocable economic damage has already been done… by Keith Weiner of Monetary-Metals:. So, the stock market has dropped. Every government in the world has responded to the coronavirus with drastic, if not unprecedented, violations of the rights of the people.

Bix Weir: Alert! Quarter Ends And NOBODY Can Pay Rent, Bills Or Their Taxes ANYMORE! The collapse is really only getting started, and it's going to last a long, long time as people don't even have enough saved for the essentials… by Bix Weir of Road to Roota. Well, the first Quarter ends today and many will NOT be able to even pay their rent due tomorrow.

Fund Manager: The COMEX Has Defaulted On Gold Dave Kranzler says the Comex has defaulted on the contractual terms of its gold futures contract. Here are the details… by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics. The Comex And LBMA: Paper Gold On Steroids.

Gold futures fall sharply for the session, climb for the month Gold futures fell sharply on Tuesday, but scored a gain for month against a backdrop of ongoing worries about the spread of the coronavirus and overall…

Russia, world's biggest buyer of gold, will stop purchases Russia spent more than $40-billion building a war chest of bullion over the past five years. Now, it's calling it quits. The central bank announced on Monday that it would stop buying gold starting April 1, but didn't explain the move. Analysts say Russia already has a lot of gold stashed in reserves and likely doesn't need more.

A Tale of Two Markets, A Tale Of Two Societies, And Silver The US Treasury, Fed and Congress have unleashed the hounds of fiscal and monetary hell upon the world… by Michael Ballanger via Streetwise Reports:.

Pandemic Pandemonium: The Tides of Globalization and Financialization Reverse Central bank free money doesn't create collateral or creditworthy borrowers, and without those foundations, the decayed, rotted shack will collapse… by Charles Hugh Smith via Of Two Minds. Central bank free money doesn't create collateral or creditworthy borrowers, and without those foundations, the decayed, rotted shack will collapse.

Gold Shines for 6th-Straight Quarter; Trajectory in Question Yet, the upward trajectory of gold remains in question as volatility caps daily moves at above $1,600 an ounce and Russia moves from big buyer to possible seller of bullion.

With Traditional Markets in Turmoil, AlphaPoint Transforms Assets In this way, it is a proven and established portal for accessing the future of wealth, asset ownership and decentralization by facilitating the tokenization of assets and launch of needed marketplaces.

China's GLOBAL Takeover! - Is Coronavirus The Catalyst? - The TRUTH Nobody Is Talking About! People are being silenced and disappeared while the US economy collapses and allows room for a new world reserve currency to take over… by Josh Sigurdson via World Alternative Media. Josh Sigurdson reports on an issue few people are talking about as Covid-19 sweeps the world and leads to millions of jobs being wiped out.

Harvey Organ: The Real-World Price For A 1-Ounce Gold Or Silver Coin Is About $1800 Or $26 You can bet the farm that the bankers are desperate to liquidate their huge short positions in silver… by Harvey Organ of Harvey Organ Blog. GOLD:$1621.00 DOWN $6.10 The quote is London spot price. Silver:$13.94//DOWN $0.44 London spot price. Closing access prices: London spot.

Bitcoin Beating Gold But What will Hold its Value Better in Five Years? The price of bitcoin is currently trading in the green by 2.34% as it trades around $6,450. Although down 11.89% YTD and about 34% since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the markets, the crypto asset is up over 54% in the past year. In comparison, gold is up 0.3% since February 9 and 5.7% YTD but only up 24% in the past year, as per

Still probably a bear market rally, oil prices are staying alive, Russia gives up on gold US stocks are seesawing after the Fed launched a new repo facility, the White House signaled a fourth stimulus plan is being worked on and President Trump's hope for a $2 trillion infrastructure deal. Trump's revival of an infrastructure deal will likely fall on deaf ears as partisan politics would push this back until after the election.

Looting, Riots & Civil Unrest Are Coming To The US, Will Be Much Worse Than Asia Or Europe Stores in the US are being scantly boarded-up. America's civil unrest, however, will be nothing like the food riots in Italy or the civil unrest in China… The riots are coming. It's par for the economic collapse course. Last week we got some "reports" of riots coming out of China:.

History Says: "Gold & Silver Will Go Much Higher After This Stock Market Crash" A look at the severity, duration, and recoveries in three periods that seem to most resemble what's happening today: the Great Recession, the 1970s, and the Great Depression to see what we can learn. …There have been many periods in history where… have crashed.

Maersk Cargo Container Ship Crew Hospitalized With Coronavirus In China Global supply chain disruptions continue as Covid-19 penetrates deep into all levels of global trade logistics… We've been discussing coronavirus-related global supply chain disruptions for a couple of months, and we've specifically reported on Maersk's problems before, such as in this article from February 20th:.

Powers That Be And 1st Quarter's End: A Wave Down In Gold & Silver More likely By The Hour This means that gold would likely slide well below… by Przemyslaw Radomski via Sunshine Profits. Today is the final trading day of the first quarter of 2020. Seems irrelevant, right? But it's not. Various types of performance are often calculated on a monthly basis, and quarterly calculations are used for a more broader overview.

Harvard Trained Economist: The Big Picture Against The Coronavirus Chaos We cannot get healthy again until we get the grand perversion of debt and financial asset bubbles out of our economy. Harry Dent explains… by Harry Dent of Economy and Markets. While Covid-19 continues its expansion into the U.S.

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