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Bank Of America WARNS The BUBBLE Will BURST! - Why Speculation Will Cause The CRASH! There's an everything bubble worldwide and the clock is ticking… by Josh Sigurdson via World Alternative Media. Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news from Bank Of America as they warn that due to the level of euphoria in the stock market, it's quite possible to see the bubble burst as it's reminiscent of the year 2000.

Charles Hugh Smith: The Future Of What's Called "Capitalism" The psychotic instability will resolve itself when the illusory officially sanctioned "capitalism" implodes…:. by Charles Hugh Smith via Of Two Minds. The psychotic instability will resolve itself when the illusory officially sanctioned "capitalism" implodes.

Jim Rickards: Don't Mess With The U.S. Iraq is the latest country to feel the sting of sanctions. Following the killing of Soleimani, Iraq threatened to expel all U.S. troops. Trump answered… by Jim Rickards via Daily Reckoning. I've been documenting financial warfare in my articles for years, but it still doesn't get the mainstream attention it deserves.

35 Trillion "accounting Changes" Fed The Military-industrial Complex In just one year, the Pentagon has racked up $35 trillion in "accounting changes" which served to feed the beast of the military-industrial complex. These accounting adjustments made last year by the Pentagon total an amount that's larger than the entire U.S.

Trade Sanctions Are Both Immoral And Ineffective In an article written for the medical journal The Lancet, three doctors working at MAHAK Pediatric Cancer Treatment and Research Center in Tehran noted that the establishment of sanctions have caused a "scarcity of drugs due to the reluctance of pharmaceutical companies to deal with Iran." They also warned that.

2020 Market Forecasts for Blockchain in Health Care The healthcare industry has always been driven by technological innovation. And that extends not only to the treatment of illnesses, but to the increasingly data-centric administration of patient care.

Egon von Greyerz: Paper Gold is TEMPORARY, Take Heed BEFORE Collapse Of Fake Gold Market With a paper market in gold that totally dominates gold trading and distorts the price of gold, it is easy for most people to forget what gold is all about… by Egon von Greyerz of Gold Switzerland. Physical gold is eternal and paper gold ephemeral.

Trump Says Middle-Class Tax Cut To Be Announced Within Three Months The White House plans to unveil a new tax-cut proposal for the middle class in approximately 90 days…:. from Zero Hedge. President Trump told The Wall Street Journal on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that the White House plans to unveil a new tax-cut proposal for the middle class in approximately 90 days.

Gold Rates In Pakistan On Saturday 25 Jan 2020 KARACHI, :Following were the Bullion prices in Karachi, Hyderabad and Multan on Saturday. Gold Tezabi 24 CT Rs. 78018.00. Silver Tezabi Rs. 857.33. Gold-Tezabi-24-ct Rs. 77415. Gold-Tezabi 22-ct Rs. 70965.00. Silver-Tezabi Rs. 866.00. Gold Tezabi-24 CT Rs.

This Bullish Three Year Gold Cycle Is Still On Track Experience is your friend, and so are straightforward indicators. Here's why the gold bull is still on track… Tim Ord interviewed on Palisade Radio. Tim discusses his favorite indicators for predicting trends in the gold markets and where he thinks gold will head in 2020.

A 'High-Level Exercise' Showed That A Coronavirus Pandemic Could Kill 65 Million People Just over three months ago, a "high-level pandemic exercise" entitled "Event 201" was held in New York City…:. by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog. Just over three months ago, a "high-level pandemic exercise" entitled "Event 201" was held in New York City.

2,000 Gold from Political Tension - Augusta Precious Metals Some asset managers believe social and political tension could push gold to $2,000 as much as economic weakness and accommodative monetary policy.

Why Bad GDP Metrics Lead to Bad Policy Relying on the flawed and misleading GDP measure to gauge economic health leads politicians to favor destructive policies aimed at the wrong goals.

An Army For Hire: Trump Wants To Make Money By Renting Out American Soldiers To stay that there has been some strange stuff coming out of the White House lately would be an understatement…:. by Philip Giraldi via Strategic Culture. To stay that there has been some strange stuff coming out of the White House lately would be an understatement.

Greg Hunter: Sham Impeachment Dud, Dem 2020 Election Panic And Economic Warning Signs Why are the Democrats pushing this sham impeachment that is basically a fraud on the Constitution?:. Greg Hunter gives The Weekly News Wrap-Up for Friday, January 24th, 2020. Why the Dems thought the sham impeachment was going to do better in the GOP controlled Senate, I'll never know.

Gold & Silver: Prevention Only Works Before US, China Or Global Economy Gets Flu SD Friday Wrap: Gold and silver catch a bid as the "markets" begin to price-in the effects of a global pandemic… Edit: These charts were set-up around approximately 1:30 p.m. EST on Friday, January 24th. We discussed the Wuhan Virus at length in today's Silver Doctors Live:.

Gold ends at a more than 2-week high as spread of China flu fuels haven demand for the metal Gold futures marked their highest settlement in over two weeks on Thursday, as the spread of the coronavirus in Asia fed risk-off sentiment among traders, pressuring global stock markets and U.S. bond yields, and boosting haven demand for the precious metal.

Mississippi Bill Would Remove Barrier to Use of Gold and Silver as Money - A bill introduced in the Mississippi Senate would exempt gold and silver bullion from the state sales tax. Enactment of this legislation would eliminate one barrier to using gold and silver in everyday transactions, a foundational step for people to undermine the Federal Reserve's monopoly on money.

Ron Paul: The Truth Comes Out - New Evidence Syria Gas Attack Evidence Falsified Were the documents falsified under pressure from the US government, and why is the MSM silent on this? by Ron Paul of Ron Paul Liberty Report.

John Rubino: Why A Flu Outbreak In China Can Spook The Markets Financial markets understand that should a contagious, fatal virus start to spread between countries, the immediate response will be… by John Rubino of Dollar Collapse. When people talk about empires of the past, they generally mean Rome and Britain.

Peter Schiff: Capitalism Empowers People, Socialism Empowers Government The road to hell is paved with good intentions and the people who vote for Sanders are going to be feeling the burn worse than anyone… by Peter Schiff via Peter Schiff Podcast. While I was at VRIC, Trump was in Davos touting to other world leaders the "unmatched" period of prosperity America is experiencing, thanks to him.

It now costs less than 1% to buy Bitcoin with Baanx For a limited time only, Baanx are giving you the chance to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other top cryptocurrencies with your Debit and Credit cards for a card fee of no more than 0.99% until the end of January 2020.

Collect call Ed Helgran of Atwood Coin and Jewelry, at 1450 Atwood Ave., has a piece of advice for young people looking to take up a hobby. "You can buy a coin today that may 20 years from now be worth $100,000 because of its scarcity, which, you'll never get that kind of return just ," he said.

How Michael Bloomberg's 'Journalists' Propagandize For More U.S. Aggressions The regime's propaganda doesn't come from the Government directly, but from the 607 billionaires who control the regime, via their corrupt control over… by Eric Zuesse via Strategic Culture. This will be exposing typical U.S.-regime propaganda. That's propaganda favoring U.S.

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