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Is It Just A Birthmark Or Something Worse? Newborns are often born with all kinds of markings on their skin, and many others develop different markings in the first few days or weeks of life. Are these all simply birthmarks? Or do they represent something truly worrisome? A few of the more common skin markings in newborns are presented here.

Castor Oil to Induce Labor: Safe? Effective? Worth It? As referenced above, castor oil doesn't always work to induce labor, but research suggests more than 50 percent of women will go into labor within 24 hours of drinking castor oil and nearly two-thirds of women will go into labor within 48 hours of drinking castor oil.

Having A Baby Is Costly And Confusing - Even For A Health Policy Expert As a country, I think that we should strive to do better to support our families.

Pregnancy-Safe Do-It-Yourself Cleaning Products Many women experience a sudden nesting instinct toward the end of their pregnancy, an overwhelming urge to create a clean and welcoming environment for the baby's arrival. The nesting instinct might prompt setting up a crib, painting the nursery, or deep cleaning every inch of the house.

Hilary Duff just ate something pregnant women are told not to and we debunked the myth When it comes to eating when pregnant, the list of 'avoid' seems to become longer and longer by the minute and more confusing by the week. So what's the deal with eating sushi and raw fish when pregnant? We asked our Healthy Mummy nutritionist, Cheree Sheldon.

Physical Activity During Pregnancy Not sure whether to start or to continue being physically active during your pregnancy? Well, you are not alone. As a public health nurse working with expectant mothers, I have frequently been asked about the safety of being physically active during pregnancy.

Flower Names For Girls Flower names have always been popular. Long before word names came into vogue, flower names for girls, such as Violet, Iris, Lily, and Rose, were top choices. But there's a garden full of nature baby names out there, so try one of these pretty choices for your daughter.

Tools To Manage Psychiatric Illness During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding Mental illness is common in the United States. In fact, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately 1 in 5 adults experiences mental illnesses, such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder, each year.

Trying to fall pregnant? This is the best time of day to have sex You may want to if you're looking to fall pregnant. The best time to have sex in order to conceive has been revealed and it's quite early.

When You See Me Smiling You see me smiling in my pictures and assume I am not afraid. You assume I am over it. You assume all is well. Yes, this is my second pregnancy after loss. But, would you believe me if I told you I remember nothing from that first pregnancy after loss?

What It's Like Being Pregnant with 1.1 Million People Watching on Instagram Whether she's travelling the world or at home in L.A., digital entrepreneur Chriselle Lim, of The Chriselle Factor, is living life in front of her 1.1 million followers - and still managing to keep it 100 percent real for her fans.

Smart Family Planning Means Thinking About Your Second Kid Even Before You Have Your First Let's start with your registry. There aren't many times in life when your friends and family ask you to list everything you want so they can go buy it for you! It's a pretty amazing opportunity to get this baby thing off to a great start. The only way it could be even more amazing would be winning your registry free and clear!

Getting ready for the big day: Preparing for Labour & Delivery However, do not try such exercises on your own. Consult your physician or caregiver before starting with the workout routine. Apart from all the above mentioned things, you should always stay in touch with your gynaecologist and inform him/her if you feel that there is something out-of-order.

Pregnant and Can't Sleep? Expert Tips For A Better Night's Sleep The Kally Pillow is perfect for use during pregnancy to enable you to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. Developed by leading Harley Street doctors and osteopaths it's the ultimate in hypoallergenic ergonomic pillows. What's brilliant about the one-size-fits-all Kally Pillow is that it's not just maternity specific.

Natural Birth and Cord Blood Banking: What you need to know Most birth plans, can accommodate cord blood banking as collection of the sample takes place post the baby's birth. The collection process in itself is less than a five minute.

Unhealthy Things Moms Tend To Get Hooked On As moms, we know we're role models for our children. When you eat your own vegetables with a smile, or sympathize with the driver who cut you off instead of swearing, you're setting the tone for your kids' behavior. In the midst of the good habits we try to cultivate, a few unhealthy patterns can slip through the cracks.

Incompetent Cervix: Loss of a Pregnancy in the Second Trimester An incompetent cervix is also called cervical insufficiency. Normally, your cervix remains tight and hard right up until the time you are ready to deliver your baby. In some women, the cervix starts to soften and open during the second trimester. This can cause loss of the pregnancy.

How long until I deliver? What are the three stages of labor? What are the stages of labor and delivery? Labor is a series of continuous, progressive contractions of the uterus which help the cervix open and to thin. This lets the fetus move through the birth canal. Labor usually starts 2 weeks before or after the estimated date of delivery.

How to Keep Your Pregnancy a Secret in the First Trimester If you have decided to keep the big news a secret until you hit your second trimester, here are some tips on how to be successful! I had a few brunches planned with friends, and I needed to be sneaky. They are the friends that would know something was up if I didn't order a mimosa or bloody mary.

Chicken Pox and Pregnancy You may be immune if you've had chicken pox before, especially if you've been vaccinated. The prevention rate is as high as 80-85% for ones who've received the vaccination. Hence, whilst the chances are low, but there are few women who do get chicken pox during their pregnancy.

Birth Control and Yeast Infections: What's the Link? According to the CDC, one of the most popular forms of contraception among women aged 15 to 44 is the pill.1 Most women have at least heard of birth control pills, even if they haven't tried them. They've been around for a long time, and there are a lot of myths floating around about them, including these.

The Must-Know Facts About Home Births Having a home birth is an option that many women decide to take, as it offers several benefits over hospital births. However, home births aren't for every woman. Here's a rundown of what you need to know about home births before you decide to have one.

This is the most common time for babies to be born, it's not pretty Getting your child to the car takes approximately 4.5 hours while getting them to eat their dinner takes a rough 8 hours and that's with you helping them! When it comes to babies being born, time is also a uncertainty. However, there is one thing about time being common with babies, and that is the time they are born.

Methods For Working Out Your Fertile Window So you ditched the contraception months ago with the expectation that pregnancy would happen relatively quickly. Maybe not the first month or so, but surely within six months, right? However, it has now been a year of trying and for some reason it doesn't seem to be working.

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