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I Had Cholestasis While Pregnant, And This Is What It's Like I was eager to bring my daughter into the world my way. As I entered my third trimester, I still felt good. I was peeing more and I started noticing that my pee looked darker than usual. I didn't think much of it. I drank more water. No matter how much I drank, it still seemed a bit darker than it used to be.

30 Mexican Names For Boys & Girls, With Meanings The best Mexican names are inspired by the country's indigenous cultures like the Mayans and Quiché, as well as the Spanish settlers who came to the region as Conquistadors. Looking for some baby name ideas for your child? Check out this list of Mexican names we love, both both boys and girls.

Narcolepsy: What It Means For Your Pregnancy There are many reasons why you may be sleepy during the daytime while you're pregnant. One common reason is that pregnancy disrupts your physiology as well as the shape of your body, such that you find it difficult to fall asleep, or to remain asleep throughout the night.

A Very Pregnant Kate Hudson Cheers Her Son Bing On From The Sidelines A heavily pregnant Kate Hudson and partner Danny Fujikawa were photographed taking her son Bingham to soccer practice in Malibu on Sunday, September 23, 2018. Kate's growing belly could be seen under her pink maxi dress. The actress was accompanied by her mom Goldie Hawn and son Ryder Robinson.

How To Help Young Children With Their First Filling - Mother Rising How can a parent help their young child with a first filling? What works and what doesn't? This week I'm taking a break from talking about pregnancy and childbirth to share with you what's worked for me and my three kids when it comes to getting a first filling.

How Long Should I Continue to Take a Prenatal Vitamin? Good nutrition is important for everyone because it supports good health. It is especially important for any woman who is planning to become pregnant, is currently pregnant, or is breastfeeding. When a woman is pregnant her body needs additional calories and nutrients to support proper growth and development of her baby.

A Mom's Review Of The Nilo Table For Kids - See Why I Like The Nilo Activity Table Best - The Pregnancy & Parenting Guide I wanted an activity table that would:. eval; I was really happy to discover the Nilo table! The Nilo table is a really thoughtful and well-made multi-activity play table. Did You Know?… The Nilo table was created in a garage back in 1992 when Nile Earnest, a father of 2, sought to solve a problem.

Thalassemia: Genetics and Pregnancy If a genetic condition called thalassemia runs in your family, there are several potential issues that you'll need to consider along the pathway related to family planning and genetic counseling, to giving birth, and to raising your child. We'll touch on those issues in the context of an overview of this condition.

Well Rounded's Tips by Trimester Event - Well Rounded NY Join Well Rounded on October 13, 2018 for Tips by Trimester, an informative day filled with conversation and inspiration for your pregnancy. Hear from expert, influencers and real moms as we dig into the most pressing issues and hot topics around pregnancy and parenting today.

Please Stop Asking When We're Having Another Baby Although it's usually well-meaning, asking a woman when she's having another baby is a very personal question, and one that I wish people would stop asking.

The Best Pregnancy Books for Natural Mamas Looking for the best pregnancy books out there? Look no further! We complied the best list out there for mom's looking for a more natural approach.

20 Week Ultrasound: What Exactly Happens During This Scan Did you have a 20 week ultrasound? Is there anything you wish you knew beforehand? Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Name. Email. Website. Comment.

Twin Girl Names That Aren't Super Matchy When you're choosing twin girl names, the temptation is definitely there to pick names that are super matchy. Think Ella and Emma, or Chloe and Zoe. Just don't. Instead, choose twin girl names that fit a certain theme - without rhyming. Here are some suggestions to consider:.

10 things you won't be able to do late in your pregnancy If you're still in the early stages of your pregnancy, simple tasks are still doable, but as your pregnancy progresses you may find that there are some things you just can't do anymore. ALSO SEE: 10 annoying things in the last two weeks of pregnancy. Image Source: Littlethings.

Pregnancy and Footwear Since pregnancy can be hard on your feet, finding comfortable supportive footwear should be a priority. It's partially the rapid weight gain that is so punishing for your feet.

Carrie Underwood Receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Celebrities attended the ceremony honoring Carrie Underwood with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in front of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood on Thursday September 20, 2018. Pregnant with her second child, the singer's was beautiful in a red belted trench coat.

This Mom's Post About Her "Failed" Birth Plan Has a Powerful Reminder in It for All of Us Samantha Joy had a vision for what the perfect birth would look like. Joy, 33, is an identity coach in Denver, Colorado, where she lives with her partner Gabe, 40.

Has Your Toddler Outdoor Climber Seen Better Days? Here's How To Paint Plastic Outdoor Paly Sets Yourself - The Household Tips Guide I got a Little Tikes toddler outdoor climber for FREE - it just needed some TLC. Here's how to paint plastic outdoor play sets + My tips for this DIY project.

How To Win The Grief Olympics: Dos and Don'ts of Comparing Grief You may have heard of it: The Grief Olympics. The term comes up when people try to "one-up" each other's grief by explaining why their own personal loss is far worse. Many of us have engaged in The Grief Olympics in one way or another. It's human nature to compare and contrast, and we do it instinctively.

8 Chemicals to Avoid During Pregnancy We talk a lot about the foods to avoid during pregnancy, but it's actually just as important to take a look at some of the other non-food products we expose ourselves to every day - think water bottles, sunscreen, pads, hand sanitizer, make-up and shampoo.

Taking Baby To Beach? Here's What To Pack For Baby's First Time At The Beach - Baby Beach Gear You REALLY Need - The Travel Guide Taking baby to beach soon? See what I packed for my son's first trip to the beach. My list of must-have baby beach gear… the absolute necessities to pack!

Viagra for Babies? It sounds crazy, but it might not be. For some babies with a condition called pulmonary hypertension, Viagra might be a lifesaver. If you Google Viagra for babies you will learn about a Dutch study in which 93 women were given Viagra during pregnancy.

"You Got Your Boy!" Gender and Spirit in Pregnancy After Loss My firstborn was stillborn and his name was Brayden. When the doctor had told us his gender at an ultrasound appointment just weeks earlier, my husband Matt and I looked at each other and smiled. So many hopes and dreams had filled that moment. I spoke to my spiritual friend shortly after we lost Brayden at 24 weeks gestation.

Why it's Ludicrous to Call C-Sections 'The Easy Way Out' Heather Morgan Shott is the former Editor-in-Chief of Previously she was site director of The Nest.

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