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An Unspoken Reality: Numbness During Pregnancy Everyone has told you a lot about pregnancy. You know about the increased hormones, you know about the cravings and the acid reflux. But no one told you about your stomach going numb. In the middle of the night not realizing your watch was on your stomach the entire night until you turn over and hear it fall off.

8 amazing facts about your unborn baby As you battle the heartburn, bloating and swollen ankles, here's what your unborn baby is getting up to in the womb. ALSO SEE: What to expect from your baby's month-by-month development in utero. Certain foods you eat can be detected in your amniotic fluid.

Baby Hiccups Babies are the absolute cutest. Their round little cheeks and their dimpled hands, and their little tiny elbows. Their hiccups are also adorable. That is until they become painful and those cute hiccups dissolve into wails of pain.

Breech Birth Story — Birthing Instincts with Dr. Stu If there was one word to describe Deacon's birth it would be LOVE. We consciously called this sweet boy into our family and throughout my pregnancy I felt an immense amount of LOVE and peace. I didn't allow the fear of complications and the unknown that existed during my pregnancy with Eloise to creep in this time.

"Remember when you cried all the time, momma?" When depression and anxiety become paralyzing during pregnancy after loss But one afternoon I clearly realized there was more going on. I curled up on an oversized chair and softly and numbly cried-for two hours straight. But it didn't feel like two hours. It was as if my brain froze for those two hours while my body gave in to the mental and physical depletion.

Yellow Baby? Baby Has High Bilirubin or Jaundice You're currently reclining in your not so comfortable hospital bed and waiting for the doctor's words so you can leave the hospital. You are sick and tired of the plastic bed, of the hospital smell, and of the doctors and nurses in general.

5 Excellent Tips To Baby Shower Hosting When one of your close friends is pregnant, it's an exciting time - but there's so much to do! She has to figure out how to put in a car seat, decorate the nursery, and read through countless confusing parenting books. You want to throw her a baby shower to help take her mind off the stress and onto celebration.

Taco Salad: A quick and balanced dinner There are days I come home tired but as a parent, still need to think of a healthy dinner to prepare for myself and my family. This is my 'go-to' quick, nutritious, no-cook meal that is ready in under 30 minutes.

8 smoothie recipes to give you a boost during pregnancy Which smoothie will you try? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! Now read:. 10 superfoods to eat during your pregnancy. Bauer Media Group.

11 thoughtful gifts mums-to-be will love Unsure on what to get your pregnant friend for her baby shower? Or a small gift now she has a baby? Here are 11 thoughtful gifts that mums-to-be would love right now.

Where to Buy the Best Maternity Athleisure Clothes It's pretty much the new way of life, especially when you're pregnant. And it's easy to see why: leggings are so comfy and practical. That's why we're going to share our top maternity athleisure recs.

Marjanna's Bump Day Blog, Week 23: Sticks and Stones and Words Words expressed, written or spoken, have power. The hot punch of the voice of someone in pain can land like anger; the bruises run deep and do not show. This new life doesn't need to be greeted like that because her brother died before he had a chance to live.

Your due date - what you need to know Midwife Pippa Himes explains how your estimated date of delivery is calculated and factors that can affect your due date.

How Bad Is Marijuana for Pregnancy? The Pulse recently reported on a study in Journal of the American Medical Society which found that the number of women who reported marijuana use in pregnancy had doubled between 2002 and 2017. This is not too surprising since marijuana for recreational or medical use is now legal in most states.

Food for Fertility: Can You Diet for Pregnancy? Pregnancy has always been mysterious. It is one of the true miracles of human life. For some couples getting pregnant is like rolling off a log, for others it is a frustrating struggle. No wonder that myths about pregnancy have endured for generations.

7 tips for saving money on your baby shower Now you're expecting it's nearly time to start planning your baby shower! Here is how you can have the baby shower you've always wanted without breaking the bank too much.

Top medical aid options if you're planning a family We look at the maternity benefits some of South Africa's top medical schemes offer families, but don't forget to do your own homework. You also have the option to use an independent broker who will help you choose the medical aid plan best suited to your, and your family's, needs.

Favorite rainbow outfits for your rainbow baby: Target does it again! A few years ago, Target released a darling Cat and Jack infant bodysuit that was just too perfect for a rainbow baby, with a rainbow and stitching that said, "Oh hello little rainbow." It was available in both long sleeved and short sleeved, and we saw courageous mamas stocking up on every size!

The First Symptoms of Pregnancy Whatever your case might be, reading up on the first significant symptoms of pregnancy is essential in keeping you and your baby healthy. Every woman's pregnancy experience will be different, which means you might not experience every one of these initial symptoms.

Find Out How Storing Your Child's Milk Teeth Could Save Their Life It's called private stem cell banking and helps families to protect the health of their little ones for years to come. Here's what you need to know about private stem cell banking and its latest innovation - milk tooth banking.

What Do Baby Tears Mean? There are three types of baby tears, just like adult tears. The types are called basal, reflex, and emotional tears. Basal tears are tears that are always being made to keep the eyes from drying out. Reflex tears are tears that flush out the eyes when they are irritated; think about peeling an onion.

Antenatal Anxiety You've probably heard of postpartum depression and maybe even postpartum anxiety, mental health issues that can occur years after baby is born. But it is also possible to experience mental health issues during pregnancy. The incidence of antenatal, prenatal, or pregnancy anxiety is unknown, but likely many more people experience it than report it.

Pregnancy and Lactation Weekly Digest Our pregnancy news weekly digest brought to you by the Pregistry staff. Feel free to forward to your friends and family.

15 Gifts for Pregnant Women That They Really Want - Mother Rising But what are good gifts for pregnant women that aren't baby gear, diapers, and wipes? If you're looking for a gift just for a pregnant friend, or are wondering how to pamper a pregnant woman, this post is for you.

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