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PUBG Easter Eggs: 5 Best Hidden Gems in PUBG PUBG easter eggs are scattered throughout the game, and while nothing was added during this latest Easter or April Fool's Day, the game still has some hidden gems. Here are the five best easter eggs in PUBG. Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp. This one can be find to get to unless you land there from the start.

4AM's CPT pulled off one of the best plays in PUBG history at FACEIT Global Summit CPT clutched up against six other players.

Threat Of Nuclear Annihilation Not A PUBG Game: Omar SRINAGAR - NC leader Omar Abdullah Monday said the threat of nuclear annihilation was not like a PUBG game where one can hit the reset button to restore normal life, as he criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and PDP president Mehbooba Mufti for their remarks.

PUBG Cosplay: 3 Best PUBG Cosplay Outfits Found on the Internet PUBG cosplay isn't nearly as popular compared to other games since it lacks crazy skins or characters that people want to emulate. Instead, you have more military or mundane clothes to copy. Here are three of the best PUBG cosplay outfits found on the internet.

Battle of the bans in India : PewDiePie's diss tracks, PUBG and TikTok We have a strong moderation team which combines the power of technology and robust human intervention, covering 15 Indian languages, to remove inappropriate content from the platform." Last year, PUBG Mobile was nominated for Best Breakthrough Hit and Best Community Building Game awards on the PlayStore.

Leak: PUBG coming to the PS5? A leak which has already provided correct details about the PS5, has claimed a 4K remaster of PUBG is coming to the PS5. Is this essentially PUBG 2?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Developer Reports $310 Million Profit for 2018 The split is even more interesting with PC garnering $790 million in revenue while mobile accounted for $65 million and consoles made up $60 million. In terms of revenue, Asia made up 53 percent of the split.

PUBG in PS5: Leak suggests a new version of the game on PS5 2020 will likely be the year we see the PS5 reveal and more information as well as the release of this new PUBG and other games that are on the list. The PS4 console is reaching the end of its life cycle soon and it has been around for 6 years.

ASUS clarifies on ZenFone Max Pro M1 missing PUBG HD setting after Android 9.0 Pie ASUS has now provided more update regarding the missing PUBG HD settings on ZenFone Max Pro M1 after Android Pie.

PUBG Mobile: Update For Planes Vanishing And Parachute Problems Acknowledged Officially, On The Way If you are playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile and having observed a potential glitch with respect to the plane vanishing even before it gets on to the map, then you have some good news as this glitch has been acknowledged officially by PUBG developer folks wh have also confirmed that a fix would be on its way very shortly.

PUBG Mobile plane disappearing bug acknowledged by developers, fix arriving soon Parachuting from airplanes is the very first step of entering a map in PUBG Mobile.

Nepal Supreme Court stays government order banning PUBG Mobile However, less than two weeks after the ban, Nepal's Supreme Court recently stayed the government's order banning the game. The stay order came after few lawyers approached the country's Apex Court challenging the initial order to ban the game.

Iraq's Parliament bans Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG Soon after news of the new ban was announced the Iraqi Parliament, whose only other piece of passed legislation was Iraq's federal budget law in January, were heavily criticized for seemingly misplaced priorities.

OP Rangers Victorious at FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic OP Rangers are victorious at the FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic, taking it down to the wire in the last round of the day.

Complaint filed against 'Solo PUBG tournament' Hyderabad: Progressive Youth League, a city based organization, has approached the Cyber Crime Station Hyderabad demanding the police intervene and stop an online PUBG tournament.

PUBG Mobile Ban: Nepal SC stays government's order on banning Battle Royale Also Read: God Of War 4 Free PS4 Theme hints a sequel under development "Ragnarok Is Coming" PUBG mobile has been receiving negative response from several government authorities. On the same hand the game has been blamed for downgrade on educational performance of some students.

Will Smith invests in esports company and FACEIT holds massive PUBG event in London Will Smith puts his name down for organization Gen. G and invests in esports.

PUBG: Game-winning 1v6 at FACEIT Global Summit stuns crowd and casters Cpt pulls off an incredible 1v6 to keep title hopes alive.

PUBG Mobile Companion: How to Unlock the Companion PUBG Mobile companion is the latest item data mined for PUBG mobile. It allows you to have a companion during any solo match. The companion was just recently data mined in the PUBG Mobile update 0.12.0. The feature isn't live as of yet, but there are plenty of screenshots and data mined information on companions.

Iraq Bans PUBG and Fortnite as "Moral Threats to Children" In the exact wording of the Iraq parliament, both games were banned "due to the negative effects caused by some electronic games on the health, culture, and security of Iraqi society, including societal and moral threats to children and youth.".

PUBG Corp made $920 million in 2018, 85% of cash from PC PUBG raked in serious worldwide revenues in 2018, most of which was from PC.

Iraq's Parliment Bans Fortnite, PUBG, and Microtransactions Lawmakers, who were sworn in last September after months of disputed results and ballot box recounts, approved a resolution that mandated the government to bar online access to the games and ban related financial transactions.

PUBG Mobile plane disappearing bug addressed by developers, Fix Is coming soon to the Battle Royale PUBG Mobile Plane disappearing bug fix is coming soon.

Troll Abuses Aashka Goradia Over Her Pubg Comment. Daayan Star Counters With A Terrific Bashing Aashka has handled an abusive troll and made him go mum. Bet he won't forget this response, we can bet our last shirt on that. The troll, obviously idle, lashed out at her for her comments on the ban of Pubg.

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