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PUBG is confirmed to come to PlayStation 4 on 7 December, preorders begin today PUBG has teamed up with Sony to add skins and a theme each from Unchartered and The Last of Us franchises. As per the announcement by PlayStation on its US blog, the game will launch with all three were accustomed to - Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok.

PUBG is now available on Xbox Game Pass, and new users can join for just £1 Microsoft has announced that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now available for Xbox Game Pass users to download. The monthly service charges users £7.99 and grants them access to a library of games spanning platform exclusives, renown blockbusters and plenty of indie gems.

PUBG PS4's India prices revealed PUBG is coming to PS4 finally on December 7 and the latest update in that regard is that the game's India price for its multiple versions has also been revealed. PUBG is coming to PS4 finally on December 7 and the latest update in that regard is that the game's India price for its multiple versions has also been revealed.

PUBG confirmed for PS4 release Last week, report began to appear that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds would be coming to PS4 this year. Evidence for it was really beginning to mount up, and now, we have news that this is official.

PUBG Coming To PlayStation 4 On 7 December; Pricing Starts From RM111 It looks like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is finally coming to the PlayStation, after being available on PC and mobile for the longest time. Also, seeing how its PlayStation, there are some PS-exclusive stuff to be had if you pre-order the game from the PS Store.

PUBG confirmed : Officially available on PlayStation 4 this December 7th PUBG Corporation has finally announced that they are bringing PUBG to the Sony PlayStation 4 this coming 7 December 2018, where players are now able to pre-order the game online globally at participating retailers and on the PlayStation Store. The PS4 version of PUBG will include three of their maps which includes Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds joins Xbox Game Pass subscription service The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds video game is now available to play for free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Microsoft's Xbox One consoles.

It's official! PUBG is coming to PS4 on December 7 Last week, we told you that it looked like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was headed to the PlayStation 4 next month. Thanks to content ID for the game showing up buried on Sony's public-facing site, it was pretty much a certainty that we'd be seeing the more realistic Battle Royale game make the jump to PlayStation.

Chinese law enforcement arrest PUBG cheaters Tencent, the largest gaming company in the world, announced on PlayerUnknown's Battleground official Weibo account that it has helped law enforcement in Pingyang County, Zhejiang Province to crackdown on a criminal organization involved in the development, distribution, promotion, and selling of PUBG cheating plug-ins.

PUBG Coming to PlayStation on 7 December, Xbox Exclusivity Ends PUBG will finally make it to PlayStation. The game will be launched on 7 December worldwide.

Phil Spencer: "We have million of subscribers on Game Pass today" While Microsoft made a few missteps at the beginning of the current console generation, the Xbox team has made tremendous strides in regaining gamers, by continuously making decisions with gamers in mind. One of those decisions being the subscription service, Xbox Game Pass in June 2017, and it sounds like its popularity is at an all time high.

PUBG PS4 is coming in early December, includes PlayStation themed skins PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is finally coming to PS4 it was announced today. The wildly popular battle royale title was released for Xbox One a year ago and has been going strong ever since, even in the face of the overwhelming popularity of Fortnite.

PUBG Announced for PS4, Set to Arrive December 7; New Trailer, Exclusive Bonuses, and More Detailed PUBG has been officially announced for the PlayStation 4. New details, trailer, and bonuses have been detailed. Click here for the full details!

PUBG Officially Coming to PlayStation 4 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is officially on it's way to the PlayStation 4. After being announced as an Xbox One console exclusive last year, PUBG will be coming to Sony's console on Dec. 7, 2018, according to the PlayStation Blog. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will come fully featured with everything currently available on other consoles.

PUBG PS4 release confirmed, coming in December 2018 A PUBG PS4 release has finally been confirmed and will head to players in early December 2018. Available on PS4 from 7 December, there are a number of different editions available for pre-order. We've details below. Pre-order bonuses will include digital skins, a Nathan Drake Desert Outfit and Ellie's Backback.

2 Reasons to Pre-Order PS4 PUBG & 3 Reasons to Wait If you're currently on the fence about a PS4 PUBG pre-order, allow us to take you through the best reasons to buy and the best reasons to wait. One of the best reasons to pre-order a copy of PUBG for PS4 is to save a bunch of money on one of the expensive bundles.

PS4 PUBG: Which Edition to Buy? So who should buy this edition? PUBG is sold in both digital and physical formats and there are some key differences you should know about before you go with one or the other. Let's start with some reasons to buy a digital copy.

PUBG Officially Comes to Playstation 4 This December One of the premiere Battle Royale games is finally coming to Playstation 4, after being exclusively on Xbox for some time now. Check out the rev…

Game News: Sunset, Tomb, PUBG, Spider-Man Sunset Overdrive: If you've got a good PC, there's no real need for an Xbox One as really only two titles made exclusively for the console have not been made available for PC - "Halo: The Master Chief Collection" and "Sunset Overdrive".

PUBG comes to PS4 next month with exclusive items PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is coming to PlayStation 4 in December with exclusive Uncharted and The Last of Us items. A year on from its brief stint as the biggest game in the world, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has finally been confirmed for PlayStation 4 release on December 7, 2018.

PUBG to hit PS4 in December with Bonus Naughty Dog Content It has been nearly two year since PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG, has been released. Except, it's only been out for PC for that long. It wasn't until recently that PUBG launched a port for XBox One and mobile devices that allowed it to expand its player database.

PUBG on PS4: Battlegrounds hits PlayStation Store with pre order bonuses PUBG on PS4 finally has a release date set for December, with PlayStation Store pre orders also receiving exclusive rewards and differing price ranges.

PUBG lands on PlayStation 4 this December When PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was ported to the Xbox One last year, PlayStation fans wondered if the game would be coming to their favorite console. Neither PUBG Corp nor Sony announced any plans for a PS4 version of the game.

When will PUBG come to PS4? It looks like will get to play PUBG on your PS4 after all this Christmas, as you can pre-order the game now and expect it to arrive in mere weeks. The world online exploded into battle royale madness earlier year, with the launch of a couple of huge games called Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

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