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Where to find CCTV cameras in PUBG But there are plenty of challenges that may draw your team's attention away from the primary goal of surviving, and leveling up that battle pass is sometimes the way to go. A challenge on the battle pass features you destroying CCTV cameras. However, they're a little challenging to find.

Could PUBG Mobile be banned in India? Questions surrounding PUBG Mobile, addiction, and violence have started to appear in India again since the high court will rule whether the game must be banned in the country. Before making a statement, the Haryana High Court asked for advice from the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, which has yet to respond.

10 Best PC Emulators for PUBG Mobile for Windows and Mac 2020 - Device Tricks PUBG Mobile is what we are talking about here, running in emulators, to join the large pool of mobile audiences. A PC emulator is a PC software that runs games and apps within the window of a different operating system. In this case, Android is the OS of choice that our Emulators are going to run.

Punjab lawyer files PIL against PUBG comparing it to drugs A Punjab based lawyer has declared war on addiction in India. HC Arora got fed up with the way addictions were ruining the lives of youngsters and decided to file a PIL against PUBG Mobile. Yes, you read it correct, the most dangerous drug of all, gaming.

PUBG Gamer Rage Quits After Being Sniped Multiple Times PUBG Gamer Rage Quits After Being Sniped Multiple Times.

PUBG Mobile ban again? Compared to drugs, the Battle Royale game could be banned in India It is suggested that the Punjab-based lawyer HC Arora has filed a PIL and sought the Punjab and Haryana High Court's help to ban PUBG Mobile in the city. The PIL says, "School going children who are losing interest in studies have become addicted to the game.

PUBG Season 6 Brings a New Island to the Battlegrounds Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Season 6 has begun, adding the new Karakin map, breach points, sticky bombs and a whole lot more to the PUBG experience.

PUBG Season 6 is now available and has hit PCs with more fixes PUBG Update 6.1 is now available on PC with new weapons, new action, and a new North African map, Karakin. Used on 'breach points' in certain walls and floors for destruction there are also updates available with a Sticky Bomb. The game also has added weak walls that now allow for bullet penetration so you have more options to kill your enemies.

PUBG Corp. Announces Winners of PUBG Community Skin Design Contest PUBG Corp has announced the winners of its Community Skin Design contest, which allowed fans to design skins for M416, hoodie, and a parachute for PUBG's third anniversary. The winners were selected on the basis of public voting and players across of the globe have cast over 4,70,000 votes for their favourite designs.

PUBG fever: Bengaluru teen throws stones on cars and houses like players do in the game Locals got panicked and alerted Jala Nagar Police Station. The police arrived at the spot and tied him with ropes and moved him to the district hospital. According to an eye-witness, "The teenager seems to be addicted to PUBG game because the way he was throwing stones on car and houses were similar to the one in the game.

PUBG MOBILE celebrates Chinese new year with in-game and physical rewards for players Starting today, PUBG MOBILE is introducing a series of spring festive celebrations in time for the new year. Now players around the world can enter the special in-game event "Prosperous Spring" and get the chance of winning in-game and physical rewards for free.

PUBG Mobile's Red Packet event is giving fans airpods, giftcards and more PUBG Mobile's latest event is giving fans a chance to earn some exciting rewards, and no they are not only in-game cosmetics. Players can get Airpods, gift cards and more through the Red Packet Event. The event will run from Jan. 24 to 28. In these five days, during a specific time every day, a "Golden Redemption Card" will appear in the lobby.

Why PUBG Still Costs Money To Play During an in-depth interview with PUBG's creative director of the Karakin map update, Dave Curd, he gave Screen Rant an answer to why PUBG still costs money in what's otherwise a free-to-play genre.

PUBG Mobile celebrates Spring Party by giving away free Apple AirPods: Here's how you can win Here's how you can win exciting rewards this season. Apart from the real Level 3 Golden Helmet and Apple AirPods, lucky winners can also get Apple Store and Google Play gift cards, which can later be redeemed to purchase apps, in-game content and a lot more.

PUBG Proves Why Lite Version Of Games Could Play A Huge Role In Gaming Pc version is the foundation of the popular game, and it is the most concerned version of Pubg. Fans want to play Pubg pc, but there are many obstacles on the way, the essential factor is the requirements of the game. Requirements of the Pubg are too high, and even a good internet connection is required to run the game smoothly.

PUBG PC Hotfix Addresses Game Crashes When Entering Vehicles or Changing Seats A PUBG PC hotfix hit live servers Wednesday morning addressing multiple bug fixes and a game crashing bug affecting players. PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is no stranger to bugs. In some instances they create hilarious moments, though others cause frustration among players wanting an untainted gaming experience.

PUBG Player No-Scopes Enemy to Cap 11-Kill Game This PUBG player landed a no-scope to take home their 11-kill game.

PUBG is "doomed," Dr Disrespect and xQc say Two of the biggest streamers on Twitch shared their harsh opinions on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds yesterday, saying that it's "doomed" and "scuffed." Dr Disrespect and xQc were discussing battle royale game H1Z1, which has seen a steady decline since its rise to fame in 2017, with fellow streamer Summit1G yesterday.

PUBG's new map was designed to keep players on edge From Steam early access phenomenon to popularising the battle royale genre, PUBG has enjoyed millions of players across multiple platforms. On PC, though, PUBG's peak appears behind it. It has an astonishing all-time peak of 3.2m concurrent players on Steam, but that was achieved two years ago, in January 2018.

PUBG Season 6 Update Out Now On PC; Full Patch Notes Revealed PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds kicks off a brand-new season this year, and with it comes a new map, weapon, vehicle, gameplay adjustments, and more.

PUBG's new map, Karakin, is now live on PC Following a few initial teasers and a run on the test server, PUBG's new map is now available for all on PC. The PUBG live server on PC has just received patch 6.1, the first update in Season 6. Among other additions, the highlight of this season is a new desert-themed map called Karakin.

Chandigarh Lawyer Files PIL Comparing PUBG Mobile to Drugs - Beebom A Chandigarh-based advocate has filed a PIL in the high court asking for a ban to be imposed on popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile.

PUBG for PC Gets Smaller Karakin Map, Black Zone, and More in New Update And now, PUBG for PC has received a major new update that swaps out the cold terrains of Vikendi for a smaller new islandic map Karakin. There's also new weapons, vehicles, and other features added with version 6.1 update. This update introduces a smaller new 2×2 map to the game for a more fast-paced and exhilarating experience.

Everyone, grab these insane PUBG Mobile rewards right now PUBG Mobile celebrates the new year with in-game and physical rewards for all players.

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