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What Might End a Wrestling Match "Measured by the pound" sounds like a deli order, but in this puzzle, the "one that might be measured by the pound" is a MUTT. Adopt, don't shop, please. And spay and neuter your pets. GINGERED was a new one to me.

No 12900, Friday 03 Apr 2020, Anon Day 10 of 21 Stay safe at home RULES FOR POSTING COMMENTS ON FRIDAYS ONLY All those who are not regular commenters but who are rook…

Times 27,629: Please Look After This Blog Times and comments on the Times crossword from a team of solvers times_xwd_timesverlaineThis one took me much longer than the other puzzles this week, but not because it was exceptionally difficult I don't think, more that I ground to a halt on a couple of corner clues, mainly 8 and 13 down.

Favorite Clues from CTFYC! Last week I sang the praises of the Crossword Tournament From Your Couch event, and rightfully so. The entire enterprise was delightful, and the puzzles were tricky and engaging in equal measure. But I neglected to give the cluing their proper due, as many of the clever themes in CTFYC were bolstered by great cluing.

Only card of its suit in a hand / THU 4-2-20 / Elf's evil counterpart / Large-beaked bird found in Africa / Gas brand that's also a musical direction "snap everything into focus in some surprising way" once I got the intonation right. I was so confused thinking that the rebodes were slang for abes, fins, sawbucks… I love the idea of a FIVE-DOLLAR WORD. That slippery slope that can lead to a spectacular malapropism.

LA Times Crossword 2 Apr 20, Thursday 1 Egyptian god with an ibis head : THOTH 6 One who crosses the line : SCAB 10 Blight-stricken tree : ELM 13 "Donnie Brasco" actress Anne : HECHE 14 Flap : TO-DO 15 Corp.

Fancy-Schmancy There are certainly occasions when complex verbiage is called for, but in general, writers are encouraged - through gentle, collegial encouragement, and the occasional cattle prod - to make their points clearly and simply. It's excellent training, especially for a column like Wordplay.

Times Quick Cryptic No 1583 by Izetti I enjoyed seeing novel devices used to indicate the requirement to drop a letter in the answers to 14 and 16 across. There were several clever attempts at misdirection, and 13d had me looking for an anagram that wasn't there. Clue of the day to the beautifully concise and witty 24a.

Times 27628 - in which I do not advance After about 20 minutes, I gave up and bunged in answers for the two that I could not make head or tail of, and hit submit. One of my guesses turned out to be correct, one of my guesses did not, though I had one letter correct.

LA Times Crossword 1 Apr 20, Wednesday A pekoe is a medium-grade black tea. There is no orange flavor in an orange pekoe tea. The "orange" name most likely derived from the name of the trading company that brought the tea to Europe from Asia. "Adieu" is the French for "goodbye, farewell", from "à Dieu" meaning "to God".

Times 27627 - "the first thing I do of a morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue". Times and comments on the Times crossword from a team of solvers times_xwd_timespipkirbyWell, this is a fine puzzle, and I suspect not as far up the SNITCH as last Wednesday's stinker; it took me about half an hour, plus a few diversions into Wikipedia and elsewhere for enlightenment and amusement while writing the blog.

Historic town in Veszprem county / WED 4-1-20 / Short line at top of column in typesetting / Classic camera brand / Letters on brandy bottle John and Patrick - well played. Anytime I see the word "architecture" or "baroque" or "tributary" in a clue, I just move it on along. No way I know fancy stuff like that. So at first I really didn't notice the outrageousness of the obscurity-ness.

Monthly Club Special 20,234: A Daimen-Icker In A Thrave I'd totally forgotten to do this until just now but it was worth the wait, with some LOLsome words from the very darkest corners of the dictionary, and some truly splendiferous cluing, especial in some of the downs. COD to 10 down, with honourable mention to the "80% reduction" device at 22dn.

12898, Wednesday 01 Apr 2020, Incognito Day 8 of 21 Stay safe at home All set for an English breakfast with Incognito. ACROSS 8 Eating implement for k ing FORK.

Historic Town in Veszprém County But broadly funny is good. Funny is something we always need, especially now. And it just so happens that when you put two former Mad magazine colleagues together to come up with a fun April Fools' Day puzzle, funny is what you get. They also poke fun at crossword convention, too, and that appealed to the subversive in me.

Times Quick Cryptic No 1582 by Orpheus Otherwise a pretty easy puzzle. DOWNPOUR - DOWN + POOR replaced by homophone"Some say" may be indicating that POOR and POUR are only homophones in some dialects? 'poor' and 'pour' are not homophones in my dialect, but then my dialect is not the dialect of the puzzles.

Relaxing Games: More Tranquil Than Tactical Everybody has a copy of Monopoly lying around, but that's not really the most relaxing game experience, is it? Most of the classics, however fun, are also pretty competitive. But what about games that help restore your spirit, ease your anxiety, and put you in a good mood?

LA Times Crossword 31 Mar 20, Tuesday The 3/31/20 crossword is by Kevin Christian and Bruce Haight. Themed answers start with what LITTLE GIRLS are made of, “SUGAR and SPICE and EVERYTHING NICE”.

No 12897, Tuesday 31 Mar 2020, Incognito Day 7 of 21 Stay safe at home ACROSS 8 Left harbour PORT 9 Unflappable Scot sails around i sland STOIC C*}…

Muddle Through What’s the sound of Christina Iverson and Ross Trudeau constructing a Tuesday puzzle?

Times Cryptic 27626 This one took me ages, especially finding an answer to start me off. We're living through very difficult times when it's hard to keep one's head clear and focussed on anything for long so I'm not going to waste time speculating on other explanations, but I enjoyed the puzzle, which after is all the main thing.

Times Quick Cryptic 1581 by Breadman Not just a pangram but a well judged level of clueing which kept me on my toes but still allowed me to come within my tangent 10 minutes. 18ac went in not fully parsed and LOI 7ac 'just had to be'. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Checking the blog in preview, some of the clues seem to be highlighted in yellow.

PUZZLE #1248: Marching Bands For those that don't know, I write roughly 294 puzzles a week, give or take a handful. I don't sleep. I'm just a machine that cranks these things out all the time. And one of those umpteen puzzles is a biweekly Marching Bands. All serious puzzle connoisseurs know the form.

Crossword roundup: fancy learning cryptic crosswords during coronavirus lockdown? Are you looking for a distracting and illuminating pastime?

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