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Entry to the C64 World There are some options for you, for starters there is the emulation path with the VICE emulator, where you can try things out to check if you are really interested in the machine.

How Twitch and YouTube Have Driven the Revival of Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons and dragons has made a comeback thanks to twitch and youtube.

Midwest Gaming Classic 2019 Please read to the end to find this year's MGC video I made! Well, I successfully made it to MGC this year with no weather-related setbacks! I mean, it was cold - because why wouldn't it be in April in Wisconsin? - but there was no snow and the drive there and back was smooth sailing, so to speak.

Star MIG - Blast away enemies in space in this SEUCK Compo C64 shooter I know many of you are still calming down after finding out that the C64 version of Super Mario Bros was not fake but the real deal, but you might also be interested in playing this fine little shoot em up that was released recently called ' Star MIG '.

Another World Survival - Pico-8 Demake of Another world with a twist. Pico-8 is a wonderful platform for de-makes of classic games and now it's Another World turn to get the treatment!: As a demake it captures the feel of the original game with very familiar backdrops and settings but the scope is vastly reduced… just kill the oncoming hoards of worms and soldiers.

Tube Runner - Pico-8 gets a tube racer with a wicked soundtrack! Tube Runner gives not just a great impression of speed but also a cracking sountrack to boot. You have a time limit checkpoint system but also 3 lives with energy that depletes every time you hit the walls. A tricky prospect for sure and one that harks back to navigating the tunnels in Descent.

Ten More Games Announced for the Genesis Mini Sega has been touting their new miniaturised Genesis for a while now, and while there's a lot of excitement around the fact that they're the ones actually manufacturing it the final games list is ultimately what everyone cares about. Originally, only ten games were announced of the final forty.

Golden Era Competitive Gamer Joel West Passes - By Walter Day On November 28, 2018, the legendary video game champion, Joel David West, passed into eternity. Though many of his friends knew he was wrestling with health problems aggravated by diabetes, everyone was surprised and stunned when he passed away.

HOT NEWS! Super Mario Bros has been released on the C64! Possibly the best news for this evening and one I really think is going to get those jaws dropping AGAIN*, is the fact that thanks to a mighty heads up by Jammet, we have been told the C64 version of Super Mario Bros by ZeroPaige is now available for ALL to enjoy!

External CD drive for the Amiga 1200? Take my money now! Another top quality announcement has hit our inbox, as moments ago we found out through the Commodore Amiga Facebook group, that a developer by the name of Marc G. Falconer is working on an external CD based device for the Commodore Amiga!

Vegetables - A colorful C64 Match 3 game, written for the RGCD 16k Competition 2019. The objective in this additive puzzle release for the C64, is basically to swap adjacent shapes to form lines of three or more in a row, with each successful swap giving you an ever higher score!

Best Sonic Zones From The Mega Drive Era We love the Sega Mega Drive, and you really couldn't have had the console back in the early-to-mid 90s without at least playing the Sonic titles. Arguably the franchise was at its strongest back then, with all of the main games being massive hits.

Lost Super NES Adaptation of 90's Board Game Discovered This game’s Atmosfear is a real NightMare.

Ten more SEGA Mega Drive Mini Games Revealed by SEGA The SEGA Mega Drive Mini has been available to Pre-order since it's announcement back in March, when we were told that the console will include 40 classic SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis games.

Just Announced: Two New Atari Mini Arcades Featuring 5 classic Atari Games The range comes from Blaze - the team behind the Atari Handheld and TV Joystick products released last year. We've got a particular eye on the stunning Pong inspired cabinet, which supports 2 player gameplay thanks to the paddle system just like that on the original arcade cabinets.

Neutron - Awesome looking C64 Shoot em up in dev by Sarah Jane Avory gets a wicked teaser! Sadly this isn't an update about Briley which is still in development, but the good news is she is working on another game, which looks to be an awesome looking Shoot em up called ' Neutron '. Featuring a wicked soundtrack, smooth scrolling and LOTS of enemies to blast away.

Perfect license plates don't exi- Perfect license plates don’t exi-.

1942 - Browser based C64 shoot em up inspired classic It was an awesome game and still is today, but the news of right now is, Bardon Boura has released a rather niftty little browser based inspired version of that Arcade/C64 classic.

ZX VGA Joy - New hardware for your Speccy! The ZX VGA JOY is a new piece of hardware created by Goran Radan who has been working on the project as a hobby and now his work is here for us all to enjoy. So, what does it do? Well, in a nutshell, it is an interface that will connect with all ZX Spectrum models to any kind of VGA monitor.

Intruder Alert…Intruder Alert! - By Kevin Butler NAME: BERZERK MANUFACTURER: STERN ELECTRONICS YEAR: 1980 TYPE: VIDEOGAME TEAM LEADER: DESIGNED AND PROGRAMMED BY ALAN MCNEIL Berzerk is a two-dimensional maze-style game that involves you attemptin…

Wormwood Preview - Early alpha version of a randomly generated C64 wormy platformer! If you've got a C64 and want to play a game that's still in development, then you might be interested to know that Lemonspawn is working on a C64 randomly generated platformer called ' Wormwood ', which they also class as a 16kb classic roguelike action RPG in the spirit of games such as Diablo or nethack.

Fruity Pete - Getting fruity with this new Atari XL/XE game! It's time to get fruity, well not that sort of fruity. As we've just been contacted by Saberman of a new game called ' Fruity Pete ', which is now available to play for all Atari XL/XE owners.

The Evolution of Gambling Games: Retro Play for a Digital Era There is no doubt that gambling games have always been a popular way for people to have fun - and also try to win some money, of course. Over the years though, this has seen a real evolution in how we play gambling games.

Tetris and Joseph Saelee - By Joel West / Completed by Brian Szarek Welcome to another installment of a column dedicated exclusively to Old School Gamers and Old School Games from the Golden Age of gaming. These gamers, back in the day, had to physically use a coin or token to start a video game. The earning of these coins was mostly accomplished after some form of work, usually the hard or difficult variety.

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