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Developer Spotlight: Sarah Jane Avory Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Featured Article / Interview. Developer Spotlight: Sarah Jane Avory. 14 Oct, 2019. Atari ST / Commodore Amiga / Featured Article / PC / Retro Gaming / Reviews.

The Best-Selling Videogame Franchises of All Time Popularity isn't a sign of good quality. Some of the best-selling games and some of the best games ever bombed at retail aren't worth the storage space they take up in your hard drive. However, popularity offers a glimpse of what our culture values about the world we live in nowadays and the culture that has arisen around videogames.

About Massively Multiplayer Online Games Would you want to compete with other online players from different parts of the world in a variety of online only games? A massively multiplayer online game also known as refers to those video games that allow a large group of players to participate simultaneously over internet connection.

Arcade Attack Podcast - October 2019 - Electronic Arts Tribute & Tim's Quiz We had an off-the-cuff chat about our Electronic Arts memories and dig up more great games than you can shake a stick at. And, as a treat, long time listener Tim Wilson has put together a lovely musical "guess that Electronic Arts" game that you can all play along to at home/the train/the bus stop.

Gumshoe Games such as Gyromite live long in the memory of gamers thanks to its usage of R.O.B the Robot, and one of the more popular titles that used the NES Zapper / light gun was of course Duck Hunt. However, just like R.O.B the Robot and the light gun, there was more than one game that utilised these accessories.

Brett's Old School Bargain Bin: So You Want to Be a YouTuber - By Brett Weiss If you know me well, you know I love a good bargain, and YouTube is about as good as it gets. Some of my favorite YouTubers include Kelsey Lewin, Metal Jesus, The Gaming Historian, Shawn Long, and Kinsey Burke. I also like the Angry Video Game Nerd, especially when he's being serious, such as with his Cinemassacre movie reviews.

Lost Arcade Classic: Stratovox by Kyle Snyder When I was growing up, there was a quaint little country store about a mile from home called Maloney's. In addition to candy, milk, cigarettes, and trinkets, they featured two arcade games for their patrons to play. Most of the biggest hits cycled through this little place, PacMan, Ms.PacMan, Centipede, Asteroids, and Galaxian among them.

IGaming Innovation Driving Market Growth in 2019 The iGaming industry understands it can't stand still. The pace and scale in which the market is being disrupted underlines the competitive nature of the global market. From Canada to New Zealand, you can see revenues breaking new records through a combination of availability, popular appeal and innovation.

Types of Broadband Connections If you are considering broadband for an internet connection and want to get a deal for broadband on its own, you may be startled to find out there is more than one. Knowing what your options are can help you make a more informed decision about which service you take so that your connection to the internet matches your needs and your pocket.

Your vintage computer / console collection speaks for you I was wondering lately, why do I have this specific collection, and why some other people collect of similar interests, different things?

Old School Gamer Magazine Exclusive: Inside 'A Knight's Tale' Old School Gamer Magazine chats with Sky9 Games' Mike Sleva, who breaks down the fun of the new Zelda-inspired adventure game, A Knight's Tale. About A Knight's Tale:. Old School Gamer Magazine: How was this game born?

Old School Gamer Magazine Exclusive: Inside 'Franchise Hockey Manager 6' Old School Gamer Magazine chats with 'Franchise Hockey Manager 6' Chief Marketing Officer Richard Grisham, who discusses this year's version of the game and why it's a vast improvement over its predecessors. Old School Gamer Magazine: How has this game changed from last year?

Just for Qix: Space Invaders - By Michael Thomasson The Story of How Tomohiro Nisikado Revived the Early Coin-Op Industry and Inadvertently Helped Save Atari's Home VCS Console. In the late 70s, PONG clones were running amok and the market was so saturated that the coin-op industry was in a real slump.

Rygar AGA - Tecmo's Arcade game as an Amiga conversion is finally here! Well fast forward to today and there's been some incredible news for the Amiga community, as thanks to a heads up through our email, Seismic Minds has finally released the Rygar AGA Amiga conversion!: When we first showed this upcoming game for the Amiga by Mcgeezer the same creator behind the most excellent Bomb Jack Beer Edition.

Pac-Man World Review by Sarah Thomas You're invited to Pac-Man's 20th birthday party! In celebration of our favorite yellow dot's birthday, Namco has released Pac-Man World, a 3D version of the classic game. While at first it may appear Namco has released this 3D game in order to keep up with the Joneses, they have done a tremendous job at keeping with Pac-Man's personal style.

Games That Haunt Me: Mega Man 8 I've been playing video games for a good long while, but there are some games that, to this very day, haunt me. Not because the game is bad per se, or because something happened to said game that made it unplayable. No, I'm talking about games that, for the life of me, I could never beat or still haven't beaten.

Bruce Lee RX - An enhanced ZX Spectrum Bruce Lee has been announced! But now we look towards something incredible for our retro kicks, as Allan Turvey‎ has announced that Bruce Lee RX is not only fully playable, but as a treat it will be available this weekend for you guys to try out exclusively at Play Expo Blackpool!: So what is Bruce Lee RX you might ask?

REMOTE LIFE - A super duper PC Shoot em up has been released The Bosses look so infinity creepy and scary that the cg-artist had to design them with closed eyes.

Hyperborea - An upcoming Bullet Hell shooter gets an Amiga update But there's another game that may grace our Commodore screens at some point in the near future, and that's Hyperborea; an upcoming Amiga game from Amiga DreamTeam, that's classed as a bullet hell shooter that requires at least a stock A1200 or above. According to the team behind Hyperborea as thanks to a heads up from Per Ola.

Gold Rush! - Sunlight Games launches retro label with an Amiga classic! It starts with the Special Edition of Gold Rush! for classic Amiga computers. Sunlight Games developed the 2014 remake of the classic Gold Rush! PC game. The newly released Amiga version will be released in a classic cardboard box with a banderole. Gold Rush!

Deep Thaw by Chris Lion When I was in high school, the only friend of mine who had an Atari videogame was Rosalind Goldberg. Roz, as we called her, was from a family that not only owned the most ultimate high tech video game player available-the Atari 2600-but also had a home computer!

What You Should Know About Getting An e-Commerce License Dubai Access to the internet is contributing to the rapid expansion of the e-commerce industry all over the world. You can now buy electronics, furniture, clothes, and other accessories online and receive them in a matter of days. This has made e-commerce a trend in every corner of the globe.

Why you should be offering your guests Wi-Fi at your outdoor event Organizing an outdoor event comes with a package of lots of responsibilities. You can't miss any aspect while planning an outdoor activity, because failing with one element will impact the overall event impression. Apart from a well-thought-through event décor, classy menu, impeccable branding, and a few little extras are worth the effort.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10 Nowadays, the technologies do not lag behind but there are anyway a few hidden obstacles affecting the recovery of deleted data. If you need, for example, to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10, it is important first to prevent their complete loss in the system.

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