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WAM: Whistler's first 100 mile race So, here are some thoughts before you 'Go Go.' RELATED: The snow goes on at Whistler Alpine Meadows. It's been an ultra long road for race directors Geoff Langford and Gary Robbins, especially after rerouting the original WAM course due to grizzly bear logistics last year.

How Nose Breathing Can Make You a Faster Runner A 2017 study published in the International Journal of Exercise Science showed breathing through your nose makes your heart rate higher than breathing through your mouth, even at the same pace. It also noted that nose breathers had a lower respiratory exchange ratio, which is a measure of how hard you're working.

Nutrition Strategies to Optimize Performance That these tactics can help you prevent or reduce the risks of: glycogen depletion, low blood sugar, dehydration, central fatigue, muscle damage, and heat illness in hot weather. Carbohydrate loading: For 36 - to 48 hours before your marathon, focus on eating high-carb meals.

But If You Run…Why Aren't You Skinnier? It's making people sick and it's warped our perception of what a healthy body actually looks like. A healthy body comes in all different shapes and sizes. Skinny isn't the healthy body, it's one body type. I run 50 miles a week. I strength train twice a week.

How to Choose the Right Road Bike While not the fastest on the road, these bikes can generally be ridden on long rides without too many downsides when compared to a normal road bike. While usually heavy, commuter bikes are meant to take a beating in a variety of weather conditions.

Skyline Scotland is Coming! This weekend it's one of the highlights of the running calendar - it's Skyline Scotland. And this year the addition of three new races, as well as a packed schedule of events over the weekend will make it the biggest ever! There are now seven races in total throughout the weekend.

Life Lately: September 2019 Becoming a Registered Dietitan, writing a book - cook, eat, run, and travelling for races.

INEOS 1:59 names Marius Kipserem, Rotterdam champion, as pacemaker The runners participated in testing for the challenge in Vienna earlier this month, and will return to Vienna for the event, scheduled to take place October 12, with a window until October 20 if weather conditions should present an obstacle. RELATED: Paul Chelimo and Julien Wanders to join Kipchoge pacers at INEOS 1:59.

In a bad mood - go for a run with your dog A study undertaken by the University of Chichester found that running with a dog can enhance the energising effects of exercise. The research undertaken with grain-free pet food brand, Canagan, suggests exercising with a dog will significantly increase feelings of stamina and most of all, vigour - compared to going it alone.

Denver man sues Specialized for $10 million in helmet product liability case A 50-year-old Denver man is suing Specialized Bicycle Components for $10 million, claiming the helmet he wore when he crashed his bike was defective. According to his complaint, Victor Moreno said he was wearing a size XXL Specialized Max helmet model when he overcooked a corner while cycling in June 2017.

An Open Letter to Myself When you start to get tired and question why you are doing what you are doing, remember all of the moments over the past few months and years spent daydreaming of this. Think about how exciting it was to make all of the lists and plans and preparations to get to where you are.

Taking Up Running After 50? It's Never Too Late to Shine Men and women who start running competitively when they are in their 50s can be as swift, lean and well-muscled within a decade as competitive older runners who have trained lifelong, according to a buoying new study of the physiques and performances of a large group of older athletes.

An evening at Run and Become Popular city retailer Run and Become has scheduled two 'free to attend' in-store evenings and has issued an invitation to the local running community. The double header starts on Wednesday 2 October and is an event for woman runners with an informative evening on the science and fitting of a sports bra.

Parkrun goes Dutch Plans to further expand the global reach of parkrun took a step further last week with confirmation that the Netherlands will become the 22nd country in which the event is staged. No specific date has been outlined yet plans are currently in development to launch parkrun in major cities across the Netherlands over the course of 2020.

Hundreds run a grand 10K at Calke Abbey A grand day out for runners at the Calke Abbey 10K.

Asian Decathlon Champion Ushiro Cut From Doha Team After JAAF Guaranteed Him Spot Three Months Ago 17 it was learned that men's decathlon national champion Keisuke Ushiro has had his guaranteed spot on the Japanese national team for the Doha World Championships later this month eliminated. Ushiro won the gold medal at April's Doha Asian Championships, then won June's National Championships.

Inside Lane: Drew Hunter On His Career-Affirming and Heart-Breaking Track Season Championship is everything. I put a heavy emphasis on it this year. My goal was to make the world team. "Honestly, I didn't really care how I did at worlds-as bad as that may sound," Hunter says. His mindset was that a win for him would to be one of the best in the U.S.

Radka Kahlefeldt closes in on the lead in the CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus after victory in Davos, Pieter Heemeryck strengthens his leading position Daniela Bleymehl still leads the CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus with a total of 1450 points, even though the German athlete chose not to race this weekend. Radka Kahlefeldt's victory at CHALLENGEDAVOS earned her a further 250 points and with a total of 1400 points, she's in second position, only 50 points behind Bleymehl.

Introducing The Watchlist, a Canadian Running U Sports newsletter Your new one-stop-shop for everything happening in Canadian collegiate cross-country.

How to Boost Your Running Cadence From developing a more efficient stride to staying-injury free, here's how working on your cadence can make you a better runner. Your running cadence is the number of steps you take each minute.

Is your pain reliever making you less empathetic? A report in the Berkeley Wellness Letter describes the history of this idea: the popular pain reliever was first linked to reduced empathy in a study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience in 2016.

Trail running to end gender based violence Cameron co-founded Ignore No More Run for Respect after his girlfriend was murdered by an ex-boyfriend. Since, he has designed programs for men to help eradicate violence against women. Him and his partner Michelle de Bruin have created the Ignore No More Run for Respect as one of the initiatives to keep the conversations going.

13 Cycling Tips to Safely Share the Road With Drivers At intersections or entrances when a motorist is attempting to pull into the roadway in your lane of travel, try to make eye contact as soon as possible. This lets you know the driver sees you and is aware of your presence.

FKT or Strava CR? Considering all this overlap between FKT routes and Strava segments, is there even a difference? RELATED: New FKT on Alberta's Livingstone Range Traverse. The history of FKT culture involves big routes and adventures. It involves a respect for the route and previous record holders.

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