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The Rundown: Olympic postponement, shout-outs and safety first! Each week Canadian Running staff writer Maddy Kelly and Shakeout host Kate Van Buskirk bring you a weekly recap of the news, results and drama from the exciting world of running. RELATED: The hidden benefits of the 2021 Olympics.

World Athletics has a new initiative to keep people active at home [email protected] is designed to keep people of all ages busy and fit until their lives can return to normal. The initiative will be presented on the World Athletics website and social media pages, and it will feature four themes: Kids, Active, Rewind and Unwind.

OFSAA Track and Field cancelled for 2020 OFSAA won't run this spring, but here's how high schoolers can still get recruited.

Canadian doping tests on hold during COVID-19 The Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport has placed their doping control testing program on hold until further notice. The CCES made this decision in response to government directives and the postponement of the 2020 Olympic Games. The CCES announced it would limit testing on March 20 before ceasing operations last week.

The hidden benefits of the 2021 Olympics The postponement of Tokyo 2020 is disappointing, but an extra year could help a number of athletes in their builds.

A Perfect Time to Hit the Hills That belief was reinforced as I experimented with training and discovered that nothing develops you as a runner faster and more effectively than charging up slopes.

Your Bare-Minimum Running Maintenance Plan It's frustrating to go from your regular training plan and race schedule to not knowing what tomorrow may bring, and social distancing only works when everyone honors it. If you live in an area where you are still able to get outside for walks and runs, take advantage of that, but do so respectfully.

How 6 Coaches Trained Their Runners to Make the U.S. Olympic Marathon Team Of course, Abdi, now 43, is also the oldest U.S. Olympic marathoner ever. This is his fifth Olympic team; he made his first in 2000, missed only in 2016, and has been coached by Murray from the outset. "I've known Abdi so long he's like another son to me," Murray often says.

Being a runner is more expensive than you might think A survey of American runners found that, when you look at all of the costs in the sport, running really isn't all that cheap.

September Could Be A Blockbuster Month for Racing CSOB Bratislava City Marathon. Great Manchester Run 10K. Meia-Maratona Internacional de Lisboa. Santiago Marathon. Sportisimo Prague Int'l Half-Marathon. TD Bank Reedy River Run. Volkswagen Bucharest Half-Marathon. Weekend of Sept. 12-14:. Boston Marathon.

Beijing Olympics 4x100 m Silver Medalist Naoki Tsukahara Becomes First Olympic Medalist to Test Positive for Coronavirus 31 the Fujitsu corporate team announced that 2008 Beijing Olympics men's 4x100 m relay silver medalist Naoki Tsukahara, 34, now a team advisor, has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Under medical guidance Tsukahara was hospitalized Mar. 30 at a health center specializing in treatment of infectious disease.

A sense of belonging Isabelle recently had complex brain surgery. Here she tells us about her elation at completing her first parkrun on her road to recovery. I was first introduced to parkrun when I moved to London in 2016. My sister invited me to join her in Burgess Park and I was immediately a convert.

A godsend for everyone A year on from open heart surgery, former international athlete Clare Wyngard explains how the inclusive nature of parkrun has played a vital role in her recovery. In the spring of 2018 I was an experienced international age group triathlete and duathlete.

New hope Redcar parkrunner John Buckton credits parkrun with saving his life. Saturday mornings brought him new hope after a shock cancer diagnosis, and an unexpected redundancy aged 53. This is his story. My story kind of starts back in 2009. This was the year my mam passed away and the company I had worked for all my life looked like closing.

Participation is for everyone Liz Shingler regularly volunteers at Hyde parkrun in Manchester. The team there are proud to have Dr Ron Hill MBE amongst their parkrun family. Liz tells us how Ron continues to epitomise the spirit of parkrun, despite a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease in 2017.

I love Saturday For Sally Smith parkrun is about friends, family and joy. From nervous and anxious to Saturday morning elation, this is her parkrun journey. I joined a new local gym, who offered beginners running courses and fitness classes. The finale of the beginners running course was to run a parkrun.

Rejoining society Southport parkrun helped John Harrild combat loneliness, make new friends and connect with his local community, after the tragic loss of his wife. Here he tells us why Saturday mornings gave him a much needed sense of purpose. Life was idyllic for 36 years being married to Marie.

Inspiring connections Maeri Howard inspired her connections on social media to join her at parkrun. A breast cancer diagnosis shortly after turned her world upside down. Here she tells us how the connections she made at parkrun and the commitment to "show up" helped her continue to feel normal during her treatment.

What runners can learn from golden retrievers We don't wag our tails enough when it's time to run. Sure, most of the time we're happy to go for a run, but there are a lot of runs we dread. Take a lesson from your dog and, no matter what, wag your tail like crazy when it's time to run. RELATED: Practising appreciation for running.

Treadmill Running for Good - Zwift Launch Mission to Support Great Ormond Street Hospital Throughout April Zwift, the virtual reality platform transforming the face of treadmill running today announced the launch of its Great Ormond Street Hospital Mission that will run throughout April. The aim of the GOSH mission is for the Zwift community to run 18,000 hours this month which will unlock the donation of $25,000.

Male Runners Spend $937 a Year, Female Runners 21% More We surveyed 1,400 runners from the US to find out how much they spend on running in a year and what they spend it on.

ASICS launches carbon-plated Metaracer That's the main goal of this ASICS shoe: they're looking to help marathoners feel fresh so they have more to give at the back end of the race. This shoe is designed with kilometre 30 in mind. Shoe type: NeutralWeight: 190 g Drop: 9 mmMSRP: CDN $260.00Available: June 26, 2020.

5-minute full body workout All these things seem a world away right now, but if you can find time between work, parenting and whatever else you're juggling then this five-minute workout will make you feel great. It's simple: perform each of the five exercises for a minute.

Aid Station to Aid Station I put away my phone and lace up my sneakers. The sun is streaming in from the windows even though it is early in the morning. Spring is here. It is a beautiful mid-March day. Nothing in the moment speaks to the panic and chaos the world is in.

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