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Pixel Scroll 6/16/19 You Always File The Pixels You Love, The Ones You Shouldn't File At All It's a good day to reread Steve Vertlieb's Father's Day tribute to his dad - "My Father / Myself". And I also returned to the late James H. Burns' "My Father and the Brontosaurus" NEW NEW NEW! Coca-Cola is the sponsor of today's practically daily Stranger Things tie-in commercial.

Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids' Comics 2019 The winner of this year's Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids' Comics was announced June 14 at the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival, run jointly by Kids Read Comics and the Ann Arbor District Library. The 2019 winner is:. The award judges are Faith Roncoroni, Tameshja Brooks, and Nola Pfau, assisted by Kids Read Comics and A2CAF co-founder Edith Donnell.

Fear the Walking Dead Season Five Premiere First Aired June 2nd, 2019. Two boys Max and Dylan are out hunting are confronted by a walker but saved when a small plane crashes nearby. They observe the crash site and when more walkers nearly overrun them, they're saved by Alicia. Max and Dylan find Morgan, John, June, Althea and Luciana.

Sworld: The Chronicles of Malick Review Harris Publisher: Chandra Press Publication Date: May 3, 2019 Format: Kindle Print Length: 464 pages Rating: 3 of 5 Stars. I received an ARC of this book from the publisher. Sworld is a slow-burn space exploration sci-fi novel hitting on themes of power, colonialism, and the unintended consequences of scientific exploration.

The Andromeda Strain Review: Putting the science in science fiction The movie is a thrilling adventure that defies many sci-fi tropes while telling a tight story. Director Robert Wise has credits as diverse as West Side Story, and 1963's The Haunting. The Andromeda Strain shows just as much creativity as any of his previous works.

The Long Way to A Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers The Long Way to A Small Angry Planet is set in our galaxy but far in the future, when other planets have been colonized and various other sentient species have invited humans to join the Galactic Commons.

Cats Sleep on SFF: Der Marsianer This is a stray my Mom has been feeding for about a year. The cat has learned to trust Mom, got the run of the house, mostly prefers DVDs to books and likes to cuddle. Goes by the name of Schnute. Mom still is adamant that this is Not Her Cat.

Retaliation: Good military science fiction and space adventure. Almost all books in both series are four or five star books. A few three stars and only one, the last one in the first series, a two star one thanks to the abysmal ending. This is a four star one. Plenty of space action, nice characters, good advancement of the story and it's well written.

NASA Moon landing: These are the Apollo 11 secrets no-one ever told you about NASA’S 1969 Moon landing was watched by an estimated 650 million people worldwide but there are aspects of the mission and the crew’s life, which have escaped the public eye over the years. Here are some astonishing Apollo 11 secrets you likely never heard of.

Flash Lit Challenge: Back When It Was Easy Breezy Image by Karen Smits from Pixabay. Nothing on Ilios was as I remembered, not the caustic smell oozing off the bay or the small shabby buildings or the peoples' faces, harsh and shuttered, not friendly like the man who'd offered me a flower from his cart.

Babylon's Ashes While Nemesis Games may have been the emotion-wrangling Expanse equivalent of an Empire Strikes Back, Babylon's Ashes doesn't quite have the same against-all-odds oomph that made Return of the Jedi so cathartic a closure to the saga.

Pixel Scroll 6/15/19 His Scroll Swooned Slowly As He Heard The Pixels Falling Faintly Through The Universe Linda Deneroff, Dublin 2019 WSFS Business Meeting Secretary, broadcast the message that the deadline for submission of new business to this year's business meeting is fast approaching: July 17. Pass the word to anyone else you believe is considering new business.

Phantom Limbs: The Science of Impossible Sensation Part 1 Almost all amputees experience some kind of phantom limb. What exactly is it? Who discovered it? And what are its strange effects?

The Stars Now Unclaimed The Universe After Book 1 by Drew Williams Published on: August 21, 2018. There's just something about space battles that I love. Lucky for me this book is chock-full of them, leaving my sci-fi heart feeling pretty good after finishing this story.

15 Quotes to Celebrate Father's Day The third Sunday in June every year is Father's Day. A great day to let your Dad know that he is important and you care, with a card, a gift, or just a hug and a visit. Fatherhood is rarely a smooth ride, but one that's full of ups and downs, with both joyful and sometimes tragic experiences.

The Future looks a lot like now I recently rediscovered the amazingly good science fiction novels by Jack McDevitt. I'd read a number of his books published in 2000-2012. His stories specifically interested me because they were action loaded, pithy, and plausible-in a sci-fi kind of way.

One Quarter Done This is an update to my last post. I am rewriting a short story that lost in a science fiction contest. Above is another illustration I hired someone to make for the story. I am an estimated one quarter done with the first draft of my longer version of my short story that I am excited about.

Debunking Liars Who Didn't Bother Watching the Show They Criticize: A Babylon 5 Fisk I know, it's been a while. Life happened, and the blog got buried under things like getting married, moving, getting a new job, and getting pregnant. Yeah. But then my dear husband read this blog post to me this morning, and I was so furious that suddenly, I had to move fisking from the back burner to the front burner.

New science-fiction flash fiction: "Exit Through the Gift Shop" This week, a staircase - yes, a staircase - in the museum sent my geeky, warped mind off on a futuristic tangent. Here is that staircase:. And here's how the story begins:. The story is live now at my portfolio site, and also at my Patreon; at either place, it's for Patreon patrons only.

No Escape: It Knows Where You Live Not only was the 1950s the golden age of science fiction film in general, that decade was home to tropes that in many cases remain significant: mutants ; shrinking men and growing women, time travelers, subterraneans and extraterrestrials, robots, dinosaurs, and spaceships.

Men in Black: International Anyone 22 years or younger seeing Men in Black: International this weekend wasn't even alive when the first film came out. I feel old. July 2, 1997, seems like such a long time ago. I thought this series was over by the third entry. Now 7 years later, we have a belated fourth episode which is being marketed as more of a spin-off.

11 new science fiction and fantasy books to check out in late June Here are 11 new science fiction and fantasy novels that are coming out in the latter half of June. All City by Alex DiFrancesco. Set in a near-future New York City, Alex DiFrancesco's All City follows the plight of two people who survive when a superstorm hits: Makayla, a store clerk, and Jesse, a genderqueer anarchist.

"Science fiction" is equal to "Science" plus "faith"-today's science fiction is tomorrow's reality If one compares past records of miraculous events in religious texts with many events in so-called science fiction movies, there won't be a great deal of difference to notice between the two; this is due to the fact that all of them radiate great faith that defies natural logic.

Movie Review: Alita: Battle Angel A lot of thoughts hit me as I watched this movie. What were the financiers of this movie thinking when they funded this thing? Were they trying to create a franchise? Given the many special effects used, did they think they could recover the enormous cost associated with a movie like this?

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