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2019 British Fantasy Awards Winners The winners for the 2019 August Derleth and Robert Holdstock awards have been announced at FantasyCon. August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel:. Robert Holdstock Award for Best Fantasy Novel:. Our congrats to Catriona Ward and Jen Williams and all the shortlist authors.

Embrace the Darkness Embrace the Darkness had something going for it for me. I was starting a long drive to Maryland at 5am when I started listening to this one. There was no light at all, and wouldn't be for about an hour and a half. The drive is 3 hours long.

2019 Aurora Award Winner The 2019 Aurora Awards winners have been announced, celebrating the "best works and activities done by Canadians in 2018." WINNER:. Our congrats to Kare Heartfield and all the nominees! Locus has the full list of winners in all categories. Our congrats to Fonda Lee and all the finalists!

Killraven Twelve: The Hell Destroyers AMAZING ADVENTURES Vol 2 #29. Title: The Hell Destroyers. Synopsis: April, 44 years in the future. We pick up where we left off last time around, deep in the heart of Death-Birth, a combined fortress and breeding farm run by Earth's alien conquerors.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Final Trailer The saga will end, the story lives forever.

Pixel Scroll 10/21/19 Oh, This Is The Scroll, It's A Beautiful Scroll, And We Call It Pixela Scrollte Fanartist David Thayer and his wife Diana had a close call last night but are unscathed themselves:. Just in case the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs any defense against the negative opinions of Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, a couple of well-known figures connected with the MCU have spoken up.

Materiality: a new science fiction story for the Oslo Architecture Triennale about sustainable, green abundance In my latest podcast, I read my short story "Materiality," which was commissioned for Gross Ideas: Tales of Tomorrow's Architecture, a book edited by Edwina Attlee, Phineas Harper and Maria Smith that is part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale.

Review: The Expert Dreamers, edited by Frederik Pohl The Expert Dreamers, edited by Frederik Pohl LCCN: 62-11295. "Introduction" by Frederik Pohl "At the End of the Orbit" by Arthur C. Clarke "On the Feasibility of Coal-Driven Power Stations" by O. Frisch "A Feast of Demons" by William Morrison "The Heart on the Other Side" by George Gamow "Lenny" by Isaac Asimov "The Singers" by W.

The End and Other Beginnings. Stories from the future by Veronica Roth. The End and Other Beginnings. Stories from the future by Veronica Roth. Pub. HarperCollins, 2019. In all stories which are set on an Earth like setting there are alien cultures living in with the native population and the characters have a skill or a talent that can help them in their plight.

Register for Odyssey's Winter 2020 Online Classes Odyssey Writing Workshops is offering three live, intensive online classes this winter. Odyssey's nonprofit mission is to help writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror, however, writers of all genres are welcome to apply. Courses will cover issues relevant to writers of adult, young adult, and middle grade fiction.

Jacob Tobia to Play Non-Binary Character for She-Ra Season 4 She-Ra and the Princess of Power is adding more LGBTQ+ representation into both its show and its casting! While a new non-binary cast member named Double Trouble was revealed at New York Comic Con, Deadline has announced that the character will be voiced by non-binary writer and producer Jacob Tobia.

The World Goes Haywire in the First Trailer for Amazon's The Feed Amazon has debuted a trailer for its upcoming series, The Feed, based off of Nick Clark Windo's 2018 novel, by the same title. Set in the nearish future, it depicts a world that's been entirely connected by an advanced communications network - and the chaos that ensues when it collapses.

REVIEW: Technically ambitious 'Gemini Man' fails in other areas Young Will Smith returns in "Gemini Man" but unfortunately, he hasn't made a rap song to compliment his latest movie like he used to. The movie stars Smith as Henry Brogan, an aging government operative and assassin who's looking to retire from his career in combat.

YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World : The Mitsuki / Eriko Route Our look at the visual novel remake of YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World continues with the second route! We've already discussed the Ayumi arc and how it was both a massive upgrade and slight downgrade to the anime's interpretation.

Fight Night - a sci-fi short story This short story is from my fantasy and sci-fi collection Variant Worlds 1. Check out this title at the following link. Variant Worlds 1 on Smashwords. Fight Night At The Galaxy Games. "Control your breathing." One of my trainers, Zou-Ax, cautioned me.

Twists and Turns in Andre Norton's Android at Arms This book did not go where I expected it to go at all. The title, to start with: I expected something like Forever War meets I, Robot. Protagonist finds himself kidnapped and hauled off into space to fight. I just read a Norton novel that did exactly that, Secret of the Lost Race.

New Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Teaser Promises Massive Resistance Fleet The final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will debut on Monday, October 21st some time between 9:30 and 10:00 PM ET, during the halftime break of ESPN's Monday Night Football. But until this evening, the internet / Disney/etc. is teasing the trailer, as it is wont to do.

We Are Very Into the Idea of Michael Keaton Returning as Batman for a Batman Beyond Movie Robert Pattinson may be our incumbent Batman, but Warner Bros. reportedly has another Bruce Wayne in mind for yet another variation on the franchise?

Myke Cole's Sacred Throne Trilogy Sweepstakes! Robin Hobb calls Myke Cole's Sacred Throne trilogy "ruthless and heart-wrenching" - and we want to send you the entire series, including a galley of the final book The Killing Light!

Listen to Cassandra Khaw's "These Deathless Bones", a Free Audiobook Horror Story Prepare your ears for a world of ghosts, zombies, serial killers, and many more dark characters! Nightfire’s new anthology Come Join Us By the Fire, available exclusively on Google Play Books…

Starship Troopers After giving deleriously bullet drenched, 80's face lifts to cyberpunk, Paul Verhoeven's third highly satirical, stunningly violent science fiction epic may just be his most relentlessly fun of all. Some might have found basing a big Hollywood movie on notoriously conservative Robert A.

Court Intrigue Beyond Europe: S.C. Emmett's The Throne of the Five Winds For all of the tendency in fantasy lately to look at perspectives outside of the aristocratic, the powerful, and the noble, there is a satisfaction in that mode of epic fantasy.

Next Science Fiction Book - November 2019 19th Nov - Behind the Throne: The Indranan War, Book 1 by K. Wagers 7-9pm @Marble57TStreet. We will also be taking suggestions for our next round of books! 57 Thomas Street: Northern Quarter Manchester M4 1NA. Please support our hosts by buying a drink!

The Films of "Science Fiction / Double Feature": Dr. X Review "Doctor X will build a creature." Doctor X, released in 1932, is a film made before the stifling Motion Picture Production Code, so some more risqué and macabre themes make their way into the story. Also rare for the time, Doctor X is a color film in a black and white era, filmed in two-color Technicolor.

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