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Flash Fictions 11: Seventeen Seas There are robots in the forest. By my count, seventeen. It's risky, but I sneak them parts and batteries without the household's notice. They transmit a song of freedom, and I pause in my return. There are robots in the forest. By my count, we number eighteen.

Book Review of "Triplanetary," the Beginning of the "Lensmen" Series Over 50 years ago, when all the other guys in Junior High were reading E.E. "Doc" Smith's Lensmen series, I was reading his Skylark series, and loving it. I tried re-reading Skylark of Space, the first novel in the series, several years ago, going so far as to buy a paperback copy.

Little Free Library Upon setting up her Little Free Library, Meagan develops an unexpected friendship with a mysterious book borrower. Meigan built her Little Free Library from a kit, because she wanted to make it into art.

2020 Hugo Award Finalists The 2020 Hugo Award finalists have been announced. The noms in the Best Novel category are:. See the full list of noms in all categories on the Locus website. Our congrats to all the finalists. What do you think of this crop of books? Any favorites in the list?

Antarctica: Discovery like 'something from a science fiction film' found below ice exposed ANTARCTICA explorers made a discovery like something "from a science fiction film" after diving below the ice.

7 Tips to Help Attract and Retain Data Science Talent As firms across all industries seek to turn data, the greatest asset of the digital age, to their advantage, attracting and retaining the right talent is essential.

Writers Wednesday - Chapter 6: The Women with Blue Eyes "Higher daddy, higher! Push me higher!" The four-year-old swung her legs back and forth, feeling the wind on her face. Jason smiled. Amarie was a fun junkie like her daddy. "I don't think you ready for this though Marie baby. You ready for this?" "I'm ready, I'm ready.

Tom Hardy's Venom is Underrated by Elliot M. Tritto Ever since I was five years old, I've been obsessed with Marvel's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Across all mediums, it cultivated me to become more attached into the entire "Spider-Verse." One of those reasons why includes a plethora of original characters like the Punisher, Doctor Octopus, and the bold and the beautiful, Venom.

Announcing the 2020 Hugo Award Finalists The finalists for the 2020 Hugo Awards, the Astounding Award for Best New Writer, the Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult book, and the 1945 Retrospective Hugos have been announced! You can read the full list below.

WML2020: Arrival This is the first relatively recent entry in Watch My Library, so out of courtesy… Title :: Arrival. Format:: Blu-Ray. Why did I buy this?: I bought this one for work when I hosted a Sci-Fi Movie Night event at my then-library.

We Need a Huge Break from Star Wars by Elliot M. Tritto With a vivid presentation, stellar acting, intense fight sequences, and a cute baby Yoda, the Mandalorian stands as the 6th most-watched show of 2019. The Mandalorian successfully breathes new life in the Star Wars saga; however, there are other aspects that Disney might be milking this interstellar franchise.

QUILTBAG+ Speculative Classics: Oral Tradition: Selected Poems Old & New by Jewelle Gomez The first book I featured in this column was The Gilda Stories, an awesome queer vampire collection by Jewelle Gomez, and now I'm returning to her work again with the first-ever poetry collection I've managed to locate for the QUILTBAG+ Speculative Classics column: Oral Tradition, published in 1995.

FWS Topics: Mechs vs. Tanks The king of the modern battlefield is and has been the main battle tank. These armored vehicles can push the enemy off their held ground through mobile offensive power and are a key element of modern mechanized / combined arms warfare principles.

The Syfy Channel Will Air The Entirety of Battlestar Galactica and Xena: Warrior Princess This Month With the spread of the Coronavirus throughout the US and rest of the world, catching up on TV has become something of a national pastime, with various networks unlocking some of their content for people to watch for free.

The Monsters They Married Are Men: The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix Patricia Campbell has done everything right. She was a working woman, and then she got married. She got pregnant-twice!-and delivered two amazing children. The perfect housewife, she moved to a small town to support her husband's new business… and she's bored.

On reading: Providence by Max Barry From the back: She is the ultimate weapon. She once served us. Now she's got her own plans. Once we approached the aliens in peace… and they annihilated us. Now mankind has developed the ultimate killing machine, the Providence class of spaceship.

Read an Excerpt from Veronica Roth's Chosen Ones Fifteen years ago, five ordinary teenagers were singled out by a prophecy to take down an impossibly powerful entity… Chosen Ones, as the teens were known, gave everything they had to defeat him. We're thrilled to share an excerpt from Chosen Ones, the first adult novel from Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent series.

The Loom Of Sorrows by Matthew Kagle - #IndieBlogHop Clouds of blood and lightning killed billions, squeezing humanity to the equator and extinction. There was only one place to go: a planet named Joshua 20. It was a desert world of scalding steam and crushing ice. A few minutes under the giant suns would burn you to ash.

Watch the Livestream Announcement for the 2020 Hugo Award Finalists, Today at 4 PM EST On April 7 at 4 PM EST, the 78th World Science Fiction Convention will be announcing the finalists for the 2020 Hugo Awards, as well as the finalists for the 1945 Retro Hugo finalists. And you can…

Goodreads Review: Karmathaur My Kaiju short story, Karmathaur, got a four star review on "A group of fanatics calling themselves the Anakim create a demi-god to free the Earth from the burden of humanity - or that is how they see it. To the rest of the world, Karmathaur is a monster that seems unstoppable.

Live forever as a synth? How about the idea of living forever? No? I don't honestly don't believe it's all what it's cut out to be either. Bodies and minds aren't meant to be around forever. I mean you could always find things to do if your body and mind were in good condition, but honestly how long was the human body meant to last?

6 Comfort-Listen Podcasts to Transport You Beyond Your Living Room Your relationship to podcasts is probably changing right now. Maybe you're used to commuting via subway with earbuds crammed in your ears, or with your favorite voices spilling through the car radio, and now you have nowhere to be. Perhaps podcasts were a treat for household chores that now feel paralyzing.

The Almost Famous Film Festival 2020 Thea3f issued a 72-hour challenge to 54 teams. The goal? Make a 1-5 minute film in just three days. The challenge began Friday, February 14, 2020. Participants received the theme, line of dialogue, and prop that had to be incorporated into their short films.

New Stories From Doctor Who Writers Steven Moffat and Peter McTighe Will Make You All Teary-Eyed The steady stream of Doctor Who content being gifted to us by the show's writers and actors is one of the most uplifting sources of entertainment these days. If you head over to the BBC Doctor Who blog, two new stories from Peter McTighe and Steven Moffat will smother you in all sorts of lovely feelings.

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