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Under the Eye: "June"Except, like I said, the whole thing's a sick joke. No, the ladies are not killed.

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Re-Release: Planetary Anthology: Earth from Tuscany Bay PublishingI didn't get this in yesterday , but I wanted to let you know that the Re-Release of the Planetary: Earth anthology is now live!

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Heroes of Wars: Adding sci-fi to the MahabharataThe sci-fi mythological novel offers an alternate theory of Indian epic, Mahabharata.

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"Unreal" Garden Out On Amazon, Kindle And PrintQuoth the blurb: UNREAL celebrates the sheer awesomeness of Speculative Fiction! Each of the twenty stories is set in its own independent world.

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BREAKING: Netflix's 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' Will End After The Upcoming Fifth PartNetflix ordered two seasons right off the bat in December 2017, after ‘Riverdale' Season 1 had performed phenomenally well on the streaming platform. Shared .

Pixel Scroll 7/8/20 Here's What We All Must Learn To Do, Scroll And PixelPeople who sell candy are getting ready. But no need for anybody to go door-to-door: buy your own bag and tuck in at at home.

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Book Review: The Stars Are LegionThe Stars Are Legion was both exactly what I was expecting from a Kameron Hurley novel, and not at all.

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BREAKING: Javica Leslie Is The New 'Batwoman', Ryan WilderShe will assume the role of Ryan Wilder in the second season of The CW's DC comic book-based drama, replacing Ruby Rose who exited the series in a shocking move in May. Shared .

Once and Future Comic ConSan Diego Comic Con is the high holiday of geekiness where fans converge to cosplay, buy collectables, show their appreciation to creators, and be the first to hear big announcements and see upcoming trailers.

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Voyages of the Cerberus 229Gamges Delta was about half the size of Earth with a largely humid environment full of swamps, jungles and deadly creatures.

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Second 'Tron' Sequel Being Discussed… AgainTron was a film from 1982 that featured a user in the real world being digitized and transported into the computer realm, where he fought against programs run amok.

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'Brave New World' reimagines Huxley's "flawed" and "dated" sci-fi classicA brave new world for 'Brave New World.' How the science fiction classic was re-imagined for a 2020 streaming audience.

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Five of My Favorite 2020 Reads So FarI've read so many terrific books this year that choosing favorites has been tough. So far, I've finished 25 novels and am on track to meet my 50 book goal for 2020.

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The Albatross: Contact by Connor MackayAn intelligent and gripping start to the ambitious space opera series... Mackay's wonderfully complex, captivating first installment in the series finds humans and aliens over their heads in deep space intrigue as they journey across stars to battle a forbidding enemy.

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Listen to an Audio Excerpt From Melissa Bashardoust's Girl, Serpent, ThornA girl cursed to be poisonous to the touch discovers what power might lie in such a curse...

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SOLARISAt the beginnings of my forays into science fiction, it quickly became clear Solaris was one of the key texts, and so a physical copy of the book has been on my shelves for years.

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Book Review: Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn MuirIn fact, the book is nearly a five-star read from me, but I do feel that the skeleton combat scenes get a tad repetitive after a while, and I'm unhappy that - spoiler alert - a promising gradual enemies-to-lovers arc is curtailed by one of the women dying.

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'The Umbrella Academy' Brings Destruction To 1963 In The Trailer For Season 2The second season of Netflix's ‘The Umbrella Academy' presents the "Same weird family. New weird problems.". Shared .

Last and First MenTwo frequently used themes within Science Fiction are Evolution and Future History. Within these, Olaf Stapledon's Last and First Men is a towering achievement, inspiring generations of science fiction writers with a scope that transcends even geologic time frames.

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Revealing Machinehood, a New SF Thriller From S.B. DivyaZero Dark Thirty meets The Social Network in this science fiction thriller that explores labor rights, AI, and the future of work in a near future dominated by the gig economy.

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No Need to ApologizeWhen Covid 19 made its less-than-merry way into our global consciousness, I thought it best that I stop promoting this pair of rather entertaining books... Walking The Fine Line Between Clever And Shared .

'Testimony of an ancient soul' XIV"Good man, is there anything you need to confess to me? As you stand here before your king and country, you must open your heart to your countrymen."

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Adrian Tchaikovsky Sells Epic Space Opera TrilogyAdrian Tchaikovsky, who earned the 2016 Arthur C. Clarke Award for his novel Children of Time and the 2019 British Science Fiction Association Award for its sequel Children of Ruin, has sold a new epic science fiction trilogy, The Final Architecture, to Pan McMillan and Orbit Books, according to The Bookseller. Shared .

Series Spotlight: The Darkest MindsLooking to get lost in a new adventure? Let's dive deep. Series Spotlight highlights various Teen/YA Book Series.

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Tiny Navajo Reads: Nothing is StrangeThanks to the publisher for sharing a ebook with me. While I did receive this book for free, this does not change my rating or review of said book.

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Journalism More Yellow Than Most: Silvia Moreno-Garcia's "Flash Frame"Welcome back to the Lovecraft reread, in which two modern Mythos writers get girl cooties all over old Howard's sandbox, from those who inspired him to those who were inspired in turn.

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An Alien of Extraordinary Ability."Open your mind, and let the pictures out". A frantic William S. Burroughs, always edging for the next rush, saw the mind as a dusty closet, suffocating with magical and at times unspeakable images and memories.

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Things Look Bleak For 'The Boys' In This Latest Season 2 TrailerWhile ‘The Boys' is outrageously funny, sometimes people forget that it also has a pretty dark, brutal side. Shared .

Fields of Foreboding in Rory Power's Burn Our Bodies DownWhen I was in elementary and middle school, I lived in Iowa. At my summer camps, I would play in cornfields.

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Nightmare Asylum and Other Deadly Delights by Sonia KilvingtonE-book Synopsis Nightmare Asylum - Despised by day, tortured by night. A midwifery student's life disintegrates into a terrifying nightmare, after a disturbing encounter with the notorious child killer, Evelyn Green.

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Universal Push Back 'Halloween Kills' And 'The Forever Purge' A Full Year; 'Candyman' Also Shifts BackHalloween is canceled! Not the holiday , but Blumhouse and Universal Pictures are moving ‘Halloween Kills' back a full year, from October 16, 2020, to October 15, 2021. Shared .

Series Spotlight: UnwindLooking to get lost in a new adventure? Let's dive deep. Series Spotlight highlights various Teen/YA Book Series.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Reread — Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of EmpireTyphon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire David R. George III Publication Date: January 2011 Timeline: 2362; February 2381 - February 2382 Progress: Though this is the third in the Typhon Pact nove...

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S4The sand felt sharp, like grains of glass slicing through skin, causing blood to drip over the desert floor.

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Review: If It BleedsIf It Bleeds A collection of short stories featuring the infamous Predator alien hunters, If It Bleeds is the first anthology I've reviewed on Fuldapocalypse.

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2020 Heinlein Scholarship RecipientsThe magazine of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror field with news, reviews, and author interviews.

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There Was and There Was Not: Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa BashardoustGirl, Serpent, Thorn is Melissa Bashardoust's second novel, a lush stand-alone fantasy inspired by the courts and lore of ancient Persia.

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Five Young Adult SFF/H Novels About Women Reclaiming Their IdentitiesHeroines in young adult fantasy and horror are often fighters, out to save the world, defeat the bad guy, and vindicate themselves in some way.

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The Mirror of MeBehind the mask of polite affectionate loving mother, imagine another Cruella, if you will, with a dyed jet-black beehive do—like the color of a raven—nicotine beige overly large false teeth, and colossal eyes like a grisly gecko getting ready to let slip a stealthy long forked tongue; this from a distorted Polaroid photo that still... Shared .

All the New Science Fiction Books Arriving in July!Head below for the full list of science fiction titles heading your way in July! Shared .

Oh No, They're Making Captain Hook Sexy AgainCaptain Hook may once again be played by an individual who's broken the top 25 on a magazine's "sexiest" that Jude Law is currently "in talks&#82..."

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All the New Science Fiction Books Arriving in July!Head below for the full list of science fiction titles heading your way in July!

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Fiction) Samizdat"I'd like to make a collect call to a solo register." "Name, please." "Samizdat Kellner." "Passphrase?"

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Ernest Cline's Ready Player Two Will Hit Bookstores in NovemberErnest Cline's sequel to his blockbuster novel Ready Player titled Ready Player Two—finally has a release date: November 24th, 2020, according to The Hollywood Reporter....

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Waiting on WednesdayWelcome to my weekly segment, Waiting on Wednesday, where I look at upcoming books that I am planning to order and review in the next few months and which I think I will really enjoy.

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A Story in Parallel ProcessAs I finish editing my soon-to-be-released novella, Brothers in Arms, I realize that the evolution of this short story has paralleled my own growth as a person and citizen of the world.

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Who We Fight Against: The Silver Chair and Knowing Your EnemiesIn a battle we must know our enemies. Lewis tells us unapologetically that the core idea of The Silver Chair is "war against the powers of darkness," and since this is war, it would be interesting...

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Los Angeles: Birthplace of the FutureThe first time David Ulin visited Los Angeles in the late 80s, he stayed with a friend who had a giant, aerial map of the city pinned to his breakfast room wall. Shared .

The Last of Terry Pratchett's Early Stories Will Come Out in SeptemberA new short story collection by Terry Pratchett is coming out in September! Entitled The Time-travelling Caveman, the book is the last volume of the late author's early stories, The Guardian reports, compiling tales written in the 60s and 70s when he was working as a young journalist.

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Trailer for The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Sees the Hargreeves Kids Reunited In the Worst WayWe're so close The Umbrella Academy's second season—and they've finally dropped a trailer on us to give us an idea of what to expect when it lands.

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Adrian Tchaikovsky's Sells Epic Space Opera TrilogyAdrian Tchaikovsky, who earned the 2016 Arthur C. Clarke Award for his novel Children of Time and the 2019 British Science Fiction Association Award for its sequel Children of Ruin, has sold a new epic science fiction trilogy, The Final Architecture, to Pan McMillan and Orbit Books, according to The Bookseller. Shared .

Adrian Tchaikovsky Sells Epic Space Opera TrilogyAdrian Tchaikovsky, who earned the 2016 Arthur C. Clarke Award for his novel Children of Time and the 2019 British Science Fiction Association Award for its sequel Children of Ruin, has sold a new epic science fiction trilogy, The Final Architecture, to Pan McMillan and Orbit Books, according to The Bookseller.

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Why are we 'milking' crabs for a coronavirus vaccine?Horseshoe crab blood is used to help develop medicine, but some people want the practice stopped.

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We're Gonna Win In The End: The Subversive Queer Triumph of She-Ra"It's hard, keeping your heart open. It makes you vulnerable. But it doesn't make you weak." I've loved big, sweeping sci-fi / fantasy stories for as long as I can remember—watching the final season...

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Disney Is Reportedly Toggling the Power Switch For Tron 3 AgainWe might get a new Tron film after all: A decade after Joseph Kosinski rebooted the franchise with Tron: Legacy, Disney is reportedly rebooting efforts to film a new installment of the science fiction franchise.

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WIRED EP-002: The Psionic BoyStead lay in his sleeping pod staring vacantly from his porthole into a faraway star complex.

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Reading The Wheel of Time: Nynaeve Tries To Be Cautious in The Shadow RisingAfter a brief break, we're back to the read of The Shadow Rising! This week we are covering Chapters 51 and 52, returning to Tanchico with Nynaeve and Elayne, who are in for some big reveals and discoveries.

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Another hand-holding studySample. Chit-Chat I want to sit down, need to, but I'm not budging until I have a handle on what's going on.

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ConexionConexion July 8, 2020 A novel consists of many themes. Conexion had a number of these.

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The '11' Day CountdownNinja X.T.A.S.E. - Ebonii Skyy Posted Earlier in the Winter Edition of the '11' Day Countdown, this is the 3rd and Final eBook / Graphic Novel in the ‘Zodiac Ninja XTASE'/A-Ninja 11 Trilogy, tentatively Titled ‘Ebonii Skyy', tells the story of a Young lady in the Distant future, Ebonii Skywyn.

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Apple TV+ to Produce Children's Shows Based on Maurice Sendak's WorksWhere the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen, Outside Over There, and more are heading to the small screen.

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Ray Fisher Says Nondisclosure Agreement Prevents Him From Spilling Details About Joss Whedon's Offensive Behavior During The Filming Of 'Justice LeaguLast week, ‘Justice League' actor Ray Fisher took to Twitter to backpedal on a statement in support of replacement director Joss Whedon, writing "I'd like to take a moment to forcefully retract every bit of this statement.". Shared .

The Language Sheath by Regina Kanyu WangOriginally published in Chinese in Harvest: A Literary Bimonthly. Published in the May 2020 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine and read by Kate Baker.

Clarkesworld Magazine Shared .

Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews, book two of the Innkeeper Chronicles.Sweep in Peace has George Camarine coming to Dina for a proposition.. He wants her to host a peace summit between three factions who have been fighting a bitter, bitter war on a planet with a very in demand resource and little else going for it.

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The Necessary ArthurTamara liked to sit on the smallest stone and watch the sun slip away. It was a time for quiet contemplation, an escape from the pressure of her completed but not yet awarded PhD from the School of History, Classics and Archaeology at Newcastle University; and the usually greater or at least more annoying pressure from the undergraduate students...

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Peripheral: New poster releasedCheck out this creepy new poster of Paul Hyett's sci-fi horror, Peripheral.

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A feminist appreciation of the original Predator movie, directed by John McTiernanBasically I thought too much about the first Predator movie, then wrote it down later trying to start a flame war on Reddit, and wondering how many downvotes I could get as my upvote count neared 1000.

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Michael Gross Looks Pretty… Uh, Gross In The First Photo From 'Tremors: Island Fury''Jurassic World: Dominion' may have been delayed by shutdowns due to COVID-19, but if you want another adventure featuring horrifying giant monsters in a tropical setting, Universal has your fix - 'Tremors: Island Fury'! Shared .

M3 Festuscato: The Jutes, part 3 of 3Shortly, a new target got brought into the room and a Jute stood up with two spears in hand.

Storyteller Tales & Thoughts Shared .

G.I. Joe: Adventure Task Force 5, Season 2 Episode 2: Girl's Night Out Part TwoReposting scripts for episodes of a loosely planned reboot of G.I. Joe stripped of copyright images, though I am not a fan of the G.I. Joe universe, these works are to be considered fanfiction after a personal revision of copyright law.

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Real Season 1 Finale for G.I. Joe: Aventure Task Force 5, "The Enemy Within."Reposting scripts for episodes of a loosely planned reboot of G.I. Joe stripped of copyright images, though I am not a fan of the G.I. Joe universe, these works are to be considered fanfiction after a personal revision of copyright law.

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Second to last episode of Season 1 of G.I. Joe: Adventure Task Force 5, titled, 'There Is No Enemy.'Reposting scripts for episodes of a loosely planned reboot of G.I. Joe stripped of copyright images, though I am not a fan of the G.I. Joe universe, these works are to be considered fanfiction after a personal revision of copyright law.

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Magic: The Gathering Deck Tech: Jengatha 5 Color LandsIn Magic, Brawl gets a lot of flak, but it's actually a really fun format on Arena.

Sci-Fi Bloggers Shared .

The Right Theme #Writing #Author #AdviceHi Jim, I'm having a horrible time trying to come up with a theme for my story!

James Harrington's Blog Of Geek And Writing Shared .

Away: Hilary Swank heads to Mars in new Netflix seriesWe're blasting off to Mars in Netflix's upcoming emotive space series, Away.

SciFiNow Shared .

Jude Law In Talks To Play Captain Hook In Disney's Live-Action 'Peter Pan and Wendy'The film will be directed by David Lowery, who is also co-writing the screenplay with his ‘Pete's Dragon' collaborator Toby Halbrooks. Shared .

Requiem, Changing Times by RJ ParkerRequiem, changing times, is a young adult novel written about Corbin and Clint. They are the best of friends and go to the same school.

Review Tales By Jeyran Main Shared .

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 8: These Are His Revolutions RecapRevolution arrives, along with the truth about Mr Wilford's fate. Melanie is taken into custody and everyone finally has to choose a side.

Metawitches Shared .

The Decentralisation of Humanity In Science Fiction Cinema Part TwoPart two of an essay on decentralising humanity in science fiction cinema, this time focusing on Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys.

Film @ The Digital Fix Shared .

THE RETURN TRIPEpisode 87..." And you found out that I am a sucker for a beautiful girl with a gun pointed at her head!"

Writing Is Fun-damental - From Gwendolyn Hoff Shared .

Q&A With Ry Herman About Love BitesAbout the author: Ry Herman, born in the U.S., is now a permanent Scottish resident, and has been writing theatrical plays for most of his life.

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2020 CrimeFest AwardsCourtesy of sponsor Audible UK, the winning author and audiobook reader share the £1,000 prize equally and each receives a Bristol Blue Glass commemorative award.

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After the VirusMegan closed the Chat Window, replacing it with the World Window, and sighed. The daily chat with her mother was becoming a chore and she felt ashamed to feel that way.

Writing In North Norfolk Shared .

Can't-Wait Wednesday: Architects of Memory by Karen OsborneCan't-Wait Wednesday, aka Waiting on Wednesday, is a weekly meme originating from Jill at Breaking the Spine and now hosted by Wishful Endings.

Way Too Fantasy Shared .

LocustThe day has come. This is Locust. It's a shorter story than those I've done recently.

Simon A Jackson - Writer Shared .

In The Worst Way: InterruptedThe light that seemed to whisk the country ninja off into the unknown, drifted into the distance to become the sun of a suddenly new world.

Sudoverse Shared .

Mamma Come HomeSynopsis: An alien mother ship from Capella visits Earth. They look like humans, just far larger.

Reißwolf Shared .

Deadpool actress Morena Baccarin on being sci-fi friendlyThe Deadpool actor talks about working in the science-fiction genre and the new season of the Twilight Zone reboot.

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Star Trek: Dagger of the MindKirk and Dr. Dimples beam down to the planet, step into an elevator which starts moving at some speed and Kirk does the most chivalrous thing he can think: grabs Dr. Sexy and pulls her so close that they are nearly one person.

The View From The Junkyard Shared .

Thoughts on: MelancholiaIt's 2020, and that means it was the end of a decade. As such, that means we got every type of 2010s ranking list imaginable, including this behemoth by Vulture.

MMC Shared .

Why outer space matters in a post-pandemic worldWhy outer space matters in a post-pandemic world by Anna Moore Department of Defence With all of the immense challenges we face on Earth this year, space can feel like an afterthought.

Sci-Fi Generation Shared .

Teaching Afrofuturism in a Pakistani classroomAfrofuturism lets us see Black people at the centre of their own stories with all the vibrant shades of their humanity.

DAWN.COM Shared .

Entering The Final Cycle Of Netflix's German Series DarkThe sci-fi series delivered a satisfying ending to the time travel saga which started in 2017.

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Sci Fi Generation / Guide to the classics: The War of the WorldsWells - who also wrote The Time Machine and The Invisible Man - helped pioneer the science fiction genre when he conceived this astonishing book.

Sci-Fi Generation Shared .

Pixel Scroll 7/7/20 I Know This Defies The Law Of Pixel Scrolling, But I Never Studied LawWell, the reverse idea worked when Lucky Strike went to war... The Clarke Award has unveiled a logo redesign on Twitter via @clarkeaward.

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Revisiting the X-Files, Part 5.5: Hey, Here's That Movie We Had Coming OutThe X-Files: Fight the Future needed to do something flashy to justify being a full-blown, big-budget movie rather than just another episode of the TV show, and as part of this process the script by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz steers directly into ground which, in their pursuit of a blockbuster spectacle, they fail to treat with the...

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Best Netflix sci-fi shows: 1,200+ people voted. This was the winner.We asked over 1,200 Inverse readers to vote on their favorite Netflix series. The results may surprise you.

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Abinla's Lift-Off"So this is really happening, isn't it? " Her voice was a whisper in a wilderness, drowned by the gusts of my own little wonder.

Written By Eferet Shared .

DARK WING Leads a New World of Science Fiction At Heavy MetalA lost civilization travels through space to find a new sun on a planet converted into a spaceship in Matt Medney's DARK WING by Heavy Metal.

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Flower for algernon by Daniel KeyesThirty-second book of 2020 Reading period: Jun 27th 2020 - June 29th 2020 Summary Charlie Gordon, a floor sweeper born with an unusually low IQ, has been chosen as the perfect subject for an experimental surgery that doctors hope will increase his intelligence - a procedure that has been highly successful when tested on a...

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Zombie Strippers!Enjoyment Factor: The plot is simple: a military virus winds up in a strip club, and various people turn into zombies.

Lights! Camera! Hubris! Shared .

Changed: T. A. Bruno instead of Tom Bruno AuthorSo you may have noticed a branding change in my pen name, there's a good reason for that!

T. A. Bruno Shared .

The Three Body Problem by Cixin LiuMost of the science fiction works I have read have been dominated almost entirely by Europe and North America so it would be nice from time to time to come across works of science fiction from other parts of the globe to see a different perspective.

Gareth Hughes Reviews Shared .

Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay KristoffI wasn't sure I could enjoy a space adventure like I did The Illuminae Files but Kaufman and Kristoff have captured my heart and imagination all over again.

Silver Button Books Shared .

The Heinlein Society 2020 Scholarship WinnersThe Heinlein Society celebrated Robert A. Heinlein's 113th birthday today by announcing the three winners of its 2020 Scholarship competition.

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ReCONvene: NESFA Will Hold One-Day Online Convention 8/15NESFA, with nearly 400 members from all over the world, is one of the oldest science fiction clubs in the northeastern U.S., and is a registered Massachusetts non-profit literary organization.

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Take a Tour Through the History of Black Science FictionIn February 2016, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination published author Nisi Shawl's essay "A Crash Course in the History of Black Science Fiction," an annotated list of 42 black science fiction works that are important for a readers' understanding of that continuity and history. Shared .

On The 20th Anniversary Of 'Scary Movie', Marlon Wayans And Anna Faris Look BackThe movie was loathed by critics, but audiences embraced the crass "toilet" humor, and the fact that the film spoofed recent hits like the ‘Scream' and "I Know What You Did Last Summer' franchises, which had been huge low-budget hits, even though in reality..." Shared .

Take a Tour Through the History of Black Science FictionIn February 2016, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination published author Nisi Shawl's essay "A Crash Course in the History of Black Science Fiction," an annotated list of 42 black science fiction works that are important for a readers' understanding of that continuity and history.

Tor Shared .

Language and Code Switching in Kai Ashante Wilson's The Sorcerer of the WildeepsI already loved his story "The Devil in America," published here on in. And when I read Stories for Chip, a collection of fiction and essays honoring Samuel R. Delany, I was really taken with Wilson's inventive contribution, "Legendaire." But now, in Wildeeps, he's added an extraordinary voice to the Sword and Sorcery subgenre.

Tor Shared .

Magic Foxes In Space: Dragon PearlOne of the cool things about awards is the way they point you to materials you might not have heard about or encountered before.

Bookskill Shared .

"We Are Each Other's Harvest": Akwaeke Emezi's PetBefore Jam was born, the world went to war. Not against each other but against monsters, people who did terrible things to others and those who permitted them to operate.

Tor Shared .

Amazing Science Fiction: Unbreakable: One of Shyamalan's bestNight Shyamalan's career is an interesting one. His highs are high and his lows are low.

News Lagoon Shared .

Linguistics, Sexuality, and Gender: Babel-17 by Samuel R. DelanyBabel-17 is one of the early, short novels of SFWA Grand Master Samuel R. Delany, first published in 1966 and winning the Nebula Award the following year.

Tor Shared .

Book Review: Unconquerable SunBook: Unconquerable SunAuthor: Kate ElliottRelease Date: 7 July 2020Source: ARC received through employerRating: 5 out of 5 stars I had meant to have this review up like two weeks ago, but life being life, things got in the way.

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Francesca Momplaisir's My Mother's House Confronts Generational Trauma Head-on"The House floated in and out of consciousness, waiting to die. It would no longer have to stomach wickedness, deviance, and injustice."

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Trailer for 'Away', a new science-fiction series with Hilary SwankNetflix has released the first teaser trailer for the sci-fi drama series,'Away', an emotional love and sacrifice story starring Hilary Swank from visionary creator of 'Friday Night Lights' and 'Parenthood', Andrew Hinderaker.

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The Star Wars and Sci-Fi Art of David LevyMovie projects he's worked on include Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Tron legacy, The Thing, Prometheus, Ender's game, and the Avatar sequels.

This-Is-Cool Shared .

Read an Excerpt From The Year of the WitchingA young woman living in a rigid, puritanical society discovers dark powers within herself in The Year of the Witching, the debut fantasy from author Alexis in July 2020 with Ace Books.

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Trailer: James Cameron's Story Of Science Fiction Hits Dvd And Blu-ray July 28thRLJE Films, a business unit of AMC Networks, will release the sci-fi documentary series James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction on July 28, 2020 on DVD and Blu-ray.

Dread Central Shared .

Straight From the Underground: Riot Baby by Tochi OnyebuchiIt's fitting that Tochi Onyebuchi's first adult novella, Riot Baby, comes out the day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Tor Shared .

Extraordinary VoyagesAlta publisher Will Hearst considers science fiction as an ancient discipline and a genre of storytelling.

Alta Online Shared .

The Summer of Love II: Date A Live's Shido Itsuka: The Best of the BlandShido Itsuka, the nominal male lead of Date A Live can probably be placed straight in the middle of this scale, maybe leaning slightly to the Ichika side if we are being honest.

Shallow Dives In Anime Shared .

AeroQuest 4… Adagio 19If you actually read that last Canto instead of skipping it to get to the good parts, especially the naked-girl parts of which I am not promising you any, like most readers do, you may have noticed that both Tron Blastarr and Arkin Cloudstalker were veterans of a war that happened in the Imperium's Pan Galactican Rim, Space Cowboy country.

Catch A Falling Star Shared .

Updates: Recent Science Fiction Purchases No. CCLINote: I've changed the post title "Acquisitions" to "Purchases" for the sake of clarity. Some readers assume I've read these books.

Science Fiction And Other Suspect Ruminations Shared .

The Magic of Love: A Conversation With C.L. Polk and Alyssa ColeEarlier this year, we paired Witchmark and Stormsong author C.L. Polk with Alyssa Cole, award-winning author of historical, contemporary, and sci-fi romance, for a chat about the intersections between science-fiction, fantasy, and romance as a genre.

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Discover: Molecular cuisine, the magical place where tasty food and science-fiction collideThe fascinating culinary practice plays with flavour, textures, forms and expectations, and crafts some incredible dishes. Shared .

RLJE Films Announce 'James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction' Blu-Ray Release DateRLJE Films has announced that they will be releasing the sci-fi documentary series "James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction" on Blu-Ray this July.

Geek Vibes Nation Shared .

The Soul of a City: The City We Became by N. K. JemisinA soul is an ineffable thing. It cannot be seen or smelled, but your senses detect evidence that it exists.

Tor Shared .

The Out-of-Doors Time, A RetrospectiveThere was a time, so long ago that by now many of our greatest scientists question if it was ever more than a parallel reality, when we did not live entirely indoors.

Better Endings For Your Life Path Shared .

Five SFF Books Set in Contemporary African LocalesThe current wave of speculative fiction from underrepresented groups continues to provide the SFF world with peeks into oft-forgotten slices of the globe. Shared .

Priority MessageIt came from beneath the ice dear God what was that thing it came from beneath the fucking ice!

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Five SFF Books Set in Contemporary African LocalesThe current wave of speculative fiction from underrepresented groups continues to provide the SFF world with peeks into oft-forgotten slices of the globe.

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Marlon James' Black Leopard, Red Wolf Is a Miracle, a GiftDead. I'm dead. I have died. It is so good it killed me. Murdered by my own ARC.

Tor Shared .

A Colour Like Orange: An eBook release from CG InglisIn 2018, Sci-Fi-O-Rama entered strange new waters as a fledgling fiction publisher. With a generous commitment from Toronto writer CG Inglis, we had the opportunity to run the exceptional "A Colour Like Orange" as a twelve-part serial over more than a year.

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Waking Up in A Naked CityE-75 woke. It was 0700 precisely, and she got up. Almost automatically, she perfectly made her small bed.

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Sci-Fi Short Film: "Singularity Stories Vol. I"Connect with DUST Website: for DUST newsletter: DUST on your TV: Available on Roku, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Android TV...

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Catch FIYAH: Notes on Building a Black Speculative Fiction RevolutionFIYAH, a literary magazine dedicated to Black Speculative Fiction, seemed to come out of nowhere at the beginning of 2017 with its premiere issue.

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"Beam Us Home," by James Tiptree, Jr.From Galaxy , 10 pp. There are expediencies to consider, sure. The Vietnam War, for one, namely the discordant ways in which a domestic audience might process that blowback.

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23 Retellings of Classic Stories From SFF AuthorsWe love a good retelling—whether it's a favorite fairy tale, ancient myth, or epic tale, it's always great to see old things made new.

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Suffering Science Withdrawal Symptoms Here!Apparently today is World Chocolate Day! I've bought myself a little treat to celebrate this auspicious event for this evening.

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'Black Widow': Fans Should Expect To See More Of Florence Pugh's Black Widow In The FutureWhenever that comes out. But it seems fans should get used to her presence, as it sounds as though we'll be seeing a lot more of her in the coming years. Shared .

M3 Festuscato: The Jutes, part 2 of 3Mirowen went on to whisper the king's response. "He is thanking the fine ship builder for his thoughtfulness and is offering him a ring of gold for his trouble.".

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The Space Pirates' LegacyThe annual Smashwords Summer / Winter Sale is underway. It gets its name because where I live in the northern hemisphere, readers are loading up their e-readers for great beach reading and vacations....

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Exhalation: Book ReviewThe stories in Ted Chiang's "Exhalation" may live within the universe of science fiction, but as in the best science fiction their themes are universal, and pose questions of our own worlds far more than the ones created for the stories themselves.

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Charlize Theron Admits She Was Heartbroken When She Found Out The 'Furiosa' Mad Max Spin-Off Would Star Someone ElseBack in March, the astounding announcement arrived that at long last, follow-up films were coming for the 2015 crowd-pleaser ‘Mad Max: Fury Road', but with that news came the sad statement that the ‘Furiosa' spin-off would be a prequel and therefore would not feature Charlize Theron returning to her badass role. Shared .

The day the world was supposed to end"The world was prepared for certain death. The asteroid never hit and they survived. Now citizens try to rebuild a disordered world caused by panic and desperation of an end that never came...."

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Apple TV+ Set To Adapt The Works Of Maurice SendakApple has struck a multi-year deal with The Maurice Sendak Foundation to produce shows and specials based on the late writer's works for the fledgling streaming service Apple TV+. Shared .

Farscape Part 2 Season 2Talyn becomes much more prominent from season two onward. Talyn had made his first appearance in the next last episode of season one called "The Hidden Memory" in which he was born.

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Pan Mac swoops for Tchaikovsky sci-fi trilogyPan Mac has swooped for an "extraordinary" science fiction trilogy from Arthur C Clarke Award-winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky.

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Free NovellaAs part of my efforts to promote my work and get my name out there more I am giving away Ebook versions of my new novella Revenant: Into the Abyss for free via Smashwords.

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46. James Gleeson, SpaceXGleeson has been tasked with telling the companys &#; story as it strives for its ultimate goal: going to Mars.

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Titan Comics Releases The Steel Prince FinaleShades Of Magic: The Steel Prince - The Rebel Army - the epic finale of The Steel Prince graphic novel trilogy by New York Times bestselling author V.E. Schwab is on sale today from Titan Comics.

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10 Awesome Sci-Fi TV Shows That Won't Return Until 2021Yes, the sci-fi genre has provided us with stories and fantasies of otherworldly worlds, planets and timelines for decades now, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the far-fetched, lose ourselves in the ludicrous and, sometimes, even believe in the impossible. Shared .

Ed Kramer Sues For LibelEd Kramer, who earlier this year took a plea bargain on charges of computer trespass and testified against his former co-defendant, Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge Kathryn Schrader, has sued one of the judge's electoral challengers over a campaign flyer labeling him a "convicted sex offender."

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The Gordian FetishOpher The Gordian Fetish July 7, 2020 I usually use aliens as surrogate humans; to throw light on various aspects of human behaviour or psychology.

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Fw Movie Pick: A.i. Artificial IntelligenceThis was the last movie Stanley Kubrick planned on making before he passed away, so you can tell the film has his fingerprints and my favorite director of science fiction Steven Spielberg was more than up to the task to bring his vision life alongside using young Haley Joel Osment as the lead due to his rising star status!


Should We Put Polar Bears In Antarctica?Today's episode takes on a listener question: why not just move the polar bears to Antarctica?

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Blurb: LocustThis is going to be the next story. Not sure this should be called a blurb or a premise, but either way here is the reveal of Locust!

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Playlist for July 06, 2020: Canadian Horror FilmsSince Canada Day just occurred, I thought I'd play music from a majority of Canadian horror films for this episode, because...

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Missing Adventures: The Empire of GlassPart of this is because of hindsight. In the final two serials of its second season, Doctor Who saw the departures of original companions Ian and Barbara and the introduction of Steven Taylor-ending the season with a new cast composed of the Doctor, Vicki and Steven.

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AdamMy issues with the episode vary: one is the way Adam plants memories. I'm not uncomfortable being touched but if someone insisted on touching me every few minutes, I'd shift back a bit now and then.

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Q&A: Jonathan Strahan, Editor of 'The Book of Dragons'We chat to author Jonathan Strahan about 'The Book of Dragons, a new anthology that features dragons!

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'Testimony of an ancient soul' XIIIIt was a dangerous game she proposed but she was cut from the same cunning cloth.

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Handy Habits by Ben JeapesWill it sound unbearably smug if I say that lockdown hasn't really affected me? Apart from getting a new computer.

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Getting Things DoneI rely on lists and outlines to structure my work, matched to a calendar and a good idea of what my 'average' wordcount is for a day's writing and what my 'exceptional' wordcount can be, for short spurts.

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5 Movies About Time Travel for People Who Don't Like Sci-FiIt will be these films that we explore in this article; the very best of time travel outside of the straight sci-fi movie; some excellent examples of films that incorporate time travel without wholly immersing you in an entirely new world; a Top list of 5 Movies About Time Travel for People Who Don't Like Sci-Fi.

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The Day God Called"Sure, I'll go back to church, and even apologize to the pastor, if God calls." I rolled my eyes.

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Surprise. Dragon Con Is CanceledWe all knew this was coming, but now it's official: Dragon Con has been canceled. Shared .

The Descent.Maxime in orbita sua, as echelons of carbideGather under a foreign sun, and as we herePlan to devour the land, watching from ; caelum noster; exterminate the Vermin with a trail of laser beams; set up theRail guns, and order the clouds of our mightyShips to descend; they'll say we were here;We adventurers, here at...

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Book Review: Green Mars, by Kim Stanley RobinsonBy: Kim Stanley Robinson Published: May 1993, by Spectra Books Sixty years ago, the human settlements on Mars were devastated by a war for freedom from Earth's control.

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Pixel Scroll 7/6/20 Toss Me A Pixel Scroll, I Think There's One In My RaincoatCoNZealand urges members: "Fan tables and fan parties - get your application in! " There's still time to host a fan table or fan party at the first ever Virtual Worldc...

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Ennio Morricone's The Thing score showcased elevated science fiction at its bestIn honor of the passing of famed composer Ennio Morricone, we examine why his 'The Thing' score made science fiction a more iconic space.

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Floating Cities: The UN's Solution to Land Scarcity or Science Fiction Dream?Imagine a fully-functional city, bobbing in the ocean waters, floating like a rubber duck in the tub.

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Plucky Star: 'Stargirl' Soars Into A Second Season ONLY On The CW, Not DC Universe'Stargirl' will continue to soar, as a second season has been ordered. But there is a huge change in the way the show will be made available. Shared .

Review of "Protocol" by Sean SoraviaImage by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay Plot:The unnamed narrator of this story is about to be sent one month into the future on a test mission.

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A Couple Of Interesting 'Star Trek' Episodes……….The crew of the Starship Enterprise offer to help to find a solution. The leaders of the planet are reluctant to allow what they see as potential contamination by the crew of the Enterprise, but are persuaded to let some experts come aboard, to assess the situation.

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Best Netflix Sci-fi movies: Every original science fiction film, rankedWe asked over 1,200 Inverse readers to vote on their favorite Netflix sci-fi film. The results may surprise you.

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Commanders in Crisis, a new and different superhero comic series coming upTinto added: "I am really happy about being onboard for Commanders In Crisis. Steve is a great guy and a fantastic writer and publishing with Image Comics, which put out Invincible, my favorite superhero comic, is a dream come true."

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Double TeamI don't think Jean-Claude Van Damme gets enough credit for his willingness to work with acclaimed directors making their Hollywood debut.

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Short Film Find: Laws of the UniverseLaws of the Universe Director: Chris ManganoWriter: Adam 25, 2020 as a short film exclusive from DUST Synopsis: An inmate is trapped in his prison cell after an extraordinary circumstance happens beyond his prison walls.

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Second SightEnjoyment Factor: John Larroquette plays a former Boston detective who runs the Second Sight Detective Agency, alongside quirky psychic Bobby and Preston Pickett.

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Epic Dust-up at the Megamart CorralPterodactyl checks his watch: irritation +2; patience - 3; remaining steps = 10,037. The health of his heart is not measured in cholesterol or in % of blockage in his arteries but the number of steps until massive coronary failure.

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MOS EISLEY and CANTINA MAP from Star Wars D6 Adventure: Tatooine ManhuntAn iconic science fantasy locale recreated as a gameable RPG map! The Star Wars module Tatooine Manhunt was the first adventure book released for the new roleplaying game by West End Games....

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Planet Of The ApesThere are a lot of things that holds Planet Of The Apes aloft as the genuine and shining masterpiece that it is but the main thing that's always stood out to me is how relentlessly cruel the movie is and not just because of how the apes treat mankind.

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ARC Review: The Extraordinaries by T.J. KluneSome people are extraordinary. Some are just extra. TJ Klune's YA debut, The Extraordinaries, is a queer coming-of-age story about a fanboy with ADHD and the heroes he loves.

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Wizards of the Coast Freelancer Quits Due to Hostile Work EnvironmentGame designer Orion D. Black has left their job at Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons department, calling out the company for paying lip service towards diversity and change while exploiting BIPOC, especially Black freelancers, and silencing and ignoring criticism of systemic problems.

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Guide to the classics: The War of the WorldsWells helped pioneer science fiction with his 1898 book The War of the Worlds. Many iterations later, it still scares and fascinates us.

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Charles E. Gannon Q&A with Jim Freund TodayAuthor Charles E. Gannon will discuss Nebula Awards finalist Marque Of Caine, with Jim Freund today.

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Video GamesIt starts to reek Gotcha Tyrell opened the CD case and took out the disc, he played with reflecting the light off its surface, making rainbows dance around at will.

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Book Review: Hollow Kingdom by Kira Jane Buxton"Hollow Kingdom" is "The Secret Life of Pets" meets "World War Z". It is the tale of zombie apocalypse as told through the eyes of the ani...

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Wrapping Up the Series in Andre Norton's Star Ka'ats and the Winged WarriorsThis final published volume in the Star Ka'ats series reads more like a continuation than a conclusion.

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Top 10 Cyberpunk Films From The '90s, RankedCyberpunk films were arguably at their peak in the '90s, as proven by the subgenre's 10 best offerings that were released in the decade.

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Seize The High GroundHey everyone. My new short story, Seize The High Ground, is now available for less than a cup of coffee!

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New films and series adapted from sci-fi and fantasy booksFans of Aldous Huxley's dystopian novel "Brave New World" will be happy to hear there's a release date for the adaptation, a series which will air on NBC's Peacock - on July 15, which is also the launch date of the new streaming service.

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Dragon Con 2020 Goes VirtualDragon Con's Literary Guest of Honor John Scalzi broke the news: "Dragon Con Going Virtual in 2020".

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Dragon Con is the Latest Con To Cancel In-Person Event, Will Go Virtual For 2020Dragon Con, one of the largest major conventions holding out for an in-person event in 2020, has announced that it won't hold a physical convention this year, and will instead go virtual in 2020.

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Read an Excerpt From Renee Ahdieh's The DamnedThe treaty between the Fallen and the Brotherhood has been broken, and war between the immortals seems imminent...

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Stargirl Is Coming Back for Season 2-On The CWDC's Stargirl has been renewed for a second season, reports Deadline. But there's a catch: it's jumping homes from Warner Bros.

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SF In India: Webinar on Science Fiction in IndiaThe magazine of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror field with news, reviews, and author interviews.

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The Reason We Forgot Your Birthday Is: I Got A Bad Case Of Crs. Can't Remember Squat.created By Hank Curci. Scifi Author.Poka Haunt-Us and her loyal broom stick Sliver are the last of their kind. They are not flesh and blood as we are but are the product of synthetic genetics mixed in a test tube by a computer. Shared .

No Man's Sky Is The Biggest Success Story Of This GenerationWhen No Man's Sky released back in 2016 I was absolutely ecstatic. I followed the development of the game through the long months leading up until launch.

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Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: "False Profits""False Profits" Written by George Brozak and Joe Menosky Directed by Cliff Bole Season 3, Episode 5 Production episode 144 Original air date: October 2, 1996 Stardate: 50074.3 Captain&#...

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Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Talks Filming 'Watchmen' And Its Relevance To Current EventsHBO's miniseries ‘Watchmen' was not only a ratings hit, but was critically acclaimed. Damon Lindelof took the 1986 DC Comics miniseries by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, and crafted a sequel that used that fantastical setting to tell a story that explored the very real systemic racism in the United States. Shared .

The Last of Us Part II: The Best of UsAfter a journey nearly as arduous as anything its characters faced in the apocalypse, Naughty Dog's sequel to 2013's stellar, heart-rending horror thriller The Last of Us launched to a different, more hostile world than that in which it debuted.

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All the New Fantasy Books Coming Out in July!Head below for the full list of fantasy titles heading your way in July!

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Someone Put the Blade Runner Soundtrack Over Fireworks Footage in LAWe're still a long ways away from the cyberpunk dystopia of Blade Runner, but a long pan over the Los Angeles skyline this July 4th might have you thinking otherwise.

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Read To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini: Chapter 4: "Anguish"Book 1 of the Fractalverse: Kira Navárez dreamed of finding life on new worlds.

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The Lightest Object in the UniverseReading about the collapse of society from a Flu outbreak, during a world wide pandemic, wasn't my smartest move.

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Subterranean Press Announces New Tamsyn Muir NovellaSpecialty genre publisher Subterranean Press has announced a new novella from Gideon the Ninth author Tamsyn Muir: Princess Floralinda and the Forty-Flight Tower, about...

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Tessa Thompson Says Future Marvel Movies Will "Push The Bounds" When It Comes To RepresentationThe Marvel Cinematic Universe started off pretty white and male-centric, but in recent years, more steps have been taken to ensure greater diversity. Shared .

Gundala Review! ! !Set in an alternate Indonesia where corruption and income inequality are even more rampant than in its real-life counterpart, the story follows Sancaka , a young boy with a fear of...

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Persian Legends and Their Western CounterpartsAs someone who has long loved fairy tales and mythology, I've always found it both interesting and kind of magical the way similar characters, themes, and motifs appear in the stories of different cultures throughout the world.

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Momentous Monday: Paul VerhoevenI next ran across his amazing The Fourth Man, sort of a twisted next-generation Hitchcock thriller that did not disappoint and, again, involved a flawed and yet gay protagonist - keeping in mind that this was a straight director working in the 80s, and, again, while his gay male character flawed, so were his straight ones - and he was never not...

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Ned Ryerson Himself Says a Groundhog Day TV Series Is in the WorksThere's about to be a lot more Groundhog Day to watch over... and over... and over again.

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Trailer Sci-Fi Short Film "Lab Rat"Connect with DUST Website: for DUST newsletter: DUST on your TV: Available on Roku, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Android TV...

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An interview with: Mike Hodges on Black RainbowWe speak to legendary writer and director Mike Hodges about Black Rainbow not getting the recognition it deserved, and why it's a bit like his earlier movie, Get Carter...

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Coriolis 40: But Bring Here Those Enemies of MineGive yourself unto your god Sacrifice yourself again Burn your thoughts, erase your will To gods of suffering and tears Tie hallowed bonds around your hands Kneel before this seat of shame To gods as lost, gods as blind Gods of suffering and pain - Catechism of the Dancer Cult Our heroes have invaded...

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Five science fiction and technology books to take to the beach this summerWe all agree that this is not going to be another summer. Most of us will not go beyond the Pyrenees and those who go to the beach will discover that they have to use an app that informs them about how much space they can occupy on the sand and for how long.

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Cryonics, brain preservation and the weird science of cheating deathIt's the stuff of science fiction: chilling your body inside a stainless steel chamber for years on end.

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Hand-holding studySample. Tension We're in a cramped transport shell, no bigger than a subway car, and there are plain white benches bolted into the walls on either side....

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When the Fire Falls"The sky looks like lava. Lightning splits the night all over, and the clouds swirl in purple darkness like they want to suck the world up into their bellies."

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Decentralising Humanity In Science Fiction Cinema Part OneWhile film as a medium has traditionally centred humanity, giving us a privileged position in the world that aligns with the humanism present in art from the Enlightenment onward, science fiction is an arena in which humanity's place in nature and the wider universe is more frequently questioned.

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'Brave New World' show review: Smart, sexy sci-fi with identity issuesNBC enters the streaming wars swinging with the long-overdue adaptation for Aldous Huxley's influential science-fiction titan: 'Brave New World.'

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Quantum Fish by Bo BalderPublished in the May 2020 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine and read by Kate Baker.

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'Stranger Things 4' Adds 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Joel StofferIt isn't known who he will play, what their role in the story is, or how many episodes he will be in, but Stoffer told "I've got a role that we haven't shot yet on Stranger Things." Shared .

Five New Books for Fans of Spaceships, Rockets, and Occasional ExplosionsI like fantasy well enough, but what warms the cockles of my heart is science fiction.

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ReviewI read and obsessed over Jemisin's story collection How Long 'til Black Future Month? recently and one of my favorites in it was The City Born Great, which is about New York City being alive and calling out to a resident to save them from an enemy.

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The Peacefulness of VivyanSynopsis: Galactic reporter Keller visits the planet McCarthy which is at war with Terra in order to interview the head of the rebellion against the imperium from a neighbor planet.

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Mini-Movie Review: Gemini ManI thought that the beginning scenes almost worked at times, but the ending scenes, while I liked the dialogue, didn't quite work for me.

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New Zealand Welcomes Back Productions Including 'The Lord Of The Rings' Series, 'Cowboy Bebop', And 'Sweet Tooth'New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment has announced that a number of high-profile productions will be allowed to resume or begin productions as the country has decided to allow "border exemptions" for Amazon Prime Video's ‘The Lord of the Rings' series, Netflix's ‘Cowboy Bebop' and ‘Sweet Tooth', and ‘Power... Shared .

M3 Festuscato: The Jutes, part 1 of 3Festuscato turned up one corner of his mouth. "I was just understanding once again why people like these would fall on their faces in fear and trembling at the sight of the city of Rome with her tremendous walls, broad avenues and thousands of alleyways, dozens of great ships in the harbor from all over the Mediterranean, and a half million...

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Have You Ever Seen a UFO?I've seen three. Two a few weeks apart in 1991 and one in 2004 on a plane over Lake Michigan waiting to land in Chicago late at night.

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The MistInteresting fact: "Mist" in German, means "crap." Luckily, unlike many a Stephen King adaptation, this one is anything but.

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Art, Vision and Science: How Inheritance AI Plans To Challenge What We Know About The World and LifeMy job as Chief Designer is to take something abstract and make it simple and digestible and to deliver.

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Ad AstraA shock wave ripped through the solar system, emanating from Neptune, the furthest planet which was the ultimate destination of Clifford McBride, a legendary astronaut sent out to search for alien intelligence free from the interference from the sun.

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It Came From The Archives!Hello! Welcome to a new mini-series of sorts I'm calling "It Came From The Archives!"

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The one sci-fi movie you need to watch before it leaves Netflix this weekThis story of a beautiful, a man-hunting alien is just weird enough, and infuriating enough, to make you ponder its ideas long after the movie ends.

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Ray Fisher Releases Another Tweet Aimed At Joss Whedon; Alan Tudyk + Kevin Smith Chime InJuly 3, 2020 Kai Cole is Whedon's ex-wife. In 2017, as the #MeToo movement was building steam, she wrote an essay for The Wrap, including this statement: "Joss admitted that for the next decade and a half, he hid multiple affairs and a number of inappropriate emotional ones that he had with his actresses, co-workers, fans, and friends, while he... Shared .

Reading ListThis is my third of four Indie Book Months in 2020! Through the Nethergate - Roberta Cheadle Roberta Cheadle announced the publication of her paranormal novel on her blog, and I was instantly stoked.

Let Me Tell You The Story Of… Shared .

The SeepWhere Porter excels is in the character work. Being told from Trina's perspective she is able to articulate the pain that can come from a loss like this and what it can feel like not being able to really find an outlet for your feelings.

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Review: Dominion, edited by Knight and EkpekiThe most striking of those is the superb and harrowing "The Unclean," which is told by a woman who waits for judgment before the Tree of Truth next to the corpse of her husband with the present moment broken up by reflections on the past that brought her here.

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On Crazyism, Jerkitude, Garden Snails and Other Philosophical PuzzlesScientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

Scientific American Shared .

Kirk and Bones go on a camping tripSome hours later, Bon...

Star Trek - Sci-Fi Blog. Shared .

Female Genre Authors Took Home The Top Prizes At The 2020 Locus AwardsThe 2020 Locus Awards mark a progressive shift in genre fiction, the majority of top prizes were awarded to female and black authors.

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Best of British SF 2019I've been a fan of these anthologies for years - here is my review of the 2016 volume, also edited by Donna Scott.

Life In Sci-Fi Shared .

Resistance is BeautifulThat handhold. Anyone who follows me on Tumblr is treated to weekly doses of it: over and over, the same gifs of the same clip, Seven of Nine and Raffi Musiker leaning close and clasping hands.

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How To Defeat A Demon King in 10 Easy StepsLength: 5 hrs and 28 mins audio Overall: Storyline: Writing Style: Character Development: World-building: "True heroism is when someone fought for what is right, regardless of the risk to themselves." How To Defeat a Demon King in 10 Easy Steps The Story: The world is being taken over by the newest...

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An interview with: Daniel Mays on Code 404A show that is cross between Some Mothers Do Ave Em and Robocop? We speak to actor Daniel Mays about his latest show Code 404 as it's released on DVD.

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The Book of Dragons ReviewEdited by Jonathan Strahan Publisher: Harper Voyager Print Length: 576 pages Release Year: 2020 Genre: Fantasy, Anthology Special thanks to Netgalley and HarperCollins publishers for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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