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The Getty Museum At Home Art History Challenge The Getty Museum of Art recently tweeted a challenge to their Twitter follows to:. So first I browsed through the Getty's collection online and found this "Statue of Jupiter ", a Roman marble sculpture from 100-1 B.C.

Mathea Madsen With the future comes uncertainty. "Homefront" explores the hope and fear that comes with a future that is directly tied to an active duty military member. The house itself is modeled after a dream farmhouse that I one day hope to occupy and fix up, it represents an idyllic future I wish to share with my boyfriend.

The Berlin Philharmonic and their Digital Concert Hall The Berlin Philharmonic is currently offering free access to their collection of concerts and films as a public service to all of us staying home and self-quarantining during this coronavirus pandemic. There's one small catch - you have to become a registered user of their digital concert hall service, which is free and without any obligation.

Rock art face effigies found in the Ozarks We continue to get emails from readers of the Artsology Blog with stories and pictures of rock art that have been found throughout the United States. This latest submission comes from Sonya in Arkansas, who explains that she has 20 acres of land in the country in the Ozark Plateau.

The Society of Portrait Sculptors selects Ena Sharples to be part of their exhibition 'FACE 2020' Many will recall Ena Sharples, played by the actress Violet Carson as a formidable character from the 1960/70s ITV soap opera Coronation Street. I certainly remember being intimidated by her as a child, when my family would all gather to watch the programme on our black and white TV… she took no prisoners and didn't suffer fools gladly!

Champagne corks and work in progress The champagne corks are reminders of celebrations that marked the sale of the 15,000th copy of my book Virgin Island Sketches along with sales of my paintings. That was twenty-five years ago aboard my gaff cutter Born Free anchored off Petit St. Vincent in the Grenadines.

Seeing social distancing in unexpected places I went out for a walk in my neighborhood this afternoon, to get some fresh air and to try to get my mind off of current events. But some of the catchphrases circulating around the coronavirus pandemic have me seeing things in a different way as I stroll through my neighborhood in Belleville, NJ.

A positivity rock garden in the age of coronavirus I was walking my dogs today in Glen Ridge when I happened upon this little rock garden alongside the curb, with a nice collection of hand-painted rocks. However, a closer look reveals a number of positive messages clearly in response to the current coronavirus pandemic… scroll down for more.

Michaela O'Connor I have worked with writing in my sculptures before and this project was, for me, a step toward imagining an environment for my words to live in. I chose to use a copious amount of everyday objects to create contrast with the singular chair. This was done to evoke a sense of loneliness.

Compassionate creativity: from kayaks and paddles to protective face shields Here at Artsology, we're not just interested in paintings, sculpture, and art history… we have a great appreciation for creativity in many different forms!

Corona Confinement Due to being well passed the sell by date of seventy, the Corona Virus has me confined to my studio and workshops. But what better place for solitary confinement. I can work without the distraction of twice weekly shopping trips and engineering emergencies.

Uplifting messages from chalk drawings on sidewalks I went out for a walk today to get some fresh air and some exercise as a break from my coronavirus quarantine routine - I'm healthy and fine, but definitely keeping some social distancing and trying to get through this like everyone else. While out walking in my Belleville neighborhood, I saw these uplifting chalk drawing messages on the sidewalk.

Art Museum Care Package: a remarkable gesture by The Rubin Museum of Art I received an email today with what I consider to be a remarkable and very forward-thinking gesture by an art museum: a virtual "care package" sent by The Rubin Museum of Art in New York City, in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and its effect on society - here and around the world.

Adam Sexton The build: Adam Sexton Useless Sound Machine 001 2020 wood, abandoned paintings, electric…

New Public Health signs for these trying times I went for a walk in the park today, trying to get some exercise outside, since I've been voluntarily self-quarantining lately. There was no one around, and when I did see the rare person, I kept my distance.

It's a little quiet out there on Pissarro's Boulevard Montmartre Camille Pissaro painted "The Boulevard Montmartre on a Winter Morning" in 1897, but maybe it might look like this today? Likewise, Vincent Van Gogh painted "Café Terrace at Night" in 1888, but perhaps this location in Arles might look like this now?

Face effigy stone found in the Delaware River We continue to get interesting submissions from readers of the Artsology Blog with photos and stories of face effigies and rock art found in different parts of the United States. This one comes from Matt S.

Large garden ornaments making great garden features If your repair plans extend a little further and you really want to bring your garden back to life, why not consider some of our mid-sized sculptures, new sculptures are perfect for garden settings and we think the goose, pheasant, duck, cockerel and hen will all make great additions.

Did Venus ever need a toilet paper calculator? As everyone knows, with the coronavirus pandemic and the need to quarantine, there has long been a run on toilet paper, and people are concerned about whether they will have enough to last until…? I'm not sure how one determines what the end date might be, as far as when there will no longer be a supply shortage.

A rotary telephone scarf by Vera Neumann I was at the Museum of Art in Design in the late fall when they had an exhibition of the work of Vera Neumann, and I saw this selection of scarves that she had designed.

A different kettle of fish For the last twenty years I've been saying that if sculptors of the past, from Michelangelo to Rodin, visited my studio they would recognized every process, from clay, to plaster, to wax to bronze: in 500 years nothing has changed. But what I am working on now is a different kettle of fish.

Kitty Condo by Adrian Wong Here's something that one wouldn't necessarily expect to see at an art fair - a large 96 x 105 x 36 inch "kitty condo" by the artist Adrian Wong, titled "The House That Snoopy Built," from 2019.

Not your average sidewalk chalk drawings I was out for a walk getting some exercise in Glen Ridge today, when I happened upon a woman and two young girls working on a series of sidewalk chalk drawings. I thought they were quite sophisticated and beautiful, so I stopped and asked if I could take this picture.

Social Distancing in the Arts For those of us that toil upon the forge of art, physical social distancing has always been part and parcel of our work. It has been so for centuries before the corona virus and it will remain so for centuries after. We work in isolation.

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