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January 18, 2020 - John Clayton Weekends John discusses the end of the Seahawks season, tomorrows's Conference Championship games, and the NFL Hall of Fame process with his callers all hour long! John Clayton Weekends
Softy and Dick H1 - Under-achieve or over-achieve? / Butt dial conundrum / Astros scandal deepens / Mike Heller on the Packers Based on everything that happened this season, did the Seahawks over-achieve, or under-achieve? Softy asks, if someone butt dials you, do you listen to the conversation or immediately hang up? The Astros cheating scandal continues to deepen. Dave Softy Mahler
1/17/20 - How Will the Seahawks Offensive Line Look in 2020? Among several pressing concerns heading into another offseason, the Seahawks have three key offensive linemen set to hit free agency. Locked on Seahawks
January 17, 2020 - Hour 3 Bob, Dave, and the Groz take your calls to talk about what Pete Carroll needs to do with this Seahawks team. Then, we get a double-dose of Storytime with Dave, featuring Wyman during one segment, and Groz during the other. Lastly, we find out what we learned. Danny, Dave and Moore
January 17, 2020 - Hour 1 Bob, Dave Wyman, and the Groz sit down in studio today to discuss what they admire about the teams still left playing this weekend that they wish the Seahawks had? How can the team be improved most? Tak Two: WSU upset Oregon last night 72-61, and UW took care of Oregon State despite an injury to Jaden McDaniels. Danny, Dave and Moore
282: Closing out the Seahawks 2019 season In what is becoming an overused narrative, the Seahawks did not try and force the run in the divisional round loss to the Green Bay Packers. Sea Hawkers Podcast
1/16/20 - What's with the Anti-Pete Carroll Campaign? Pete Carroll has won 100 regular season games as the Seahawks coach and led the franchise to unprecedented success. But after the latest playoff exit, a faction of fans inexplicably has been calling for his firing. Locked on Seahawks
January 16, 2020 - Hour 2 The Professor, John Clayton joins the show to talk about the upcoming playoff match-ups between the Titans and the Chiefs, and the Packers and the Niners. Then, the guys take a look at the Free Agents on the Seahawks this offseason, and how they might handle it. Danny, Dave and Moore
Real Hawk Talk Episode 89 : Seahawks & Packers Post Game Show + Season Recap The boys get together to look back on the season and hand out some awards.
January 15, 2020 - Hour 3 Danny Kelly from The Ringer joins the show to talk about how he thinks the Seahawks can modernize their offense while still being a run-first team, why Russell Wilson is the best QB in the NFL, what the team needs to do in the offseason, and more. Then, the guys discuss which Seahawks free agents they'd bring back for the 2020 season. Danny, Dave and Moore
January 15, 2020 - Hour 2 The Professor joins the show to talk about Luke Keuchly's surprise retirement, HOF voting, and more. Are the Seahawks holding Russell Wilson back with their approach on offense? Or can you still be a run-first team in today's NFL? The hour concludes with Sweeping the Dial, including a call for help from Stephen A. Danny, Dave and Moore
January 15, 2020 - Hour 1 Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly announced his retirement yesterday at the age of 28. Are we going to be seeing a lot more younger players retire from the NFL in the near future, like Kuechly and Andrew Luck? How would you grade the 2019 draft class for the Seahawks? Danny, Dave and Moore
1/15/20 - Several Injured Seahawks Making Great Progress Enduring worse injury luck than most teams in 2019, the Seahawks ended the year with 19 players on injured reserve. The good news? Many of those players are making good progress in their recovery and well on the road to returning for the 2020 season. Locked on Seahawks
Softy and Dick H3 - Should the Hawks have tried to keep Sherman? / Kevin Harlan: Are the Hawks ascending? / UW & grad transfers The 49ers have had a huge rebound this season, and it's led them all the way to the NFC Championship. There's no doubt that Richard Sherman has been a big part of their success. Should the Seahawks have made an effort to re-sign him two years ago? We take your calls. Dave Softy Mahler
Furness H2 - Mike Holmgren on the 2019 Seahawks season / Scott Miller on the fallout from the sign stealing scandal / Texts / Softy As we put a wrap on the 2019 Seahawks season, and look at how to improve next year, we check in with legendary coach Mike Holmgren. Ian asks how difficult it is to stay on top, and what he'd say to Brian Schottenheimer about the offense. The fallout from the Astros sign stealing scandal continues, and it goes even deeper than you might think. The Ian Furness Show
Mike Holmgren - With parity in the NFL, how hard is it to stay on top? / Evaluating the offense: What would you say to Schottenheimer? Tune in every Wednesday at 2pm to hear Mike Holmgren with Ian Furness on all things NFL and Seahawks. He is brought to you by Tacoma Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, and by Redbox. For movies and games, head to Redbox, the smarter way to watch and play. The Ian Furness Show
1/14/20 - Sluggish Start Dooms Seahawks at Lambeau Thanks to the heroics of Russell Wilson, the Seahawks had a chance to beat the Packers at Lambeau Field. Unfortunately, the rally proved too little, too late as Seattle's season came to an end in the divisional round. Locked on Seahawks
January 14, 2020 - Hour 3 It's the first extended segment of El Hombre as he joins the show! What are his thoughts on the latest cheating scandal in the MLB? Who does he think will come out with wins in Championship Weekend of the NFL? Then, why do the Seahawks keep getting of to slow starts? Danny, Dave and Moore
January 14, 2020 - Hour 2 John Clayton drops by the show to talk about where the Seahawks need to improve the most this offseason, previews the Championship Weekend in the NFL, and more. The guys continue the discussion on where the Seahawks need to improve, including pass protection for Russell Wilson. Danny, Dave and Moore
January 14, 2020 - Hour 1 Pete Carroll said there would be some defensive adjustments for next season, so what do those need to be? Is a possible lack of talent the issue? Then, it's a Seahawks season finale version of Question Man! Should the Seahawks have gone for it on 4th and 11? Danny, Dave and Moore
Softy and Dick H3 - Walter Jones on the Hawks game / Mike Florio on all things NFL / Weekly Weigh In / Russ with Ian Furness After one final Seahawks game, we get the opinions of Hall of Fame legend Walter Jones, plus what he think the Hawks need to make this team complete. Mike Florio says the Hawks shouldn't have given up the ball on 4th and 11, plus his takes on the conference championship games, Luke Kuechly's retirement, and more. Dave Softy Mahler
NFL Divisional Round Playoff Recap - Mahomes the Truth In this episode, we discuss: Texans vs. Chiefs Recap Seahawks vs Packers Recap Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Audioboom - Seattle Seahawks
Furness H2 - Future of the Seahawks: How optimistic are you? / Brandon Huffman on the hiring of Nick Rolovich / Softy With the 2019 season officially over, it's time to start looking ahead at what the Hawks will look like next season. There's a lot of optimism coming from Pete Carroll and the team, but is it warranted? The Ian Furness Show
Seahawks vs. the Offseason - 1/14/2020 Topics Include: Loss Autopsy State of 2020 Roster Being in Society. Seahawks Nest Podcast
Episode 112: Talk Through It It was close, as it always is, but the Seahawks season came to an end in Green Bay and we are here to dissect it. From Russ to Bob, to slow starts and signs of life. The Pedestrian Podcast
Softy and Dick H1 - The Seahawks season is over / Pete Carroll's Monday-after press conference / What's your prevailing emotion? And that's the end of the 2019 Seahawks season, a loss to Green Bay at Lambeau Field, playing out almost exactly as every other game this season has. Obviously, a lot of frustration today, but also respect for the team making yet another playoff run. Dave Softy Mahler
Softy and Dick H2 - Listeners react: Prevailing emotion /Hugh Millen's analysis of Hawks and Packers / Textimonials Last hour, Softy asked how you're feeling on this day after the season-ending Seahawks loss; frustrated, or thankful that the team remains consistently successful year after year. We take your calls at 286-9595 or 1-800-829-0950. Hugh Millen delivers in-depth analysis into all aspects of yesterday's game. Dave Softy Mahler
January 13, 2020 - Hour 2 Bob, Dave and Jim put Seahawks Tackle Duane Brown into the Player Spotlight to discuss the end of the season and his incredible bounce back following knee surgery, they discuss the Seahawks loss to the Packers with Paul Moyer of the Seahawks Broadcast, and they find out what we learned over the Seahawks 2019 Season. Danny, Dave and Moore
January 13, 2020 - Hour 1 Bob, Dave and Jim listen and react to Pete Carroll's season ending Press Conference, and they give out their Roses and Thorns following the Seahawks heartbreaking Playoff loss to the Packers. Danny, Dave and Moore
Furness H1 - Seahawks season comes to an end / Hardcore Football with Hugh Millen: Hawks and Packers Well, the 2019 Seahawks season officially comes to an end as the Hawks fall to the Green Bay Packers 28-23. The game looked like the vast majority of other games this season; a slow start, followed by a second-half turnaround. The difference this time is that they couldn't quite make it all the way back. The Ian Furness Show
Hardcore Football with Hugh Millen - Seahawks fall to the Packers 28-23 in the NFC divisional round. What went wrong? Tune in every Monday after the Seahawks play for the best post-game breakdown you'll hear from anybody on what happened to the Hawks. Hardcore Football is brought to you by Heritage Distilling and Jack's BBQ. The Ian Furness Show
Mike Sando - The case for Mike Holmgren in the Hall of Fame / NFC Championship preview / Thoughts on the 2019 Seahawks season Each Monday all NFL season, The Athletic's Mike Sando takes a look at all of the biggest storylines from around the league. Mike Sando brought to you by Cascade Ice. Need a caffeine fix without sugar, carbs, or calories? Grab a 16 ox. The Ian Furness Show
1.13.20: Packers win 'Packers style' in edging Seahawks, advancing to NFC title game The Packers win in 'Packers style' in edging Seahawks, advancing to NFC title game. Hosts Jim Owczarski and Tom Silverstein break it all down from Lambeau. Audioboom - Seattle Seahawks
January 11, 2020 - John Clayton Weekends John gets you ready for the Seahawks playoff matchup with the Green Bay Packers and all the other excitement of the NFL Divisional round with his callers all hour long! John Clayton Weekends
Softy and Dick H2 - Gregg Bell's Seahawk updates / Fun with Audio: Memories, Minshew's van vacation, Canadian Family Feud / Textimonials The News Tribune's Gregg Bell was out at the VMAC earlier this afternoon. He's got the latest on injuries, plus a story of Russell Wilson and game preparation, and more. Dave Softy Mahler
Softy and Dick H3 - Paul Allen previews Vikings and Niners / Niner Nate with the SF perspective / Stats are for Losers / DPI / Slickhawk The Seahawks could possibly get home field advantage in the NFC Championship, but first they must beat Green Bay, and Minnesota must beat the Niners. With a look at the Vikings matchup tomorrow, and a potential showdown with the Seahawks next week, it's Paul Allen. Dave Softy Mahler
January 10, 2020 - Hour 3 Bob, Jim, and Michael Bumpus take your calls. Seahawks win if… Then, they take a listen to some sound from Pete Carroll, talking about the opportunity to win on the road in Lambeau. The guys give their predictions for this weekend before finding out What We've learned. Danny, Dave and Moore
January 10, 2020 - Hour 2 The Professor, John Clayton joins the show to talk about all of the upcoming playoff match-ups for this weekend. Then, Mina Kimes, senior writer for ESPN and big-time Seahawks Fan talks about the national perspective on Russell Wilson vs. Aaron Rodgers. Danny, Dave and Moore
January 10, 2020 - Hour 1 Bob, Michael Bumpus, and Jim Moore sit down and start by discussing whether or not the weather is going to be a factor on Sunday in Lambeau. Take Two: UW has hired John Donovan as their new OC, and UW Men's basketball fell to Stanford last night. How will the Seahawks handle Rodgers and the hard count? Danny, Dave and Moore
January 10, 2020 The Professor, John Clayton is with us today, back from Canton, and discusses the upcoming playoff match-ups for this weekend. The Seahawks will play the Packers in Lambeau on Sunday afternoon. John Clayton's Cold Hard Facts
Greg Cosell previews the divisional round playoff matchup between the Seahawks and Green Bay Packers Greg Cosell is one of the brightest minds in football and his genius can be seen every week on NFL Matchup. If you want to hear what he thinks about the Seahawks game, check him out with Ian every Friday at 1:20pm breaking down their upcoming game. He is on thanks to Farrelli's Pizza - Artisan Pizza Cooked on Stone in Front of an Open Flame. The Ian Furness Show
1/10/20 - Seahawks vs. Packers Divisional Round Preview Eight is the number to break heading into the divisional round for the Seahawks, who will look to win their first road playoff game in nine tries and also end an eight-game losing streak against the Packers dating back to 1999. Locked on Seahawks
January 9, 2020 Bob Condotta sits in for the Professor today to discuss whether or not the Packers and the Seahawks are a rivalry, and figure out what to look for in the upcoming playoff match-up. John Clayton's Cold Hard Facts
January 9, 2020 - Hour 3 Cody Barton joins the guys for the Seahawks Player's Spotlight. Then, they discuss Pete's thoughts on the pass rush from last week's game against the Eagles. Then, the guys revisit some of the most important plays in the history of the Seahawks vs. Packers match-ups, before we find out What We've Learned. Danny, Dave and Moore
January 9, 2020 - Hour 2 Bob Condotta joins the show in place of the Professor to chat with Dave, Bob, and Jim about the upcoming match-up between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. Yogi Roth joins the show to talk about the Pac-12, who the WSU Cougars might hire as their next coach, and to share his thoughts on Paul Finebaum. Danny, Dave and Moore
January 9, 2020 - Hour 1 Bob, Dave, and Jim Moore sit down to discuss whether or not the Green Bay Packers are an actual rival of the Seattle Seahawks. Take Two: Mike Leach leaves WSU for the SEC, and the 11-2 UW Men's Basketball team take on the 12-2 Stanford Cardinal in Palo Alto this evening. Danny, Dave and Moore
Softy and Dick H2 - Mike Holmgren - Fourth quarter hypotheticals / Bigger role for Beast Mode? / Conversation with James Lofton Tune in every Thursday at 4pm to hear Mike Holmgren with Softy and Dick Fain on all things NFL and Seahawks. He is brought to you by Tacoma Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, and by Redbox. For movies and games, head to Redbox, the smarter way to watch and play. Dave Softy Mahler
Furness H2 - A. J. Hawk previews Seahawks and Packers / Texts: Next Cougar coach / Softy reacts to Leach The first hour of the show was entirely taken up with the news that Mike Leach is taking a coaching job down South. This hour, we get back to talking Seahawks. Longtime Green Bay Packer A. Hawk talks with us about this weekend's Hawks and Packers game. The Ian Furness Show
1/9/20 - Seahawks / Packers Film Review with Matty F. Brown With just three days left until kickoff at Lambeau Field, Seahawk Maven film analyst Matty F. Brown joins forces with Locked On Seahawks host Corbin Smith to break down how the Seahawks match up with the Packers from a schematic perspective. Locked on Seahawks
1.9.20: How the Packers can beat the Seahawks, and the one thing they can't overlook Hosts Jim Owczarski and Tom Silverstein break down how the Packers can beat the Seahawks despite a QB disadvantage, one thing they can't forget about and Mike McCarthy's hiring in Dallas. Audioboom - Seattle Seahawks