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Introducing the Chilton Trench Coat: a curvy and plus size coat sewing pattern! This curvy and plus size coat sewing pattern features:. And of course, if you want, you can leave off some of the extras to make a sleeker coat. When you're looking at outer fabrics, you'll want a mid - to heavy-weight woven, depending on the kind of climate you live in and the season you're making it for.

Sports Star Quilt The spectators at one 19th century cricket match sure were. On February 8, 1879, one bad call triggered an all-out brawl. Two thousand disgruntled fans stormed the field with hot tempers and swinging fists. There were probably broken noses and bruised knuckles everywhere!

First Vintage Sewing Machine Purchase of 2018! If you've been reading this blog for a while now you should, and here's why: it's the Kenmore 158.1030, virtually identical to the Kenmore 158.1040, which I used to own. I say used to because I loaned it to a friend a few years ago and the loan turned into a gift.

Deer And Doe Myosotis Dress I have so many opinions about the Deer And Doe Myosotis Dress! Which makes for a good sewing pattern, don't you think? Nothing worse than indifference, after all. I was inspired to sew this after trying on a dress in COS. A cotton dress that cost £80.

September Sewing Zine Vlog I've just published a short vlog with some favourite sewing related things I've spotted recently. All being well, I'm hoping to make it a regular series. I used to publish lists of some of my favourite finds on the blog, but the vlog seems an ideal way of sharing them.

The Sew Reporter - 23rd September Obviously this French terry from Pin and Sew needs your attention right now! What would you make with it?! Check out the fab selection of seasonal ponte roma fabrics at Girl Charlee UK! The soft autumnal tones of this cotton print from Cloth Candy almost disguise the fact that its smiling faces are cheery little suns!

The Happy Hobo Bag - free sewing pattern & tutorial! Sew up a beautiful hobo bag - it's easier than you think! As I designed the pattern for this bag, I wanted to keep it simple enough that it wouldn't take more than a day to sew, and yet still have all the features that I want in an every day purse. This bag is approximately 8'' tall, 12'' wide, and 4 1/2'' deep.

Watercolour Sutton blouse Things are returning back to normal and I'm pleased I've had time to write blog posts here and there. I've got to write up about my honeymoon wardrobe but maybe that will be a fun activity when the inevitable crap weather arrives. It's already gone pretty chilly so I'm trying to plan winter garments.

Sewing with Ellie Whittaker fabric I have had the loveliest day, and it feels so good to just sit down and write about it. This month has honestly been so crazy, and today was the first time in ages that I had some solid free time to relax and do some personal sewing.

My Vogue 9251 birthday dress I think this has been the longest blogging break I've taken since I started Self Assembly Required two and a bit years ago! It felt so weird! Well, I'm back and ready to get going again! Every year I like to make myself a "birthday" dress and with the big 3-0 coming up tomorrow I wanted to make something special!

The Sewing Weekender 2018 round-up The Sewing Weekender 2018 is a sewing weekend away in Cambridge UK organised by The Fold Line and English Girl at Home. Read all about the event including the workshops, talks and goodie bags here.

Woven Cardigan - Another Selfless Sewing Project Yes, yes, I keep saying no more gifts for others! But, I sort of had to make something for a friend who recently got married. I found a bit hard to decide what to make her. Especially as I only had some old body measurements I took of her when I visited a few years back.

Show Off Saturday… A Candy Corn Therapy Quilt I’m not sure what to call this quilt… it’s a variation of the classic hourglass design, but I’m pretty sure the block looked like candy corn to me so that’s why I decided to stitch it up, lol!

Inspired by Ciara I'm Diane from the blog Distaff, and I have been working on an "edgy" wardrobe, and I found inspiration in Ciara's look. Here's my outfit. The skirt is adapted from Vogue 1312 - a Lynn Mizono dress. It's basically a bunch of rectangles sewn together at angles, which you can drape as you like.

IPM 2018: The Contests Today we're announcing the four contest themes and the general rules of Indie Pattern Month 2018. If you've participated before, you'll be pretty familiar with these, but we recommend that you skim through to brush up on all the little details! If you are new to IPM - we're so glad you're joining us this year!

Binding Tips and Techniques Learn the basics for finishing edges on any project with these binding tips and techniques from WeAllSew. There are many ways to create and sew binding! Learn the basics of the most popular methods in this post showing Binding 3 Ways here at WeAllSew.

Kale and Quinoa Superfoods Salad I struggle really badly with eating during the day. Either I don't eat anything or I eat everything in site. I like to think I am a balance of kale chips and Chick Fil A, I love to eat healthy, but find it easier to run through CFA a lot of days. I've been trying to prep my weeks by making a big, filling salad on Mondays.

Introducing the liesl + co. hollywood trousers pattern Inspired by the style of classic film stars, these trousers include all the great tailoring details to make really well-fitted trousers that will become a wardrobe essential. These are relatively high-waisted trousers, fitted through the waist and hips with wide legs.

Friday Spotlight: Damjana's Adorable Key Pouch/Coin Purse Grab this super quick & easy tutorial for How To Make A Key Pouch From a Coin Purse…you’re going to love it:).

A Comfy Cushion I found a lovely rocking chair at a garage sale a couple of weeks back. It's quite comfortable, but if you want to sit for a significant amount of time, a wood seat can begin to feel a little hard. So a cushion was in order! I looked around for a tutorial to make sure I wasn't going to miss anything important.

Top Five Autumn Sewing Projects One day you're walking through parched fields, slathered on sunscreen. The next, squirrels are scampering before you and leaves crunch beneath your feet. Ah, Autumn! The time of year when women clamber back into their tights and cardies and breath an audible sigh of relief.

How to Sew an Invisible Zipper // Amy Jumpsuit The Amy Jumpsuit pattern features a classic invisible zipper to help make getting in and out of your jumpsuit quick and easy. The addition of the bodice lining ensures a clean, professional finish both on the inside and outside of the garment as well.

How to Draft and Sew Bishop Sleeves Sew together at 1/4″ seam allowance. Step 13:. Pull the cuff out and fold it in half with the wrong sides together, and pin the folded edge on top of the seam we just made on the inside of the sleeve. This will cover up the cuff seam, and present a nice, clean finish.

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