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Milton Martinez's "¡DEMOLICIÓN!" Part The madman from Mar del Plata, Argentina blazes at full throttle no matter the spot. This part is gonna put you on the edge of your seat, from the opening montage to the kickflip into you-know-what. Skate and Destroy!

Milton Martinez: Born and Bred to Rip and Shred \u201cI was bummed the Jake Phelps paint was gone,\u201d Milton says, grinning, \u201cbut in my mind he was there all the time. So that\u2019s one more thanks to him.\u201d The night ended with someone tagging \u201cSMOOOKES!!!\u201d in huge letters across the bank.

"¡DEMOLICIÓN!” Premiere Photos The Bevel group rolled through with free weed, our friends at Fat Tire provided the brews, Rhino presented all his mental photos of Milton and NYC's Slashers and Bay Area's Big Hongry provided the tunes. Figgy even showed up to give Milton's part a proper intro, even though he was in the hospital the day before!

Rowan Zorilla, Kader Sylla, Dustin Dollin Vans x Baker Holiday Collection Vans and Baker have teamed up on a collection of exclusive footwear colorways for Rowan Zorilla, Kader Sylla and Dustin Dollin.

Jamrock Jerk, Gangcorp Our favorite crew from NYC took it to Paris and back.

Jenn Soto: Thunder Trucks A classic spot matched with Jenn\u2019s smooth style, couldn\u2019t ask for more. Check out Thunder\u2019s new clip with Jenn Soto at LA\u2019s Griffith Park. A classic spot matched with Jenn\u2019s smooth style, couldn\u2019t ask for more. Check out Thunder\u2019s new clip with Jenn Soto at LA\u2019s Griffith Park.

Skater's Favorite Skater - Yaje Popson Our good friend and Alien Workshop pro Yaje Popson let's you know who his favorite skater is and it's an East Coast Legend who might be your favorite too.

Primitive Skateboards ‘Encore’ Video But with a team like Primitive\u2019s, it's just another challenge accomplished. \u201cEncore\" is chalked full of epic moves from one of our favorite squads. Enjoy.\r\nFilming a full-length video in a single year at one point was thought to be impossible.

Primitive - Encore - Full Video One year in the making… Primitive Skateboards presents, ENCORE. Featuring Tiago Lemos, Paul Rodriguez, Franky Villani, Carlos Ribeiro, Miles Silvas,.

Primitive Encore Premiere Photos Check the photos from last night in Hollywood.

Tiago Lemos' "Encore" Part The word that comes to mind is POWER. Tiago doesn't just ride a skateboard, he completely owns it as well. This part is everything you could ever want from a street skater. Wow…

Michael Pulizzi's "Extended Release" Part Pulizzi spins the combo game around and doesn't look back, splicing ledges moves and rails and manuals into his own special potion. Dude is on another level.

PASS~PORT "Kitsch" Full Video Out Now Here's your chance to get your hands on the new full-length Pass Port video Kitsch which is one of the best videos of 2019! Click here to yours which.

Pass~Port's Kitsch Box Need more treasures in your life? Check this PASS~PORT Kitsch box which comes with the Kitsch ideo on a gold die struck USB drive, a screen-printed scarf and the box itself which is adorned with a gold foil screen print on its cover.

SkateHoarders - Six Stair Films - Season 2 Ep 3 Rick and Buddy dig into their insane archive in their office off Fairfax Ave in LA.

Santa Cruz Oz Tour 2019 Go down under with the Santa Cruz team as they tour across Australia. Go down under with the Santa Cruz team as they tour across Australia. Go down under with the Santa Cruz team as they tour across Australia.

Satpal Bansal, Phamily Part Satpal hauls ass through this video part and stomps his tricks with confidence.

Ducky's "Extended Release" Part Modesto’s native lunatic Ducky Kovacs is at it again, attacking the most absurd spots he can find, from nasty kinkers to storage shed drop-ins. Brace yourself…

Flow like Water - Jimmy Lannon - Busted.Mic Creations Flow like Water is the latest video offering featuring Jimmy Lannon to bring Busted.Mic to it's third video release. The theme behind this project was to capture Bruce Lee's ideas of moving like water, film clips organically with little to no plans, and to just keep it simple.

Silver Skate 70s, An Interview With Photographer Hugh Holland By Hugh Holland, published by Chronicle Chroma 2019. Silver. Skate. Seventies. page on Amazon. There's also a deluxe, boxed limited edition, which can be ordered here.

Backyard Barging 4 A heavy squad barges a bunch of backyard pools in this one!

NYCSP October 23-24 The third installment of NYCSP. An Intentional space for gender non-confirming, trans folx, non-binary folx and cis women who skate.

SIGHTINGS: November 2019 A hot batch of photos to get you juiced.

World View: Long Beach to LA Some heavy hitters and ripping up and comers.

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