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Melodi's "Bug Collection" Video Swapping sides, the East Coast killers take their operation out to the Bay and beyond for an edit that hits like any good bug collection—strange, dirty and straight-up gnarly. While gunning for the cuts and classic spots, the dudes stack their new vid with searing stunts and street scuffles.

Nike SB - Isle Skateboards The Isle lads for Nike SB. "The project started with an age-old photographic printing technique know as cyanotype in which exposing photosensitive paper or canvas to sunlight produces a cyan blue image. Myself, Casper Brooker and Chris Jones wanted to find a texture that suited Isle's aesthetic.

Nike SB x Isle Skateboards This one hits in waves. As always, Jacob Harris and the Isle dudes pull through with their perfect blend of experimental sights, sounds and stunts amidst the British crust. Jensen, Jones and Brooker dish out fast lines, fakie manuals and an epic tr\u00e9 before the curtain call.

Nike SB X Isle Quickstrike To celebrate the latest Quickstrike release from Nike SB Jacob Harris put together the amazing video above. The Nike SB x Isle collaboration was expertly executed like anything Nick Jensen and co put their hands to and the amazing Nike SB Blazer Mid QS this project focuses on is available now.

Vans "Foot The Bill" Customization Program to Support Small Businesses Vans has committed to helping 80 small, independent businesses including skate and specialty shops, restaurants, music venues and community - driven spaces by offering their custom-made designs available for purchase on Vans Customs with net proceeds going directly to these vital partners.

"Am Scramble 2019" Video For our 3rd annual Scramble, we assembled some of the best ams in the game for a whirlwind tear through Florida, before they elevate to the pro ranks. Every Hubba assault, yank-in, Kona conquest, and hotel freestyle explodes with the vigor of blazing talent on the cusp.

Skater XL Coming July 2020 Get ready to play as Tom Asta, Brandon Westgate, Tiago Lemos, and Evan Smith.

Mike Sinclair: People I've Known After he was fired, I found out Dan stood for \u201cdays are numbered\u201d and Feathers was just because he had feathered-back hair.

Tre Williams NM212 After every slam, the crew\u2019s there to keep him amped. You know we love a battle.Tre fights for a serious double-set wallride in this quick hit for New Balance. After every slam, the crew\u2019s there to keep him amped. After every slam, the crew’s there to keep him amped.

Ty Beal Bust Crew Remix Get there.The Bust Crew\u2019s Ty Beall keeps the spot drought at bay by rushing through the rough streets of Richmond. Gilbert pops by to fly down a double set in a brick tunnel while Ty turns the VA crust to dust. Gilbert pops by to fly down a double set in a brick tunnel while Ty turns the VA crust to dust.

Vans' "Foot The Bill" Vans is stepping up to help small businesses—including core skateshops—during this difficult time by offering shoes with custom patterns designed by the shops themselves. Thirty designs are currently available and 50 more are coming down the pike.

Element's "KNÜCKS" Video They earn their knucks.With a full stack of creative Euros and cameos from the States, French Fred comes up with another certified smash. Jaakko, Madars, Mait\u00e9, Eetu and their friends back each other up with textbook blunts, wild one foots and miracle board recoveries.

Adidas Skateboarding - VAUGHN - Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal, Daewon Song The newly built NW23R&D space and the first installment of Vaughn.

Rough Cut: Joey Guevara's "Coattails" Part It’s hard to picture the smooth ones bailing, but Joey gifts us a few solid slams and some extra potent snaps in his recent Coattails part. Whether it’s a rough out-ledge or head-high rainbow jam, he comes correct with style and power.

The Search For the Perfect Am Basically, Aaron Goure.How can they blow it?: If they forget to address me as "Ma'am" they're cut.What are you looking for in an amateur team rider?: I look at how they skate, their style, how they perceive terrain, draw lines, their energy levels and overall vibe.

Merlot Filmed mostly in SF with a huge cast of rippers from around the world. This one rips. By Ryan Flores.

Lil' Dre's Maxallure "Manifest Destiny" Part Closing out Maxallure’s first video, Dre lets the world know he’s no longer just the young buck at Potrero, and no spot in the City is safe from his killing spree. This man is the future.

John Kicka: Jason Rainbird x Geoff Campbell Jason Rainbird footage leftover from past projects.

Bastien Marlin's "Slapp'IT" Part Check the moves before you smash into your next slappy. Some people just see things differently. With a penchant for curb wizardry and risky ride-on grinds, Marlin gets his tech fix in the South of France. Check the moves before you smash into your next slappy.

LIMBO, Slappy's Garage Full-Length While everything is on pause and we all wait in limbo, Slappy’s Garage Skateshop in San Diego put together a full length VX video.

Hugo Montezuma x RVCA Cha-ching!No public park or private pit is safe from Hugo as he sets his sights on the Southwestern states\u2014the coping gets absolutely crushed in this part from RVCA. Just wait for the Money Grab at Hell Bowl. Just wait for the Money Grab at Hell Bowl.

Jagger Interview The following interview was conducted via email, one question at a time, over the period of a few months stretching back into 2019. The logic behind this method was to recreate a conversation between four adult men with children and full time occupations that are all still totally obsessed with skateboarding culture.

SK858, DTP Vol. 2 by Ryan Alvarado After too long of a hiatus, SK858 and Ryan have returned with the sequel to DTP.

AriZona Iced Tea Piña Colada Tour, Ep 4 NBDs on a Caribbean Sea double set and the annual 3 Kings event.

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