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Dave Bachinsky's "Six Days in Chengdu" Part Dave Bachsinky takes his giant bag of tricks to China for a line-packed ledge tour. Manny Santiago joins in on the gap and granite fun. Watch this before booking your summer skate break.

Jake Duncombe and Terminal Four Skateboards Jake and his Aussie crew rip it up in this first video offering!

Adidas Reveals Matchbreak Super Adidas introduces the best in vulc performance with the Matchbreak Super. Inspired by archival classics, the silhouette debuts as a new premium standard in vulcanized skate shoes from the brand.

Koby Dvorak and Braden Hoban, Local Skateshop Part Koby Dvorak and Braden Hoban have been killing it for a while now and aren’t even allowed to buy beer yet.

Mario Fortea's "Lomo Con Greso" Video Wieger, Giorgi, Del Campo and Verde dismantle the sublime marble of Madrid. No empty calories, just well-executed, precision skating capped with a mind-blowing nollie noseblunt. Nicely done, gents.

Thunder Trucks: Marcus Shaw "Norway To The Bay" Part Marcus tours the Bay Area’s signature spots for the first time, delivering the goods with superb skill and style. Dude is a powerhouse.

SMiLe Film Screenings The Ben Raemers Foundation is proud to present the premiere screening of a series of short films entitled SMiLe. The films interview professional skateboarders and have them share their own mental health experiences.

Niels Bennett Interview I kinda felt like a kook, though. My board rolled over to him at the skatepark and when I went to go grab it I awkwardly went to shake his hand. I don't think I even said anything to him. He introduced himself to me and said, "Hi, I'm Mark." I don't know why, but I told him I met him before at the picnic table contest they had in LA.

Out There: Eli Reed From the East Village to Kingston, Eli’s passion for Dancehall fuels the dynamic bond between skateboarding, good music and the evolution of culture.

HUF Welcomes Nick Matthews To The Team HUF is proud to announce Nick Matthews as the first newly added am to its HUF apparel team.

Kozers, People's People Part Riley Kozerski with the last part in the vid!

World View: Absolute Value - Tampa, FL The hot scene in Tampa as seen through the lens of Jean-Luc Vida.

Jake Phelps Art Tributes - Part 2 WE'VE RUN out of words to describe Jake Phelps' legacy. Thankfully, artistic tributes from around the world can do all the talking. Jake is still watching every session-laughing at your slams and cheering your makes.

Skating Through Costa Del Sol, Spain - etnies Malaga, Spain with Nick Garcia, Eetu Toropainen, Nassim Lachhab and David Castells.

Elliot Sloan's "Birdhouse" Part This part not only has the world’s longest pole jam and a tweaked out backflip, it’s also got so many twists and spins you’re gonna need to take a Dramamine after watching. Elliot is boosting vert and MegaRamp skating to ludicrous levels.

A Day In The East Bay With Marcus Shaw While reminiscing about his early days as a Speedo-clad diver and moving from Scotland to Scandinavia, the international technician lays down some casual lines around The Bay, casually crushing a few spots in one day.

Madness Spring 2020 Drop 1 Madness' newest line is chock full of oil slick holographic backgrounds and haunting imagery. There's something spooky for everyone-including a Wade Speyer board!

Bobshirt Interview: "For every era, that's the golden era." Although better known for the Snuff logo-led interview series where skateboarders are reunited with iconic boards, shoes, VHS tapes and other objects related to their careers; Bobshirt began as a "clunky, low tech website about skateboarding in the '90s" ran by a friendly guy named Tim Anderson.

Alex Sorgente's "RAW AMs" Part Proving he’s not just another contest kid, Alex sets a crash course for every rail, pool and DIY he can get his trucks on. The Encinitas Civic Center gets hit with another heavy hammer that would make Omar and Hairball proud.

Skateline: 01.21.2020 CJ Collins rips the desert, John Dilo's Shake Junt part, Heroin's Earth Goblin video and more in today's episode of Skateline.

Globe Shoes' "Snake Session" 2019 Globe hosts a heavy ramp sesh with some of your favorite transition terrors. As the warehouse gets ripped to shreds, Ronnie takes home the top spot and a grip full of cash.

Nike SB's "Hopefuls and Nopefuls" Video Two SOTYs hop in the van with a squad of the Swoosh’s top dawgs on a star-studded road trip from the Lone Star State to the Great White North. GT, Ishod, Nyjah, Nicole Hause and many more leave a wake of destruction after every demo and ditch spot they hit.

Potluck These New York City kids are all right. The soundtrack goes too.

Craggy Craggy by Alex van Zwietering featuring Jair Gravenberch and Billy Hoogendijk. Mainly filmed in a little town by the sea called The Hague in The Netherlands. Film and Edit by Alex van Zwietering Additional filming: Sjoerd Vlemmings, Tibbe Deltenre and Bruno Lima.

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