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90 - And The Nominees Are… With a slow news week in the world of sneakers came a tidal wave of release announcements, previews, and first looks; so we modified This Week In Kicks to talk about what we're excited to see come down the pipeline in 2020. True to Size
Tons of Yeezy Drops, Kawhi gets his ring and listener questions… In episode 30, we talk about Kawhi Leonard coming back to Toronto, a ton of Yeezy models about to drop and answer a bunch of listener questions! A sneaker and lifestyle show hosted by Anna Bediones @atothebed and Joe Amio @joeisthenewblack. The Double Boxed Podcast
Episode 80: A Visit to Shoezeum, A Conversation with Jordy Gellar On this special edition of the Sneaker History Podcast, Robbie Falchi catches up with Jordy Gellar, the founder of Shoezeum. This wide-ranging conversation touches on some of the craziest samples and wear test sneakers you've never heard of. Sneaker History Podcast
Throwback Episode: THE ROSEANNE INTERVIEW In this throwback episode from May, 2018, Yassir and Isaiah discuss three burning questions for one another, and Roseanne stops by! My Brother's Sneaker
What if? On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we discuss some of the most expensive kicks to ever come out at retail! We also get a first in show history when Khid decides to go against the Unanimous Knock. The guys discuss what if with certain rappers and how there careers would have turned out. Sole Searching
History Lesson - Michael Jordan's First NBA Sneaker: The Nike Air Ship w/ @MJO23DAN & @MR_UNLOVED1S On this special edition of the Sneaker History Podcast, the guys are joined by two experts on the early years of Michael Jordan's sneaker line, Marvin Barias and Kenneth Myers Jr, for a deep dive into the storied history of the Nike Air Ship. Sneaker History Podcast
Soon Come February - S04E39 This week on The Sneaker Podcast, the crew wonders why patent leather isn't flashy anymore, the squad checks the couch for an extra $2K, and the fam tries to convince Sean to wear heat in the cold Chicago streets! It's the house that Mike built! Time to turn it up! The Sneaker Podcast
89 - Deal or No Deal We really do keep thinking we're in for a short episode, but once we get going it's hard for us to stop! This week the NBA's sneaker king finally signs his long-anticipated endorsement deal, we talk about our favourite bubble-tea flavours, and we discuss an upcoming New Balance collab - but we get the collaborator's name wrong. True to Size
Episode 36: What Is A Legend??? On Episode 36 we discussed our thanksgiving experience, the door Jordan 1 and Adidas Prada hype and more upcoming releases. April and lil fizz relationship and are they wrong, what is a legend do you think nipsey was a legend before he past???? More Than Sneakers
TSB Podcast: Episode 242 - Complex wants their own sneaker marketplace In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, and Dunks are in-studio. We've seen some ugly shoes in our day, but this shoe by Nike might just be one of the ugliest in our show's history. Caesar tells the story of how he might have been responsible for Dick's Sporting Goods changing the name of their. Sneaker Bar Detroit
The Most Under-Appreciated Signature Basketball Sneakers of All Time On episode 78 of the podcast, we discuss the ins and outs of signature sneakers past and present, then take a look back at the most under-appreciated signature basketball sneakers. Sneaker History Podcast
Throwback Episode: High School Highs In this throwback episode, Isaiah and Yassir discuss their favorite shoes from high school and the water crisis in Flint. My Brother's Sneaker
TSB Podcast: Episode 241 - Sneakers to look forward to this Holiday In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, Dunks, and Sarena are in-studio. We call JumpmanBostic, in what pretty much turns into a interview of sorts, to get his opinion on the Off-White X Air Jordan 5, Dunks wearing his "Playoff" 11s as snow boots, and BoostmanBostic's opinion on the new Yeezys. Sneaker Bar Detroit
The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sneaker Releases of All Time Black Friday and Cyber Monday sneaker releases have become crazy over the last few years. We take a look back at the best black Friday sneaker releases over the last 10-12 years. Sneaker History Podcast
I'm That Guy - S04E38 This week on The Sneaker Podcast, the crew welcomes a surprise guest to the show, the squad plays a weird game, and the fam tries to figure out what kind of guy they are in this sneaker world of ours!! I got a guy for that! Time to turn it up! #TheSneakerPodcast. The Sneaker Podcast
88 - The Shawarma Podcast ft. Mike D This week we stole The Sneaker Podcast's host, Mike D, and we may not give him back. We also cover a couple of smaller sneaker brands making some big moves, recap a busy week of sneaker buying, and discuss what we look for in a collab. True to Size
Keep it a stack! On this episode of the Sole Searching Podcast we get into the latest episode of the VS series!! This time we debate which breakfast food is better: Waffles, Pancakes, or French Toast. We also have our first knock or knock and we talk the latest in music and Khid is scaring his neighbors??!!! Sole Searching
Newbie 2 Savant Newbie 2 Savant by Fresh To Debt. The Fresh To Debt Podcast
The Best Retro Sneaker Releases of 2019 On this episode of the podcast, Mike and Robbie discuss the best retro releases from 2019, ranging from adidas bringing back the Feet You Wear 97, through the Air Jordan 4 'Cool Grey' and more. Sneaker History Podcast
Necessity Of Unnecessary - S04E37 This week on The Sneaker Podcast, the crew finds out everyone wants to make sneakers, the squad debates about the worth of two similar-not-similar shoes, and the fam talks about why getting unnecessary things is in our sneakerhead DNA! A discussion only a sneakerhead might understand! The Sneaker Podcast
Episode 35: Holiday season approaching On episode 35 we discuss Collin kaepernick opportunity to try out for the NFL and the backlash behind it. Nipsey Hustle grammy nominations and his tux being put in the grammy museum and so much more…. More Than Sneakers
87 - Extra Laces ft. Flippin' Laces We're back, and although it was a little delayed, we're joined by friend of the show, and founder of 'Jus' Kickin' It'; Christian AKA Flippin' Laces. We recap some of our favourite moments from the event, find out what goes into planning a day like this, and do our best to get some leaks about what he's got in store for the future. True to Size
Most important fashion items of the 2010s, lacing styles, and shoes that need to be retro'd! We breakdown Complex's recently released list of "Most Important Fashion Items of the 2010s, discuss lacing styles, and try and figure out which shoes need to be retro'd ASAP! A sneaker and lifestyle show hosted by @atothebed and Joe Amio @joeisthenewblack. The Double Boxed Podcast
TSB Podcast: Episode 240 - Best All-Red Sneakers of all Time In this episode of TSB, Francis, Geeno, Guru, Sarena, Dunks, and eventually, Caesar are in-studio. We briefly touch on how Ronnie Fieg got started. We read some of our negative reviews on iTunes and "happily" accept the constructive feedback. We look back on our show's history, from road trips to opportunities to work with brands. Sneaker Bar Detroit
The 30 Best Sneaker Releases From 2009 - How Times Have Changed This Decade Episode 75, Nick, Robbie, and Mike take it back to when the sneaker world was much much different. 10 years ago, Kanye West was still making a name for himself outside of his music. Basketball was still way more important than being Instagram famous. Sneakers looked A LOT different, too. Sneaker History Podcast
Thugsgiving The best kicks to wear to the dinner table. Yassir talks about his cornrows… for way too long. My Brother's Sneaker
Salute to all the vets!! Ft Unloved 1's and Baltimore Tay On this episode we were proud to have on Mr. Unloved 1’s and Baltimore Tay on this episode to discuss their respective times in the military and how they maintained there love for sneakers and how other people kept there collection going while in the military. Sole Searching
The Best Sneaker of the Year For Every Year This Decade Episode 74, Nick and Robbie go back to the beginning of the decade and revisit the best sneakers of each year over the past 10 years. In addition, they tackle topics of Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank playing the victim, as well as the possible return of Colin Kaepernick and his upcoming collaborative Nike Air Force 1. Sneaker History Podcast
Big Mood - S04E36 This week on The Sneaker Podcast, Clo checks off a sneaker from his grail list, the crew gives an update on the guest podcaster spot, and the squad expresses their big MOOD for different sneaker wearing opportunities! What's your big mood right now? Turn up time! The Sneaker Podcast
86 - More Than Meets The Eye ft. KJtotheB We braved an early winter storm and fought through mounds of snow to bring you another banger of an episode this week, and it sure was a good one. We talk about a sneaker reselling platform three times the size of Stock X - which gives us a lot of perspective as to where Canada falls in the global sneaker marketplace. True to Size
Dior and Jordan Brand, Prada and Adidas, ALD and New Balance! Collaboration season continues! We talk about the newly announced partnerships between Jordan Brand and Dior, Prada and Adidas and we discuss the Aime Leon Dore x New Balance and Kith x Disney releases! A sneaker and lifestyle show hosted by @atothebed and Joe Amio @joeisthenewblack. The Double Boxed Podcast
Episode 34: Bots takeover jordan 1 melody ehsani drop and more…. Episode 34 we discussed bots taking over melody ehsani drop, California first state to pay college athletes, infidelity and the reason it happens and more…. More Than Sneakers
Flex on your Ex Yassir talks about the intimacy of seeing someone you know in public, a new DJ he'd love to have on the show, and the shoes to get to destroy your old flames. Rudy Giuliani calls in. My Brother's Sneaker
Flight Attendance Yassir tells you the best shoes for travelling this holiday season. Donald Trump calls in and gives his best Justin Trudeau impression. My Brother's Sneaker
TSB Podcast: Episode 239 - Our thoughts on the 2019 Nike X Doernbecher Collection In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, Dunks, and Serena are in-studio with Caesar's cousin Chene sitting in as a special guest. Let it be known that Geeno is habitually out of pocket. That's it. There's nothing else to add to that. We try to cop the new Nike Kyrie 6 that shock dropped on. Sneaker Bar Detroit
2,000 Air Jordan 1s Are Coming in 2020, adidas FutureCraft Loop Is The Future, Nike Cancels Amazon Episode 73, Nick and Mike discuss some big changes in the business of footwear this week: Nike announced they are breaking up with Amazon, adidas is shutting down their SpeedFactory locations, Dior and Air Jordan are teaming up for an expensive and limited Air Jordan 1, and adidas has a new completely recycled and recyclable sneaker on the way. Sneaker History Podcast
FlyEase Cleats, Nike's New Heat for Medical Pros, & Our Favorite Sneaker Pick Ups of 2019 Episode 72, we discuss a couple of new releases from Nike that are designed to make people's lives easier. Then we jump into our best pickups of the year so far. Sneaker History Podcast
Lesson Learned - S04E35 This week on The Sneaker Podcast, the crew discusses a season of layering, the squad gets roasted by a listener, and the fam shares lessons they've learned and mistakes they've done in their sneaker timeline! It's getting hot in herre… Time to turn it up! The Sneaker Podcast
85 - And Isn't It Ironic Another "short" episode turned out to be anything but, as we got into a rant about Complex's "Shoe of the Year" proclamation. We also get blessed with Nike vs Sketchers 2.0 - as Nike doubles down and sues Sketchers for a second time. True to Size
TSB Podcast : Episode 238 - Adidas wants to dump John Wall's contract In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, Francis 313, and Sarena are in-studio. Caesar gets a pair of the "HoF" Air Jordan 2009 for a steal and looks to New White Ranger for validation. He doesn't get it. The crew notices that Dunks and Francis have never been seen in the same room at the. Sneaker Bar Detroit
History Lesson - The Air Jordan 2, Complete History, Colorways, Samples, PEs, & More This week we have a special episode of the Sneaker History podcast for you. Our second 'History Lesson' episode takes a deep dive into the under-appreciated, and MJ's least favorite sneaker model, the Air Jordan 2. You'll learn something you didn't know on this episode, we for sure did! Sneaker History Podcast
Brewski's and Sneakers ft Robyn of Kicks and Kegs This was a really fun episode but f the Sole Searching Podcast!! We linked with Robyn of Kicks and Kegs and had a great discussion about beer themed sneakers, the different kinds of beer out there and how the beer re sell market is similar to the sneaker re sell market!! Sole Searching
Eating Bugs For A Chance To Buy Jordans & Reselling Sneakers Meant For Those With Disabilities ?!? Episode 70, we discuss the reselling of the Air Jordan 1 FlyEase, a store in Detroit making people eat bugs in order to buy 'Fearless' Air Jordan 1s, Under Armour's new legal troubles for fudging their accounting numbers, and the future of Luka Doncic's signature sneakers. Sneaker History Podcast
The Cure - S04E34 This week on The Sneaker Podcast, the crew successfully updates you on their past episode pickup targets, the squad calls out Mike for being the sixth Backstreet Boy, and the fam discusses how a sneaker moment can cure what ails ya, and make everything all right! The Sneaker Podcast
TSB Podcast: Episode 237 - Our Top 5 Sneaker Silhouettes of all Time In Episode 237 of TSB, Caesar, Guru, Dunks, and Geeno are in-studio. The "SBB 3.0" Air Jordan 1 finally dropped. Was the release what you expected? Speaking of Jordan 1s, the WMNS "Fearless" Air Jordan 1 released. Does it seem that Jordan Brand half asses their women's releases? Sneaker Bar Detroit
84 - Back In My Day This week was supposed to be a short show, but once we start talking history and stories we can't be stopped - and thats exactly what this week was all about. From our fire round question about our favourite sneaker fact, to Now Spooky Related where we made up our own scary stories, we had a lot of fun with storytelling this week. True to Size
Down in the By You Yassir becomes a motivational speakers and encourages us all to be the best we can through our custom kicks. Yassir also impeaches himself. My Brother's Sneaker
History Lesson - The Air Jordan 1 - The Complete History of Michael Jordan's First Signature Sneaker This week we have a special episode of the Sneaker History podcast for you. Our inaugural 'History Lesson' episode takes a deep dive into the iconic Air Jordan 1. You'll learn something you didn't know on this episode, we for sure did! Sneaker History Podcast
Episode 81: Das His Migo We were back to regular schedule programming the gang was back to talk our usual tv talk and movies, our anticipation for the Seattle 10’s and much much more in this entertaining episode. Thank y’all for continuing to rock us, tap in with the Heat Hoarding gang. The Heat Hoarders Podcast
Episode 80: Kenny, Chuck, Ernie, Shaq We were live at the Heart Break Gang Celebrity Basketball put on by Coach Darin King. We had @Stablegoods, @Iamsu, @K00lJohn, @somaluxenaturals and many more join us at this very fun event. The Heat Hoarders Podcast