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1305. 🇵🇳 New Pitcairn Stamps Depict A Big Blue Octopus. 🇵🇳 New Pitcairn Stamps Depict A Big Blue Octopus. 🇵🇳 Bounty Post, the postal service of Pitcairn Islands, issued a miniature sheet containing 3 excellent stamps on 19 September 2018 on the subject of the Big Blue Octopus. These beautiful designs were produced by Donna McKenna and lithographed by Southern Colour Print.

35th Asian International Stamp Exhibition - Macao 2018 Sridhar won Bronze Medal for his exhibit ' Candle on the water' The views expressed in the articles published on Rainbow Stamp Club are solely those of the authors and contributors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Blog Owner.

Hungary Issued Stamps on The World of the Bakony Dinasours The top row of the miniature sheet of six different stamps consists of the quadrupedal herbivorous Ajkaceratopskozmai, the small, at most turkey-sized, probably pack-hunting Pneumatoraptorfodori, and the dragon of the Bakony, the omnivorous flying reptile with a wingspan of about 3.5 to 4 metres named Bakonydracogalaczi.

1304. 🇭🇰 Hong Kong Post's 2019 New Issue Programme. 🇭🇰 Hong Kong Post's 2019 New Issue Programme. 🇭🇰 Always ahead of the game and a paragon of just how postal administrations should keep stamp collectors informed about their products, Hong Kong Post has provided details of its new issue programme for 2019.

New Stamps Released from Austria After the end of the First World War and the fall of the monarchy, the Republic of Austria was created in 1918. Austrian Post is dedicating a commemorative stamp to this significant anniversary.On 21st October 1918, the Provisional National Assembly convened, after which a provisional constitution was enacted and a State Council established.

OTD: Marguerite Bourgeoys arrives in Québec On today's date in 1653, Marguerite Bourgeoys landed in Québec with French military officer and founder of Montréal Paul de Chomedey. They were joined by about 100 other colonists, who were sent to defend Ville-Marie against Iroquois attacks, which had reduced the young colony to less than 50 inhabitants.

1303. 🇲🇸 Montserrat Commemorates St Patrick's Day Celebrations. 🇲🇸 Montserrat Commemorates St Patrick's Day Celebrations. 🇲🇸 The postal service of Montserrat has issued 2 miniature sheets to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the public celebration of St Patrick's Day on the island which was settled by Irish immigrants.

My recent Postcards… Received this beautiful card from Estonia so kindly sent by Juri Lubi from beautiful city Voru. Thank you so much Juri. The card has beautiful stamps with lovely commemorative issue of Penny Black issued by Estonia Post. This special Postcard was sent to me by my son Prakhar from Paris.

OTD: Canada issues its first airmail stamp On today's date in 1928, Canada's Post Office Department introduced the country's first airmail stamp, which was a five-cent denomination depicting two winged figures alongside a globe.

1301. 🇦🇴 Angola To Seek Commonwealth Membership. 🇦🇴 Angola To Seek Commonwealth Membership. 🇦🇴 From time to time over recent years it has been reported that various countries are considering or actually want to join The Commonwealth.

Special Cover Released on Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Medical College Phila Mirror - The Indian Philately Journal.

Special cover Released on Akella Achyuta Ramam India Post has released a special commemorative postal cover recently, honoring the literary genius Akella Achyuta Ramam, an officer of the Indian Railway Accounts Service, 1948 batch.

New Stamps from Norway More than 304,000 people are currently members of DNT's local member associations throughout Norway. Never before have so many people followed the red Ts and spent the night in DNT cabins.

Nature Identities of Finland Finnish Post has issued a beautiful set of five stamps with five signs featuring Finland's wildlife photogallery. The main themes are Finnish Brown Bear, National Bird Swan, National Dog Finnish Spitz, National Insect Ladybird and National Flower,.Lily of the valley.

National show connects dealers with 'very strong' Toronto market The National Postage Stamp and Coin Show recently returned to Mississauga, where its location within the Greater Toronto Area connected dealers to a significant portion of Canada's philatelic market. The Sept.

From Croatia… Thanks to Claudio in Croatia who sent me some German stamps. A great exchange.

New Stamps Released from Belgium View from 'la Place d'Armes' where you can find the Belfry, the 'Palais des congrès' and the 'Théâtre Royal' Issue Date:27.08.2018 Designer:Photo by Jonathan ZéhnnéIssue Printer:Stamps Production Belgium Process:Photo and Rotogravure Colours:4 Colours Values:€ 8.40.

New Stamp from India : India - Serbia Joint Issue - In our generation many families are quite planning varied games for Android. Only 100 of each wer… Srinagar: Shikara, Dal Lake - The shikara is a type of wooden boat found on Dal Lake and other water bodies of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Shikaras are of varied sizes and are… 0123.

World of Dinosaurs Magyar Posta issued a miniature sheet about the world of dinosaurs, once the rulers of the Earth's biosphere. This miniature sheet takes us back 85 million years in the history of the Earth right to the Late Cretaceous epoch. In these prehistoric times our planet looked entirely different.

OTD: Lorne Greene stars in Battlestar Galactica On today's date in 1978, Toronto actor Lorne Greene starred in the new sci-fi TV show Battlestar Galactica, which premiered that evening on ABC. In 2006, Canada Post featured Greene on a 51-cent stamp as part of a series featuring Canadians in Hollywood.

1299. 🇦🇺 Royal Wedding Stamp Among Latest Australia Post Outpouring. 🇦🇺 Royal Wedding Stamp Among Latest Australia Post Outpouring. 🇦🇺 Australia Post has announced its final outpouring of philatelic products of 2018. 2 October 2018 - Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - 1 gummed stamp from a sheetlet of 10.

New stamps from Malaysia KUALA LUMPUR: Pos Malaysia Berhad has unveiled its Malaysia Day 2018 stamp series which highlights the art collection of renowned local artist Syed Thajudeen. The set of 20 pieces of stamps worth RM12 showed two images from Syed Thajudeen's artwork featuring two women with KLCC, and two men with the Malaysian flag and Putrajaya as the background.

OTD: Ottawa's earliest recorded rugby football game On today's date in 1867, two non-organized clubs named the Rough Riders and the Senators played the Ottawa area's earliest recorded rugby football game. Less than a decade later, the Ottawa Football Club was established. In 1898, the club re-branded itself as the Ottawa Rough Riders.

Special Cover Released on Monti Fest Every year on 8th September Mangalorean Catholics world over celebrate the nativity of Mary, mother of Jesus. The festival which originated at Mangaluru in 1763 is known as Monti Fest. Children bring flowers to worship mother Mary. New paddy is blessed and eaten on this day.

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