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Star Wars: Did YOU spot the Last Jedi moment that brought Luke and Leia full circle? In Star Wars: A New Hope, his path is essentially kicked off when he sees Leia's projection asking for help; the inciting incident for him in particular being the message-bearing droid R2-D2 arriving in his company. Then, years later, his tale comes to an end when he sends a projection of himself to his sister.

Comics With Kenobi #70 This time it's really Episode #70 and we've got a spirited discussion about Thrawn #6 and whether it should have been six more issues. We're also talking about Darth Vader #18, predicting it may well be the next Star Wars comic to garner an Eisner nomination.

Star Wars: How Chewbacca Just Won Reddit And the best thing about it is that real life famous people actually use it too, including Star Wars actor Peter Mayhew, who is incredibly charitable with his comments on Star Wars content. He's just proved that abundantly too on a thread about things you've never done that most peole have.

Don't Be Scared of Are You Scared, Darth Vader? There have been spooky Star Wars stories, like the 90's Galaxy of Fear book series, but Disney / Lucasfilm Press has now released what is arguably the first Star Wars Halloween picture book.Are You Scared, Darth Vader?

Star Wars Blaster Canon Podcast: Thrawn: Alliances, Most Wanted, Last Shot Solo has come and gone, and Blaster Canon is back to cover Star Wars tie-in novels and discuss what - if anything - went wrong with Solo's marketing and reception. In the world of books we review Last Shot by Daniel José Older and Most Wanted by Rae Carson, both of which flesh out characters from the standalone film.

New Star Wars Black Series and Vintage Collection Figures on the Way Black Series and Vintage Collection collectors will have some new figures to add to their shelves in the next couple months. Hasbro has now finally provided new carded and loose pics of the latest Star Wars figure waves in both lines. First, three new figures will be in the next wave of six-inch Black Series hitting stores.

7 'Star Wars' toys every fan will want at San Diego Comic-Con It's a very Porg summer at San Diego Comic-Con this year.Kirsten Acuna / INSIDER, Loungefly, Mattel, Hasbro. San Diego Comic-Con is taking place from July 19 to July 22 and plenty of guests will be lining up to get their hands on exclusive merchandise that will be available.

Valley Indy Radio: Toxic Fandom And The 'Star Wars' Universe The Valley Indy invited Seymour's Chris Bowen onto "Navel Gazing" to explain "Gamergate" and whether the nasty online movement is infecting "Star Wars" fans. Bowen previously ran a website that kept tabs on the video game industry in addition to publishing video game news and reviews.

More SDCC Star Wars Exclusives Announced has revealed more SDCC Star Wars exclusives, including items from Hallmark, Gentle Giant, Topps, and more.

The Millennium Falcon Experience and More Come to SDCC 2018 is excited to announce that the Lucasfilm Star Wars Pavilion at San Diego Comic-Con is the next docking bay for the traveling Millennium Falcon Experience - a stunning life-size replica of the iconic ship's cockpit.

2018 SDCC Hasbro Exclusives Received - STAR WARS FORCES OF DESTINY CHEWBACCA AND PORGS: Journeying to the sacred island of AHCH-TO, CHEWBACCA meets the PORGS, a curious avian species found throughout the secluded island.

Millennium Falcon Experience and 'Solo' Costumes Display Coming to San Diego Comic Con The annual San Diego Comic Con kicks off this week and Lucasfilm will give fans an opportunity to get their photo taken in the cockpit of one of the most iconic ships of all time. announced the plans for the Lucasfilm pavilion at Comic Con, and they include the traveling Millennium Falcon experience.

So You've Had A Tumultuous Relationship With 'Star Wars' College Humor wants to help.

Star Wars' operatic score gets full orchestral treatment "Star Wars: A New Hope" with live score by the Philadelphia Orchestra. July 20, 7:30 p.m. The Mann Center. Tickets: $25-102. Sci-fi movie scores, on the whole, tend to lean heavily on synthesizers.

Jason Momoa on How 'Aquaman' "Will Be Like 'Star Wars' Underwater" Check out what he had to say below. Question: I wanted to start with a question about Superman. So, you get off the stage at Comic-Con, does anyone at Warner Bros. pull you aside….

Geek out in secret with these huge discounts on Star Wars LEGO for Prime Day LEGO 75212 Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon. What's the Prime Day deal? £89.99. Here's something you might not know about the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo and Chewbacca's 'fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy'. Its design is based on a partially eaten hamburger.

Every 'Star Wars' fan is going to want this Chewie and the Porgs toy at Comic-Con If not, INSIDER got an early look at Chewie and the Porgs. Anyone who had their heart stolen by the flightless birds from Ahch-To will definitely want this set. Like Hasbro's other "Star Wars" exclusives, the Forces of Destiny playset comes in a pretty sleeve before you get to the toy itself.

Cantina Talk: Look Out for Billy Dee Williams in 'Star Wars: Episode IX' With Solo in the rearview mirror and no animated series on the air, all the eyes watching Lucasfilm are turning towards Star Wars: Episode IX, which-even though it's a year and a half away-is already getting people talking, thanks to a couple of pieces of casting news and a surprising fan theory that's getting a lot of traction.

The Resistance Broadcast - Billy Dee Williams Rumored to Maybe Definitely Return in Episode IX On this episode we discuss Episode IX casting rumors, including the likelihood of Billy Dee Williams returning one more time as Lando Calrissian and Keri Russell being in talks to join the cast.

Souls, Reprogrammed: The Complicated Droids of the New Canon In Solo, we're introduced to a fascinating new character. She's all about liberation: she knows the plight of her people, she knows what's holding them back, and she's excited and able to fight for her own liberation - and others'. She will not let people in power, either over her or over others, rest easy in their oppression.

Classic Art: Breaking The Chains! BOOK NOW FOR THE ULTIMATE 'STAR WARS' EXHIBITION Luke's emergency action has been initiated, Jabba the Hutt's private army and slimy cohorts are distracted and in disarray.

Spencer's Vintage Figure Backpack Spencer's online store is currently offering a Star Wars Kenner-themed action figure backpack. The officially licensed item features vintage Kenner action figures from 1977 to 1985. Figures from all four vintage lines are represented. The backpack typically retails for $50 but can be purchased for 50% off!

New Solo Sets Revealed More sets from Solo: A Star Wars Story, a film FBTB didn't like, have been officially revealed: 75215 Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes, 75217 Imperial Conveyex Transport, and 75219 Imperial AT-Hauler. Interesting thing about the Hauler set is that it appears it comes with another train car to complement the two-car Conveyex set.

Operation Puffer Drop - SWR #339 Podcast: Play in new window - Download. Luke is beardless and Lando is coolness. Bruce and Michael are joined by Nathan P. Butler to talk about the character of Lando Calrissian and what they'd like to see if he's in Episode IX. They also talk about Mark Hamill's new smooth face and how this impacts Episode IX.

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