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Star Wars gets an anime makeover with fan-made trailer Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and other well-known characters are also given anime makeovers. Plus the trailer includes Japanese voice-overs to give the trailer that extra-authentic anime feel.

A Star Wars Slowdown Hoedown - SWR #349 Podcast: Play in new window - Download. Bob Iger of Disney is slowing the Star Wars train down. Bruce, Mark, and Michael discuss the upcoming future of Star Wars, alcohol in Galaxy's Edge, episode titles for Resistance, Adam Driver on SNL, and introduce a new segment called, "Growing Up Hurliman." Star Wars Report is available on Apple Podcasts!

Star Wars 9 Domhnall Gleeson: 'DON'T feel bad for Hux' - Plus new film The Little Stranger There'es always something else to want but you have to wait until you read it to know it's right for you. That was definitely the case with this. "I'm waiting for the next thing. Nothing bubbling right now." I ask if Hux will ever get what he wants and Gleeson sidesteps the question but what does the actor himself want right now?

Star Wars 9 leaks: Rey's parents REVEALED in new scene on jungle planet? So, are Rey's parents important or not? The Force Awakens hyped up anticipation for the revelation that she was a Skywalker, Kenobi, Palpatine clone, immaculate Force conception, or related to any one of a string of tantalising iconic legacy characters.

Star Wars: A New Hope Gets Anime Overhaul in New Fan Trailer An anime-style trailer for George Lucas' Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope is now online, proving that a full feature is very much needed.

Star Wars Bits: Madcap Mashups, Mini-Series Mayhem and Carbonite Craziness In this edition of Star Wars Bits:. Lando Calrissian has long been a fan fav. But with the miniseries Lando: Double or Nothing, Rodney Barnes and Paolo Villanelli have done a great job crafting a more vivid and expansive backstory for everyone's number one smuggler.

Geeky Bubble Clone Wars Edition - Dathomir Arc Rebels Chat will now be known as Geeky Bubble in order to encompass the various animated shows we discuss. For more information on the reason behind change, tune into this episode. Johnamarie and Maria also discuss episodes from season four of The Clone Wars:.

THE SITH LIST-Episode 111-A Birthday Crunch Crunch, Captain Marvel trailer, The Last Jedi graphic novel and more This week, on Episode 111 of "THE SITH LIST" Iraj, Carlos, Les and Eric navigate you through this week's GALAXY FULL OF GEEKDOM and boy was it full of news. We not only had a "Marvelous" trailer drop out of the sky, but also some Star Wars, Joker, Avengers news as well!

Solo: Dumbest Explanations For Original Trilogy Moments Here's our picks for some of the worst culprits. Let's start with one of the strangest moments in the entire film. Early on in the movie, the young Han is brought before Corellian crime boss Lady Proxima for judgment.

My Unexpected Star Wars Experiences in Europe This guy was in the clear. I, of course, had to get my picture with this Vader. After waiting for some kids to take their turn posing with the Dark Lord, I dropped a few pounds in Vader's collection plate and stepped up. He immediately handed me his lightsaber and asked, "How is it going, mate?" I couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

Star Wars Resistance Executive Producer Athena Portillo on The Star Wars Show Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Star Wars Stormtroopers battle with fans in Southsea during charity walk VILLAINS from the hugely-popular Star Wars films were forced to battle with a ‘young Jedi knight’ as they marched along Southsea’s seafront.

Forced Out: 15 Star Wars Cut Scenes The original scene was eventually restored in the Special Edition release of the original film, although the human Jabba was replaced with a CGI slug. The original Star Wars trilogy made it clear that when a Jedi perishes, their body disappears.

Alcoholic drinks available at Cantina in Disneyland's Star Wars land LOS ANGELES >> Disneyland visitors who explore the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge expansion that opens next year will be invited to belly up to a dimly lit Star Wars-inspired cantina where - for the first time in the park - they can order alcoholic drinks.

The IPC Podcast LIVE #207: OUR Top Five John Williams Tracks On this spectacular episode, Zac and Ben are once again joined by Dominic Jones to continue the previous Top Five discussion, this time revealing their own favorite John Williams tracks, all while channeling IPC's sister program Sci-Fi Symphony. The guys take to listing off each of their top five picks and giving a listen to every single one.

Star Wars fan flick filmed in Saskatchewan pitches a passion project to the prairies That's part of the passion. We want to make it. We want to get it done. We want to get it out there and have our fun." More than just a man behind the scenes, he also has some screen time as Boba Fett, another bounty hunter featured in the first trilogy.

'Star Wars' Gets Stellar '80s Anime Makeover Star Wars is one of the biggest fantasy franchises in the world, and has been interpreted into many different works of art such as film, books, television, and now one fan has combined the blockbuster franchise with the power of anime.

Star Wars: Episode IX rumors still to be addressed This is something that I can see either being confirmed or denied by the time Star Wars: Episode IX comes around; heck it might be dealt with by the time I finish writing this post, making this slide completely pointless, if it has, oh well, that\u2019s how it goes, just click the next button.

'Star Wars 9 is very DIFFERENT from The Last Jedi' Hux star Domhnall Gleeson INTERVIEW STAR WARS 9 is very "different from The Last Jedi" says General Hux actor Domnhall Gleeson in our EXCLUSIVE new interview for his latest film The Little Stranger.

Edmonton Expo review: Darth Maul digs deep into Star Wars role Ray Park, the 44-year-old actor and stuntman who played the most iconic character in Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace, was the first of Edmonton Expo's big-name guests to appear on stage this weekend.

Steele Wars Hypernews Ep 007 - Bob Iger "The Buck Stops Here" - FULL VIDEO Hawes Burkhardt guest co-hosts as we discuss Bob Iger's interview in the Hollywood Reporter. Plus live viewer calls!

Star Wars' Holochess Game Was Really Thought Out The game made a reappearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and it was animated by Tippet Studio, who worked on the original game way back in 1977. The studio managed to pack the game with tons of detail, including why it looks so crummy in A New Hope.

Out Now In The Uk: 'solo: A Star Wars Story' - A Junior Novel Here's the release blurb:Board the Millennium Falcon for a galactic adventure that explores the story of one of Star Wars' greatest heroes! Han Solo leaves his homeworld Corellia behind and dreams of becoming the greatest pilot in the galaxy. But before he can find the perfect ship he'll have to survive a dangerous job in the criminal underworld.

Blue Harvest Episode 167: Pumping the Brakes Listener emails and voice messages are discussed. Our Patreon is now live! Try it out if you're into that sort of thing:. Like our theme song? Be sure to check out the band that was kind enough to provide the music. They are Stoned Cobra and you can find them on iTunes, Spotify or at:.

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