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A MONTH OF GREAT ROMANCE: 14 Romantic Webtoons to make you fall head-over-heels in loveFrom our A Month of Great Romance series, we have these 14 romantic Webtoons that are sure to indulge your inner shipper.

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'Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' How to Complete the Dragon Relic Easter Egg and Feed the DragonOne of the most popular video games right now is the "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War," which is set during the Cold War in the 1980s.

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Harvest Moon: One World DLC Detailed and PricedThe world of farming is growing even bigger! Natsume announced that their latest entry in their long-running farm simulator, Harvest Moon: One World, will be.

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How to Complete the Dragon Relic Easter Egg in Outbreak ModeWhile it may not be a traditional Zombies Easter Egg, the Dragon Relic side activity in Outbreak is seemly a direct call-back to the dragon enemies that appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

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Journeyman's "Clockwork Fury" to Sell for Charity at OBSA unique piece of art entitled Clockwork Fury will sell as the last hip of the day Tuesday, Mar.

TDN - Thoroughbred Daily News - Horse Racing News, Results A Shared .

Blinks: Kazuo Ishiguro; reviews of his new novel; new laws or robotics; Shippey reviews Weber and KenneyThe magazine of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror field with news, reviews, and author interviews.

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The Square and the Circle by Mikala Ash #steampunk #RomanticSuspense @Ash_MikalaCover Art by Bryan Keller A murder at a sÃance. In an age of rationalism and science, spiritualism has taken hold of the popular imagination.

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PlayStation Plus March 2021: the free PS Plus games you can get this monthTechRadar is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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Spider-Man: Who Is Lady Spider, Marvel's Steampunk Aunt May?In the original Spider-Verse, Aunt May became the reality-hopping steampunk hero Lady Spider in the 19th century.

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Gulf War veteran from Leeds tells of flashbacks during Covid lockdownA chronically ill Gulf War veteran who has been shielding at home in Leeds during the Covid crisis has spoken of how isolation during lockdown has led to leave him "shaking and almost in tears."

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Steampunk DigestMore virtual events, and a few live ones; New Scott Helland video; New Abney Park album, and a streaming concert; Netflix offers another new twist on Sherlock Holmes; Quirky retail chain bites the dust; Games draw big crowdfunding hauls.

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Can we talk about Pokemon Legends: Arceus' Poke Balls for a second?Pokémon Legends: Arceus introduces open-world gameplay, while also bringing with it entirely new lore. For example, now we've got these weird zipper Poké Balls that are made out of wood, which somehow capture and keep powerful monsters.

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Umbrella Academy: 10 Hazel and Cha Cha Cosplay That Are Too GoodHazel and Cha Cha may not be the heroes of The Umbrella Academy, but they have inspired some amazing cosplay.

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Slow art movementAt the intersection where the beautiful lie and the ugly truth cross paths, you may just find Dan Hawksworth with pen in hand.

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Remembering the 'always smiling' CelenaDiana BumpusLosing someone is hard. We tend to lean on our faith and on promises of the unknown and that is our hope.

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New Concert and Album, March 6th, 2021!On March 6th Abney Park is releasing an album of Pirate Shanties, all in Abney Park's signature style.

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CoD Cold War Outbreak: DragonEaster Eggs are a staple of the Call of Duty series, and Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are no exception.

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Some Ramblings And A Big RevealIt was a dark remember the weather though but I’m sure it wasn’t stormy. Sorry, I’m trailing off the topic now.

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Fractured Fragment Friday: Aaron Walker Rides the Devil to Rescue His Town from Alien AbductionHaving just written a second story based on one of my Significant One’s dreams, I thought I’d go back and feature the first story she inspired.

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A Wake Inn Review: Tedious Pacing Overshadows ImmersionA Wake Inn is a deeply creepy and tense VR horror game with some clever puzzles, but ultimately the tedium and laborious controls get in the way of the fun and fright just a bit.

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Episode 593: Don't Touch That DialThis show is for adults. We drink cocktails, have potty mouths and, at least, one of us was raised by wolves.

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Umbrella Academy: 10 Hazel and Cha Cha Cosplay That Are Too GoodIMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.

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OBS Equine Artwork Auction to Benefit CharityFlorida Thoroughbred Charities and the Marion Cultural Alliance are the beneficiaries of the proceeds of the auction of a one-of-a-kind equine artwork, Clockwork Fury, at Ocala Breeders' Sales March Sale to be held March 16-17. Shared .

Check Out the "Never Ready" Music Video from The BlueStockingFrom Kat Soloviev: This song is about a depressive state that’s very difficult to get out of.

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8 Lincolnshire events going ahead in 2021Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson's roadmap announcement earlier this week, a number of these events have shared that they will be going ahead this year.

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Can we talk about PokAmon Legends: Arceusa€™ PokA Balls for a second?Back in my day, we caught PokÃmon with good ol’ wood.

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Black '47A movie about the Irish Famine drives home the moral bankruptcy of imperialism.

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LitCon 2021 Steampunk Panel: Preparations with with Ged MayburyPatrons got a sneak peek of this in this months Behind the Scenes video. Now you can see it too.

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Episode 64: Eggs and Sh*tOn this 64th episode of the podcast, David, Bryan, Bunny, and Chelsea answer some questions from Patreon Patrons and play some bird trivia.

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Remembering the 'always smiling' CelenaDiana BumpusLosing someone is hard. We tend to lean on our faith and on promises of the unknown and that is our hope.

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End of the NZ landscape bookBook publisher can't make money from beautiful photos any more.

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March Virtual Book ClubMarch 21st at 4:30pm Pacific/7:30pm Eastern Please join us for another lively and convivial gathering of our monthly book club.

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Sunless Sea is this week's free game from EpicThis $19 indie title mixes atmospheric visuals with great storytelling and randomly generated worlds.

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Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ Available Now on SwitchAksys Games announced today that Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ is available now in both Standard and Limited Editions for the Nintendo Switch.

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6 Nightclubs In Singapore Opening As Bars, Diners, Fitness Studios And MoreWhile the live DJ sets and parties remain dormant, these nightlife venues transform their dancefloors for novel uses.

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Tabletop RPGs in the "Dungeonpunk" GenreGames like Sword And Backpack, Electric Bastionland, and Eberron that each take their own crack at defining the "Dungeonpunk" sub-genre of RPGs.

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Liftoff: Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days That Launched SpaceX"The seeds for everything SpaceX has grown into today were planted during the early days of the Falcon 1 program," journalist Eric Berger writes in his forthcoming book, Liftoff: Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days That Launched SpaceX.

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'Premium' sparkly penguin sculpture sells for $36k at charity auctionThe acrylic gem-clad penguin, designed by Christchurch artist and dance instructor Deb Robinson, was inspired by a pair of sequined hot pants.

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Recreating Retro-Futuristic 21-Segment Victorian DisplaysI’m a big fan of having hobby projects. In addition to taking one’s mind off the toils, troubles, and tribulations of the world, I think that having a new “thing” that you want to do is the best way to set about learning how to do it.

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10 Best JabotRubie's Men's Pirate Steampunk Colonial Jabot and Cuffs Costume Accessory, White, One Size.

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Glasgow Film Festival 2021: In the ShadowsA shrill siren pierces the stillness of a crumbling coal mine. It’s the start of the night shift, but for the unnamed protagonist it’s time for rest.

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Ep. 239 Ch. 84 "Killer Witch Dead Witch"Amelia's night takes its toll as morning comes for the 87th. PART 2: A turning point comes in the battle for Colvert Pass.

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280Some of the things we take for granted actually came about it a really unusual way, and that means they should be on display in the Cabinet.

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Sparkly penguin sculpture inspired by sequinned hot pants sells for $36,000 at charity auctionThe acrylic gem-clad penguin, designed by Christchurch artist and dance instructor Deb Robinson, was inspired by a pair of sequined hot pants.

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Bravely Default 2 ReviewA long, familiar JRPG journey with excellent customizable combat and beautiful backdrops that pass the time as you work through its extended stretches of grinding.

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Review: Grimm Tales for Fragile Times and Broken PeopleA a€“ 'Confusing and disengaging'Creation Theatres higgledy-piggledy retelling of the Grimms' fairytales is an impressive use of Zoom, but lacks a clear concept.

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Steampunk Tendencies / / Handmade Sterling Silver…Handmade Sterling Silver Teapot and Cup Ring Available here : Etsy.

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Pop Up Penguins charity auction nets just over $1 millionThe auction of 50-odd giant penguin sculptures netted more than $1 million and 75 per cent of the proceeds will go to the Cholmondeley Children's Centre.

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Zombicide: Gears And Guns Mashes Zombies and Steampunk TogetherZombicide Undead or Alive was already popular, but now Zombicide: Gears and Guns looks about ready to add to that popularity.

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Six games that never got madeWith the news that Silent Hills P.T., a hugely anticipated game from Hideo Kojima and Gullermo del Toro, will never see the light of day, we take a look at a fe... Shared .

Review: POST AMERICANA #3 Gives Us The Backstory We Were Waiting ForPOST AMERICANA #3 hits stores on Wednesday, February 24th, bringing readers one step closer to the fight between the bubble and the post American wasteland.

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Lady Mechanika, Volume 6: SangreThe story intrigues, as always, but a new artist disappoints.

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New Children's Book: Featuring Bea and the ButtersquelchAÂ new book penned by a local author features an imaginary creature called the Buttersquelch who befriends an eight-year-old girl.

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Flurry of bids and high prices at Pop Up Penguins auction in ChristchurchThe first 10 penguins sold for a total of over $100,000 with proceeds heading to a Canterbury children's charity.

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Coffee Culture Flourishes During Lockdown in Downtown Cape TownThere was a time when the only coffee in South Africa was instant. Luckily, those days are long gone and now a cup of java in your blend and style of choice is readily on hand, and nowhere more so than in Cape Town, considered by connoisseurs to be one of the coffee capitals of the world.

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Clockwork Spider Part 3We left off last time with a clean face, and a new face in need of cleaning!

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Asheford Institute Reports Top TrendsAntique institute's 2020 survey results show that Art Deco is the cat's meow, modular '70s furniture and smalls also popular in antiques and collectibles marketplace.

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Ships of the Northern Fleet: 5 Best Episodes from the TikTok "TV Series"May your ship's sails be ever full and the wind forever at your back!

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These Electric Trucks Are Inspiring A New Breed Of MotorheadNow, with change so desperately needed, the innovative spirit that is car culture must lead the charge once more.

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The Affair of the Mysterious Letter by Alexis HallIn this charming, witty, and weird fantasy novel, Alexis Hall pays homage to Sherlock Holmes with a new twist on those renowned characters.

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Get a Sneak Peek at RobRoy McCandless's Novella, Beneath a Fearful MoonSynopsis of Beneath a Fearful Moon Constable Aubrey Hartmann did her duty, fought for the Empire and lost her leg in the process.

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Dunhill Fall 2021 Menswear CollectionDunhill Fall 2021 Menswear collection, runway looks, beauty, models, and reviews.

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279Summer might not be here yet, but that doesn't mean we can't tour a couple of summertime curiosities today.

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TikTok's Elle Lexxa shares the epic 'Lucifer'Gigwise, TikToks, Elle, Lexxa, shares, the, epic, Lucifer, Music News, Photos, Gig Tickets, Music Videos, Album Reviews, Live Reviews, Band Interviews, Festivals, Festival Guide.

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Best RTS games to keep the turns comingTired of waiting for your turn? Try these best RTS games instead.

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17 brilliant paintings of an alternate 1920s with mechs, bears and wolvesEx-Labour staffer goes to court to try to identify leaker of antisemitism report.

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Florian Willeitner, Georg Breinschmid, Igmar Jenner a€“ a€˜First Strings on Marsa€™Ask any jazz aficionado to reel off the names of pianists, bassists, drummers, guitarists, saxophonists or trumpeters and they’ll give you plenty – but jazz violinists?

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The best home office essentials for 2021These items can make working from home more productive.

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Disenchantment: What Happened to Maru?On Disenchantment, Maru has been replaced by Steamland as Dreamland's greatest threat with no explanation.

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Mask force: London's five centuries of face coveringsNot a new normal: A brief history of five centuries of face masks.

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Review: Straight and Marrow's finely crafted nose-to-tail dining is a throwback in Vancouver in more ways than oneDark, cozy and burnished in gilded scrap metal, this new nose-to-tail restaurant in East Vancouver's port district doesn't offer takeout, hasn't pivoted to a simpler menu and favours widely spaced seats over clear acrylic barriers.

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10 Wrestlers Who Still Believe In Kayfabe10 modern day wrestlers who are living the gimmick and keeping kayfabe alive and well... Shared .

David Lynch's Industrious PandemicHoward Fishman describes the film director David Lynch's life in quarantine and also his œuvre.

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Project Airship Part 1So, this story starts about 35+ years ago. My Mother-in-Law bought a model kit for my Father-in-Law to build.

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This electric cruiser motorcycle is as expensive as it is beautifulThe 399V, 16.8 kWh capacity battery is centrally mounted here, with the cells arranged cylindrically and a built-in crumple zone for protection during impact so that a dangerous battery fire doesn't break out.

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The Delta Pearl a€” Several RemindersSaturday, February 20, 2021 Heres to the weekend, my chuckaboos!  I know a lot of you, here in these United States have been shouting Balderdash!

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Just One Person #3 Steam PunkBefore we became besieged with pandemics, lockdowns and vaccines we had begun a tour of our own country....

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Kidrobot Mechtorians Blind Box 2021 UnboxingWe are here with the last Kidrobot blind box unboxings and reviews. I saved my favorite for last with the Kidrobot Mectorians collection.

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Upcoming Events for March, 2021Events for the year are still up in the air, at the moment. Im in the process of looking into potential events  both online  and live events  for this year. 5-7th March  LitCon 2021  Where Readers meet and Authors Greet.

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Steampunk Mini-AlbumIt's been quite a while since I made a Mini-Album, not sure if this was due to some depression from the Pandemic, because I have several Mini-Album already or if it was simply because I hadn't come across any new paper that just "spoke" to me.

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Brews News: Railway City promises 21 special releases in 2021It's two down and 19 to go as Railway City Brewing Co. in St. Thomas matches the year 2021 with 21 special releases of new or retooled recipes.

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Upcoming Sea Of Thieves Event Will Send Players Out Fishing In Shark-Infested WatersSea of Thieves' latest update adds a ton of cosmetics, some pricey emotes, and sets the stage for a future fishing event.

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Episode 592: You Asked For ItThis show is for adults. We drink cocktails, have potty mouths and, at least, one of us was raised by wolves.

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6 Fiction Books To Read For Fashion InspirationIf you're getting a little bored with your closet, if might be time to turn to your bookshelf for inspiration!

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Rails Bar and Lounge at Tanjong Pagar Serves Adventurous Cocktails and Fried ChickenThe latest concept by A Phat Cat Collective boasts steampunk-inspired libations and bar bites from Chix Hot Chicken.

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SHANTY: A Whale Of A Tale from Abney Park's TechnoshantiesOn March 6th Abney Park is releasing an album of Pirate Shanties, all in Abney Park's signature style.

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The Cost of Compromise  a steampunk short storyStrikers from a factory that makes mechanical arm struggle over their future.

Andrew Knighton Writes Shared .

Studio Ghibli's 10 Best Female Characters, RankedStudio Ghibli is known for its formidable and well-rounded heroines. But which are the best of the best?

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Hellraiser: Judgment film review. Hell is another Hellraiser movieFor Hellraiser completists only. the 10th film in the franchise is flaying a dead horse.

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The Little Things: Why Entrances Are so Important in WWE, AEW and Pro WrestlingThey say first impressions are important, and this is especially true for pro wrestlers. When they make a first impression, it's usually with their entrance.

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The Cog is Dead / Across the SeaHelp support the ongoing making of The Cog is Dead's music on Patreon.

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New Live-Action 'Cruella' Film Has a Connection to Cameron BoyceThe film is directed by Craig Gillespie and Glenn Close, who played Cruella in Disney’s 1996 remake of One Hundred and One Dalmatians is the executive producer of the steampunk version of the movie.

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Stream on Demand: For everything, there is a season a€“ including jobs, cons and road tripsFrances McDormand is superb as a widow who lost her home in the recession and lives out of a van, R), a poignant portrait of modern migrant life and the third feature from filmmaker Chloe Zhao. Shared .

How To Skip Hour Long Waits at Gideon's BakehouseTiming is everything when it comes to picking up a cookie at Gideon's Bakehouse. Disney Springs is a busy shopping and dining location on the Walt Disney World property, and as one can imagine, visiting on weekends, evenings, or peak lunch hours will boast larger crowds more often than not.Â.

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Studio Ghibli's 10 Best Heroines, RankedStudio Ghibli is known for its formidable and well-rounded heroines. But which are the best of the best?

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The Ghibli lover's guide to TokyoThe Ghibli Museum is just the start - here are the best Ghibli-related attractions, shops, cafés and parks in Tokyo.

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NASA Lands the Perseverance Rover on MarsThe science mission will launch the first drone to fly on another planet, attempt making oxygen in space, and search for signs of ancient life.

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Bugatti Chiron replica made from scrap metal is automotive steampunkWe're given a video tour of the workshop and display yard courtesy of CB Media on YouTube, and our best advice is to sit down and fully embrace this clip.

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278Sometimes disaster knocks us down and that's it. And sometimes we find a way to get back up and move forward.

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18 Dell T3500 RTX 2060 Upgrade, Texas Storm, Trump Acquittal, Rush Limbaugh Death, MCU with DanielSteampunk Starraisin along with Daniel of Damiel's Hot Topics talk about Rockanne's new Dell t3500 upgrades with the RTX 2060.

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5 best Free Fire emotes of all timeGarena Free Fire is very unique in its approach and has a very rare gameplay style.

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My Travels: A conversation between Shanda Fuller and Haley BassettFor this weeks article, I met with Grande Prairie artist Shanda Fuller, the artist exhibiting alongside myself at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery.

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Foreign Editions: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Books in TranslationNYT bestselling author Gail Carriger: comedic, urban fantasy, steampunk, historical, romance, mystery, queer joy, heroine's journeys, and more sub-genres than one can shake a parasol at.

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BRASS Episode 39: Rites of SpringLord Brass has tea, Lady Brass sees to an an exit, Gwendolyn arranges an entrance, and Mechanical Badgers.

Brass Shared .

Bugatti Chiron Replica Made From Scrap Metal Is Automotive SteampunkScrap Metal Art Thailand is a place that makes incredible art from metal, including robot statues and life-size cars like this Bugatti Chiron. Shared .

At The Mary Sue, Day Seventeen17 days into our # showcase and the creativity just keeps coming! Today we have two cosplayers to highlight, please enjoy their cosplay stories and them gushing about some of their favorite things, be it cosplay or fandom-related.

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EBay Announces the Recipients of Its "Up and Running Grants"Today, eBay announced the recipients of its Up and Running Grants — a new program focused on ensuring today's small businesses are here tomorrow....

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Curtiss Motorcycles 'The One' Is a Steampunk Electric Cruiser From the FutureThe bike brand formerly known as Confederate is making a new model with 120 peak horsepower and an aircraft-inspired design.

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The Things That Help Us Fall AsleepFrom warm body wraps to soothing herbal tea blends, these are the best things that help you sleep.

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At The Mary Sue, Day Seventeen17 days into our # showcase and the creativity just keeps coming! Today we have two cosplayers to highlight, please enjoy their cosplay stories and them gushing about some of their favorite things, be it cosplay or fandom-related.

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TH61 Plague Doctor Mask ReleaseTake It Back to the Middle Ages With This Plague Doctor Mask Shroud: Or for cosplayers going for the Kai Chisaki look.


The Truth About The Tragic USS Akron CrashHistory remembers the Hindenburg disaster but seems to have forgotten the USS Akron crash even though it was much deadlier. Shared .

Pizza Hut Singapore launches bubble tea pizzaIf drinking bubble tea isn't enough, it can now be chewed straight off a slice of pizza.

Coconuts Shared .

Military re-enactors preparing to 'invade' Frankton ThunderFrankton Thunder Automotive and Community Festival is Sunday March 14 in Hamilton.

NZ Herald Shared .

Year 352 A.E., Rotation 124: Happily Ever Exiled, Part 5Vincent wasn’t sure if it was minutes or hours before the energy fields blocking off their exits crackled off.

Crawling The Edge: The Coastrunner Chronicles Shared .

The 36 best movies to watch on Disney PlusSearching for entertainment other than Marvel and Star Wars? Let's round up the best gems on Disney Plus.

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Check out Chapter 1 of Dexter and Sinister: Detective Agents by Keith DickinsonSynopsis of Dexter and Sinister: John Sinister, a man with friends in all the wrong places, is hired to look into some shady goings on at the airship factory.

Steampunk Journal Shared .

10 Best Steampunk Games You Should Check OutFrom fighting in the clouds to surviving the winter, here are the best steampunk games that are worth playing.

Cultured Vultures Shared .

10 of the Best Fantasy Comics Fit to PrintFor your own escapism needs, here are the 10 of the best fantasy comics you can safely snag from your local comic book store.

BOOK RIOT Shared .

277Just how inventive are people? These two stories should illustrate that perfectly, and give you a tour through the Cabinet that is oh so curious.

Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities Shared .

Limited Run Games releasing Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon 2 in standard and classic printGrab your whip and sword because its another great night for a curse. Limited Run Games will once again be partnering with Inti Creates to bring Koji Igarashi's steampunk phantasmagoric world of Bloodstained to the physical realm.

Nintendo Wire Shared .

Harvest Moon: One World's DLC announced and detailedAs we approach Harvest Moon: One Worlds release date, Natsume Inc. still has a few more announcements to make.

Nintendo Wire Shared .

Dragon Clan Leads Zenescope Entertainment's May ReleasesAn oversized Dragon Clan tale leads Zenescope's May 2021 releases along with one-shots featuring Belle, Robyn Hood, and Van Helsing.

Bleeding Cool News And Rumors Shared .

35 best movies on Disney PlusLooking for entertainment other than Marvel and Star Wars? Let's round up the best gems on Disney Plus.

CNET Shared .

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra ClareTitle of the book: Clockwork Angel Author: Cassandra Clare Rating: ❌. Genre: Fantasy Format: eBook This book was my first DNF of the year, and although I can’t review a book I haven’t finished, I can write about why I decided not to finish the book and the problems I had&.

Annie Paige’s Pages Shared .

'Zack Snyder's Justice League' Brings Iconic Joker Meme to LifeAt long last, he says "We live in a society" out loud. A choice that encapsulates the Snyder Cut's role as a meme-fueled movie.

The Daily Dot Shared .

Tracks of the Week: new music from Cats In Space, Lowlives and moreSo here we are once more, in the playground of the broken hearts. In other words, Valentine and apos;s Day has come and gone, and we can concentrate on the day job: bringing you the very best in new music.

Classic Rock Magazine Shared .

Two-Part 'Three Musketeers" Film in the Works with Eva Green, Vincent Cassel, and Vicky Krieps to StarAlexandre Dumas’ 1844 novel has been adapted into quite a few films, but it looks like Pathe and Eiffel filmmaker Martin Bourboulon are currently adding a new adaptation to the list, this time, a big budget two-parter.

Mxdwn Movies Shared .

Anime Voice Actors You Didn't Know Are Married in Real LifeRomance can happen both on and off-screen. Here are some anime that feature real-life voice actor couples, just in time for Valentine's Day.

CBR Shared .

Godzilla's Look in Upcoming Singular Point Anime Fully RevealedToho has finally released their full design for Godzilla in the upcoming anime series Singular Point, and it's both unique yet familiar.

Bounding Into Comics Shared .

Volcanoids PreviewVolcanoids Developer: VolcanoidPublisher: VolcanoidPlatform: Windows PCRelease Date: 29 January 2019 Price: $19.99 USD/$29.95 AUD - Available Here Video Preview Volcanoids offers a new twist on the long running and highly popular open world survival sandbox genre.

Capsule Computers Shared .

Coffee Review: Kuma Coffee GaikundoFor people who know me, you know I own a spoon engraved with the motto "Death Before Decaf." While this is by no means a personal motto, it is one I live by which means small batch artisanal roasters, baby.

Kin S. Law Shared .

Where to glamp across AustraliaThese days, camping could include wine tastings, chef-prepared meals and even helicopter access.

The Canberra Times Shared .

Lady Mechanika: The Tablet of Destinies by M M Chen, Joe Benitez, Martin Montiel and Mike GarciaIf the first volume of Lady Mechanika’s adventures The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse had Sherlock Holmesian undertones, this second volume is channelling Lara Croft in a big way.

Bookforager Shared .

From Nausicaa to Earwig, Every Studio Ghibli Film RankedStudio Ghibli has a well-deserved reputation for crafting breathtaking, incredible films... but which ones are the best of the best?

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The Delta Pearl 64 a€” RememberSaturday, February 13, 2021 Happy Valentine's Day! With the Victorians, terms of endearment flowed freely. A dear friend was a chuckaboo - and that's what all of you are to me. Valentine's Day can be traced to ancient Rome, but it was the Victorians who originally put a romantic spin on the holiday.

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Natsume Details Harvest Moon: One World Season Pass ContentNatsume has released details of the post launch content expected for the Harvest Moon: One World Season Pass.

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What if artificial intelligence decided how to allocate stimulus money?New Treasury Department software points the way. But research suggests that it’s impossible to show that an artificial 'superintelligence' can be contained.

Mint Shared .

Eva Green and Vincent Cassel Will Star in a Pair of Three Musketeers FilmsTragically, Eva Green will not be playing a musketeer. But everything else about this epic international production sounds promising. Shared .

Harvest Moon: One WorldA DLC Packs RevealedSeveral DLC packs are coming to One World shortly after its launch.

TheGamer Shared .

Steampunk adventure "Steamroll: Rustless Edition" now available on SwitchAnd what does that mean? We are glad you asked, dear Mailchimp template. We have CASUALLY prepared a list of all the changes included in the Rustless Edition compared to the original version for PC and Xbox One.

GoNintendo Shared .

Why's there a steampunk robot in my Hermes?All you need to know about Mr Farrier, the motif at the heart of Hermes' SS21 Men's Universe collection.

GQ India Shared .

Episode 591: Bitter BonesThis show is for adults. We drink cocktails, have potty mouths and, at least, one of us was raised by wolves.

The Clockwork Cabaret Shared .

Chapter 11Odda grabbed a dead branch that was in his way and broke it with a snap.

Guy Who Writes Fantasy Shared .

The 10 best Airbnbs in Denver, from a tucked-away trolley car to a modern condo near Coors FieldOne of the Rockies' premier city destinations, Denver offers a mix of urban attractions and outdoor fun.

Business Insider Shared .

Lady Mechanika, Volume 5: La Belle Dame Sans MerciLady Mechanika returns for a search into her mysterious past. This time, she finally has a few resounding clues thanks to the help of her close friends and allies, Archibald Lewis and Inspector Singh.

Steampunk – The Gatehouse Shared .

SHANTY: Blow The Man Down from Abney Park's TechnoshantiesOn March 6th Abney Park is releasing an album of Pirate Shanties, all in Abney Park's signature style.

Abney Park Shared .

Hear me out: why Return to Oz isn't a bad movieThe latest in our series of writers going to the bat for loathed films is a defence of a dark and daring sequel to a fantasy classic.

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This new bar in Singapore is inspired by Tanjong Pagar Railway StationAdventurous cocktails and gratifying bites await at Rails, a newly-opened, steampunk-inspired bar in Tanjong Pagar.

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The Song Rising  Samantha ShannonIn August of 2012, I read about this young woman, an unpublished unknown still at University, who signed a 6-figure deal for the first three books in a proposed seven book series.

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Harvest Moon: One World Season Pass and DLC revealedNatsume has revealed the Harvest Moon: One World Season Pass and its associated DLC, like the Far East Adventure and Precious Pets Pack.

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Harvest Moon: One World DLC Will Add Love Interests and Tool Upgrades,There will be paid Harvest Moon: One World DLC that will add two love interests, more animals, and an additional upgrade level for tools.

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16th century time traveller heading for Frankton ThunderAnyone for teapot racing or perhaps parasol fencing?

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Harvest Moon: One World Season Pass announcedPublishers Natsume and Rising Star Games, and developer Appci have announced the Harvest Moon: One World Season Pass, which will include access to four post-launch downloadable content packs.

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The Star-Studded Sci-Fi Comedy Flop That's Getting A Second Chance On HuluPerhaps the most star-studded installment to this era of oddball cinema was Mars Attacks!, which was released just a few months after the very serious alien invasion blockbuster Independence Day in 1996 and allowed an A-list cast to have a whole lot of fun with their quirky characters. Shared .

Neither cold nor COVID-19 can stop the St. Paul Winter CarnivalWay back in 1885, a group of East Coast newspaper correspondents visited Minnesota and declared the state and its chilly temperatures uninhabitable — another Siberia.

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Steampunk Beginners Guide #14Our second out our own story universe, The Association of the show. Patreon. now have Merch!

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Ep. 238 Ch. 83 "Potato Potato Pink Champagne"Frank sneaks into the infirmary to assassinate Fendermill. PART 2: The Stick actually saves a life.

The Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast Shared .

276Politics and poetry don't have a lot in common. But the two stories on today's tour might leave you wondering where inspiration truly comes from.

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Nintendo Download: 11th FebruaryLittle Nightmares II - Return to a world of charming horror in Little Nightmares II, a suspense-adventure game in which you play as Mono, a young boy trapped in a world that has been distorted by the humming transmission of a distant tower.

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Frigid conditions persist during celebrationThe 2021 Ely Winter Festival was celebrated this week in sub-zero conditions, scaled back due to mandated COVID-19 public health protocols.

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Review: Drummer QueensA vein-throbbing, sure-fire crowd-pleaser, suitable for families, this show will leave you shook.

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Time to be Gonagain  A.J. FarrellyI edited this novel, but purchased my own copy of the final book, with my very own money. This review is unbiased and represents my personal opinions.

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D&D Spinoff Iron Kingdoms: Requiem Kickstarter Raises Over $500,000The Kickstarter campaign to reboot the classic tabletop role-playing series and D&D spinoff Iron Kingdoms has raised over half a billion dollars.

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The Cog is Dead / One Tin SoldierSupport the music on Patreon.

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BWW REVIEW: A High Energy Spectacle of Light And Sound, DRUMMER QUEEN Seeks To Shift Perceptions About Women In Percussion.Joe Accaria's. DRUMMER QUEENS sets female drummers in the spotlight with a fusion of music and movement. Shared .

Film Review: AmmoniteBy A.R. Solar Writer-director Francis Lee tells a story here loosely based on the celebrated early-19th-Century English paleontologist Mary Anning.

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Ascendent CoffeeFor all the great coffee shops Fort Worth now has to offer, few allow the option of transitioning from a cup of joe to beer or wine in the evening.

Fort Worth Weekly Shared .

Refill your boiler at Tanjong Pagar's new railway-themed steampunk barThere's always room for another watering hole in the already intoxicated Tanjong Pagar district, which we all know was once a railway nexus connecting Singapore to Malaysia.

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Best CosplayIf you're interested in cosplay but don't know where to start, we're here to help.

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17 Eightfoot Beast, MCU, Wandavision and Covid 19 Deaths with Rockanne and DanielRockanne talks about her new character Eightfoot Beast and Daniel about the MCU, Wandasion. Steampunk Starraisin talks about Covid 19 deaths in the US compared to Canada.

Steampunk Starraisin Shared .

D&D spinoff Iron Kingdoms is being rebooted for 5th edition on KickstarterThe Iron Kingdoms setting, which inspired the Warmachine miniatures skirmish game, is being rebooted. Originally released in 2004, the award-winning tabletop RPG is being retooled for 5th edition.

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How social media set the music festival trend in the first placeThe music industry is one of the niches that has achieved a perfect synergy with social media.

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I Honestly Thought This Maybach Was A Joke At First GlanceI'll freely admit that, not only am I not anywhere near the target market for a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, I'm probably not welcome to be even physically near one, should that chance pairing actually occur.

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The D&D spinoff that inspired Warmachine is being rebootedThe Iron Kingdoms setting, an alternate role-playing universe that shares some of the same mechanics as Dungeons and Dragons, is being rebooted as Iron Kingdoms: Requiem.

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275Cleverness and the ability to learn always inspire us, so hopefully these two tales will give you that magical feeling.

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February Virtual Book ClubFebruary 21st at 4:30pm Pacific/7:30pm Eastern/12:30am UTC Please join us for our February book, Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn by by Danielle Ackley-McPhail andDay Al-Mohamed.

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Tales of New AlbionIn a change to the usual programme, this week the ARC Light Programme brings you a "Special" feature.

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Dragons and fairies and librarians, oh my!The Dark Archive, by Genevieve Cogman  started 15th January finished 17th January. My lovely, lovely brother bought me this for my birthday.

The Year Of Reading Dangerously Shared .

2021 Honda Rebel 1100 DCT ReviewThe 2021 Honda Rebel 1100 is here, and it's the perfect upgrade path for a Rebel rider looking to be, well, more rebellious.

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Russia's ‘Iron Outlaws': Is Truly Bulletproof Armor Possible?Russian state arms developers Rostec claim their new armor will stop massive.50 caliber bullets. The claim may not be as implausible as it seems: Rostec's military exoskeletons are already in service, and the U.S. did once field body armor able to stop.50 Cal.

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Steampunk playground stopoverAfter camping in Kurow for the long weekend, brothers Jackson and Ethan. Carroll just had to stop at Oamaru's Steampunk playground on their way home to Dunedin.

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Airborne Kingdom ReviewAirborne Kingdom is a unique, peaceful city builder with a very new domain for players to thrive in; the skies!

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Hometown Tales: Fresh from MotuekaRyu Takahashi has been a steampunk since 1986, making him one of the first in New Zealand to appreciate the genre's retro-futuristic mash-up of sci-fi and Victoriana - think top hats, goggles and items inspired by the Industrial Revolution.

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First impressions: Peterbilt's new Model 579All the bells and whistles may fill up a spec sheet and add plenty of pages to the owner's manual, but the real test of the new fleet flagship comes on the highway.

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Future ProjectsAs book two of the Leviathan Mysteries is officially out as of early last week , what do I have planned for coming up?

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Clockwork Spider Part 2So, when last we left off, I had dismantled my little arachnid friend and given it a nice, thorough cleaning.

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Late to the Party #5  Bioshock 2I just recently played through Bioshock 2& and I know that Im late to this party but I really wanted to write about it.

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Airship ShapeIve been doing a bit of rearranging this weekend and on the dining room table there was a little metal box which my chap brought down from his Fathers house Up North.

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Review: Sakura WarsSakura Wars: For when you want a day off from feminism Sakura Wars is the sixth entry in the Sakura Wars franchise because games companies are terrible at naming games sequentially.

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The 35 best movies on Disney PlusSearching for entertainment other than Marvel and Star Wars? Let's round up the best gems on Disney Plus.

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Alps 2 Ocean: Seven spectacular days through the heart of the South IslandIt's a scenic, predominantly off-road trail of around 300km. Along the way, you'll find quaint townships, great swimming spots and walking tracks.

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VAR: Who Is to Blame?We take a look at who is to blame for VAR. Shared .

Ulverston artist transforms the morbid into vibrant artwork with colourAn artist inspired by mythology and the natural world has transformed sheep skulls with a burst of colour into vibrant pieces of art.

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Two New ReadingsBack in September, I shared two readings from the eSpec Books Author Reading series. I recently had the opportunity to record two new readings for eSpec Books.

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5 best pieces of melee gear in RobloxRoblox players have near limitless options when it comes to selecting gear, but there are some melee weapons that simply have to be recognized.

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The World of Darkness and the Appeal of Horror PunkWith the release of Werewolf: the Apocalypse - Earthblood fresh in our minds, let's discuss why the World of Darkness is still terrifyingly awesome.

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Gears, Goggles, and GanacheMove over, candy hearts! Here comes Sweet Steam With that sweet sweet holiday quickly approaching, chocolates are everywhere.

Victorian, Gothic And Steampunk Magazine Shared .

Photos show how Derby woman transforms pre-loved clothing into fresh fashionOwner of Atomic Apparel, the 32-year-old decided to set up her up-cycling business alongside working in retail just before the first national lockdown, in March last year.

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The World of Darkness and the Appeal of HorrorpunkWith the release of Werewolf: the Apocalypse - Earthblood fresh in our minds, let's discuss why the World of Darkness is still terrifyingly awesome.

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'Ships of the Northern Fleet' Is the Hit TikTok Show That Never WasA TikTok user uploaded a video asking other users about their favorite facts about a show called 'Ships of the Northern Fleet,' but what is it?

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Artist Crafts Intricate Steampunk Spider Sculptures From Antique WatchesHungarian illustrator and designer Peter Szucsy crafts intricate steampunk spider sculptures from antique watches and other found objects.

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Episode 590: The Graveyard ShiftThis show is for adults. We drink cocktails, have potty mouths and, at least, one of us was raised by wolves.

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Pawn's Gambit: Exploring The SupernaturalPawn's Gambit further explores the Mortal Techniques universe, with the gods using mortals to fight their corner in a contest to be top god.

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Awards Spotlight: Sound of Metal Star Riz Ahmed Went All in, from AA to ASL a€” WatchAdding the physicality of drumming and sign language to Ahmed's expressive abilities enriched him as an actor and a human being, he said.

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Aesthetics Wiki: Cottagecore Was Just the BeginningAesthetics Wiki is the internet's one-stop shop for figuring out whether your vibe is more "cactuscore" or "synthwave" or "pastel goth."

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The Ford Model T Snowmobile Is Snow JokeWith temperatures still icy in parts of the US, some drivers are wishing they had invested in a set of winter tires or at least a car with all-wheel-drive, but who needs a Ford F-150 Raptor or Jeep Wrangler if you can drive a dedicated snowmobile?

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TikTok: What is Ships of the Northern Fleet? This trend is fooling everyone!A TV show called Ships of the Northern Fleet is taking over TikTok. If you're a little confused, here's why it's going viral.

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Shanty The Derelict from Abney Park's TechnoshantiesOn March 6th Abney Park is releasing an album of Pirate Shanties, all in Abney Park's signature style.

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What makes a great anime gameWe and apos;re inundated with anime games on PC. From erotica featuring doe-eyed waifus on Steam to games that are based on actual TV shows like Dragon Ball FighterZ—and even games that just feel like anime, such as the Yakuza series—there are a lot of different ways to interpret the term.

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The Chic Home: Pre-war apartment combines industrial edge with speakeasy and heritage elements, Home and Design News and Top StoriesHome and Design News - The walk-up unit in Tiong Bahru was love at first sight for Mr Jean-Paul Wu and his partner.

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Aesthetics Wiki, Cottagecore, and Niche Internet SubculturesAesthetics Wiki is the internet's one-stop shop to find the hyper-niche subculture that fits you best.

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Steamroll: Rustless Edition rolls to Switch on Feb. 12th, 2021The Scarabeus is —almost— on fire! After a terrific debut on Steam and Xbox One in 2016, Steamroll: Rustless Edition arrives on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on February 12.

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Dystopian Wars: Hunt for the Prometheus PreviewWe preview the new nautical wargame Dystopian Wars: Hunt for the Prometheus 2-player starter set and have a detailed look at the ships inside.

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Kiwi's Hollywood blockbuster was a monster to makeRoseanne Liang's Shadow in the Cloud is the most expensive film she's ever made. But there were a few gremlins along the way.

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Top 5 coolest looking hats in RobloxRoblox is filled with plenty of different things that players can wear on their heads, but the hats in this list rank among the coolest looking in the entire platform.

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Steampunk Tendencies / This amazing glowing like stain glass costume….Abbey is the creation of Paige Gardner.

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Blog Tour: A Conventicle of Magpies by L.M.R. Clarke @lmrclarkeauthor @RRBookTours1 @castrumpress #RRBookTours # #BloodskillsI am thrilled to share this amazing new book! A Conventicle of Magpies is the first book in the Bloodskills duology, and today we have an exclusive excerpt for you, and a chance to win a signed copy of the book!

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New Godzilla Singular Point Teaser Reveals Classic Showa Era CharacterGodzilla Singular Point has a new teaser trailer that leads us to believe the series will feature the appearance of a classic Showa character.

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Shoot 1UP DX Coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4Hoot 1UP DX releases next week, February 11th on PS5 and PS4. Mommy's Best Games has successfully released Shoot 1UP DX to both Nintendo Switch and Xbox One last year.

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274Today's tour through the Cabinet will demonstrate just how inventing people can be.

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‘Earwig and the Witch' Review: Studio Ghibli's First Foray Into 3D Animation is a Flat Shadow of ItselfIt is the studio's first foray into CG animation, a technology it had used sparingly for high-octane action sequences in Spirited Away and Princess Miyazaki or for the clattering steampunk castle of Howl's Moving Castle, but never to this extent and.

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15-year-old starts art career in new Sourced in StonehouseA talented 15-year-old artist is already making sales at a new Stroud District shop, Sourced in Stonehouse.

Stroud News And Journal Shared .

Meet Your Neighbour: Shawna Jackson, of Port Maitland, has a flair for styleIn the true spirit of Valentines, Shawna Jackson shares a love-related tidbit that those who know her may be surprised to learn.

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Silver Bay native finds inner flame from fire performanceLura Wilson, originally from Silver Bay, fuels her passion for artistic performance with flames.

Duluth News Tribune Shared .

The Alienist, Season 2Season 2 falls short of the high standards set in Season 1.

Steampunk – The Gatehouse Shared .

Swiss Master of Art Mechanics Embraces the Magic of FutureThe maestro of mechanical watchmaking and art mechanics, Swiss master Francois Junod works magic with with ancient tools and futuristic technology.

Prestige Online - Thailand Shared .

Paeroa Highland Games and Tattoo: Steampunkers swap glad rags for tartanSteampunk Paeroa and Waihi are hosting a group of like-minded steampunkers from all over the North Island at the Paeroa Highland Games and Tattoo.

NZ Herald Shared .

The Nevers: Buffy creator's new fantasy epic receives first action-packed trailerSet toward the end of the Victorian era in England, the new HBO steampunk-inspired series follows a band of powerful women who have been imbued with supernatural abilities after Earth is hit by a cosmic event.

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Best places to visit in New Zealand's South IslandSouth Island in New Zealand offers everything a traveller could want, from picturesque road trips to adventure sports, laidback leisurely experiences with nature, and some wonderful food and drink.

Australian Times News Shared .

Off the Shelf: A science fiction starter packIf you've never seen the appeal of space, imaginary technology, or aliens, then this column is for you.

Sequim Gazette Shared .

Avengers End Game Time Travel ReviewI got into my time machine and traveled to better times before Covid: 4.30.2019.

Steampunk Starraisin Shared .

HBO series The Nevers debuts first super-powered trailerHBO series The Nevers, starring Eleanor Tomlinson and Laura Donnelly, has dropped its first official trailer.

Digital Spy Shared .

First-look trailer for Poldark star's new superhero show The NeversHBO has released its first trailer for female-driven steampunk epic The Nevers, starring Poldark actress Eleanor Tomlinson and Outlander's Laura Donnelly.

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Why is Steampunk so Awesome?I have always been fascinated with the concept of steampunk. Aside from the environmental concerns that I won’t be going into , I very much like to think about modern day items that could be powered by steam.

The Writerian Shared .

BRASS Episode 38: Missions and StatementsLord Brass gives a speech, Cyril visits a newspaper, and the Crime Minister reveals his plans for retribution.

Brass Shared .

First teaser for HBO's The Nevers unveils a steampunk, female-fronted X-MenGet ready to dive into Nevers-land: HBO has released the first teaser trailer for its upcoming fantasy series The Nevers, which is set to arrive this April on both the premium cable channel and its streaming counterpart, HBO Max.

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Steampunk VI Is Coming!Hello Lovelies: I am delighted to announce that I am again participating in and judging the Steampunk VI exhibit at Soulard Art Gallery!

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Keshet Studios Renews Universal TV Overall DealLed by Peter Traugott, the company behind recently ordered drama 'La Brea' is also developing two new projects for NBC.

The Hollywood Reporter Shared .

YOUTUBE A Drop Of Nelsons BLoodOn March 6th Abney Park is releasing an album of Pirate Shanties, all in Abney Park's signature style.

Abney Park Shared .

Forget WSAD, this robot claw-looking keypad is the perfect partner for your gaming mouseOkay, so its a little creepy looking, but this odd little thing isn and apos;t some kind of mechanical, voodoo monkey hand.

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Year 352 A.E., Rotation 124: Happily Ever Exiled, Part 4Vincent tried to keep his breathing even, but he couldn’t seem to collect enough air to fill his chest.

Crawling The Edge: The Coastrunner Chronicles Shared .

Chapter 3Rays of light gently lapped over Aleks’ face causing him to awaken from his slumber.

Guy Who Writes Fantasy Shared .

HBO's Newest Fantasy Series Is The Magicians Meets BridgertonThe overwhelming success of Netflix original series Bridgerton has made one thing clear: people love a period drama that does not skimp on the drama.

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A new Steampunk Anthology from Crystal Peake Publishers to include "Corsair and the Sky Pirates"Back in October, I entered a steampunk writing contest through Crystal Peake Publishers. I entered a short story Corsair and the Sky Pirates for their consideration.

Mark Piggott - Author Of The "Forever Avalon" Series Shared .

273A pair of tales guaranteed to get a rise out of you. And the stories they tell are downright curious!

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Vianney Halter Deep Space Resonance Takes Complicated Watchmaking Into OrbitVianney Halter Deep Space Resonance Takes Complicated Watchmaking Into Orbit: One of the world's most complex pieces of watchmaking just got more complicated.


‘The Nevers' HBO Max Trailer and Release Date: WATCHIn the first trailer for HBO series The Nevers, London is beset by the "Touched": people - mostly women - who suddenly manifest abnormal abilities.

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Synth Rockers Arogya Craft Angsty New Song 'Broken'Gangtok-bred, Assam-based rock band Arogya offer up a tantalizing new visual world with their latest song "Broken," the first off their upcoming third album.

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Quantum Brain: Scientists Discover How to Revolutionize ComputingScientists use the quantum brain for energy-efficient computing and have observed how it can learn by itself, revolutionizing the age of computing.

Science Times Shared .