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"Riftmaker" by Phoebe Darqueling is Coming your way Feb 14 So stay tuned for some excerpts, the cover, and blurb reveals for Riftmaker right around the corner, and my other exciting news on the publishing front coming soon! Plus, Our Write Side is putting together a Steampunk short story anthology. Submissions are due no later than Jan 28, so you've got some time.

Happy Birthday, Michael Faraday 22, is the great British scientist Michael Faraday's 226th birthday. Faraday's contribution to science are many, and it's not too much of an exaggeration to say that before Faraday, electricity was batteries, and afterward, it was Edison and Tesla and all the motors, transformers, and generators they unleashed upon the world.

The Princess and the Guard by Marissa Meyer Winter is a creepy, but cool character that we first meet towards the end of Cress. And more of her horrible history is then introduced in Fairest. Yet, it is when you read The Princess and the Guard that she shines through beautifully. And you start to understand that she is actually crazy - although for a very good reason.

Amazing Brand New Steampunk Sculptures From Trash By Artūras I've already shown you amazing steampunk sculptures by the artist from Lithuania - Artūras. And to day we want to show a few more. More info: Artūras, Facebook.

Seance What would you say if I told you that I lived through a real-life paranormal horror movie, and that you could too? Some of you may scoff and steer clear of it, but those of you who have an eye for the darker side of life may have your interest piqued.

'Arena of Valor' News: Groot, Steampunk Attire, And A Final Switch Release Date It feels like forever ago that we welcomed a new hero to Arena of Valor. In actuality, it's only been around three weeks. Longer than we're typically used to, but not exactly game-breaking in any way. That changed today with the introduction of Y'bneth.

Nathalie's gallery ushers steampunk into internet age In the 19th century, the world stood still to watch a true machinery-led revolution take place take the world by storm. For years, the entire globe marvelled at the effect and power of immaculate industrial steam-powered machinery. Tiny metal parts changed the world without introduction and with no window to go back.

Gail Interviews Diana Pharaoh Francis & We Talk Humor! My office is small and full of books, a giant oak desk, lots of rocks, lots of fantasy art on the walls, a collection of sharp weapons on the walls, and a couple of glass witchballs hanging from the doorway. And hidden behind an open door in a place of great importance are my diplomas.

A Lovely Chat with Amy Wilder and Thomas Dean Willeford The best steampunk news, reviews, articles and guides.

Albuquerque Journal Make way for warlocks, aka 'boy witches,' as defined by the intrepid young Lewi…

Cinema for Steampunks: Hugo Movie Review When he tries to steal it, the man behind the counter takes Hugo's most precious possession, his father's notebook. The toymaker puts Hugo through his paces and tests his mechanical skills. His granddaughter befriends Hugo in the process. Together, the kids discover the old man's real identity as pioneer filmmaker, George Melies.

Back in Black One type of shoot I always love to work on but am very seldom asked to do is the band promo. I love the effort that can be put into the project as it's more then just turning up and snapping the artist / group, there is usually a theme or style they want to reflect their music.

Lamplight City, the steampunk-ish detective adventure game is now out From developer Grundislav Games, who also made A Golden Wake, Lamplight City is a detective adventure set in a alternate "Victorian" setting. Features:. Personally, I've not had the best time with it to begin with. Not because the story is bad or anything like that, but technical issues in the Linux version made it a nuisance.

Helcanen on the Road This first edition of her postcard-sized travel journals takes you on the road in Hyōtan-yama, a neighborhood of Higashiōsaka, Japan. Not only is it a wonderful tale that takes you along on Helcanen's voyages, it is also a little treasure trove for those wanting to go there themselves.

The Tennessee Titans' Steampunk Offense Welcome to the steampunk offense. After Week 1's mind-numbing seven-hour balk against the Miami Dolphins - during which more Titans fell than in all the lines of Hesiod's Theogony - Vrabel found himself having to play a critical early-season divisional game without starting quarterback Marcus Mariota.

A Taste of Victoriana: The London Museum of Water and Steam There is also a replica of a Victorian-era workshop where all the machines run on the same belt system, and they offer tours. This slideshow requires JavaScript. There is also a nice little cafe that was recently redone and sports mechanical stuff for decorations and china teapots for your afternoon cuppa.

Steampunk Safari Did someone say "steampunk mecha-elephant"? For once in my steampunkery, I'm actually not invoking the planet Mars. Okay, the mechaphant has a heat-ray or other type of steampunk ray-gun for a trunk, but we can do this without having to go to Mars. As the song says: "Got my ray gun and a cup of tea in hand".

The Skytanic Departing Maersk Pier on her maiden voyage to Belleville, the Royal Yacht 'Skytanic' is the largest, fastest, and most luxurious skyliner ever built. Five stories of cabins, restaurants and bars, the world's first on-board heated pool, and - of course - the Royal Pavilion, there is surely no finer way than the Skytanic to sail the skies.

DIY Steampunk spider! Hello everyone I am Liza and I am 15 years old and here is my first video! This channel will be full of random fun videos relating to a lot of different things. I hope my community will grow soon an.

Steampunk Storybook Adventure Chiaro and the Elixir of Life Is Out Today Chiaro and the Elixir of Life is a first-person virtual reality adventure which has been inspired partially by the Steampunk aesthetic and partially by classic children's picture books.

A bustle and a cat I know I promised to get on with my Shivering Isles dress and do those fancy sleeves, but life interfered again: in 11 days we are going Subaquatic! And that requires an outfit, obviously. Plus, I finally figured out what to do with my purple outfit featuring The Cat:.

The Battle of Selly Oak Today I decided to sort through some of my drawers and cupboards around my room to try and keep myself busy. Inside one drawer I found old birthday cards, Pogs and a couple of old bank statements, but sandwiched between all of the mess was an large brown folder.

Build Your Own Funky STEAMPUNK Display I use LCD displays in almost every project. They are perfect for displaying data about voltage, current, time, frequency, wind speed, rainfall, etc. However, in this modern age of steampunk, I stumbled on something much cooler.

Soulless Illustrated Hardback, Peek Beneath the Cover? Your questions answered. There's a fabulous process post on making the visuals for Soulless's illustrated edition from ⁦‪Orbit's Art Director‬⁩ and the illustrator, Jensine Eckwall, up on Muddy Colors. Yours as ever,. Amazon - B&N. All books in the first print run of 10,000 are SIGNED.

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