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Olympic Surfing: facts, figures and history Here's everything you need to know about Olympic surfing:. The first surfer to ever win an Olympic medal was Duke Kahanamoku. In Stockholm 1912, he completed the men's 100-meter freestyle swimming final in 1:03.4;.

Hawaiian Wunderkind Barron Mamiya Has a New Series It's coming soon, and it's safe too say the surfing will be messed up For some time now, Barron Mamiya has been claimed by some to be "The Next Big Thing" to come out of Hawaii. And while many surfers slapped with that label often fail to live up to the hype, its hard to watch Mamiya surf and not drink that Kool-Aid straight down.

Surfers With Cerebral Palsy Shred Surf Ranch New York surfers Dylan Rhonec, better known as The Surfing Samurai, and Justin Testaverde both have cerebral palsy, but they don't let the disorder stop them from enjoying the freedom and elation that comes with riding waves.

Review: Firewire Cymatic The Cymatic is a performance shortboard designed by master shaper Daniel 'Tomo' Thompson and manufactured under the Slater Designs label by Firewire Surfboards. Being a fan of the Sci-Fi and having recently enjoyed riding an Omni, I was intrigued to discover whether the Cymatic bridges the gap between these two, very different, surfboards.

How to tie a surfboard leash string Avoid losing your board because of a poor leash installation. Learn how to fasten a leash string and attach the leg rope to the surfboard properly.

The Doherty Report: Bells Is As Bells Was They've had 5 great years of waves. They looked out at it this morning, half becalmed, and it looked completely foreign to them. At the moment there's a Hail Mary day taking shape on the very last day of the forecast, but between now and then is anyone's guess.

Step up your surf game Having a set of fresh eyes watch your surfing and analysis where you're going right, and wrong is so beneficial for everyone surfing. In my own experience, I found the progression from white to green waves extremely difficult, and I only wished I'd invested in more coaching when I was at this stage, as I feel I would have progressed a lot quicker.

Know Your Oceans: Pacific The Pacific is the daddy, the largest ocean on Earth, the spiritual and historical home of surfing and the scene of much of the art and sport of surfing's history so far. Let us begin with some numbers to impress your trivia-loving colleagues. The Pacific covers 69 million square miles, which equates to 46% of the planet's water surface.

Family Surf Travel - Surfing is a solitary pursuit. It's you against, or hopefully, working with Mama Nature to get your stoke inducing dose of the glide. Surf trips with a crew of you are always a logistical challenge. So imagine if not all of the folks on the trip are a) actual surfers or b) small people.

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach kicks off… The Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, Stop No. 2 on the 2019 World Surf League Championship Tour, started today with the first nine heats of men's Round 1. The competition was held at the event's backup site, Winkipop, in bumpy three-to-four foot waves.

Koa Rothman is Livin' Enviably Vlogs, selfies and personalized jackets may not be hallmarks of the traditional pro surfing career, but they're certainly working for Koa.

The Truth About Wetsuit Buying This is an article where we are going to tell you the truth about wetsuit buying. Lots of suits are being taken to surf shops and traded in because surfers, left to their own devices, have bought the wrong size, cut, or thickness. Our 2019 summer wetsuits guide is now online here.

Eli Olson Pulls Into the Vlog-O-Sphere With Olson's penchant for chasing purple blobs as they appear across the globe, big barrel-filled sessions are destined to be in future webisodes. Give Eli a like and a sub here, and hopefully we'll see him on some bombs, like the one below soon. Subscribe to SURFER's Newsletter to receive stories like this straight to your inbox.

'Know The Feeling' New Billabong Vid - SurfGirl Magazine Laura Enever meets pioneering surfers in China, Morocco and Sri Lanka.

Surf Tips: Get Shred Ready - SurfGirl Magazine Have you taken a break from surfing but eager to get back in?

Wins for Daniel Emslie and Ceara Knight in the 2019 Nelson Mandela Bay U16 SAST Contest in PE This curtain raiser to the Nelson Mandela Bay Surf Pro, which gets under way at the same venue tomorrow, was a 3A rated SA Surf Tour event. Emslie beat fellow East London surfers Reilly Mare and Mitch du Preez into second and third place respectively with Luke Van Wyk of Kommetjie taking the fourth place.

Sebastian Zietz and Griffin Colapinto Withdraw From Rip Curl Pro Bells With Seabass expecting a baby and Griffin suffering a knee injury, two of the Tour's favorite regular-footers will be absent from Bells.

Flyin' High with Filipe on the Goldy I used to think that every surfer did their best work outside of a jersey, and for most that's still surely true. But for Filipe and his fellow Brazilian Stormers? It seems like they're always saving their wildest hail marys for the judges. Case in point: Filipe's Gold Coast highlight reel above.

Is This the Best Parko Interview Ever? If you're even a casual peruser of surf media, you've undoubtedly lent your ear to Vaughan Blakey and Jed Smith's podcast, "Ain't That Swell", as it's undoubtedly the best-at least the most entertaining-of a handful of surf-centric pods. Smith and Blakey play it fast and loose, often sending up our hallowed pastime.

The Hobgoods Documentary is Finally Here But despite their respective accomplishments and accolades, the identical twins-habitually lumped together by the media, often referred to as simply "The Hobgoods"-struggled, individually, to differentiate themselves.

Matador… We don't see much skimboarding in the UK as we don't really have the beaches and waves for it. So we tend to only see the big wave madness from Brad Domke. To redress the balance this here is Austin Keen and a thorough demonstration of the fine line between skimming and surfing.

Italian Storm - Robbie D'Amico Roberto d'Amico on the joys and environmental woes of being an Italian surfer…

New Zealand Surf Series Heads South for Emerson's South Island Championships Dunedin is the focus of the New Zealand Surf Series this weekend with the Emerson's South Island Championships taking place at St Clair Beach starting Friday.

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