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Sunny Garcia: the life of the Hawaiian power surfer Sunny Garcia is one of the most cherished and respected surfers of all time. The Hawaiian is well-known for his personality and remarkable surfing skills.

Dylan Graves Chases Ferry-Made Waves In Portugal's Tagus River "I hope a lot of people are going to work this morning," Dylan Graves laughs in the opening scene of the latest "Weird Waves", while driving towards the Tagus River in Barreiro, Portugal. " kind of standard for surfers though." On this particular morning, however, Graves wasn't pining for an empty lineup due to surfers clocking in at their jobs.

2020 MVMT English National U18 & Open Shortboard Championships Entry Information for the 2020 MVMT English National U18 and Open Shortboard Championships, supported by MVMT Watches and the Caravan and Motorhome Club.

Welcome to paradise. EP.1. For the past few days, this is where the Rip Curl Women have found themselves - situated in one of the most iconic houses on one of the most wave-rich stretches of sand in the world. The Rip Curl House at Off The Wall, smack dab in the middle of Oahu's North Shore.

Meet the Olympic Surfer Currently Serving in the Israel Defense Forces Anat Lelior is a 19-year-old surfer from Tel Aviv, Israel who is now in her second year on the 'QS. Last year during the 2019 ISA World Surfing Games in Miyazaki, Japan, Lelior surfed her way to a seat at the 2020 Olympic Games on behalf of Israel.

Weird Waves - Gaso-Line Dylan and friends get their wake on in Portugal. Ferry nuff… In this episode of Weird Waves Dylan Graves and the WW Crew prove ferry waves are real. We're talking specifically about ferries that take people from the blue-collar town of Barreiro, Portugal to the capital city of Lisbon as a way to dodge morning traffic.

Dezembro Portugal December sessions with Stan Norman, Will Masterman, Barnaby Cox, Max Hudson, Jo Morris and Max Michalewski.

Albee Layer’s Greatest Hits From the Past Five Years at Jaws "I was already planning to make this edit but it came at a very important time. Going through several years of highlights and slams has helped me start to look at some big questions, mainly is it worth it?

Brazilian Prince of Steez Flaunts Rail and Tube Game in New Cut Watch Yago Dora’s latest 10-minute hit.

Jon Wayne Freeman "Charges" The Wedge, Seeks Sponsorship Deal "We've got about 20 - to 30-foot wave faces today," Jon Wayne Freeman assures us from the tideline at the Wedge as surfers behind him bob amid a lethargic south swell.

Six business lessons that surfing will teach you Despite the differences between surfers and businesspersons, there are six business principles that the ocean can teach us:. Most of us have been on the fence about making a big decision, but you won't learn if you don't jump in the water. Unfortunately, the waves won't come to you while you're sitting in the parking lot with your wetsuit half on.

Needlefish impales teenager! I assumed it was the accomplice of a particularly territorial parrot fish who lived the reef below the boil who used to wait and try and eat your feet… But I have never seen anything like his.

Generations - 82-50-18. A young Newcastle lad, who is cutting his teeth on high performance surfing and charging his way into 2020. A 3rd generation surfer, where the influence of not only his dad, but his nan and pop is there as well. A home town boy who's finding the Aussie mongrel within, to step out and take it on.

How to Survive Closeout Tubes "Why?" "How did you survive that?" "Was your board in one piece afterwards?" The most common question was, "how did you fall in order to not get hurt?" Well… let me explain. The waves in that area break close to shore, get hollow, form plenty of tubes, but it's rare to make it out of the tube.

Yago Dora: B-Side A film by Pablo Aguiar, surfing form Yago Dora during the second half of 2019. Spare 10 minutes for the electrifying aerial game, and fine tuning barrels. Not bad for a kid from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil who didn't set foot on a surfboard until he was 11.

Feeling Empowered in the surf - SurfGirl Magazine Surf Confidence with Dominique Miller.

Hollister Ranch Sues State Over New Public Access Law The bill stipulates that further access would be phased in over the following two years. Hollister Ranch, an 8.5-mile-long, 14,500-acre, 150-year-old cattle ranch and hallowed wave-rich coastline that stretches west from Gaviota State Park to Jalama County Park, has always been a place of lore for most surfers.

Peso's Point: Twinning with Asher Pacey Viva Mexico, twin fin style master Asher Pacey sliding points over the Mexican border.

Notorious B.i.g Safety kit is constantly developing and progressing, I've worked with Tiki over the years who have custom made me float and paddle vests to go under and over wetsuits and since the introduction of the inflation vests I'm always trying whatever comes on the market to see which I like and suits me best.

Mid-Lengths Are Going Mainstream "The majority of people relate less to that and more to 'experiences.'" This week, Channel Islands released a new mid-length model and a retro-style twin-fin.

Maurice Cole: The First Wave Maurice Cole: The First Wave. A compelling story of a gifted Aboriginal surfer's battles with the law, mental health and himself.

The best sunset quotes of all time How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel big or tiny? Because there's something good about feeling both."Amy Grant. "A sunset is the sun's fiery kiss to the night."Crystal Woods. "If you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset, then you are living like a lord."Nathan Phillips.

Sardinian Crew The crew was in Portugal, a big purple bubble was heading to Sardinia. Roberto, the Italian local made the call: Only one night before Gony Zubizarreta, Marlon Lipke and Aritz Aranburu said yes. The trip started flying to Rome first where Roby lives, dropped some staff at home, drove back to the airport and we flew to Sardinia.

Was This One of the Best Days Ever Seen at a California Beach Break? Was this one of the best days ever seen at a California beach break?

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