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Surf Gear to Dull the Cold Sting of Winter But there is something to be said for the beauty and solitude of scoring a winter swell on a snow-covered beach with the faint smell of chimney smoke in the stiff offshore winds. So maybe you're interested in setting out for waves in the Aleutian Islands or New England, the Canadian Maritimes or Pacific Northwest.

Live From The 2019 Pipe Masters What a raucous finish to pro surfing’s 2019 season. Join us here for a live illustrated depiction of the Pipe Masters.

Epic gift ideas for surfers Buy a surf magazine subscription. They feed tired minds with exotic waves, surf stories and top tips, plus you're supporting an endangered industry. Perfect for lazy days on the beach, brightening up your commute or the perfect complement to your cuppa.

Karina Rozunko's "Doll Riot" is a Stylish Punch to the Face The 20-something San Clemente logger rides longboards perfectly. And with a keen sense of fashion, as well as an authentic creative streak, Rozunko's emerged as a sort of Kim Gordon / Kathleen Hanna-esque figure in the burgeoning and youthful alt-surf movement currently emanating from southern California.

Paige Alms and Billy Kemper charge to victory at the Jaws Challenge. Overnight Paige Alms and Billy Kemper won the World Surf League cbdMD Jaws Big Wave Championships in 30-to-50 foot waves at the famed Pe'ahi surf break on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii.

Paige Alms Wins Jaws Big Wave Champs Paige earns an historic third win at Jaws in 30-50 foot surf.

Thousand of penis fish have washed up on Drakes Beach, California Thousand of penis fish have washed up on Drakes Beach, California. The 10 inch 'fat innkeeper worms' also known as 'dog dicks' in Korea, lie in burrows and have been around since 300 million years ago. They are edible and considered a delicacy in Korea, which must led to some interesting restaurant orders.

SurfGirl at The Wave, Bristol However, as the hour went on, I got more and more consumed with what I should be doing on the wave that I ended up having a bunch of waves where I did a whole lot of nothing on them - typical of my surfing to be honest! That being said, it didn't stop me from enjoying myself.

Beastly Kemper Chews Up Competition and Spits out Fourth Jaws Win You knew that a WSL Big Wave event was about to be underway when the broadcast team started using words like "commitment," "bravery," and "Herculean" to describe the what we were about to witness. The WSL has never shied away from hyperbole, but when it comes to Jaws, you kinda can't blame 'em.

Billy Kemper wins 2019 Jaws Big Wave Championships Kai Lenny surfed on a small board - a 9'4'' - and fueled by pre-surf burritos. Can you believe that? Fortunately, the flotation vests worked flawlessly, and there were no life-threatening moments, even though we saw a jet ski capsizing while trying to pick up an athlete from the impact zone.

Teahupoo will host the Paris 2024 Olympic surfing competition The Paris 2024 organizing committee and the International Surfing Association agree that Tahiti is surfing's best option for the 2024 Olympic Games.

2024 Olympics to be held at Chopes - Have the French just saved the Olympic dream? Have the French just saved the Olympic dream?

All hail the GOAT and other stories from the Pipe comp. Toledo and Smith Knocked out of World Title Race at Billabong Pipe MastersWith so much on the line in today's competition, each heat was a mini-drama series as World Title hopeful Toledo became the first casualty at the hands of New Zealand's Christie, 11.04 to 9.84.

Carve Christmas Gift Guide for Surfers 2019 - Here's our inspiring Christmas Gift List for the surfer in your life. Forget socks and aftershave, make Christmas special and give him or her a unique gift that takes the stress out of shopping. Or make a list and put it in front of parents / grandparents / partner, you know you're worth it!

Kelly Slater scores a Perfect 10 at the age of 47 The greatest competitive surfer of all time has done it again. Watch his flawless ride at Backdoor.

Counting Down the 10 Best Clips of November Even if you've been living under a rock with no reception for the past month, you'd probably still guess that the best surf clip of November was shot at Pipeline. By this time in the season, Pipe has usually had a chance to fire on all of it's innumerable cylinders, and this year is no exception.

This is Baiyungu Country Western Australia is rich in resources and to local surfers the most valuable of them is found where the desert meets the sea. Filmmaker Kim Feast's latest Taking Off edit dives deep into this special zone.

Congrats Carissa Moore: 2019 Champion of the World! Carissa Moore managed to win her fourth world surfing title on the Maui Pro 2019 on Monday, December 2. From Atlantik Surf, we'd like to congratulate her and all her team and family and we would also like to say… that we were right on our October prediction in which we though that Moore was going to end up Number 1 as she finally did.

50 Best Surf Quotes Surfers can be unexpectedly poetic when describing the surfing experience. Many of their quotes are surprisingly poignant and inspiring. We've compiled a list of 50 of the best surfing quotes from world champions through to authors and celebrities. What is your favourite surf quote?

16 Surfing Hollywood Movies From Gidget to Point Break and then to Surfer Dude - the portrayal of surfers is art reflecting culture in a feedback loop that draws people to the beach and creates new subcultures along the way. Here is a list of surfing Hollywood movies for your viewing pleasure.

The Most Common Surfing Mistakes Here’s the questions we get asked the most from surfers.

Kelly Goes Full GOAT, Filipe and Jordy Exit Title Race Much bigger out there this morning. Much more on the line. As Ronnie put it, "How good is Pipeline! It's on fire today." Ronnie might have been having the subtlest of digs at the Australian Prime Minister, a former marketing man who's stock slogan has become, "How good is Australia!" Not so good right now, actually.

A SoCal Kind of Christmas A SoCal Kind of Christmas. 'Tis the season for sharing the stoke and 70 degree weather. Whatever your plans might be this Holiday season, we hope San Diego makes a debut. From delightful beach weather, to Holiday parades, San Diego delivers it's own special kind of winter wonderland-making it one for the books.

Slater Decides He Can Have Fun Losing, Universe Immediately Rewards Him With Winning 10-Point Tube A few months back, the internet had a field day when the WSL released an episode of their "Sound Waves" series with the GOAT, Kelly Slater, at his miraculous cow country barrel during the Freshwater Pro.

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