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A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

Soccer War 1/600th Scale Aircraft I had a sort through of my Tumbling Dice leftovers from the MiG Alley and Desert Spitfires projects last night, the result being almost the entire air forces of Honduras and El Salvador for the Soccer War of 1969.

Goatboy's 40K Thoughts Before the Coming Storm: Junkyard Detachments Goatboy here to talk about "Junkyard" Detachments - the latest hotness in 40K - but their day's may be numbered. I bet this discussion becomes moot with the next format defining FAQ comes out.

What's On Your Table: Grot Guard Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Grot Guard What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] wanted to share some more pictures of my Grot Guard.

40K's New Boxed Set, Nightvault Unboxed, Kill Team's Future, AoS 1st Video Game & More We've got everything from Kill Team's next expansion, to Nightvault, 40K NEW Starter Set, RPG monsters from Kobold Press and Osprey's Oathmark. Did I mention our look at Age of Sigmar's first video game? Looking to add more monsters and mayhem to your Dungeons and Dragons?

GW: Win The Entire Black Library Accomplish the very thing that Ahriman is-as yet-unable to do. Now you can win a chance to claim the secret knowledge of the entire Black Library for your own… all when you make a purchase of $65 or more.

Tabletop Gallery: Monster Hunter 40K "No no, Brother Gerard says that it's only the WEAPONS of the xenos that are unclean. Nothing in the Codex about using the xenos AS weapons." Enjoy. If You Have An Awesome Wargame Shot You Think Would Make A Great BoLS Pic Of The Day, Email Us. We Love Spectacle And Characterful Shots So Let's See What You Budding Photographers Can Do!

Tabletop Podcast Review: September 23rd Adam here for another week of tabletop podcast reviews! This week we have everyone still waiting on the Fall FAQ, more NOVA coverage, and more! Hey all, Adam here, from TFG Radio, for this week's reviews! We have a lot of shows waiting for the Fall FAQ, some new podcasts, a couple leftover NOVA recaps, and more!

Warlord: Beyond The Gates Of Antares, The Boromite Rock Brood Await The Boromite Rock Brood are six-legged mining 'dogs' who will soon be reinforcing an army fighting Beyond the Gates of Antares near you. Get ready to go Beyond The Gates Of Antares with the Boromite Rock Brood-a bunch of six-legged creatures who are voracious eaters and will bore their way through solid stone if given half a chance.

Kobold Press: 5th Edition Creature Codex Looking to add more monsters and mayhem to your Dungeons and Dragons? Well Kobold Press has got you covered with their new Creature Codex, which is just massive-more than 400 pages and nearly 400 monsters, this codex has enemies, allies, and indifferent third parties of all stripes.

Privateer Press: Painting The Tharn - Iona The Unseen Come take a look at one of the new Tharn models as the Privateer Press studio team takes on Iona of the Tharn. That's right, fresh off of the CID's testing site, we've got a look for you at the new Iona model. She's representing Tharn and their new re-emergence from their cursed fate.

More Fighting Over Vigilus Next Week - Space Marines Vs Aeldar The Battle for Vigilus rages on, with the forces of the beleaguered Imperium continuing to clash with the various Xenos forces that have an interest in securing it. This time it's the perfidious Aeldari vs the noble Primaris Marines. Two more factions come to Vigilus to do battle.

Warhammer: Take A Look Inside The New Chaosbane Trailer Time to gear up to slay some daemons in the Old World, because Warhammer Chaosbane ekes closer to its inevitable release. Today as proof of time's inexorable advance, we have a look at a new story trailer for the upcoming ARPG. If you like playing Diablo, and getting caught in the rain.

New 40k Boxset: Eldar vs Primaris Marines + Kill Team Expansion Home » 8th Edition » Eldar » Kill Team » Primaris Space Marines » Space Marines » Warhammer 40k » New 40k Boxset: Eldar vs Primaris Marines + Kill Team Expansion A new 40k boxset with Eldar vs Primaris Marines is coming to pre-orders next week alongside the Wall of Martyrs Kill Team expansion and 2 new Kill Team Starter Sets.

Kill Team Commader Pics and Video from Kill Team Open Day Home » Kill Team » Rumors » Warhammer 40k » Kill Team Commader Pics and Video from Kill Team Open Day Find out more about what is coming for Kill Team Commanders and more information about what is coming. Chapter Master Valrak asked the GW team some of the questions we all have about future expansions.

40K: Style Over Substance - Cool Dudes Of The Imperium There's no questioning the fact that the heroes of the Imperium are heroes of substance. But who's got the best style? We rank our favorite miniatures in the Imperium. That's right friends. It's time to accept what we all know to be universal truths of our reality.

Warlord: Time To Go A-Viking It's time to get Medieval-well, a particular subset of the Medieval period, at any rate. Come check out the new Viking Command group out now for Hail Caesar! The Viking Command group from Warlord games is here. The perfect flavor for all your Hail Caesar Historical Needs.

Pathfinder: A Wizard Did It Pathfinder's new maps, are indicative of the fact that a Wizard did it. Come explore a Wizard's Dungeon, a Desert, or a Ghost Ship.

40K Lore: Abhumans Of The Imperium Part 2 Today, Loremasters, we continue our discussion of what makes a human, human-ab or otherwise. In order to do so, we look at three more variants, who prove that there are some traits that all humans embody, no matter their genetic makeup. We continue last week's lecture with more examples of humanity as it can be found throughout the Imperium.

The Soccer War 1969 I've been thinking of ways to squeeze extra mileage out of the jungle flight stands I've made, without starting anything too long winded, time consuming or expensive. I thought of Thud Ridge but that would be too much to do.

Osprey's Oathmark Offers a New Fantasy Campaign - Part 2 Osprey Games upcoming mass fantasy battle game, Oathmark, was written by Joseph A. McCullough of Frostgrave fame and uses fantasy miniatures by North Star Military Figures. This post is a continuation of last week's post where we looked at the miniatures of the Oathmark Human and Elf Factions.

Tomb Kings - Sphinx I had to play about with the levels in photoshop with this image, for a rather… silly problem. The lighting on the day was so bright that the logo from my light box was shining through the back of the white background and no matter how I tried the exposure levels in camera wasn't getting rid of it.

The Black Battlefleet 1860-75 I've just finished reading this new Osprey title and thought I'd give it a quick review. It's not bad but I was disappointed by the artwork, which features some small side profiles, a couple of cut away diagrams and some nondescript colour plates, although the latter aren't too bad.

What's On Your Table: Adeptus Titanicus Legio Gryphonicus Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Adeptus Titanicus Legio Gryphonicus What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to [email protected] me two weeks but this is the first in my war griffins. Hopefully I'll be playing by thanksgiving.

Age Of Sigmar: Lore Of The Night Vault Today, we open up the Night Vault and look within to see what secrets, horrors, and secret horrors lurk within. Come find out the lore of the Katophranes and the disaster looming within.

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