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A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

Tabletop Gallery: Ork Construction Crew I think that this Imperial Planet is about to get a makeover. Enjoy. If You Have An Awesome Wargame Shot You Think Would Make A Great BoLS Pic Of The Day, Email Us. We Love Spectacle And Characterful Shots So Let's See What You Budding Photographers Can Do!

X-Wing Fly Better Podcast: Commentating with Nam-My Le X-Wing Pilots, Commentator extraordinaire Nam-My Le joins us this week! This week we bring on one of X-Wing's top commentators Nam-My Le! He walks us through what makes good commentary and how we as a community have grown as casters. He then takes on Dee in a First Order vs Republic Jank Tank!

Battle Sisters, Retributors, and The Triumph of Saint Katherine - Unboxing Home » Sisters of Battle » Unboxing » Warhammer 40k » Battle Sisters, Retributors, and The Triumph of Saint Katherine - Unboxing Here is the latest releases unboxed by our friends over on Sprues and Brews!

Geekery: New 'Bloodshot' Trailer Reveals More of the Anti-Hero's Story The classic Valiant Comics character hits the the big screen for the first time next month, but his story already feels tired. They really should have called this Bloodshot: A Tale of Traumatic Brain Injury. I think I would dig this more if it were made about 20 years ago.

Pre-Orders are Up! Sisters of Battle and Ritual of the Damned For the particularly dedicated, there's even a gorgeous collector's edition to pick up - make sure to grab yours early to avoid Psychic Awakening: Ritual of the Damned also sees the arrival of Master Lazarus - the first-ever member of the Inner Circle to cross the Rubicon Primaris.

D&D: Fight Dirty With These 5 Combat Tricks Want to punch above your weight in D&D? Play to your strengths with five quick combat tricks that will give you an edge in your next encounter. More people than ever are enjoying D&D, thanks in part to 5th Edition's accessibility and ease-of-use. But just because the game is streamlined, doesn't mean the rules are basic.

Warhammer 40K: Master Lazarus Rules & Mini At last ritual of the Damned is here. Come take a look at The Unforgiven's Master Lazarus. Hopefully by now, you've seen the new miniature. And you've probably got a hint at his rules. Well now, for your viewing pleasure, let's take a look at Master Lazarus' full datasheet!

Warhammer 40K: Penitent Engines & Arco-Flagellants Unboxed The Sisters of Battle are getting some souped-up cyborg helpers this weekend - come check out the new kits! It's new Arco-Flagellants and the new Penitent Engines from Games Workshop this weekend and we're looking at the brand new kits:. Here at BoLS we are so glad to see these units get new models.

Warhammer 40K: Psychic Awakening - Ritual of the Damned Overview What secrets does the Ritual of the Damned hold? Are the Grey Knights going to be good again? Come take a tour to find out! We got our hands on the Ritual of the Damned and it's going to shake things up for sure. So the burning question folks have is does it make Dark Angels/Grey Knights awesome?!

Games Workshop Pre-Order First Looks: Sisters & The Damned Check out the new stuff coming from GW this weekend! via Games Workshop. Pain is weakness leaving the body… Join BoLS Prime for subscriber-exclusives. Support the content you love.

Mbote Independence Day - Long Live Mbote! As you probably already know, today is Independence Day in the People's Democratic Republic of Mbote. President For Life, Colonel Banga Boum, has declared a state holiday and there will be a military parade in the capital Mpongoville by the Mbote Defence Force and by units of the Peoples Volunteer Army militia in the regional capital of Zambuzi.

Some artillery for my British Napoleonic army I have renovated the remaining Del Prado British artillery pieces in my collection. When added to the three guns I had already renovated, I now have twelve artillery pieces to allocate to my Napoleonic British army.

Plastic Dudesmen #15: Think About the Children! Now the shoe is on the other foot. A local 40k buddy would always tell someone to just "Git Gud" as a joke when he played his old over powered Eldar. That was many moons ago and now we fear the reaper known as Space Marines. Enjoy. Join BoLS Prime for subscriber-exclusives.

What's On Your Table: Fallout:Wasteland Warfare Home » What's On Your Table » What's On Your Table: Fallout:Wasteland Warfare What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics or short video to [email protected] finished my X-01 power armor and Dogmeat for Fallout:Wasteland Warfare.

Pimpcron: Custom Tournament Formats Are Best Pimpcron has a lot experience with them, you should listen. Hello, what's happening my ever-loving readers? I've had people come up to me at my wargaming convention Shorehammer and ask why all of my tournaments have custom formats. Why don't I just use ITC formats?

Battle Sisters There is a full step by step painting guide for these miniatures here. I haven't got much history with Sisters of Battle, since their second edition codex was released just after I'd drifted away from the hobby, and by the time I came back they had been unsupported for so long that they weren't really relevant.

Try This At Home: Make the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian's Helmet This awesome looking take on the heavy infantry Manalorian helmet is made out of materials you can pick up at your local hardware and hobby store. Bonus: you can build it in a few days. Remember this dude? Now, thanks to Odin Makes, you can build his helmet.

Geekery: Trailerpalooza - Aquaman, Dark Tower, Cult Horror, and MacGruber It's that time again - I've got more news than I have posts in a week. Lots of television and stream news - including some cancelations - plus the first trailer for Glen Danzig's directorial debut.

RPG Spotlight: MASKS, Your New Favorite Way To Be A Superhero Grab your masks and capes! Today you're becoming the teenage superhero of your dreams with MASKS. When I was young I would spend hours daydreaming about superpowers and adventures, about going home from school and having more to do that homework and walking the dogs.

Sinker Saves the Day Special Rules One key element of the Bag the Hun Lard Day scenario is the eponymous hero, Pilot Officer 'Sinker' Armstrong. Although only a Veteran pilot and section leader, P/O Armstrong has to make more than an appearance in the scenario if it is to deserve it's title of 'Sinker Saves The Day'.

Penitent Engines and Arco-flagellants That Arco-Flagellent boxset looks promising with lots of bits? Would love to see the sprue on this one. With that in mind, read on to learn more about them! The Holy Orders of the Adepta Sororitas may be the only official military wing of the Ecclesiarchy, but there are many other resources at the disposal of the Adeptus Ministorum.

Star Wars Theories: The Dark Truth About Baby Yoda and Force Healing Let's talk about why Force Healing may not be a good thing - and what that means for Baby Yoda - Spoilers*. The ability to heal someone with the Force, known as Force Healing, plays a significant role in both the Rise of Skywalker and episode 7 of The Mandalorian.

Warhammer 40K: Psychic Awakening - Pacing The New Models Games Workshop has been keeping a steady pace with the models for Psychic Awakening. Let's take a look at what's been out so far. Psychic Awakening is a pretty slow-roll event for GW. But looking at the pattern, we know it's a long play to setup something even bigger.

Age of Sigmar: Teclis Returns In New Teaser Games Workshop is dropping a new teaser for the leader of the Pointy Aelves - Teclis is returning to the tabletop and we can't wait! Get ready for the return of a legend - Teclis has a new model coming from Games Workshop and the artwork is looking spicy!

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