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A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

D&D: Journey into Avernus with the HighRollers - Episode 6 Join DM Mark Hulmes, Kim Richards, Chris Trott, Thiannon Gower, Katie Morrison and Tom Hazell in this mini-series exploring the themes of Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus. Get a preview of the adventure-filled with diabolical dangers that will be released September 17.

A simple campaign system : Initial play testing I decided that the British Relief Force would comprise three separate formations: The River Column starting from Wadi Halfa and moving up the River Nile towards Khartoum. The Desert Column starting from Wadi Halfa and crossing the desert towards Abu Hamed to meet up with the Suakin Column.

Showcase: Dark Angel Reivers and Intercessors If you agreed with that,… Warhammer Conquest: Issues 51 and 52 Contents Confirmed - As I said with the Last Post, we're down to some meagre offerings. If you agreed with that,… WIP: Dark Angels Primaris Army - Part 10: Intercessors Complete! - Back on track with our Primaris Marines.

Pimpcron: 40K Products We Need Pimpcron has a few ideas for GW licensing. Hi everyone! It's your father, Pimpcron. While I probably am not your actual biological father, I feel like a father figure to you all. Ya know, because of my sage wisdom and bad puns. Also I love me some white New Balance shoes and cargo shorts while I warn you not to touch my thermostat.

Chaos: The Gaunt Summoner The Chaos army of Archaon for Age of Sigmar is nearly complete. Just the last 3 Varanguard to finish. Here we see the Tzeentch wizard, the Gaunt Summoner. This guy is nicely alien, mutated beyond any human range. I like his face, mutated to 'grow' up his helmet, studded with eyes.

Terrain - LOS Blocking Hills for 40k Over the past month I've been working on and off on some hills that block line of sight. I had some hills for Fantasy made of bluefoam that were just basic steps. I decided to re-purpose them for 40k. Here is the end result. The observant among you might be able to see an Iron Warriors Forgefiend lurking on one of the hills.

Warhammer 40k, Fantasy & Games Workshop Minis Trivia Challenge Kick off your weekend with this retro challenge for the old-schoolers out there. What ancient Games Workshop, Warhammer, and 40K minis are these? ~Let's see who the minis loremaster really is. Have a great weekend everybody!

Get your Tablet Off your Work Space - HobbyZone Multimedia Module Review One of the problems I didn't even know that I had was my iPad taking space on my work desk. Based off of the suggestion of my wife, I got a HobbyZone Multimedia Module for their Modular Workshop System. It is great. In this post, I take a look at the Multimedia Module by

Tabletops Spotlight - Weekly Retailer Releases We're talking about this week's new releases from Star Wars, Z-Man Games and more! This Tabletop Spotlight was streamed live on Friday, August 9th. Follow BoLS on Facebook and Twitch to always stay up to date on the latest in tabletop and RPG news and releases.

Fox Box Tiny Tank: Wonderfully Small Tanks…. For your Grots, Goblins, or other projects, these tiny tanks come with enough options that will make them glorious additions to your armies.

Geekery: More 'Wheel of Time' Cast Revealed - Lots of New Faces Amazon has announced the more cast members for the series based on Robert Jordan's beloved series of novels. There are a lot of young, 'no-name' actors on the list.

ToyLand: New Thundercats Ultimates Have the Power Super7 is adding to their line of figs inspired by the early '80s cartoon series we grew up with. This new collection includes heroes and villains from Thundercats - and they look fantastic. How about some mood music? Lion-O - $45.00. Mummy Mumm-Ra - $45.00.

Warhammer 40K: New Marine FAQs Out For All Non-Codex Chapters You didn't think GW was going to leave the Non-Codex Chapters hanging without an update, did you? Check these out! If you play Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Grey Knights, Deathwatch or any of the Heretic Astartes then we've got some great news for you from Games Workshop - You all just got a TON of new updates.

Space Marines: Free Downloads for New Rules Let's take a look at some of the highlights… Last week, we revealed which new units in Codex: Space Marines will be joining the ranks of the Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Dark Angels. Well, there's more!

Warhammer 40K: Guilliman's Big Nerf Roboute Guilliman just got his first major nerf. Check out how GW deflated the Ultramarines' Primarch. For Matched Play, Guilliman was a bit of a conundrum for GW. He was expensive but also a fantastic Force Multiplier. He could take complete junk and make it good - and he could make good weapons great.

Forge World Pre-Orders: New Necromunda & LotR Miniatures Available Forge World has a batch of Necromunda Mercs and some brand new miniatures for the Lord of the Rings out for pre-order today! via Forge World. Apollus Kage was a member of the Orlock gang the Sump Dogs, but after a failed leadership challenge he decided it was time to go freelance.

D&D: New Miniatures Unleash An Unpainted Kraken And Descend To Avernus The newest miniatures from Wizkids look ready to bring gargantuan fun to your tabletop-as long as you don't mind things getting a little infernal along the way. Come and check out the latest releases from Wizkids Miniatures for D&D.

Outside the Box - August 16th Here we go again, this week we have news from Atomic Mass Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Modiphius Entertainment, Wargames Atlantic, Raging Heroes, Crooked Dice and more! Atomic Mass Games added a gallery of all wave 1 Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures: - > More Atomic Mass Games News.

Introducing….The Hobby Desk! I am the Casual Hammerer, and I'm here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to a dedicated hobby space in the comfort of his home?

D&D: Get Wild, Get Astral With Two New Subclasses The Wild Soul Barbarian makes anger management magical, while Monks following the Way of the Astral Self get ready to make a Stand. Exciting news for Barbarian and Monk players, as two new subclasses make their debut in this month's Unearthed Arcana.

A simple campaign system : Some initial rules Before I even began to draft some rules, I decided to enhance the colours I had used on my campaign grid as the original looked rather anaemic!

Games Workshop Time Warp: Space Hulk & Skaven - Ten Year Ago Ten years ago this month - GW rolled out Space Hulk. The Imperial Guard, Skaven, and Orcs were all getting the love. How many of these do you remember? August of 2009 was a fun time. Let's go take a stroll down Nostalgia Lane and remember those heady days 1 decade ago.

Hangers on… Painted up a little bit of local colour for the ECW project… The landlady of the tavern with a little friendly "persuader" Slightly blurry… Lady Featherstonehaugh wife of the owner of the local manor Dreadful when close up but surprisingly effective at table top view.

Warhammer 40K: Passive vs Active Judging Adam, from TFG Radio, here to shed some light on judging in the world of competitive 40K. If you go to any tournament, or any event really, there is always someone that has to have a working knowledge of the rules and have the ability to make decisions if there is a dispute or some type of grey area.

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