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Latest News & Blogs

A selection of the latest tabletop wargaming news and blog posts.

D&D: Baldur's Gate 3 - Worldwide Gameplay Reveal And Opening Cinematic Baldur's Gate 3's gameplay has been revealed and asks the question: can gamers handle percentage chances to hit? Come and take a look! Baldur's Gate 3's, had their big gameplay reveal event at PAX East earlier today where they gave gamers the world over a first look at what the developers have been hard at work on.

Geekery: What to Watch this Week - February 27, 2020 Gun hands tries to win a live streamed death match, a terrifying story of stalking from beyond the grave, and a cyberpunk story continues with a new sleeve. Take a look at what to watch in the theaters and on your couch.

The Talons of the Emperor are Coming! Home » Adeptus Custodes » Sisters of Silence » Talons of the Emperor » Warhammer 40k » The Talons of the Emperor are Coming! The Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence will be playable in a single faction, the Talons of the Emperor! Not only that, but they're getting exclusive Warhammer 40,000 rules, too.

Ancien Régime To Grande Armée, 1792-1815 When developing my set of Napoleonic rules, one of the first tasks I set myself was to try and understand the change in tactics that took place between the Seven Years War and the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. What was so different about Napoleonic tactics that made it a more complex and demanding period to wargame?

Geekery: 'Why Don't You Just Die?' is 'Meet the Parents' for Horror Fans This dark splatter horror / comedy is from Kirill Sokolov has been compared to early Tarantino, Edgar Wright, and Sam Raimi. You can definitely see the influences in this trailer, with some Russian flair thrown in the mix.

Shattered Ship Markers I realised the other day that, aside from a fourth shell splash marker, I had nothing to indicate when a ship was Shattered in Broadside and Ram, or in other words, when it was in the process of actually sinking.

D&D: First Look at the Adventure Zone Comic; Petals to the Metal Dungeons and Dragons podcast turned comic is coming back with its 3rd installment this July, but page previews are out RIGHT NOW. Since the first episode dropped in 2014, The Adventure Zone has been a fan favorite with the Dungeons and Dragons podcasting community.

From the Ashes…. Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy Home » Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy » From the Ashes…. - Proof of a new mini? Or a red herring? ITC 2020 40k Missions in their Final Form! - So here we are! Barring in grammar or clarity issues, or any egregious balance issues, the missions are now done.

Warhammer 40K: 5 Freaky Forge World Vehicles Forge World has had a lot of strange vehicles - but these combine strange looks with strange rules. Check out of 5 favorite Freaky Forge World Vehicles! When you're looking for that "little something extra" for your collection Forge World has a vast array of kits you typically don't see every day.

Warhammer 40K: Valerian & Aleya Rules Preview Plus Future Hints Games Workshop dropped a bunch of rules for the two new heroes of the Imperium along with a tease about the future of Psychic Awakening. On Tuesday we saw the new miniatures revealed for The Regent's Shadow.

St. Jowen's Dock: Planetfall I am currently running a linked RPG-wargaming campaign using three different Warhammer 40,000 systems: Dark Heresy, Kill Team, and the normal Warhammer 40k ruleset. It is an ambitious project, but I'm hoping it will make for an intriguing narrative. Back in January, we had both our first Dark Heresy session and our first Warhammer 40,000 battle.

Warhammer 40K: Major Space Marine Changes Ahead Games Workshop has put their foot down on Space Marines. Here comes the Nerf Bat. It appears as if the reign of the Space Marines has gone on long enough and Games Workshop has stepped in to attempt to course correct. There is a new FAQ/Designer's commentary out now and it's got some pretty massive changes for the Angels of Death.

Space Marines Too Powerful……. New Official Updates to Re-address Balance New Official Updates to Re-address Balance I think there is a bigger issue here than a simple rules adjustment, but lets take a look at the latest discussion and rules changes that just went live to pull Space Marines back into balance. With that in mind, the Warhammer 40,000 rules team have been looking for a way to redress the balance.

D&D: Five Magic Shields Even Captain America Wouldn't Say No To The right magic items will save your bacon. Here are five magic items the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division would want. If you don't like overwrought acronyms you might want to shield your eyes, because today we're here to talk about some of the best magic items in the game-magic shields.

The Primogenitor WIP I am currently working on a warband and terrain box for Ironsleet's "The Primogenitor" narrative community project. The Primogenitor is focused on terrain interaction, I have been super inspired by Nicholas Grillet's display boxes, so I thought I'd try a similar thing myself!

RPG: The Infinidungeon Is A Scrolling Dungeon Map That Unfurls Adventure The Infinidungeon is a new map scroll that contains 20 real life feet of dungeon wrapped around its amazing display pieces. Kickstarting now!

Crisis Protocol: Know Your Enemy - Vision Vision has entered the Crisis Protocol universe and brings some never before seen defense tech! How can we take down this Synthezoid Avenger? What can you expect when facing off against Vision? Take a look at his cards and we'll dive right in! Both healthy and injured sides are the same.

D&D: The Real Life Origins Of Famous NPCs Arkhan the Cruel went from Joe Manganiello's character to a part of D&D canon… a time honored tradition that many big names in D&D have followed. When players ventured into Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, they might encounter Arkhan the Cruel, a servant of Tiamat, and the recent creation of Joe Manganiello.

Warhammer 40K: New Adeptus Titanicus Weapons Come and check out the new Ursus Claw and Natrix shock lance, both of which help your Warhounds punch above their weight.

40K Doctor: Fixing Stratagems The Doctor is in and it's time to fix up what ails stratagems. Stratagems are an integral part of 8th Edition and one of the things that really sets it apart. They are however also a bit controversial. I think are their core most people like the idea of stratagems, but over time they've developed some issues.

Untamed Beasts - Part 4 What would the Untamed Beasts be without a beast prowling at their heels? Having distracted myself long enough with the Iron Golems it's time to focus on getting the Beasts wrapped up, starting with the Rocktusk Prowler. Of course, even a beast wants someone to talk to.

Warhammer 40K: Power Armies - Past & Present Don't worry about the Iron Hands. Their reign of terror will be short lived like the power armies who ruled before them. Take a walk down memory lane. In case you hadn't heard the Iron Hands are ruling the meta. According to BCP, the Marines just broke the all time winning streak for most winning weekly armies since they began tracking.

Forge World: Indexes Now On 'Last Chance To Buy' Status The Forge World Indexes are officially moved to "Last Chance To Buy" Status. Get them while you can. If you were waiting to get your hands on the Forge World Indexes for Warhammer 40,000 8th edition, you might want to get them ASAP. At LVO 2020, GW announced that they were going to be ending production of those books.

Tabletop Gallery: Radioactive Cultists Hey boss, are we supposed to be glowing like this? Enjoy. If You Have An Awesome Wargame Shot You Think Would Make A Great BoLS Pic Of The Day, Email Us. We Love Spectacle And Characterful Shots So Let's See What You Budding Photographers Can Do!

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