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Ranking the Top 20 Centers for Fantasy in 2020/21 Welcome back for my third installment in this series as I rank the top 20 centers for fantasy hockey in 2020/21. You can view my previous post on centers 11-15 here. These projections and rankings may vary over time as the draft/free agency / coaching changes come down, but at least this should give everyone a place to start.

Seven days in April: The Tampa series lives on for CBJ, fans I think through some of our leadership group and some guys that have been here for a couple of years now, I think that's the way we feel." It's a message that months later sounds eerily familiar to his famous "no backsteps" address given to the team in the locker room ahead of the opener vs Tampa Bay.

Bruins Encore: Relive Bruins-Lightning 2011 Playoffs Game 2 Ahead Of NESN Broadcast Editor's note: Starting Tuesday, March 24, NESN will re-air memorable games from the Boston Bruins' Stanley Cup run. Up next is Game 2 of the 2011 Eastern Conference final against the Tampa Bay Lightning. See the full schedule by clicking here. Tyler Seguin hardly was an unknown player entering the 2011 postseason.

21 Days of 2021 NHL Draft Prospects: #14 - Zachary Bolduc The Q was loaded with talented rookies this season.

Lightning Round: Best player you've seen live In this case, the best player that we've seen live. For myself, a Lightning fan of almost 20 years, the choices would seem to be obvious: my man crunch Vincent Lecavalier, hall of famer Marty Saint Louis, current captain Steven Stamkos, or all-world star Nikita Kucherov.

Bruins Encore: Relive Bruins-Lightning 2011 Playoffs Game 1 Ahead Of NESN Broadcast Editor's note: Starting Tuesday, March 24, NESN will re-air memorable games from the Boston Bruins' Stanley Cup run. Up next is Game 1 of the 2011 Eastern Conference final against the Tampa Bay Lightning. See the full schedule by clicking here.

21 Days of 2021 NHL Draft Prospects: #15 - Matthew Beniers The hype was real last season. Has it changed after this year?

Tom Brady Is Moving Into Tampa Mansion Built By Derek Jeter Jeter's Tampa mansion is reportedly one of the largest in the city, even compared to the other nearby mansions in the extremely wealthy and exclusive neighborhood of Davis Islands, where other current and former pro athletes are said to have residences as well.

Lightning Round: NHL hockey in North Dakota? None of this is beyond the spitballing stage, and I request everyone to take the grain of salt Elliotte put in his article seriously. The idea of hosting the NHL Playoffs at a neutral, lightly-populated area is enticing, especially if the goal is to provide some closure to the season.

2022 Beijing Olympics Might Not Be The Right NHL Platform National Hockey League owners and players seem to have different thoughts about participating in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The players want to go, NHL owners are not sure if it is a good idea. The differences have nothing to do with the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

It Is Unlikely Canada Will Be Open For Sports Before July Canada Day, July 1 Might Be A Target. The news out of the Canadian capital of Ottawa was not good for Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association in terms of getting product going again. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he does not expect business to return to normal before July.

Lightning Round: Today would have been the last game day of the regular season Today was supposed to be the last game day of the 2019-20 regular season for the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Bolts would have clinched their playoff spot probably a couple of weeks ago and their opponent for the first round of the postseason would already be known too.

Tampa Bay Lightning: Some positives during this dark time While it’s obvious to see the negatives of the situation, h…

Lightning's Top-10 Goal Scorers All-Time With so much offensive talent passing through one franchise, let's look back at the 10 best goal scorers in Lightning history to see who has left a meaningful mark on the history books. For a franchise with so many great goal scorers, Steven Stamkos is, by a pretty wide margin, the Lightning's best in franchise history.

Ben Bishop Trade Revisited Looking back, the Ottawa Senators traded away Ben Bishop when they had a logjam in net. With what they got back in return, did they win or lose the Bishop trade?

21 Days of 2021 NHL Draft Prospects: #16 - Fabian Lysell Another offensive Swedish dynamo is on the way…

Check out the Tampa house Bucs QB Tom Brady is renting from former Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter Two legends, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 30,000-plus square feet. With quarterback Tom Brady moving to Tampa after signing with the Buccaneers, he needed a place to lay his head. Former New York Yankees shortstop, current Miami Marlins chief executive officer and part owner, and Tampa resident Derek Jeter was there to help.

Forgotten Former Lightning Players Who Will Shock You Stillman's story, in which he played a single season for the Lightning, is far from unique. In fact, Lightning history is filled to the brim with players who made brief stopovers with the team before moving on, players you may not recognize as ever having worn the jersey at all.

Tom Brady Will Be Renting Derek Jeter's Mansion After Arriving in Tampa Upon leaving the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the first order of business for quarterback Tom Brady was finding a place to live worthy of one of the greatest players in football history. Brady has confirmed his move to Tampa Bay, and Derek Jeter deserves credit for helping TB12 decide on a place to stay.

21 Days of 2021 NHL Draft Prospects: #17 - Carson Lambos Players like him don’t come around very often…

Ryan McDonagh: Tampa Bay Lightning hoping for playoffs - TSN.ca Tampa Bay Lightning defenceman Ryan McDonagh isn't particular on how the NHL should return to action if the season is able to resume. He's just hoping for a chance to compete for the Stanley Cup. "If were to be cancelled, it would be a huge disappointment," McDonagh told the team's website.

The best players to wear each jersey number in Tampa Bay… 1 to 99, don't you dare miss our list of the best players ever to suit up for the Buccaneers, Lightning and Rays.

Top 99 sports movies of all time according to public data Earlier this week, The Athletic released a list of the Top 100 sports movies of all time as voted on by their staff. The list was a fun look at which films their writers like and generated some good arguments over which movies were under or overrated.

Lightning Round: PHPA and ECHL announce creation of a relief fund for ECHL players Nearhos of the Tampa Bay Times reviewed the yesterday's conference call with Ryan McDonagh in her latest article. Meanwhile, the first hockey team became a victim of COVID-19. Yesterday, the Russian team Admiral Vladivostok from the KHL announced that the regional government decided to stop providing financial help for the team for next season.

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