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'The Walking Dead' Season 10: Connie's Fate Still Hangs in The Balance Connie has been missing for several episodes in Season 10 of 'The Walking Dead.' SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Season 10 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

The Walking Dead star reveals real reason they don’t watch zombie series after death THE WALKING DEAD fans have had to say goodbye to a number of their favourite characters and a host of villains they love-to-hate over the years. But, one former star has confessed why they haven't stayed up to date with the series after they were killed off.

'The Walking Dead' Season 10: Episode 15 Trailer Hints At Daryl Finding Out That Rick Is Still Alive Daryl Dixon and Judith will bond over killing walkers in the next episode of 'The Walking Dead.' SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Season 10 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

'Fear the Walking Dead: Season 5' To Hit Blu-ray On May 19th! The battle for survival and prosperity continues when "Fear the Walking Dead": Season 5 arrives on Blu-ray and DVD May 19 from Lionsgate.

The Best Horror TV Shows to Watch on Netflix If you're looking for hardcore horror, FX's American Horror Story isn't for you - certain seasons, such as Murder House and Asylum, are far more frightening than others, but overall, American Horror Story is less interested in actual scares and more in finding entertaining ways to play with classic horror tropes.

The Walking Dead plot hole: Huge error in Negan's Alpha transformation revealed THE WALKING DEAD saw one of its most shocking deaths ever in recent weeks when Negan brutally killed Alpha. In the eyes of the Whisperers, he has now become the new 'Alpha', but one scene has cast doubt on the process.

The Walking Dead Hid a Devastating Season 4 Easter Egg The Walking Dead has been calling on some of its long running history lately, including a devastating Easter egg which only the biggest of fans were able to catch in Sunday night's Episode 10x14.

The Walking Dead: Will Michonne get a series? Will Danai Gurira star in spin-off film? THE WALKING DEAD is in its 10th series and Michonne, one of the main characters, has just left. Will Michonne get her own series?

"Fear the Walking Dead" Season 5 Heads to Blu-ray in May With production on "Fear the Walking Dead" currently shut down, now is a great time to catch up on AMC's spinoff series. You can do just that when Season 5 comes to DVD/Blu in May. The fifth season of "Fear the Walking Dead" heads to physical media on May 19.

How 'The Walking Dead' Legal Fights Could Redefine Dealmaking Two court decisions involving the zombie series could shape how creators are paid in a future where every studio has its own streamer.

10 Most Disturbing Moments In The Walking Dead This longevity has most definitely paved the way for some substantial highs and lows, but possibly its most consistent aspect has been its ability to shock and disturb its dedicated fan-base. Many argue that it can never go too far. After all, the whole point is to highlight survivors being killed by zombies whose sole purpose is to eat everyone.

Princess: who is the new character in 'The Walking Dead'? The Walking Dead TV show introduced one of the comic book series' most flamboyant and colourful characters in its latest episode. Juanita Sanchez - aka Princess - is well-known to fans of the comics already, and made a grand entrance in last night's episode 'Look at the Flowers'.

The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Explains Negan and Alpha's "Just Weird Enough" Death Kiss After spending just three days among her ranks, becoming the first Whisperer to be intimate with Alpha, Negan used Lydia as bait to lure Alpha to a shack in the woods where he slashed her throat before delivering Alpha's zombified head to Carol. "My thought was, it was a brutal way to go, having your throat slit.

Season 10, Episode 14, Look at the Flowers Just because one person is richer, more powerful, or more famous, does that mean that they don't have many of the same problems as the rest of us? For the last ten seasons, this is something that The Walking Dead has been dealing with constantly.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 15 "The Tower" First Look Photos First look photos from The Walking Dead Season 10 episode 15, "The Tower," offer a peek at what's to come in the last episode of the season until the postponed season finale airs later this year.

Newest The Walking Dead Star Fell Down Crying When She Won Princess Role Newest The Walking Dead star Paola Lázaro, who first appeared as the purple-haired Princess in Sunday's "Look at the Flowers," fell to her knees and cried when she learned she won the role.

Norman Reedus "Hated" The Walking Dead Making Negan New Alpha of the Whisperers The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan says buddy Norman Reedus "hated" a scene from Sunday's "Look at the Flowers," where Negan was gleefully installed as new pack leader of the Whisperers after killing Alpha.

New The Walking Dead Finale Clip Teases Major Comic Death The Walking Dead is rolling into its Season 10 finale which will air this Sunday night. The originally planned finale episode will air at a later date this year. However, in the upcoming Episode 10x15, there my be a major death from The Walking Dead comics coming to violent fruition with a spin on it.

How Long Was Negan With Alpha and the Whisperers on The Walking Dead? Negan spent just days posing as a Whisperer, according to The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The Walking Dead finally introduces The Princess with explosive gun-slinging stand-off in The Tower THE Walking Dead has finally introduced new character Princess with an explosive gun-slinging stand-off at the beginning of upcoming episode The Tower. The crazy newbie, who is played by Puerto Rican actress Paolo Lazaro, 32, certainly makes an entrance during her opening scenes on the hit AMC zombie show.

The Walking Dead boss teases major comic character Princess The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang has opened up about the introduction of a major comic book character to the series. Sunday's episode welcomed a fan favourite from the pages in Princess, a vibrantly dressed stranger with a machine gun who likes to dress up Walkers in funny costumes for a bit of a laugh.

The Walking Dead's Ryan Hurst Explains What Beta's Note Means The Walking Dead star Ryan Hurst sheds light on the meaning behind the note discovered by Whisperer Beta in Season 10 episode 14, "Look at the Flowers," where Beta's secret identity was exposed as country music singer Half Moon.

The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals Reaction to Negan's First Scenes With Melissa McBride's Carol Co-stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Melissa McBride shared a mutual excitement over scenes revealing it was Carol who broke Negan out of jail when conspiring to murder Whisperer leader Alpha, marking the first time the series veterans appeared together on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead showrunner reveals global health crisis hasn't been "overly disruptive" on season 11 In a recent interview with Deadline, The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang revealed the writers are continuing to work remotely and current events haven't been "overly disruptive yet." "You know, we obviously made the decision last week to stop all pre-production, that was AMC, just kind of across the board for their production.

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