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London Hey everyone, how are you? Today I am going to London for a day. Going to be seeing a friend, who I have not seen in a while. I will be travelling to London this morning, getting a train mid morning and getting into London around lunch time. It is unlikely that I will get a second blog online today.

Luxury travel news this week Here's a round-up of luxury travel stories that have caught the eye this week. To make sure you receive these new weekly alerts in your web browser, please click on the red bell icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page and click 'subscribe'. This will also alert you to any other posts on the blog.

Semalam di Bangkok I'm back to Bangkok, my favorite city in the region. this time I take my dad and kids with me. It's first time. this time around, we took airport link from Shuvarnabumi Airport, then MRT then BTS to commute. after we arrived at our hotel, off we went to the newest mall, ICON SIAM, by the side.

The Little Travel Book: Dealing with hunger pangs in London, pt.1 It is so easy to get overwhelmed in London at the vast quantity of choice everywhere. That being said, it is one of the selling points of living in a big city, and it's what makes London, well, London!

Otavalo Ecuador: The Complete Travel Guide This is a gorgeous place. We brought a picnic and sat on the shore of the lake. It was incredibly silent and we only saw 4 other people the whole day - a great way to spend the afternoon. You'll need to sort out transportation to bring you from the center of Otavalo to Lagunas de Mojanda, as there is nothing here.

The USA Airports All Have Lyft and Uber Now, but With Fees The Cheapest Places to Live in the World - 2019. How to Find Local Accommodation for a Month or More. What It Costs to Live in Portugal. Living in Bali: Costs and Best Places for Expats. 9 Popular Destinations That Will Be on Sale in 2019. How Much Does It Cost to Live in Hungary?

Visit Nepal 2020: A New Campaign to Boost Tourism As part of tourism promotion. The Nepali Expedition Team climbed Argentina's Mount Aconcagua to promote the Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign globally. And the Nepal Tourism Board organized special roadshows in the UK in January 2019. See also: Rafting Nepal's Kali Gandaki River.

10% Rebate on Redeemed Hyatt Points this Summer! Now's the time to burn those Hyatt points you've been saving up! Hyatt is offering a summer promotion - get 10% of your redeemed points back when you use them between July through Labor Day.

Food Trip: 18 Must-Try Food in Catanduanes If you're thinking of pasalubong, then add bukayo to your list! Mostly sold on provincial buses and souvenir shops, this sweet and chewy delicacy is made with coconut strips, coconut water, and sugar mixture, and then formed flat circles and left to harden.

Someone Tried to Break Into My Hotel Room When I Was Traveling Solo I don't believe that the person trying to come in wanted anything to do with me, but having the skills is helpful no matter where you are in the world, and in the worst case scenario, it's good to know a thing or two. This is not to say that I did everything wrong.

The Best Destinations to Travel to in August Home is where the heart is! I'm a SoCal girl through and through, and as such, it'll always be one of my fave spots to spend a long summer day. Just find the perfect beach, light a bonfire, and find out why the coast of California has stolen so many hearts.

David Cerny: See 9 of His Bizarre Sculptures on this Self-Guided Tour in Prague, Czech Republic David Cerny is a controversial Czech sculptor known for his provocative creations displayed in public areas around Prague. Honing his trade at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design from 1988-1994, he first gained notoriety in 1991 when he painted an important Soviet memorial tank pink and erected a large obscene finger on its turret.

A Getaway In Galway, Ireland's Colourful City I felt an overwhelming sense of calm as we made our way across Ireland to the charming city of Galway. I knew I'd made the right decision - instead of a day over in Dublin, I'd planned out a full weekend to include Galway, too. The nice thing about Galway was that I had nothing actually planned for what to do in the city.

SINGAPORE TO KUALA LUMPUR by BUS or TRAIN: Crossing the Border Aside from being a popular tourist destination, Singapore is also a favorite stopover for those who seek to explore other places in the region. One of the most usual routes is Singapore - Kuala Lumpur. Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are over 350 kilometers apart, which is a considerable distance.

Travelling with Watches Having spent approximately every other week for the last year and a half travelling between Cyprus, Greece and the UK, I think it's fair to say I have been on the move. Having a watch collection that I like to rotate through, inevitably means taking a few treasured watches along for the ride!

Hiking the Nakasendo Trail and staying at a Japanese ryokan We had been planning our once-in-a-lifetime adventure for nearly a year; 10 months travel around the world visiting 15 countries to explore the history, landscape, wildlife, people and food of each destination across South America, Australasia, the Polynesian Triangle, Southeast Asia, China and Japan.

Travel essential: Top tips to help you learn a language from scratch Learning a language from scratch can be a daunting task - it's hard to know quite where to start. To help us novices feel more confident about picking up a second language, the in-house Didactics Team at language learning app Babbel share their best tips and tricks with us:.

San Diego - Dallas / Austin or Vice Versa: $277+ First Class Round Trip, or 18K UR Alaska Airlines is back with more first class deals between California and Texas. Earlier this week I posted about Bay area deals to Austin and Dallas; those deals are mostly still alive, and now San Diego has joined the mix. The bigger discount is for Austin, but the absolute lower price is for Dallas.

10 of the world's best luxury hotels From luxury lodges in the middle of the Serengeti to private-pool beachfront villas, the world is jam-packed full of truly remarkable hotels.

Winter Magic Winter in the Cape is underrated. So much in fact, that Cape Town and the Western Cape as a whole struggle with tourist numbers every year. Visitors, come! There is no reason to avoid the Cape in winter. In fact it has become one of my favourite seasons.

Suspended The weather was uncertain, clouds were covering the sky and finally, as we were descending from our hotel to the lake, the sun came out. Everything suddenly looked beautiful. the nature was impressive. The grass was reflecting the sunlight through the rain drops that had nourished it few minutes before.

Beyond the headlines: the hidden treasures of the Middle East What many travellers have yet to explore is what's behind the headlines often making the rounds on the TV or the internet. This special part of the world has been neglected by travellers for so long, that not many people actually know what hidden treasures await for them on the other side; so today, we're here to try and make that change.

Stuttgart Christmas Market and The Mercedes Benz Museum Now, since we'd arrived in Stuttgart, we hadn't properly managed to check out the Christmas market. The first day we had snow-rain and had to leave within a short time of arriving in the markets. The next day, we'd spent so long exploring the city, I was just too exhausted to even begin to consider exploring the market in any proper way.

Finding the perfect hidden cocktail bar in Paris You won't have to drink that much to enjoy this comfortable space, where there's plenty of room to sit on a couch and sip a curated cocktail and have a quiet chat. The bar is easy to find, halfway between Place des Vosges and the River Seine, and not far from la Place de la Bastille.

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