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A tiny freedom of Hawa Mahal Place: Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Founded in: 1799. Founded by: Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. Architect: Mr Lal Chand Usta. Attraction: 953 windows. I am always fascinated towards historical monuments and especially with the history of India.

11 Incredible Things to Do in Jackson Hole Wyoming Click here for all the best deals on hotels in the area.

The perks of having a Travel Buddy Solo travelling has taken off like never before. Nowadays both men and women are jetting off in pursuit of solo travel adventures oppose to bunching together in a group. It is the new in thing and by the looks of social media, this is a trend that is most definitely here to stay.

Amazing Things to Do in Colombo, Sri Lanka Tagged as: Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Chow down with Uber Eats 25% off discount Chow down and save with Uber Eats 25% off discount. This is for a limited time only and you could possibly pair this with other discounts. If you have the personal version of American Express Platinum, you could make this deal even sweeter with your monthly $15 credit.

How to Get to Tortuguero: Boat & Plane from San Jose & Other Places Driving to La Fortuna from Guanacaste. Driving to La Fortuna from San Jose. Comment. Name. Email. Website.

Why Low Season is High Time for a Visit to Bali A successful visit to Bali, Indonesia is all about good timing. Consider going in the low season to avoid crowds and save money on accommodation.

5 of Sonoma County's most exceptional wine tasting experiences We recommend that you contact the winery before you visit to see what private tasting experiences they offer.

A baby boomer's wonderland Your bucket list may be dwindling what with all the amazing things you've seen and done throughout the years, but one more must-see destination is tugging at your heartstrings… the Amazon has always intrigued your sense of wonder. It's time to shake things up and see even more of the world!

Scotland 07/18 - Sunshine in the Morning and Woodlands by Awe Upon awaking and seeing the sun shining on the contours of the mountains, against a back drop of powder blue I woke Callum up to tell him what a lovely morning it was… poor fellow. I was torn between getting up to enjoy it and staying cosy allowing myself to sleep a little longer.

Inspiration: Greece, Pt. 2 During my holidays in Greece, I captured some moments and moods in my travel sketchbook. I used guache only because I wanted to try out which materials work best for me while travelling. In Japan, I used coloured aquarell pencils, which I found ok.

The Ultimate Best Friend Travel Bucket List From Vegas to Greece to Australia, there's so much of the world that is better to see with your friends by your side. Here are some of the best destinations to visit with your best friend! Mardi Gras aka "Fat Tuesday" is the last day for Catholics to indulge before Lent begins.

Boise: Not Predicting Idaho's Future, Reinventing It Really more of a big town, Boise is an ultra-walker-friendly desert oasis, both in floral and cultural terms. You won't be a stranger here, as one of America's fastest-growing cities is also on track to become a vital Northwestern melting pot. Pronounced Boy-see, not Boy-zee, it's laid out in a handsome grid of wide streets with broad sidewalks.

Sardinian Vacations: top beaches I was particularly excited about going to the island especially because of its famous beaches. Italians usually refer to Sardinia as one of the most incredible places regarding the natural beauty of its seaside, and I had a proud Sardinian living with me to confirm all those affirmations.

Ultimate List of the Best Hotels in Bacolod City Top 10 hotels in Bacolod City. Address: 15 Corner Nueva-Locsin Streets, Bacolod, Negros Occidental 6100 Philippines. Price range : USD 22 and USD 32 via You will get a high-class comfort at this hotel and it is perfectly located close to many tourist attractions.

The Ultimate List of the Best Beach and Dive Resorts in Anilao, Batangas Top 10 Best Beach and Dive Resorts in Anilao. Address: Barrio Bagalangit, Mabini, Anilao, Batangas. Price : USD 49 to USD 86 via Agoda. This three-star resort situated on the tip of the peninsula is much more like a massive vacation home.

KAYAK Tool Figures Out If Can You Stuff That Bag in the Overhead Bin But not every bag is designed for travel in mind, and in those cases, you're left wondering, KAYAK has a tool to help figure it out. Last week, KAYAK unveiled a new bag measurement tool that puts some of that augmented reality technology to use.

10 Simple Ways To Be a Responsible Traveller There's being a responsible traveller in terms of sustainability, but what is important is to respect the culture and customs of the destinations you're choosing to travel. In many parts of the world, wearing shorts and t-shirts isn't appropriate. If you're travelling to Iran, women must obey the dress code - including wearing a headscarf.

A Trip to Waterperry - Travel Diary At the beginning of September the UK had a beautiful weekend, and to make the most of it I went with a friend to Waterperry, which is a village just outside of Oxford.

Best Places to Travel Solo: 10 Bloggers Share Their Favorites It's hard to pick just one place, but if I had to it would be Vietnam. It's got all the fun of a classic backpacker destination like Thailand without the polish and heavy-handed party scene. It's cheaper than Thailand, just as safe, but a bit more quirky and unfamiliar.

Think Twice Before Getting a Fish Pedicure Fish pedicures are today banned in at least 10 U.S. states and are quickly losing popularity due to health and animal welfare concerns. Believe it or not, there are stories of people who've lost their toenails and even toes following participation.

Fiorenze and Vernezia Both on my list of favourite places in Italy. Florence is filled with art and architecture located within the region of Tuscany. Whilst Venice is another picture entirely built on a lagoon connected with multiple canals. Two truly beautiful places to visit!

Kickstarter - Passport Pro Global Travel Adapter Again, here is the link to back the Passport Pro Global Travel Adapter. What do you think of this travel adapter? Planning on backing this? Leave your experience in the comments! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment.

Our Costa Rica adventure Part 4 - reaching La Fortuna In order to reach La Fortuna from Manuel Antonio you would need to spend a whole day in the car. You might think that I am talking nonsense and you might probably wonder how can crossing 222 km take all day, you will understand that only once you arrive in Costa Rica and start driving;).

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