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10 times I realized I'd gone totally Kiwi What has New Zealand done to me? Well, there is a story behind the madness, let me tell you. I encourage you to read on if you have not already clicked off this story, unfollowed me and decided I'm a monster. Allow me to explain. So I've been living in New Zealand as an American expat for almost five years.

Supply & Demand: The Economics Behind Unmatched Versatility Of all the things that Supply and Demand is most misunderstood for, perhaps the most recurring is that it is a fusion restaurant. It really isn't.

The Ultimate Winter Travel Bucket List From magnificent nature in the far east of Europe and the southern tip of the Americas, to the way the culture of Japan and the Middle East comes alive during cooler months, these are the places that remind me how valuable it is to travel in winter, even though it wasn't always my favorite season.

Anker’t Exposed stone, outlines the shell of a former building. Wires trail over the walls connecting speakers and lights with red bulbs. Vines hang above painted tables. Lemonade fills giant glasses, beer is cheap. Drinks are topped with mint and slices of orange and lemon.

Knightsbridge, London - A Guide to Getting to Know the Area Just the name sounds luxurious. This part of London is synonymous with the finer things in life, and for good reason. Luxury goods shops, high-end restaurants, and five-star hotels abound, and walking down the street is like stepping into a fashion shoot.

Winter Walks in Sydney - Why Sydney is one of the most underrated cities in the world. Sydney is miraculous, it's a simple as that. People who have not yet experienced living here are missing out on so much, of course I am biased as I have been living in this beautiful country for a year and a half, but yesterday made me appreciate this city even more so.

First Time Traveling Abroad? Here Are Some Tips To Easily Pass Through Immigration You may be a little anxious and there might be a lot of questions that keep popping on your mind - especially those that the immigration officer will ask. Clearing the Philippine Immigration may be one of the most nerve-racking parts of any international trip, especially if you are a first-timer.

Lisbon's vintage tram We heard a lot about Lisbon's vintage tram line 28 before visiting the city. It resembles to the old tram line running in San Francisco. The vintage tram took us on a picturesque tour from Lisbon's centre to the narrow streets of the city's old suburbs.

WalangPasok: Class suspensions on Friday, July 20, 2018 Several schools and local government units have suspended work and Classes on Friday, July 20, due to monsoon rains enhanced by Tropical Storm Inday. Here's a list of towns, cities, and schools that canceled classes/work on Friday:. Schools and Universities and Colleges.

Luxury travel treats: COSMIQ+ dive computer, Go Dash Dot infinity bag and more Many parts of the world are enjoying record temperatures as we find ourselves in an unusually prolonged and broad heatwave, affecting much of Europe, Africa and North America. Even northern Russia saw exceptionally warm weather whilst hosting the World Cup.

Munich, Germany This past weekend I went on holiday with a friend. We were based in Munich, Germany and explored the local and not too distant area and attractions around. Munich is the capital of Bavaria. A historic town, there a buildings centuries old and a number of museums.

10% back on all Hyatt redemptions Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I don't want to miss another post - sign me up for the PWaC newsletter. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Backpacking on the Tahoe Rim Trail - Big Meadow to Echo Summit There is nothing that says summer in the Sierra like heading into the Tahoe wilderness on a backpacking trip. You get to walk past the wildflower-dotted meadows and crisp alpine lakes, then spend the night under the stars.

The Best Natural Pools in the World This place in the USA is the joy of those who love toys in the water, since the relatively soft rocks are like natural waterslides. It's somewhat dangerous, of course, because there are no lifeguards here. This place is Indonesia is one of the reasons that lots of people visit the archipelago.

"Final day…Oslo part 2…" We woke early and headed for breakfast. It was a quaint setting on the ground floor of the hotel.Crispy bacon and mozzarella sticks for breakfast!!! Don't mind if I do! Admittedly my eyes were waaaaaay bigger than my belly at this time in the morning.

Sambawan Island Travel Guide: Itinerary, Things to do + How to get There and more If fairytales are true then Maria Benita, the good fairy of Biliran where Sambawan Island is located definitely did a good job in shaping what Sambawan is today. It's a beach paradise that isn't easy to reach but you would still go to anyway because of its beauty.

COOLCOOL Lyfe It's the start of the hectic period!! Tmr's gonna be the first day of camp and actually I'm kinda excited to see how it would turn out. Will the participants be high and fun to play with? Will the camp activities be smooth and enjoyable? And I really really hope that my thingy won't clash during the camp itself??

Many Amazon Prime Day deals still available with Alexa Prime Day is officially over but there are a few things that are still some Amazon Prime Day deals still available. Some aren't quite as good as they were during Prime Day but you might be interested anyways. I may receive a commission if you purchase any of these products through my links - I appreciate the support.

Holidays with a toddler Ah finally holidays… but as any of you that have done holidays with a toddler there is always a but… Out but are the 2 years tantrums. We have done lots of flights as a family and also just the 2 of us, but this time around I'm finding really hard.

Edinburgh Travel Diary - Day Two Following on from my Day One in Edinburgh, Sunday was set to be a beautiful day. The night before we decided to watch the sunrise at Calton Hill. For us this was under 15 minutes away from out hotel. Plus Sunday was set to be the better day for seeing the sunrise.

How to travel more often and find good deals - 5 tips! Looking back the last 2 years, it was really wonderful. I encountered a lot of growth in my job, I had a solid base of friends around me, travelled to beautiful places and last but not least: I met the love of my life!

Penang Good evening from Penang! It took us over 28 hours to get from Koh Tao to Penang in the end; a boat, a night train, many hours in immigration, another train, a bus, and a final boat.

Kata Tjuta and Hiking Valley of the Winds While most people are familiar with Uluru, not as many are aware of the other red gem that resides in the great outback. Visiting Kata Tjuta and hiking Valley of the Winds is as impressive as its more famous neighbor. The site is estimated to be over 500 million years old!

Introducing Jollibee Chickenjoy with Burger Steak Value Meal Are you one of the many people who can't make up their minds whether to buy Chickenjoy or Burger Steak? You're not alone because many experience the same dilemma but Jollibee heard everybody's wishes. They have now come out with Chickenjoy with Burger Steak Meals!

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