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11 Movies on Showcasing Philippine Destinations that You can Watch on iWant These days, with the ongoing enhanced community quarantine in Luzon, most of us are staying at home. All of us have been forced to stay home and only go out when truly necessary. But as someone who enjoys going out, seeing new places and seeking new experiences, the only kind of travel that I get to do these days is through the screen.

Seoul's Café-Hopping Musts Korea really knows how to make café-hopping exciting. At the end of February and beginning of March, when COVID 19 peaked here in South Korea, I decided to visit some of the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shops in Seoul.

Use This Cool Device to Disinfect Your Phone With UV Light This week's tip comes from Mari-Elain E. of Florida, who builds on last Friday's tip by sharing a cool device to disinfect your phone with:. "You've mentioned tips about cleaning your cell phone with Clorox disinfecting wipes or isopropyl alcohol wipes.

A stunning sunset at the Muriwai Gannet Colony The Muriwai Gannet Colony? Have you been pooped on by a gannet? Share! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked.

Top 10 things for someone with itchy feet do during self-isolation Where we may normally find an essential escape in the form of a weekend in the country or the thought of that next big trip, this safety net has been somewhat removed while we wait to find out what happens next in what may be the most significant global social and economic event of our lifetimes.

Midnight In Bangkok, Thailand A few hours before midnight, we got picked up from our hotel in Bangkok for a chance to experience the city in a way we wouldn't have otherwise. Our day had started with one of the most popular spots in the city but one of the best ways to truly enjoy a city is to go where the locals go which is perhaps why I enjoyed this evening bit so much.

US National Parks Bucket List: 61 Beauties to Visit in America America has some of the best and most popular parks in the world. Here's a list of US National Parks includes all 61 in twenty-nine States.

The Best Language Courses you can Take from Home The best language courses you can take online. Free language courses you can learn from home and make the most of this time in isolation.

Stuck at Home? Save 20% on Some Great Services with SoFi Get 20% cashback from SoFi on DoorDash and streaming services, through then end of June. Your couch just got a whole lot comfier.

My Travels Over the last 5 years I've had the fantastic opportunity to travel to 5 countries:. Unfortunately, none of these concerned birding specifically but that didn't stop me from seeing plenty of lifers….

SNOO Review - Everything you Need to know Complete SNOO review after using it for our newborn son from birth to six month old. The SNOO bassinet will your best baby investment. Sleep is worth it!

Itchy Feet It all began when my 21st birthday was coming up. My parents paid for me to go to Thailand on my own for 9 days. I did it through a company called Thaintro. They were so good. I had never been travelling before so I thought it was the safer option to go with a tour group.

How to Plan a Trip to Namibia: Everything you Need to Know How to plan a trip to Namibia: everything you need to know before you go to Namibia. Plan.

20 Essential Travel Items Everyone Should Pack We always pack a pillowcase each. Why? If a pillowcase is "pilly", or if there's a question as to the cleanliness of it, it's nice to know you have your own that you can slide on! Plus, if you're trekking or trying to sleep on a long bus ride, you can stuff the pillowcase with some clothing and create a makeshift pillow.

Halong Bay A couple of people have said that they want to hear about some of the fun adventures I went on during my travelling. It made me think because I feel like all my adventures have been overshadowed by this horrible pandemic going on at the moment. Also, when I think back to September it seems like so long ago - what did I even do way back then?

Best Delta Credit Cards 2020 By using the following Delta airlines credit cards, you can earn the most rewards points possible and additional travel perks like free checked bags and Delta SkyClub access. Depending on what Delta rewards you want to earn, there are several options to choose from.

The Best Backpacking Tents According to Thru-Hikers We surveyed thru-hikers to find the sturdiest and lightest backpacking tents. Including top picks from Zpacks, Gossamer Gear, and more.

6 Exotic Dishes to Make for a Taste of Travel Are you dreaming about when you can travel again? Do you miss the excitement of the new when visiting a foreign destination? While it might not be an equal substitute for the rush of the unfamiliar, we can at least cook up some exotic dishes to get us beyond the mundane.

Celebrating Pride at the Middle East's Biggest Party Our second retreat is perfectly timed to align with Pride, so read more about our risk-free bookings through the end of April. How proud I was to finally make it to an epic Pride celebration - and in one of my favorite cities, no less!

Australia Working Holiday Visa: My Experience in Darwin, NT In my eyes, this place is like the Magaluf of Australia - as much as that doesn't make it sound very good, it is so much fun! And with both the tropical climate and the nature surrounding it, it makes it a perfect spot to visit when you're backpacking Australia.

Where To Eat In Prague You'll find a lot of it in Prague. I don't have much experience with Czech food but one thing seems clear, roasted meat dishes heavy on gravies, starches, and root vegetables figure prominently in Czech cuisine. It's the type of food you'd expect from countries that experience harsh winters.

How to Be a Travel Hacker in Canada To help you understand the Canadian travel hacking world, I reached out to my friend and fellow travel blogger Ricky Zhang from Prince of Travel. In this interview, he shares his tips and tricks. Nomadic Matt: Hey Ricky! Thanks for doing this! To begin, tell us about yourself.

10 of the best wellness retreats With modern life leaving us more likely to be sat in a chair surrounded by screens, rather than getting active surrounded by nature, it's no surprise that more and more travellers are choosing to get away on a luxury wellness retreat.

How to Eat Well And Stay Fit While Traveling Long Term Today's post is from Flashpacker, a wonderful company that can help you have the adventure you've always dreamed of without scarificing comfort. Eating well, working out and long term travel don't traditionally go well together.

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