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Ask a Trainer: How Can I Improve Hip Stability? Build strong, stable hips to avoid injury, stay tall and balanced, spend less time on the ground and propel yourself forward powerfully. Since running involves receiving and creating energy in single leg stance, the hip abductor muscles need to be strong to maintain a level and stable pelvis.

College Triathletes Make the Best Out of Missing National Championships Seniors share how they're coping with the cancellation of nationals and the sudden ending to their collegiate experiences. The University of Colorado-Boulder triathlon team had their bikes loaded and the cars packed to head to their conference championships when word came down from the university: no more domestic travel.

The Evolution of the Swimming Wetsuit Design A look at the annals of neoprene. A good wetsuit is a key component to any triathletes' gear collection. Here's a look at the path to the sleek swimming wetsuit design we have today, plus a peek into what's coming next.

25 Ways to Support Your Local Tri, Bike, and Run Shops "Shop small" is more important than ever. Business is brisk at Curbside Cyclery, a mom-and-pop bike shop in Phoenix, Arizona-but that doesn't mean it's business as usual. "We have experienced an increase in service and sales of recreational and family bikes," says owner Mike Cox.

10 Q's With a Pro: Lionel Sanders The four-time Ironman winner answers some quick questions. With zero racing action for the foreseeable future and our "Last Weekend Now" column on hiatus indefinitely, we'll be checking in with a pro every week to see how they're coping-and hopefully learn a couple of fun facts.

Bike Maintenance Tips Use these bike maintenance tips and you'll further your enjoyment on the roads and extend the life of your bike and its parts. DO: Lubricate your chain frequently, wiping crud off it while you're at it. Keeping your chain clean and lubricated reduces frictional drag and reduces wear.

Tacx Flow Budget Smart Trainer In-Depth Review The Tacx Flow Smart is not new. Though, it might be to a lot of people. It's the least expensive true smart trainer on the market - at least by any of the major players. Sitting at 249EUR/$369, it has full smart trainer connectivity and can control the incline and resistance based on what apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad relay.

A Power-Based Plan for Becoming a Better Cyclist When it comes to the bike, it pays to have a plan, says triathlete Patricia Brant, associate coach at Peaks Coaching Group and a USA Cycling Level 3 coach. "Athletes who make peace with more of a consistent and focused plan tend to have the most success in triathlon," she says.

Reviewed: POC Ventral Air SPIN NFC POC's new safe twist on its Ventral Air doubles down on their safety focus. But is it all worth it? Yes and no. Price: $275Weight: 270 g Basics: POC adds NFC chip and SPIN technology to its proven Ventral Air road helmet for improved safety and communication with first responders.

A hotel room, a gym or a prison cell? Triathlete Stanford on quarantine Triathlete Non Stanford is finding novel ways to squeeze every inch out the room where she must spend 14 days in quarantine.

What We're Loving This Week: Sport Smoothies, Balance Boards, Bubble Bath, and Garmin Watches Our favorite triathlon-related things-old, new, and random-right now. Triathlete is part of Pocket Outdoor Media, which also publishes VeloNews, Women's Running, and Podium Runner.

Quarq Lowers Power Meters Pricing Down to $399 for Certain Models Not one to be outdone, one day after 4iiii lowered their power meter prices substantially, Quarq has joined the fray. Of course, in reality with a company like SRAM behind Quarq - these are hardly last second moves. These permanent price drops have undoubtedly been calculated and re-calculated for months.

Zwift Rolls Out Third World Choice Here's a quickie of an update for you on this Saturday morning, which is especially notable if you plan to ride this morning that you'll want to budget extra time to get Zwift updated. Though, the updates are still rolling out - so folks on PC/Mac/Android are seeing them first, while those on iOS/Apple TV haven't quiet yet hit to my knowledge.

Athletes with PCOS: How to Fuel A sports dietitian breaks it down. Between five to 10 percent of women of childbearing age in the United States, or roughly 5 million, have polycystic ovarian syndrome. That percentage makes it one of the most common hormonal endocrine disorders in women.

Ask A Gear Guru: What’s The Best Water Bottle? Water, water, everywhere, but not a disposable water bottle to drink-a shortage of bottled water should be the perfect time to rethink your H20 delivery method.

How the Ironman Virtual Club Works On April 1, Ironman launched its virtual club and races. We tested it out. The new Ironman Virtual Club, rolled out this week, is both slightly confusing and not confusing at all.

The Socially Distant Sports Tech Giveaway Results / Winner! Earlier this week I held the "Socially Distant Sports Tech Giveaway", which enabled some 4,083 of you to annotate how you've managed to get a workout in over last weekend, despite potentially being stuck indoors running a marathon around your kitchen table.

Tubing: A Secret Training Weapon The skills and habits you learn during this forced time out of the pool could make you an overall better swimmer. Unless you're one of a very lucky few who have a lap pool or an endless pool in your backyard, you're likely not getting any time in the water during this Covid-19 pandemic.

ROUVY Joins IRONMAN as Official Virtual Cycling Partner This innovative platform brings IRONMAN courses straight to your door - like you've never seen them before.

Debbie Alexander: COVID-19 mindful detours - Debbie Alexander is a Clinical Psychologist with a PhD in neuropsychology in sport. She holds numerous leadership positions in international sport, including as a member of the ITU Executive Board, and her overriding passion is assisting people, in both clinical and sports settings, to be the best versions of themselves.

World Triathlon extends the suspension of activities until June 30 - The World Triathlon Executive Board, met via teleconference this Friday morning, has decided to extend the suspension of all activities of the International Federation until June 30th, due to the current situation worldwide with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Ex-world champ Stanford locked in hotel Former world triathlon Champion Non Stanford is in quarantine in Sydney after flying to Australia with fiancé Aaron Boyle.

Trispo: After MS Diagnosis, a New Lease on Life Triathlon helped Felicia Lopez reclaim her body. Felicia Lopez was celebrating her 32nd birthday with a hike when she lost the ability to see the color green. "Literally, I was staring at a forest of grey," says Lopez. "But hey, it was my birthday, and I was invincible, right?" She made a mental note to call her doctor on Monday.

Dispatches: How Triathletes Around the World Are Adjusting As the coronavirus continues to affect our world and change the way we live, we check in with six triathletes to see how one big thing can be experienced in so many different ways.

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