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Ask Chris: What Are the Best Bike Tools for a Triathlete? Working on your bike is hard. Having the wrong tool makes it worse. We look at the best bike tools that every triathlete should own. As we start to look forward to the "outdoor season," now's the best time to start getting your bike in order.

Triathlete Magazine Announces New Editor-in-Chief Journalist and pro triathlete Kelly O'Mara will become the next EIC of Triathlete. Triathlete Magazine has named Kelly O'Mara as the brand's next Editor-in-Chief.

3 Unique Activities to Try This Off-Season While your days aren't yet packed with swim/bike/run, check out three out-of-the-box alternatives that will still prepare you to tri. For the majority of triathletes, offseason is in full swing.

Quick Set: 300s And Pull Intervals A workout from coach Sara McLarty to take to the pool this weekend. 200 swim/200 pull/200 kick/200 swim 6×50 on :60 4×300 on 5:30 4 x 6×150 on 2:45. 200 swim/200 pull/200 kick/200 swim 6×50 on 1:10 3×300 on 6:45 3 x 4×150 3:30. 200 swim/200 pull/200 kick 6×50 w/ :10 rest 2×300 w/ :20 rest 2 x 2×150 3:30.

Garmin Adds Bluetooth Heart Rate & Running Data Broadcasting for FR245/FR945 Garmin has quietly begun offering the ability for users to start re-broadcasting their heart rate over Bluetooth Smart with certain wearables, via an open beta program. While virtually all Garmin wearables made in the last…ever…support re-broadcasting of heart rate over ANT+, none have supported re-broadcasting over Bluetooth Smart.

New DC Rainmaker Partnership with Wiggle for Europe / Australia/New Zealand I'm excited to announce a new partnership here on the site - this one primarily focused for Europeans, as well as Australian and New Zealand readers. A perfect fit for right now given I've spent the last week in Australia for the Tour Down Under, and of course I live in Europe.

Bike Computers of the WorldTour Pro Peloton Never have I ever seen so many Garmin Edge units in one place, than is on show at the Tour Down Under this year. That's of course partly because Garmin in recent years has shifted away from being a major sponsor of a single team, to instead going for minor sponsorships of basically almost all the teams.

Looking for a Unique Triathlon Adventure? Head South Central and South America are calling with pristine beaches, epic rides, and cultural experiences that will leave you fitter and smarter than when you left-all without breaking the bank. Yes, Mexico is a popular south-of-the-border option for warm training during the chilly months.

The Problem With Only Training Indoors With the rise in smart trainers and e-games, many cyclists are forgetting this important skill. Here's why only training indoors doesn't cut it. In the early days of indoor trainers, being on a turbo for more than 90 minutes was a badge of honor; sessions lasting multiple hours were not normal.

Knog Bilby: The First Look at The Newest Headlamp– Triathlete This time, they've also turned up the brightness to 11 with a 400-lumen model: the Knog Bilby. Boasting novel features like cord-free USB recharging, a single silicone strap, two button operation, and customizable modes, the Bilby is the most powerful iteration of Knog's relatively new running line.

The beginning - Squat Bench Deadlift 2020 try something new - for me this is a beginners Strength and Conditioning 6 week course at my local gym. This was very much as a result of reading Dr Stacy Sims ROAR - women are not little men, and how strength training with diet help the aging female athlete.

Tour Down Under 2020: Sports Tech of the Pro Women Each time I inventory the women's pro ranks, things get better and better in terms of equipment. Back a few years ago, it felt like a push to even have the same bike frames on a team. Whereas this year that's easily the baseline and the the majority of teams have standardized power meters too.

USA triathlete Sharon Byun aims for fourth Age-Group World Championships in 2020 - Sharon Byun represents USA as an age-group World Triathlete, as well as being an obstetrician-gynecologist at the University of Florida. Sharon considers her day job to be "work triathlon", delivering babies, operating and seeing patients in the office.

Run Fitness Test Monitoring progress through baseline fitness tests at regular intervals throughout the year is key to staying on track. This run fitness test is one of coach Troy Jacobson's go-to tests.

Enhanced Water: Worth the Cost or Just a Bunch of Hype? You can spend a pretty penny on staying hydrated. Today, water comes in a dizzying array of forms, including alkaline, electrolyte-rich, protein-enhanced, and even caffeinated. A big part of the growing enhanced water trend doesn't even hail from the tap.

2020 ITU Osaka race will be an Asian Cup - The International Triathlon Union, in accordance with the Asian Triathlon Confederation and the Japanese Triathlon Union, has decided that the Osaka ITU event in 2020, that had been previously announced as a World Cup, will be finally a Continental Cup.

Pro Triathletes Unionize with Investment from Billionaire Mike Moritz The Professional Triathletes Organization plans to make money through sponsorship and advertising surrounding the broadcast of its flagship race, The Collins Cup, debuting this May. First, some history. In 2015, a group of triathletes announced the formation of the Professional Triathletes Union, representing all non-drafting pros.

A Nutritious Twist on a Tasty Winter Soup Puréeing this winter creamy butternut squash soup makes it extra thick without adding a drop of cream. Serves 4-6.

Unboxed: Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit Shoes With their latest release, Nike is looking for the React Infinity Run Flyknits to keep people on the roads, rather than necessarily making them faster. Using a Hoka-amount of foam, Nike claims a 52% reduction of running injuries when compared to their non super foamy Zoom Structure 22-a shoe that is meant to provide support.

Why I Ride Indoors: Jana Richtrova On the trainer, a 60-minute workout really is 60 minutes, and every minute counts." What Richtrova likes most about indoor training is the ability to replicate just about any outdoor race environment. Her Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer makes it easy to program specific variables, such as hills and flats, into the workout of the day.

Hands-on: Wahoo adds Specialized ANGi Helmet Sensor Integration Wahoo and Specialized have announced a new integration that lets Wahoo users automatically start and stop the Specialized ANGi helmet live tracking and crash detection features, directly from their Wahoo ELEMNT/BOLT/ROAM computers.

Ai Ueda, new member of the ITU Executive Board - The International Triathlon Union is pleased to announce that Japanese athlete Ai Ueda, member of the Athlete's Committee, has been appointed member of the Executive Board as the second representative of the Athletes collective.

Tour Down Under 2020: Power Meters Of the WorldTour Men's Teams However - it's important to note that while Shimano directly sponsors the most teams in the peloton, they don't actually directly sponsor all the teams riding Shimano. Instead, what can happen is that the bike sponsor ends up equipping a given team with a Shimano bike.

Day 26: Abacus Swim Set This is a fun and challenging swim session that requires speed, pacing-and a lot of concentration. This swim session from former Ironman world champion and coach Karen Smyers involves plenty of changing speed and pace, and is nicknamed the Abacus Swim Set because you might need one to keep track of the changing intervals.

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