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Stephen Moore's Wives: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know Stephen Moore, Trump's pick for the Federal Reserve Board, has been married twice. Read more here.

Elizabeth Warren Details Proposal To Eliminate Student Debt Elizabeth Warren's got news that will be music to every student in debt's ears: A proposal to get rid of student loan debt. The news comes ahead of a CNN town hall geared towards interests of young voters. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! "Long before I ever came within a hundred miles of politics, I was a teacher.

We Must Impeach Trump President Donald Trump must be impeached. To not begin the process is to allow Trump to get away with it, to get away with the rampant corruption and abuses of power listed in Mueller's report.

Trump withdraws Herman Cain's nomination to Fed board President Donald Trump on Monday said he withdrew his nomination of Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve board. Trump said the 2012 Republican presidential candidate asked to be withdrawn from consideration. "My friend Herman Cain, a truly wonderful man, has asked me not to nominate him for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board," Trump tweeted.

Washing Machines, Protectionism, and Net Job Losses When I pontificate about trade, I often point out that protectionism is a net negative for the economy. Yes, it is possible to erect trade barriers that benefit specific sectors and protect certain jobs, and this is the "seen" benefit. But the "unseen" costs are always far greater.

Cuba's entrepreneurs are under attack by Donald Trump If fully enacted, the policies will crimp the Cuban government's access to foreign exchange, but in the process it will damage Cuba's nascent private sector far more than a ruling regime that has out-lasted six decades of US embargo.

Donald Trump sues House oversight chairman to block subpoena of his finances - live The filing by Trump says: ‘Democrats are singularly obsessed with finding something they can use to damage the President politically’.

Impeachment of Donald Trump Could Put Democracy at Risk Do you think impeachment is a good way to uncover Trump's crimes to the American people or will that lead to more popularity for the president?

Donald Trump could visit Melbourne for the President's Cup to cheer on US golf star Tiger Woods Trump, whose love of golf is well documented, could join thousands of fellow fans at the event, held from December 9 to December 15, if he takes up the offer, the Herald Sun reported. After winning this year's Masters Tournament, Tiger Woods was publicly congratulated by Trump on social media.

Finding our way back to truth in a religiously blinded America Recently I engaged in a pair of online discussions that illuminated the differences in how people respond to information that contradicts their beliefs. The first was an exchange on a Facebook group called Suburban Wildlife.

A Posse's Creed… "A little more, a little to the right." The Jimjordan's tail pointed directions from behind the massive boulder. A huge Brontosaurus pushed the stone in front of the cave, concealing the Jimjordan and the Markmeadows inside and in the dark. "Uh, Jim?" "What is it?" "How are we going to get out later?" "Details, Mark.

Donald Trump takes legal action to block release of his tax returns Donald Trump and his business organisation sued the Democratic chairman of the House Oversight committee on Monday to block a subpoena requesting the president's tax returns.

Bernie Sanders makes plea for Senate to override Donald Trump's Yemen veto Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is seeking support to override a Trump veto of a joint resolution to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

Entities POSTCARD#347: Bangkok: I'm sitting in an armchair in front of the television; CNN and the Mueller Report. But the volume is mute; I'm not watching it. I don't want all these Trumpian entities invading my quiet space. Sidestep that thought in the monkey-mind before we get hijacked by how bad it seems.

S is for Sycophant I've known the meaning of the word sycophant for a long time, but to be honest, up until about three years ago, I don't think I used it very often, if at all. Now, in the Trump era, it's a part of my everyday vocabulary.

Trump opens Easter Egg Roll with talk of border wall "This is 141 years that we've been doing this," Mr Trump said, addressing the crowd from the Truman Balcony, where he was joined by first lady Melania Trump before they went downstairs to mingle with guests on the South Lawn. "I don't remember the first one," he joked of the tradition that began in 1878 under President Rutherford B Hayes.

Trump opens Easter Egg Roll with talk of economy, military WASHINGTON - Taking part in one of the oldest White House traditions, President Donald Trump blew a whistle and sent spoon-wielding kids into a frenzy Monday as they used the wooden utensils to coax hard-boiled eggs to the finish line during the annual Easter Egg Roll.

Trump Today: President drops Cain for Fed as he brushes off impeachment threat President Donald Trump on Monday backed off on his choice of Herman Cain for the Federal Reserve, as he dismissed talk of impeachment following Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report last week.

Trump issues Earth Day message without mentioning climate change How does Trump celebrate Earth Day? He pats himself on the back for the U.S.’s “strong market economy.”.

Donald Trump sues to stop Democrats getting hold of 10 years' worth of his financial records Trump is keen to block a subpoena from a committee seeking information about the finances of his businesses.

President Donald Trump has a plan "to bring Iran's oil exports to zero" President Donald Trump announced Monday that he is ending oil waivers to the economic sanctions imposed against Iran in a move to eliminate the Middle Eastern country's petroleum exports and force it to the negotiating table. "President Donald J. Trump has decided not to reissue Significant Reduction Exceptions when they expire in early May.

Pete Buttigieg compares Bernie Sanders’ supporters to Donald Trump’s South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a presidential hopeful, took what many are perceiving as a dig at fellow candidate Sen. Bernard Sanders this weekend by comparing Mr. Sanders' supporters to President Trump's.

Donald Trump in the news: Monday's must-read headlines, analysis & more for April 22, 2019 Read the latest news, analysis and sound bytes about Donald Trump on April 22, 2019.

Trump and his firms sue House Democrats to hide accounting records "The Democratic Party, with its newfound control of the US House of Representatives, has declared all-out political war against President Donald J Trump," lawyers for the plaintiffs wrote in their complaint.

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