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Confronting Our Deaths in a Pandemic It's not a good time to be watching the news. The stories of people losing loved ones to COVID-19 can have me sobbing like a baby. Parents, like, me leaving their families too quickly. Some are frontline medical workers, some are educators, some are bus drivers that an idiot coughed on.

Donald Trump’s Latest Coronavirus Press Briefings Trigger New Calls For Networks To Limit Live Coverage About a half hour into President Donald Trump's latest coronavirus briefing on Tuesday, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski sounded as if she had just about enough. "Trump is flat out lying to the American people and right now our network and all networks should be cutting in to FactCheck him," she wrote on Twitter.

Donald Trump admits African Americans are being hit disproportionately hard by coronavirus President Trump and the doctors on his coronavirus taskforce expressed concerns Tuesday that the African-American population was being hit disproportionately by the pandemic.

Donald Trump: Congress should boost Paycheck Protection Program by $250 billion President Trump is calling on Congress to boost the small business Paycheck Protection Program by another $250 billion, to help keep Americans employed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

House Armed Services committee chair demands Donald Trump FIRE his navy secretary President Donald Trump said Tuesday that it was 'unselfish' of acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly to resign his post but noted he had 'no role' in getting rid of the official who caused a firestorm for his administration with his profanity-laced tirade to the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Anatomy of a Smear - Administrative State Agents Coordinating with Media Resistance Operatives… Step One - Health and Human Services Inspector General Christi Grimm compiled what's called a "pulse survey" of hospital administrators over a period of March 23-27.

Trump: Mail-in voting ‘corrupt, ’ should be severely restricted President Trump on Tuesday defended his voting by mail in Florida's election last month but said the practice is too often subject to fraud and should be severely restricted. "I think mail-in voting is horrible, it's corrupt," Mr. Trump said at a White House press briefing on the coronavirus.

Donald Trump says Ivanka created 15 million jobs as the nation braces for more unemployment claims President Donald Trump credited his daughter Ivanka at a small business event with creating 15 million jobs - an astonishing claim that comes as the nation braces for millions of new unemployment claims.

Donald Trump vows to starve WHO of cash for being too cosy with China over coronavirus pandemic Donald Trump has announced plans to put a hold on World Health Organization funding after hitting out at the body's 'China-centric' approach to tackling coronavirus.

Tiger King’ Review: The Dangerous Game Netflix Is Playing With Joe Exotic’s Red State Carnage Essentially, the tale of big cat collector, self-styled Oklahoma zoo proprietor and 2016 Presidential candidate Exotic and his ultimately unsuccessful attempt to have rival Carole Baskin knocked off by a hitman hired for $3,000, Tiger King is in that context more a zero-sum game, literally and figuratively, than hitting the zeitgeist.

Donald Trump has helped unify Canada amid the COVID-19 pandemic When the White house directed 3M to stop shipping masks to Canada, it had one positive outcome: provincial premiers started working together.

Coronavirus pushed the race to become Donald Trump's opponent to the background. Here's what you missed Voters in one US state are heading to the polls, despite the US struggle to contain coronavirus. Here's what you need to know.

Selena Gomez thinks Donald Trump can do better on immigration The president's name came up when the Rare singer spoke to April issue of Vogue Arabia to promote the series Living Undocumented for Netflix, which she is a producer on. 'My thoughts on life in Donald Trump's America?

Donald Trump 'lost $1bn in a month' from coronavirus lockdown Stock market crash strips billionaire status from 267 of world’s richest people in the annual list.

Trump is Asking for Backlash from Canadians Throughout the Covid-19 fiasco, I've kept quiet. Every day I've watched Prime Minister Trudeau give his 11:15 press conference, modeling effective behaviours of social distancing, self-isolating, and not being tested for the virus because he remains asymptomatic.

Donald Trump shuffles spokesperson and communications again A spokesperson for Trump's campaign, Kayleigh McEnany will become the new White House press secretary. McEnany was spokesperson for the Republican National Committee before joining Trump's re-election team. Grisham took over from Sarah Sanders as press secretary last June, the third person to hold the role in Trump's high-turnover White House.

Disinformation, Coronavirus and Journalism: Fighting Fake News A big challenge for journalists is the spread of disinformation. Learning how to spot it and deal with it has been a lesson of great importance over the last year during my study in Cardiff.

Pirate President Trump The people of Barbados Were buying ventilators They had all the papers That they were bought-and-paid-fors But they were seized 'Fore they hit the high seas By the president's decree He's a pirate now.

Donald Trump's drugs 'to help Boris Johnson' not tested against coronavirus None of the treatments the four US "genius" drug companies that Donald Trump claims could help Boris Johnson recover from Covid-19 are clinically tested for coronavirus or available on the market, it has emerged.

Why We Despise 'Reporters' It’s bad enough, just reading it. But yesterday something piqued my curiosity and moved me to watch a few minutes of President Trump’s press briefing. Because…

Here's the biggest thing Donald Trump doesn't get about the media On Monday at the daily coronavirus task force press conference, President Donald Trump took great umbrage at a question asked him by a Fox News reporter.

Coronavirus: Donald Trump shakes up press team as White House grapples with outbreak Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham out without holding single formal media briefing.

Trump's New Press Secretary Is the Ultimate Cable-News Spin Master Kayleigh McEnany may not bring back the daily press briefing, but she‘ll surely be on TV, where she was recently downplaying coronavirus and bashing the media, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden.

Trump removes watchdog tapped for $2T virus rescue oversight WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump has removed the inspector general tapped to chair a special oversight board for the $2.2 trillion economic relief package on the coronavirus, the latest in a series of steps Trump has taken to confront government watchdogs tasked with oversight of the executive branch.

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