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Sarah Sanders, steadfast Trump fan, never wavered in spite of tense relationship with the press Sanders announced her resignation from her position as press secretary Thursday, and has said she’s considering running for office.

Flag on Fire Trump recently tweeted that it's a "no brainer" that he would support a Flag Desecration Amendment. This amendment would make it illegal and punishable to physically desecrate a flag, which includes burning it. Now, I absolutely love how passionate President Trump is about our country; however, I can't back him on this.

Donald Trump calls London Mayor Sadiq Khan a 'disaster' after spate of killings in British capital US President Donald Trump has launched a new attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan, saying he is a "disaster" and will "only get worse" after three people were slain in the city in less than 20 hours. A man in his 30s and an 18-year-old man were stabbed to death and a 19-year-old was shot dead in a series of violent incidents across the UK capital.

Trump's Magic Wand "What magic wand do you have?" Obama once asked Trump regarding manufacturing jobs. Well, I guess Trump took some classes at Hogwarts because he certainly worked his magic. While Obama insisted that these jobs weren't coming back, Trump said otherwise.

Bernie Sanders Rails Against Wall Street and the Republicans in Latest Speech With the first 2020 Democratic presidential debate less than two weeks away, the presidential hopeful is taking a more assertive approach. Last Wednesday, Bernie Sanders delivered a speech at George Washington University in which he defended democratic socialism, criticized his detractors and offered a voice of encouragement to his supporters.

Obama vs. Trump and Kids in Search of A Hero: A Father's Day Rant "There is an entire webpage on the website Popsugar devoted to President's Obama's rapport with children of every gender, race and socioeconomic status. When it came to our most precious, precarious and promising Americans, Barack Obama was the father, uncle and friend we wished for every kid.

Trump's Trade Threats Are Really Cold War 2.0 by Michael Hudson + The American Dream Is Alive and Well-in China by Ellen Brown By Michael Hudson: Writer, Dandelion Salad: June 16, 2019. President Trump has threatened China's President Xi that if they don't meet and talk at the upcoming G20 meetings in Japan, June 29-30, the United States will not soften its tariff war and economic sanctions against Chinese exports and technology.

'Trump Heights': Israel names settlement in Golan Heights Israeli authorities hope a revamping of Beruchim, home to an aging immigrant community from the former Soviet Union, to "Trump Heights" might bring a resident influx. But a June 12 memorandum from Netanyahu's office showed the plan was far from implementation: it lacks earmarked funds as well as final approval for its precise location and name.

Donald Trump declares report of US cyber actions against Russian grid an 'act of treason' Donald Trump has erupted in fury after it was reported that America has laid the groundwork for a potentially devastating cyber attack on Russia's electric grid, describing the article as a "virtual act of treason".

Duelling between presidential candidates begins ahead of Donald Trump's 2020 campaign launch President Trump's campaign for re-election starts next week with a rally in Florida, but the duelling has already begun. Former Vice President, Joe Biden, is hoping to be the Democrat's candidate. He's accused Donald Trump of diminishing the office of the President in the eyes of the public.

Donald Trump supporters might demand three terms, says Trump Could Donald Trump's supporters demand three terms for the president? Mr. Trump himself seems to think so. In one of his morning tweets, the president seems to suggest that his supporters might demand a third term for him at the end of his-yet to happen-second term.

Israel's Prime Minister Just Renamed a Controversial Settlement After Donald Trump On Sunday, Israel officially named a settlement in the disputed Golan Heights after President Donald Trump.

Trump to investors: Vote for me or else! Vote Trump - or you can kiss your precious bull market goodbye. This sort of scare tactic isn't new with Trump, who tweeted back in February that the market would surely be in shambles under a Democratic president:. He also told Bloomberg News last year that there'd be big trouble if he were to be removed from office.

Israeli PM names village after Donald Trump as thanks for Golan Heights support A settlement in the Golan Heights has been named after Donald Trump in a gesture of appreciation for the US President's recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the territory. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Cabinet inaugurated the community, previously known as Bruchim, on Sunday.

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm - The Sunday Edition President Donald Trump takes on all comers in his weekend tweetstorms, praising his friends and blasting his foes.

Trump says he didn't fire Mueller because firings 'didn't work out too well' for Nixon President Donald Trump said that he didn't fire special counsel Robert Mueller because firings "didn't work out too well" for former President Richard Nixon, though he claimed he had the Constitutional authority to do so.

Donald Trump marks four years since starting his journey to the Oval Office Mr Trump "decided to come down the escalator and worked from his own handwritten notes rather than a prepared text", said Mr Stone, insisting that, "then, as now, Donald Trump does not have handlers or managers or chief strategists". That included scrapping aides' ideas on what he should wear.

If CUSMA not ratified before election, 'all bets are off': business head 2019 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc. Canada. Cannabis. Investigations.

President Trump Wishes Happy Father’s Day to His ‘Worst & Most Vicious Critics’ On Sunday morning, Trump sent out a Father's Day message to the nation which read, "Happy Father's Day to all, including my worst and most vicious critics, of which there are fewer and fewer. This is a FANTASTIC time to be an American! KEEP AMERICA GREAT!" The president's supporters also took to Twitter to express their support for Trump.

Eldritch Politics No woman nor man can fully fathom the current political climate. This ever-changing hysteria that continues to mold and shape shift through time and space. A cosmic horror for the digital age, an unknowable mass that wants us willingly to devour ourselves from the inside out, that feeds off the chaos and grows.

Trump is a gargoyle atop the White House, chomping on US values The president is an unabashed gargoyle atop the White House, chomping on American values. The way Trump publicly wallows in his mendaciousness and amorality is unique in presidential history.

Trump fondly remembers campaign launch at Trump Tower 4 years ago Four years ago on Sunday, Donald Trump descended through the pink marble and brass atrium of Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for president, the first step on a journey few believed would take him all the way to the White House. READ MORE: COMMENTARY: History shows Donald Trump really needs to visit Kingston, Ontario.

Donald Trump attacks Sadiq Khan over London violence These are external links and will open in a new window. US President Donald Trump has once again criticised London Mayor Sadiq Khan, calling him a "national disgrace" who is destroying the UK's capital. His comments came after five violent attacks in London in less than 24 hours left three men dead and three injured.

Trump Says He Chose Not to Fire Mueller Because He Didn't Want to Look Like Nixon President Donald Trump contended he was never going to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and says he believes people would have compared him to Richard Nixon if he did so. "I wasn't going to fire him. You know why? Because I watched Richard Nixon firing everybody and that didn't work out too well," Trump said.

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