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1,000 days on, why is Donald Trump still US president? The Brainstorm Long Read: the toxic triangle may explain why conduct and behaviour that would see any other person held to account does not apply here. The case of Donald Trump is a curious one.

Friends With Benefits: Donald and Rudy's Long, Strange Bond In 1994, though, after Giuliani took over, Trump ponied up $5,000. In subsequent years, he chipped in an additional $2,700. For much of Giuliani's two-term helm, though, his relationship with Trump, such as it was, was pretty much… meh. "He was not a fixture in the orbit.

James Mattis mocks Donald Trump at gala dinner His comments came a day after the US president referred to him as "the world's most overrated general". Mattis resigned as Defence Secretary in December 2018. Share this with. Copy this link. These are external links and will open in a new window.

Donald Trump Says the Absolute Best Spot for a G7 Summit Is His Own Resort A few months passed, and, on Thursday, Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney held a rare press conference to announce that after an exhaustive search process, the White House decided to host the June G7 summit at Trump National Doral Miami.

Will Rick Perry be the next to turn on Donald Trump? Rick Perry faces a Friday deadline to meet a subpoena from House Democrats' in their impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump and the energy secretary is now freer to testify in that probe since he has turned in his resignation.

Why Trump’s latest 'very serious meltdown' matters But as the walls close in, he just can’t seem to help himself.

Donald Trump's sanity is not the question. The real issue is how he got into office He has the nuclear codes. He is impulsive and capricious. He lies constantly, unashamedly and apparently compulsively. It is deeply worrying that the executive powers of the presidency lie in the hands of a man who is at one and the same time so brittle, aggressive, vindictive, ridiculous and self-obsessed.

'Overrated general' James Mattis unleashes on Donald Trump General Mattis made the joking remarks at a white-tie gala in New York just one day after Trump demeaned him as 'the world's most overrated general' during a contentious White House meeting with members of Congress. The meeting was intended to be a bipartisan discussion of Trump's decision to pull U.S.

Donald Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds is a blow to America’s credibility The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them.

Rand Paul Stands The Gap - Senator Paul Blocks Senate vote on House Resolution Condemning Trump Syria Withdrawal…. Great job by Senator Rand Paul. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer attempted to bring the anti-Trump House resolution to the floor. However, because the procedure for a single senator to bring vote to the Senate Chamber requires unanimous consent, the maneuver can also be blocked by a single senator.

Trump vs. Beto Crowd Size Photos: How Many Attended the Dallas Rallies? Beto nearly filled his 6,000-seat rally and Trump filled his 20,000-seat venue and needed overflow space. See crowd photos of both rallies and learn more.

Donald Trump To Host G7 Summit At His Miami Property, Says White House President Donald Trump will host next year's G7 Summit at his Trump National Doral golf resort in Miami, Florida, Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said Thursday, despite the president and Republicans accusing former Vice President Joe Biden and his son of improperly profiting under his father's presidency.

Donald Trump mocks Macron to French reporter - 'we have a better President than you' DONALD TRUMP made a jibe at French President Emmanuel Macron during a visit of the new Louis Vuitton leather workshop in Texas yesterday.

Gunman Wearing Body Armor Arrested Outside Trump Dallas Rally…. Details are very light; however, an armed man wearing body armor was arrested shortly before President Trump arrived at the American Airlines arena in Dallas Texas. According to NBC5 Dallas:. According to additional reporting the gunman was located with of a group of protesters against the U.S.

October 17, 2019: The Worst Day of Donald Trump’s Presidency Yet With the Ukraine and Syria scandals reaching a crescendo simultaneously, October 17, 2019, marked the worst day of Trump’s presidency.

Donald Trump cuts a deal with himself, virtually guaranteeing impeachment The President is goading Democrats in the House to impeach him. And he's daring Republicans to risk their political careers by declaring him unfit for office. The former looks all but inevitable; the latter still extremely unlikely.

Trump golf resort chosen to host next year's G7 summit The White House has revealed that US President Donald Trump's golf resort near Miami will host next year's G7 summit.

Trump: ‘It was time’ for Energy Secretary Rick Perry to go As recently as Wednesday, Perry denied his departure was imminent. "Rick has done a fantastic job. But it was time. " Perry is under scrutiny over the role he played in the president's dealings with Ukraine, which are currently the subject of an impeachment inquiry.

Trump defends Syria pull-out, criticises 'crazy' Democrats US president Donald Trump defended his Syria pull-out at a campaign rally on Thursday and lashed out at "crazy Nancy" Pelosi and other Democrats who are trying to remove him from office through impeachment. "The more America achieves, the more hateful and enraged these crazy Democrats become.

Trump’s Dallas, Texas Rally Live Stream: Watch Online Watch Trump's Dallas, Texas rally live here, find out when it starts, and more details.

DOJ Presses Judge To Allow ‘Godfather: Part II’ Clip At Roger Stone Trial The Justice Department and political operative Roger Stone's attorneys are in a pre-trial legal battle on whether federal prosecutors can play a clip from The Godfather: Part II at Stone's upcoming trial.

Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle head off for a romantic hunting trip Don Jr., 41, and Kimberly, 50, were seen leaving her apartment on Thursday afternoon with luggage and archery equipment.

Forget Donald Trump, Republicans. Save GOP for the sake of its future. For the most part, this argument has fallen on deaf ears for the obvious reason that Trump still enjoys the support of the very same rank-and-file voters whom Republican lawmakers face in primary elections. A better argument might be that Republicans need to stand up to Trump - for the sake of their party's future.

No, Elijah Cummings Did Not 'Forgive' Donald Trump On His Deathbed " is a subsidiary of the 'America's Last Line of Defense' network of parody, satire, and tomfoolery…" For background, here is why we sometimes write about satire / humor.

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