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Unknown laser beams being fired from Saturn into deep space! 6 More Solar Observatories closed and This could be the reason! Follow up on our article: National Solar Observatory, USPS office in Sunspot, NM evacuated and shutdown for 'safety reasons'.

Scenes From the Pre-Event Some people were allegedly photographing ships around the sun, but… better images have been flooding in for quite some time. It's happening so frequently now, in fact, that we were kinda shocked.

Bro Safari & UFO! roll out their full length project, ‘Clockwork’ First paired up on Animal back in 2013, the result was a surging 10-track trap album released right as the genre was coursing it’s meteoric rise.

In-Car-Nation It's hard competing with 'billions' of WordPress users who never know when my posts will appear on the Reader. Last Friday had visitors from 4 countries: the UK, India, Sweden and Cameroon. Where were the Americans? They were sleeping. From now on, Alpine Anomalous will post between 10am - 12am Central European Time on Sunday.

Paranormal overlap Have you ever noticed that people who believe in the existence of bigfoot are skeptical about UFOs and aliens? And UFO believers might buy into the idea of ghosts, portals, and interdimensional travel but not bigfoot? I'm guessing they all think people who believe fairies exist have a few screws loose.

AURA Statement: 'Criminal Activity' Forced Closure of Sunspot Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak, New Mexico The decision to vacate was based on the logistical challenges associated with protecting personnel at such a remote location, and the need for expeditious response to the potential threat. AURA determined that moving the small number of on-site staff and residents off the mountain was the most prudent and effective action to ensure their safety.

Why Talk of Aliens was Sparked by Mysterious Closure of Solar Observatory Mysterious goings-on at a New Mexico solar observatory have been hot news. Had astronomers found a lethal solar flare, or even signs of alien life? Out-of-this-world explanations got lots of traction when New Mexico facility suddenly shut down. For the past two weeks, mysterious goings-on at a New Mexico solar observatory have been hot news.

3 Hidden Warnings from American Horror Story: Apocalypse Ballistic Missile threats, DNA conspiracies, and direct references to our ET alien neighbors are only a few of the messages communicated in "The End." Is American Horror Story warning us of a nuclear threat? Related Why Is FEMA Testing a Nation-Wide Emergency Alert?

Cases of Interest: UFOs and telepathy Telepathy has a running history in the study of UFOs when witnesses testify they communicate with non-human entities without speaking. Eleven of the 241 cases logged into the recently-released book, UFO Cases of Interest, from the Mutual UFO Network, include testimony the witness communicated or somehow interacted with the object.

The Day The… er, An Event Didn't Happen Our apologies to Blossom Goodchild for posting so much of this. We couldn't find links to it, but it's important enough to repost. So… here's a little equanimity before the Equinox. Everyone wants to know, "When is The Event?" One of the CATs mistakenly said in the comments that this was The Event that was postponed.

Soldiers Were Attacked By UFO, Suffer Ill Effects During Korean War He asked his company commander for permission to fire at the object with armor-piercing bullets from an M-I rifle.

What Silenced All These Presidents?… The Question They WILL NOT Answer! Your Support Is What Makes These Videos Possible! Click Here For Patreon or Click Here For PayPal. Truth Or Fiction - Classified! What Silenced All These Presidents?… The Question They WILL NOT Answer! *Stunning Revelation You Must See To Believe*. What has silenced so many U.S.

Solar Observatory Update Further to my first blog post on this topic National Solar Observatory Shuts the official story now is that the Sunspot Solar Observatory was closed because a cleaner was downloading porn onto his laptop via the WiFi network.

Quantum What really happened to the Chicago Chef that went missing? Well, it now seems that he's back with his family according to the Chicago Tribune but there's no mention on the reason for his disappearance. A slight odor of burn is in the air. this disappearing business.

What is behind the decline in UFO sightings? As we are accustomed to being inundated with wild claims churned out by politicians, media and advertisers, the next report of a UFO is no more believed than the long-range weather forecast. Before home video, photographs were the staple of UFO evidence.

Cases of Interest: Shapeshifting UFOs UFO encounters may be frightening as witnesses observe never-before-seen objects moving in incredible ways. But some sightings are further stressed when the object morphs into different shapes. Four shape-shifting UFO sightings were listed in the recently-released book, UFO Cases of Interest: 2018 Edition, by the Mutual UFO Network.

Q Confirms Secret Space Programs Real and Extraterrestrial Life Exists Michael SallaQ Confirms Secret Space Programs Real and On September 19, Q Anon dropped two bombshell posts affirming the existence of secret space programs and extraterrestrial life.

Some Conspiracies Conspiracy theories are one of my favorite things to talk about. I have so many of my own conspiracies, from our corrupt government to aliens, to 2Pac is still alive in Cuba, the Illuminati, and more. People go as far as to say that we live in a simulation and that the world is flat, who's to say that they're wrong?

White UFO Seen On Live NASA Space Station Cam, Sep 20, 2018, UFO Sighting News. Date of discovery: Sept 20, 2018 Location of discovery: Earths orbit at space station I was watching the NASA live space station ca…

Eerie Ring of UFO Lights over Minnesota captured by several witnesses Latest UFO Sightings, Daily UFO News, Alien UFO Disclosure, Ancient Mysteries, Moon and Mars Anomalies, Paranormal, Spirituality and more.

Sheldan Nidle Update: We Return With Uplifting News! Steven Greer, Sirius Documentary Film, The Cabal, The Truth, Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual HierarchyOld ways are dying and new ones are being born: it is important for this reason to remain flexible while the "flow" of your ever-shifting world unfolds.

Do you want to believe? First UFO conference comes to Columbia this weekend The conference is free to attend. "We wanted it to be educational, entertaining and introduce people to the concept of Ufology" - that is, the study of unidentified flying objects - duPont said. For duPont, publicizing this weekend's UFO conference is sort of her "coming out" moment.

Hackers may have gained control over Sun Weapon Solar Observatory, New Mexico Man infiltrates Solar Observatory and finds X-files Unrestricted Access DVD in a building! Follow up on our articles: What's going on?

UFOs Found In TV Broadcasts In the course of videotaping U.S. and international TV documentaries, reports and news reports - I have found a large number of anomalous flying objects in these TV broadcasts. In this UFO blogspot I will report on UFOs found in TV broadcasts.

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