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My Ufo Experience Additionally, healthy debate is invited; however, ad hominem and or vitriolic attacks will not be published. Please keep your arguments "to the issues" and present them with civility and proper decorum-FW USS Nimitz, USS Roosevelt "… Video Footage of UFOs Acquired Through New State-Of-The-Art Detection Technology" U.S.

Photographer took image of holographic anomalies from a parallel universe? The latest UFO Sightings, UFO News, Videos, Alien-UFO Disclosure, Mars, Moon and Space Anomalies, Paranormal, Ancient Mysteries, Sky Phenomena, Unexplained, Artificial Intelligence On June 11, 2019 the photographer took several photos within seconds of his family and other people with a beautiful landscape in the background near Slade, Kentucky.

Is this the best Area 51 footage ever? Mysterious UFO filmed hovering above secret US base A MYSTERIOUS white "flying saucer" has been filmed hovering over Area 51, near a newly-built aircraft hangar, in what has been described as the "best and clearest footage" of the secretive base on record.

Taken-Returned There's definitely a lack of information lately especially that which concerns animal mutilations. On the other hand, human disappearances continue on a grand scale without anyone paying much attention. The blog will now concentrate on strange and mysterious happenings in general with a touch of poetry to tie things up.

U.S. Moonbase In 2024 - NASA's Plan for Lunar Stepping Stone to Mars NASA was already planning to land astronauts on the moon in 2028 with the ultimate goal of going to Mars in the 2030s - until just last week, when Vice President Mike Pence announced new plans to have "boots on the moon" in 2024. Doing so could put NASA on track to land astronauts on Mars in 2033, Bridenstine said at the hearing.

We’re Watching’ — Trump Weighs In On UFO Sightings President Donald Trump expressed skepticism that the recent spate of UFO sightings could be anything other than of this world. "I think it's probably - I want them to think whatever they think," Trump told ABC's George Stephanopoulos in their interview, which will air Sunday.

Alternative News Video: The Most Significant Leak About Extraterrestrial Craft Just Went Public A quote I love to use in many of my articles comes from Apollo 14 astronaut Doctor Edgar Mitchell. He said, "yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered.".

Bombshell Document Confirms Navy Admiral was Denied Access to UFO Crash Retrieval Program Michael SallaBombshell Document Confirms Navy Admiral was The transcript of a conversation between a US Navy Vice Admiral and a leading scientist discussing a failed attempt to gain access to a highly classified program involving a crashed extraterrestrial craft has been recently released online.

AATIP: Pentagon Reinforces Previous Statement That Luis Elizondo Had “No Responsibilities” Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough stated, "I can confirm that the memo you're referring to is authentic… It makes no change to previous statements. Mr. Elizondo had no assigned responsibilities for AATIP while he was in OUSD." Her statement comes amid a firestorm of controversy, when on June 1, 2019, as reported by Mr.

Donald Trump Weighs In on UFO Sightings President Donald Trump blasted Don McGahn and said he'd be open to receiving foreign dirt in talking with George Stephanopoulos, but apparently their interview also touched on UFOs. In an excerpt from the interview released Saturday morning, Stephanopoulos asked about recent reports of Navy pilots seeing unidentified flying objects.

Harry Reid: UFOs, The Military And Impeachment … He believes Russia and China are both investigating UFOs, which is one of the reasons he secured the money to start the U.S.'s program.

Trump Said He Doesn't Believe In UFOs, During Stephanopoulos Interview "I think it's probably - I want them to think whatever they think. They do say, and I've seen, and I've read, and I've heard. And I did have one very brief meeting on it. But people are saying they're seeing UFOs. Do I believe it? Not particular," Trump said.

North Carolina witness describes spheres hovering over ocean Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Credit: Google. The incident occurred at 9:30 p.m. on June 29, 2018. "It was the night of the blood moon and I had noticed the beauty of this moon earlier in the evening," the witness stated.

Minnesota witness says helicopter chased UFOs The incident occurred at 10:30 p.m. on June 26, 2018. "My wife had left some things on the clothes line and it was forecast to rain late evening," the witness stated. "I work nights and had been up about an hour. I took the clothes down and put the basket on the patio.

Triangle UFO reported over Oregon skies The witness had just returned home from shopping at 10:04 p.m. on June 26. "Put solar light in front yard while my roommate came out front door," the witness stated. "I walked towards her and glanced up and immediately saw three flashing, glowing, red lights in a strange triangle line formation all going same direction but keeping same slow speed.

Wisconsin UFO puts witness into 'trance-like' state The witness was awakened by a child in the middle of the night and went to a balcony to have a cigarette at 2:41 a.m. on June 26, 2018. "I was gazing into the sky when I saw a light that got closer," the witness stated. "It appeared to be triangular-shaped like I thought maybe a helicopter or some military plane or something.

Alaska security cam picks up sphere UFO Cropped and enlarged still image from witness video. Credit: MUFON. The witness lives near an airport and the garage security camera picked up the images beginning at 1:51 a.m. on June 24, 2018. "At the beginning of the video you can see what airplanes look like taking off from our house right to left of the screen," the witness stated.

Columbia witness describes two tic-tac UFOs The witness was on vacation in Medellin and was on the second floor of a building and was looking out a window on June 24, 2018. "I saw a black, oval, tic-tac-shaped object floating in the sky," the witness stated. "It was difficult to judge the distance.

New York witness describes backyard alien encounter The witness was in a shed on her property using Wi-Fi to avoid the kids and dogs at 11:40 p.m. on June 22, 2018. "I noticed it an hour after I was in there," the witness stated. "Heard it shuffling in the tall grass and thought it was a deer until my cat started growling and stared at the shed door.

Rural Missouri community watching for more UFOs The witness and a grandchild were outside watching the stars at 8 a.m. on June 22, 2018. "An object appeared over the house across the street at a high altitude," the witness stated. "At first, we thought it was an airplane, so my grandchild started looking through binoculars and realized it was the shape of a triangle.

A Robotic War will Never Happen. Would the costs make it a war of money, with one side being victorious due to their having more funds than the other? Robots don't have to be exact replicas of humans; most of us are aware of flying, underwater, and land-bound drones. Driverless cars, trucks, and most likely large ships are on the drawing boards.

Thanks to Everyone Who Attended the Conference at WOW! Thank you, Pastors Larry and Loretta! ________________ My Interview on the Dave Hodges Show is linked here! This post below is now circulating the Internet! People are beginning to wake up! &#822…

Mysterious white UFO is filmed hovering above an Area 51 aircraft hanger by hikers Hikers scaled Tikaboo Peak in Navada to overlook the secretive base which is thought to be where the latest aircraft technology is tested. Speculators claim the mysterious US Air Base has been closed down - but YouTuber Adventures with Christian captured helicopters, trucks and planes there.

It's a Sh##ty Job, But Somebody Has To Do It! - Flash Fiction Honestly, I can't remember when I started this job, but I can tell you now that it possibly could be one of the adversest mistakes of my being when I signed that dotted line. I should have known right from the start that it was just too good to be true, and it serves me right to believe the media.

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