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Mars Photos That Could Change The Way You Look at The Red Planet Forever! Mars Photos That Could Change The Way You Look at The Red Planet Forever!

UFO Sightings Already Being Reported In 2019: Here's Where In CT A new year, means more reported UFO sightings. Since Jan. 1, 2019 there have been six reported sightings: Greenwich on Jan. 6, Southington on Jan. 9, Storrs on Jan. 12, Stamford on Jan. 27, Waterbury on Jan. 28, and Madison on Feb.

'Our Pilots Observed UFOs Last Night During Night Flying Exercises' Our aircraft approached the lights on an interception track but were unable to gain on the objects as they appeared to move further south of Gloucester as our aircraft approached. We were unable to identify the lights. "I observed Initially 2 large square orange lights.

"these Alien / Human Hybrids Are Being Trained To Live Here By The Abductees…. The Planetary Acquisition Of Earth Through The Creation Of Human-like Extraterrestrials are creating a Hybrid race of Humans and ET’s. First in order to assimilate them into the general population and then, ultimately, to control the Earth”.

Supernatural Weekend Are you ready for Supernatural Weekends? Supernatural Weekends begins on February 23rd, and here are some of the thing that will be coming to Supernatural Weekends. Yes, so I know we all have those scary stories that have been told and handed down from our parents and so on.

UFO investigator's belief mysterious blue light was 'alien warning' - but this is what you thought it was These observations seemed to support another reader's theory, who posted: "The blue light was an electrical flash from Wrexham side from sub station. "It lit up the whole area. Unreal." Another reader claimed to have seen such an occurrence before, suggesting that he knew the cause.

Podcast Recommendations #5 This podcast focuses on the UFO and Abduction phenomenon, and its host Rob is a huge part of why I really love it. He comes at the subject with an open mind, but also a healthy dose of logic and skepticism. He's also extremely funny. He's also got a good sense for guests - every person he has on the show really makes the conversation better.

UFO sighting? 'Black square UFO' over USA sparks alien conspiracy FRENZY A UFO sighting over a town in the United States has sparked a frenzy of claims alien spaceships are visiting Earth, an astonishing UFO video reveals.

Seeking USAF Veterans Who Had Abduction-Like Experiences at Nuclear Missile Sites While investigating unauthorized intrusion alarms at one of Ellsworth's missile silos, Woods and his Security Alert Team partner-who must remain anonymous-saw a huge spherical craft silently hovering over the site, then suddenly became incapacitated, at which point they were confronted by four diminutive beings accompanied by a much taller figure.

Washington UFO hovers before shooting away The witness was driving home from work at 6:03 p.m. "in pitch black" on November 7, 2018. "I was pulling out of the school driveway," the witness stated, "and I stopped to check for cars. And while stopped at the exit to the school, a green light shot past above my car hovering for maybe a couple of seconds.

Britain 'Could Be Running Secret UFO Study' But Nick Pope, who ran the former Ministry of Defence desk from 1991 to 1994, believes parts of the government could still be investigating the phenomena.

Archon-Ciel A continuation of the Invisible Man poem with its own bitter-sweet conclusion. The evil space aliens are still out there abducting and mutilating humans and animals. There's no reason they should stop; governments world-wide seem instructed not to aboard the subject of supposed extra-terrestrial activity.

New UFO sighting hotspot revealed An angler says he captured images on his phone of an unidentified flying object that was travelling "too quickly" to be a plane or helicopter. Banora Point local David Walsh was fishing with his brother-in-law about 3am on Sunday, February 3, off Kennedy Drive in West Tweed when he spotted something flickering in the sky.

BOOK REVIEW: "The Kansas City UFO Flaps" by Margie Kay BOOK REVIEW: The Kansas City UFO Flaps by Margie Kay 2017. To say that discovering the paranormal investigative writing of Kansas City-based researcher Margie Kay was serendipitous would be an understatement.

SpaceX alien shock: UFO-hunters spot SPACESHIP during International Space Station link-up ALIEN hunters were sent into a frenzy when they saw what they believe to be a UFO zooming past SpaceX’s Dragon as it latched onto the International Space Station.

Quietly, The White House Pulls The 2011 UFO Disclosure Declaration - Offline! Or Camera Glare, Defect-Malfunction? Greenville, South Carolina Obviously it's important to occasionally say the OBVIOUS - that the reports submitted to MUFON are often amazing… and complete BS.

Getting Your Feline Disclosure Shot For those dying for a shot of Governmental Disclosure - about anything - give it up. The PTW will never willingly give away control over information. But that's ok, we'll vaccinate you. We've had another biggie come to the party:. Some of the meters took notice of its passage out of the sun's SOURCE portal:.

Rear Admiral Declares Flying Saucers Sighted - UFO CHRONICLE – 1957 A scientific organization has asked the public to be on the lookout for "unidentified Flying Objects" apparently piloted by "intelligent beings" entering earth's atmosphere.

Be Aware of The Archons The Secret Controllers of the Human Race The Archons are a genuine species with their own proper habitat, but they have a nasty tendency to stray from their boundaries and intrude on the human realm. Archons are said to feel intense envy toward humanity because we possess the intentionality they lack.

UFO seen monitoring ISS is PROOF aliens are watching Earth - shock claim "Then this red ball comes flying from what would be northeast." Images of the strange orb were quickly picked up by other alien hunters, and Scott C Waring, who runs the space conspiracy website UFO Sightings Daily, said this is proof aliens are watching us.

UFO - Episodes 9 - 18 Review It's been a little while, but let's get back to UFO for the second third of the series. Once again its a mix of really good episodes, including more Straker family drama, and episodes that are just flat-out boring. Thankfully there are far more of the former than the latter, and some episodes were really ahead of their time.

NONE Of This Makes Sense. I came across this video. And in this video I see something that I have only seen once in my life when I was 15 years old which was in 1996. I have never spoken about what I had seen until about 2…

Cigar UFO spotted over Illinois town An Illinois witness at Saint Charles reported watching a cigar-shaped object moving overhead with lights at both ends, according to testimony in Case 89610 from the Mutual UFO Network witness reporting database. The witness and her husband were looking out a front kitchen window about 9:30 p.m.

UFO Case Directory : “Object Just Off The Water / Radar Tracked From Boat July 5, 1979 Gulf of Alaska, S. of Seward, Alaska” The whole UFO case report: “ Carl Feindt: July 5, 1979 - Gulf of Alaska 2:45 a.m. They were halibut fishing south of…

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