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Tear down the old for new PAX and ELVARI closet We wanted to make better use the closet space. Besides that, we wanted to increase the desirability of our condo from a rental perspective. New rentals these days have terrible closets and ours will be a sales feature, in the future. This is the "before".

DIY Reusable Sandwich Bags Steps 6-8: With the right side of your fabrics and the shiny side of your waterproof fabric facing each other, clip or pin all four sides and sew with a 1/2" seam allowance all the way around, but leaving a 3" opening to turn the fabric. Be sure to use your back sewing feature to lock each end of this gap.

Video Tour of a Desi Inspired Rented Home in Birmingham Home tour of a creative's Desi inspired rented home in Birmingham. Rida shares some renter decor ideas like a DIY pallet bed and vintage design upcycles.

Upcycled Life: Colorful sun catcher made from scraps When I first saw these beautiful scraps of blown glass, I knew that I wanted to create something that really highlighted the color and radiance of the glass. While a glass artist can use scraps for fusing or glass slumping, I wanted to create a project with everyday materials and tools.

DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 488 - Funky Junk Interiors Welcome to DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 488. Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific. Happy weekend! I am so proud of me. With our beautiful, gorgeous summer weather, I've head outdoors every single day to do something to the yard. The biggest win thus far has been finishing my reclaimed wood fence!

How to Paint using Texture, Layering & Colour Some time ago I bought two of these hearts in this photograph. I knew I wanted three to hang on our wall and I struggled to find one that matched well. So, I did what I always do… I painted one to match the others. This was a fun wee project and only took an hour.

Cheese Cloche Upcycled Into Mini Pumpkin Patch Now for a little pumpkin patch… Too darn sweet! Nothing is safe from the mini buffalo plaid pattern! Available in my Etsy shop HERE. See Small Side Table Upcyled in Black and White Buffalo Check. If you enjoyed this thrift store makeover, I would really appreciate it if you would share it on Facebook and pin on Pinterest.

Best Upcycled Products Upcycling, or the transformation of waste materials into something new and of better quality, is an innovative and highly supported process that helps the environment. Some companies only use this specific approach to create practical products.

12 IKEA small space finds from the 2020 Catalog IKEA has some solutions for you. Earlier this month, IKEA launched their 2020 catalog and as I was flipping through it, I thought, "The homes seems to be getting smaller!" It's not new. IKEA has been telling us that for years. But in this catalog, that message seems to be at the forefront - furniture needs to be a lot more hardworking!

Recent furniture projects 101 It's been so long since i've written any blog posts so I do apologise. Instead, i've been buried deep in conferences, article writing and dissertation writing but also indulging in many luncheons… Last week myself, my mum and my youngest sister Lynsey went to the Tower of London.

Upcycled Chair Stool Seat The chair seat was all wood and very sturdy, the legs were not damaged at all. I had just finished an upcycled cabinet for my living room and I needed a small piece to go beside it. It was near the front entrance, so I decided a stool would be perfect.

DIY Pedestal Bowl Made from Bits & Pieces See more Spindle Projects here. Do you like the Glazed look on furniture and projects? How to Glaze Painted Furniture. Products used on this project are available on Amazon using the affiliate links below. Sharing is caring! Jen,. Oh, I often have plan b on many projects.

HoMie's upcycled collection using past-season designs sold out overnight HoMie is all about doing good, with 100 per cent of proceeds supporting young people affected by homelessness. Now, the brand is also tackling environmental issues with a new sustainability initiative. Using unsold pieces from previous collections, HoMie is releasing small, one-off upcycled collections.

Crafty upcycling One person's trash really is another one's treasure, if you look at 'waste' through the eyes of a creative person. Do you like visiting these shops or similar stalls at markets and fetes? Tell me some of the creative upcycling ideas you've seen! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Montessori Tower with a touch of Mondrian I wanted to build a Montessori observation tower for a child. Kids like looking at the countertop in the kitchen to help. BEKVÄM step stool - IKEA.com. I had left overs from a NUMERÄR countertop. So, I only purchased the BEKVÄM step tool. To make it funnier, I decided to paint it using Mondrian as inspiration.

Rt 11 Yard Crawl, Flea Market Gold My sister and I spent the weekend traveling up and down Rt 11 in Virginia at the annual Yard Crawl. While the husbands go golfing we go treasure hunting. The Yard Crawl is only about 40 miles, but still took us 2 days.

10 ways to use glycerine in a craft and art making A lot of times old art supplies like watercolors, ink and other paints can get a new life with glycerin. Over at Einat Kessler's blog there is a great list of ways to use glycerin to rejuvenate all sorts of art supplies and make some from scratch. It is really a useful item to have on hand in the art studio or craft room.

Make your Own "Real" Iron Man Suit - Part I K has been asking for a "real" Iron Man suit for the longest time now. He has multiple Iron Man pajamas and costumes, but a regular costume won't cut it. He simply has to have armor parts to assemble, and a suitcase for storage, to boot.

23-year-old British designer Patrick McDowell has been upcycling clothes since he was 13 The Central Saint Martins alumnus is forging a path of his own, designing his eponymous label with the backing of Burberry and Swarovski no less.

How to Chalk Paint a Table Top to Last It's so easy to work with, and it's also so forgiving. The biggest question is does it withstand a lot of traffic, toddlers, dinners, kid snacks, and basically life? If I wax the table top will it withstand the abuse of the daily routine? There are so many questions that you need to consider when preparing a surface like a table top.

Quick Summer Crafts: Leftover Bottles and Jars Hey guys, do you or your parents have any leftover glass bottles or jars and don't want to just throw them away. Here's some cool crafts for you that shouldn't take too long to make. ***Also! Some of these crafts may require adult supervision, or an adults help, please have your adult / parent help you!***.

Hackers Help: Can I make slimmer KIVIK armrests? I was therefore thinking about getting a couch and replacing the armrests. For example, this beauty. KIVIK 3-seat sofa with chaise lounge - IKEA.com. I know that the legs are usually incorporated in the armrests, that's why the KIVIK seems like a decent choice for this hack.

Upcycle Art Fair at Poughkeepsie Trolley Barn Fallkill Creative Works presents Upcycle Fair: Every Day Art at the Poughkeepsie Trolley Barn, 489 Main Street, from 11 am - 6 pm this Saturday, Aug. 13. The Upcycle Art Fair will feature vendors, demonstrations, hands-on learning, performances by Paper Heart Puppets and upcycled instrument maker and musician Ken Butler.

Over sized Vase - Easy Thrift Store makeover See more of my thrift store projects here. Sharing is caring!

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