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Foam Stamps We enjoyed this activity with upcycling things we don’ need at home. We used the foam and draw with a ballpoint pen and glue with any plastic bottle caps.

A clever twist turned a basket into a modern coat rack I made a modern coat rack from an IKEA wire basket. It is minimalist, cute, and price friendly. I lived in New York so it's safe to say that it was able to handle multiple heavy winter coats. My next apartment came with a coat rack, hence why I didn't reinstall it.

Crafts with Waste Materials and Recycling Activities to Do at Home Looking for recycling activities and crafts with waste materials and household supplies to do while you're stuck at home? These waste crafts are fun and easy!

Colorful Rustic Table So when I found four thicker 42" long pallet boards that were in good shape, i decided to make a table. I found four pallet 2" x 4"s or runner boards to use as legs. I cut these 31" tall. I added a 12" brace across from a pallet 2" x 4" at the bottom, using two same sized boards to hold it up.

Free Quarantine Coloring pages from Better Day Books Looking for some fresh coloring pages to brighten your day? Well the lovely peeps over at Better Day Books have created some new original coloring pages that you can download for free.

No Fooling Around I'm Making This Up As I Go! And here's another fun project using the Better Together transfer. So cute! Name. Email. Website.

Upcycle Project Recruits Local Miami Seamstresses for Face Masks Gabriella Smith, founder and chief executive officer of Upcycle Project, is recruiting local seamstresses who recently lost their jobs to make the masks, providing then with an income during this time.

How to Make the Most of a Small Home Office Space How to Make the Most of a Small Home Office Space. I've shared a handful of ideas if you are short on space and still need a home office.

Master-piece and REBIRTH PROJECT Upcycle Airbags Into Vests, Backpacks and Shoulder Bags The "Airback" collection is both sustainably-minded and premium.

Creative upcycling activities for kids Upcycling expert Sarah Teresisnki and her son Sebastian shared creative upcycling activities including a DIY pop rocket, a sponge water soaker, and glow-in-the-dark bowling. Learn more at redeuxkidz. com.

Q: Can I close the gap between IVAR doors? If you've ever assembled an IVAR cabinet, you would have faced this. In fact, any IKEA cabinet with 2 doors has this issue. It seems more prevalent on the IVAR, though, maybe partly due to the curved edge design. But don't lose heart. There are… First, do what IKEA tells you to.

Doubling down on upcycling Under the leadership of Huang and his cofounder, Jarvis Liu, Miniwiz has designed, engineered, and built an estimated US$100 million worth of buildings and products made from trash to prove the circular economy is a possibility today.

5 easy ways to upcycle your denim Ever find yourself wondering what to do with your overused denim jackets or pair of dated jeans? Word from Grazia: Never throw out old clothes.

Fairy Tale Crafts: 3 Little Pigs How about this Three Little Pigs TP Roll Craft? We decided on seeing what we could make to go with the 3 little pigs story. Both kids know the story well - it is simple to remember and they love the repetitive themes in it!

How the Upcycled Food Association is making environmentalism profitable Everything you need to know about the upcycled food industry, valued at $46.7 billion, and the newly minted nonprofit organization committed to promoting it.

Australia is Dropping Vegetables From Choppers to Feed Wildlife Starved by Fires Australia has been going through some tough time with forest fires spreading all over the country and causing a severe loss of wildlife. In areas where the fire has stopped burning, the remaining animals are still struggling to find food and survive.

DIY Alice in Wonderland Decor Part 2 - Craft Room Makeover - Extreme Upcycling I do intend to make the other half of the curtain but it does seem sort of suited to Alice in Wonderland to have only half a curtain doesn't it? The main components for this project are cardboard, black ribbon, black piping and these oversize pictures from Alice in Wonderland.

10 Ways To Upcycle Items You Already Have In Your Wardrobe Looking to upcycle what you have hanging in your wardrobe while we're at home? Here are 10 fun DIY upcycling projects to take on!

The Bottle Wall Begins! They were leftovers from a new community build where they ordered too many, thanks to them being donated to Second Chance we were able to get them for $400. Yes, $400 for brand new doors. Hence why we've gone to Second Chance and The Loading Dock for almost every aspect of this remodel.

French Knots… Are one of my favourite stitches. I must have worked hundreds of thousands of french knots from the odd few dropped into something else… …to the full on french knot extravaganza that is the Victorian box project. I find them invaluable in upcycling jewellery.

Toilet Tissue Dispenser At the weekend we ran out of tissues and we couldn’t just nip to the local store due to self isolation, so we had to start using toilet paper. The thing with toilet…

Dinged up KALLAX? Renew it wood wrapped style A little bit of glueing, staining and screwing and the old dresser has a new rustic look. Firstly, I have a really old KALLAX 2×2, rather it is an EXPEDIT. KALLAX 2×2 unit - IKEA.com. It was used in different rooms the last couple of years and looked really worn already.

The shirt label upcycling luxury hotel bed linen Upcycling used to have associations with wonky old furniture, Pinterest boards and discarded tyres, but now the word itself is enjoying something of a rebrand thanks to labels such as Archivist Studio. The brand makes timeless, upcycled white shirts from the old bed linen of luxury hotels.

Upcycled Wine Cork Easter Tic Tac Toe Craft Cork Easter Tic Tac Toe:. You can watch the easy to follow Video Tutorial or check out the step process photos below! You will need at least four chicks to play! Though 5 is ideal. Making your chicks is super easy. All you have to do is:. And yup. the bunny cork is just as easy to make… paint, decorate and glue on some felt ears.

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