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This Amazing Peacock Wedding Cake Uses Cupcakes For The Tail Cakes can be more than just food if they are made by a talented baker who will take them to a next level. If you are looking for a beautiful birthday cake for someone close to you, than you can get in touch with this company that designes the most amazing cakes ever.

How to Use Chalk Style Paint with a Paint Sprayer Have you ever wondered if you could use chalk paint in a paint sprayer? I've shared a few tips on how to use chalk style paint with a paint sprayer.

50 ideas to make with an unexpected item When I spotted this sculpture I thought it was made out of straws, but no! Only after I went over to the blog JobMob and saw 49 other examples of super creativity with this unexpected item did I learn what it is made from. Be sure to scroll all the way through as this list is diverse and inspiring.

Double Duty Star Well, it has taken me far longer than I planned, but this is my final 12 Days of Christmas project. 😁 This is a double duty, works for two holidays project so instead of being way behind, we can say I am way ahead.

HEMNES chest with plywood drawer fronts After being inspired by this IKEA HEMNES chest with plywood drawer fronts, I wanted to do something similar in our new nursery. But, I wanted a bigger chest, so I looked for a good deal on a second hand HEMNES chest of 8 drawers. HEMNES chest of 8 drawers - IKEA.com.

Welcome Porch Post The new welcome porch post makes me smile! I'm so happy I was able to make the bracket for less than $2, rather than purchasing one for $28. I did a Facebook Live showing how I made the sign and the bracket. The welcome porch post is already in The Sugar Shack.

DIY Pencil Holder from Sifter Decoupaged with Stamps Repurposed vintage Sifter decoupaged with stamps to create DIY Pencil Holder. #pencilholder #diypencilholder #decoupage #stamps.

Another way to use cling wrap to image transfer In a previous post I shared a link that explains you to use cling wrap to add an image to fabric. Here is one that shows how to use it to carve an image into a soft surface. I have used cling wrap to soften an impression using a cookie cutter but tracing an image and then using the cling wrap as a drawing guide is cool!

Farmhouse Shelf Makeover Take Two Farmhouse Shelf Makeover Take Two.

DIY: Wicker planters turned into eco friendly lampshades This is a little DIY project on how wicker planters turned to lampshades by using some paint, a drilling machine with special attachment and a cord set.

Meet the Designer Behind the Upcycled Streetwear We Can’t Get Enough Of Thanks for joining our newsletter list. Looks like you have already subscribed. Error, please enter a valid email address. In an age when we're not necessarily looking for the best new thing, but rather the best thrifted thing, Justin Mensinger has quickly caught our attention.

Painted Mason Valentine Jar Lantern with Heart Cut-Outs A simple reuse craft that looks gives you an instant holiday vibe - DIY Painted Mason Valentine Jar Lantern with Heart Cut-Outs. Does anyone else end up with a ton of mason jars?

Good Old EXPEDIT with Plywood doors I had some plywood left over, so I wanted to use this to make it more cohesive with the dresser I had. Firstly, I had some used EXPEDIT door inserts and a drawer insert, besides the 2 EXPEDIT shelving units. After deciding where the drawers, doors and DRÖNA boxes would fit best, I took out two doors and replaced them with two plywood pieces.

DIY Chinese New Year Paper Decorations I found a way to deal with some of the not-so-to-my-fancy red packets given out free for Chinese New Year this year - fussy cut them to create my own little decorations!!! Like these red packets from Dunkin' Donuts: the overall red packet design looks rather 'cheap', but the fussy cut elements look soooo cute!!!

Now, you can get upcycled stationery in exchange for the waste you collect. Let this Gurugram teen tell you how This is getting more evident as Australia is bracing for things to get worse. The bushfires are rapidly spreading across the entire continent, becoming one of the most devastating bushfires on record. If you are wondering what climate change has to do with this - it's making the fires worse.

Shed For The Cost Of A Box Of Screws That's right, we've just finished building a 6.0 x 2.5 x 2.1mtr lean-to shed and only spent money equal to the cost of a box of screws! Let's turn the clock back a bit to see how we got this fabulous deal. We had roofing iron left over from the work done for our new outdoor area.

Why cleaning 1 category a week is working - wk 3 - Funky Junk Interiors Why cleaning 1 category a week is working - wk 3. As you already may be aware, I'm going full force on cleaning my home from top to bottom based on Marie Kondo's book, The life-changing magic of tidying up. Even if it takes an entire year! But I will admit, it isn't a pretty task.

Recycled Tinsel Heart Wreath Time for a super duper cute Valentine's Day Decoration - these recycled tinsel heart wreaths would look fabulous as a door wreath or a wall hanging! Another lovely heart craft guest post from the 31 days of love series! Hello there! My name is Mihaela and I usually can be found at Best Toys 4 Toddlers where I share activities for kids under 5.

Rottweiler Car Decal Show your love for your favorite furry companion with these dog decals. Here you can find a number of different breeds. These are available in the link below… Find these dog car decals HERE… Name. Mail. Website. Facebook. Feed. Pintrest. Tumblr. Twitter.

Pillowcase Renovation Quite a while ago I bought a pair of pillows for our living room. They weren't very expensive, and at the time they were exactly what we needed. Recently we decided to change the colour scheme of our decorations, and realized these pillows didn't go with our new colours.

Cheesecake Stuffed With Chocolate Covered Strawberries These individual no-bake cheesecakes are beyond awesome! The sweet vanilla cheesecake is smooth, creamy and delicious as it sits on a buttery graham cracker crust. But wait….there is a surprise in the center of the cheesecake! A fresh, chocolate covered strawberry!

Valentines Day 2020: Netizens Upcycle Christmas Trees to Create Beautiful Valentines Trees! Instagram LIT with Breathtaking Pics Why should you only have fun during Christmas when you can extend it till Valentine's day aka February 14? Well, at least some people on social media are in no mood to give up on their Christmas trees, just because December 25 is gone.

Edmonton not-for-profit making 'huge, positive impact on the environment' A not-for-profit in west Edmonton is seeing tremendous growth. Since 2017, the Goodwill Impact Centre and Outlet Store has gone from 14 employees to 50 - and with that growth comes a greener city.

Don't splash out - paint it: a guide to upcycling Meghan and Harry may have decided to bid farewell to their royal titles, but I'd like to seize the moment and claim mine. You can call me the Do-It-Yourself Duchess. I am some way off sitting on top of the DIY family tree, but I am quickly becoming a dab hand at home projects.

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