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Plus Size Thrift Haul! Size 18 Vinted Haul!Download my Mental Health Journey book here: FOR MORE.

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How Going Vegan and Meditating Can Enhance the Experience of BothEating vegan and meditating go together hand-in-hand. Here are three reasons a plant-based diet can be enhanced by regular meditation practice and vice versa.

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Greenhouse Gas From Farming Animals Shown To" Exceed The Planetary Boundary"A United Nations report has revealed that greenhouse gas emissions from the animal agriculture industry "exceed the planetary boundary." The report warns that people around the globe need to cut back on meat and dairy to lessen the nitrogen emissions.

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The Summer Plant-Based Playlist: Vegan ArtistsThe Beet created a plant-based music playlist with 40 different songs by vegan artists so you can hit download and sing-along all summer.

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Calgary's first vegan burger joint V Burger opens July 11As usual, with plant-based versions of meaty creations, the proof is in the pudding. V Burger's consulting chef Andrea Harling has spent months perfecting recipes for the fast-casual spot for burger patties, "chicken" burgers, soft serve and more.

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Apple and marzipan crispy tartPreparation Time 20 MinutesCooking Time 30 MinutesServes 6 Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, vegetarian Looking out of the window at all the July liquid sunshine battering against the window, I decided that sitting and sunning myself in the garden was not the option so the kitchen it was.

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Sprouting, one step closer to self sufficiency.Sprouts are extremely healthy and are an easy way to supply your body with the right amount of nutrients.

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A lovely potato soupAfter the 15 minutes of the one and only great potatoes are ready, drain it from the excess water and puree it with a handmixer, plus around 200 to 300ml more fresh water to a creamy, thick sauce.

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Popular Pizza Chain Launches Entirely Vegan MenuA popular pizza chain in the US has launched a new entirely vegan menu. The Wisconsin-based chain Toppers is launching the new plant-based dishes in collaboration with vegan chef Melanie Manuel.

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EcorNaturaSi and the Mountain Partnership Secretariat to boost rural, mountain, forest and island communities' livelihoods9 July 2020, Rome - EcorNaturaSí and the Mountain Partnership Secretariat, hosted by FAO, today joined forces to better the lives of people living in rural areas and fragile ecosystems, such as mountains, forests and islands, and develop more inclusive food and agriculture systems.

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Quick and Easy Vegan Smoked Tofu BowlWith what's going on in the world lately, we all have to do what we can, right?

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Vegan Startup Secures $300M To Create Cow-Free "Dairy-Identical" ProductsVegan food tech startup Perfect Day has secured $300 million in investment funding to develop its dairy-identical products.

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Week Of Vegan Breakfasts! No Oatmeal, No SmoothiesThe first 1000 people who click the link will get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium: MY EBOOKS - video is ALL ABOUT vegan breakfasts!

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13-Year-Old Vegan Climate Activist Genesis Butler Is On a Mission to Make the World a Kinder Place — ExclusiveGenesis Butler is a vegan climate activist spreading kindness to all — check out our exclusive interview with the 13-year-old.

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Top Vegan Chef Matthew Kenney Creates Huge Range of Vegan Meals for Amazon Home DeliveryRenowned vegan chef Matthew Kenney has teamed up with Golden Platter Foods CEO Scott Bennett to create PlantMade Foods, with a portfolio of over 30 plant-based meals available online for national shipping.

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Petition: Save Endangered Marine Animals in AustraliaSign this petition to demand that Australia's Environment Ministers reform the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act!

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Interview with Jerome Flynn on BBC Radio Scotland!You are invited to follow our intrepid group of undercover investigators as they expose shocking atrocities inside Hogwood farm.

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15 Vegan Recipes to Help You Live Out Your Cottagecore Fantasy!These 15 vegan Cottagecore recipes will help you feel like you're living in a quaint cottage in a faraway forest, with your three cats and mushroom garden.

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Chinese Tofu With Fried RicePlace on a clean cloth or a few pieces of kitchen roll on the kitchen counter, put more kitchen roll or another clean cloth on top and press the rest of the moisture out of it by placing heavy pans or dishes on top.

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Identical Twins Discuss Their Experiment Comparing Vegan And Omni DietsThe pair made headlines when they shared their experiences earlier this Summer - now they have discussed them on PCRM's podcast.

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From Raw Cinnamon Rolls to Smokey Chipotle Hummus: Our Top Eight Vegan Recipes of the Day!Our newest recipes include raw cinnamon rolls, muffins, and sugar cookies, so if you're looking for something new and delicious, these recipes are it!

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Random Travel Tips for Japan: Vegan FoodIn October 2019 I went on a solo trip to Japan and had an amazing time.

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First Nation seeks permit to hunt sea lions, seals; expects long waitA First Nations group lobbying for a commercial hunt on seals and sea lions doesn't expect to get its permit approved for at least the next two years.

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Dead Animals Spotted in Plain Sight at Spanish ZooA zoo on the Magdalena Peninsula in Santander, Spain is under criticism from animal rights activists after horrible images were shared on social media of the zoo.

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Russian lawyers propose to introduce post of animal rights ombudsmanChair of Russia's Bar Association for Human Rights, advocate Maria Arkhipova has proposed to introduce a post of the animal rights ombudsman, according to the organization's press service.

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In Sex Robots and Vegan Meat, Jenny Kleeman explores the frontiers of birth, death, food and sexKleeman, a journalist and documentary-maker, sets out to meet the men and women developing technology that will likely change our world forever. Shared .
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Cheese-Centric Wisconsin Pizza Chain Toppers to Launch First Vegan MenuToppers partners with vegan chef Melanie Manuel to bring Buffalo, Korean BBQ, and Tuscano pizzas to the chain's menu. Shared .

Vegan Steaks Made with 3D Printing Technology!Redefine Meat, an Israeli startup has announced a plant-based steak made with 3-D printing. The company will start testing the cuts at high-end restaurants in Israel.

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How To Make Almond Milk And Almond CheeseSoak the almonds for a night. Or put your almonds in a bowl and add boiled water on.

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Oven-dried tomatoesI am slightly addicted to tomatoes. And they're wonderful at the moment, especially if you're lucky enough to source Isle of Wight Tomatoes.

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Investigation Exposes Gruelling, Shocking Abuse in Global Leather TradeA sweeping investigation by journalist Manfred Karremann released by PETA Germany reveals the extreme cruelty endured by animals like cows and sheep in the leather trade.

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Lewis Hamilton's Dog Is Now Vegan and "Super Happy"The vegan athlete's adopted British bulldog, Roscoe, is thriving on a plant-based diet with a softer coat, reduced arthritis symptoms, and less respiratory issues. Shared .

'When There Were Witches' continues….When There Were Witches continues from yesterday: In the subsequent weeks a few more people broke the law, and each time, Brynja cast the spell to punish them.

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FalafelIf you've never tried your hand at making falafel, now is the time! This homemade falafel is cheap, healthy and easy, and makes a delicious accompaniment to wraps, pittas, salads and more!

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Vegan market to return this SundayFudge, cakes and pastries are just some of the treats you can enjoy this Sunday, July 12 as Wokingham's vegan market makes a much welcomed return.

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Yogurtland Launches New Vegan Pina Colada Frozen Yogurt for SummerAfter launching its first vegan frozen yogurt flavor in January, the chain continues to innovate its plant-based options with a coconut milk-based summer blend that features real pineapples and coconuts. Shared .

COVID-19 makes going vegan more attractiveMany celebrities and regular folk are switching to vegetables and fruit after the coronavirus pandemic hit the planet for the purpose of food safety.

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10 Vegan-friendly Brunch Stops For Your Irish Road TripFinding the right spot to eat on your Irish journey can be difficult, but we've done the work for you with our list of ten vegan-friendly brunch stops.

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Leather is transparency's next big targetThe precise extent to which live transport is used within the leather industry is unclear, but the global figures for live animal transport are staggering - some two billion animals annually, according to a recent report in The Guardian.

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10 Local Vegan Coffee Shops We're Ordering FromThese all-vegan coffee shops serve an endless array of vegan milk options and freshly baked doughnuts, cakes slices, and breakfast bagels via takeout and curbside pickup. Shared .

Kellogg's Urged to Switch to Animal-Free Vitamin D to Turn Most of Its Cereals VeganBy removing Vitamin D3 derived from lanolin—which is found in sheep wool—Kellogg's would make many of its cereals appealing to a wider consumer base. Shared .

Training after the Covid-19 LockdownDepending on where you live in the world, things are either opening back up slowly or they are going to Hell in a handbasket because things never really "shut-down" in the first place....

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Born in Madrid in the 60s, this is one of the most preferred tapas by the Spanish. Check out the homemade "patatas bravas" delicious recipe!It is said that the recipe of the "patatas bravas" was born in Madrid in the 60s and that it was food for the poor people, since it was easy and cheap to make.

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The Best Places to Eat Vegan Food in LondonIt should come as no surprise to hear that London is full of great cafes to work at if you're a digital nomad, but what might impress you even more is that England's capital is also the perfect place for vegans.

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Kupfergruen: "For Many People Vegan Cosmetics are the Way to Make Every Day Life More Sustainable"Kupfergrün is a sustainable cosmetics brand that specialises in the production and marketing of vegan and handmade cosmetics and care products.

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Gluten free recipe: Split Green Mung and Ragi DosaThe craze of vegan and gluten free/ plant based recipes has caught up on the internet like a storm!

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Uncooked, A Vegan Grab-And-Go Eatery, Opens In Fulton MarketThe grab-and-go eatery offers overnight oats, acai bowls, salads, juices, smoothies and more. Published on Jul 9, 2020 8:00AM CDTPilsen, Little Village, West Loop Primary category in which blog post is published.

Block Club Chicago Shared . is now the largest directory of vegan-friendly movies, with over 200 listed and more to comeIt can be hard to find something vegan-friendly to watch. Sure there are plenty of articles claiming to have a list of the "top 10 vegan movies," but they're all different and subjective.

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Rainbow Rolls RecipeThis rainbow rolls recipe is my take on Vietnamese rice paper rolls, vegan style! These rolls are packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals from fresh, raw and diverse veggies.

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The cost of a billion cowsThe meat and dairy industries have always been at the forefront of agriculture. It is hard to ignore the ways in which farming animals has shaped our society and culture, for thousands of years.

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Huel Launches First Vegan White Chocolate Product with New Raspberry and White Chocolate Snack BarHuel, the world's leading complete food brand, is continuing to grow its bar line-up with the launch of a new Raspberry and White Chocolate flavor - and of course, it's vegan!

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Garlic PastaAuthor: @Moku_O_Keawe Serves: 8 Time: 10' Difficulty: easy Disclaimer: "my feline overlords expressed displeasure with my inattention by knocking my cell phone into the pool, rendering the photos of these recipes inaccessable" This photo has been taken from internet.

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Homemade BBQ SauceSure you could buy your sauce from the store. You wouldn't know everything that is in it and you would be bringing home more plastic waste but you could do that.

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Lewis Hamilton's dog at major health risk over vegan diet: British animal expertAfter Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton revealed that his pet dog Roscoe has gone completely vegan, a British animal expert has warned of a major health risk.

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Stir Fried Bok Choy and Tofu with MushroomsThis very quick and healthy dish can be served as a side for more than four folks or or eaten as a main dish.

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Concerns pour in after private zoo bear's video in Lahore goes viralMany animal rights activists shared the video clip and expressed their concerns about the well-being of the animal.

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CaponataCaponata is one of the most loved Sicilian appetizers. There are many versions and a variety of cooking methods and ingredients, but the star of the show is always the eggplant.

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Viewpoint: Plant-based meats promote veganism in ways animal rights activists never couldAuthor and animal-rights activist Jonathan Safran Foer recently argued in a New York Times essay that the COVID-19 pandemic represents a turning point in society's attitude to eating meat.

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Sustainability + Ethics + the UniverseA ramble I'll probably expand on when I have more functioning brain cells.) In the last couple of years I have really focused on where things come from and how they affect the environment, your body, and other people as a whole.

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Cambodian province famous for Angkor Wat bans dog meat tradePHNOM PENH, Cambodia — The Cambodian province that is home to the famous Angkor Wat temple complex, a major destination for foreign tourists, has outlawed the trade in dog meat, which animal rights...

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Cheesy Vegan PestoPesto has to be one of the best sauces out there. You can add it to pastas, sandwiches, pizzas and more!

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Earth BurgersMeanwhile, combine the cilantro, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, and salt in a bowl. Add the black beans; mash with a potato masher until chunky.

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Vegan Weddings: Best of Both Worlds with Rohini and SiddhantPlant-based living is taking the world by storm, and even international weddings are getting a vegan makeover. Shared .

Wednesday Live stream My First Viral VideoVEGAN ZOMBIE Merch: ZOMBIE E-Book Patreon: : :. Amazon Store VItamins + Camera: Lens: : Kitchen Knife: MAILBOX The Vegan Zombie PO Box 2194 Liverpool, NY ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

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Laughter, Food, and FriendshipsComic Eddie Brill and New York City restaurateur Vlad Grinberg, hosts of the video podcast OG Talk, join the show; and Growing Young author Marta Zaraska shows how friendship, optimism, and kindness extend life.

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Polis appoints activist to vet board, signs egg billColorado Governor Jared Polis has appointed Ellen Kessler to the public at large position on the State Board of Veterinary Medicine. Shared .

Vegan New England-Style Crab Cakes Launch at East Coast RetailersPlant-based seafood brand Good Catch launches its first frozen product line with New England-style crab cakes, Thai-style fish cakes, and hearty fish burgers. Shared .

Plum SparklerPlums are ripe and abundant on neighborhood trees. While 2020 has been a tumultuous year, it's been fabulous for plums.

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Bali hosts world's first rehabilitation centre for dolphins to aid their return to wildAnimal rights activists and Indonesian authorities have collaborated to open the world's first and only permanent rehabilitation centre for dolphins in Bali.

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Orange and Almond Buckwheat MuffinsBuckwheat is a nutrient-rich, gluten-free plant source, which may boost heart health, reduce blood pressure, and help manage diabetes.

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My Non-toxic Skincare RoutineThe past couple of years I've become more and more aware of the toxins that are in my everyday products.


Vegan Mexican LasagnaWe've known we were moving to Colorado for over a year and have been anticipating it ever since.

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Science Doesn't Support Veganism! WTF? ! Responding to Mr. Vegan's NonsenseRyan responds to the anti vegan claims that have been coming from Mr. Vegan of the Mr.

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Cambodia's dog meat trade banned in Angkor Wat over rabies fearThe sale and consumption of dog meat at the ancient Cambodian temples at Angkor Wat has been banned after pressure from animal rights groups.

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Criminal Probe Sought: Cows Shot Repeatedly in HeadLynchburg, Va. - PETA has obtained U.S. Department of Agriculture reports revealing recent violations of law at Seven Hills Abattoir in Lynchburg.

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Ash-e-ReshtehAsh-e-Reshteh is as much about the soup itself as it is its garnishment. While it is traditionally garnished with a fried onion and garlic mixture and whey, the whey can easily be skipped or substituted.

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Northland farm abuse case: Minister rejects call for separate body to oversee animal welfareNorthland man who beat a cow with a metal bar convicted and fined $3130.

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Chickpea Omelette!Tofu isn't the only egg replacement out there, so why not give this delicious Chickpea Omelette a go next time you cook brunch!

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Lemon Mushroom Spaghetti SquashWhen you imagine a meal consisting of mostly vegetables, your mind probably goes straight to salad.

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You Can Now Order The VTree's Vegan Shrimp and Drumsticks Straight to Your DoorHollywood's The VTree is now offering Chef Velvet's vegan shrimp and fried chicken for nationwide delivery!

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10 Best Veggie Burger Brands to Buy in 2020Enjoy these high protein, plant-based burgers that are just as good if not better than beef.

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Soko's Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe Looks So GoodSinger and actress Soko joined Cosmo for an episode of 'Stir Crazy' where she made hot chocolate filled with cacao powder, collagen, oat milk, and more.

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Urgent From PETA: Cruel-and Criminal-to Leave Animals in Hot CarsFollowing recent reports that two cats died and 12 others along with a dog had to be rescued after being left in a hot truck in York County, PETA is Following recent reports that two cats died and 12 others along with a dog had to be rescued after being left in a hot truck in York County, PETA is issuing an urgent warning about the importance of...

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Dragon Fruit Strawberry Lychee Poke With Balsamic Black Pepper GlazeI can't recommend this recipe enough because the three main parts can be used separately for other things.

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Kale Burrito BowlA little taste of Mexican with all the goodness of greens and freshness of lime and cilantro!

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Instant Pot Smokey BeansThe finessing involved is called for when sauteing the beans in the final step. You want to make sure there is enough sauce.

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Missi roti using Chana dalLeftover chana dal makes delicious missi rotis the next day, for breakfast or for lunch.

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Greggs Vegan Steak BakeGreggs have done it again. 2020 has brought us the vegan steak bake and this was another crowd pleaser by the sounds of it.

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Carbon sees spike in animal cruelty calls during pandemicThe coronavirus put a hold on many things. Animal cruelty isn't one of them. According to Carbon County Animal Cruelty Officer Donna Crum, the pandemic hasn't lessened the number of animal welfare iss...

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Hello Van Leeuwen Ice Cream @ The Point!It's been five years since The Point had their grand opening in El Segundo. Since their opening in 2015 they have continued to bring a variety of premier restaurants and shops.

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Sea salt ice cream popsiclesNow that I finally have proper popsicle molds, I can make the actual sea salt ice cream from Kingdom Hearts.

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Simple HummusDoes anyone else NEVER get tired of hummus, or just me? I can seriously eat hummus most days and not get bored of it.

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It's The Emperor of Veggie Burgers, BRO!Ohayogozaimasu Permaculture Bros and Brosettes! Self-sufficiency is a major principle and goal of permaculture, and being able to cook for yourself is part of that.

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BIG Announcement and YOUR Help RequiredThe Vegan Bromley Library is. Vegan Mo's Vegan. Egg Vegan Lazy Viet #ThoseVeganGuys # food, vegan meals, vegan meal planning, plant based meals, plant based meal planning, those vegan guys, down to earth veganism, vegan recipes, vegan shopping, vegan hauls, Gay announcement, coming soon, channel memberships youtube, patreon support youtube,...

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How I Deal with Chronic Migraines as a Work from Home MomIt's not easy to live with chronic migraine when you're a work from home mom.

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Vegan Startup Raises $300 Million to Make High-Tech Dairy Without the CowSilicon Valley startup Perfect Day is creating a new "flora-based" industry where dairy-identical products such as milk, cheese, and ice cream can be made without exploiting animals or harming the environment. Shared .

Vegan, Sustainable SkincareNo worries. Its not actually from Canada, it's shipped from the USA so takes a while but they sell lots of sustainable options including Ethique on

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Veganuary Co-Founder Launches Vegan Investment FundVegan entrepreneur and Veganuary co-founder Matthew Glover has launched a not-for-profit investment firm to help fund early-stage businesses in the plant-based food space.

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Everything You Need For A Successful Vegan Summer Camping TripGet ready for your family's summer camping trip with these vegan and plant-based recipes and packaging lists.

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Gluten Free Pad ThaiSo exactly what is Pad Thai? In case you're new to this one, I think it's safe to say that it is probably the most famous Thai noodle dish.

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This New Vegan Protein Powder Is Made From Mushrooms and PeasEstablished in 2010, Stronger Faster Healthier remains committed to offering products and ingredients. The nutrition supplement company recently added a vegan protein powder variety to their virtual shelves.

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Silencing whistle-blowers on farms conceals animal and employee abuseWhat are known as 'ag-gag' laws impede the transparency Canadians expect from farms and food-production facilities, particularly dangerous in the COVID-19 period.

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Crockpot Cornbread with Fresh Freestone PeachesWell, the recent temps here in Eastern United States have officially declared summertime is here!

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Dog meat ban in Nagaland raises debate over animal rights and traditional rightsDog meat ban in Nagaland raises debate over animal rights and traditional rights - Following the Nagaland govt's order to ban trading of dogs and also the sale of both 'cooked and uncooked' dog-meat, a hot debate has come up.

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VEDGEco, Dubbed The Costco For Vegans, Is Expanding In The U.S.A vegan wholesaler called VEDGEco is slated to expand its operations into the mainland U.S. later this summer after opening in Hawaii.

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Farmers drive tractors to London for food standards demoFed-up farmers broke off from the busy harvest schedule to travel to Westminster today and tell Boris Johnson's government "don't destroy Britain's world-class farming industry by striking cheap food trade deals".

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Training Week: June 30 to July 6This was a bit of a cutback week. "Only" one hill run and a shorter long run.


Twin-Concept Eatery Starring Brunch and Vegan Food to Replace Yours Truly at Shaker SquareOn Monday we reported that Yours Truly had closed its Shaker Square location after nearly 30 years.

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Peri Peri "Chicken"This recipe is inspired by a well known peri peri website that's super popular in the UK.

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Soul Kitchen, Farro Salad: Bowl of vegan nutritionTry this super simple and easy to assemble vegan salad recipe and take your taste buds on a ride.

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Raspberry and white chocolate vegan cookiesI used my gluten free, vegan cookie recipe to make these yummy raspberry and white chocolate cookies.

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COVID-19 Researchers Avoid Archaic Tests on AnimalsHere are some examples of the innovative, cutting-edge, human-relevant methods researchers are using to study the novel coronavirus.

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Lewis Hamilton confirms having successfully converted his British bulldog into a 'vegan'Lewis Hamilton wrote that his dog's coat is much softer, his swollen paws have healed up, he is no longer limping with arthritis pain and breathing has opened.

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Does the poultry industry 'grow' with overcrowding and rats?"The poultry industry in Mexico grows amid overcrowding and rats" is the title of an unfortunate article in the "Science and Health" section published last week by Milenio, a well-known Mexican media outlet.

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Iconic Duo BOSH! Launch Vegan Cake Mixes In Major U.K Retailer'You'll be able to get your hands on these magical boxes that contain an incredibly quick and easy cake mix'

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Moong UsalIngredients 1 cup sprouted moong 2 onions finely chopped 1/2 tsp rai Pinch of hing 1/2 tsp haldi 1 tsp lal mirch 1/2 tsp maharashtrian garam masala or dhaniya powder Salt to taste Finely chopped hara dhania for garnishing 1 kokam or 1 tsp imli pulp or 2 tsp lemon juice Process In a pressure...

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15 Non-Fruit Vegan Pies that Taste Amazing!Check out these 15 non-fruit pies to make for your next celebration! They taste amazing and please the picky-eaters at the party!

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Burger Restaurant Goes Vegan In Wake Of Coronavirus PandemicA burger restaurant in Tokyo has gone vegan following the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Be The FutureBe The Future organises a Vegan Market at Stoke Newington with 30 stalls of delicious vegan foods, hot drinks, music, crafts, clothing, skincare, charities, plants, candles, snacks, chocolates, scents, scheese, illustrations and much more.

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Vegan Extravaganza Goes Online for August 2020With Festival Season firmly on hold for 2020, VegfestUK are bringing their particular brand of vegangreatness to the comfort of your living room with the launch of their first online experience on August 15th/16th.

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Week 37: Driveway AnticsHi all, welcome to another weekly instalment, starting with what was on my plate , followed by my health results and closing with some positive smile-provoking experiences......This week I lacked in my usual fruity breakfast start - I had pineapple once.

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Beer Review: Passion Fruit Pool PartyReturning to Tiny Rebel once again today, but with a first for the blog. Passion Fruit Pool Party is the first wheat beer I have reviewed and not a style I typically have.

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Over 70% Of Brits Support Ban On Imported Animal Fur, New Poll Finds'British consumers have made their views clear - fur is cruel, outdated and it should be banned'

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Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding Cookies!Sticky toffee pudding is one of the UK's most favourite desserts and this BATCH of Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding Cookies puts the perfect spin on this classic dessert!

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Turkey's new police branch to protect animals and nature starts trainingThe Environment, Nature and Animal Protection Directorate, a newly formed branch of the Turkish police, started training Wednesday.

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From Spinach Crepes to Sweet Potato Maui Burgers: Our Top Eight Vegan Recipes of the Day!Our newest recipes include crepes, brownies, and cake so if you're looking for something new and delicious, these recipes are it!

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BBQ Chick'n FlatbreadSome BBQ sauces contain anchovies in it. My personal favourite BBQ sauce is Sweet Baby Ray's, which I was introduced to while having dinner at my best friend's house.

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Soy Myths DebunkedSoy has been at the centre of the plant-based nutrition controversy, so we decided to revise the most common myths surrounding this bean and it's products.

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SheffieldHere are my top 5 vegan picks to eat in Sheffield, I'm sure this will change theres always new places popping up and I'm so lucky to live in a diverse city.

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Roger Federer and On Just Launched a Vegan Tennis SneakerRoger Federer teamed up with Swiss brand On. The duo just launched a new, tennis-inspired vegan leather sneaker called The Roger.


Factory farms: Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren have a radical bill to reform farmingFarmers and animal rights activists are coming together to fight big factory farms.

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Lewis Hamilton Shares That His Dog Now Follows A "Fully Vegan" DietVegan racing driver Lewis Hamilton has revealed this his dog Roscoe has now joined him in following a plant-based diet.

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Tokyo Burger Shop Goes Vegan Due to COVID-19"COVID-19 was caused by the exploitation of animals. I can't see any other way to move forward given the devastation around the world," Great Lakes Tokyo founder John Penny says. Shared .

Bali hosts first centre to return captive dolphins to the wildJust a year ago, Rambo was confined to a shallow, chlorinated pool in an Indonesian hotel on the island of Bali entertaining visitors from around the world by jumping through hoops.

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Valuation of Synthetic Leather Market to Climb to ~US$ 157.3 Bn by 2027; Companies Harness Sustainable Production Processes to Expand Horizon: TMRALBANY, New York, July 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Synthetic leather products are being adopted in a wide range of applications such as footwear, interior designing, furnishing, automotive interiors, and luxury goods.

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Spinach CrepesDon't be intimidated by making crepes—they are much easier than you might think!

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New Fairy Tale Starts Today!A long long time ago, long before you or I, or our great grandparents, were born, the world was ruled by a powerful witch called Ermendrud.

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93% Of People Support A Fur-Free Britain As Government Urged To End ImportsThe UK government is under fresh pressure to ban fur as a campaign has highlighted that the majority of the country is against the cruel practice.

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Healthy FudgesiclesGrowing up, one of my favourite summertime treats was the iconic fudgesicle. There are the ones with chocolate outer coating, and the ones that are simply fudge, and I was totally team fudge.

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Pureology, #1 Professional Color Care Brand*, Pioneer In Vegan Haircare, To Unveil New Look And FormulasPureology is proud to launch a completely renovated product lineup this summer with a new look and select formula improvements.

Pureology Shared .

Asian Inspired Buddha BowlThis banging Buddha Bowl was topped off with some tasty micro herbs from Growing Underground.

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Dog meat: First Cambodian province bans sale and consumptionThe decision in Siem Reap follows similar moves in parts of China and India in recent months.

BBC Shared .

Vegan Banana Muffins: A tasty, heart-healthy recipe that will satisfy your sugar cravingsTurning vegan does not mean giving up on luscious desserts. Here's a delicious vegan banana muffin recipe you can make at home.

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Keep Your Cool this SummerKeep your cool in the summertime heat with these five tips! Summertime Heat The mercury is rising, and we're right in the middle of summer now.

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It's Official! Jammie Dodgers Are Now 100% VeganThanks to a slight change of the recipe, Jammie Dodgers are now 100% vegan.

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New Vegan Deli and Butcher Shop to Open in St. LouisVegan Deli and Butcher will offer traditional deli-style sandwiches such as Reubens, tuna melts, Philly cheesesteaks, and meatball parm, along with coffee shop pastries and doughnuts. Shared .

Former Dairy Brand Goes Totally VeganA Polish dairy brand has completed a gradual transition away from dairy to become entirely vegan.

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More than 5,000 people urge Kellogg's to Make it Vegan!More than 5,000 people have signed our joint petition with Herbivore Club, calling on Kellogg's to switch the vitamin D used in their cereals to a vegan version.

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King Oyster Mushrooms Side DishI love all mushrooms and I especially love mushrooms as a separate side dish. They're full of fibre and protein and umami so they go well with many different dishes!

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Is A Shame-Based Toxic Culture Turning Vegans Plant Based?This week we bring you a very classic TBV episode, both in terms of form and content.

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Save British Farming tractor demonstration in Parliament SquareSelected farmers will be driving their tractors and cars on a socially-distanced drive-slow demonstration around Parliament Square today.

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VIDEO: Dog meat ban in Nagaland raises debate over animal rights and traditional rightsFollowing the Nagaland govt's order to ban trading of dogs and also the sale of both 'cooked and uncooked' dog-meat, a hot debate has come up.

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Black-Owned Vegan Catering Company Aims to Revolutionize "Hood Food" in San Francisco Bay AreaBest friends Ronnishia Johnson and Rheema Calloway created Vegan Hood Chefs as a way to provide Black and Brown communities with quality, vegan meals. Shared .

Vegetarian KormaAnother common dinner in our house - Korma. I loved a chicken korma before going veggie.

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A Simple Pizza RecipePizza, pasta, vino. I personally do not know anyone who would say no to a slice of crispy stone-baked dough or freshly cooked linguine.

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Is it time for livestock premises registration in Illinois?It's not been a popular idea in the past, but advocates say it's time for better biosecurity in Illinois.

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Kevin Smith Brings Fictional Restaurant Mooby's to Life, Sells Out on First DayFilm director Kevin Smith has relaunched Mooby's, the fundraising popup burger shack in West Hollywood featuring a vegan heavy menu including Beyond Burgers and Beyond Sausages.

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Linda McCartney Fried Chicken BucketI am a big Linda McCartney fan. Almost all of my favourite meals include her vegan food in some way, so I am always very excited when I spot a new range from her.

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Black-Woman-Owned Vegan Cafe Opens in Ohio from Serial EntrepreneurDawn Dickson, a serial entrepreneur and inventor with several new ventures, recently opened a plant based restaurant, the Lifestyle Cafe in Columbus, Ohio.

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Vegan Strawberry Crumble Muffins RecipeVegan strawberry crumble muffins are tender, full of fruit, and perfectly finished with a buttery and crunchy pecan topping.

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Cambodia's tourist hotspot bans dog meat tradeThe Cambodian tourist town of Siem Reap has banned the dog meat trade, a victory for animal rights campaigners who describe the area as the "lynchpin" of an industry that slaughters millions of creatures each year.

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Pumpkin CurryPumpkin Curry: Ingredients:: 1 kg pumpkin, cubed Oil for cooking 1 cinnamon stick 1 large onion, finely diced 4 cloves garlic, grated finely 1 sprig curry leaves 1 teaspoon mustard seeds 1 teaspoon cumin seeds 4 whole green chillies, sliced 5 dried red chillies Salt to taste Sugar to taste ¼ cup chopped dhunia Methi powderMethod:: 1.

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Alicia Joseph's Vegan Baked BeansAlicia Joseph takes over my blog today with a vegan baked bean recipe.

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Vegan Fever in the HillsCalling all the vegans and health-nuts in Brisbane, The Vegan Cook is here to make your lifestyle that little bit cruisier-and not to mention, healthier!

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Wednesday Special Spotlight Vegan Yorkshire pudding recipe from @CarolBrowneThese Yorkshire puddings are easy to make and taste great even if you aren't a vegan.

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Lizzo reveals she has adopted a 'lit' vegan lifestyleShe says she has enjoyed exploring different plant-based flavours and plant-based proteins since her diet transition and has been sharing recipes and tips with her 9 million followers.

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Thai Coconut Farmers Deny PETA Animal Cruelty ChargeBANGKOK— Coconut farmers in southern Thailand on Wednesday denied the allegation by a U.S.-based animal rights group that monkeys are forced to harvest their crops.

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Vegan Coffee at home? Nescafe have you coveredIf you're one of those Almond-milk ordering latte sippers when you head down the cafe for a coffee, good news, Nescafe have an Instant coffee latte mix that's plant-based and dairy free.

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Are Coconut Products Ethical? Thai Monkey Labor ExposedA new animal rights investigation claims monkeys are subjected to cruelty in Thailand's coconut industry.


5 Vegan Diet Mistakes to Avoid for BeginnersThe more you know about veganism, the higher your chance of sticking to your new lifestyle.

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Sunflower Seed Butter CookiesIn a large bowl, whisk together the applesauce and remaining 1/2 teaspoon baking powder. Add the sunflower seed butter, canola oil, brown sugar, and maple syrup.

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Pamplona Bull Run cancelled in Spain for the first time since 1930sThe bulls of Pamplona will live to run another day after the festival was cancelled.

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Woman Wanted In South Gate Killing Of KittenA woman is wanted Tuesday after being caught on surveillance video carrying off a kitten who was later found dead on a South Gate street.

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Vegan Coffee FrappuccinoI never thought that I would ever become a coffee fan. I always thought that it was just this bitter drink that most people drank to give them energy.

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Lewis Hamilton reveals dog Roscoe is now 'fully vegan' and 'super happy' with new lifestyle after pup Coco diesLewis Hamilton reveals dog Roscoe is now 'fully vegan' and 'super happy' with new lifestyle after pup Coco dies. Shared .

7-7-20Sunday I baked myself some biscotti since I liked Elisabeth's so much. They came out just as tasty as hers and I can say I've eaten more than I should have in the space of three days.

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Black Woman-Owned Vegan Sunscreen Brand Made for Black Skin Raises $1 MillionShontay Lundy's vegan brand Black Girl Sunscreen is the only independently Black-owned brand sold in the suncare section at Target. Shared .

Indoor Herb GardenFresh herbs set recipes apart. They can be used with fruit, veggies, meat, poultry, or fish.

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Slather Your Veggie Burgers in This Vegan Hummus SauceThe dairy-free big mac sauce is made out of hummus instead of mayonnaise!


Around the World with Animal EqualityJoin President Sharon Núñez as we take a virtual trip around the world to talk about the important work of Animal Equality.

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Vegan Veggie Miso SoupPlant-based, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, delicious! This easy-peasy soup is a wintertime comfort food favorite.

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Ban on dog breeds like pit bulls are 'ineffective' says animal rights lawyerA lawyer who specializes in animal rights says breed bans on certain types of dogs like pit bulls are ineffective and do not work.

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Trader Joe's Debuts Oat Milk Strawberry Ice Cream, Vegan Caesar DressingAfter launching vegan beef and turkey patties, mac and cheese, and lobster-shaped gelatin-free gummies, the grocery chain continues to innovate its vegan offerings with new ice cream and salad dressing. Shared .

Must-Try, Black-Owned Vegan Food Options — With Nationwide Delivery!In an effort to support Black-owned vegan businesses, we've rounded up some of the best vegan and sustainable food options out there.

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Vegan What I Eat In A DayMy name is Michelle Cehn, and I'm the founder of World of Vegan and a vegan filmmaker on a mission to change the world one video at a time.

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Offspring Top 9 Vegan Sale SneakersOffspring have a great sale going on, therefore, I want to provide you guys with an opportunity to have a look at some of the discounts currently available.

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Cooked Whole Grain MixWhen often make this grain blend as a side with dinner.

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You change the world1) increasing human demand for animal protein; 2) unsustainable agricultural intensification; 3) increased use and exploitation of wildlife; 4) unsustainable utilization of natural resources accelerated by urbanization, land use change and extractive industries; 5) increased travel and transportation; 6) changes in food supply; and 7) climate...

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July 7: Hartglass and De Mattei, Bananaversary, Celebrating 14 years of TalkingListen: Tuesday, July 7, 2020, 4pm ET by going to PRN, The Progressive Radio Network.

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MP Says 'We Need To Move To A Predominantly Vegan Diet''I'll be pushing for our government to send a clear message that we have to move away from animal agriculture and toward a plant-based diet'

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Creamy Brussels SproutsIn a medium saucepan bring 4 cups of water to a boil, add a dash of salt followed by the brussels sprouts and boil for 7 minutes, then strain and leave the sprouts in the strainer while you prepare your creamy sauce.

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Easy Kale Artichoke PestoThis is an even easier recipe than my Kale Pesto recipe - the artichokes and marinade bring a lot of flavor to the pesto, so there's fewer ingredients and less work for you.

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Potato scones recipe 2.0Since I really enjoyed the first potato scones I made, I thought I'd see how thin ones turned out.

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Collins was 'vilified' for donkey remarksPEOPLE concerned about the welfare of a donkey and a foal on a Council-owned site in Bantry have called on the local authority to remedy the situation.

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Vegetable Biryani-Healthy Vegetable Biryani w/o MasalasHealthy Vegetable Biryani - This healthy and quick aromatic vegetable biryani recipe can be done in just under 30 mins.

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How is the Vegan Movement Progressing in Cuba?There are several vegan communities today, which are building their lifestyle around the conditions that their environment allows for, especially in Havana.

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Stuffed Pepper SoupI've been away for a while for many reasons , but I won't go into a ton of details because I'm not the type of food blogger to go into a life story before I give you a recipe.

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Crispy Coconut Tofu Lettuce WrapsDid anyone else just eat an insane amount of carbs during quaratine? I won't lie, I spent a lot of the time baking bagels, cinnamon buns, bread , lots of pasta, potatoes...

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Worse off at a shelterFor those involved in animal rescue, welfare and adoption in Dhaka, the name "Adi Guru" is quite familiar.

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No-Bake Oat and Date Syrup Energy BitesLooking for a nutritious snack? Or a pre-workout boost? Or even a healthy dessert? I have the perfect recipe for you!

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Vegan restaurant to replace Full English cafe in South AustinSouth Austin-based food trailer The Vegan Yacht will open a brick-and-mortar restaurant at the space.

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Vegan lemon and blueberry cheesecake.Another thing that is different from a cream cheese cheesecake is that while you may get away with a regular food mixer you will need a food processor to really blitz those cashews into yummy creaminess.

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Cauliflower CevicheYou're looking at one of my favorite ways to eat cauliflower; cured in fresh lime juice, inspired by ceviche.

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Colorado lawmakers: We didn't want cage-free egg lawColorado Gov. Jared Polis last week signed a bill into law that will eventually require all eggs produced and sold in the state to come from cage-free laying systems.

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Grocery store funnies.Lately there's always something photo worthy at the grocery store. Since the viral apocalypse, I've been seeing weird things on the shelves.

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"Disturbing" Footage Shows Foxes And Racoon Dogs Skinned Alive On Fur FarmsVideo footage released by Humane Society International/UK has revealed that animals are being skinned alive on fur farms.

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The Best Vegan Cream Cheese Recipes and BrandsYour favorite grocery store likely carries at least a few of these vegan cream cheese options, and it definitely has everything you need to make your own!

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Parangikkai ThogayalThe Indian yellow-green pumpkin in a chutney form, popularly called Thogayal in the Tamil cuisine.

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Vegan Mushroom Bourguignon With Potato Cauliflower MashAll Cooked in an Instant Pot together with PIP. Vegan Gluten-free Nut-free Recipe, can be Soy-free.


Healthy vegan taco recipe for 'Taco Tuesday'Chef Ed Harris joins us with a Taco Tuesday recipe: He's on the hit cooking show "Chopped" and now Chef Ed Harris is bringing you a healthy vegan taco recipe with a side of Mexican street corn just in time for Taco Tuesday.

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Bircher Muesli with a Cali TwistI figured the best way to start off posting recipes would be to start the same way I start my day, with a bowl of happiness.

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Ice Cream Cone CupcakesCupcakes disguised as ice cream cones for my 30th birthday!

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The Ultimate Guide to Vegan ChocolateIt's World Chocolate Day and we're looking forward to enjoying some vegan-friendly chocolate treats. Here is a list of dark and "milk" chocolate options that are dairy-free, delicious, and perfect for s'mores this summer.

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Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe, from The Vegenaise CookbookFollow Your Heart launches The Vegenaise Cookbook with 100 recipes using their vegan mayo in all the recipes you could dream of.

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Brownie cookies Something VeganPreheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. To a bowl, add brown sugar, sugar, oil, non-dairy milk, and vanilla extract.

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Hearty lunch No Meat MenudoI love my Dad's Menudo, I totally missed his dish, however, with our plant-based diet, we cannot add any meat or animal products to our dish.

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Beer Review: Mango UnchainedI'd be lying if I wasn't sure how this beer would turn out. As much as I loved the name of the beer when I saw it on the shelves I was worried it might be a tad gimmicky.

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Could A Vegan Diet Prevent A Future Pandemic?The novel Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, has impacted almost every country on earth, and life feels upside down for many of us.

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A Guide to Vegan + Organic Facials in Hoboken and Jersey CityEveryone's skin has been lacking some much-needed professional attention during this quarantine, there's no doubt about it.

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My Favorite Clean Beauty BrandsAdmittedly, my collection of clean makeup is not as large as my collection of "regular" makeup, so I'm hoping that writing this article will boost my inspiration to explore even more new brands.

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Week 5 of socially distanced lunchWeek 3 and 4 were a mismash of leftovers and buffalo chickwheat sandwiches because i got burnt out on pasta.

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New Measurements and RecoveryI did mess up and step on the scale, then I made sure to put it away in my roommate's room and he put it where I cannot get to it.

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Why did you watch Tiger King on Netflix?On this episode of Land of the Giants: How does Netflix's famous algorithm work? And how does Netflix use it?

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Matthew Kenney Launches Frozen Vegan Meals on AmazonCelebrity chef and restaurateur Matthew Kenney just launched PlantMade—a highly anticipated ready-made vegan food line.

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7 Keys to Living My Best LifeHere are my 7 keys to living my best life as a work at home mom.

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Two Cases Of Bubonic Plague Detected In ChinaHealth officials have confirmed that a case of the bubonic plague has been detected in China.

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Der PankowerActually Vincent Vegan was suppose to be the... for the evening, but as we arrived they told us they closed 10 minutes ago.

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MuhammaraMuhammara is a gorgeous red pepper dip originally from Syria. Made with roasted red peppers and walnuts, I have tried to make this as similar to the authentic recipe as I can, with the ingredients that are available to me.

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'I'm a Vegan Olympic Athlete, and This Is How I Pack Protein Into Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner'Too often athletes who say they get plenty of protein from an entirely plant-based diet are met with incredulity.

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'Turn vegan' anti-slaughter poster in Lucknow featuring goat not related to Eid, claims PETA in an exclusive interview with OpIndiaA massive controversy was kicked up after the Islamic fundamentalists vehemently protested against the PETA poster in Lucknow which showed a goat urging people to go vegan - OpIndia News.

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15 Vegan Carnival Foods that Scream Summer!While you can't get a social distancing Ferris wheel, these 15 carnival-inspired recipes will help get you in a festive mood!

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Woman seen killing kitten on video in South GateAuthorities in South Gate asked for the public's help Tuesday morning in identifying a woman seen on surveillance video killing a kitten.

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From Golden Banana Bread to Heart-Healthy Burger: Our Top Eight Vegan Recipes of the Day!Our newest recipes include banana bread, guava tarts, and oatmeal so if you're looking for something new and delicious, these recipes are it!

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One of Spain's Biggest Meat Producers Just Launched Vegan VealNoel Alimentaria, one of Spain's leading meat producers, is adding vegan veal and chicken to its plant-based range of products.


GTFO It's Vegan Helps Small Vegan Businesses Reach Consumers Across the U.S.Launched on May 15th 2020, in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic, GTFO It's Vegan launched to bring curated vegan groceries right to consumers'...

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Pancake RecipeThis pancake recipe has took me awhile to perfect because if you don't get the consistence of the batter right it can be hard to flip and also i didn't want them to take too long to make or be too unhealthy.


FalafelMaking falafel is not the easiest recipe, however it's definitely worth doing a batch for a couple of meals.

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Rock Legends Grateful Dead Release Line of Vegan DeodorantThe Grateful Dead have launched a line of vegan deodorants. The rock stars produced the line in collaboration with North Coast Organics.

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Vegan doesn't have to mean healthyI would like to start this by stating that I'm not claiming veganism is or isn't healthy, I'm just here to talk about the fact that it doesn't have to be super duper healthy and you shouldn't feel bad if your version of veganism includes burgers and pizzas.

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Cauliflower Bites with Spicy Almond DipCrispy baked cauliflower bites dunked into a spicy almond dip...This recipe uses nutritional yeast, which lends a cheesy flavor.

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Activists Call For Permanent End to Bullfights and Bull RunsTo mark the cancellation of this year's Running of the Bulls, members of PETA and Spanish animal protection group AnimaNaturalis - some with bulls painted on their chests, others dressed in all-white running outfits - gathered in Pamplona today.

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Hawaii's "Costco for Vegans" Is Coming to Continental United StatesVegan store VEDGEco is bringing Beyond Meat, Gardein, JUST, and Follow Your Heart products at wholesale prices to restaurants, caterers, and individual customers in the lower 48 states. Shared .

Raw broccoli salad with maple-mustard dressingA delightful new way to enjoy a favourite vegetable! This delicious dish is super for summer cookouts and picnics because it doesn't contain mayonnaise so it is safe to enjoy outdoors in hot weather.

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Nagaland's Dog Meat Ban Is an Exercise in Bias, Not Animal RightsThe belief that some animals can be ethically consumed, while others can't, is an irrational, arbitrary feeling that is completely subject to a person's culture, upbringing and personal tastes.

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EnchiladasAdd in the chopped tomatoes and around 50g of passata, then add in a generous amount of sea salt and black pepper, 1-2 tbsp of smoke paprika depending on how much of the smokiness you want, and 1 tbsp of red chilli powder.

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Polish Dairy Brand Goes VeganAfter successfully launching coconut milk-based yogurt and cream, dairy brand Jogurty Magda transitions to a fully plant-based brand as sales of dairy alternatives continue to boom in Poland. Shared .

Vegan on a Budget in TaiwanIf you have a tight budget in Taiwan, go for a Baozi or a Chinese steamed bun.

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Polish Dairy Brand Goes VeganAfter successfully launching coconut milk-based yogurt and cream, dairy brand Jogurty Magda transitions to a fully plant-based brand as sales of dairy alternatives continue to boom in Poland.

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Takeout Tuesday: Caribbean restaurant pushes on for vegan communityNews 3 visited the location on Reon Drive in April where Alexander and her Executive Chef Will Riddick talked about a need to stay open so the vegan community had a steady restaurant option.

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The adidas Vegan Collection is Available Now!The Three Stripes is no stranger when it comes to being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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