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Magnum Dairy Free Vegan Ice Cream Taste Test: Nice Or Not? Is dairy-free Magnum as yummy as the regular stuff?

Vegan Diet Better For You And The Planet - I was surprised by the number of vegan advocates at the Vegan Festival. Of the 34 pro-vegan businesses there, several were food and beverage ones. Sala, a restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, serves up Mexican burritos, using a tasty mushroom substitute for meat.

Greggs are planning vegan versions of all their most popular products Greggs are creating vegan versions of all their best-selling products. Following the success of their Quorn filled vegan sausage roll the high street bakery have planned to expand the range. The vegan roll was previously so popular that they had to increase production to meet people's seemingly insatiable hunger for the meat-free product.

'Butcher Trade Should Be Outlawed' Says Vegan Group 'I am against the people who slaughter animals for a living, I understand they have to do a job, but it's a certain type of person who can do that'

Piña Colada Frozen Dessert Whether cocktail or mocktail piña colada flavour this frozen dessert tastes just like a Caribbean vacation, that is if you eat it right next to a banana palm whilst lathered with sunscreen. It really is a low budget holiday in your blender, dairy-free and vegan.

ASDA launches vegan chicken nuggets and KFC-style popcorn chicken You can now buy completely meat-free vegan chicken nuggets and KFC-style popcorn chicken at ASDA. The supermarket is selling both products, which are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians - as well as anyone else who wants a bite of them.

Cookery demos, yoga workshops and more as the Dorset Vegan Festival returns POOLE'S Lighthouse Theatre will host the Dorset Vegan Festival at the end of the month. This event, set for Saturday, August 31, from 10.30am-4.30pm, includes a range of vegan foods, toiletries, yoga sessions and vegan-friendly goods.

Eating Vegetarian and Vegan: Kumamoto Orientation Around this time last week I was gathering my things to help out at the JET Orientation event in Kumamoto City. I had agreed to help out at an information booth about living as a veggie in Japan to help other veggies and vegans.

Hubb Lebanese Restaurant Kids offerings: Chicken Nuggets, Fish Fingers, Falafel and Kafta.Adult Offerings: Lebanese Pizzas, Wraps, Skewers, Dips, Falafels, Marinated Meats, Lebanese Sweets and more. See Menu. Need to know: Best kept secret by the locals for some great Lebanese Food.

Vegans bite the brand that bleeds as Beyond Burgers prove a hit Eateries across Ireland are chasing the vegan euro with a realistic meat-substitute burger that "bleeds" beetroot - derived colouring. Restaurateurs say demand for the product has exceeded their expectations.

Tofu Burritos I sometimes gripe here that the way we eat has been skewed by the children's preferences and various vegetable likes / dislikes, but what I should also mention is that one of our great successes is the discovery of a food that we all love - tofu.

Corn on the Cob but instead of the Corn Bone, it's a Hot Dog Jenna Marbles attempted this on her channel a couple months ago. I thought about it for awhile and decided I wanted to try it too because….well…because it cracked me up so hard! If you don't want to make this nonsense, the corn biscuit recipe itself is definitely an easy must try!

NYC restaurateur Eddie Huang goes vegan, says inspired to action by Amazon rainforest fires Food personality Eddie Huang has stopped eating meat because of its relationship to fires currently ravaging the Amazon rainforest, he said Friday. The famed New York City-based chef, restaurateur and author said on social media that he has given up both meat and dairy due to environmental reasons after watching videos of the Amazon burning.

Novak Djokovic sticks to vegan diet at NYC hot spot ahead of US Open match But he did "cheat" with a bite of a shared spaghetti dish, and a morsel of flourless chocolate cake. When the bill came at 11 p.m., another diner in the restaurant picked it up. It's good to be No. 1 - even if you are constantly hungry. Djokovic is set to play Roberto Carballés Baena in the first round of the US Open Monday.

Fried bananas recipe - 2 ways These are inspired by this, which I stumbled upon after looking up if you can freeze uncooked pizza dough. These are an indulgent treat given how yummy yet unhealthy they are. But, they're so quick to make that it takes some restraint to only eat them as a treat!

Chicago's First Official Animal Rights March Kicks Off In The Loop CHICAGO - Chicago's first official Animal Rights March kicked off in The Loop Saturday afternoon. The event will feature speeches at Federal Plaza that begin at 1 p.m. that will be followed by an hour-long march through the Loop that will end at the Water Tower.

Eddie Huang Goes Vegan to Save the Amazon Rainforest According to Ane Alencar - the scientific director of Brazilian NGO IPAM - these fires are no accident. " set by people seeking to create cattle ranches," she explained. "Intentionally ignited during the dry season each year.

Mundo Vegan I met up with a friend one day for a vegan lunch at Mundo Vegan in Montclair, New Jersey. The small eatery offers organic entrees and desserts that are non-GMO, palm oil free, peanut free, and mostly gluten free. Sounds healthy to me! We sat at one of the small outdoor tables.

Cinnamon buns There are a lot of cinnamon bun fans in this house. It's usually a top choice whenever we visit a bakery. I've tried making some in the past but the recipe included dairy and eggs. I was determined to come up with a recipe with no animal products - except for honey - and here is the result.

The Ultimate Vegan Sushi Restaurant Is Opening In Montreal The ultimate vegan sushi restaurant is coming to Montreal. Set to open next month, Bloom Sushi will serve innovative Japanese-style plant-based dishes.

Vegan parents who put baby girl on strict diet leaving her severely malnourished avoid jail: 'At 20 months she weighed only 11 pounds' According to Metro, the couple was very secretive about their child and did not even let her go out, so much so that their neighbors did not even know that they had a daughter. When she was found, the toddler was 20 months old, weighing a mere 11 pounds.

Communing With Houseplants I had a pot that was too tall, so I cut it, cut the top and stuck it back on lower as a neater edge and duct taped the whole thing. You never look at the pot anyway. I have so many bowls and mugs just stored and unused. Now they find a use. Saved from suckers, again, I swear I'll beat them eventually…or manage them at the least.

DIY - Make your own Cashew Milk Plant based milks are so easy to make and the great thing is you can tweak the recipe based on your own preference.

Plymouth vegans demand coffee chains scrap plant milk 'tax' Asking for oat, almond or coconut milk can add up to 50p to the cost of your drink in some coffee shops, say vegans.

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