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Animal rights protesters hold funeral for turkeys killed for Christmas dinner Animal rights campaigners have held a funeral for all the turkeys killed at Christmas in a supermarket meat aisle. Customers at a branch of Sainsbury's in Brighton, East Sussex, were confronted with an unusually sombre scene of black-clad mourners lining the aisle on Wednesday.

Easy Vegan Eggnog I am going to do a quick in and out of here to share with you my favorite eggnog recipe from Minimalist Baker. We kick the Christmas season off drinking eggnog while decorating the Christmas tree. From then on I always keep fresh batches in the fridge for guests dropping in along the way serving it in my vast collection of Santa mugs.

Sweet potato cauliflower soup Adapted from Nourish Everyday. ingredients. method. serves about 6-8.

A Man Went Viral For Eating KFC Right In Front Of Blindfolded Vegan Protestors The man, who hasn't been publicly ID'd, stood and ate a box of KFC while watching blindfolded vegan activists protest animal cruelty in Sydney. The protest was held outside of Sydney's Town Hall by members of the vegan activist group Cube of Truth, per The New York Post.

Michael Vick will serve as Pro Bowl captain despite a popular petition calling for his removal Michael Vick returned to the NFL in 2009 after serving an 18-month sentence for participating in illegal dog fighting. He'll return again as an honorary Pro Bowl captain despite calls for his removal from the position.

The Big Vegan Survey 2019 Vegan Food and Living invited vegans all over the UK to complete the Big Vegan Survey to find out about why they went vegan, what products they like, what their favourite supermarket is, and more. More than 8,300 people had their say.

Kanye West's New Yeezy Sneakers Are Totally Vegan The latest design in Kanye West's Yeezy shoe collection is an eco-friendly vegan sneaker. The new creation is totally free from animal products, and is made with a combination of algae foam and ethylene-vinyl acetate. "Eco concerns are intersecting with what we do" said Steven Smith, Yeezy Head Designer.

Support Local Shops when buying Mission Nutrition My recipe book Mission Nutrition slowly makes its way into the world and into the hands of you lovely people. I am delighted to announce that Mission Nutrition will be stocked by various shops arou…

Low Carb Keto Rumkugeln Kommt man mir mit Süßspeisen, die sich vorwiegend durch ihren Rumgeschmack auszeichnen bin ich gleich voll mit dabei.

One-pot vegan pasta During this holidays period and this winter time, you don't have the time or feel like cooking. Well can I suggest a super quick and easy recipe while remaining super healthy?!Pendant cette période de fêtes de fin d'année et cet hiver, vous n'avez pas forcément le temps ou vous n'avez pas forcément l'envie de cuisiner.

The Berkeley activist who puts her body on the line to fight animal cruelty Sawhney has pleaded not guilty. "I accepted the fact that I was probably going to be arrested but I found it worth it," Sawhney said in a recent interview. "There's fear. But courage is all about feeling fear and accepting it.

Campaign Pledges $1 To Charity For Every Person Who Goes Vegan For January Million Dollar Vegan - the group that recently challenged President Trump to give veganism a go - has pledged to donate $1 to animal charities for every person who embraces a plant-based diet for January.

A Vegan Christmas - What's on the shelf this Christmas? With veganism growing year on year, so is the abundance of vegan Christmas treats and alternatives.

Vegans Are Sharing the Most Pathetic Desserts They've Ever Been Served at Restaurants Cocoa mixed with sugar water. "I got a single strawberry, and I'm not even vegan," another woman chimed in.

PETA names Genesis Butler the 2019 young animal activist of the year 13-year-old vegan activist Genesis Butler has been named PETA's Young Animal Activist of the Year for her animal advocacy. PETA held its 14thannual Libby Awards to recognize individuals that are most influential on the animal rights scene. "Libby" is short for "liberation", pertaining to liberation of animals.

In New Documentary, Animal Rights Activists Prosecuted as Terrorists 1 domestic terrorism threat. This, despite the fact that not a single human or animal was injured by SHAC activity in the country.

From Protein Pumpkin Mug Cake to Eggnog Cheesecake: Our Top 10 Vegan Recipes of the Day! We have easy vegan chocolate chip muffins, pasta with vegan pesto and tomato sauce, and a hazelnut Christmas tree, so if you're looking for something new and delicious, you are sure to find a new favorite! Source: Fermented Taco Salad.

Coca-Cola Swaps Plastic Packaging For Recyclable Cardboard Drinks giant Coca-Cola is replacing the plastic packaging used for can multipacks in Europe with recyclable cardboard. The new packaging - called KeelClip - will be gradually introduced next year in a bid to cut back on waste. By the end of 2021, all European countries will be using the cardboard packaging instead of plastic.

McDonald's, Burger King, or Greggs? A nutritionist analyses the healthiness of vegan fast food The number of vegans in the UK is said to be as high as 3.5 million, and Veganuary is just around the corner - so perhaps it should come as no surprise that McDonald's has just announced its first vegan meal is soon to be available in UK stores. The Veggie Dippers, released on Jan 2, will be available as both an adult meal and as a Happy Meal.

Animal activists ask what we're hiding. What are they? Ontario has introduced its draft legislation to increase security on farms - the Security From Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, 2019. The focus, certainly, is on the biosecurity and food risk associated with non-authorized people traipsing through farms and interfering with animals on their way to slaughter.

Sainsbury's is now doing vegan pigs in blankets for Christmas Even the most staunch of vegans may find it tricky to resist a slice of turkey or some pigs in blankets during the festive season. Thankfully, Sainsbury's is on hand to make Christmas dinners just that bit more bearable. This year, the supermarket giant will be selling a vegan version of a popular festive treat - pigs in blankets.

It's beginning to look a lot like a vegan Christmas! Ocado sees boom in alternative Christmas food For the festive season, the company revealed the top five best-sellers are smoked salmon, organic carrots, broccoli crowns, books of Christmas stamps, and mince pies. Customers are also getting more organised, with Christmas delivery slots filling up faster than ever before, with an increase in searches for party food.

The walking social experiment LIVE UPDATES STILL INCOMING* Months ago, I asked a friend to give me long blue hair, we were thrilled at the idea. We patiently waited several weeks for my hair to reach a braid-able length, through unfortunate hairdresser choices and unexpected delays.

Takeley boy, 6, helps put a stop to animal cruelty A six-year-old boy's protest at a baby elephant being beaten at a hotel in Thailand, has stopped the venue using elephants to entertain guests.

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