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Health: Vegan diet? Some food for thought… These days it feels as though everyone is turning vegan - but while this can be a good way to eat ethically and boost your health, you have to be careful to get all the essential nutrients your body needs from the foods you do consume.

The Little Cookbook: Vegan Cookies! 2020 has officially been the year of 'Veganuary' for me - I was going to try it last year but for some reason it didn't quite happen… Although it has been fairly easy, it has however been testing my baking skills. I've dabbled with vegan cinnamon rolls and brownies, but my firm favourite so far has been these cookies.

DIY Natural Deodorant The last DIY deodorant that I whipped up lasted me two whole years and I still have the ingredients! I even reused the jar. So I'm not lying when I say that this deodorant recipe is super economical and sustainable. And it only requires four ingredients !

Still on the struggle bus Boy howdy we still hurtin' out here >.

KFC vegan burger review Today I tried the vegan 'chicken' burger in KFC. I've heard a lot of hype about it and thought I would put it to the test. It's supposedly 'original recipe' in that the coating of the burger contains the 11 herb and spice mix of the usual KFC mix and was released at the beginning of January.

Briefs: Catch up on news from the week that was - new presidential candidate for Greece to consulate attacks The body of Greek Australian Eric Birighitti has been discovered off Twilight Beach in Esperance. The 21-year-old soccer player was back in Australia on holiday from the US, where he was attending St Thomas Aquinas College on a scholarship. Mr Birighitti reportedly slipped on a rock and hit his head.

Gelding Euthanized After Injury at Santa Anita A 6-year-old gelding was euthanized after fracturing his right front ankle in a race at Santa Anita Park, the 40th horse death at the Arcadia track since December 2018. Harliss finished seventh in a field of eight in the seventh race Friday, "was unsaddled nearing the clubhouse turn and vanned off," according to Santa Anita racing information.

In Australia, more than 5,000 feral camels killed in mass cull APY General Manager Richard King said the operation was carried out in "the most humane way." The cull was necessary, he added, because the animals had been putting "extreme pressure on remote Aboriginal communities in the APY Lands." RELATED: 10,000 feral camels at risk of being shot as they search for water amid Australia's severe drought.

Black Bean Sweet Potato Hash This recipe is easy, filling, healthy, inexpensive, and utilizes pantry staples. PLUS it can be eaten for dinner OR breakfast. What’s not to love?

Hip Berlin concept +Factory Girl in Amsterdam Hip Berlin concept + Factory Girl in Amsterdam. This concept means that you can have a healthy breakfast and lunch all day long. + Factory Girl has an extensive menu with many vega and gluten-free options. You can also try the delicious Coco Anjéla dessert that + Factory Girl in Berlin has become famous for.

Roast veg mac and cheese recipe I've heard about making mac and cheese using a blended veg concoction so I wanted to give it a try. I roasted my veg to bring out their flavour, but boiling won't take as long if you'd prefer that option.

Quinoa stuffed peppers Quinoa stuffed peppers with all the toppings! You guys… these are delicious. I cooked 1 cup quinoa with 2 cups vegetable stock. I added in the salsa I made earlier.about half a cup then a half cup of black beans and about a half cup of corn. I cut the tops off the peppers and took out the seeds and stuffed the quinoa mix in.

Southwestern Cheesy Grits I really love Southwestern spices, and often my cooking takes on a Southwestern twist. I came up with this recipe several years ago. Bruce loves this recipe with a fried egg and bacon. Serves 4. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Homemade Potato Soup and Life in January It tends to go a bit quiet here in January at Words and Herbs, with frosty days and chill winds keeping the gardener indoors. But inside it is warm and my kitchen is welcoming. And with January also becoming known as Veganuary in the UK I simply can't let the month pass without posting a recipe or two.

Waitrose apologises for offending vegans by advertising meat and dairy during ITV's first plant-based cooking show Waitrose has apologised for offending vegans by advertising meat and dairy during ITV's first plant-based cooking show. Viewers of Living on the Veg hit out at the supermarket, who sponsor the broadcaster's Sunday morning cooking segment, after its advert at the beginning and end of the episode featured animal products.

The vegan diet and weight loss: can veganism help you lose weight? You not only have the chance to lose weight with a vegan diet, it can also help you maintain a lower weight. You'll also feel healthier, and help the planet. Going vegan may be having an explosion in popularity now but that doesn't make it a fad. It's not like the Paleo diet, where you eat like a caveman.

Vegan market returns with more stalls, workshops and demonstrations Buoyed by the success of their first event, organisers of Exmouth Vegan Market are confident of another bumper turnout.

Two for two for vegans at Cafe Rouge The Cafe Rouge at Royal Station Parade, Windsor is introducing Vegan Afternoon tea for two. The cafe chain has already introduced plant based dishes on their menus for breakfast and dinner. The afternoon tea is a new addition.

Recipe: Easy Protein Bites In my food journey of exploring recipes that are vegan, whole-food plant-based, and more, I don't always hit the mark. Some of the recipes are terrible, but some are great. I came across a recipe for "Energy Protein Balls" in the Kroger magazine and changed it a bit based on what I already had in my kitchen.

11 extraordinary times animals became famous in Berkshire - and not all for the right reasons Wallabies, elephants, mysterious big cats and peacocks all feature.

McDonald's, Subway and KFC's vegan options contain more sugar than their meaty counterparts A NEW study has shone a light on the alarming levels of sugar found in many fast food vegan alternatives being promoted as part of Veganuary.

Soup Magic: Spicy Black Bean Speaking of plant-based on the cheap: Here's an idea, check your local thrift store for a crockpot instead of buying an expensive cooking device. I have two. One for meals and one for big-batch bean cooking. I like the "set it and forget it" aspect of slow-cooking and the way it fills the house with such wonderful aromas!

Hilarious reviews of vegan eateries in Coventry It never fails to entertain when it comes to reviews, and people always seem to find creative and hilarious ways to describe their food experiences. As it's Veganuary, we've taken a look at the funniest reviews of vegan-friendly restaurants here in Coventry.

Veganuary - Fave Vegan Food in London I would be lying if I didn't say i am LOVING all the new vegan options at places like Gregg's, Subway and papa johns. It is obviously a huge step forward and I'm glad people will find it easier to eat vegan and try new things - but I also have to mention this.

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