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Middle Eastern inspired TofuSame ingredients used as per my meal plan but not quite the dish I’d previously imagined.

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Colorado Now Has a Statewide Meat-Free Holiday, Thanks to Governor Jared PolisAmerica's first openly gay governor Jared Polis is declaring March 20 a meat-free holiday to help Coloradans ditch animal products.

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The Best Of Vegan Youtube…Plant Based News' top vegan youtube moments... hope you enjoy!

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Critics question a proposed ‘right to food' amendmentMaine lawmakers are weighing arguments about a resolution that would add a 'right to food' to the state constitution.

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Vegan Creamy KoftaThe kofta is a favorite among all ages and cuisines in India. It arrived in India much like kebab did, and quickly became a staple.

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PETA to Promote AOC's Veg Pledge With Vegan Fish GiveawayFollowing U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's pledge to go vegetarian for Lent in honor of U.S. Rep.

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More Than 12,000 People Sign Petition To Ban Giraffe Heart Trophy Hunter From FacebookMerelize Van Der Merwe, from South Africa, disgusted animal lovers across the world after she shared a photograph of herself posing with a giraffe's heart.

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Three Variations of Orange Tahini-Based Sauces or DressingsOranges, similar to lemons or limes, mix well with tahini to create a deliciously rich, creamy, nutty, and tangy sauce which goes with many dishes These three variations of orange tahini-based sauces include a salty and tangy orange miso, an earthy, pungent orange ginger, or enjoy the golden colour of the earthy-sweet taste of orange&.


Anti-dairy vegan adverts placed on Jersey's busesInternational campaign group Go Vegan World says milk production is bad for the environment and cruel to the animals themselves.

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Bengaluru Vegans Meetup a€“ Sat, FEB 27, 2021Connect on - / - -. - - The Bengaluru Vegans potluck is an informal gathering of people who are vegans, recent vegans, interested in veganism or are curious about veganism.

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Donkey meat consumption in Andhra Pradesh rising as 'aphrodisiac, healer'"Donkey meat is mostly being consumed in the districts of Prakasam, Krishna, West Godavari and Guntur," animal welfare activist Gopal R. Surabathula told IANS.

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Black-Owned Vegan Business Spotlight: Vegan MobVegan Mob began with owner and founder Toriano Gordon giving out free vegan gumbo on a street corner in early 2019.

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Intelligentsia Just Launched a 100-Percent Vegan RTD Latte Line With OatlyCoffee brand Intelligentsia created its first retail line with customer habits in mind after determining that 13 percent of its drinks are ordered with Oatly's oat milk.

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Are Zoodles spaghetti for Italians?When the fashion of zoodles or zucchini noodles began, the discussion between the different parties also began because for Italians spaghetti is untouchable: spaghetti is made of flour and water, not vegetables.

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Vegan Egg and Olive SaladIf youre familiar with egg and olive salad pre-vegan diet change, then you know how easy and simple this lighter than air mayonnaise based salad is.

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Its a Ticking Time Bomb  Bird Flu Infects 7 People in RussiaThe inevitable has finally happened. The highly contagious bird flu virus strain H5N8 has infected seven workers in Russia proving that factory farming is a ticking time bomb for future pandemics.

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Realistic What I Eat In A Day + Self CareBusiness inquiries ONLY Instagram: @cheaplazyvegan Website/blog Facebook Twitter Personal Instagram: @ I USE and DISCOUNT : These are affiliate links, meaning I will make a small commission / reward if you purchase any products using these links.

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'That Vegan Teacher' says TikTok ban won't silence her following petition, controversiesKadie Karen Diekmeyer was allegedly booted off TikTok after a petition lobbying for her removal went viral, arguing her content violated the platform's community guidelines.

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Vegan French Onion SoupThe absolute classic with the simple twist of using vegetable stock instead of the traditional beef stock and a teaspoon of my favourite, white miso paste for an extra umami taste.

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How To Have An Eco SmileOur eco picks Did you know that your oral care can be having a negative impact on the environment?

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Vegan Runner Eyes 2021 Olympic Games After Smashing National RecordAustrian vegan runner Andreas Vojta has recently broken a national record and is now preparing for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo...

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Energy BitesThese effortless bites make for a nutrilicious mid day or evening snack. Stacked with all the nutritious ingredients and takes less than 10 minutes to make it.

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The EastEnders star who you didn't realise was related to Anthea TurnerBefore he starred in Minder, the actor got his first major TV role in EastEnders playing Graham Clark back in 1987.

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What the mink COVID-19 outbreaks taught us about pandemicsSpread of the coronavirus has exposed troubling problems at fur farms and how we respond to outbreaks there.

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The 5 Things You Always Wanted to Ask a VeganAnd one of them is, surely, 'If the plants do not suffer...""

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Blink-182 Star Travis Barker Announces Launch Of Vegan Wellness BrandBlink-182 drummer Travis Barker has announced the launch of Barker Wellness - a vegan CBD brand featuring a host of cruelty-free products...

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72% of Brits want the 'cruel and outdated' fur trade to be bannedFrom Judi Dench to Ricky Gervais, 50 of Britain's biggest celebrities have signed a letter calling for a ban on the sale of real animal fur in the UK, alongside a petition from the public.

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A tray of healthy delightsA nice breakfast or an evening snack with a mix of different portions of nutritions can never go wrong.

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Reducing Waste Room-By-Room #1: KitchenThe first part of my room-by-room guide! I will be exploring ways to reduce waste in the kitchen!

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How to transition to a plant-based dietThere are many reasons why people are choosing to adopt a plant-based diet. For some, it may be for their health, whilst for others it may be to help combat climate change.

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Animal Law Podcast #69: The Case of the SPCA and the Puppy MillIn spite of complaints made for years to local authorities, this sub-standard breeding facility for Carolina Dogs had been permitted to continue doing business in spite of the poor treatment of the dogs.

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The Vegan Society criticises plans to ban ‘dairy words' on vegan milk, yoghurt and cheeseThe Vegan Society has joined a coalition objecting to plans by the EU that could make it illegal for plant-based foods to be compared to dairy products in future.

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Costa Coffee Partners BOSH! To Launch 'Ultimate' Vegan Cake Slice, Says InsiderCosta Coffee is partnering with cooking duo BOSH! to launch a vegan cake slice - as the UK chain continues to expand its vegan menu...

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Local animal regulations have purpose, and Iowa shouldn't void and outlaw themHumane Society state director: Proponents are doing the bidding of out-of-state lobbying groups tied to cruel industries and interests.

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Take a look inside huge vegan supermarket in Sherwood which has doubled in size'I love walking to work, turning the corner and seeing the shop and the sign'

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Vegan Star James Roday Rodriguez of A Million Little Things Believes This Generation Can Save the PlanetARodriguez is hoping the younger generation will wake up to the vegan way of life and avoid turning the planet into a “large dumpster fire.”Â. Shared .

50 British Stars Demand Boris Johnson to Finally Ban Fur in UKAA demand letter urging Boris Johnson to implement a fur ban in Britain was signed by 50 celebrities, including comedian Ricky Gervais, Queen guitarist Brian May, and actress Dame Judi Dench.Â.

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Plant based primary school cake dŸ§dŸŒ±Ahhh remember those school dinners and for dessert you would get that sponge traybake with lashings of custard?

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Dawn Lent 2021  Day 1I went shopping and took my daughter along so we could double check the shop.

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Merelize Van Der Merwe faces backlash for posing with heart of giraffe she killedA trophy hunter is facing furious backlash for posing with the heart of a giraffe she had just shot - describing the bloody organ as her "perfect" Valentine's Day present.

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Competitive weightlifter launches vegan meal prep firm Eat Complete in north-eastAberdonian Michelle Graham launched her meal prep business at the tail end of last year after experiencing huge demand for her service.

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The Ultimate Vegetable CakeHandvo Jump to recipe Alright, before you call me crazy, just try this recipe. Vegetable cakes do exist and they are absolutely delicious.

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Book Review: The Everything Easy Vegan CookbookAs veganism grows in popularity, the amount of literature on vegan cooking grows exponentially. With this sort of landscape, it can be difficult for a vegan cookbook to stand out.

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Vegan Advertising 101 With Spanish Food Activists HeuraSpanish plant meat pioneer, Heura, continues to advertise in an interesting and educational way, rather than just trying to convince the public of how tasty their products are, as is often the case with traditional.

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Recipe: Ginger-Spiced Carrot PancakesTo round off what has been a very fun endeavour into the many uses of carrots, I thought I’d end on a very simple note with these crispy, sweet pancakes with a kick of ginger.

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Why I'm Eating More Pasta, Muffins, and Processed Vegan FoodsJoin my Patreon for more vids, podcasts, yoga classes and more! Please support us thaaaannks!

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Vegan days, 24/7I wonder if there is any sense of morality gained through holding “vegan days”, as my partner and I plan to from now on?

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A balanced vegan diet: Know plant-based foods from different food groups you must add to your dietWhat you eat everyday decides your health. You must focus on your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle to avoid complications and damage to your body.

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Los Angeles Gets Its First Vegan Meatball ShopNew shop Brothers Meatballs is serving a menu inspired by traditional Italian recipes and centered around housemade vegan meatballs topped with gooey dairy-free cheese. Shared .

Wholegrain Brown RiceYo, Dear Reader, last recipe without a photo, I promise, though it might be the last new recipe for a while, I haven't much to work with any way and the garden might be taking up more of my time, still I wanted to share this as I've posted a lot of rice recipes over the years, but knowing how to cool fluffy, soft rice isn't something that's all...

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What I ate on my 20th birthdayFeeling old, slightly but very grateful for another year. Despite my birthday being in lockdown I had the best day possible around the ones I love.


You Can Soon Join Oprah as an Investor in OatlyAfter raising investment capital from Oprah, vegan brand Oatly filed plans to become a publicly traded company with a valuation up to $10 billion.

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New PETA Ad Blitz Blasts Millennium Hotel's Iditarod TiesBecause Millennium Hotels and Resorts continues to sponsor the Iditarod even as other companies have dropped their support, PETA has plastered People Because Millennium Hotels and Resorts continues to sponsor the Iditarod even as other companies have dropped their support, PETA has plastered People Mover buses downtown in the lead-up to the race...

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Vegan Oatmeal Creme PiesWhen my friends and I went to Florida recently, we picked up some classic Oatmeal Creme Pies!

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Eating Healthy on a Budget 103Why drinking lemon water when you wake up is so essential....1. Energizes your body2. Promotes healthy digestion3.Reduces heartburn4.

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Eating Healthy on A Budget 101Hi! I am Andrea Star, a self-experienced nutrition lover who loves to help others learn how to research the best foods and the eat healthy in an affordable wa...

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Chocolate Peanut Butter CupsDid a thing and made my own Peanut Butter Cups last week with @bloomsupps✨ They were surprisingly so easy to make and don’t require a ton of ingredients!

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Salted Peanut Butter BlondiesMade these Salted Peanut Butter Blondies last week and they didn’t even last 24 hours in my apartment!

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Yogi Eats: Game Changing Grilled KaleFrom Kirstin GreenLooking for the perfect meal to complement your yoga practice? Maybe you just need a jolt of inspiration for the weekday dinner line-up.

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Potato curry pieI bought some pastry to make a tofu and mushroom pie, but I wasnt really feeling it.

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Vegan Fast Food Spot Opens in Roanoke, VirginiaWe're screaming from the rooftops because a new fully-vegan fast food spot, Screamin Vegan, just opened up in Roanoke, Virginia.

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My first daySo thats day one in the bag! Yesterday was every bit as hard as Id thought it would be.

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A TikTok animal rights activist was banned from the app days after making a sexual joke about a 16-year-old YouTuberThat Vegan Teacher has been banned on TikTok for multiple community guideline violations, though the exact reasons for the ban are unknown.

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How 2 College Students Started a Vegan Business, Ready to ExpandThese 2 college students found a connection: Veganism. They decided to start a food truck company that sold out within minutes.

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3D-Printed Vegan Steak Proves It's as Good as the Real Thing in Blind Taste-TestRedefine Meat, a company making 3D printed vegan steaks, shocked customers when they found out the steak they were eating contained no animal product.

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Burger King Adds Plant-Based Whoppers To More Than 200 Locations in South KoreaSouth Korea is the latest country to get a meatless option at Burger King locations nationwide.

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Oreo brownies Something VeganPreheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. To a bowl, add water, sugar, oil, and vanilla extract.

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Where to get vegan mac and cheese in PhillyAll across Philly, you can find vegan versions of mac and cheese, some baked with a crusty top, others so creamy it's easy to wonder: "where's the milk?"

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Kale PestoHello everyone, I hope your Tuesday has been well. Todays post is nice and quick, a kale pesto that goes perfect with pasta, pizza, salads, sandwiches or tortilla chips.

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What Is The Dairy Ban? Petition To Scrap Amendment 171 Exceeds 300,000 SignaturesWhat is the dairy ban? The European Parliament will debate Amendment 171 next month, despite thousands of people petitioning against it...

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Viva! Merch 2021 CatalogueFrom our Love Animals and Be Bold and Brave clothing ranges, to our sweets and treats, whatever your Vegan needs, Viva! has you covered.

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Viva! MerchOur beautiful Love Animals collection has just landed!

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Lizzo Just Shared Her Vegan Food Diary with 12.8 Million TikTok FansMusician Lizzo gives fans a peek into the vegan food she typically eats in one day. Shared .

A neurosurgeon's audacious experiments raised ire from animal rights activists and interest from the VaticanA neurosurgeon's audacious experiments raised ire from animal rights activists and interest from the Vatican.

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Lizzo Just Shared Her Vegan Food Diary with 12.8 Million TikTok FansMusician Lizzo gives fans a peek into the vegan food she typically eats in one day.

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Vegan StoriesCheck out Helen's page on Facebook where you can order her fabulous art directly. our FREE eBook: MERCH: Vegan Group: this channel to get access to perks and to help support Donate Those Vegan Guys: Vegan Queens: Pages Those Vegan Guys: Vegan Queens: Wish List: Website: : : : Credits & TVQ Art by on Instagram and Twitter.

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Lizzo Makes Vegan, High-Protein Baked Feta TikTok PastaLizzo made her own version of the TikTok-famous baked feta pasta, and it's high in protein and entirely vegan.

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Heysham vegan mallow company challenges UK households to enter lockdown design competitionHave you ever heard of Mallow Land?

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The perfect acaiSmoothies bowls are one of my favorite things to eat. I love them so much that if I could, I would literally only eat smoothie bowls.

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Subscribe to readNews, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication.

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Dawn Lent 2021  ShopWe decided we would make it vegan for the week - we are vegetarians but do mostly eat vegan food as my daughter is allergic to dairy.

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Willow, Jaden, Jada, and Will Smith Launch Vegan, Non-Toxic and Plastic-Free Personal Care BrandJada Smith is launching a line of personal care products called Hey Human that is 99-percent plastic-free according to brand partner Maesa.

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Vegan Teacher Banned From TikTok: Here's What She DidVegan teacher banned from TikTok: Kadie Karen Diekmeyer is a vegan enthusiast and an educator teacher who recently got banned from TikTok for propagating some bizarre claims on veganism.

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UK: Morrisons Supermarket Opens Vegan Junk Food Concept in CamdenUK supermarket Morrisons launches Market Kitchen concept store stocking vegan fast food such as plant-based burgers, cheese and fries.

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Tom Kat Kafe: A New Place for NostalgiaBy Molly Chepenik photo by Molly Chepenik Tom Fox owned the downtown Gainesville building at 109 S Main St. for 26 years before he decided to open Tom Kat Kafe in September 2020.


Vegan Banana BreadAnd the crowd goes wild for another banana bread recipe! So maybe banana bread has been overdone this last year but I had to share my recipe since its National Banana Bread Day.

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Egg-Free MuffinsIngredients 2 cups all purpose or wheat flour1 1/2 tsp baking soda1/2 tsp salt2 TB lemon zest, appx 2 lemons 3/4 cup sugar1 cup milk, any1/3 cup oil1 tablespoon white or apple cider vinegar 1 and 1/2 cups blueberries or other fruit Directions&.

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From Lentil Bolognese with Spaghetti to Easy Sopes: Our Top Eight Vegan Recipes of the Day!Our newest recipes include lentil bolognese and easy sopes, so if you're looking for something new and delicious, these recipes are it!

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Slutty Vegan Owner Pinky Cole Makes Forbes 'Women Of The Next 1,000' ListOwner of Slutty Vegan Pinky Cole has made it onto Forbes Women Of The Next 1,00 List due to her philanthropy work...

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Cuba's Animal Rights Advocates Pressure for Protection ActSome 20 animal rights activists met with high-ranking Cuban Ministry of Agriculture officials, after protesting outside this institution...

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Vegan store expands in Nottingham following property dealAdrian Bhagat, owner of The V Spot, said: "We're delighted with our new premises. The new shop has room for a much wider range of vegan and eco-friendly products including a much bigger chilled and frozen section, a bigger chilled cabinet for cakes and sausage rolls."

East Midlands Shared .

48Sourdough Bread Ψωμί με Προζύμι - Sourdough Bread Ψωμί με Προζύμι - Sourdough Bread Preparation Time: 12-13h Cooking Time: 45-55minServes: 1 Side Dish Ingredients 4 Cups Strong White Flour for Bread 1+3/4 Lukewarm Water 1 Rounded Teaspoon Dry Yeast 1 Level Tablespoon...

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Fish and Chip Shop Partners Plant-Based Brand To Give Away 100 Vegan Fish Finger SandwichesSuttons and Sons is partnering with Moving Mountains to give 100 lucky customers a free vegan fish finger sandwich...

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Bristol is one of the most vegan friendly cities in UK, new study findsThe study found Bristol is the 4th most vegan-friendly in the country, with Luton taking the first place and followed by Brighton and Hove and Reading in the third place.

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The Best U.S. Cities for Vegans and VegetariansGoing vegan might not be that hard—depending on where you live.

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Tesco, Sainsbury's, M&S and Quorn: 'I compared vegan burgers to see which was the best meat-free dinner'They were all strong contenders - except for one, which I didn't even finish.

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Pea 'Carbonara'I love this dinner so much I edited the lyrics of the ‘if you like Piña Colada’ song with pea carbonara instead& even though it’s not a carbonara at all with no eggs in sight 🤪 This is 100% p...

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Broadcaster Nicky Campbell hails his pet for helping him conquer his demons and dragging him back from the brink of turmoilBroadcaster Nicky Campbell has revealed how his pet dogs have helped him through some of the darkest times.

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The Sadism of Eating Real Meat Over Lab MeatThe rise of cellular agriculture will force consumers to consider the moral consequences of torturing and killing animals for food.

The New Republic Shared .

Vegan French CrepesThese very thin, pancake-like sweet breakfast crêpes get a touch of orange zest to brighten up the batter. Shared .

Vegan Chef Matt Pritchard to Row 3,200 Miles to Rescue AnimalsTelevision personality and vegan activist Matt Pritchard will embark on a journey from Lanzarote to Antigua to raise money for animal sanctuary Dean Farm Trust. Shared .

Vegan French CrepesThese very thin, pancake-like sweet breakfast crêpes get a touch of orange zest to brighten up the batter.

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That Vegan Teacher banned from TikTok, and fans are happyKadie Karen Diekmeye, better known by her online alias That Vegan Teacher, was recently banned on TikTok for violating community guidelines.

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Time to Rescue the Rescue Dog Industry?Rescue dog groups may be exacerbating the very problem they claim to address.

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Why was That Vegan Teacher banned from TikTok? Here's what happenedThat Vegan Teacher on TikTok has been banned from the platform. She had over 1.7 million followers ahead of the ban.

HITC Shared .

Transgender animal rights activist helps neglected dogsTransgender animal rights activist helps neglected dogs in documentary 'Break the Chain.' The film is executive produced by Angelica Huston.

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Vegan Kind Supermarket: Scottish firm's sales boom during lockdownTHE Vegan Kind Supermarket was set up by husband-and-wife team Scott and Karis McCulloch eight years ago after they spotted a gap in the market for...

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New project seeks to adapt marine bioproducts into tasty vegan food ideasPutting innovative Australian marine bioproducts into tasty vegan food ideas is the goal of a new project at the Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development, Flinders University. Shared .

Thai inspired raw veggie rice salad.It has been so muggy here at the moment, the summer weather is bringing moments of rain and then the sun comes back out and it gets so hot!

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Recipe: Bring smiles to breakfast table with this scrumptious vegan French ToastNo eggs? No problem! Whip up this Classic French Toast for breakfast today which turns out to be super good and delicious despite being vegan - Check out the recipe inside.

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Animals Today February 20, 2021. Ethical considerations of breeding dogs. Canine dental hygiene. Rapid-fire quiz.Lori begins with a detailed exploration into the ethics of dog breeding. The purebred dog industry not only creates innumerable animals with genetic defects, causing dogs to have a lifetime of medical problems and diseases, but also interferes with the adoption of healthy dogs confined in shelters by enticing people to buy from breeders instead.

Animals Today Podcast Shared .

Paper Dosa, Santa FeI havent been to Paper Dosa in ages. It has been well over a year.

Santa Fe City Different Foodie Shared .

Ordinary Vegan Podcast #96-Vegan Swaps and Recipes for Animal ProductsAre you thinking of adding more plants to your diet in 2021? Today's podcast shares some easy vegan swaps to ease the transition.

Ordinary Vegan Podcast Shared .

Petition handed in to boost funding of animal-free testingAn alliance of animal rights and environment groups has called for more public funds to promote animal-free alternative experiments.

Expat Guide To Switzerland - Expatica Shared .

Calls to end gruesome military drills where marines eat geckos and drink snake bloodDISTRESSING IMAGES The US Marines grizzly drills 'pose a zoonotic disease threat akin to Covid-19', and are also endangering the king cobra, according to claims made by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Mirror Shared .

Baked Mac And CheeseThis variant on my original mac and cheese recipe was created after attempting other non-dairy versions of the dish after I cut cows milk out of my diet.

Chu On This Shared .

Cauliflower Pilaf with Fresh Herbs and CitrusWhen looking at the contents, right off the bat, I thought of a cauliflower pilaf dish and a smile immediately graced my face.

LocalFarmOK Shared .

Blink-182 Drummer Travis Barker Just Launched a Vegan CBD Wellness BrandLongtime vegan musician Travis Barker's new wellness brand promotes physical and mental health through CBD-infused vegan products. Shared .

Pasta ala and errr&Shruti?Someone reminded me of pasta ala Norma, and how much I loved it recently, so I decided to make it today, but its grew into this amazing other dish instead so wanted to note it down!

Wandering Greens Shared .

Purim Treat: Vegan Orange, Tahini, Olive Oil CakeThe best thing I bought during the pandemic was a bright yellow Le Creuset loaf pan.

Neesh Noosh Shared .

Forager Pizza with Candied WalnutsThe dough recipe is from Joe Beddia's book Pizza Camp which is an absolutely amazing book if you want to learn more about making pizzas that are simple in ingredients and preparation but packs a ton of flavour.

Vegan Recipes By Matthew Chin Shared .

The 'pegan' diet combines paleo and vegan eating into one healthy planCoined by Dr. Mark Hyman, the paleo-vegan "pegan" diet avoids processed foods, prioritizes healthy fats, and includes some optional animal products.

Insider Shared .

Vegan Black Bean Plantain Burger RecipeConfession time: Ive never been a fan of veggie burgers. Especially grain or bean-based burgers.

Vegan Miche Shared .

February 23: Omowale Adewale, Brotha Vegan, Black Men Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and SocietyEdited by Omowale Adewale—founder of Black Vegfest, and one of the leading voices for racial and economic justice, animal rights, and black solidarity—Brotha Vegan includes interviews with and articles by folks such as Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Doc , chef Bryant Terry, physicians Anteneh Roba and Milton Mills, DJ Cavem, Stic of...

It's All About Food Shared .

Vegan Restaurant Chain By Chloe Taps Bankruptcy Lenders to Take ControlThe owner of vegan restaurant chain By Chloe has named its bankruptcy lenders as the lead bidders to acquire its assets out of chapter 11, with hopes to get the proposed sale approved by next week.

WSJ Shared .

Sauteed KaleThis sautÃed kale recipe is a great and easy veggie compliment to any protein! Its like sautÃed spinach, but less wet and I find it holds its texture a little better.

Ducks That Cook Shared .

Sticky Teriyaki TofuImage source Couldron Foods Time: 30 minutesServes: 3 INGREDIENTS 1 Cauldron Original Tofu Block, drained3 tbsp cornflour2 carrots, peeled and finely sliced1/2 courgette, finely sliced100g green beans, cut into 3cm pieces1 tbsp rapeseed oilRice per packet instructions For the sauce 3 tbsp tamari soy sauce2 tbsp maple syrup1 tbsp sesame seeds2cm...

The Recipe Stash Shared .

Greek Orzo SaladHere we are, its Monday once again which means I am sharing another Thug Kitchen 101 recipe.

Lindsay's Cooking Adventures Shared .

Vegan Coffee CakeDid you know that Coffee Cake rarely ever contains Coffee? Who'd of thought it?

Plant Based News Shared .

Air fryer quick recipes aš¡i¸Have you purchased an Air Fryer? If not might we ask why. This amazing machine allows no warm up times, healthier than your standard oil ladened deep fat fryer!

ThePL8. Shared .

Wisconsin opens early wolf hunt after hunter group sued Animals Animals wolf Joe Biden WolvesWisconsin wildlife officials have opened a wolf season after hunting advocates sued to move the start date up from November amid fears that the Biden administration might restore protections for the animals.

The Independent Shared .

A Community Vegan Fridge Is Providing Free Plant-Based Foods in NYCThe community vegan fridge, Overthrow Community Fridge, provides free produce, canned goods, and other plant-based food items in NYC.


Celebrate Vegan Purim with These 8 RecipesMany traditional Purim recipes emphasize vegan ingredients in honor of Queen Esther, who favored nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes.


Ridiculous Baking Co Now Delivers Vegan Croissants Across Southern CaliforniaVegan croissant and baked goods supplier Ridiculous Baking Co is now offering fresh weekend delivery in Orange County and Los Angeles.

VegOut Shared .

More Meals and NAKED Lunch Pot Taste TestThe Vegan Bromley Library is #ThoseVeganGuys # food, vegan meals, those vegan guys, down to earth veganism, vegan recipes, vegan shopping, vegan hauls, Gay couple, LGBTQ, taste test, vegan lifestyle vlog, gay couple storyline, naked lunch review, naked noodle pots, easy vegan dinners, easy vegan meals, easy vegan family meals, vegan family...

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Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal02:45 Discovering the vegan lifestyle 11:39 Religion and spirituality 16:12 Preaching compassion and peace when violence towards animals exists 20:31 Growing up in Riyadh and being part of the royal family in Saudi 24:20 Suffering a crushed skull and paralysis in a jet ski accident in St Tropez 29:35 Returning to the US to study Business and...

The Plant Based News Podcast Shared .

Judge reserves decision in animal rights versus property rights caseFinal legal arguments were made via Zoom on Friday at the trial — publicized on social media — of an animal rights activist charged with breaking and entering into a South Frontenac Township mink farm three and a half years ago.

Thewhig Shared .

Almond BitesAlmond Bites or Almond barfi is an Indian sweet made with almond flour, sugar and cardamom powder.

Urvi's Magic Spoon Shared .

Vegan baby bok choy with garlicky spicy sauceHeres a tasty, uncomplicated dish to serve as a side dish or over rice, rice noodles, pasta, or grain of choice.

Veghead, Etc. Shared .

Curry Peanut Sauce LentilsAnother lentil recipe :) The red lentils really lighten this stew up. Its great on its own but would also be nice over some jasmine rice!

Mom Cooks Best Shared .

Travis Barker Announces The Launch Of Cannabinoid Based Vegan Wellness Brand Barker Wellness CoFounded by wellness advocate, legendary drummer, record producer, and songwriter Travis Barker; Barker Wellness provides ethically made...

Barker Wellness Shared .

Vegan qassata recipe featured in international cookbookThose vegan Maltese who miss the sweet and salty taste of a qassata tal-irkotta now will have the recipe to make a healthier version, thanks to Daniel Pisani.

Times Of Malta Shared .

This Vegan Black-Owned Cereal Brand Is Serving Up Empowerment, TooProud Puffs vegan cereal features chocolate-flavored empowerment fist-shaped puffs made with real cocoa, tapioca, and sweetened with monk fruit. Shared .

Vegan Protein Sales Were More than 900% Higher Than Animal Protein In Israel Last YearNew market research from Good Food Institute Israel reveals that the country is one of the fastest-growing plant-based protein markets in 2020. Shared .

This Vegan Black-Owned Cereal Brand Is Serving Up Empowerment, TooProud Puffs vegan cereal features chocolate-flavored empowerment fist-shaped puffs made with real cocoa, tapioca, and sweetened with monk fruit.

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Kuwait closes land and sea borders for one monthDubai: Kuwait on Monday decided to close its land and sea borders for four weeks as of Wednesday, The Kuwaiti Cabinet announced on Monday.

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Romesh The Vegan Is Better Than YouJonathan Romesh Ranganathan is a British stand-up comedian, presenter, and actor of Sri Lankan descent.

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Viral TikTok Star That Vegan Teacher Urges Jamie Oliver To Go VeganThat Vegan Teacher's latest TikTok song urges celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey to 'please be vegan from now on'...

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Wisconsin opens early wolf hunt after hunter group suedWisconsin wildlife officials have opened a wolf season after hunting advocates sued to move the start date up from November amid fears that the Biden administration might restore protections for the animals.

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Veganism: Hong Kong, Israel, Toronto, Glasgow: Travel to these vegan-friendly destinationsHere are some of the vegan-friendly countries around the globe that can be your next travel destination for 2021.

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Vegan-friendly cars that are actually desirableWho said vegan can't mean luxurious? Here's CAR's guide to the best vegan-friendly cars.

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Cucumber SaladWhat you need: Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 0 minutes Total time: 5 minutes this recipe serves two people, double / triple if necessary!

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Celebrities and Animal Protection Groups Band Together for a #FurFreeBritainDame Judi Dench, Dame Twiggy Lawson, Ricky Gervais, Gary Lineker OBE, Brian May CBE, Sir Mark Rylance, Fearne Cotton, Joanna Lumley, and Simon Pegg are among the celebrities who added their names to the cause.

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Bread Machine French BreadI love fresh from the bakery French bread, smells great and the outer crunchy crust is great for dipping into my favorite soups.

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Healthy Vegan Grocery list in categories.Before when I started to transitioning to be vegan at the beginning was very difficult to me because everything was new and new products and some vegetables were also new.

Healthy Vegan Life Shared .

Easiest Vegetarian Banana Bread  No Butter and Use 1 EggYep yep. The title is pretty explanatory. I know you might have seen Banana Bread everywhere in the street.

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Akron shares ways to celebrate first-ever 'Dick Goddard Day'The city of Akron is preparing for its first annual "Dick Goddard Day," which was unanimously approved by Akron City Council in September to honor the legendary Cleveland meteorologist and animal rights activist after his death.

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Curried Lentil and Butternut Squash SoupThis is a hearty vegan soup, loosely inspired by flavors of Indian dal and curry.

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Are Vegan Diets Safe for Infants and Toddlers?It goes without saying that the earliest food for any baby, including a vegan baby, is breast milk.

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Vegan Fettuccine AlfredoI get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. This vegan and nut free, Fettuccine Alfredo has quickly become a new favorite of mine!

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The Government Cafeterias Spreading Veganism in TokyoOf course, it is available for the public, not just for government officials. In fact, the ratio of vegan people in all customers coming to the cafeteria is low, which suggests veganism is achieving penetration as one of the options of food eaten outside of the home.Â.

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'Incorrect' to suggest Carrie Symonds has central role in running country, says Number 10Number 10 rejects speculation about the influence of Boris Johnson's fiancee, which has led one think tank to demand an inquiry.

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Exhibition recalls a visit to Malaga Province by Brigitte BardotTHE Diputación de Malaga is sponsoring a previously unpublished exhibition of photographs of Brigitte Bardot taken with then husband Roger Vadim who was filming on the Costa del Sol.

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The Most Boringest Training VlogBe sure to skip this video because it's super boring. All I do is pick up some new computer parts and do some weightlifting.

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This Simple Vegan Lasagna Recipe Provides Warming Comfort With Every BiteLooking for a veggie lasagna that comes together on a weeknight? Check out this vegan lasagna recipe ASAP.Eating a traditional lasagna is an unequivocal delight; making one, however, can sometimes.

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Vegan Nigerian From Brooklyn SuyaWhen I wrote about Teranga a few weeks ago I mentioned my unfamiliarity with the food of West Africa.

Brooklyn Vegetarian Shared .

Episode Thirteen: Should we go vegan?Our Editorial duo are back with another podcast and this time are talking all things vegan&.

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Fishing the seas for new vegan ideasPutting innovative Australian marine bioproducts into tasty vegan food ideas is the goal of a new project at the Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development, Flinders University.

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Black and Vegan: How One Woman Took Her Power BackBlack and vegan: YouTuber Ri Turner eats plant-based for health and ethical reasons, but also to stay connected to her African ancestors.


Rob Zombie Talks About His Vegan Diet: Were Brainwashed that Cows are HappyShock rocker and longtime vegan, Rob Zombie, spoke to GQ about the decision behind him taking up a vegan diet nine years ago.

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7,000 7-Eleven Stores Now Sell Koia's Vegan Protein SmoothiesProtein-packed smoothies by beverage brand Koia are hitting shelves at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. Shared .

Mushrooms on RyeI am not affiliated to any brands in this post. I only write about brands I use and love.

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Vegan travel guide.This useful guide from the team at Love Holidays provides essential reading for vegan travellers.

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Eat Beyond adds Plant Power, California-Based Vegan QSR to its Portfolio, and Extends Marketing AgreementVANCOUVER, BC. and SAN DIEGO, CA, Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -  Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc.  , an investment issuer focused on the global plant-based and alternative food sector, is making an investment in, and adding Plant Power Restaurant Group, LLC to its portfolio.

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7,000 7-Eleven Stores Now Sell Koia's Vegan Protein SmoothiesProtein-packed smoothies by beverage brand Koia are hitting shelves at 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

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Comedian Dave Hughes Says 'Miracle' Vegan Diet Is 'Better' For His BodyAustralian comedian Dave Hughes ditched animal products back in 2019. Now, he describes veganism as a 'miracle' that's better for his body...

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This vegan Pho recipe will change your mind about Vietnamese Noodle SoupThis vegan recipe for Pho, or Vietnamese Noodle Soup will turn you over your head about vegetables with the depth of flavour that comes from adding charred veggies, the right spices and ensuring the umami flavour making it the most wholesome, well-rounded comfort food dish to fill you up without packing on the pounds.

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Celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight with these vegan and fair trade productsGet to know some of our fair trade Vegan Trademark holders and their products to help you choose more consciously.

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'I blind taste-tested vegan gins and couldn't believe the results'I would never have thought that I could find a gin I like more than my usual.

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Aldi Sued Teams Up With Vegan Influencer Philipp SteuerPublished on Feb 22 2021 12:59 PM in Retail tagged: Germany / marketing / vegan / Aldi Süd.

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Homemade Cashew MilkThis super easy Cashew Milk recipe is one of our favorites and we are pretty sure you will love it too.

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Chefs Jasmine Rogers and Alex Davis opened vegan Coalesce Goods at St. Roch MarketChefs Jasmine Rogers and Alex Davis are natives of Houston who met while working in New Orleans restaurants, including Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, True Food Kitchen and Emerils Delmonico. Shared .

Global Vegan Food Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.4% over the Forecast Period, Owing to Surging Demand for Plant-based Alternatives across The consumer's preferences across the globe toward vegetarian and flexitarian food are driving the demand for vegan food products.

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The 10 Best Vegan Bread Brands To Buy At The Grocery StoreThe next time you're perusing the bread aisle, look out for these vegan bread brands, each of which offer a number of delicious, totally plant-based loaves.

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Mahout and his assistant brutally thrash elephant with sticks in Tamil Nadu, arrestedThe animal was participating in an annual rejuvenation camp for temple and mutt elephants. Shared .

J.Crew accused of 'humane washing' over cashmere pledgeCrew accused of 'humane washing' over cashmere pledge.

Chris Remington Shared .

Vazhaithandu Kola UrundaiKola urundai in Tamil means meat balls. This is a vegan version of it. Made with Plantain stem as a key ingredient.

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Let's Dig In: Reviewing Siggi's Plant-Based Coconut YogurtHands up if you love yogurt but need to limit or omit because you have a food sensitivity or are lactose intolerant?

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Vegan Protein Sales Were More than 900% Higher Than Animal Protein In Israel Last YearNew market research from Good Food Institute Israel reveals that the country is one of the fastest-growing plant-based protein markets in 2020.

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Raw Mango PachadiRaw Mango pachadi is one of the traditional recipes made during Tamil New year Its tangy, sweet and bitter all at the same time Ingredients: 2 Raw MangoesSalt as required2 Green Chillies1/2 TBSP Turmeric Powder.1 TBSP Red Chilli Powder1/2 Cup Jaggery For Tempering: 2 TBSP Sesame Oil1/2 TBSP Mustard seeds1/2 TBSP Hinge1.5 TBSP&.

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Going Plant-Based: A Revelation for Body, Mind, and SpiritPhoto by Chantal Garnier on Unsplash Going vegan was the best New Year’s resolution I ever made.

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Months after reports that Thailand coconut farmers rely on monkey labor, a new investigation shows little action has been taken.Farmers in Thailand are still using monkey labour to supply coconuts to the international market, according to new information from the Asia branch of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

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Rosemary, orange and chocolate mini entremetsI love making entremets, especially the tiny ones. They are cute, chic and if done properly, they are the perfect bite.

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Petition handed in to boost funding of animal-free testingAn alliance of animal rights and environment groups has called for more public funds to promote animal-free alternative experiments.

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Fried Eggplants with Tomatoes and OnionsThis recipe is authentic! Its one of many recipes I learnt from my mother and mother in law who knew how to cook it by heart.

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The new Lynn business that caters for vegans, vegetarians and meat eatersNew food business, which opens six days a week, is trialling deliveries this coming Friday and Saturday.

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Mushroom Spinach SauteToasty, umami, spicy, and sweet; this sautà takes about 30 minutes to prepare and make, and is a flavorful topping for rice or a grain of your choice.

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A vegan KitKat is in the worksNo worries, because Nestlé has announced that a plant-based version of KitKat is coming soon.

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Potato + Parsnip RostisAnother delicious recipe from some veggies in our weekly veg box. I added the potato to mix things up but you could easily just stick with parsnip in these as the flavour was delicious.

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Vegan Winter Farro SaladPacked with herbaceous flavor, meaty walnuts, and tangy olives, this salad shines even in the winter months. Shared .

Top tips for remembering to take your vitaminsAfter searching the internet for an affordable, reliable, vegan multivitamin, you have finally found The Vegan Society's VEG 1.

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World's First 3D-Printed Vegan Salmon to Launch in AustriaVienna's Revo Foods is unveiling its 3D-printed smoked salmon, called "Salmon With Attitude," on March 6.

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Vegan Winter Farro SaladPacked with herbaceous flavor, meaty walnuts, and tangy olives, this salad shines even in the winter months.

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Four petcare trends set to take 2021 by stormWhat trends will emerge in pet care as millennials collide with the world of pet ownership?

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KitKat Will Soon Be Available in a Vegan VersionThe new KitKat will be vegan and dairy-free. It will be tested overseas first before its available in the U.S.

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Companion Animal Products Boost Lifts Dechra's Half-Year ProfitAlliance News) - Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC on Monday reported a considerable increase in half-year profit, with particularly strong revenue growth from Companion Animal Products.

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Baywatch star Pamela Anderson says going vegan has improved her sex lifeThe newly-married Baywatch star says her vegan sausages have made her husband "feel like a new man". Shared .

Can Vegans Build Muscle?Never let anyone tell you that eating a plant based diet will make you weak or unable to build muscleat least that has not been the case with me.

Healthy Life, Happy Wife! Shared .

UK Sees "Unprecedented" 78% Surge in Demand for SeitanThe UK's leading seitan manufacturer LoveSeitan has reported a 78 percent increase in demand in 2020 compared to the previous year.

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Chocolate and Tahini DatesThis recipe is so easy, yet the result is something absolutely delicious. I love keeping these bite-size snacks in the freezer, as they end up taking a little like a Snickers ice cream&.

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Quay CanteenThis blog began incidentally - after being subjected to a particularly poor avo smash, courtesy of a chain restaurant whose name rhymes with "toffee tub", I thought, "what if what we need is someone to hold avo smashes accountable?"

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Six healthy vegan sources of calcium you must know aboutMake sure your body's Vitamin D levels are adequate for it to absorb the calcium.

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Sprouted Wheat BaguettesJeanne from A Jeanne in the Kitchen invited Bruce and me over to meet their new puppy and for the guys to watch a hockey game, while Jeanne, Pricilla, and I would make dessert.

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A Bowl of Comfort  Spicy Squash Stew PotAt any rate, we are well stocked with provisions and I have been keeping our guests happy with one of our specialties.

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AXIS-Y Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off PackIn today’s post I will be sharing my experience of using the AXIS-Y Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack, that was gifted to me by AXIS-Y in exchange for an honest review.

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Hunter Merelize Van Der Merwe poses with heart of giraffe she just shot in South AfricaMerelize van der Merwe thought killing the animal was a beautiful gift from her husband and she was proud to share the experience. Shared .

One Twin Went Vegan. The Other Didn't. Here's What Happened NextMost recently, they embarked on a trial of a vegan diet versus a typical omnivorous one, with their body composition monitored by Virgin Active and their biomarkers tested by King's College London's Department of Twin Research.

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Some animal rights activists opposing Iowa Senate Study BillThey say Senate Study Bill 1195 would stops cities and counties from regulating any activities involving animal related businesses, traveling animal shows, and livestock regulation.

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Is Vegan Food ExpensiveUnfortunately this question is true. Vegan food is so much more expensive than regular food.

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Take A Deep Breath&.How do you relax? I mean, how do you relax your mind and clear it from all negative, wasteful thoughts?

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Do You Need Meat To Be HealthyThats the quick answer. Meat gives you protein but it is not the healthiest thing.

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Episode 160: The Oxford Group and the Emergence of Animal Rights with Robert GarnerIn this episode of Knowing Animals, we talk to Professor Robert Garner about The Oxford Group and the Emergence of Animal Rights, which was published by Oxford University Press in 2020.

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Megan Bowen Forced By Doctor To Quit Vegan Diet: Bleeding Intestines!YouTuber Megan Bowen learned from her doctor that she needed to start eating animal products again because her intestines were bleeding!

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Iran nuclear deal: Agreement to cushion blow of slashed accessBoth sides agree to 'necessary' monitoring for up to three months.

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Crunchy Sticky Rice w/ VeggiesServes 2 Ingredients 400gr Sticky Rice10gr Black Fungus100gr Kohlrabi50gr Carrot50gr Mushroom2 branches of green onion3 Cloves Garlic50gr Sauce Vegetable OilSriracha hot chili sauce.

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Roasted Veg Wraps with Peanut Chilli SauceThe Vegan Bromley Library is #ThoseVeganGuys # food, vegan meals, those vegan guys, down to earth veganism, vegan recipes, vegan shopping, vegan hauls, Gay couple, vegan recipe, vegan recipes for beginners, vegan recipes tasty, vegan recipes dinner, vegan recipes easy, peanut sauce, gay couple storyline, gay couple youtubers channels, roasted...

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Almost As Good As Mom's Chicken and DumplingsAfter a week of cold temperatures, I was really craving a good, hearty meal. I found myself thinking back to one of my favorite meals growing up, my mom’s chicken and dumplings.

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Snap, Concrete and PULL!Yo Dear Reader, we were promised rain and instead ended up with a very pleasant day, never thought I'd think so much about the weather, but when it comes to getting the garden ready to really means a lot, I'm still tackling the back, I had to hauled out block I threw in to sink it, big chunks of concrete covered blocks, one might be petrified...

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‘Mr. Humble and Dr. Butcher' Review: A Heart in the Right PlaceThe pioneer of head-transplant surgery believed that the soul resides in the brain and could be rescued from physically compromised bodies.

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Hesarukalu BassaruHesarukalu bassaru is a delicious stew made from the stock of cooked hesarukalu.

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My 3 Near Death ExperiencesWhat do you think of my 3 near death experiences and how they have transformed me and my perspective on life?

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It's a new life, for me. And I'm feeling good!2 weeks in and this has been a fantastic time of health and wellbeing! The 1st week was well spent, simply creating vegan dishes and drinking lots of water....

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Vegan Eggplant Boats with Tahini, Date Syrup and Toasted PistachiosI have been watching a whole slew of shows on the Food Network lately with my two favorites being The Kitchen and Molly Yehs Girl Meets Farm.

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My food challengeIm going to try something radical. Something Ive been toying with for a while. Im going to go plant-based with my diet.

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Quinoa Cauliflower BurgersThe original recipe was actually given to me by a friend who made a vegan version.

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DJ's Cast Iron BurgerLooking for a new burger place to try? DJ's offers delicious cast iron grilled burgers and fries with fresh ingredients and vegan options!

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Sunday LIVE In The KitchenThe Vegan Bromley Library is #ThoseVeganGuys # food, vegan meals, those vegan guys, down to earth veganism, vegan recipes, vegan shopping, vegan hauls, Gay couple, LGBTQ, how to cook tempeh, tempeh recipes, what is tempeh, how to prepare tempeh, gay couple youtubers channels, gay couple storyline, easy recipes for dinner, making tempeh bacon,...

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VEGANANUARY IS OVER… but you don't have to be !I have been floating between Veganism, Vegetarianism and Pescetarianism since the age of 12. In recent years Vegan food has come so far so that some vegan product resemble meat too closely for my liking....Like this.

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Sexy Smokey Baked BeansYou could say these beans are a little naughty, a little bit more adulty than the baked beans youre used to.

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Simple African Healthy CurryTime needed: approx. 30 minutesServes: 3 people What you need 2 tbsp coconut oil100g small tomatoes, halved3 tsp Ras el Hanout2 tbsp dried chives or fresh chives100g frozen or fresh peas200g mangetout150g broccoli, florets broken into pieces of 3cm400g tin tomato blocks400g coconut milk150g wholegrain rice350ml vegetable stock1 tbsp natural...

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The Diary of a Budding VeganWelcome and thank you for joining me as I embark on a journey of self-discovery and peace.

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Stay Warm: Roasted Sweet Potatoes SoupSweet potato soup, like pumpkin soup, can be prepared in a variety of ways. You can spice it up with herbs and spices and enhance the sweetness using dates or apricots.

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What's In My Vegan Bag With Special Guest Gina HouseCorker Bag: Case: Phone Grip: Johnson Garden of Eden Sunglasses: Earbuds: Vegan Pin: House Cotton Organic Kerchief / Cloth: Collection Organic Cotton Face Mask Set: Vista Fountain Pen: Key: Essential Oil Blend: Stasher Bag: Stasher Bags: Vegan Toothpaste Daily Habits Set: Pretty Pain in Miranda: Spoon Mirror: Deodorant Wipes: Vegan Deodorant in...

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Broccoli and Mushroom Stir-Fry: Quick and Easy, Nutritious Weeknight MealIt is a quick and healthy dish that is ready to eat in about 30 minutes.

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Cherry tomato stuffed pitta breadsThis week has felt very intense. Work has been busy and needed a lot of energy and my daughter seems to be in the process of dropping her nap in the day.

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Are Dolphins Right-Handed or Left-Handed?Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

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Chard bhajiA close relative of the turnip bhaji recipe from last month, this one. It's possible I've written about chard before, too - I don't recall doing so but it seems strange that I haven't, given how much I love the stuff.) I love chard, with its slightly bitter taste and that same iron-y quality as&.

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DŸ€Myanmar: Superfood Burmese-Style Chayote Shoot Salads Sechium edule a™ªa˜†a˜… €¸Myanmar’s Superfood: Chayote Shoot Super Salads @Bluepea Channel Click on the bilingual YouTube link with Japanese subtitles: You’ll want to see the interesting markets of Southeast Asia while learning how this simple, very healthy and tasty salad is made!

The Bluepea Channel: Plant Food Man Shared .

I Give It To GodSometimes you just need to go on an hour-long car drive with no particular route.

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Beer Review: The Main Event  New Zealand Beer Collective x Fierce BeerI unfortunately dont have a stout to review for this Sunday! Instead Ive got a collaborative beer between the New Zealand Beer Collective and Aberdeen based Fierce Beer.

Lorenzo Beer Reviews Shared .