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A selection of the latest vegan news and blog posts.

The Many Roads to Vegetarianism Health, religion and animal rights have all been advanced as reasons not to eat meat.

Celebrities Urge Brits To 'Go Vegan For 24 Hours' Is behind the initiative, which wants to draw attention to the environmental devastation wreaked by livestock farming.

Jaden Smith to give 10,000 vegan meals to the homeless Jaden Smith has taken another step to helping the less fortunate population of Los Angeles by announcing plans to give 10,000 vegan meals to the homeless. The rapper has partnered with Café Gratitude to create a vegan meal called the I LOVE YOU Bowl, following the launch of his food truck earlier this year.

What's the best vegan alternative to eggs? Chia, flax, aquafaba, vegetable puree, mashed banana – all have their uses depending on what dish you’re making.

Runs on Chestnuts The past few weeks my body has been craving chestnuts. This might be a sign that I need more B vitamins; chestnuts are rich in thiamin, pyridoxine, niacin, and riboflavin. They are also quite high in vitamin C.

Pret launches vegan versions of duck, chicken, bacon and egg sandwiches Pret a Manger has announced that vegan versions of its most popular tuna, egg, duck, and bacon sandwiches will be available at outlets later this month.

Sickening footage shows cannibalised mink, decomposing fox and shivering cub at Finnish fur farm Taken by animal rights activists from Humane Society International in the world's second biggest fur exporter, the video also showed a fox's corpse being trampled, and animals ramming themselves against the side of their cages.

'Vegan Viking' Smashes More Powerlifting Records Icelandic athlete Hulda B Waage says she would 'rather starve while traveling than eat non-vegan foods'

'Mr Broccoli' is UNMASKED: Face of vegan activist is revealed after he dressed as a vegetable on GMB The protester, who has never used his real name on his Facebook page and YouTube channel, was unmasked as Mr Broccoli by his friend Dan Kimble, who was arrested with him in London this week while dressed as a pea.

Vegan presses charges against friends who tricked her into eating chicken A devastated vegan reported her friends to police after discovering they had tricked her into eating chicken. The 24-year-old vegan recounted her story on Reddit, stating that she had ditched meat products since a toddler and was furious after her friends pranked her into eating chicken nuggets at a party, which they said were vegan meat.

Enjoy a night of vegan comedy acts at Stand Up For Viva! Viva!, the UK's leading vegan charity who have been campaigning for a vegan world and exposing shocking conditions in factory farms across the UK, are celebrating their 25th birthday with an exclusive night of vegan comedy acts. Boasting a star-studded line-up, Stand Up ForViva!

Waitrose Adds Own-Brand Vegan Bacon To Its Plant-Based Line-Up The store has launched two types of 'facon' to its line-up - Smoky Streaky Slices and Smoky Streaky Pieces.

All you need to know about Cirencester Vegan Fair 2019 But the next one you can look forward to is the Cirencester Vegan Fair, which is just over two weeks away so you can start getting excited now.

How To Ruin You Friend's Diets in 10 Easy Steps. I made these when one of my friends at my volunteer job was not well, and needed several weeks off. To celebrate her return, and let her know that we'd missed her and were happy that she was back, I made cupcakes! Unfortunately, almost everyone at work was on a diet…But ruining each other's diets is what friends are for, right?

Revenue rises at cake-maker Finsbury Foods as it targets vegan market British cake-maker Finsbury Foods saw revenue grow in the year to June as the firm embraces new trends such as vegan and healthy products. Shares in the group rose 2.55 per cent soon after the bell, hitting 80.5p. Finsbury Foods's adjusted profit before tax fell 5.7 per cent to £16.8m in the 12 months to 29 June from £17.8m a year earlier.

Can Vegan Diet Reverse Type 2 Diabetes? Know The Answer From Our Expert There is substantial evidence that obesity and predisposition to diabetes can be reduced if one goes for vegan diet. In already diagnosed diabetics these dietary modifications will lead to a better glycaemic control thus helping diabetes reversal process.

Animal rights activists urge quick action on race horse welfare Less than 24 hours after the ABC aired allegations a Queensland abattoir was responsible for alleged mistreatment of racehorses during their mass slaughter, we've witnessed a lot blame shifting among the authorities.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies Everyone has their favorite cookies and one of mine is an oatmeal cookie. I remember making oatmeal cookies years ago from the recipe on the back of the round cylinder-type container of Whole Grain Old-Fashioned Quaker Oats. Back then, the recipe called for butter, refined sugar, eggs, all-purpose flour, and a scant amount of oats.

'A happy life': lion trainer defends animal treatment at Stardust Circus News, latest-news, news, Stardust circus, matt huckleberry, lion trainer, exotic animals, lions, circus, welfare Just days after leaving Warrawong, Australia's last lion trainer has addressed concerns about the treatment of exotic animals in the circus.

LA's First Non-Alcoholic Vegan Bar, SourTooth, to Pop Up Inside Yamashiro A new non-alcoholic and plant-based bar dubbed SourTooth is set to open in a re-imagined "Japanese Bohemian" wing of Hollywood's Yamashiro restaurant in Hollywood. Those in search of a great non-alcoholic cocktail bar experience, complete with plant-based food items, will get just that.

Racing crisis: Trainer embroiled in EPO doping scandal Jarrod McLean, the long-serving right-hand man of disgraced trainer Darren Weir, is fighting allegations he injected the blood-boosting drug EPO into one of his horses.

Pasta Fagioli I am not one to time my food posts with whatever made up national holiday it is like some of the kewl* bloggers do. Take that, better bloggers!!! I mean, it was a complete accident, but apparently today is National Pasta Day. Like all of these fake holidays, I feel like the same ones come around 8 times a year.

REVIEW: New Vegan Plant-Based "Meat" Marinara + Pasta Youngling Meal at Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood S New food items have landed at both Black Spire Outposts on the West and East Coast, with a slew of new items at Disneyland and a new Chicken Ronto Wrap and Ronto Chips here at Ronto Roasters.

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