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'The Ball Is On Your Side': All Important Things Trump and Putin Said During Summit + Epic Fails and Memes from Twitter Users A historical meeting between US president Donald Trump and Russian Leader Vladimir Putin was held yesterday, July 16. Now, it's time to sum up all the things were said and how they compared. Follow to also know the most hilarious reactions from Twitter users.

Here's How Pop Stars Would Look Today If They Were Still Alive Add your photo to this list. Please use high-res photos without watermarks. Ooops! Your image is too large, maximum file size is 8 MB. Subscribe to our newsletter. Download our iOS app. Download our Android app.

Vicious Hawaii Volcano: Lava Bomb Hit a Boat and Injured 23 Tourists + Video Hawaii explosion taken place on Monday sent lava bombs into the air, piercing the roof of a tour boat and injuring at least 23 people, CNN reports. Source:Â Hawaii County Civil Defense. The incident occurred near Hawaii's Kilauea volcano on a tour boat on Monday morning.

Lava Bomb Hits Tour Boat in Hawaii, Nickelodeon Announced "Rugrats" Relaunch + 4 More HOT News to Know About World made a list of the most important news you need to know this Tuesday morning. The new set of emoji is scheduled to hit iOS devices later this year. Hawaii's youngest volcano, Kilauea, continues to erupt and flow into the sea — which means lava bombs.

Castle Rock: HOT Satan Bill SkarsgÃ¥rd + 3 More Reasons to Watch New Horror TV-series from Stephen King Castle Rock is new psychological horror Hulu original that is set to premiere on July 25, 2018. While we're waiting for the release, check out the reasons why this series should be Hulu's best.Â. Source: Hulu. Unlike others movie adaptations of Stephen King novels, "Castle Rock" is not a filming of a specific King’s work.

Real Life Hero: Stanislaus County Cashier Saved Woman from Kidnappers Who Sexually Assaulted Her – Shocking Story Details Inside Quick and decisive action from a Stanislaus County gas station cashier is being credited with helping a woman get away from men she said kidnapped and sexually assaulted her.Â. Follow to know more. Savannah Pritchett who was working at the Triple R Gas and Mart in Waterford around 3 p.m.

Hvper News – One Page Internet The Internet on one page. Successor of Popurls, the mother of news aggregators. By @thomas.

19 Makeup Hacks That Everyone Needs in Their Lives - 22 Words Makeup is pretty magical stuff. When it's done right, it can give you a burst of confidence and make you feel as though you can take on the world. It takes TONS of practice. And tricks! We can't do the practice for you, but we have a bunch of makeup hacks for you to try as you continue on your makeup journey.

Things People on Twitter Wonder About American Food - 22 Words The world has some questions for you. Like, why do Americans make foods in the shape of their flag? Bet ya never thought about that one, huh? You have to admit that here in the ol' U S of A, we do things a little differently. Here are some questions Twitter users from around the world have about the ways Americans enjoy food.

19 of the Most Wholesome Tweets You'll Ever Find on Twitter - 22 Words It can be easy to get caught up in the negativity and hopelessness on Twitter. But we're here to show you that it's also a place filled with light and positivity.

20 Terrible Beauty Problems Every Woman Can Relate To - 22 Words Beauty fails: we all have them. But not all beauty fails are created equal. These are some of the worst beauty fails you'll ever see, and it will make you glad they didn't happen to you.

20 People Who Met Their Craigslist 'Missed Connections' - 22 Words A bunch of Redditors shared what happened when their missed connections became real-life encounters. For some, their posts led marriage, but others ended on a sour note-keep reading to get the scoop. My friend was carrying her groceries on a busy subway from Manhattan to Queens, and this guy gave up his seat for her.

15 Funniest and Most Hilarious Memes From 2018 FIFA World Cup – Try Not To Laugh! Once every four years, everyone on the planet Earth becomes obsessed with football and this is called the World Cup. And meme makers, of course, are not sidestepping it. presents you only the funniest memes about the World Cup 2018. Source: Facebook / Kervin Ferrer Marquez.

Amazing Meryl Streep, Iconic Cher, ABBA Songs + 6 More Reasons 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' Is The Best Movie for Your July Weekend Ten years after the original film, “Mamma Mia” is coming back with the sequel “Here We Go Again!” this summer. And if you still have doubts whether it's worth watching or not, prepared you a number of facts about the movie premiere of the week so you could decide.Â.

A Disgusting Parody of the Lighthearted Classic 1973 Country Music Song 'I Love' by Tom T. Hall In 1983, a parody album entitled The Rhino Brothers Present The World's Worst Records featured disgusting, yet very funny cover of the classic country music song "I Love" by Tom T. Hall. Called "I Like", artist Heathen Dan substituted some rather racy lyrics into the otherwise wholesome song.

San Francisco Artist Evicted From His Warehouse Is Raising Funds for a Place to Relocate His Robots Kal Spelletich, an incredibly talented artist, who is a pioneer of the San Francisco machine art scene, and very good friend of Laughing Squid, found out that he is being evicted from the San Francisco warehouse he has rented for over 25 years.

Artist Adorns Bank Notes Portraits From Around the World With Fabulous Embroidered Hairstyles Finish needle artist Noora Schroderus has created an amusing series in which she provides world leaders whose portraits grace bank notes with elaborately fabulous hairstyles that are embroidered right onto the bill. via Colossal. Host Your WordPress Website at Laughing Squid Hosting.

A Six-Legged Robot Flowerpot That Interacts With Its Environment to Meet the Needs of the Onboard Plant Tianqi Sun, the founder of the Chinese robotics company Vincross has transformed one of its signature creations, the HEXA, into a very smart six-legged robot flowerpot. The robot interacts with the its environment to efficiently meet the needs of the onboard plant.

New study reveals that nail-biting isn't a nervous habit, but indicates this personality trait While anxiety does drive a great deal of the chronic nail biting that takes place, did you know that there are further reasons for this phenomenon besides the need to soothe our nervous system?

Mom hears noises in the ceiling, finds man she split with 12 years ago living in her attic They thought they would find a possum or a raccoon but what they discovered was even more terrifying than any of them could imagine.

Prince Louis Christening: Stunning Pictures Showing Royal Family of Five for FIRST Time, Who are Prince Louis' Godparents and Other Facts to Know Prince Louis’s official christening photographs have been released, with Kate, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte being photographed alongside the newest royal baby for the first time. prepared for you the stunning pictures and more interesting facts about the Royal christening.

Artist Paints Gorgeous Traditional Good Luck Dragons With Just a Single Stroke of His Brush Artist Keisuke Teshima from Kyoto, Japan demonstrated the known as "hitofude-ryu", or the painting of colorful dragons with a single brush stroke. These paintings, which go back to the Edo period, are drawn with the dragon's head facing upwards, a sign of good luck within Japanese culture.

A Surprisingly Quick Moving Tortoise Chases His Lawn Mowing Human Around the Yard A surprisingly fast moving African spurred tortoise named Moses amusingly chased his human Jimbo Creppel around the backyard as he methodically went back and forth across the grass with a lawn mower. According to Creppal's kid, Moses likes to catch up with the mower and ride for a bit.

Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who Season 11 Teaser Revealed Who Are Her Three Companions – Be the First One to See It! The first look at the season 11 of Doctor Who starring the first ever female incarnation of the Time Lord Doctor Who was released in UK during the World Cup Final France-Croatia.Â. Source: BBC. All of the fans are excited about the new look of the 13th doctor.

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