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Scientists Confirm That Looking at the Sea Produces Changes in the Brain That Make Us Happier I need a beach vacation so badly.” How often do we hear this from someone who is tired of work or their domestic duties? You may even be the one saying it, and you are absolutely right. Studies have found that being by the sea not only makes us feel relaxed, but also changes the chemistry of our body.

14 Popular Dog Myths It's Time We Stopped Believing When you get a dog, it becomes a member of your family. You love it and are ready to give it the best life possible. But are you always able to fully understand your pet? Is the information you know about dogs up to date with recent studies?

20 People Whose Looks Smash Ordinary in the Face A flawless body, big eyes, plump lips, a straight nose, thick hair, and perfect skin — all these so-called beauty standards are not only outdated and old-fashioned, but also a little boring and distorted. Freckles, unusual eye colors, and skin and body features — these are what truly fascinates and catches one’s eye.

Reddit Users Talk About the Awkward Situations They Will Remember for the Rest of Their Lives We’re pretty sure that everyone has been in a situation when they were super embarrassed and just wanted to disappear forever. However, these otherwise awful situations prove to be quite interesting and unique which is why they’re enjoyed by hundreds and thousands of people online.

What Do We Know About Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency – Is It Better Than Bitcoin? Turns out, Facebook’s cryptocurrency, and the company's long-rumored, vast ambitions in the crypto space, are real. reports about all the details we learned so far.

24 Facts About Smallpox That Turned Out to Be More Terrifying Than Any Apocalyptic Movie In school history classes, we were told that in the Middle Ages, humanity was attacked by the plague pandemics. However, few people remember that our ancestors had to deal with a disease that was just as dangerous: smallpox was cutting down the population of Europe and Asia.

Strawberry Moon and Summer Solstice 2019: What Does It Mean and How to Watch The Strawberry Moon is a significant astronomical event. In 2019, it falls on June 16-18 and is going for shine pink berry we all adore. Read the details about the full moon in June and Summer Solstice 2019 on Source: NBC. In many cultures, the full moon of June had its name - Strawberry moon or full pink moon.

8 Exercises to Tone Up Flabby Arms in 5 Minutes For how long: Keep rotating for 30 seconds. Starting position: Stand upright with your arms stretched out on the side. Steps:. For how long: Hold this position for 30 seconds. Starting position: Sit with your back upright and legs together and stretched straight in front of you.

Frustrated Typist Makes a Sandwich Out of Keyboard With a Stuck Letter in a Clever Stop-Motion Animation In a clever stop-motion animation, a frustrated typist writing home for financial help gets frustrated with a stuck "y" key and ends up making a literal sandwich out of the keyboard and mouse, complete with crunching sound.

Adorable Squid and Octopus Tea Bags Shota Takahashi of the Japanese company Ocean Teabag has created an adorable line of whimsical handmade teabags, including two that come in squid and octopus shapes. The squid features a black jasmine tea inside, while the octopus is a combination of Darjeeling and Assam teas.

The Story of a Russian Vet Who Saved a Crippled Tiger Cats helped him with the treatment. They massaged the small predator with their paws and bit him a little, helping to make his body work again. Not only did the vet receive gratitude from the animals for saving their lives, but he also fell in love with him.

An Animated History About the Officially Unofficial Flag of Northern Ireland The highly informative CGP Grey retreated to the Forest of All Knowledge with his dog to learn why Northern Ireland doesn't really have a flag of their own. Since 1972, however, the country unofficially adopted the Ulster Banner as representation in its place.

Celebs Rocked THIS One Major Trend at MTV Movie & TV Awards 2019 Red Carpet and We Love It The 28th annual ceremony honoring movies and television is left behind however, it gave us a hint on one major trend at the red carpet. So, thinks it's going to be everywhere this Fall. Check the pictures for the ideas.Â.

Simone Giertz Turns Her Tesla Into a Pickup Truck Simone Giertz, the prolific engineer who used to refer to herself the "Queen of Shitty Robots", decided to turn her beloved Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck after the car company revealed that they didn't have any plans to make a pickup truck. Not only was the build successful, but the name "Truckla" is quite apt.

How to Quickly Peel Garlic by Stabbing the Clove With a Small Knife While Separating It From the Bulb As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method for getting garlic peeled!?— ????????? ????

10 "Harry Potter" Actors and Their Partners Who Prove Love Stays Magical Far Outside Hogwarts In the Harry Potter universe, Harry Potter and Newt Scamander’s relationships with other characters have often saved them from trouble. Much of the films’ themes are based on the fact that relying on family and friends is fundamental.

How Taron Egerton Learned How to Embody the Distinct Style of Elton John for the Film 'Rocketman' Insider spoke with Michael L. Roberts, the vocal, piano and performance coach who prepared actor Taron Egerton for his role as Elton John in the film Rocketman. Roberts fondly recalled that Egerton had a wonderful voice, but didn't know how to play the piano at all.

A Remarkable Self-Feeding Vertical Elevator That Safely Lifts Bulk Materials With a Giant Rotating Spiral The ever-adventuring Tom Scott paid a visit to Olds Engineering, a metalwork foundry in Maryborough, Australia. Within the walls of the foundry sits a remarkable self-feeding vertical elevator that lifts bulk materials with the motion of a giant rotating spiral.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Share New Photo of Archie Harrison for Father's Day And It's Adorable Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shared a new photo of their son Archie Harrison for Father's Day and it's adorable! Here's what knows about it so far. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared a new photo of Archie Harrison for Father's Day!

Why Women Are Sick of Fashion and Are Not Ready to Make Any More Beauty Sacrifices Imagine that one morning every woman in the world wakes up in a good mood, comes to the mirror, and likes what they see there. Do you know what happens next? A global economic crisis. Thousands of companies that build their business on women’s insecurities go bankrupt.

Man Thought He'd Bought $177k Bungalow for $9k but He Actually Got a Strip of Grass Worth $50 We can only hope and pray for Holness that he gets the justice that he deserves… or at least gets a couple of bucks back! What can be learned from this horrible little situation? Do your research, or just stay away from auctions all together!

Planned Parenthood Is Building a Huge Clinic in Alabama Despite the Abortion Ban They say that you can't win a fight by standing aside, and Planned Parenthood is certainly not about to roll over in Alabama. Following Alabama's strict abortion laws that were passed on the May 13th 2019, with 73-4 voting in favor of the heartbeat bill, many women in the state have been living in a state of unimaginable fear.

30 People Who'll Stay Pros No Matter What Some people just win at life, always figuring out ways to accomplish the hardest and most stressful of tasks by barely lifting a finger. These are people who are true “pros” — no matter what life throws at them, they manage to come up with life hacks out of thin air.

News of the Day: Mind-Blowing Viral Hack for Peeling Garlic Amazed Even Chrissy Teigen Thanks to the Internet people from all over the world are able to share the secrets of life and hacks that make it much easier.Â. Check out on the game-changing viral hack for peeling garlic that blew our minds. One user from Twitter uploaded a mind-blowing video that reveals the secret of a perfect garlic peeling.

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