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10 Wild Things Celebrities Ask for Before Their Concerts Many of us love going to concerts but few people really understand how much effort goes into ensuring that a star will give a good show. Singers’ concert riders may just request a pumpkin pie or they may have a requirement to have a monkey in their room, thawed water, or an assistant to smoothen a mat in the dressing room.

20 Unstoppable Dads Who Know How to Make Life More Fun Anyone can be a dad, but mastering the art of dad jokes and humor is something completely different and that’s what separates a regular dad from a great dad! There are many different variations of this phenomenon, from clever puns to flat-out embarrassment.

Travel Destinations 2019: Best Places Around the World to Make Your Vacation Unforgettable! Part 2 Watch this video about the most popular travel destination for 2019 to plan an unforgettable vacay!

24 Inventive People Who Are Too Good at Problem Solving I’ll show you how to use Darth Vader to teach our dog!” “I’ll make a bed using bags!” “I’ll show you how a selfie can help you find your baggage in the airport!” These are all great names for the training courses that people from this compilation could teach.

Chrissy Teigen Asked People for Their Embarrassing Stories, and Boy, Did They Deliver The fact that they asked this poor man to leave the store was what made this story truly excellent. But seriously, how could they?! He clearly needed medicine more than ever! I'm shocked that everyone dismissed such a generous offer! Also, why did no one tell this woman what she was actually offering?

A Woman Just Gave Birth to Septuplets Naturally That's right: a woman in Iraq has given birth to septuplets. seven babies at the same time! The story is breaking news everywhere, as the country's first ever recorded set of septuplets. The world has been following this case ever since the expecting parents learned of their situation.

Deceptive Packages Designed to Totally Rip You Off Package design is an art. An evil art that seeks to trick and lie and deceive you straight to your beautiful face. We know by now that food usually looks nothing like it does on the packaging, but sometimes the depths companies will go to in order to save themselves money is still shocking.

Bartenders Expose the Absolute Weirdest Things They’ve Seen Behind the Bar A hilarious Reddit thread asked bartenders to share the craziest things they've ever seen on the other side of the bar and their answers were shocking, hilarious and kind of disturbing.

20 Animals Parents Who Are Bursting With Pride Parents’ proud, worrisome, and tender feelings aren’t only found in human beings. Our 4-legged friends also experience bright and deep emotions while being moms and dads, and their sincerity is just amazing.

Kendall with Jimmy Fallon, Kylie's Valentine's Day + 8 More BEST Kardashian-Jenner Pics of Week wants to show you the most memorable and hottest pics of all the members of the Kardashian-Jenner family gathered during the last week. Source: Instagram. Source: Instagram. Source: Instagram. Source: Instagram. Source: Instagram. Source: Instagram.

A Hilariously Animated Gordon Ramsay Storms Around 'Hell's Kitchen' in a Profanity-Laced Culinary Tirade In February 2018, animator Zeeeko created "Where's the Lamb Sauce?", a hilarious animation of the very forthright celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay as he stormed about the kitchen in his distinctly vociferous manner. The soundtrack was created from an audio mashup of various episodes of Hell's Kitchen.

These Controversial Opinions on Music Might Make You Really, Really Angry A recent Twitter thread gave people the chance to share their own unpopular music opinion. How many do you secretly agree with? Come on! Johnny Cash! Hank Williams! Patsy Cline! Gene Autry! Maybe you've just been listening to the wrong country music. Oooh, yeah.

Travel on Tight Budget: New Viral "Fake Plane Ride" Challenge Takes Over Chinese Social Media Internet challenges are always hilarious and partially stupid, but the fake plane ride challenge is so relatable for people who haven't had an opportunity to go on a vacay this winter.Â. gathered the funniest pics of airplane challenge!

10 Celebrities Who've Suddenly Changed Their Look, and Some Are Too Hard to Recognize Celebrities often change their look to take part in a new film, an ad campaign, or a music video. But there are also those stars who prefer one style, which is why any change attracts a lot of attention. We bet you can’t imagine a brunette Madonna or Gigi Hadid with short hair.

Singer Emily Goglia Fronts Postmodern Jukebox in a Sultry Cover of the 'Pinky and the Brain' Theme Song Scott Bradlee of Postmodern Jukebox invited singer Emily Goglia to perform a very sultry cover of the theme song from Pinky and The Brain. Musicians Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche provided the voices for Pinky and the Brain. Facebook - Twitter - Flipboard - RSS.

Little Cat Has Big Love for His Plush Bunny Buddy A beautiful little Singapura cat named Malt spends a lot of time with his favorite buddy - a plush bunny that's almost the same size as him. Malt hilariously carries the bunny by the head with the fluffy body hanging down, giving Malt a rather loopy gait.

These Examples Of People Being Kind Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity The following 30 examples of humans being kind of each other will thaw your dark, frozen heart. If you're convinced that the youth of today are completely spoiled and self-absorbed, watch this video. Seriously, who's cutting onions?? When you're out of work, every day can feel like a terrifying struggle to get by.

The Funniest Pictures Ever Taken in Ubers and Taxis This gallery is full of the funniest, most bizarre, and most memorable cab drivers out there. You never really know what you are going to get when you enter an Uber, a Lyft, or a taxi. It's a total crapshoot. These people just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

People Are Sharing the Nicest Thing a Total Stranger Has Ever Done for Them A recent AskReddit thread gave people the opportunity to share their own stories of times that strangers came to their aid. The acts of these good Samaritans range from the incredibly small to the gigantic, but they all have one thing in common: The people did them just to be nice.

Willem Dafoe Breaks Down His Most Iconic Roles While promoting the film At Eternity's Gate, legendary actor Willem Dafoe sat down with GQ to talk about playing the role of Vincent Van Gogh. While doing.

23 Striking Comparisons That Make Us Admire This World Perspective is an amazing thing. In order to really understand some things, sometimes all you have to do is compare them to something else. For example, we all know that glaciers are melting. But few people understand how much the look of the Arctic has changed over the past decades.

How Specific Visual Cues Can Help Stimulate an Appetite for Healthier Food A team of British scientists is examining different ways to encourage people to eat healthier, more nutritious and sustainable food. Quartz looked at one.

What Päntsdrunk Is and Why It's Cool to Drink at Home in Underwear! Learn what Päntsdrunk is and check out why it's cool on

Paleontologists Blindly Build a Baby T. Rex Model With Extrapolated Information From Other Related Species In preparation for the T. rex: The Ultimate Predator exhibition, paleontologist Mark Norell and the model-makers at the American Museum of Natural History recreated a baby T. rex from extrapolated information about other related species. The result is feathery little rex with big teeth.

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