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39: Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, Hinge, Hitman 3 PSVR, Flight Sim Gets DateJamie and Harry discuss what they've been playing and the great new VR games on the near horizon.

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Hands-On: Hinge Is A Gorgeous VR Horror Game That Doesnt Feel Ready For ReleaseHinge, in its current form, may just be a bit too ambitious for its own good.

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A Wake InnWheelchair-bound VR horror A Wake Inn comes to PC VR headsets early like and comment on this video and subscribe to VRFocus for more virtual reality related videos.

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A Wake Inn Pulls Those Trailer Strings Ahead of a 2021 ReleaseFurther thought has been put into the gameplay interactions as well, a flashlight for lighting up the darkness which does run out of batteries, a radio with custom stations, and the cinema room where you can watch tapes found around the building.

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You Can Now Play The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind In VRThanks to the free, open-source OpenMW project, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is now playable in VR with motion controller support.

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Oculus Quest 2 review: VR is finally an affordable, worthwhile investmentThe Oculus Quest 2 is a riveting piece of VR hardware better in every way compared to its predecessor.

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Working Up a Sweat With FitXR's Dance WorkoutsThe UK is nearing the end of its second lockdown and even with that coming to an end plenty of restrictions will still be in place.

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VRFocus Plays…FitXR Dance WorkoutNeed to get moving whilst stuck at home? VRFocus attempts one of FitXR's new dance workout like and comment on this video and subscribe to VRFocus for more virtual reality related videos.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Support Heading into Closed Beta SoonIf youre still waiting on VR support for Microsoft Flight Simulator , you wont need to twiddle your thumbs for much longer.

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Best VR Engines for Enterprise applicationsThe good thing about this VR engine is that it has numerous enterprise applications. You can use it for cases such as employee education, training simulation, retail and sales, virtual concierge, and field services productivity,.

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Full VR Support Rolling out December for Microsoft Flight SimulatorHead of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann followed that up by saying: "The feedback has been so positive that we think we're ready to put this out before the holiday season." The VR addition will be part of Sim Update 2 which is dated for 22nd December and will be free.

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Ultimate VR Comedy Bundle Includes Rick And Morty, Job SimHoliday laughs await you in the all-new Ultimate VR Comedy Bundle, combining six popular PC VR titles including Job Simulator and Trover.

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Strides ahead: How 5G will become the new frontier of sportsThe combination of 5G, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality supports completely new user experiences in sports - pushing boundaries and taking the consumer to the heart of the game itself. Shared .

The Best HTC Vive Black Friday 2020 DealsWe're keeping an eye out for best HTC Vive Black Friday 2020 deals, including Vive Cosmos, Vive Cosmos Elite, and more.

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IN BRIEF: VR Education To Launch New Space-Based Virtual Reality GameVR Education Holdings PLC - London-based virtual reality technology company - Says it will release its showcase experience Shuttle Commander for all PC-based virtual reality platforms on Monday.

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Design and Build Robots With RoboCo in 2021, VR Support ExpandedCurrently, Filament Games has said it expects the Steam Early Access launch of RoboCo to take place in early 2021, supporting Oculus Rift and HTC Vive as well as on desktop.

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The future of video conferencing could be in VRVR could help those not yet ready to return to the workplace, but are growing frustrated by video conferencing sessions.

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Sony PSVR 2 coming to PS5 with haptic feedback system?The second-gen virtual reality system from Sony is expected for the PlayStation 5, including haptic feedback and LED lighting.

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HTC Vive Cosmos and Cosmos Elite are now cheaper for Black FridThe HTC Vive Cosmos is an interesting VR headset with inside out tracking, modular faceplate design and a 2880 x 1700 pixel display.

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VR Education to launch new title 'Shuttle Commander'Virtual reality technology company VR Education announced on Thursday that its "showcase experience", Shuttle Commander, would be released on 30 November for all PC-based VR platforms, including Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality and HTC Vive devices.


Steam Autumn Sale: Discounts On Alyx, Squadrons And MoreThe Steam Autumn Sale is here! Compared to the Halloween sale, it offers even bigger discounts on VR titles like Star Wars: Squadrons and Saints and Sinners.

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Admiral Robb of IITSECThe first ever all-virtual IITSEC Conference will begin on November 30th and run through December 4th.

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A€œWe want to engage with people that are serious about VR" a€“ What Koch's acquisition of Vertigo Games means for the VR spaceTo quote Richard Branson: “If you want to be a millionaire, start with a billion dollars and launch a new airline.” And the same thinking can also be applied to anyone launching a new games platform.


Global Virtual reality Market Research Report And Predictive Business Strategy By 2025Market Research Report And Predictive Business Strategy By 2025” and published by “Zion Market Research” is an in-depth and dedicated scrutiny of the existing stats of the global Virtual reality.

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Extend Robotics unveils new VR-controlled robotic armUK-based start-up Extend Robotics has announced the launch of a new low-cost virtual reality controlled robotic arm.

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Global Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market Incredible Possibilities, Growth With Industry Study, Detailed Analysis And Forecast To 2027To attain knowhow of market landscape, brand awareness, latest trends, possible future issues, industry trends and customer behavior, the finest Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market research report is very crucial.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Support Lands Next MonthMicrosoft Flight Simulator fans, it's time to fasten your seatbelts and get ready for take-off because VR support is landing next month.

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These virtual reality headsets are getting Island seniors where they want to goIslanders in long-term care are exploring the world without leaving their bedrooms. Health PEI is the first government agency to bring Rendever's virtual reality platform to residents in long-term care homes.

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PlayStation VR: 5 Common Problems and How to Solve ThemDespite being an incredible piece of hardware, the PSVR is still plagued with issues. This list features some of the most common problems and how to fix them.

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Lulu Chu Gets a Bonus in WankzVR's LatestThe scene, a rep commented, has already earned a 93% approval rating with active members.

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Best Black Friday VR Deals: Oculus, HTC Vive, And PSVRBlack Friday 2020 isn't as big for VR as last year, but there are still a few deals worth your attention.

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Pimax completely overhauled the Pimax VR Experience betaPimax is building a VR environment for launch games from VR called Pimax VR Experience.

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Make way for VR, community-driven trips and 'Air Bubble' to maximise tourism and business avenuesIn the on-going series of ‘Emerging Trends of 2021', take a look at how your travel habits may get assisted with technology and nature will yet come to your rescue:VIRTUAL REALITY IS BENEFICIALThe next time you make an enquiry for a trip or a vacation, chances are that Virtual Reality or Extended Reality option shall be extended to you to...

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Vive Focus Plus Adds VPN and Remote Device Management"To address the growing industry and subsequent IT challenges associated with deploying VR in the enterprise, VMware is excited to have partnered with HTC to deliver scalable management and app delivery for Vive Focus Plus, ” said SVP and GM of end-user computing at VMware, Shankar Iyer, according to TechRadar."

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Black Friday PSVR deal: save 38% on this PlayStation VR headset at WalmartTechRadar is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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Half-Life: Alyx, Boneworks Get Rare Discounts in Steam Autumn SaleThe Steam Autumn Sale is here, running today through December 1st, 2020. With it comes rare discounts on top VR games like Half-Life: Alyx and Boneworks , and heaps more popular VR titles, just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Tarzan Vr Is Wild!Based on acclaimed American fiction author Edgar Rice Burroughs' 1912 classic, Tarzan of the Apes, Tarzan VR features a variety of unique gameplay elements that range from exploration and combat, to athletics and creature interaction.

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Virtual reality helping in fire investigation, Singapore News and TopWhen lives are lost in an industrial blaze, or a home is gutted, the Fire Investigation Unit of the Singapore Civil Defence Force begins the unenviable task of piecing together what happened.

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Virtual-reality Simulation In NursingHave you seen the mannequin doll used for CPR training? If you ever had this training, you probably remember the chest compressions and that clicking sound it made.

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SideQuest Joins The Khronos Group To Push OpenXRSideQuest is now part of the Khronos Group with plans to support the industry standard OpenXR.

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Myst VR: How Cyan Worlds Is Modernizing A PC Gaming ClassicWe spoke with legendary game designer and Cyan Worlds Co-Founder Rand Miller about modernizing a PC gaming classic with Myst VR.

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Hands-on with Cybershoes for Oculus QuestAs mentioned, the first encounter with Cybershoes was a couple of years ago and honestly, the pairing with 2016’s DOOM just didn’t work due to how fast and insanely intense its particular gameplay is.

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Sony Confirms 'More PS5 Inventory' Is On The Way Before 2021According to the official PlayStation Twitter account, you may still have a chance of getting a PlayStation 5 console at a retailer this year once more PS5 inventory hits.

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VR Roulette Episode 7: Obliterating Ducks And Saving The World!It's VR Roulette time! Join us as we brave the worst SteamVR can throw at us in our weekly game show!

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Why Virtual Reality Is the Ultimate Public Relations WeaponWhen expertly harnessed, virtual reality can supercharge armies of everyday people who will rally around, vouch for and promote a brand.

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Blending VR with Live Actors for a Fresh Twist on PDThere are usually a few nervous giggles when teachers join their first classroom simulation from Mursion, a virtual reality training provider.

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Challenging The Champions: Engaging the Until You Fall CommunityIn the previous posts from our team, Project Director Dave Bennett, Design Director Patrick Jalbert, and Art Director Justin DeVore discussed topics from the early stages of Until You Fall’s the game’s identity through its pillars, refining the core of the combat, and building the beautiful, neon world of Rokar respectively.

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Unlisted Apps: Oculus Quest To Get Alternative To Store CurationNext year the Oculus Quest platform is getting unlisted apps as an alternative to the curated store.

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The Lynx R1 Mixed Reality Headset is About Ready to ShipConfigured for mixed reality, the headset can present in either virtual or augmented reality. The headset is stand-alone meaning that neither a wired nor a wireless connection to an external computer system is required for headset operation.

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Unlisted Apps: Oculus Quest To Get Alternative To Store CurationNext year the Oculus Quest platform is getting unlisted apps as an alternative to the curated store.

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Star Wars: Squadrons VR Performance Tackled In New UpdateIf you've been struggling with Star Wars: Squadrons VR performance since launch last month, this might be the update to fix things for you.

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Competition: Win a Copy of The Walking Dead: Saints and SinnersThe PC VR version of The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners became one of VRFocus’ favourites in the zombie genre: “From the very beginning,  The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners offers a satisfying zombie experience that’s hard to match.

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Cybershoes Let You Walk Around in Virtual RealityVirtual reality began with a headset to fool the wearer's vision. Next came hand-operated controllers, giving VR users some agency in the virtual world.

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Could this VR sketching tool be coming of age for designers?Oluwaseyi Sosanya, founder of Gravity Sketch, tells Design Week virtual 3D sketching is a "gateway to new abilities", so long as the industry can overcome a "cultural hurdle".

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OpenBCI Announces Brain-Computer Interface Designed Specifically for VR/AR HeadsetsOpenBCI, the neurotech company behind the eponymous open-source brain-computer interface , are making a new hardware and software platform specifically for immersive headsets.

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Gasworks Blues holds grand opening in AviWorldsGasWorks Blues, the performance club formerly based on the Alternate Metaverse grid, held its first grand opening at the GasWorks region on AviWorlds this week.

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Virtual Reality Is Creeping Into Our Lives-Why Virtual Reality Competence Is Becoming CriticalFacebook launched its stand-alone virtual reality goggles to make this new experience accessible to everyone.

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Black Friday PSA: the best VR entry point is still just $299The fact the Oculus Quest 2 doesn't need a PC is a great selling point, but the fact it CAN plug into your gaming rig is a HUGE bonus.

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Oculus Quest's new Content Distribution Path Planned for Q1 2021Oculus confirms that while: "Applications will have to meet the obligations of the Oculus Content Policy," developers submissions "won’t be held to the same technical standards as official Oculus Store Apps." So this could mean a greater influx of content, although the quality may vary far more wildly.

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Cybershoes for Quest Kickstarter Reaches Funding Goal in First DayCybershoes, the makers of a locomotion peripheral for VR headsets, launched a Kickstarter late last week for a new Quest-compatible version of the device.

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Virtual Reality in Automotive Market Size, Share and StatisticsThe global virtual reality in automotive market is expected to rise with an impressive CAGR and generate the highest revenue by 2026.

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Blow your kid's mind with the VR Universe and Bill Nye's VR Science kit for the holidaysGive your kids the gift of science with these fully immersive virtual and augmented reality science kits. Shared .

Which Startups Are Hiring For Augmented Reality Jobs?Companies building virtual workspaces, immersive concerts, and AR hardware for enterprise are all hiring for augmented reality jobs.

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Latest Sony VR Headset Patent Has Haptic Feedback and Wear SensorsThe description notes: "A sensor generates signals representing whether a computer game headset is being worn properly so that the wearer may be advised. The sensor may be a pressure sensor or motion sensor or stretch sensor on the headset, or it may be a camera that images the wearer and uses image recognition to determine if the headset is...

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Virtual Reality for Game Market in a precious meteorological CAGR by 2025Research on Virtual Reality for Game Market 2020-2025: COVID-19 on Global Virtual Reality for Game Market research report is a professional detailing of the important elements tha.

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Sony patents VR and AR headsets with wear sensors and haptic feedbackFor now the company is making the original PSVR compatible with the PS5, but is hinting that it's working on an improved experience as well. Shared .

Teaching excellence: award winner and runners-upAt the same time they have developed skills in augmented and virtual reality that are becoming increasingly important to careers in the creative industries.

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IBA 2020: Virtual reality provides 'immersive' sexual harassment trainingThe International Bar Association has teamed up with a virtual reality company to offer training about sexual harassment and bullying, as lawyers are urged to escalate acts of suspected misconduct to senior management.

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Volvo taps Finnish VR tech for vehicle simulatorSwedish automaker Volvo Cars has announced that it is using a "ground-breaking" mixed-reality simulator to make new strides in safety and autonomous driving technology.

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Virtual Reality Experience Commemorates Mayflower's 400th AnniversaryPLYMOUTH – As part of the 400th commemoration of the Pilgrims’ arrival, Plimoth Patuxet Museums has announced its partnership with United Kingdom-based virtual reality experts to create the Virtual Mayflower, a VR educational experience. Shared .

South Africa: Our Virtual Selves: IP Implications Of Virtual RealityVirtual reality has been on the rise in the past years and is a growing and dynamic area of technological advancement and development.

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How VR Technology Is Combining Best of Land-Based, Online CasinosWith the advent of virtual technology, more are turning to using online casinos as they are able to provide an experience very much like going to a land-based facility.

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Global Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Markets, 2020-2030: Market is Projected to Account for a Revenue of $1,274.4 Billion in 2030, ProgressingDublin, Nov. 25, 2020 - The "AR and VR Market Research Report: By Type , Offering , Device Type , Application - Global Industry Analysis and Growth Forecast to 2030" report has been added to offering.

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British startup launches human-like VR-controlled robotic armRecently, Extend Robotics, UK-based tech company announced the launch of its low-cost, human-like, virtual-reality -controlled robotics arm.

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British firm, Extend Robotics Ltd., launches "R:O:B:"READING, England, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Extend Robotics Ltd., a UK-based innovator in general-purpose teleoperated robotics, announces the first successful trial of its virtual reality controlled cybernetic bartender, nicknamed "R:O:B:".

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Kyler Quinn Stars in WankzVR's 'The Quinntessentials'This is Quinn's fourth appearance for WankzVR, and the first shot with their newly implemented VR camera rig, which captures in 7K.

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Top 4 Benefits of VR Training in ManufacturingIndustry 4.0 is here. New technology such as automation, block chains, IoT, machine learning, and robotics have changed factory floors.

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How is augmented reality matching staff training?Augmented and Virtual Reality Tech are actively deployed in the training room in companies around the world.

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Validation of virtual reality system based on eye-tracking technologies to support clinical assessment of glaucomaEur J Ophthalmol. 2020 Nov 24:1120672120976047. doi:. Online ahead of print.ABSTRACTAIM: The aim was to develop and implement a virtual reality tool based on eye-tracking technologies that allow to evaluate the characteristics of the gaze patterns of glaucoma patients in order to have a better understanding of the limitations that these patients...

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VR Cover finally released its Quest 2 cushion replacementVR Cover released the facial interface and cushion replacement kit for the Oculus Quest 2.

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Is the virtual reality office a post-pandemic reality?Once the preserve of gamers with deep pockets, the pandemic is giving Virtual Reality the boost it needs to go mainstream.

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StarVR is calling on simulation racers to try its ultrawide VR headsetStarVR released the StarVR One ultrawide VR headset earlier this year, but it was available for businesses only at launch.

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Oculus CTO "not winning" Facebook Debate for Android Apps on QuestOculus CTO John Carmack has said publicly that hed love to open up Oculus Quest to Android apps to boost the headsets usefulness, but admits hes not winning the debate internally at Facebook.

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PROJETO Virtual Reality real estate listing platform to become available for licensing in January 2021In Virtual Reality News November 24, 2020  Washington DC-based real estate brokerage firm Urban District Realty, LLC has today announced that it will begin licensing the use of PROJETO&. Shared .

Traders and bankers enliven home working with VRBusiness gets bored with video meetings.

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'In Death: Unchained' Free Update Will Add Ruthless Wave Defense ModeSuperbright's addicting VR rouge-lite adventure In Death: Unchained is receiving a new update this December in the form of a brand new wave defense mode that will have you mowing down a never-ending stream of unsanctified enemies, from pot belly demons and horrific Abominations to deadly Monks and merciless Temple Knights.

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Oculus Quest Official Non-store App Distribution is Coming in Q1 2021Facebook announced back in June that it planned to offer developers a way to distribute Oculus Quest apps outside of the official, curated, Quest store.

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Suited avatars and digital offices: Traders and bankers embrace VROnce the preserve of gamers, virtual reality has been seized on by the financial sector as a way of enlivening home working for lonely traders or isolated executives and replicating real-world sales, networking or training events.

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Merge Cube AR Teaching Tools Coming To Instagram And FacebookShare TweetMerge Labs brings its AR-enabled educational cube to social media. When Merge Labs launched their Merge Cube in 2017, the device instantly changed how people could access AR experiences.

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The Best Oculus Rift GamesThe Oculus Rift brought back virtual reality and put a modern twist on it. Jump into the fun and take a look at the best Oculus Rift games available right now.

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The Best Oculus Quest GamesThe Oculus Quest offers a fantastic virtual reality experience without the need for a gaming PC.

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In Death: Unchained's 'Siege of Heaven' DLC Descends in December"It's a fully-featured game-within-a-game, with shorter more "snackable" session times, where players can focus on having fun shooting for 15 minutes, from a safe stationary position, enjoy the game's beautiful visuals and arguably VR's best archery mechanics," says Superbright's CEO Wojtek Podgórski in a statement.

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Inside Covid19Inside COVID19 follows Dr. Josiah Child, an emergency department director and physician, as he readies his staff in five different hospitals to respond to the impending pandemic.

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BMW and Epic Games: A Match Made in Virtual RealityFor decades, gamers have been virtually driving and racing cars across generations of gaming consoles and video cards for computers.

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Waltz of the Wizard Studio Halts PlayStation VR Updates Until Sony Reveals 'What's Next'In response to the recent PlayStation Mega Pack announcement, Aldin Dynamics' CEO Hrafn Thorisson remarked that Sony has been very tight-lipped regarding where it's going to take PlayStation VR next and that until the company does Waltz of the Wizard won't be getting any further updates for the platform.

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In 'Ready Player Two,' Author Ernest Cline Goes Further Into The Virtual WorldThe first book in the series, "Ready Player One," became a hit film directed by Steven Spielberg.

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Waltz of the Wizard Studio Halts PlayStation VR Updates Until Sony Reveals 'What's Next'In response to the recent PlayStation Mega Pack announcement, Aldin Dynamics' CEO Hrafn Thorisson remarked that Sony has been very tight-lipped regarding where it's going to take PlayStation VR next and that until the company does Waltz of the Wizard won't be getting any further updates for the platform.

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How You Can Now Use VR To Date Online In A Lockdown WorldWith so many people currently in lockdown, dating isnt easy, so here's how you can use VR to help you date in these difficult times.

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'Espire 1: VR Operative' Earned $3M in Revenue in First YearThe Daily Roundup is our comprehensive coverage of the VR industry wrapped up into one daily email, delivered directly to your inbox.

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Bridgewater police 'light-years ahead' with new virtual reality training"We're really going to be light-years ahead of everybody," Mayor Matt Moench said at Monday's township council meeting.

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Have a Casual Christmas With Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale's Festive Update"Our players have had great fun whipping up meals in a frenzy with their friends to feed a hungry forest - but we've also heard the demand for a more relaxed, slower-paced mode that could help introduce friends and younger players to Cook-Out for the first time," said the videogame's producer, Gustav Stenmark in a statement.

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Maskmaker VR Will Be A Bigger Game Than A Fisherman's TaleWe caught up with InnerspaceVR to talk about its upcoming VR game, Maskmaker, as it heads towards release in 2021.

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Using virtual reality to better understand auditory perceptionIn the new priority program AUDICTIVE funded by the German Research Foundation, experts from Oldenburg, Germany, want to use virtual reality to better understand complex auditory processes.

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Dreamcam Presents LiveThanksgiving Live Adult VR Show on 26th NovemberDreamcam Presents LiveThanksgiving Live Adult VR Show on 26th November Hot on the heels of their successful 4-way Halloween sex party, innovators in VR adult enterntainment Dreamcam are once again teaming up with the popular Sex Like Real, the leading platform for interactive VR videos and Stripchat, livecam platform for adults, to host a special.

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Virtual reality helping hospitals respond to COVID-19Two local universities are teaming up and using virtual reality to help hospitals deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

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VR confirms core target at Reveille high grade silver property in Nevada, stakes more ground and commences follow-up field program TSX Venture ExchangVANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 24, 2020 - VR Resources Ltd. , the "Company", or "VR", is pleased...

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Cybershoes could solve the problem of walking around in VROne of the issues with VR gaming is that it's usually set on a scale that's bigger than your living room - so you have to stay in a very small part of the world or "teleport" around.

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Rinlo, Paper Beast and More Win Raindance Immersive AwardsThis year's event was held across HTC's Viveport and VRChat, with the latter also playing host to the digital awards ceremony, just like the VR Awards, Venice VR Expanded and other events.

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Jenson8 And SMCOVEY Team Up To Make Learning With Virtual Reality Easily AccessibleGoing beyond digital to immersive and experientialSMCOVEY and Jenson8 have entered into a partnership to bring content from the market's top intellectual property creators to life using Jenson8's Apollo virtual reality platform.

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Will Virtual Reality Fade Away in 2021?Find out more about the struggles posed to virtual reality in the new era of gaming, and whether or not 2021 will be a landmark year for the tech.

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Advanced VR Real Estate Tool Available for License in 2021WASHINGTON, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Â DC based real estate brokerage firm Urban District Realty, LLC announced that they will begin licensing use of PROJETO, their virtual reality real estate listing system, to real estate firms throughout the country starting in January of 2021. Shared .

Is the VR office a post-pandemic reality?Once the preserve of gamers with deep pockets, the pandemic is giving virtual reality the boost it needs to go mainstream.

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Eight Trends Amplified By COVID-19I just finished another book and added it to my Library. Pandemic, Inc. explores eight trends that are amplified by the current pandemic.

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What you need to know about Unity's XR Toolkit and its new input systemAre you confused by the new input system for Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit? I was too when I first saw it, especially as I’d mainly been using Unity for solely VR and AR purposes.

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The Free Asgard's Wrath Offer Extended to all Oculus Quest 2 OwnersIn a tweet from Oculus support the company confirms that the promotion has been opened up to those customers who either pre-ordered or bought an Oculus Quest between 16th Sept to 20 November 2020, covering all current owners.

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Pocket Memory, the Corporation Specializing in Creating VR Content, Introduces the Virtual Fashion Lifestyle Mobile app "P.Cle"Pocket Memory, the Korean corporation specializing in the creation of VR content, released its new mobile app "P.Cle" on November, 2020 via...

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The Wander app is a nostalgic Wayback Machine for VRHoliday travel isn't advisable this year, but there are different rules in VR.

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Best VR-Ready Laptops Capable Of Handling Virtual Reality HeadsetsIt takes only a VR-ready laptop to be able to handle virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift S and the HTC Vive Cosmos.

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Desperados and Elrow recreate German nightclub for VR experienceSpanish painter Okuda San Miguel has designed the virtual decor, which features a combination of bright colours and geometric shapes.

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Japanese softball team using virtual reality in attempt to defend Olympic title in 2021VR enabling Japan to stay sharp with little live competition during coronavirus pandemic and focus on denying United States the throne.

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Finance sector embraces VR to make remote working more interestingReuters) — Once the preserve of gamers, virtual reality has been seized on by the financial sector as a way of enlivening home working for lonely traders or isolated executives and replicating real-world sales, networking, or training events.

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Global Healthcare Augmented and Virtual Reality Market Size-Share Analysis and System ProductionThe report segregated into diverse sections to simplify the comprehension of the included data and thus, market dynamics.

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FOVE Launches v1.0 of Its VR Platform With Major New Eye Tracking FeaturesThe major software update will unlock the full potential of FOVE0*, the worlds first eye-tracking VR HMD.

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Holly Hendrix Returns to WankzVR With 'Who Framed Holly Hendrix'Holly Hendrix Returns to WankzVR With Who Framed Holly Hendrix Holly Hendrix returns to porn studio WankzVR for the third time with "Who Framed Holly Hendrix." Best VR Porn Studios in 2020 Most Popular Virtual Sex Games Adult VR Industry Guide Top Guide for Sex Toys for VR Headset "Since late September, new releases at"

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Virtual Reality Software Market Segmented by Product, Top Manufacturers, Geography Trends and Forecasts to 2026Market Study Report, LLC adds latest research report on ' Virtual Reality Software Market', which delivers a comprehensive study on current industry trends. Shared .

Suited avatars and digital offices: Traders and bankers embrace virtual realityOnce the preserve of gamers, virtual reality has been seized on by the financial sector as a way of enlivening home working for lonely traders or isolated executives and replicating real-world sales, networking or training events.

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Suited avatars and digital offices: traders and bankers embrace VROnce the preserve of gamers, virtual reality has been seized on by the financial sector as a way of enlivening home working for lonely traders or isolated executives and replicating real-world sales, networking or training events.

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Freedom of art: museums using VR-technologyLooking for the most modern museums that are using VR-technologies? Find out the freshest list right here in this post.

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Suited avatars and digital offices: traders and bankers embrace VROnce the preserve of gamers, virtual reality has been seized on by the financial sector as a way of enlivening home working for lonely traders or isolated executives and replicating real-world sales, networking or training events.

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Advantages of Augmented Reality for BusinessAR will change the form of a comprehensive trade. Also read: Virtual reality App Development Company In the next few years, users will be able to try clothes without actually wearing them or to check whether the furniture matches the interior.

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Royal Opera House to Present Virtual Reality Work 'Current, Rising'The Royal Opera House is set to present "Current, Rising," described as a hyper-reality opera which comes in collaboration between ROH's Audience Labs, Figment Productions, and Royal Holloway, University of London.

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VMware, MobileIron in VR partnership with HTC ViveHTC Vive, the virtual reality hardware and software vendor, has unveiled a partnership with VMware and MobileIron for device management solutions and VPN capabilities.

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963: "Inside COVID-19″: A Doctor's Personal Battle with the Virus + Immersive Medical VisualizationsInside COVID-19 is a new 360 video series that premiered on Oculus TV on Friday, November 20, 2020, and it features Dr. Josiah Child who.

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Cybershoes Kickstarter campaign for its VR walking and running device surpasses EUR €30,000 goal in first dayIn Virtual Reality News November 23, 2020  Cybershoes, creators of an accessory for walking and running in virtual reality. Shared .

Google's The Mandalorian AR Experience Lets You Kick It With Virtual MandoIt's hard to believe we're already halfway through Season 2 of The Mandalorian. Disney's modern space western has proven to be one of the best, if not the best, episodic series set within the Star Wars universe , offering a fresh look at the franchise while simultaneously introducing immensely popular characters such as bounty hunter Din Djarin...

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Waltz of the Wizard VR Studio Pauses PSVR Updates Until Sony Addresses PS5 RoadmapVeteran VR developer Aldin Dynamics, the studio behind Waltz of the Wizard, says it is pausing development on PSVR titles until Sony clarifies plans for the future of VR on PS5.

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Top Oculus, HTC Vive, PS VR and More VR Headset Savings Identified by Consumer WalkBlack Friday deals experts are comparing all the best VR deals for Black Friday 2020, featuring discounts on top-rated virtual reality headsets.

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Swords Of Gurrah Is Like Halo Deathmatch& In VRDevster's Swords of Gurrah may favor blades over bullets, but there's something about its deathmatch carnage that feels distinctly Halo.

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Ep.167Release Date:* 14 November 2020 on.

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This VR headset even comes with a built-in VPNHTC's all-in-one business VR headset has been updated with a host of new capabilities to address operational and security concerns.

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Oculus Quest 2 Black Friday Stock Check and Where to BuyThe Daily Roundup is our comprehensive coverage of the VR industry wrapped up into one daily email, delivered directly to your inbox.

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38: Quest 2 90Hz Update, KAT Loco S, Reverb G2 BackorderKyle, and for the first time Heaney, discuss gifting, Quest 2's big 90Hz update, hip trackers, Reverb G2 production, and muse about VR development.

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Star Wars' New VR Game Wanted to Build on Galaxy's Edge, Not Just Recreate ItSince Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge only exists in two places on our planet, one might expect a VR experience based on it would just copy them, and give fans who can't get to Disneyland or Walt Disney World a chance to visit Batuu right from the comfort of home.

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Star Wars VR Interview: Tales From Galaxy's Edge Expands Theme ParkIo9 spoke to the folks behind Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy's Edge by ILMxLab to find out how the VR game expands Disney's theme park land's Batuu story.

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Grab 'Half-Life: Alyx' Free With HTC Vive's Black Friday SalesShare TweetSave big on the latest HTC VR hardware with these sweet holiday deals. Tis the season to be spending and what better gift to give a loved one than the magic of VR?

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Snoop Dogg Goes Beyond the Bottle in New Augmented Reality Experience for 19 Crimes' Snoop Cali Red"Ask the Doggfather" hologram allows users to pose any question to the legendary hip-hop artist and actually get an answer New York, NY, November 20, 2020 - Following the wildly successful augmented reality wine label experience for the launch of Snoop Cali Red, 19 Crimes is proud to announce its newest iteration, “Ask the Doggfather,...

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You can now experience Leitrim waterfalls in Virtual RealityDo you want to sit at Glencar Waterfall, dip your toes at Pol an Eas and hear the roar of the water at Fowley's Falls but can't visit the country, the county or move outside of your 5km?

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New PlayStation VR Mega Pack Includes 5 Games and Camera AdaptorSIE says the PlayStation VR Mega Pack will be launching in Europe, Australia and New Zealand this month.

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Wilde Collective is taking interior design into the future with virtual realityFounder of interior company Wilde Collective, Sheena Wilden combines virtual reality and interior design.

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Ven VR Adventure Confirmed for Oculus Quest, Rift Launch in December,Ven VR Adventure will be released on Oculus Store for Oculus Rift on 17th December 2020 but there's been no update on the Steam or PlayStation VR version just yet.

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Ven VR AdventureMonologic Games has confirmed Ven VR Adventure is coming to Oculus Rift on 17th December 2020 with native Oculus Quest support slated for Q1/Q2 like and comment on this video and subscribe to VRFocus for more virtual reality related videos.

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Machine Vision in AR and VRMachine vision technology is making an entrance into the augmented reality and virtual reality markets.

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New PSVR Mega Pack for EU, Australia and New Zealand to Come with 5 Top Titles, PS5 Camera AdapterSony today announced a new PSVR Mega Pack hardware bundle for 2020, launching this month across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Jenson8 And SMCOVEY Team Up To Make Learning With Virtual Reality Easily AccessiblePROVO, Utah and LONDON, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - SMCOVEY and Jenson8 have entered into a partnership to bring content from the market's top intellectual property creators to life using Jenson8's Apollo virtual reality platform.

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What Does the Future Hold for AR and VR in Healthcare?Therapeutic and educational, the visual aids are primed to play a central role in more aspects of care delivery.

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Co-op Melee Adventure 'Swords of Gargantua' for PSVR Gets December Release DateSwords of Gargantua , the VR sword-fighting action game from Thirdverse previously launched on SteamVR headsets and Oculus Quest, is finally making its way to PSVR.

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PlayStation VR Version of Swords of Gargantua Confirmed for DecemberOffering both single-player and online co-op for a maximum of four players, Swords of Gargantua provides a wide variety of weapons to master such as one and two-handed swords, axes, maces, boomerangs and shields.

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Swords of GargantuaThe multiplayer sword fighting experience is coming to PlayStation VR on 8th December like and comment on this video and subscribe to VRFocus for more virtual reality related videos.

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PlayStation VR Version of Swords of Gargantua Confirmed for DecemberOffering both single-player and online co-op for a maximum of four players, Swords of Gargantua provides a wide variety of weapons to master such as one and two-handed swords, axes, maces, boomerangs and shields.

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Sony Launches PSVR Mega Pack 2020 With PS5 AdaptorYet another PSVR Mega Pack is on the way this month, now including the PS5 adaptor and swapping out some games.

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PS VR Mega Pack, including 5 amazing games, launches this month across Europe, Australia and New ZealandIncludes Blood and Truth, Moss, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Everybody’s Golf VR and VR Worlds.

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Augmented Reality For Remote Worker Training And CollaborationA deep dive into the current state of augmented reality for remote worker training market by Lorne Fade, co-founder of the immersive technology startup VR Vision.

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Quash Squashed the Competition at the Game Development World Championship Virtual Reality Games Weekly Vote!Quash by Team Quash, French devs team built around VR arcade game Quash, has won the weekly voting on Game Development World Championship Fan Favourite category for the VR Games Week.

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HTC Vive's Black Friday Deals Have Begun, Discounts and Half-Life: Alyx FreeIn addition to the monetary savings, customers purchasing either of the Cosmos Elite deals will get a free copy of the award-winning Half-Life: Alyx for free.

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Learn how to build VR environments and make your career future proofWith the dawn of modernization and digitization over the last few years, the entire world is moving towards a future that is and will witness massive leaps being taken in the field of technology and computers.

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Interactive Augmented Reality Tours coming to Mississauga through RIC Centre Community Collaboration with ImagineARtmVANCOUVER, BC and ERIE, Pa., Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Â ImagineARÂ Â an Augmented Reality Company that enables sports teams, brands and businesses to instantly create their own mobile phone AR campaigns, Â is excited the RIC Centre is announcing their first Digital Main Street Community Collaboration Project, delivering augmented reality...

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Just A Few Minutes Of VR Motion Data Can ID You According To New ResearchVirtual reality is quickly becoming a disruptive technology, and its adoption is surely being accelerated by enforced lockdown and work-from-home mandates.

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Bye-bye Rift! Oculus Goes All-in On The QuestIt's the end of an era for VR. To be sure, it was a pretty short era, lasting just over half a decade, but it was an important one.

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It's Time To Get Your PS5 PSVR AdapterIf you're a current PSVR owner, the good news is that your PSVR hardware and software is compatible with the new PlayStation 5 console.

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Is Facebook Killing Oculus With Its Decisions?When Facebook bought Oculus, we all knew that there would be some downsides to the deal.

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New VR test to assess a person's vulnerability to stressBehavioral scientists at EPFL have developed a virtual reality test that assesses a person's vulnerability to stress while exploring immersive environments.

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CyberPunk 360 Porn by VRBangersSif Blvck and Sindal Xie Are Waiting for You in The Futuristic World of 8K Ultra-high Definition in a VR Porn Parody of the Latest Cyberpunk Game!

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The Best VR GamesWhether you own a PlayStation VR, and Oculus Rift, or an HTC Vive, you have many different choices when it comes to games.

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Goggle augmented reality reconnaissanceGoggle uses a heads-up display that overlays augmented reality to show weapons sights, compass headings, situational awareness, and night vision.

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Top HTC Vive Pro, Cosmos and Cosmos Elite Deals Rounded Up by Consumer WalkBlack Friday HTC Vive deals for 2020 are underway, find all the best Black Friday HTC Vive VR headset savings below Here's a summary of all the top HTC...

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Why and How Virtual Reality is growing?Virtual Reality has witnessed a significant growth in 2019. This technology has the potential to change our lives, the way we socialize and the way we work.

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Sony Hints at PlayStation VR 2 on PS5Sony made a big push for VR during the previous console era, but the company has been notably quiet about the future of the technology on PlayStation 5.

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How to Sideload to Watch Porn on Oculus QuestAlthough the Oculus Quest was originally designed as an all-in-one VR headset designed for VR gaming experiences, it just so happens that it works great for VR porn movies.

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What You Need to Know to Watch Porn on PS5With Sony's PlayStation 5 rolling out across the world, here's everything you need to know about vr on this next-gen console from day one.

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'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' Adds AR, Infuriates PlayerbaseNintendo has introduced a new update to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, a mobile spinoff to the companies beloved social simulator, adding two new augmented reality modes that bring the Animal Crossing world to life in the real world.

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AR and VR presents huge potential for construction industry, but businesses slow to adoptAccording to GlobalData, the construction industry is slowly shifting from years of the wait-and-watch stance to adopting digital technologies to improve the overall project lifecycle from conceptual design to construction.

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PSVR Brought Virtual Reality To The MassesVirtual reality has become much easier to jump into these days. Headsets are becoming cheaper and cheaper and some, like the Quest 2, don't even need a powerful PC.

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This thing is still here!Hey everyone! I know its been a while, but apparently Ive been missing writing large blocks of text about games, so here I am!

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The VR Job Hub: Gearbox Software, Framestore and Condense RealityIf you are an employer looking for someone to fill an immersive technology related role – regardless of the industry – don’t forget you can send us the lowdown on the position and we’ll be sure to feature it in that following week’s feature.

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When I Think About What I Am Most Grateful For&You are at the very top of my list. I am not entirely certain, if I will be able to blog before Thanksgiving.

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Assassin's Creed "Discovery Tours" may well be the best digital tools for education ever madeMy take on Assassins Creed: Discovery Tours, the educational platforms that bring history to life in a way never experienced before.

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Up Late Testing More Games In The HP Reverb G2 LiveUp Late again on a Saturday night and testing more games in my G2 so I thought I would turn on the camera and let you all tag along as I used on this channel.

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Destiny Cruz Enjoys 'Dick of Destiny' for WankzVRBest VR Porn Studios in 2020 Most Popular Virtual Sex Games Adult VR Industry Guide Top Guide for Sex Toys for VR Headset As the action opens, the adorable Destiny has only.

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Best VR Live-Cam Girl Service Overview in 2020Top Live-Cam Models Service and Websies Steaming in Virtual Reality Overview in 2020 Adult live-Cam streaming such as Camcontacts, Chaturbate, Streamate, DXLive, Camsoda, Cam4, SexyAsianCams, Camversity and many other live-webcam sites are among some of the most popular and most visited adult entertainment sites.

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Ashley Lane Enters 'Life in the Splash Lane' for WankzVRAs the action opens, "Ashley is a hard-working student and after a long study session, she's looking for some one-on-one time in her dorm room."

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Leaders at G-20 meeting face dose of virtual reality, Middle EastMiddle East News - Here are five things to know about the summit. Read more at

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Eerily Beautiful: Synthetic Environments for Constructivist LearningThe Evolution of Constructivist Learning Environments: Immersion in Distributed, Virtual Worlds.

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Virtual reality: Zoom meetings causing an upsurge in cosmetic surgeriesVirtual meetings have led to an increasing number of people getting anxious about their looks and appearance.

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Virtually Speaking, The Future Is Built On Present Day ChallengesTechnology. So much, so little. As an educator, I want all the resources I need to teach available to me.

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Inside 'Battle Sister': Warhammer 40K's First Original VR GameWe sat down with developer Pixel Toys to get the details on this gruesome VR shooter.

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Legendary Bootshaus Nightclub Replicated In VR, Will Host Events Beginning Next WeekThough the club's main room and outdoor area have been designed to match the iconic location, fans will have the opportunity to experience the environment under the lens of Okuda San Miguel, whose work adds a colorful, surrealist flare to the landscape, allowing everyone to experience the club like never before. - The Latest Electronic Dance Music News, Reviews & Shared .

Unreleased SEGA VR game now playable on modern headsetsThe game itself is perhaps crude by today's standards, but it's easy to see this 2D FPS game being mind-blowing back in 1994.

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Sega's canceled VR project from the '90s gets revived by historiansThe unreleased 1994 game 'Nuclear Rush' is playable.

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Leaders at G20 meeting face dose of virtual reality: 5 things to knowThe virtual 'gathering' of the Group of 20 rich nations seeks to tackle the novel coronavirus pandemic and the faltering global economy.

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Oculus is Setting a Bad Precedent For Its Customers with Quest 2's Free GiveawayOculus is currently running a promotion where if you purchase a Quest 2 device between 20th of November to January 31, you can get the highly acclaimed Asgard's Wrath for free on the Oculus store.

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Leaders at G20 meeting face dose of virtual realitySaudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz gives an address opening the G20 summit online due to the coronavirus pandemic, with US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin among the leaders shown listening FAYEZ NURELDINE AFP.

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InXile's Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds releases next monthJust ahead of the release of Wasteland 3, InXile revealed that they've been quietly working on a VR shooter.

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What shapes our politics  its more subliminal than I imagined!Street protest, demonstrations, and petitions might secure headlines and TV coverage but they are just the window dressing of our democracy.

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Volvo Creates 'Ultimate Driving Simulator' With Virtual RealityVolvo Cars talked about a unique mixed reality system that allows you to test the latest automotive technologies, especially safety equipment, in a virtual space - without the need to create any physical prototypes or build complex scenarios.

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HP Reverb G2Our VR equipment kit and tips here → ► Subscribe here → stream we did the same thing in our green screen area with the green screen covered as much as possible.

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Interactive VR added to the arsenal for drug design to fight COVID-19Researchers from Bristol University's School of Chemistry have shown that an interactive virtual reality technique is a ‘useful and effective' tool for developing drugs to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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Parallel worldsHes making few public appearances but the pixels of his Twitter feed continued to live in a world of alternative reality, echoed the Washington Post this week about Trump.

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Playing Star Wars Squadrons In The HP Reverb G2 Is AMAZING!The HOTAS is working much better now and the flight is nice and smooth. I am just playing the story mode and most likely wont be checking chat much and will try to keep my comments to a minimum for this one...

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Joanna Angel Stars in 'Touched by an Angel' for MILF VRBest VR Porn Studios in 2020 Most Popular Virtual Sex Games Adult VR Industry Guide Top Guide for Sex Toys for VR Headset.

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MENA Founders Stories: Augmented RealityThe Digital Arabia Network and the “Deutsch-Algerischer Verein für Akademiker und Studierender” are pleased to invite you to explore together with our speakers the different use cases of AR/VR/XR technology across the economic and cultural spheres and their impact and opportunities for the MENA region.

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Kat VR is about to release a new version of its VR locomotion sensorsKat VR is accepting pre-orders for its new Loco S locomotion tracking sensors. The system lets you walk in place to move in-game.

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The Best HTC Vive Games for 2020Here are the best HTC Vive games, paid and free including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, Rec Room, Fallout 4 VR, Doom VFR, and more.

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The Best VR Black Friday Deals 2020: Best Early PS VR, Oculus and HTC VIVE Sales Monitored by The Consumer PostSave on VR headsets from Oculus, S VR, and HTC Vive at - click the link for live prices on best-selling VR headsets like the Oculus Quest, Vive Cosmos, and Playstation VR.

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Olleyes partners with Pico to offer Virtual Reality solutions for portable eye disease diagnosis and monitoringIn Virtual Reality News November 20, 2020  Olleyes, a medical device company developing portable and home-based diagnostic products for eye care, has this week announced that it is now providing at&. Shared .

Facebook's Quest 2 Shows the Promise of Virtual RealitySix years after Facebook paid $2 billion for virtual reality firm Oculus, the deal may be starting to pay off.

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My Summer CarWelcome to my Livestream lets play : My Summer Car today im installing racing parts for my Interview with Game Hard the stream: Store is Open.

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Experts Believe 5G Might Take Off Due to the PandemicA new report looks at how the Covid-19 has shaped expectations for 5G.

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Virtual Desktop Update Improves Latency, Adds 3 EnvironmentsVirtual Desktop's BIG new update adds an animated Modern Apartment background environment, reduces VR streaming latency, and more.

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One-of-a-kind virtual training center keeps base reality-ready > Robins Air Force Base > Article DisplayA new and unique virtual training facility at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, is keeping the 78th Security Forces Squadron ready and more lethal during the COVID-19 pandemic.,.

Robins Air Force Base Shared .

JVC Reveals Enterprise XR Headset with 120-degree FOV and 2.5K Resolution Per EyeJVCKenwood is testing the XR waters with a new headset for enterprise users which boasts a wide field of view and 2.5k per-eye resolution.

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Ryte: The Eye Of Atlantis Releases December 8 For PC VRRyte: The Eye of Atlantis will release December 8 for PC VR on Steam and the Oculus Store.

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Get Moving With the new KAT Loco S Locomotion SystemOnly weighting in at 35g/1.23oz each, the pucks feature Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connectivity, a signal range of three meters and a 370mAh battery which KAT VR claims is good for seven hours of continual use and 50 days on standby.

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'Bigscreen VR' To Host Live Q&A With Ready Player One Author Ernest ClineWith the release of Ready Player Two-the highly-anticipated sequel to the 2011 science-fiction novel Ready Player One-just around the corner, social VR platform and VR theater experience Bigscreen VR today announced that it will be conducting a first-of-its-kind VR interview featuring series creator Ernest Cline.

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Tarzan VR Hands-On: Messy But Amusing Time As King Of The JungleWe've gone hands-on with the first episode of Tarzan VR - here are our impressions after spending some time swinging around as the King of the Jungle.

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Dorna Adds VR, AR Graphics to MotoGP With Viz ArenaBERGEN, Norway—Dorna, the commercial and TV rights holder of MotoGP, is using Vizrt's Viz Arena software to enhance coverage of live broadcasts with virtual and augmented reality graphics, Vizrt said.

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Lost "Sega VR" game unearthed, made playable on modern VR headsetsThanks to VGHF, we can finally see how the Sega Genesis would have handled VR.

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Volvo mixes VR and haptic feedback for high-level simulationVolvo Cars is deploying a mixed-reality driver-in-the-loop simulator for development of its safety and autonomous driving technologies.

Automotive Testing Technology International Shared .

Ernest Cline to Hold Ready Player Two Q&A in Bigscreen Next MonthNext week sees the release of Ernest Cline's Ready Player Two sequel, continuing the story that captured imaginations in 2011, whilst spawning a Steven Spielberg movie adaption.

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Wolves in the WallsHelp her discover what's hiding inside the walls of her house in this ~40 minute interactive fable based on the book by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean.

Oculus Shared .

Sega's unreleased virtual reality headset has been resurrectedNintendo rolled out the Super FX coprocessor to boost graphics capabilities in select Super Nintendo games and even worked with Sony on an unreleased prototype console that would ultimately become the PlayStation.

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Buy Oculus Quest 2 and Get Asgard's Wrath for FreeAs a PC VR title, you'll obviously need a decent computer to run Asgard's Wrath as well as a compatible USB-C cable.

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A­A­A­A­A­VIVE Focus Plus Gains Major Enhancements For Premium Enterprise VRHTC VIVE, the leader in premium virtual reality , announced today a host of new and enhanced capabilities available now for the VIVE Focus...

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Transfr Secures $12M Series A Financing to Scale Immersive VR Job Training PlatformWith record high unemployment, its becoming even more important to provide a path for jobseekers to learn new skills fast and retain them more easily.

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Mike Breymann  Visual Effects Artist, Software Developer, FreelancerMike Breymann discusses creativity and story telling from a visual arts perspective.

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How Video Game Historians Resurrected Sega's Lost VR HeadsetIn 1993, the console maker's big plans for virtual reality fizzled. Now a team of preservationists is using emulation to bring them back.

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Ryte: The Eye of Atlantis Gameplay Trailer Reveals December Launch Date"Our team spent countless hours researching the work of scientists and ancient Greek philosophers in order to craft an exciting yet believable version of Atlantis," said Clovis Rossillon, President of Orichalcum Pictures in a statement.

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AMONG US 360Among Us 360 Video VR What if Henry Stickmin is the Imposter?

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Vancouver opera company brings audience in with virtual reality performance of OrpheusThe avatars sing arias, the user decides how the story unfolds, and the music morphs along with it.

The Globe And Mail Shared .

Facebook Aims Big in Its Recent Projects for Boosting AR-VR MarketIn a September live event, Facebook had announced Ray-Ban smart glasses for 2021, Project Aria glasses for its employees for AR research and Oculus 2 VR headset.

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Oculus Gives Away 'Asgard's Wrath' to New Quest 2 Users Starting TodayOculus Quest 2 is way too new for any real hardware discounts this holiday, it seems.

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Tales from the Galaxy's Edge Virtual Reality Game Available Now!Discover more about how you can explore Batuu virtually from the comfort of your own home!

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The best Sony PlayStation VR Black Friday dealsSony's PlayStation VR will immerse you even deeper into games. Don't miss these Black Friday deals.

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TAITRA Launches VR/AR Exhibition on to Help Domestic Eyewear Industry Seize Global Business, Taiwan's largest trade portal, has set up the "Taiwantrade Optical Zone to facilitate the eyewear industry's deployment of cross-border e-commerce."

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Samsung sets up its seventh AR-VR lab in IIT-JodhpurThe curriculum will include Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, with special emphasis on touch, haptics, taste, smell, robotic interfaces, telepresence and brain-machine interfaces.

The Hindu Shared .

LPAC put on alternative Christmas show in Lincoln city centreThe show, called A Distant Christmas, will use live performance alongside a VR experience on your phone.

The Lincolnite Shared .

Groove Science Studios Makes World Debut of VR Concert TechnologyGroove Science Studios Makes World Debut of VR Concert Technology Groove Science Studios is excited to announce the world debut of Artist Link, the start of a new era for musicians globally, unlocking the ability to easily tour from home and delivering state-of-the-art virtual reality production to audiences worldwide.

Virtual Reality Reporter Shared .

Co-op launches Augmented Reality experience for annual Payout driveKin + Carta Connect has helped the Co-op take its annual Payout drive drive online.

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HTC cooperates with university to train VR talentHTC has signed an MoU with National Dong Hwa University in eastern Taiwan for setting up a VR talent cultivation center.


Jacking Into The MatrixTonight I am gonna try to go deeper down the immersion rabbit hole than I have ever been before and try some real Ready Player One stuff....

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SteamVR 1.15 Fixes Half-Life: Alyx Bindings on Reverb G2, Adds Index Mic FeedbackValve released an update to SteamVR today, version 1.15, which is the culmination of the last several weeks of smaller beta updates.

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