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A selection of the latest VR news and blog posts.

Nintendo VR announcement rumoured to arrive this year If true, a big question is how the Nintendo Switch will be able to handle VR as an underpowered machine next to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One - especially against the drops in price for their VR headsets. This wouldn't be Nintendo's first attempt at VR, however, having dabbled with the release of the Virtual Boy way back in 1995.

Five Nights at Freddy's VR will let players repair the animatronics I think I probably would. As ambivalent as I often am about the series, I could see the killer animatronic house of horrors concept really coming into its own with the heightened immersion and sense of place that virtual reality brings to the table. We've had vague-ish notions of a Five Nights VR project for a bit now.

Report: Nintendo Switch Will Add VR Support This Year It looks like the Nintendo Switch may potentially be expanding to virtual-reality sometime this year.

Virtual reality puts UC Irvine medical students in the body of a patient UC Irvine medical students are using virtual reality to learn empathy for suffering patients.

Eden Tomorrow Review: Welcome To A Jurassic Slog In our Eden Tomorrow review we take a look at a game with good intentions and some imaginative design that succumbs to its far less inspired components.

Meet the Innovators: Veena Somareddy, Neuro Rehab VR Somareddy wants to help people who have had strokes or traumatic brain injuries overcome their limitations with engaging, fun, and motivating VR/AR therapy exercises.

QuiVr Vanguard Confirmed For Oculus Quest With Go Multiplayer Multiplayer archery game QuiVr Vanguard is coming to Oculus Quest and multiplayer is possible with players on Oculus Go. The game's description on the Go store page says the title will be compatible with both headsets and allow cross-play once Quest releases.

BBC Teases 12-Minute Doctor Who VR Animated Short The Doctor returns to virtual reality with an original interactive short film. With the twelfth season of Doctor Who scheduled to arrive in 2020, fans of the long-running BBC series have at the very least a 10-month void to fill before they're blessed with more time-skipping adventures from the thirteenth Doctor and her Companions.

Oculus To Host Pre-GDC Event Featuring Unannounced Quest Demos GDC is just a month away and Oculus is gearing up for its pre-GDC event to show off some Rift games and unannounced Quest titles.

Doctor Who: The Runaway Is An Animated VR Adventure Coming Soon Doctor Who fans will soon get to join an animated Doctor in a virtual reality TARDIS. The official description for the project says you get a chance to "be the Doctor's champion" as you face a "deadly threat." So, a standard Doctor Who adventure. Here's our first look at the animated version:.

Wisconsin Company Uses Virtual Reality To Transform How You See Global Natural Wonders Downtown Delafield has a quintessential, cute small-town feel to it. Coffee shops, restaurants, craft shops, all not far from a picturesque lake.

Young Streamer Gets Generous Donation for VR Headset This generosity clearly overcame the young Twitch streamer, who was moved to tears by the donation, which came from a viewer known as binarypower. This viewer's motives are unknown at this time, but it seems like a random act of human kindness, which is good to see coming from the sometimes toxic gaming community.

Walmart Brings Tricked Out 'How to Train Your Dragon' VR Experience to Select Stores Walmart is continuing its onward journey to think outside of the big-box with the help of VR, this time bringing 50-foot tractor-trailers to their megalithic parking lots across the US to let shoppers go head-first into a VR experience for DreamWorks Animation's upcoming film, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

A 'Five Nights at Freddy's' VR Game Has Been Rated For PSVR It's been long believed that cult kid-friendly horror game series Five Nights at Freddy's would make the jump to PlayStation, and it now looks like it will soon, but not exactly in the normal sense. A game titled Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted has been rated by the ESRB for PlayStation 4.

'Doctor Who' Virtual Reality Experience to Land on VR Headsets Soon The BBC today announced that Doctor Who is getting a VR interactive experience, slated to release on VR headsets sometime this year. Dubbed Doctor Who: The Runaway, fans will get a chance to step into the TARDIS and join the Thirteenth Doctor in virtual reality.

5 VR Games Considerate of People with Disabilities We all play video games for various reasons, a common noticeable theme being our desire for escapism. Let's face it, the monotonous, repetitive tasks we face on a daily basis can get tiresome. Enter Virtual Reality.

IFly unveils new VR paragliding experience A NEW virtual reality experience has come to Basingstoke and is the only one in the south of the country. Paraflight VR is the latest addition at the iFly centre in Basingstoke Leisure Park and gives the user a dynamic experience of gliding through mountain tops.

Kellogg sees 18% sales bump through pilot for VR merchandising tool Marketing news, voices and jobs for industry professionals. Optimized for your mobile phone.

Apex Legends' Launch Increased Apex Construct's Steam Views 4000% Juliusson noted that the team expects to see a lot of refunds in the next few weeks but "our books look pretty good at the moment". Apparently, a lot of recent negative Steam reviews are down to players feeling scammed. By a game that came out a year before Apex Legends.

Chinese players are mistaking this VR game for Apex Legends Language barrier aside, I'd suggest that more alarm bells should have been going off. For one thing, Apex Legends is an Origin exclusive, and while you can link the game to your Steam account to find more friends to play with, it's not actually available on Valve's platform.

Virtual reality transforms an East Texas' classroom experience By Brennon Gurley - February 15, 2019 at 8:14 AM CST - Updated February 15 at 9:05 AM BULLARD - Technology is already a big part of our lives and for East Texas students, it's now making its way into the classroom.

Portal-style Puzzler 'ChromaGun VR' to Launch on PSVR Next Week Initially slated for release last year, Nuremberg, Germany-based indie studio Pixel Maniacs have announced that the first-person puzzle shooter ChromaGun VR is headed to PSVR next week.

Kellogg's tests eye-tracking and virtual reality technology to place products in-store Kellogg's has tested virtual reality and eye tracking technologies to find out how best to display its goods in supermarkets - and found sales rose by almost a fifth as a result of its findings.

This Week In XR: More Free Roam VR, XR Enterprise, Teknopolis Back In Brooklyn For Limited Time Lots to talk about this week as XR expansion continues.

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