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Here's a mod that adds 90 more weapons to melee VR game Blade and Sorcery VR fantasy slash-em-up Blade and Sorcery has a sweet new mod that crams in 95 more weapons, many with unique magical effects new to the game. It's a pretty hefty addition since with physics simulation at the heart of the game it's the weapons and how they're used that really make Blade and Sorcery special.

Lenovo Announces Oculus Go Competitor For Classrooms Lenovo just announced a 3DoF standalone VR headset for the education market. The headset is similar to Oculus Go, but with better specs.

RAF plans world's first hypersonic combat jet - flown via virtual reality helmet The RAF is planning the world's first hypersonic combat jet - flown via a virtual reality helmet. The £100million Tempest, due to enter service in 2035, will also be the first to be operated either manned or unmanned. It is being designed by British firms BAe Systems and Rolls-Royce.

VR: What's in store for 2020? Discover what’s in store for virtual reality in 2020 by looking at its affordability and use cases in gaming, education, healthcare and trade industries.

Mojo Vision Is Putting An Augmented Reality Screen On A Contact Lens Mojo Vision is revealing a smart contact lens with a tiny built-in display that lets you view augmented reality images on a screen sitting right in front of your eyeballs. It's an achievement that just makes me say, "Wow.

Spaceship Strategy Merged With Aerial Dog-Fight Combat We went hands-on with BattleGroupVR, an upcoming space combat and strategy game that meshes traditional RTS elements with first-person combat.

Rec Room Laser Tag Mode Now Available On Oculus Quest Rec Room received an update this week that brings the Laser Tag game modes and maps to the Oculus Quest version of the game. The mode was previously only available to users on other platforms. Laser Tag is one of the more popular game modes in Rec Room, which sees two teams of four compete with futuristic weapons in a team deathmatch format.

PlayStation VR New Releases This Week - 19 January - January 25 PlayStation Universe digs into the new releases for PlayStation VR for the week of 19 January - January 25, 2020.

Global Tilt Brush Art Fest and Tournament Taking Place in London Next Month Many competitors have arrived over the years but Tilt Brush still remains a firm favourite which is why the Reality Centre in London is hosting the UK leg of the Global Tilt Brush Art Fest and Tournament taking place next month.

Panasonic unveils world's first virtual reality glasses with HDR support This was without counting on Panasonic who took advantage of the event to lift the veil on an astonishing object: not a headset, but a "simple" virtual reality glasses which also prove to be, according to the manufacturer, world's first VR device glasses supporting ultra-high definition image and High Dynamic Range.

Reliefband's New Lineup Offers Nausea Treatments for VR at a Lower Price Two new products in the Reliefband offer options to combat VR motion sickness and nausea: a consumable Travel model and waterproof Sport.

VRrOOm to Launch VR Platform for Immersive, Multi-User Streaming of Live Events French VR company VRrOOm is launching a six degrees of freedom social VR platform that operates within the VRChat live platform, and enables multiple users to take part in live events, and includes the possibility of real-time photo-realistic representation.

MWM Interactive's Ghostly 'Chained: A Victorian Nightmare' Holiday VR Experience Available Now on Steam and HTC Vive MWM Interactive, a leading creator of story-driven VR and interactive entertainment, today released "Chained: A Victorian Nightmare," a virtual reality retelling of Charles Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol," on Steam and HTC Vive.

Virtual Goods: The Innovative Profit Catalyzer for Fashion Brands In last 10 years, the sale of virtual goods has emerged alongside the exponential growth of social media and gaming, which is resulting in contributing to a multi-billion-dollar marketplace for products that aren't even real. But the money consumers are ready to pay are absolutely real.

'Moon Rider' is a WebVR Game That's Quietly Amassed Thousands of Daily Players Moon Rider is a free VR rhythm game built on the WebVR standard which means it runs directly from a web browser rather than being downloaded and installed on a specific VR storefront. Its creators say the game has garnered thousands of daily players.

Quest Update Adds Digital IPD Indicator Oculus Quest includes an IPD slider on the bottom of the headset which adjusts the distance between the lenses for ideal alignment with the user's eyes, which is important for visual comfort and clarity. Since launch however, there's been no way to know the actual width of the IPD setting, leaving users to mostly guess if they've set it correctly.

DDOT Using VR to Remind Drivers About Safety The Health and Fitness Expo also focuses on safety. The D.C. Department of Transportation is using virtual reality to remind people about safe driving.

GWU Hospital Demonstrates Using VR in Thoracic Surgery At the Health and Fitness Expo, George Washington University Hospital will demonstrate how it uses virtual reality in thoracic surgery.

Lenovo is building another standalone VR headset Lenovo hasn't made the best bets in virtual reality so far, but it seems like the company's about to try again - according to a new FCC filing for the "Lenovo VR3030S," which company docs identify as an upcoming standalone VR headset.

Someone made a LEGO Superhot VR and now I want a sequel more than ever One Reddit user took it upon themselves to make a LEGO Superhot VR, and it makes me pine for the next version of one of the best games you can play in VR.

Latest Innovation in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market 2019 described in a new market report Leading Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market Players:. AR technology blends the virtual and real world objects. With AR, users will be able to interact with virtual object and also will be able to distinguish between the real and virtual contents.

AR Breaking Through in 2020, VR Awaiting Chance to Shine It’s been a few years since futurists and technology companies alike claimed that the age of VR was upon us. It's not here yet, but there has been progress.

Virtual reality, food, and fantasy combine for a mind-altering dining experience "We create fun and exciting spaces so that people can come in and have that awesome dining experience," said Producer and restaurateur Roni Mazumdar.Aerobanquets RMX, conceived by Casalegno in 2018, is a series of augmented dining experiences focused on taste perception in virtual reality.

Farmers are putting VR headsets on cows to make better milk Previously, farmers have kept their cows with their best buddies to keep them happy. Now, farmers are giving cows virtual reality headsets. A Moscow farm teamed up with veterinarians and VR developers to build custom-fitted, oversized VR goggles for cows.

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