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New Clip Shows Off Labo VR Kit's 'Mario' and 'Zelda' Content Nintendo debuted a trailer showcasing the soon-to-be-added VR content in "Super Mario Odyssey" and "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." "Super Mario Odyssey" gets three new mini-missions where players are tasked with collecting music notes and Coins to complete objectives in VR.

VRMMO 'OrbusVR: Reborn' Expansion to Launches Tomorrow, Quest Support Coming Spring 2019 Orbus Online, the indie studio behind OrbusVR, announced that their first expansion 'Reborn' now has an official street date. The studio also released word that users will be able to jump into the game on Quest "later this spring." OrbusVR is a made-for-VR MMORPG that launched into Early Access on Steam and the Oculus Store in December 2017.

Nintendo: Labo VR On Switch Was 'Planned Out' From The Beginning The recent release of the Nintendo Labo VR kit marks the second coming of Nintendo's VR efforts and apparenty it's been planned for some time.

You Can Now Relive R.Kelly's Golden Shower Moments In VR You can now step into the infamous artist's shoes and give the audience the golden shower moment. R.Kelly has been notorious for many things which society deems highly unethical. But one of the most strangest occurrences was the story of him peeing on people.

The Future of Fashion: Magic Leap One Street-Style As You Never Imagined Mainstreaming XR Wearables Starts with Styling for Inclusion. The old adage "seeing is believing" certainly checks out, but to believe in something, an idea, a notion, has one seeing it proven over and over again. I decided to create a photo campaign to make mixed-reality wearables look good and diversity in tech industry marketing a must.

Zed Is An Atmospheric Puzzler About Repairing A Fractured Mind In it, you take a trip inside the mind of an elderly artist who is suffering from dementia, and are tasked with solving puzzles in an effort to piece together his memories as he attempts to create a final book for his granddaughter before he passes on.

Myst Creator's Firmament Needs Final Push To Clear Kickstarter Goal The company behind genre-defining atmospheric puzzle adventure games Myst and Riven, as well as the VR-optional spiritual successor Obduction, have until Friday to clear their Kickstarter goal. Spokane-based Cyan Worlds, Inc.

How Magic Leap, Video Games Are Defining Future of Royal Shakespeare Company At the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford upon Avon, Sarah Ellis has the difficult job of figuring out where theater of the 1500s fits into the 21st century.

Linden Lab CEO: 'We're Pitching 'Sansar' Less as a VR Platform Now' Speaking to New World Notes at GDC 2019 in March, Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg says the company's latest platform has always been a majority desktop experience ever since it went live back in 2017, and it seems he doesn't expect that to change in the near term.

VR puzzler Gadgeteer moves into Early Access VR puzzler Gadgeteer has moved into Early Access. The physics-based VR puzzle game-which we have listed in our most anticipated VR games of 2019 round-up-is a puzzle game about building contraptions out of bits of wood and metal to guide silver balls from one point to the other.

AT&T store demos pit Magic Leap versus VR in a tech game of thrones The wireless carrier, which now owns HBO, has shown the power of marrying its popular content with leading-edge entertainment tech.

'3DSen VR' Brings Nintendo Classics to VR, Demo Now Available on Steam 3DSen VR is an emulator tool that runs Nintendo Entertainment System games in VR, letting you play the '80s and '90s classic titles that made the console a world-wide phenomenon.

Zillow uses VR to try to make online real estate more authentic The 3D Home feature is designed to give a more authentic view to help people fretting over a potentially very expensive purchase.

Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association develops VR safety tool Safety training in Saskatchewan could soon be moving from the classroom to virtual reality. The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association recently unveiled the Hazard ID VR training tool, the first of its kind for the province.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Hardware Market Size, Share, Growth 2019-2026 - Global Industry Analysis By Top Players - Google, Sony, Oculus R The Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Hardware market report focuses on the economic developments and consumer spending trends across different countries for the forecast period 2019 to 2026. The research further reveals which countries and regions will have a better standing in the years to come.

VR's True Innovation Isn't Technological, It's Human That's where the Oculus Quest and HTC Vive Focus Plus come in. Both offer three distinct advantages over nearly every other headset-including those new enterprise models.

Booming Demand for Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Hardware Market Leading to Exponential CAGR Growth by 2026 - Profiling Top Players like: Goog A complete insight into the report. The latest market research report titled Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Hardware offers a detailed evaluation of the market situation within a specific geographic region.

Exploring the virtual world of Decentraland Decentraland is a VR platform that hosts a 3D world where people can buy, sell, and manage virtual real estate called LAND. These plots of LAND - which are digital assets maintained in an Ethereum smart contract - are owned by members of the community, giving users complete control over what they do with their slice of the virtual world.

Virtual Reality In Healthcare Market 2019: Technological Advancement in Healthcare Industry - GE Healthcare, Virtual Realties Ltd, Virtalis Ltd, CAE H Virtual reality is the creation of computer generated simulated virtual environment to provide real-life sensory experience to the person.

Global Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Healthcare Market Status & Industry Inflation Trends The study of the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Healthcare Market by provides the market size information and market trends along with parameters and factors impacting it in both short-term and long-term. The Research study provides a 360° view and insights and outlining the key outcomes of the industry.

Artist and director Lynette Wallworth uses virtual reality to forge cultural connections through film However, for Australian artist and film director Lynette Wallworth, the masterpiece represents a daring foray into the use of oil paints-the newest artistic "technology" of da Vinci's era. Like the vibrant colors introduced by oil paints, Wallworth's exploration of virtual reality in film offers viewers a more vivid experience.

Blended reality technology addresses opioid crisis, race relations, among other issues The Maryland Blended Reality Center, which uses visual computing to advance fields like law enforcement and medical training, is regarded as one of the leading centers in the development of virtual and augmented reality.

Earth Day 2019: Utilising gaming and VR for insect and ecosystem conservation According to the authors, VR and serious gaming are "the new frontiers in environmental education" and "present a unique opportunity to interact with and learn about different species and ecosystems." Tech2 is now on WhatsApp. For all the buzz on the latest tech and science, sign up for our WhatsApp services.

VR game Jupiter and Mars thoughtfully explores climate change Jupiter and Mars leaves a strong first impression. A deliberate, environmentally conscious message makes for a striking opening. With a distinct, polygonal art style and inventive creature design, every locale is consistently engaging. Most of the game consists of traversing diverse biomes to solve puzzles and find lost or trapped sea life.

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