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Life is a blast for Dain Blanton right now For almost an hour and a half straight, sitting in a room talking about beach volleyball and a life that has revolved around it for almost three decades now, he smiles. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
33. Building Up To Chaos: Creating A Learning Environment That Prepares Players For Matches Too many coaches teach skills in a controlled environment, and then wonder why their team can't pass, hit, etc. in a match. It's because you haven't practiced in "chaos!" In this episode of the Get The Pancake Podcast, I take you from skill introduction to gameplay execution in just 20-25 minutes. Get The Pancake: A Podcast For Volleyball Coaches
Top Ten of the Decade Kelly Surrency and Sloane Green discuss the Top Ten of the Decade list and which players might be included on that list in the next decade. Around The Block
Pisode 51 - L'optimisation de la relation entraîneur-athlète et la préparation tactique défensive avec Gino Brousseau - Comment vont les préparatifs pour le tournoi de qualification olympique? - Comment est-ce possible de préparer un plan de match contre une équipe inactive dernièrement étant donné que les joueurs sont avec leur équipe professionnelle respective? From The First Chair Podcast
Sinjin Smith, part two: 'You'd compete all day long' Sinjin Smith knows the world is different now. That guys just can’t play volleyball for four hours, jump train for one, take a ride down to South Mission Beach and then play for another four. Jobs. Kids. Families and responsibilities and such. But he is curious. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
32. I Answer: "My Volleyball Team Doesn't Get Along… Please Help!" I get asked this question ALL. And I'm not surprised! Being on a volleyball team means facing challenges day after day with individuals you may or may not get along with. This is tough for most adults I know, let alone teen and preteen athletes. Get The Pancake: A Podcast For Volleyball Coaches
Sinjin Smith: Building the sport of beach volleyball from the ground up On April 10, 1995, Carl Henkel was studying for his law school finals when one of the strangest, most unpredictable and, at that time he would have likely surmised, miraculous phone calls rang in around four in the morning. “Hey, ” said the voice on the other line. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
Episode 24: 1st Ever Volley Blues Awards!!! Join us in this episode as we award the best of the best of 2019 and the best of the decade in both men's and women's volleyball in the Philippines. We have different categories like Championship of the Decade, Collegiate and Pro MVP and many more. Have something to say about our awards? Volley Blues
31. How To Run A Volleyball Clinic Have you been thinking about running a volleyball clinic for your players, but weren't sure where to start? Let me share some helpful tips on how to structure your clinics so you can start introducing the sport we all love to more athletes. Sign-up for the Get The Pancake Newsletter at www.getthepancake.com! Get The Pancake: A Podcast For Volleyball Coaches
Joe Houde: How to keep beach volleyball players healthy on the road Joe Houde had just begun his career with USA Volleyball, and there was a dead man was in the road. “Oh, yeah, ” he said on SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter. “Just not a good day.” It was certainly one way to start his stint as USA Volleyball’s newest traveling physical trainer. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
Episode 50 - Thoughts on the Libero Position with Dan Lewis In this episode, Frank welcomes Team Canada Assistant Coach Dan Lewis to discuss the National Excellence Program, his illustrious career, the requirements to being a great libero, drill design and much more. - How is training going with the National Excellence Program? From The First Chair Podcast
30. The Ultimate Guide to Coaching 5th and 6th Grade Volleyball If you are coaching beginners in volleyball, this is episode is a MUST* listen! Do you need a crash course on the basic rules of volleyball, what skills young volleyball players need to know, and what concepts you need to teach them? Let me walk you through how to coach beginner volleyball step-by-step! Get The Pancake: A Podcast For Volleyball Coaches
High School Champs and the Final Four Kelly Surrency and Sloane Green recap the high school season and make their picks for the NCAA Final Four in Pittsburgh. Around The Block
Mark Burik: Adventuring and the power of ripple effects You will notice that to be a theme of his life: The man just tries everything. In this case, a young Burik was trying his best, as a freshman at the University of Delaware, to sell his father on a month-long semester in New Zealand. His father balked. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
The Net Live 12/16/19 - Christmas Unspectacular Edition Women's Final Four is all set for Pittsburgh / Men's Season is coming up. Plus we haven't had Rich in studio forever. Jay makes his annual journey West to join TNL for a day. Tune in. The Net Live
All-County Volleyball On this week’s podcast, The Courier’s sports staff discusses their superlative choices for the All-Montgomery County volleyball teams. Way-too-early 2020 Player of the Year predictions wrap up the discussion. ‘Looking Forward’ and ‘Shoutouts’ wrap up the episode. The Courier Sports Corner
Nothing But Gold Kelly Surrency talks with Jess Mruzik, the 2019 PrepVolleyball.com 18s Division Player of the Year, about success, her next steps, and how she is able to stay so healthy. Around The Block
Gettin' jazzed with Kelly Reeves There is a moment before every practice that is so innocuous, so easy to forget that it’s not all that uncommon for teams to go about practicing without remembering it at all: putting up the antennas. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
Hoops Hot Starts This week, we highlight seven hot starts to the basketball season in the county. Wrestling, volleyball and football are mentioned in ‘3 stars’, then the week’s coverage plan is outlined in ‘where we’ll be’. ‘Looking forward’ and ‘shoutouts’ wrap up the episode. The Courier Sports Corner
Episode 49 - Injury Prevention Through Proper Athlete Development with Jason McCullagh and Nick Haince In this episode, Frank and Thierry welcome Strength Coaches Jason McCullagh and Nick Haince to discuss the rise in volleyball injuries, LTAD, sport specialization, athlete wellness and much more. - Why is another strength and conditioning topic discussed on a volleyball podcast? From The First Chair Podcast
Mike Dodd: Finding the soul of the game He’d been getting all wound up, or as wound up as the man, labeled by anyone you ask as one of the nicest guys in the world, can get. He even dropped the f word not once, but twice. “Sorry about that, ” he said on SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
Episode 23: Welcome to Volley Blues, Lordina aka Mother Lily In this super fun episode, we will sit down with the ever famous Lordina aka Mother Lily! We will be talking about the SEA Games campaigns of the Philippine Men's and Women's Volleyball Teams, Kat Tolentino's decision, our UAAP Final Four predictions, some PSL and PVL transfer rumors, blind items, Miss Universe, Judy Ann Santos and many more! Volley Blues
Fall Sports Wrap Up This week, we wrap up fall sports with some thoughts on volleyball and football. Football and basketball are mentioned in ‘3 stars’, then the week’s coverage plan is discussed in ‘where we’ll be’. ‘Looking Forward’ features some Christmas party talk, then ‘shoutouts’ wrap up the episode. The Courier Sports Corner
Episode 48 - Growing the Maverick Volleyball Club, Being a Builder and Financial Literacy with Greg Skotnicki In this episode, Frank and Thierry welcome MVC VP of Finance and Development Programs Greg Skotnicki to discuss the growth of an organization, how to become a builder, the importance of financial literacy and much more. - Why should a coach develop his administrative competencies? From The First Chair Podcast
The Free Agent Podcast: Who's playing with who in 2020 This week on SANDCAST, Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter break down all of the partner switches happening in United States beach volleyball. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
Episode 22: WE'RE BACK! Post Post Championship episode Join us as we discuss what happened in the last 5 months with the Lady Eagles, the Lady Eagles Alumnae and what to expect in the upcoming SEA Games. We will be covering what happened in the PVL Collegiate, our alumnae players playing in PVL and PSL, the super stressful SEA Grand Prix and SEA Games preparations. Volley Blues
29: Understanding Positions on a Volleyball Team Are you a new volleyball coach who is trying to understand the positions on a volleyball team? Are you trying to place players in positions but don't know where to start when looking at your roster? Let me help! Keep in mind… this information is highly generalized and more for younger and newer teams. Get The Pancake: A Podcast For Volleyball Coaches
"A great celebration" With a stack of pictures chronicling her volleyball life from middle school to her senior year at UVA, we ask setter Jennifer Wineholt to have a conversation with her younger self about the triumphs and disappointments she'll face along the way. Hoos Hittin' It: The UVA Volleyball Podcast
Theo Brunner has undergone his beach volleyball 'rebirth' Theo Brunner was in need, he says, of a rebirth. Not quite a religious ceremony, but something to revitalize a beach volleyball career that had, while not sunk, gone a bit sideways. There was the chronic calf injury that flared up, a nod to the fact that he hadn’t really taken a full off-season in several years. SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball
Boys Basketball Preview After we say farewell to Jon’s beard, we preview the county’s boys basketball season, wrapping up with predictions for deepest postseason run and player of the year. Football and volleyball take up the ‘3 stars’ segment, then the week’s coverage plan is outlined in ‘where we’ll be’. The Courier Sports Corner
28. 3 Tips for the Start of Club Volleyball Season It's that time of year again! Let me share three tips that I believe will make a HUGE difference in how you coach volleyball this year. Highly recommended for all coaches, but new volleyball coaches will especially benefit from the information in this podcast. Get The Pancake: A Podcast For Volleyball Coaches
CULTURE with Jeff Nygaard He's done it all - Olympian, AVP Star, current USC Men's coach, and former partner of John Mayer. The one and only Jeff Nygaard joins the show to talk about team culture. Coach Your Brains Out: A Volleyball Coaching Podcast
JOHN DUNNING Rebroadcast of our interview with former Stanford Women's Volleyball Coach, John Dunning right after his retirement announcement. Coach Your Brains Out: A Volleyball Coaching Podcast