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Wild weather in Denmark Violent storms in Denmark this weekend. About a thousand lightnings are registered Friday and Saturday as well as numerous of cloudbursts.

Pulau Ubin While I was in Singapore I was keen to see a very different side to this tiny nation and so I took myself to the small island of Pulau Ubin, a very rustic and quiet corner that feels a million miles from the uber-modern city. The island is just off the north east coast of the main island of Singapore just beyond Changi Airport.

Gear Review - Fjallraven Women's Keb Trousers Curved Every now and again a piece of outdoor kit comes along that instantly makes you feel epic. This was my experience when I first unwrapped my new Fjallraven walking trousers.

Five Star Bug Hotels Have you noticed the new 'must have' accessory for your garden? It seems that no garden is complete without a bug hotel. They are springing up in all sorts of places and are cute examples of how you can help to look after all of the wildlife in your garden not just birds.

Contrasts on the TGO Challenge On every long walk there are contrasts in the weather, the landscape, the terrain underfoot, the campsites and more. This is one of the joys. Nothing stays the same. Every day is different. Often the changes occur gradually, a merging that can be almost unoticeable until you realise how different the world has become.

The Wonderful World of June A bike ride in the countryside in June is an encouraging happening. I felt as a child in Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem, The Swing: How do you like to go up in a swing, Up in the air so blue?Oh…

Decline and Fall: The TGO Challenge 2019 Four men of revolting appearance were approaching from the glen. They were low of brow, crafty of eye and crooked of limb.

388 Borrowdale to Glenmore I got to enjoy coffee and cake too, and the diversion up Silver Hill was a real treat. Miles walked today - 11 miles Total distance around coast = 4,070 miles. Route: morning in black, afternoon in red. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts.

Wainwright walks 59: Souther the clouds Hills: Souther FellClassification: Wainwright When: Friday 31 MayWho: Me and the mountaineering minionDistance: About 4 milesTime: 2 hoursWeather: Cloudy, but above summits.

A Mistaken Midge of Smugness Whilst on our recent road trip to Scotland, Mr B2 and I did a mixture of roadside and campsite camping. We awoke one morning in a tiny quarry by the side of Loch More feeling smug about our superior planning ability and the fact that we had been in the Highlands a week and not seen a single midge.

388 Salen to Glenborrodale I get up early, skip breakfast, drive to Glenborrodale, and catch the one-and-only bus of the day from Glenborrodale to Salen, where I'm dropped off at the Salen Hotel. Salen consists of a string of houses lining the road as it loops up and around an inlet.

387 pm Strontian to Salen The road goes on and on, and up and down, and on and on.

Wainwright walks 58: the journey from Hell, and a foggy Longlands Fell Hills: Longlands FellClassification: Wainwright When: Thursday 30 MayWho: Me and the mountaineering minionDistance: About 3 ½ miles but felt like twice that.Time: 1 ¾ hours. Definitely no breaks, too miserable a dayWeather: Basically dire. Low cloud, windy and later rain.Post walk drink: Initially coke.

Tuesday's Ten - Things about Scotland Mr B2 and I are recently returned from a most excellent trip to Scotland, we had a marvelous time and I have lots of stories to tell you but first I thought I would share a general set of observations about this most mystical and wondrous of countries.

387am Strontian to Salen Although the view is often obscured by trees, when I do get a view of the loch, it is hard to miss the obvious landmark of Laudale House on the other side. Now I'm dropping down towards the water. I do love this road.

The Dark Forests The trees stand menacing like tall dark figures in the gloomy forest. Forest lakes that seem abysmal when I try to glimpse the bottom. A daunting silence. The smooth surface of the rivers, which are torn by rocks. Wasn't that a shadow on the rock? Didn't you hear the fiddle?

Monday Mashup - Buckingham Palace How very lucky I felt on a recent trip to Buckingham Palace to celebrate the achievement of three of my Gold DofE participants. They worked tirelessly for two years to get their Award and a trip to the Palace was no more than they deserved. The day was perfect; it included perfect weather, very well dressed mums and dads and celebrity overload.

Twenty Years Voluntary Service to Ten Tors A very exciting thing happened at Ten Tors this year as well as the fantastic efforts again by the Trinity School team and the other 2400 teenagers who took on the challenge of walking 35, 45 or 55 miles unassisted across Dartmoor. This year marked the 20th year that I have been helping out with Ten Tors in some capacity or other.

386 Laudale House to Strontian I look across at the pretty white house on the opposite side, and think of my kind taxi driver who drove miles and miles to take me to Kinlochteagus yesterday. I think that might be his house. I set off walking along the twisty dead-end road that leads from the Laudale House estate.

TGO Challenge 2019: The Gear Every year I'm asked for advice on gear for the TGO Challenge and on what weather to expect. Both are impossible questions to answer. May is an awkward month in the Scottish Highlands. It might be hot and sunny, it might be cold and wet. There might be deep snow, there might be frosty nights, there might be big storms.

When You Lose Your Car Key - Askham Me and LTD went to Askham - a bijoux village quite near Lowther Castle with 2 pubs, a shop/cafà and a swimming pool and, most importantly, a car park where they ask for donations and suggest just one English Pound. The weather was, on the whole, a bit ropey.

I've been everywhere on Dartmoor Blonde One and I overheard these words a while ago and wondered if there was anyone who had actually visited everywhere on Dartmoor. The conversation very quickly became very Blonde as we debated whether or not visiting each square mile of Dartmoor would be enough to qualify as 'everywhere' or whether a stop at each metre square would be required.

385pm Kinlochteacuis to Laudale House O'Connor, Rosie, Ian, Robert, Eric. Hmm. Are they memorial stones? I'm not sure, because there are no dates, no little messages, and no evidence of flowers or anything else left around the cairn. It's a mystery. I set off down the track again.

Evening Dock Tarn & Haystacks Again Although Rosthwaite in Borrowdale is too near where I now live for me to stay, we've stayed for decades now at The Royal Oak Hotel in Rosthwaite and become very friendly with the owners and staff.

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