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261 - Cwmorthin and the mountains of the Moelwynion It was a Team training night, and several of us drifted down to the pub afterwards. The chat is always varied, but I overheard 'Gaz' talking about the worlds biggest and deepest slate mine, with miles of passages and hundreds of chambers.

'Untold Suffering' a disturbing report by OneKind and the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland as part of the REVIVE coalition That maintaining driven grouse moors involves killing predators isn't news. However this new report reveals the vast numbers slaughtered in cruel and inhumane ways. It's depressing reading but the shameful reality needs to be known. Spring traps, crow traps, and snares are all used regularly.

An inspiring, humorous and kind blogger has left us. Dedicated blogger and journalist, Alen McFadzean is no longer among us.I will miss his humorous posts about mysteriously forgotten train waggons in the mountains. The colourful depictions of the Vi…

Man vs Nature I think we would all agree that nature is beautiful. Even slippery slimy mud can hold a certain beauty never mind the glorious flowers, trees and rivers that we are surrounded by. It's easy to assume that anything man-made is much less beautiful than anything natural.

Rohan Christmas Shopping Event - One Day Only From time to time we Blondes are sent free outdoor products to field test and promote on social media. We will always be honest about our findings and any products we don't keep for ourselves find their way into our expedition stores. Great for us, great for you and great for our youngsters!

Whinash Ridge, Westmorland Wed 2 Oct 2019: This wasn't as interesting as the ridge the other side of Westmorland's Borrowdale valley, Whinfell Ridge, which I did with friend and fellow blogger Simon back in Spring.

Thoughts on Bothies Two recent pieces on bothies has set me thinking about these basic shelters and just how important they are in the story of hillgoing. Mountaineer and mountain rescue expert @HeavyWhalley has written an interesting piece here. He mentions that there's a row going on about bothies online.

Outdoor swimming - A little bit of Blonde research The UK winter outdoor swimming season starts in November and goes on to the end of March. Which is partly why, on November 1st this year, I decided to conduct some research into the impact of cold water swimming on the human body… well on my body, which is human but not the same as anybody else's.

What's in the January issue of The Great Outdoors The January issue of The Great Outdoors is out now. In it I review ice axes and crampons suitable for hillwalkers plus three Pertex/Pile tops. Testing the last reminded me just how good they are. The opening spread is a stunning shot of An Teallach in the snow at dawn by James Roddie.

The Poetic Fjords Gentle, peacefully, picturesque and lovely. That is the Danish Fjords. A breathtaking look will dazzle you when your eyes catch sight of small houses along the coastline and toy-like ferries that s…

Coldingham Bay and St Abbs Head The last of our summertime walks and I've only just got around to writing it up! The main problem with living where we do is that summer lasts all the time and we don't have the clues of weather changing to tell us how much time has elapsed. Hence me getting round to this some four months after we walked it!

If you're looking for an outdoor book or DVD for Christmas…… My latest book or maybe one of my other books or a DVD.

Are you over snuggling? Small ways to Get Outside this winter I don't know about you but as winter approaches I find myself in danger of over snuggling. Snuggling, which usually involves open fires, sofas and good books, is a good thing but over snuggling can leave a girl short on exercise, in danger of eating too much and a bit low in the mood department.

Cloudy Skies Don’t forget:Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies.~ Paulo Coelho.

Thwarted - Wainwright's Way - Wray to Wray A blog about hill walking and lightweight backpacking and long distance walking.

December begins with a monochrome day in the Cairngorms After a brilliant sunny day, which I spent driving over to Aboyne on Deeside to give a talk on my Scottish Watershed walk at Hilltrek, the clouds rolled in across the Cairngorms.

The first of December Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 1,942 other followers. Follow.

Winter Outdoor Swimming: The Ice Mile The face above is the face of someone who has just swum a kilometre in the sea in winter. As you can see, I was very pleased with myself, especially as it only took 30 minutes.

King Frost came to visit Today was the day we had been waiting for. Sunshine and frost in the grass. I went for a wonderful outing among many.

The Marvellous Sky We spoke photography and light.When I got home I thought about the sea.Is there anything better than the light by the sea?It was to be the mountains: Norway, Valdresflya.The wide view and a…

Environmental groups respond to SNH deer management report Overgrazing by deer is a major problem in the Scottish Highlands. Scottish Natural Heritage has just published a report on this.

Blue, Green, Grey or even Black Friday: Our pick of the seasonal outdoor gear bargains… Black Friday appears to be losing popularity but, if we are honest, we all still love a bargain. The consensus of opinion seems to be that pre-Christmas bargains are out there for the buying but only if we were planning to buy that item anyway.

Video on gear for winter hillwalking Earlier in the year I made a video on gear for winter hillwalking. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: hillwalking gear, hillwalking video, winter hillwalking Chris Townsend Outdoors is a 'Pay As You Feel' website.

Enjoying the evening sky I came out of the woods just before dusk. A poplar towards the evening sky was the first sight that met me. What a sight!

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