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Why is Blonde One carrying Blonde Two's shoes? You might wonder why I am carrying a pair of Keen trainers on my rucksack. We recently went up to Red Lake on Dartmoor to revisit the site of Blonde Two's accident and helicopter rescue. Part of the plan was to have a swim. I had my swimming kit with me but several things put me off within an instant of arriving at the lake.

Long Walks - Littondale to Malhamdale August's long walk - started at Arncliffe in Littondale and went by some very soggy valley-bottom and riverside paths to Litton, where it all went a bit wrong. Due to a shift in the time/space continuum which just happened to coincide with me not looking at the map, we went up the wrong track.

401am Glenuig to Roshven This stretch of water is Loch Ailort, and I'm following it to it's head, to a place called - very logically - Lochailort. I pass a collection of static caravans. It's a nice place to stay in, I suppose, among the trees and at the foot of the hills.

The humble tormentil The humble tormentil is a common inhabitant of Dartmoor's moorland. It is a simple yellow flower with four petals that is probably ignored or unnoticed by most of us. It is an interesting flower though and has many myths about its medicinal properties as well as many facts about its use.

400 Kinlochmoidart to Glenuig They swarm into the car as soon as I open the door, and pester me while I try to find my can of Smidge, which is buried right at the very bottom of my rucksack. Have to confess, I'm not in the best of moods. Finding somewhere to stay is difficult in this part of Scotland.

Hiking from Marsh to Beach Sunken ancient roads and old bridges. I think it is fascinating to imagine what challenges people had in the old days when they travelled through the landscapes. People have been very exposed to all kinds of weather with the equipment they had back then.

Whatever the weather… merino tops from Isobaa From time to time we Blondes are sent free outdoor products to field test and promote on our blog and social media. We will always be honest about our findings and any products we don't keep for ourselves find their way into our expedition stores. Great for us, great for you and great for our youngsters!

399 Ardmolich to Kinlochmoidart So, I return to the Forestry Commission car park at Ardmolich Wood. Such a shame the weather was dull yesterday when I walked along the Silver Walk.

Koh Kret A rather mysterious place in Bangkok that we had heard about many times but had not managed to get to before is the small island of Koh Kret. This is an island in the middle of the Chao Praya River that was formed when a meander loop was bypassed using a man-made canal dug during the 1720s.

Tuesday's Ten - Get Outside things to do in Devon in August It's August, the school holidays are coming to an end and we are all secretly looking forward to a bit of normality. It has been a great summer down here in Devon so far but if you are running out of 'Get Outside' things to do, this week's Tuesday's Ten has a few suggestions for you of August things to do in Devon:.

398 Silver Walk and Ardmolich A large information sign suggests a stroll around the woodland, while a smaller sign tells me this is the beginning of the Silver Walk. I set off down the track. Usually I dislike walking among pines, but these are tall and elegant trees, and I enjoy their company.

TGO Challenge 2019 If you made it through the 7 part story of the Quest for the Shirt of Destiny, well done. Even more well done if you kept up with it, and could follow where we were at any point.

A walk in a glacial moraine landscape I don't know about you but after a walk in the rain I found this great idea for a late summer walk in a glacial moraine landscape next to Arresø. We did the walk in the month of May, one of my favourite month.

Emergency Distress Signal - Give a Little Whistle I fancy myself as a bit of a whistler and quite like the idea of joining a whistling choir. Whistling for fun is one thing but did you know that carrying a whistle and knowing the right distress signal could one day save your life?

I live in Devon… Could I Swim to London? I recent weeks I have been lucky enough, in my capacity as a freelance writer, to have been working on an exciting project in London. I have been travelling up by train and enjoying the views along the way. One thing I have noticed has been the number of waterways I have seen.

Now - Bring Me That Horizon Now – bring me that horizon – The last line from Pirates of the Caribbean If you need to get in the ‘right mood’ you can find recipes for Pirate Rum Drinks on the Pirate Emp…

How Many Calories? A 1 Kilometre Sea Swim During the winter my cold water swimming habit gives me the perfect excuse for shorter swims but, now that summer is well and truly here, the water is warm enough for me to stay in longer and get in a bit more distance.

Armies of light I came across wonderful poetry by Daniel March written in 1869 and found it to be a religious text. That is not my reason for quoting the poetry, but because the description reminds me of the overwhelming joy it is, to walk in nature. When the clouds cast their shadows over hills and rivers, mountains and lakes in an ever-changing game.

The Oregon Desert Trail As we plan out our yearly calendars, it always seems that we have one or two things which serve as "anchors" to our time. They act as bases that we can then work around as we try to fit in other things we want to do.

Tuesday's Ten - Things about the Tide Whether you experience the sea on holiday or as a local attraction, you probably enjoy the tides and the ‘never-the-same-twice’ impact they have on our coastl…

253 - Cairn Gorm and Ben Macdui, and the Cairngorm Tragedy of 1971 Most of my Cairngorm visits over the years have been to the ski slopes, though on one occasion I did do a trip away from the ski lifts to cross the summit of Cairngorm on Alpine Touring skis. That's barely scratching the surface of the largest National Park in the UK, though I have made a couple of hiking trips there over the years.

Monday Mash Up - Messenger Anything goes on a Monday so, as you all head back to work, here's something a little bit Blonde and a little bit outdoors to get you thinking. This is the amazing sculpture that will greet you as you enter the Theatre Royal in Plymouth. It is 7 meters of amazingness!

Dartmoor flowers We have often shown you the beauty of Dartmoor' flowers: particularly the gorse and heather that provide a fantastic floral carpet. On our walk up to Hameldown recently we spotted a couple of flowers that were unfamiliar to us. Can you help to identify them?

Treebeard in the Fairy Forest I went to see Treebeard the other day and he still has a majestic appearance. If you wonder who is Treebeard I always have one foot in the world of Tolkien. Tolkien Gateway: Treebeard, also known as Fangorn, was the oldest of the Ents, a tree-like being who was a sort of "shepherd of trees".

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