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Fairy Folklore Tale & Drawing I drew this off a birthday card I once got - and then scanned it in negative. You're reading a post by Mountain Coward. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow The Mountain Coward from my homepage. Join 338 other followers. Sign me up!

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The great earl grey tea hunt As you know, Dartmoor has much to offer. It has cream teas aplenty, herds of livestock, glorious scenery and even the odd pixie or two. What it doesn't have, it seems, is an earl grey tea plantation!

Guide to the NW Highlands, Countryfile online. I wrote a piece on the NW Highlands in winter for Countryfile magazine that appeared in the January print issue under the title Discover The Land Of Ice And Fire. Countryfile has now posted some of the general information on its website, headed Guide to Scotland's North-West Highlands: where to stay, places to visit and great walks.

Snow was falling… The snow began to fall again, drifting against the windows, politely begging entrance and then falling with disappointment to the ground.Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.

First Online Reading List of 2020, Part 1, Outdoors - walking, camping, mountaineering, skiing…… The first three weeks of the year have flown past in a blur as the worst cold I can remember ever having has made doing anything feel like wading through deep sticky mud. One result is I've been reading more on and offline and now have a long list of pieces I'd like to share as well as some books to review.

Does it rain in Wales more than it does in England? There can be no doubt about it, Wales is a beautiful place to visit, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. With mountains, moors and coastline all available there is scenery and challenge out there to suit every taste. When you mention Wales however, the first thing that many people comment on is the weather.

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264 - It's that time of year again! Sorry to all my readers, but it's that time of year when I go to work again as part of the safety crew on the Spine Race, so there's no post this week. Most of you will probably have seen this, but here's one I produced earlier that gives you an insight into the Spine Race and the famous Greg's Hut noodle bar - see you in a couple of weeks.

Kings and Lost Lakes It was on a beautiful sunny day, that I went to see the ruins of Søborg Castle. Walking on these bare fields reminds me of the lake, that once was here many years ago. The castle was one of Denmark's largest and best fortified castles.

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Reminiscences and Thoughts on Long-Distance Walking and Writing, inspired by a piece by Alex Roddie As I've written elsewhere the biggest changes in outdoor activities in the last few decades have not been in equipment but in electronics and digital communications. Alex's article shows the effect this can have, especially on those for who have grown up with social media.

A Walk and a Sailing Myth The small ferry sailing around Frederiksborg Castle resembles undeniably a little boat from Legoland. However, many people are having a joyous day on the lake with a different view to the castle. Recently I heard on the radio that the little boat is a rebuilt lifeboat from one of the most famous vessels in Danish history:.

Cheap outdoor gear… How to kickstart your outdoor life on a budget There can be no doubt about it, the outdoor industry is a competitive one. This is good news when it comes to the economy but perhaps not such good news when it comes to encouraging people to get outside in a safe and enjoyable way.

The need to reduce deer numbers in Scotland That deer numbers in the Scottish hills are far too high to allow forest regeneration has been known for many decades. The extermination of predators followed by the rise of deer stalking as a leisure pursuit of the wealthy are the causes. Stalking estates require large numbers of deer for their clients.

Bore da… How's your Welsh? Last weekend I spent a lovely couple of days in the midst of the Cambrian Mountains in mid-Wales. My sister and I both enjoy languages and we spent a fair amount of our travelling time trying to pronounce and understand some of the Welsh place names.

An Icy Ordeal Do you think he intends to take a swim, I asked dubious. We stood as frozen, literally.An old man wearing a bathrobe came walking towards us. He limped heavily and had difficulty keeping his balanc…

Gordon's off…. For sale: Mk 1 Tramplite Shelter at £330 including post and packaging. This was bought in January 2015 and has been used on 4 TGO Challenges and on a number of shorter trips. It has a 3/4 zip door and 3 extra foul weather guys were fitted to it later.

Alex and Bob`s Blue Sky Scotland ALL PHOTOS CLICK FULL SCREEN A female goosander with reflection on the River Almond walk in…

Colorado Rockies: More Pictures Stuck inside with a bad cold for the last week and tired of doing my accounts I've been looking through my photos from last year's long walk on the Continental Divide Trail in the Colorado Rockies. Reliving a walk this way is always relaxing.I've also been reminded of the variety scenery and the changes in the weather.

September in Norway When I think of Norway, I think of September. The smell of marshland. A wonderful clear blue sky between rain showers. In September, the mosquitoes are usually on retreat, and that makes the walk into low-lying areas much more pleasant. If you are lucky you can experience the birch trees changing dress from green to yellow to fiery red.

Clear, clear waters… Winter outdoor swimming in Snowdonia Between Christmas and New Year Mr B2 and I escaped in our newly converted camper van to Snowdonia where we enjoyed some wild nights, a few walks and some beautiful clear water. In truth it was only I who indulged in outdoor swimming, and consequently only I who shivered at night.

35 years ago I was planning my Continental Divide Trail thru-hike Thirety-five years ago I was preparing for the longest walk I've ever undertaken, the 3,100 mile Continental Divide Trail that runs from Canada to Mexico down the Rocky Mountains. In 1985 this trail was in its infancy. There was no official route, virtually no waymarking, in many places no actual trail.

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