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Tuesday's Ten - Tips for DofE Expedition Leaders There can be no doubt that leading a Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition is hard work but it is also one of the most rewarding things you can do outside. For this week's Tuesday's Ten we have some tips for DofE expedition leaders that might make the work less hard and the reward even more heart-warming.

GR5 camp Down in the forest as it was very stormy with bursts of torrential rain and blasts of high wind. I was glad to reach the…

Monday Mash Up - Street2Peak - BBC The One Show I like a lot of the lines on maps but I think contour lines are my favourite. Their first recorded use was by Charles Hutton in 1774 who set out not to map an area but find out how much a mountain weighed! You can read more about this fascinating invention here but before you do, have a look at these two very different sets of contour lines.

National Get Outside Day As you know, we Blondes are very proud to be part of Ordnance Survey's Get Outside campaign. We have been with the campaign since the beginning and have seen it grow from strength to strength.

The Forester Oak It was one of those days without a cloud in the sky. The heat wave was upon us and tormented those who weren’t at the beach. I was on my way to the sea, when I passed the old oak, which is ov…

374 Appin to The Highlands I stop to read the information… …and confirm I can follow the cycle path all the way to Fort William. There is only one section still missing, where you must join the main road for 2-3 miles. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to tackle that road section later today.

South West Coast Path Section 29 Coverack to Helford Passage A change of pace from North Cornwall! Having closed off the gap between Bude and Tintagel my next mission was to close the remaining Cornwall gap at the Lizard. I had left this section until last largely because of the transport difficulties that this area poses.

373pm Port Appin to Appin Private." I check my map, but can't see any sign of Airds Gardens, although there is an Airds House further along, and it looks as though the track runs right past the house. Oh dear. Well, I've come this far. I climb over the gate and carry on, only to discover a couple more gates a few yards later.

Ten of the Best: Waterfall Walks Who doesn't love a waterfall? They have so many fascinating connections. I can think of hundreds of examples of paintings, poems, photos, novels and films that use these captivating and romantic settings to capture a certain mood. If you are able to visit a waterfall in real life, you will reap the benefits.

Tree climbing An interesting conversation occurred recently with a friend about the fact that children spend too much time on social media. This friend was adamant that as a result of this screen time children were not climbing trees. So I decided to conduct a very Blonde survey.

373am Barcaldine to Port Appin The bus is due to arrive at eight minutes past eight. At exactly seven minutes past eight, several school children come running out of nearby houses, pulling on jackets and slinging rucksacks over their shoulders. The bus arrives a minute later. Wow! Talk about split-second timing.

372pm Benderloch to Barcaldine I wonder if the building is now a private residence? I get occasional glimpses over Loch Creran. Beautiful. There's a turnoff to a farm a B&B place and a pottery. I'm tempted to stop and look at the pots, but I'm hoping to walk a good few more miles today, and I decide to carry on.

First Foray to Fife and Firth of Forth Fife - land of golf courses and pubs and streets with golf names and VW golfs. I've never been to the Fife coast and neither has LTD, so it was high time for a visit. And it was on my List of Things To Do. Dawn has written about this in her blog and a link appears at the end of this post for those who like to read more sensible stuff than this.

Tuesday's Ten - Top Blonde Search Terms We all have our favourite internet search terms but, if you have your own outdoor website or outdoor blog as we do, it can be fun to find out which search terms people have been using to find your website.

Via de la Plata, Round 2, Day 1, Sept 2018 My adventures with walking, backpacking, running, cycling, amateur radio, traditional folk music and song…and loads of other stuff. Rob and I walked a short section of the Via de la Plata Camino in April, now it was time to finish the job.

372am Benderloch I was on a lonely stretch of the A85, and only a couple of hours away from my destination, when I came across a motorcyclist in a ditch. The accident had only just happened. Of course, I stopped. With no equipment, there is a limit to what a doctor can do when faced with an injured German man who can't speak English.

Thursday 6 September - Tap o’ Noth 563m Marilyn "The spirit was already aloft, I was pulling on my boots" - W H Murray, Mountaineering in Scotland In July 1997 we escaped the worst weather we'd had in the NW by going to Craigellachie in Moray.

IFootpath Expert: Tap Driving Directions to navigate to the start point of our walks But there is an extra function for iFootpath App users - you can tap the Driving Directions button and use Google or Apple maps to get a detailed driving route from your current location to the walk's start point. Please read the Getting There information paragraph in full before tapping the Driving Directions.

Familiarity breeds contentment rather than contempt You know the old phrase 'familiarity breeds contempt'? Well I don't think it's necessarily true. In terms of getting outside, whether it's walking, camping or swimming, you can never have too much of a good thing. I certainly have my favourite places to go and that familiarity gives me reassurance rather than resentment.

When trees grow old they have a story to tell If only this tree could speak. Often have I heard these words from people standing next to me in front of an old tree where branches and bark bear signs of age, wind and weather. And in a way the old trees speak because stories are attached to them and retold again and again by people passing by.

HF Holidays Larpool Hall - Family Walking Adventures in Whitby HF Holidays Larpool Hall - Family Walking Adventures in Whitby. Here's my review of a 4 night family walking adventure with HF Holidays at Larpool Hall in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Driving from Folkestone in Kent to Whitby took us around 6 hours with a few stops along the way.

Dartmoor National Park Visitor Centre Princetown 365 exhibition If you have a spare afternoon up until Tuesday 2nd October then we can't recommend highly enough the Exhibition of Dartmoor 365 which is being held at the Dartmoor National Park Visitor Centre in Princetown. The exhibition celebrates the much loved Dartmoor 365 book written by John Hayward.

Stover country park It's really important for us all to have a green space close by to visit when we are perhaps short of time or if we just need a quick fix of fresh air and peace. For me that place is Stover Country Park. It a perfect place to visit whatever the weather but recently has been quite beautiful in the gorgeous sun that we've been enjoying.

TRT 10: The End! We kept to our normal schedule today even though we didn't have as many miles to hike. MountainMan made their usual morning coffee while still laying in his hammock, and we all chatted as we got packed up. It was another morning with perfect temperatures.

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