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2×4 Workbench As I've begun making more and working on more projects, I realized I needed more space to do those things. So, I threw together a workbench for the basement to give me a nice surface to work on and avoid kneeling and working on the floor. It's a relatively simple build using 2x4s and MDF for the top.

When a one-time offer isn't one-time I'm a wannabe woodworker: I have a small shop, I have made a few things, and I aspire to continue doing more. I aspire in a big way, but that's a story for another time; today I want to chat about an odd bit of aggressive email I get from one of my woodworking resources.

Very productive day……. I finished up the two me projects. The bevel gauge holder was completed saturday night after dinner. I had an idea that couldn't wait and I…

BBQ Today is one of the rare days the Sim is shut down so all the instructors in my program are off. I figured it is a good time to have food and drinks together, it doesn't happen often. I have two briskets, a half gal. of Luling sauce, close to a cord of Oak and Pecan, and I'm making a bed of Mesquite coals as I type.

Romance and Fact-Finding My bride and I spent the last few days in the north Georgia mountains, at Unicoi State Park, tucked away in a cozy little cabin. Our extended weekend was both a romantic Saint Valentine's getaway and a fact-finding mission. The lodge at Unicoi is the location for the Annual Fireside Arts and Crafts Show.

Making Custom Hardware Sometimes it’s impossible to find the right hardware for a piece. That’s when I turn to metalsmith Adam Nahas, who fabricates custom hardware.

More Photos of The Bench Tool Rack Andy asked for some more photos of the tool rack. The tool tray is removed so you can see the rack. Looking down the rack from the…

Plastic Parts Organisers Rack So, I've been on a prolonged mission to get the garage workshop a bit more organised. One thing that had frustrated me was having screws, bolts, nuts etc in small jars and packets in different places. Not knowing what I had caused me to buy doubles of common items and then it was a hassle finding things.

Bench holdfast…… There are a lot of these out made by a lot of different makers. Some are cheap and some aren't. Some are cheesy crap and others are works o…

It's Time To Make Things Easier By Reading This Article About Woodworking Related : Use These Ideas to Improve Your Woodworking Skills.

Custom Teak Decking For a three year stint I worked for a high-end custom yacht building company in Seattle. The smallest yacht they build is 130′ and the largest one I worked on in my time there was 240′. During those three years we launched three yachts and I moved on while in the beginning stages of a forth.

A me saturday……. I took the day off from the desk to do a couple of me projects. The firmer chisels I just bought were rattling around loose in a drawer and…

A Simple Mitered Credenza Do the same with the drawers. Then reassemble everything, nail on the back, and put it in place. All that's left is to load it up and start living. This article originally appeared in the February 2019 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine #244.

Woodwork Clamping Hacks Episode 3 / Woodworking Tips and Tricks Woodworking Clamps must be the hardest working tools in the shop and they are asked to do so many different things and here is a collection of tips and tricks that I use, some infrequently, others all the time, to make my clamping time more effective and get better woodworking results.

We Found Our Groove - Friday Live Marc demos Woodpeckers Exact-Width Dado Jig.

Lock Miter Drawers When I need to batch out a bunch of drawer boxes, I use a lock miter router bit. Not only does this bit create a joint with a clean, mitered look on the outside, but the profile of the bit gives the drawer a good mechanical joint with plenty of glue surface.

Another leg 1/2 done……. I saw chisels for sale for a reasonable price so I pulled the trigger on them. I really don't need them because I have 3 sets of bench ch…

Tool Holder For The Shop Moravian Bench The shop Moravian bench has a quick and dirty tool tray that I keep telling myself I'm going to replace with a nicer one, someday. You know how someday never gets here if the butt ugly thing is working. Whatever someday I'll make a nicer tool tray. What I have missed on the bench is a tool holder on the back side of the front slab.

PROJECT: Classic Walnut Bookcase A classic design, built with traditional wood and some tried-and-true joinery techniques, adds up to one beautiful heirloom furniture project.

Tiptoeing Through the Tulips With another bright sunshiny day, I was able to complete the second tulip panel. I spent the morning hours removing the background from what I had laid out the day before. After a bit of stippling, the panel was complete. I opted for two completely different tulip-patterns.

Build Stronger, Sag-Proof Shelves Have you ever heard a shelf groan? Well, maybe not, but some shelves look like they would if they could. So much stuff gets piled on them that they end up sagging like a limp noodle. It's not a pretty sight. A span that holds up weight should look strong and sturdy.

It came today……. In spite of my gloomy, negative imagination running wild in the brain bucket, my third and final package was waiting for me. The tracking w…

Global Woodworking Boring Machine market report explores the driving factors, industry analysis, investment feasibility and trends, outlook - 2023 Global Woodworking Boring Machine Market Players:. Report Coverage:. Product Types:. End-User Applications :. Get Free Access to the Sample Report Copy: market.biz/report / global-woodworki…#requestforsample. Woodworking Boring Machine Economy Benefits:.

Skew Chisel Primer - Woodworking - Blog - Videos - Plans - How To This article, "Skew Chisel Primer," by Keith Tompkins, is from the pages of American Woodturner and is brought to you by the America Association of Woodturners in partnership with Woodworker's Journal. The skew chisel, one of the most versatile spindle-turning tools, has a bad reputation.

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