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Workshop Tips: Duct-Taped Sanding Block Sometimes I prefer to sand by hand using a rubber block. This method gives me a better feel for the work than using a random-orbit sander does. Blocks like mine have been around for many years…

Woven Paracord Bench PROJECT #2001 - Skill Level:Beginner - Time: 2 Days - Cost: $100. When I started woodworking, it was driven by necessity; I needed something that didn't exist, so I made it. My woodworking was also driven by a desire to spend my time doing something productive and learn some new skills.

Global RTA Furniture Market 2020-2026 Sauder Woodworking, Dorel Industries The research report on the global RTA Furniture market is firmly considered as an elementary study on the current status of the international industry.

Box evolution……. Most of the activity in the shop lately has been box making. Specifically for a Stanley 78 and a WS 78. I had one box go south on me but at…

Save Time Woodworking with an Adjustable Bench Stop An adjustable bench stop is a convenient safety feature for your workshop. Watch this video to see how easy it is to make one!

If You Need a Reason I've spoken often on the benefits of physical work over a workout and then too in view of their being more sedentary work than ever in the history of our world. You don't need to go back much more than a century to find 90% of working-age people were engaged in physically demanding work.

Time for Tea: The Restoration of a Mackintosh Landmark LOCATED AT: 215 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G2 3EX, United Kingdom www.mackintoshatthewillow.com. Willow Tea Rooms Trust www.willowteamroomstrust.org. As an architect and designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh is synonymous with Glasgow-the city where he spent most of his life, and where several of his most significant commissions can be found.

Furniture For Your Home Imagine Making Every Stick of Furniture for Your Home. With the builders having finished phase one I released myself to embrace further planning for my designs to come to fruition Walking through the new areas I look at every wall and into each corner where I see a unique image in my mind's eye of what I might like to build as furniture.

Making a Seat at the Table: Kimberly Winkle Kimberly Winkle is one of 43 fine woodworkers who was showcased in the exhibition Making a Seat at the Table: Women Transform Woodworking. We conducted a brief interview via email to find out more about her work. Why is this exhibition important to you?: The exhibition is important to me in a number of ways.

Indoor Planter Sometimes "pretty good" furniture is good enough, even though you may wish you could spend all your precious time in the shop making fancier stuff. When my wife asked me to build a large indoor planter "just like the one in this crafts book" for a sunny hallway, I winced, but thought-what the heck.

Productive saturday…. All and all considered, I had a pretty good day in the shop. I had no real focus or plan to follow. All I wanted to get done was the shella…

Superior Artisan Wood & Slab - Mississippi Hardwood Mill and Kiln I found Chad Fletcher a few years back from another woodworker in Mississippi. Since then I’ve purchased quite a bit of lumber from him and watched his business grow each year. With the recen…

Replacing a Vise's Broken Handle My school's woodshop is equipped with 14 professional woodworking vises that are being used all the time by students of different age groups. Many of our vises were made by Pony - Jorgensen, and Milwaukee tools. Each vise came originally with a wooden handle that was installed through its cast iron T - handle fitting.

Night out…… I was wishing it would be fish 'n chips but it didn't happen sports fans. Instead I had a small rib eye steak and a double helping of veggi…

Woodpeckers & Patrons 6:15 - Clarification on the Introvert discussion from last week 7:45 - Morning Show Weather Report from Matt Cremona: 8:43 - Why did you switch from silicon to bristle glue brushes? 10:26 - Do you use a dust hood on your miter station or what are you doing for dust mitigation?

FREE PROJECT: Turning a Pepper Mill & Matching Salt Shaker A matching salt shaker can be made using a salt shaker cap. It will appear that it is a press fit with a 1-1/4″ drilled hole. However, the cap measures 1.241″ across its retaining fingers, making it a loose fit with a 1-1/4″ hole. It was probably designed for a 31.5 mm hole, which would yield a quarter of a millimeter press fit.

Making a Seat at the Table: Erin Irber Erin Irber is one of 43 fine woodworkers who are showcased in the exhibition Making a Seat at the Table: Women Transform Woodworking. We conducted a brief interview via email to find out more about her work. Why is this exhibition important to you?: This exhibit has importance on a number of levels.

A look at incorporating traditional woodworking joinery into modern furniture Meet the man behind the craftsmanship. Loran Bohall, Owner, Bohall Design and Fabrication, shows off his incredible designs. To learn more, visit bohalldf.com, Instagram: bohalldf. Such art. Such talent. Meet the man behind the craftsmanship. Loran Bohall, Owner, Bohall Design and Fabrication, shows off his incredible designs.

It doesn't have one……. For xmas my wife got me a new laptop made by Lenovo. It has Microsuck Win10 on it and I think Win10 sucks. Microsuck had a great OS with XP…

Center Grove resident finds solace in woodworking The wavy, swirling grain dances across the tabletop. Austin Truelove had started with two separate irregular, cracked pieces of walnut. At first, the wood didn't look like much. But with hours of care, sanding, staining and epoxy work, the beauty began to emerge.

It's All in the Joinery It's all too easy to take accuracy for granted, especially when you've been cutting them for so long. Many people think that it takes my fifty-five years in the saddle to become competent but that's not at all true. Fifty-five years just leaves you with fewer excuses.

Art Beat: From Beer To Woodworking Jarrod Napierkowski spent years pouring cold beer as a bartender, and then manager, of Founders Brewing Company and Creston Brewery in Grand Rapids. But he had another interest. Now, Napierkowski works full-time at his own business: Brambles Woodwork in Grand Rapids.

Paying Attention! If it isn't one thing, it's another! For the last several weeks, it has been rainy weather keeping me out of the shop. The last few days have seen a drastic drop in temperature. Brrr! Perhaps I've been living in the South too long, having caused by blood to thin!

Oogloo Eggcup I often start a leisurely day in the shop with a breakfast of toast and a soft-boiled egg. Of course, as a hard-core woodworker, I've always wanted to make a simple set of eggcups of my own design, but experimenting soon revealed an awkward problem: Spilled egg is hard to clean up.

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