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My Last Project… We’re currently moving…literally. I’m writing this from our new home’s kitchen counter looking at a pile of boxes in the middle of our kitchen that need to be unloaded and p…

Alignment - Paul Sellers' Blog In preparing for the house full of furniture I found myself reflecting on all of the pieces I've made over the years both to sell on the one hand and then to teach others.

What a wonderful day……. Days like today don't happen often and I had a beautiful one too. The skies were blue, the sun was shining, a light breeze was blowing, and…

Local Veterans Create Woodworking Pieces to Compete in SD County Fair Some award-winning arts and crafts are on display at the San Diego County Fair. Among them, a group of woodworking pieces that have won a series of first place prizes. Handcrafted and beautifully made small wooden works of art that Jeff Frazier couldn't be more proud of.

Cutting The Long Stretcher Tenons Joinery work has started, kinda. Because the mortise is angled it is easier to mark out the mortise using the angled tenon. The last of the base mark out is the long stretcher mortise. Once I have a long stretcher tenon cut I can finish the base mark out.

I needed it…. About as much as I need a third eye in the middle of my forehead. Everyday I look at three tool sellers sites and on the third one I sa…

Global Woodworking Design Software Market 2019 - Artlantis, DLUBAL, FINE, GRAITEC, BOCAD SERVICE INTERNATIONAL, Data Design System The market research intelligence report on title Global Woodworking Design Software Market provides pin-point analysis for changing competitive dynamics and a forward-looking perspective on different factors driving or restraining industry growth.

Box done Well it still need more time for the finishing touches, but time is running out. Last nite, as I was hoping, I glued and pinned the skirt feet bracket pieces. I took my time and slipped slide in the glue trying to locate the corners perfectly, as I knew they will fit.

Marking Out Base Legs The fun part of the build starts with marking out the base unit legs. While I've done this a few times it is always a good idea to go back and review the process. I'm making a couple of changes this time, while I've marked the legs and stretchers with chiseled Roman numerals before I've always marked on the non-show side and usually just one side.

Mid-Century Modern Dining Table A sleek and modern Dining Table made from walnut.

Woodworking Machines Market Overview and Scope 2019 to 2025 This research report comprises innovative tool in order to evaluate overall scenario of Woodworking Machines Industry along with its opportunities, and supporting strategic and tactical decision-making.

Japanese Knives I received three knives from Stan Covington yesterday. The top knife is for cutting thin slices of fish when you are making sushi, the middle is a vegetable knife and the bottom is a heavy duty knife that is used in Japan to break down whole fish. Japanese knives are a joy to use.

Damn the ̶T̶o̶r̶p̶e̶d̶o̶s̶ Blemishes, Full Speed Ahead! Oh, that blemish I was so worried about; well, given all the positive feedback, my worries have been alleviated. Thanks to one reader, it was deemed a feature. Perhaps to be seen as a one of a kind, decorative curiosity of nature. Who would have thought?

Social media star saws through stereotypes in woodworking A local business owner is a cut above the rest when it comes to woodworking. Jamie Bradford is a social media star who is building a better future for female carpenters. She owns "Wisconsin Farmhouse," a wood shop located just outside Middleton.

Two slats done…… I didn't stop at Lowes on the way home. It was raining and for whatever reason, all the maroons tend to be out and about when it does. I ma…

Workshop Hacks Episode 12 - Woodworking Tips and Tricks I liked them because the drill bit sizes are easy to read and the store a good variety oF sizes, but there are many, many of similar versions on the market and the metal ones are definitely better and longer lasting. I even have an older version of this drill bit holder that I use for drill through wooden balls that I use for feet on wooden boxes.

Biesse CNC router Vacuum Suction Pods for woodworking These vacuum pods and cups are for Biesse CNC routers, replacement pod for using with Biesse Rover, Biesse Point to Point machines. With these cnc vacuum pods, you can do solid wood work or edge detail by raising the material off of the table.

Woodworking brings calm and camaraderie to those escaping mobile phone range Woodwork enthusiasts are chipping away at the fading art of turning green wood into custom-made items, while finding new skills, new friends and inner peace. For Gabriel Shannon a career as a medical practitioner did not leave much time for craftwork.

Box pretty well all done Today started slow, went to get a load of garden soil in Aylesford at the best peat moss place, Annapolis Valley Peat Moss. Their stuff is gorgeous and plants love it.

Closer Look at Sheer Scraping Shear-scraping with one wing of a gouge makes use of a very sharp tool edge. I have developed a grind for my 1/2″, or 13mm, bowl gouge for shear-scraping that gives me the ability to get a steeper approach. This grind is essentially a modified fingernail gouge with a long, convex, cutting edge.

Tool News: Amana 1 3/4″ Straight Plunge Bit While setting up our flattening mill, we decided to try a router bit that was recommended by Nick Offerman in one of his discussions about flattening jigs. This bit is part of Amana's straight plunge series, with two cutting faces. Our Festool 2200 had no problem plowing through up to 3/8″ of walnut per pass with this bit.

Survived my first day back……. One of the ladies I work with stopped by my cube this morning to ask how I was feeling. I learned then that ou…

Life in the fast line I did managed to glued the box last nite, and I attached the plywood, glued and nailed. We did not finished the extra mold brackets, we both had a long day and went out for a late supper. Did not felt like doing much after :-) Busy day today, Jean was doing a workshop on candle making at the Seniors and Elders gathering from 1000 until 1500.

Woodworking in a Tiny Shop Some years ago, as a gift my wife gave me a nice piece of purple heart, approximately 36" x 8 3/4" x 7/8", and it's been waiting for the right project to come along. That time is finally here. I knew this stuff was going to be hard to plane, but I really didn't know just how hard.

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