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Bookshelf & Wine Rack Editor's note: This article first appeared in the December 2012 issue of Popular Woodworking. One symptom of my pervasive early 20s restlessness is that I regularly overhaul my apartment, completely rearranging the furniture and décor once a month or so.

What Are You Building? These troubling times have had their share of downers, but there are some positives too. I have been seeing a lot of images of projects that you folks are building as you practice social distancing. We've been handed some lemons lately, but the lemonade we make from them can still taste pretty darn good.

Andreu World Webinar CEU: Woodworking Technology and Furniture Design - Azure Magazine Woodworking knowledge, transmitted though different generations, is the art of making items using wood. In the manufacturing process of a chair, each one of the component parts has assigned a different type of wood and follows a series of tasks that can be grouped according to the characteristics of the processes involved.

Something Different While the glue dried on the carcase, I thought I'd try something a little different with this box. Having made a version of wood dye, from ground walnut hulls, I decided to slather a bit on the poplar lid and bottom, in the hopes of offering some semblance of age.

A Table for Your Trim Router I was looking for a safer way to use my trim router for everyday chores around the shop. My solution was to build a router table that hangs off the end of my bench on a French cleat. When I'm not using the router table, I store it under the end of the bench on the floor.

Three-legged Occasional Table The design of this table is part of a series that I revisit from time to time. The original concept for the series was based on a pinwheel This shape lends itself to repeating one design element several times then attaching them together, an efficient approach when making furniture.

3 on and 3 off……… This will be my work schedule until at least the 30th of April. The VA set limits on how many people will be allowed to work together and…

Don't Laugh Too Much I've been toying with the idea of using the iPhone to make some short videos. The other day I ordered a tripod / selfie stick to try. Here is the first go uncut and in all its glory: The quality sucks, but the concept kinda works. I've a Go-Pro someplace I'll try using that next time.

Video: How a Woodworker Reclaims Deadfall for New Life Big Ben, from Felt Soul Media and Patagonia, profiles former professional surfer Ben Wilkinson, whose current career is retrieving problem trees on the Hawaiian island of Oahu and turning them into beautiful surfboards and furniture.

A Trio of Trifids Access to information provides the modern woodworker with greater variety, and it challenges their skills more than their 18th-century counterparts.

Stickley Book Rack In the early 1900s, furniture maker Gustav Stickley began producing a unique style of furniture that he called "Craftsman." At the time, the world was coming into the modern industrial age, and Stickley, among others, began to question the value of mass-produced furniture and its effect on those who made or owned it.

Live Q & A Time Again! Imagine the days a few decades ago when a man and a boy stood side by side and the man said, “That’s a good question, Paul. Best let me show you!” And he took the plane, flipped i…

Campaign Furniture Campaign-style furniture is as sturdy and simple as Shaker. It is as masculine as Arts and Crafts. And it is free of adornment, like Bauhaus pieces. Yet many woodworkers are unaware of this furniture style, which was popular for more than 150 years in Great Britain, its colonies and North America.

The elves didn't come…….= Well boys and girls I was a wee bit disappointed this AM when I finally went down to the shop. My mind fart from yesterday was still there…

Southern Lady's Desk I don't consider myself a furniture snob, but until recently, I'd not studied furniture from the South beyond pieces featured in "Southern Furniture 1680-1830: The Colonial Williamsburg Collection" by Ronald L. Hurst and Johnathan Prown.

I Can Do That: Contemporary Coffee Table This small coffee table is a great introduction to building furniture. It doesn't require much material and it's an opportunity to develop your skills. This project is sturdy, attractive and easy to build. All of the parts come from standard widths of lumber.

A Cover For The Base Of My Drill Press - IBUILDIT.CA What I want to do is make a tight fitting cover that will make it easier to clean the area. I cut strips of MDF tall enough to clear the base and started with the sides:. Getting a bit fancy with the angles. I put the sides together with glue and a gusset block at the top and brought them into my house where it's warmer to dry:.

Bow-front Entry Table Learning to work with veneers and curves enables you to design and build almost anything. This bow-front entry table serves as a good introduction to both - without costing a small fortune or requiring you to attempt an overly intimidating project.

Curly Ash Jewelry Cabinet It was a great refresher. We started actually working with the tools at the miter saw station breaking some of the 8/4 stock down to more easily managed lengths. Unfortunately we couldn't break down all of the pieces. We did have to leave one board long as we started resawing all of the stock to 4/4.

Oops, had a mind fart……. Woke up this AM at 0400 and rolled over and fell asleep again till 0515. I looked at the clock then and said to myself it was time to get u…

George and I Dovetail When George came into the workshop this wintry moring he parked his bike amongst the wood racks under the eaves in the same place as he usually did, slipped off his bike clips from his pant legs and clipped them to his crossbar. My eyes searched for his as he walked towards me but this day he seemed ever so distracted.

Broken Record I know broken record and all that rot but guys if you do not have a portable bench you are making work for yourself. I'm home doing the "remain in place," self isolation," or whatever you want to call it thing. Of course MsBubba is rubbing her hands with joy.

Magobei's Dining Table: Part 2 Here were my solutions: The drawers are constructed with Western joints but should simulate traditional Japanese design; all the parts should come from the exact same tree; and the drawer handles should be hand-forged in a Japanese style. I want this table to last at least 300 years.

Where'd Everybody Go?! 00:00:33 - Video starts 00:00:47 - It's The Woodworker Morning Show 00:03:30 - Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers: 00:04:54 - How many microns should I measure to if I get an air quality monitor in my woodshop? 00:11:25 - Can you explain your finish sanding routine?

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