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It ain't true……. I have heard it said more than once that some guys think I never sleep. That I am always in the shop because I get some much done. Someone…

New Era of Global High Frequency Spindle for Woodworking Market - HSD, Fischer Precise New York City, NY: December 15, 2019 - Published via - The Global High Frequency Spindle for Woodworking Market report highlights the most recent market trends. High Frequency Spindle for Woodworking report unveils vulnerabilities that may emerge because of changes in business activities or presentation of another item in this report.

A Productive Day: Cord cover, lazy suzan, bit storage tray A productive day of knocking a few things off the to-do list. Starting with a simple cord cover. Then a super cheap lazy suzan setup for spraying finishes, and finally a proper bit storage tray for…

Some Day Job Photos I'm still digging through my photo files. Most of these will be additional photos from my day job. The first isn't a very good photo but I'm posting it anyway😇. We were going over the top, great circle route from the PNW to Iceland, when we got a great display of the Northern Lights.

Woodworking Boring Machine Market Forecast, Manufacture Size, Developments and Future Scope To 2024 Woodworking Boring Machine Market report offers detailed analysis and a five-year forecast for the global Woodworking Boring Machine industry.

These Woodworking Lathes Are Small Enough for a Counter But Powerful Enough for Any Project Here’s why a lathe should be your first big purchase for your woodworking shop.

Motor Spindle for Woodworking Market Demand And Future Scope - HSD, Fischer Precise The research report provides complete data about the Global Motor Spindle for Woodworking Market SWOT Analysis, Technology, Value, Development and Trends, Regional Forecast to 2020-2029.

Global Woodworking Machines Market Competitor Landscape, Growth, Opportunity Analysis, Trends & Forecast 2019-2024 Woodworking Machines Market Outlook provides thoughtful analysis of current issues facing the industry, along with current facts and statistics about the production and application in Woodworking Machines Market. The Global Woodworking Machines Market is poised to grow strong during the forecast period 2017 to 2027.

Making a Seat at the Table: Kate Davidson Kate Davidson is one of 43 fine woodworkers who are showcased in the exhibition Making a Seat at the Table: Women Transform Woodworking. We conducted a brief interview via email to find out more about her work.

No post title today……. I couldn't do much in the shop tonight because my wife said we were going out to eat. It wasn't something I really wanted to do being on di…

Turned Handles Make And Take Attend the upcoming Turned Handles Make And Take event at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware - Denver in Denver on December 18, 2019.

They Don't Like My Beaver - TWW Live We talk about CNC, Router Tables, Finishing, Chisels and Nicole's latest Quilt!

Woodworking Planers Market Forecast Report by Market Insights, Volume, Opportunities, Type, Product Analysis, and Application The Woodworking Planers market has continued to have solid performance amidst a number of dynamic forces shaping the Woodworking Planers market, such as a potential trade war, skilled talent shortages, and straining supply chains.

Gift Ideas for Woodworkers What tools are woodworkers dreaming of finding in their stocking on Christmas morning? The folks at Rockler caught a certain someone in a red suit on video doing some early holiday shopping. He's got great taste. These 15 tools and products are sure to please any woodworker.

Craftsman Style Magazine Cabinet PROJECT #1920 - Skill Level: Advanced - Time: 2 Days - Cost: $200. In 1905, Gustav Stickley published plans for this magazine cabinet in The Craftsman magazine as part of an ongoing home training course in cabinetwork. He claims this to be a useful piece in any living room where loose papers and magazines are apt to accumulate.

Shameful Stanley UK It seems to me a universal problem with hand tools. I don't really know who owns who these days. I don't know who's out there that might have been involved in making these. I do know that they should all be ashamed.

Best Growth Opportunities in Woodworking Machines Market to Generate Huge Acquisition in Forthcoming Years New York City, NY: December 12, 2019 - The MarketResearch.Biz report analyses the leading players of the global Woodworking Machines market by inspecting their market share, recent improvements, new product dispatches, associations, mergers, or acquisitions, and their objective markets.

Holiday spirit…. There doesn't seem to be much holiday spirit this year. Very few houses in the neighborhood have xmas lights. Even the the guy a…

Woodworking Boring Machine Market 2019 Industry Price Trend, Size Estimation, Industry Outlook, Business Growth, Report Latest Research, Business Anal The Woodworking Boring Machine Market Report dynamics, cost analysis, pricing strategy, and distribution channels are listed. Under the Woodworking Boring Machine challenges economic impact, competitive landscape, and plans and policies are stated.

Global Woodworking Machines Market Assesment Report - Worldwide Opportunities, Revenue, Production, Demand and Geographical Forecast To 2029 It monitors the global market for woodworking machines through key markets, offering in-depth analysis and detailed statistical insights. The study also includes incisive competitive analysis of the landscape and provides woodworking machines market players with key recommendations on winning imperatives and successful strategies.

PROJECT: Elegant Paper Towel Holder The cap is really just a smaller version of the base, except that rounding of the corners occurs on the top and bottom of the cap. Other than that, it is turned in the same way. Start with a 3″ - diameter disk 3/4″ thick, secured with two-sided tape to a 2″ wooden wasteblock, rather than to a faceplate.

Talk About Oak Harbor: Hirt combines woodworking, bird watching skills This article originally appeared on Fremont News-Messenger: Talk About Oak Harbor: Hirt combines woodworking, bird watching skills.

Staining Birch Plywood: Is It Possible To Avoid Blotching? A friend emailed me with this question: "What do you use on birch plywood to get it to take a stain evenly without blotching? My first solution was to not use birch plywood if the plan is to stain it. This is something I've written about many times. When choosing a wood for a project, think ahead to how you want to finish it.

More Motorcycle And Other Stuff I'm still going through my photo files and I'm going to dump a few more to the blog. First some more motorcycle photos. On to a few aviation related photos. Our little Piper Pacer born in the same year as MsBubba. What a sweet little airplane and at the time one of the nicest Pacers in the states.

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