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Crackdown 3 Review: A Game Fit For The Gutter - WhatIfGaming "Crackdown 3 is easily one of the worst games to come out recently by Xbox Game Studios" Well Microsoft did choose the developers of the game. So they are part of the blame as well.

Crackdown 3 vs Michael's Origin Story - Game Time Burnie, Ashley, Gus, and Michael talk about Crackdown 3 with Microsoft Creative Director Joseph Staten. They also talk about how Michael got his job at Rooster Teeth, E3 predictions, the state of cross-play, collectibles and achievements in games, and more.

Here's what driving an Aston Martin in DiRT Rally 2.0 looks like When you think of car manufacturers that participate in the motorsport discipline of rally, you probably think Citroen, Renault, Toyota, Audi and Lancia among a few others. Aston Martin probably doesn’t come to mind so it was quite surprising to hear the manufacturer will feature in Codemasters’ upcoming rally sim DiRT Rally 2.0.

Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Review - IGN Crackdown 3's Wrecking Zone is a barebones and uninspired multiplayer mode that makes poor use of its impressive environmental destruction.

The 7 essential Tetris games you need to play With two high-profile releases in recent months, Tetris is back in the public consciousness in a very real way. But there have been a ton of Tetris games over the years, and someone doesn't need to play them all to have a thorough understanding of the franchise.

Crackdown 3 Review: I'm Not Mad at 'Crackdown 3,' but I'm Disappointed - Mashable It's not that 'Crackdown 3' is a bad video game, but it's shallow, underwhelming, and extremely forgettable.

Review: Metro Exodus - Push-Start 'Unlike previous releases such as the remastered Redux Collection, Metro Exodus is built from the ground up for current gen systems. As a result, this is most certainly the best looking game in the series and as the developers have pointed out prior to release, this is also the most ambitious game in the franchise yet.

Crackdown 3 review: Another Xbox exclusive game that doesn't live up to the hype - After five years of development, it’s not clear if Crackdown 3 is the game that could make the Crackdown franchise join the elite league of Halo, Gears of War and Forza.

Crackdown 3 Single Player - Terry is not your Saviour - Player 2 Player 2 tackles the long-delayed Crackdown 3. Was it worth the wait? To be honest, not really.

Crackdown 3 Review Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes: 'The Crackdown series has had more than a few ups and downs over the years with the initial game delivering an exciting chaos-filled open-world that few games could offer back in 2007 to a somewhat similar but not quite as pleasing sequel in 2010.

5 Tips for Far Cry New Dawn Far Cry New Dawn has a lot of deadly creatures and people who want to end you. However, we have some tips to aid in your journey to take down Mickey and Lou. Here are 5 tips for Far Cry New Dawn.

'Resident Evil 2' - Similar but not the Same It isn’t, so rare to see a game remastered or remade outshine the original given how far technology has advanced over the years.

This Week on Xbox: February 15, 2019 - Xbox Wire We know you’re busy and might miss out on all the exciting things we’re talking about on Xbox Wire every week. If you’ve got a few minutes, we can help remedy that. We’ve pared down the past week’s news into one easy-to-digest article for all things Xbox!

Xbox One X/S Price Slashed On Microsoft Store Microsoft has slashed the price of every Xbox One X and Xbox One S bundle currently available on their Microsoft store.

7 Things To Know Before Starting Jump Force From PSU: 'Jump Force has a fair few oddities to it that take some time to familiarize with. Check out our list of seven things to know before you start Jump Force!'

Metro Exodus Gets Spectacular Launch Trailer to Celebrate Release Today 4A Games released Metro Exodus into the wild and they are celebrating with a new trailer.

Anthem In-Game Store With Prices for Launch First Look. Here's the First Set of Purchasable Items Check out our first look at the Anthem game store for the final version of the game complete with prices of the items!

Dead or Alive 6 Getting Mai Shiranui DLC, New Demo, and More; First Season Pass Detailed Today, following a presentation at EVO Japan 2019, Koei Tecmo released some interesting new details on Dead or Alive 6.

Metro Exodus releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC to take the series to a dark new world Fin writes: 'Russia, 2036. In a nation that has been ravaged and torn apart by brutal war, the ensuing apocalypse is nothing short of a nightmare for anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the nuclear crossfire.

Escape from a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland in Metro Exodus, Available Now on Xbox One - Xbox Wire With its blend of deadly combat and stealth, exploration and survival horror, and in one of the most immersive game worlds ever created, it’s time to strap on your protective mask and enter the epic, story-driven world of Metro Exodus on Xbox One.

Here Are the Anthem Microtransaction Currency Prices for Shards Packs The "grind" for these coins has to be acceptable, my part-time job during college was like £70 per shift.

The Division 2 Private Beta Progress Won't Carry Over to the Open Beta Ubisoft has confirmed that The Division 2 private beta progress won't carry over to the open beta.

Valentine's Day 2019 Gaming Unlocks & Events Valentine's Day gaming unlocks and events 2019 going over free digital content available for the holiday including gun skins, virtual clothing items and Double XP events on various games.

What Can PlayStation Learn From Nintendo Direct and Inside Xbox? IGN's weekly PlayStation show, Beyond!, discussed this very topic, examining what Sony could learn from the things Microsoft and Nintendo have done well and poorly with the Inside Xbox and Nintendo Direct video series, respectively.

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