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How to choose the right type of yoga for your body and needs Inner peace and flexible limbs might not be the only things yoga can offer – there’s growing evidence to show it could help to keep your brain sharp, too.

The 50 Diaries: September To be fair, Elspeth's lack of spiritual empathy for my quest to become a more evolved human being at the tender age of 50 comes less from an appreciation of the headstand as being excellent for circulation, and more from the annoying fact that she's been able to do them with ease since she was a child.

Are We Entering a Yoga Desert? Having grown up in the eighties, I have no memories of fresh produce at our dinner table, much less anything organic. Often, my whole family sat around watching tv with individual fold-out trays in front of us, eating Chun King frozen Chinese hors d'oeuvres that were heated in a microwave oven and served in the plastic container we bought them in.

How to get fit – without breaking the bank Forget expensive gym memberships – you don’t need to spend a fortune to exercise. From the best free classes and apps to outdoor gyms and wild swimming, here is how to workout at a minimal cost.

Living into Dying I have had the gift and privilege of sitting beside a friend who is in the process of dying. Even saying the word is hard at times. Sometimes I soften the language by saying "passing away", almost like a cloud passing the sky. Dying and death has so much more of a finality to it, at least in this physical realm.

New yoga studio in Tower District And World California Politics Entertainment Sports Consumer Watch Weather Health Watch Education Watch Ag Watch Business #abc30insider "Tower Yoga" held its grand opening on Saturday offering mind, body and fitness classes. A new yoga studio has opened its doors in the Tower District.

Sacred Ceremonies of Intention What does ceremony mean to you? If you grew up in a western society like mine, perhaps you think of ceremonies as formal acts of conventions and etiquettes, performed without deep significance, but…

Workout Round-up: Working Back up to Par I can finally say that I'm somewhat pleased with how these past two weeks went. I wanted to get workouts in and I worked hard to even find just like 10 to 15 minutes rather than not doing anything at all. I did three workouts in the first week and only two in the second.

One year after double knee replacement A year ago I was finishing my week in a rehab hospital after having both my knees replaced. I thought that by now I'd be healed. I was only partially right. I don't have the excruciating pain of a year ago. But I'm also not pain-free. And I'm certainly not walking well - especially when the weather is unstable.

Four Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Life Going through a daily routine can be tiring, and can cause us to overlook things that can dramatically affect our emotions and moods. I know because I am guilty of this. Of those things is mindfulness. What is mindfulness?

Study: Yoga and mindfulness may help elementary school students manage stress, anxiety Yoga/mindfulness activities may facilitate stress management among elementary school students and may be added as a complement to social and emotional learning activities, according to a Tulane University study.

Empty Nest - Week 5 So this was a pretty great week! I spent most of the week working on household projects. I am working my way through the house one room at a time purging and re-purposing. That is nice and all, but this weekend I did something I consider very "empty nester".

Autumn Equinox The days are getting shorter and colder and, this seasonal transition can feel like a bittersweet moment. It is an invitation to travel back inward and get some rest, after the high energies of summer. Interestingly, the Equinox happens at the moment the sun enters Libra, the sign known for seeking balance, harmony, and equality!

Love your Body, it is Your Temple. Yoga Sutra 2.16: Pain that Has Not yet Come is Avoidable Love your Body, it is Your Temple. This pose is a slightly modified version of Heron Pose or Krounchasana. In fact, the leg that is on the floor should be in Hero pose, put on the side.

Outdoor Yoga Flow returning to Selkirk The fourth annual Outdoor Yoga Flow event is once again returning to Selkirk's Waterfront. On Sept. 23, the waterfront will be filled with yogies sharing their passion. According to organizer Jennifer David, the community event continues to grow each and every year.

12 weeks of no running, 4weeks of no lifting/hiit, 1 week of no tracking / macros, home yoga studio This is an update of where I am with fitness - weight, workout routine, nutrition, supplements. You can see my previous posts on this reverse diet process here. My weight has been basically the same for the past 5months, give or take a few lbs. Here is where I was in June when I started dropping cardio.

Easing 'Flat Feet Pain' with YOGA "Having flat feet and plantar fasciitis had made my life very difficult as I could not walk much. Shammi taught me some foot stretching and strengthening exercises that I started practicing every day. Now almost after six months, not only have I resumed my morning walk routine but I have stopped using silicone heels in my shoes."………….

Can You Keep a Secret? Seeker Sat Nam, Yogi Amandeep! How important is it that my family support for my spiritual practice? They often poke fun at me and call me crazy for waking early in the morning to chant and practi…

How to Keep Meditating - Making it Sacred Have you struggled with maintaining a meditation practice? Does it just start to feel like another thing you know you should do but don't have time for? Then it's time to get a ritual and make it sacred.

Crowds were out in Elgin Park for Yoga in the Park fundraiser Residents went to the mats for the Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity during Yoga in the Park.

Lavender essential oil A healing soothing scent, helps to relax and calm you, great for your skin. Lavender essential oil from my own personal experience has aided me in so many ways and has become apart of my daily routine.

Lee Cataluna: Grandma, can I borrow your yoga pants? This time of year, high schools and colleges are engaging in homecoming rituals which so often turn to themes of nostalgia.

Getting started again What an apt post for me when it has been ages since I have I have been active on my yoga blog. What is it that makes it so hard to restart something when you have been away from it for whatever reason?

Adventures in Rishikesh I was told so many things about India and that Rishikesh was dirty. But "The birthplace of Yoga" drew me in. I came for a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training course for a month. It's been really intense. I saw so many amazing places such as the Beetles Ashram and Kunjapuri Temple.

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