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Let Me 'Splain… Let me sum up: No, I did not just have hip replacement surgery – that happened in 2009. My 2009 hip replacement gave me heavy metal poisoning in my blood, bones, muscles a…

Lenovo’s New Yoga Laptop Sweats the Small Stuff The most noteworthy is the ditching of a key design feature that has defined the Yoga 2-in-1 line for years: The watchband hinge that stood as the ThinkPad owner's most innovative laptop feature since 1995's butterfly keyboard. In place of the chassis-wide watchband hinge is a sizable hinge that contains the Yoga's speaker.

7 Yoga Poses That Might Help Your Digestion Instructions: Flow from one pose to the next, repeating on both sides where noted. Complete the yoga flow as many times as you'd like. You can also hold each pose for more than one breath, to make the flow a bit longer. Try the super-grippy, self-rolling smart yoga mat featured in this workout by visiting

30 Minute Vinyasa Flow Video with a Focus on Balance Rehabbing a sprained ankle? This video will work for you. Just looking to improve your sense of balance? This is the one to do!

Practice your Yoga. I am a lover of yoga, and try to practice once or twice a week. One of the things I enjoy most about it is how relaxed I feel afterward. Yoga for me isn't about making your body into a pretzel, it's about strengthening your body and improving each time while focusing on your breathing.

Yoga Mom - The Ethical Quandary The past few days all I have been speaking about at my lectures has been on Teaching Methodology and Ethics and what it takes to be a good teacher. Today was supposed to be my last class of this teaching program and I was going to close it with a heartfelt interactive, deep-dive into values and teaching with integrity and on purpose.

Still a Little Hesitant to Go Upside Down? This Home Practice Will Help Strengthen your core and build upper-body strength so you feel more comfortable in any inversion.

7 Things I Learned About Women from Doing Yoga One male yogi shares the insights he's gleaned after 15 years practicing next to mostly women.

New studio combines yoga, mental health counseling KEY LARGO - Change can be overwhelming to many and downright scary to some, according to Carrlee Pinder, a mental health counselor and yoga instructor helping those seeking relief from mental trauma and anxiety.

Uttana Shishosana Good friends continue to power us through the rough days. It is Shark Week so I am being extra gentle with myself. Mood flares and tenderness ensues so here is this week's alignment in Extended Puppy Pose which is largely relieving:. Sweet release of tension in the shoulder blades.

Twists: Revolving and Evolving The human body continues to amaze me - our ability to walk upright and to run, hike, ski, twist, turn, kneel, bend, reach, run, swim and more. My studies in human anatomy began as an undergraduate studying Physical Anthropology with C. Owen Lovejoy at Kent State University.

Lifestyle related disorders can be prevented by the practice of Yoga: Shripad Naik Panjim, Nov 12 Union Minister of State, Ministry of AYUSH Shripad Naik said that, Yoga is basically focus to change the lifestyle. So, the lifestyle related disorders are easily prevented and managed. Experts of Yoga see daily practice as beneficial in itself, leading to improved health, emotional well-being, mental clarity and joy in living.

Must-Haves For Yoga at Home It's very stretchy and comfortable. The material reminds me almost of bathing suit material, but more comfortable. Shorts…these are a great choice if you don't want to worry about your shorts riding up all the time during your yoga session. I also have these, and the material is smooth, stretchy, and comfortable.

The Yoga Chapter I'm back in Dublin and I'm starting a new yoga class at TwoFifty Square Coffee in Rathmines every Sunday and Monday evening. When I left my job as a corporate solicitor in July I had no idea what I wanted do for a living. Three months later and I have an amazing venue to start my yoga classes.

Focus On The 'Small' Picture We have all obviously heard of the phrase looking at the big picture, but what if we did the exact opposite and started looking at the small picture?? I recently completed a great read called "Life After Death" a book written by Damien Echols. Echols and 2 others were wrongly convicted individuals who were released some 7 years ago.

Working Mom, Esther Ryder, Discusses Her Stress Relieving Techniques Esther Ryder, a working mom at the age of 54, talks about her techniques for finding stress relief in her everyday life through the art of yoga.

Yoga Playlist: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Music This is my go to Yoga Playlist for 60 minute Vinyasa classes. Contains some of my all time favorite yoga music. Read on for Yoga music playlist inspiration!

Yoga-Boxing Entrepreneur Olivia Young Brings Out Her Yin-Yang With an Expanded Studio Young moved to New York from Miami Beach in December of 2009, leaving an ex-boyfriend in Boston and chasing her dream. She was a culinary school graduate and a brand director with restaurateur Michael White, but it wasn't fulfilling. "It got to a place of indulgence rather than enjoyment," she says.

How Does Yoga, a Self-Regulating Practice, Regulate itself as an Industry? What is good training for good yoga? What is good, commensurate pay for good teaching? What constitutes good teaching? Should yoga be a service and not be charged? How do the yamas and niyamas translate into studio ethics and influence relationship dynamics?

Electric Daisy Carnival I'm sorry I've disappeared for a little bit! The last week has been spent catching up on schoolwork, attempting to prepare for the holidays but mostly getting ready for EDC Orlando, which was over the weekend. Life is crazy right now. I feel like it's moving so fast I can hardly keep up, so… I'd like to take a moment to reflect.

Over and Over Again: A Guide to Reuseables I love when the stuff I buy looks like something straight from an Instagram post. This comes with it's own problems. While beautifully constructed posts can last a lifetime on Insta, trends do not. This can create problems when it comes to finding beautifully created and environmentally sound items that can keep up either ever-changing styles.

Mindfulness Snack! Practice this whenever you feel the need for some mental space, 5 minutes away from the desk, or to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the chattering "monkey mind" It is simplicity itself and can be done anywhere. This is me enjoying glorious winter sun today in our lovely Wooler Woodland Park.

Sexual Assault in the Ashtanga Yoga Community: A Mea Culpa Genny Willkinson Priest is a yoga teacher and yoga manager at triyoga, Europe’s biggest group of yoga studios. She has donated the income paid for this article to The Havens, a London organization aimed at helping those who have been raped or sexually assaulted.

Tricky Trikonasana: My Travels with Triangle Pose By Sandra Razieli When I first started practicing yoga, Triangle was an iconic pose. Those who could get their hand all the…

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